Write a story about a sci fi tech happening in a small town like Midwich Cuckoos
Small town could be Charlesworth, sth like the Charles Yu book

But the characters are like props
They each use or have sth that they use in the story that is then made to accompany the book

Props in the story are then sold with the book
The props are objects that can be used by the reader. Not just objects that are props to the book. and don't get used but act as souvenirs.

The DeLorean already existed but got altered for the BTTF film

What typologies could already exist and be used in such a way in the book? A chipped mug, a type of comb that exists but only made by very special materials.

Can you write a story that is set in a future and make objects that are real for that future?

What emerging issues in tech and science would feed into these peoples lives in the Village of Charlesworth?

Future of ?

Location for ideas and my personal realm.
Charlesworth is the setting and the characters are based on family members but with a twist. And false names

What is the overarching take away from these stories and objects - What does the viewer get in return?

If it is a playground for ideas I can try out a few concepts not just one unifying strategy

Maybe there is speculative fiction mixed with sci/tech issues eg
What tragedies have my family overcome?
What is the future of a village in England?
What geopolitical, social issues are going to impact life in a village?

Folding tech research into work projects - as writing these characters maybe I fold in bits of research

Story + Souvenir