I would love to upload and share my bookmarks collection with the Are.na community.

I enjoy organizing my bookmarks a lot. Its a simple folder structure and I can create as many subdirectories as I want.

Why are there no subdirectories on Are.na?

I get the idea of channels being centered around one certain idea. But what If what I am working on is more than one idea? Like a project or a broader field of "research" which contains a lot of different things which relate to each other. Of course I can create a channel which contains other channels but that will clutter my Index view. And the Index view on Are.na is my main way of navigating my own and other profiles. That lack of content hierarchy / subdirectories is often times really unpractical for me.

I come to Are.na from using Keeeb. I used that for every project in the past. There you had the possiblity to create subcategories for each "channel" (i think they were called differently). I miss that on Are.na.

Is that the idea of groups? I started a group for a project I work on whith a friend. But now their is the block limit and my friend is still not premium. So I am not sure how that works with the billing.

I have troubles with using Are.na as an actual tool. I often find myself diving down rabbitholes of content on Are.na so the exploratory aspect is great. But right now Are.na is not really a tool for organizing content in a practical manner for me. It’s more a place where I "dumb" content into a one level/idea folder structure. But within each channel everything is unorganized.

Why are there no subdirectories on Are.…