went to a collective dreaming event this week, and when we first went into breakout rooms and talked about what brought us into the space. it's interesting that there were a lot of parallels in our responses. this feeling of not really knowing what we are doing, or what we want to do with our lives. many of us mentioned they had no idea what to expect in the event, but they were open as they felt called to come to the event (some even just 20 minutes before the event). We had journal sessions together answering questions about our dreams this new season, how these dreams made us feel in our bodies (putting language to the sensations), and what resistances also came up. we then broke out into our small groups again, and there was suddenly a switch in all of us. We all realized that wait, we actually do know what we want more of in our lives, and it's just not defined to one job title, it's many different explorations of the values that matter to us most. One person in my group mentioned how she wanted to have a studio where she could try and experiment with different creative expressions like photography, ceramics, or design. Another person mentioned how they've always wanted to just travel, explore the van life, especially since they valued their sovereignty a lot. I realized I was a mix of them both, I really want a life where I feel my freedom in moving around places, as well as a space where I can slow down to tune into my own pace, and explore different creative expressions. We all mentioned fear and self-sabotaging as big resistances to our dreams.

thinking of how powerful holding space for people to feel into their needs/wants/dreams. manifesting more spaces for collective dreaming.