May 23, 2019

  • field trip to llano del rio?
  • on mt washington property
    • owned by olga's friend!!!!
    • you can maybe build up to 400 sq ft without permit
  • northern california
    • not to live, maybe to use?
    • we are focused on LA though, let's stay in LA
    • sea ranch
    • exhibition at SFMOMA
    • good example of communal living

NAVEL presentation
- get up in front and say we dont really want to do this presentation, we just
want to make this happen

  • 1 min
    • lite explanation
    • we dont really want to do this presentation, we just want to make this happen
  • 3 mins to corral
  • 6 mins
    • ?

Camille talks about properties 4121 charles ave.
It was abandoned for like nine or ten years, but recently they saw a work truck. They see that it’s not listed as a buyable property. potential for scrooging.

Camille talks of zorthian ranch

me me [Camille Camille]

Camille talks about 442 quail dr. its a crazy low $69,000, apparently the other camille knows this listing and knows this as a misleading plan from their ex. they’ve been trying to get rid of this property for ages but the design the listing is promoting is not doable. they can’t get the permit to build for it.

llano del rio collective
old socialist commune ruins. field trip to ruins.
llano, california

Camille talks about some points that we could focus on:
they read from a list sent to all the organisers from Navel.

-list of questions from NAVEL-
Here is a suggestion on how to structure your presentation, but feel free to do it in a way that feels most suitable to your group. It could be more performative for example. Consider that members of the audience don't necessarily already know about your ASSEMBLY, therefore it would be great to hear about:

  • The focus of your ASSEMBLY and your goal (did it change along the way?) Describe your strategies for working together as a group? How did you foster collaboration and accountability amongst yourselves? Was it collaborative or not as much as you would have liked it to be? How come? - - What worked and didn't work that you would like others to know? How would you do it differently?
  • What did you spend most of your time doing during meetings? What did you enjoy most about the process? Any anecdotes, revelations, findings, breakthroughs you would like to share?
  • Did you realize your goal(s)? Do you plan on pursuing?
  • Where you a micro-grant recipient? How did the funds enable your project?
  • Where and how can we access the research and resources you've created along the way together? (If you can, please share it with me by latest Sunday June 2. We will be creating a new section on the website where these projects/documents can live. If time permits, I will upload your stuff before the presentations)

It should be no longer than 10 minutes, we will be timing it!

Camille explains that its more about explaining our group process, what was the dynamic?
In terms of the presentation, what are we doing?
June 3, 7-10pm. we have June 2, 12pm-2pm and Thus 30 May (last big meeting)

Camille focuses on the the objective for the next meeting as the presentation.

we started as redistribute wealth

Camile talks about how they want to cover the whole process from the beginning

We talks about what the point of the goal ?

What will we actually do?

performance art for presentation?

May 23rd meeting notes