Lady Red is an Ornament of Emptiness

Okay! I sorta figured out something about Buddhism this weekend. Let’s do this.

First, let’s establish terms - attention and awareness. Attention is a narrow, zooming aperture on an object. Awareness is a different mindmotion - full-picture + low-detail.
Here’s my living room

Thank you @OortCloudAtlas and @BerkeleyAlembic for the time and space and patient teaching. And a lot of this is quotes right from Michael

@sh__len my explanation is kinda just one fraction of it so far…

@ProdanStatev @OortCloudAtlas @BerkeleyAlembic This is my first meditation retreat. The insight came like a “pop”…
At the end I was able to talk to the other participants and many of them had experienced something like that, some many years ago.
I’m now rapidly mythologizing this

@smiling_for_fun @ProdanStatev @OortCloudAtlas @BerkeleyAlembic And they come out looking kind of differently. So I think it’s a jhanas point here toward spaciousness… 5/6 jhana are taking the realm of infinite space/conciousness into attention, so very similar.

@smiling_for_fun @ProdanStatev @OortCloudAtlas @BerkeleyAlembic But I also think my explanation here is just another pointer towards this insight which is (not a thought) so I’m just giving the path I took, in case that is helpful.

Like, everyone is pointing at the moon. Me too!

@smiling_for_fun @ProdanStatev @OortCloudAtlas @BerkeleyAlembic Also our teacher Michael Taft read some ancient Buddhist texts about spacious infinite awareness that were extremely beautiful.

@smiling_for_fun @ProdanStatev @OortCloudAtlas @BerkeleyAlembic I’m not sure what he read to us but it may have been something like “the jewel ornament of liberation” . The main phrase that stuck with me was “ornaments of emptiness” - I could visualize infinite space folding and churning and arising in a beautiful pattern as an ornament.

Feb 13, 2023, 6:51:17 AM