IoT: Beyond Light Bulbs and Alexa

Welcome to the Internet of Things world. Another industrial revolution that will surely overshadow all wonders of ages in the coming years. The whole world will get to hear about IoT devices transforming the way we live, drive, and farm animals and crops. However, unlike previous pivotal inventions, like the steam engines, industries won’t have to overhaul time-proven manufacturing systems and products. On the contrary, The Internet Of Things can be seamlessly integrated into already existing processes, thus giving a new cover of data-driven paint.

But despite the existing number of connected devices, we are just unfolding this new chapter. Feeling our way through and pushing the ball forward by inventing lighting control systems with nice lighting effects. But IoT limitless capabilities can create a more seismic shift in the landscape than we can ever imagine.

And there goes another but. Developing software for the cloud, like we do with the Internet of Things now, comes with inherent risks and challenges. Thus, the major pain point of this technology is its security vulnerabilities. From insecure network services to lack of device management, there is quite a large number of entry points that can result in, say, stopping the cooling system at a nuclear power plant.

Another choke point is the determinism of the network, which accounts for a delay of about 200 milliseconds or more. And whereas your fridge will be fine with that, other mission-critical applications require a rapid, almost immediate, response.

Among other things, we have to invent something better than smartphones with pathetic battery life. It would help to make a leap if power could be distributed wirelessly to IoT-powered devices from a distance, or if power sources could last at least a year. In any case, the IoT is here to stay.

Most of the issues mentioned above will be fixed in a couple of years, although we do miss one puzzle piece, which is a comprehensive framework and viable business model on how to implement and monetize IoT.

IoT: Beyond Light Bulbs and Alexa — Hac…