the way we understand the game defines how we play it
and what we get out of it

WESTERN APPROACH to design is varied, but it all lies more or less within the limits of 'design is about making things'. the game of design is understood, even if taken unconsciously, as "humans and things they need in their life".

additionaly, western approach is not much concerned with consciously creating their own life. It's more focused on fighting for the life you want to create. There are some greate exceptions and in reality it's also present on the east. However this simplification serves well for this note only

eastern, or more precisely, JAPANESE APPROACH has noticed some broader aspects. For instance they have noticed that in general humanity develops and discoveres many things in different fields, which however remain accessible, understandable only to the professionals in the respective fields . Simply because the matter of communicating them to unprofessionals is a different task altogether.

However they also noticed the importance of opening up new facets of life for every human being. They are interested in learning new things about life because it allows one to imagine new opportunities in his own future, it also deepens one's experience with life.

And since they are very concerned with consciously creating their own future (they had too many disasters to either rely on 'hope', or fighting with each other, or thinking they can't affect much), they invest into translating this kind of specific knowledge that usually remains only in scientific websites to general public.

That's why Issey Miyake, Naoto Fukasawa, Kawakami Noriko and Satoh Taku created 21_21 Sight Museum. The main purpose of which was to use design in order to translate some specific understandings about certain aspects of life into a language that would be relatable to every human being.

Japanese expanded understanding of the game led them to use design, not only for making 'daily tools', but also as means of expanding what people know about life, so they can create a richer future, more interesting life for themselves.

This is how learning more about the game expands your possibilities and roles you can play in the game.


*obviously this is somewhat of a simplification. everyone plays their own version of a game, choosing aspects in it that are important for them. some don't even bother with these questions and accept the collective understanding. some on the contrary study the game, their own understanding of it and play with the game itself.

**'eastern', 'western', 'japanese' are just reference points. see that it's all about redefining the game, understanding what it consists of, noticing new aspects.

***knowing more about the principles of how games are 'formed' gives you opportunity to freely navigate inside the game, go out of any game, and play better at any game

_****the more you expand your understanding of any game the more roles you can play in any given game _

****any game is located within a 'wider game', you can go to 'the highest' game in which all games exist if you want to explore THE GAME

the way we understand the game defines …