starting at 2:15
"a rhizome isn't so much a discrete thing
as it is an eminent process that can [ keyword :
can ] allow us to question hierarchical organization"

lots of issues with definitions of rhizomes & the whole
idea that deluze & guattari actually came up with this,
but the video is a starting point.

_____________________they bring up some decent
ideas about how to reconsider the classroom's tradition
of ordering information . challenging the dynamic of
teachers knowing everything & the students being
blank canvases to have ideas poured into that is
the foundation of western education

google education's context in the industrial revolution
if you wanna learn more about that foundation

challenging hierarchal organization extends beyond
how theories of knowledge are shared in universities
or other learning environments tho

the concept expands to challenging how hierarchies
are maintained through racial capitalism , patriarchy ,
imperialism , etc etc etc .
____________________that's what these french men
failed to see , cuz ofc they would . theyre white , dialectically

they also don't ever acknowledge how learning how to
literally order our systems & societies is Indigenous knowledge .
cuz ofc they wouldnt . their intellectual predecessors of
the academy are the reason we don't value Indigenous knowledges
as valid on a societal level in the first place for fucks sake

whole time there was someone considering rhizomes
through the lenses of racial capitalism & imperialism at least

literally at the same time they were . he just doesn't get
the same recognition that deluze & guattari get

i wonder why… (te)

great quote about rhizomes from a 2–dim…