Achievement unlocked!
And to think, you almost swiped left…
Are your hands tied or something?
Are you waiting for an invitation?!
Ask them about your mutual friends.
Be social.
Billions of messages have been sent on Tinder. What will yours be?
Carpe diem.
Cats or dogs?
Conversations don't write themselves.
Did the cat bite your tongue?
Did you know that cheesy lines don't work?
Do it!
Don't leave it blank.
Don't swipe and drive.
Don't Tinder and drive.
Emojis accepted.
Everyone likes a thoughtful person.
Five million messages sent in the last hour … you can't even think of one?
Give them a compliment and watch what happens.
Google how not to be boring.
Google some good one liners.
Great question! Ask to get the answer.
Have no fear, Tinder is here!
Have some manners, say "hello!"
'Hey' is for horses.
'Hi' isn't memorable.
Have some manners … say something!
How long before you send a message?
How many friends have you made on Tinder?
How many languages can you type in?
If only there was a way to start a conversation. Oh wait…
If you don't ask, the answer is always no.
If you don't ask, you won't ever know.
I hope you're not driving right now.
In many cultures silence is considered rude.
Insert compliment below.
Insert funny message below.
Insert thoughtful message below.
In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take.
Is this your #TinderTuesday?
It all starts here.
It's good you didn't accidentally swipe left.
It's not Tinder until you send a message.
It started here.
It started on Tinder.
I wonder what tagline they got.
Let's get things started.
Live as if you die today, dream as if you live forever.
Make the first move.
Make them smile.
Next level reached!
No one likes a bore.
Over 36% of your Facebook friends are on Tinder.
Over 90% of compliments get a response.
Ready to get Tinderized?
Say something!
Say something funny!
Say something nice about one of their photos.
Say something witty!
Say thanks for swiping right.
Seduce away…
See that box down there? Compliment them.
See that box down there? Insert personality.
See that box down there? Type something witty into it.
See this box? Type something into it.
Send a message before your battery dies.
Seize the day.
Someone should create an app to meet cool people. Oh wait…
Staring at this screen won't start a convo…
Starting conversations are awkward, but not here!
Stop being boring.
Tell them about a crazy experience you just had.
Tell them why you swiped right.
That's like 2 dog years.
The definition of FOMO: Fear of missing out.
The one who sends the first message wins.
There's nothing wrong with sending the first message.
They probably look better in person.
They're staring at the same thing … write the first message.
They won't know until you tell them.
This screen looks a lot better with a conversation. Hint, hint.
This screen would look a lot better with a conversation in it.
Tinder can't type for you…
Tinder can't type for you … at least not yet.
Tinder can't type for you… actually, it could, but it won't.
Tinder is about people you want to know … start here.
Tinder sparks another fire.
Well you've come this far, might as well say something.
What are you waiting for?
What made you swipe right?
What's your biggest secret?
What's your favorite Tinder story?
Where did you swipe right?
Which photo is your favorite?
Why did you swipe right?
Why haven't you said hello?
Why so serious?
YOSO: You only swipe once.
You both like things. Talk about them.
You can tell your kids you met on Tinder.
You have two thumbs for a reason.
You know they already want to talk to you, right? #WeBothSwipedRight
You'll never meet 100% of the matches you don't message.
You miss 100% of the memories you never make.
You only live once.
Your lonely days are over … once you say hi.
Your move.
You're both addicted to Tinder … that's something you have in common.
You're not getting any younger.
You're too afraid to say hi? Wuss.