"In a 1994 Harvard study that examined people who had radically changed their lives, for instance, researchers found that some people had remade their habits after a personal tragedy, such as a divorce or a life-threatening illness. Others changed after they saw a friend go through something awful, the same way that Dungy's players watched him struggle.

Just as frequently, however, there was no tragedy that preceded people's transformations. Rather, they changed because they were embedded in social groups that made change easier. One woman said her entire life shifted when she signed up for a psychology class and met a wonderful group. "It opened a Pandora's box," the woman told
researchers. "I could not tolerate the status quo any longer. I had changed in my core." Another man said that he found new friends among whom he could practice being gregarious. "When I do make the effort to overcome my shyness, I feel that it is not really me acting, that it's someone else," he said. But by practicing with his new group, it stopped feeling like acting. He started to believe he wasn't shy, and then, eventually, he wasn't anymore. When people join groups where change seems possible, the potential for that change to occur becomes more real. For most people who overhaul their lives, there are no seminal moments or life-altering disasters. There are simply communities-sometimes of just one other person-~who make change believable.

One woman told researchers her life transformed after a day spent cleaning toilets-and after weeks of discussing with the rest of the cleaning crew whether she should leave her husband.

"Change occurs among other people," one of the psychologists involved in the study, Todd Heatherton, told me. "It seems real when we can see it in other people's eyes."

The precise mechanisms of belief are little understood. No one is certain why a group encountered in a psychology class can convince a woman that everything is different, or why Dungy's team came together after their coach's son passed away. Plenty of people talk to friends about unhappy marriages and never leave their spouse; lots of teams watch their coaches experience adversity and never

But we do know that for habits to permanently change, people must believe that change is feasible. The same process that makes AA so effective-the power of a group to teach individuals how to believe- happens whenever people come together to help one another change. Belief is easier when it occurs within a community!"
• The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigh

change thru community

I considered going into policy, the civil service and even law. All this time I spent going back and forth allowed me to realise that working in the creative field is where I've always experienced the most ease. Not to say there weren't challenges, but I could be myself and it was never the case where I felt I was trying too hard

Many times as a creative, because you're doing something that's so instinctive, it's easy to neglect the need to be intentional, because a lot of times you're just going with the flow. So, God was really telling me: “No, you need to be strategic.

Every Wednesday, I made sure to apply for something [systems and process]

But the most important thing was that I had created value for myself. And one thing I always talk about with creatives is ownership. I'm really big on ownership. You know, it's great that you can perform for somebody and serve somebody else, but a mentor of mine has this speech where she advocates and says that “Africa needs to own the means of their production.” And I'm really, really big on that because as people we too need to own the means of production. And for me, owning the means of production was creating my production company, which I have at the moment called LAP

In summary, I ventured into this space by following my curiosity and being intentional. And I'd say it all started with me accepting that this was where I was supposed to be.

Rhieme: Thank you for that. I love how it all started with you going back to the drawing board with God and just your willingness to ask: “What have you designed me for?”. And although you went through a period where you were resisting it, I love how over time you were able to accept the path God has placed you on. Being intentional and going with what God is saying to you is so important. Because I know there are a lot of people my age right now who are unsure of what to do and where to go. But one thing I always say is how we must find the time to sit down and let God speak. And whilst it isn't easy, especially given that God speaks in different ways, being able to lean into things, like you said, is key. Even if you don't get a massive word directly saying “ Go this way”, sometimes, they're just certain interests that keep on reiterating themselves.

Lanaire: That's true, there definitely are certain patterns and signs. With me, I always say to people, go back to your childhood and just observe your patterns, observe your tendencies, observe your hobbies and interests. I'm just passionate about childhood, because I think that it was that space in our lives where we were most in touch with ourselves, because we were so innocent

...So yeah, apart from childhood, the Bible and its characters also offer so many lessons about the creative field and just being confident enough to pursue what God has told us.

It's just amazing to know that, when you ask God to open up your eyes to see things you typically wouldn't, he really will come through. [Lord open my eyes to see things I typically wouldn't, Amen]

Practice is what gives you confidence

You know, there were times when I was very, very nervous to go on stage. But now, I get so excited. I still have a few butterflies, but the butterflies are not of fear anymore, instead they’re of excitement. So it really is just practice. Also, being a Christian, I know that what I'm doing is not just for me, it's for other people

Creativity is something I find really honourable and holy, because being able to create requires deep intimacy with God. And so given that God is the ultimate Creator and creative person, and I have been made in his image, then I myself have all authority in Christ Jesus to execute any creative vision

Really, as long as I do what God says I should do, he will provide and complete all that I’ve started, as long as I am obedient (1 James 5:14-15)

In fact, earlier on today I asked God “What's the work I need to get done today?” And God’s response was “ Don't see it as work, instead see it as what are the tasks that you've ordained me to do today from the beginning of time”.

I remember the other day God saying to me that whilst lots of people say they want to produce excellent things, they haven't first become the type of person who is able to do so. For example with uni many people want to get a 1st but the question God poses is, have you become the person who is able to produce a 1st? And it wasn't even from a “you need to study 10 times harder'' perspective, but it was more centred around “What is your mindset like ?” So for instance, when you're writing notes, are you doing it with the mindset of achieving a 1st? When I heard all this I was like, wow. Because from a worldly perspective, we are just told to study X amount of times, do XYZ, and then you'll see results. But what God had explained to me was, you need to become that person. You can't produce what you've not become because what you produce is directly linked to the type of person you are.

[what do i want to produce? who do i have to become to produce that?]

So yeah, God really does care about the little things. And when we involve him in the process, we will always produce fruit that will last. Because it's not just about the fruit itself, it's also about ensuring the fruit that will last. Hence why we must draw strength from God, because by ourselves it wont work, it's impossible

I think as we grow in our faith and the things we've been called to do, it's crucial to adopt new methods.

100%. It all links back to asking God “ Lord, what are the strategies needed for this season?” For example, God may be telling you to build a team. And whilst you may be thinking “ But why, my business is so small”, God isn't speaking based on what you can see but rather where he's taking you

Lastly I love the point you made earlier on about how it's not everything being about us. I, for one, truly believe that God is a generational God. Everything he's building is to outlive us, hence why it's best that we always strive to do things well whilst relying on his firm foundation

But the holy spirit has shown me that it's less about how others perceive me and more about becoming his vessel

Therefore, I’d say it's all about surrendering

So it's about obedience. Because having seen God's track record of success in my life, I can now trust him to give me instructions that are for my good

Adding to that, it's also important to not compare yourself to someone who is seeing the fruition of their seeds whilst you’ve only begun sowing yours

And yeah, whilst I was focusing on my academics at the time, when I was younger all I ever wanted was to be in the spotlight. It's so easy to want the light, not realising that when the light comes, it also comes accompanied with extra workload [trusting the timing of your life - this resonates with me as well because I can directly relate!]

So when God withheld these “spotlight” opportunities from me, really he was doing me a favour because he knew I wasn't prepared. As with everything, learning to understand God's timing is so important because in his timing, he is gracious to prune and build our characters, equipping us with the knowledge and wisdom we need. [so so key]

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