30 Resources

1.Marta Veludo
Marta Veludo is a graphic designer currently working in Amsterdam. She is inspired by pop culture and folk art, movement and compositions. Marta’s work is focusing on colors and compositions, which are the basic elements but super important. Her work has the feeling of “childishness” which attracts me and makes me feel happy.

2.Kate Moross
Kate Moross is an English graphic designer, artist, illustrator and art director based in London. They are well known for their unique doodle style and high saturation colors. Their work includes moving imagery, typography and illustration. Their work is a very good example of the combination of illustration and graphic design which I resonate with.

3.Lucy Sherston
Lucy Sherston is an illustrator based in London. The process of her work is like doing digital collage. I love the materiality of her work and I am inspired by her that handwritten fonts could also be a solution of design.

4.Kashiwa Sato
I think Kashiwa’s work is one of the best representations of “less is more”. He is very attentive to the identity of a brand. He uses the concept of information organization to model creative thinking which inspires me.

5.Annie Atkins
Annie Atkins is a graphic designer doing design for items that would be presented in films.(handwritten notes/posters in the coffee shop/etc) Her job is to create authentic props for the actor and actress to interact with. I used to ignore the fact that the props were actually carefully designed by artists. And I think it’s a very cool outcome to see your work in film.

6.Giacomo Bagnara
Giacomo’s design is based on illustration by using a very generalized form of an object or a figure. Giacomo also did some very simple but attractive looping animations.

7.Slow Down Studio
Slow Down Studio is a LA based Studio collabs with different artists from around the world to design blankets, rugs, towels, and other home goods. I always look at their products for branding inspiration.

8.Kati Forner
Kati is an LA based designer. I really like the simplicity and elegance in her work. She did a variety of forms of design which I can be inspired from.

9.Elana Schlenker
Studio Elana Schlenker has a lot of collaborations with different brands. They also focus on interactive design. I love their website so much and the color is so pleasing and fascinating!

They did the design for slack, that's how I know them. And they are the largest design studio.

They did a lot of package design and branding. A good place to look for commercial references.

12.Haruka Misawa
Her design is always focusing on a very small element.

13.Studio Dumbar
Studio Dumbar is a highly influential Dutch graphic design agency with a long heritage. They have very cool type motions and small animations.

14.Oliver Jeffers
Oliver Jeffers is a visual artist and author working in painting, bookmaking, illustration, collage, performance and sculpture. His children’s book illustrations are so warm and cute.

15.Will Bryant
His work is full of humor/fun and positive! Love the materiality and the texture of his work.

16.Ben Grandgenett
Ben Grandgenett is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer and art director, born and raised in Nebraska. I chose him because he also works for the New York Times magazine.

17.Shaun Tan
Shaun Tan grew up in Perth and works as an artist, writer and film-maker in Melbourne. I really like his style and the lil fantasy world he created.

18.Sasaki Shun
Sasaki Shun is a japanese graphic designer. His work includes advertising/CD cover design/ book design… His work is full of complementary colors and includes a new concept of composition.

19.Ploymode studio
Polymode is a studio that leads the edge of contemporary graphic design through poetic research.

20.Craig Parsons
Designer/Creative director
I really like the tone of his work. Besides branding, he also did a lot of motion graphics.

21.Studio SPGD
Graphic design/Branding/Identity/Art Direction
They have a lot of work focusing on typography.

22.Garbett Design
Garbett is an independent design studio based in Sydney, collaborating with arts and cultural institutions, commercial and social enterprises in Australia and across the world.

23.Grilli type
Noël Leu and Thierry Blancpain founded Grilli Type in Switzerland in late 2009 as a collaborative avenue for working with other designers. Although the foundry is based in Lucerne, we’re active on a global scale. Thierry now lives in New York City, and Noël travels extensively, ricocheting between East Asia, North America, and Europe. The studio now numbers six, with colleagues dispersed across the globe.

24.David McLeod
David McLeod is an Australian artist & designer.Creating still and moving images, David’s work is driven by a curiosity for exploring new visual territories in CG.

25.Studio Feixen
Studio Feixen is an independent Design Studio based in Lucerne, Switzerland that creates visual concepts. We focus specifically on nothing in particular. Whether it’s graphic design, interior design, fashion design, type design or animation – as long as it challenges us – we are interested.

26.Kiyeol Kim
art director — graphic designer

27.Santi Zoraidez
Santi Zoraidez is a passionate art director and designer with a true desire to transform ideas into striking artwork. Santi’s work combines digital and reality with a great sense of space, colour, light and inventiveness to create top-notch projects with a modern and fresh feel.

28.Related Department
an independent graphic design practice based in Shanghai.

29.A Black Cover Design

30.Femmy Type
FEMME TYPE is a platform under the umbrella of creative-type-focused media company TYPE01 Ltd, created with a purpose of intensely celebrating the
work of type designers and type-focused creatives who identify as women. Founded by Amber Weaver in 2019, we aim to encourage women to pursue careers in the field of font design, typography/graphic design, motion, 3D and technology. We’re committed to creating valuable physical and online content that contributes to promoting, inspiring and educating the professional industry about this seemingly
under-represented part of our community.