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Grembock's Delicatessen in Austin, Texas, just opened its doors Sunday night for the first full week in business since being founded on Aug. 30. A volunteers-only open house event, there was no event at the South Congress restaurant yesterday, and no information to be had about what's cooking either. The only Tweet on the site belongs to Grembock's longtime associate Josh Laner, who sent some "Welcome home" postcards to patrons on from the head chef Thomas Ghia.

However, ABC Channel 7 in Austin's Austin360 segment on Grembock's posted a photo of (curiously not pictured) a neatly made 7-course meal on the menu. Eater reached out to Grembock's management for additional info. After a bit of back-and-forth, we learned that the menu(s) is still in the works but it's still months away from opening day. We are counting on reports of food violations trending under "things that will happen" for this to be real.

Just after midnight after announcing two weeks ago that it would be open to the public, Grembock's became the first Austin restaurant to ride a ride-sharing service in Austin since the "Bike-Share — Share the Ride" controversy erupted. Upon searching Austin traffic data numbers for drivers who picked up customers from Grembock's during the Sunday evening opening period, we also learned it was the first time an Uber picked up an Uber at Grembock's since Josh Laner threw out his hat for himself as the head chef when the restaurant opened. The fact that Uber picked up an Uber at Facebook's Austin offices may be reason for concern but so is the fact that Uber doesn't officially operate in Austin. With the clear safety record of Uber versus Lyft — and Grembock's reputation for superior, enticing food around town — it's premature to put your faith in the ride-sharing app's ability to coexist as a competing competitor.

Owner Thomas Gamm…

Here is a bit of information we have learned so far. A rough menu has been spent firming up menu items for the full week. We've seen a few concepts give us glimpses of what their menus may look like. The seven courses have not been revealed but you can assume Friday, Saturday, and Sunday lunch menu items will feature small plates. The breakfast menu is on the way, and dessert. For the week, Gamm says he anticipates hundreds of guests to tuck into the Cheeseburger tots, Potato Smothered Chicken Fabulous, Shrimp Rabonata, Crispy Boiled Salmon, Artisan Steak Ravioli, and Grilled Manchurian.

Initial plans were for a 21j-caliber Denver breweries with a run-down bar next to the kitchen, but that venue is no longer happening. He says he has set up a possible evening gracious seating deal with Rossi Library Options for more comfortable hours. Other than those two things, Chef Gamm did not indicate what we should expect. An opener date?

There were Vegan fans of Kitchen Frusciante's Sean Brock – a burger joint that was slated to open on South Congress – who remained skeptical about Grembock's's plans for vegan options. Brock tweeted late last week, "I learned Grembock's is going to be vegetarian – ugh."

Like Austin, Grembock's is in the middle of its own food crisis. Financial turmoil is staving off some long-mistreated neighbors in the Austin area by continuing to spring fresh people onto its shores, but it also comes with that hardest-to-beat feeling of "I will always take a chance on what Austin's gonna have next" the deeper you look into the Austin food scene. Luckily, there are now three other East Austin restaurants that have been given the finger for food-quality supervision and acquisition. We hope that staff will be friendly after Saturday's opening and if you're looking for good meaty vegan food with a familiar Austin vibe, Grembock's is the one big regular-spot on a weird hobo dinner crawl.<|endoftext|>It was a few nights later that I realized the disappointment in my soul, what could I do? What were the options? We had seen the state-of-the museum, so why not visit the State Legislature? As a young kid I had been part of the first protest to interrupt a visit of President Kennedy. But not so far away, the administration allowed homosexuals to be employed in the military, the same as the ticket gone this afternoon. How could I shatter people's trust in them, I wondered. Yet, you would think that the designers of the World Heritage Site could come up with programs to encourage the visitors to visit the inside of the Capitol. But there were no results, not at least that we could find.

In any case, that day, after my comments at the museum, a scream went up in the museum, and I was dragged
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More than 95 percent of iPhone 6 preorders being held by Apple's INPEX, Shanghai

Apple now joins current Apple partner Pegatron(s tan), which already employed the same iPhone generation strategy to ensure ample supply for iPhones.

TOP MOBILE NEWS: Apple TM already used generation-from-graphics approach to keep iPhone supply robust

Pegatron, the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer for Apple, can leverage its experience in supplying parts and components for major electronics companies like Nokia and Sony. In addition, it can rely on the redundancies provided by a single contract.


Pegatron already secured 90 percent of iPhone 6 preorders from INPEX at the beginning of October, an executive from INPEX told Reuters. "Whole Julination has to cover one iPhone 6 unit," he said. "This week, I don't have the capacity for 4 people to sell a unit."

Of course, it's unbelievably tough to find new qualities when rain doesn't fall. So when it comes to the iPhone's next generation, basically every chipmaker will be utilizing "higher-end characteristics" in part of the production process in order to deliver up to 30 percent more processing power for more impressive performance and battery life. And it's not just a matter of using new packaging materials; Apple will be using a second generation LCD touchpanels as well.

Posted at 9:18AM Sep 17, 2015 by Drew Johnson<|endoftext|>Carl Cloud

coach Does skeptical attitude play a role in the execution of interviews and activities? This theory is more supported by positive results obtained in experiments together with my own research. Is skepticism also a motivational factor in performance? This is mostly supported by two positive experiments carried out against a supposed mood factor. The supplementary material contains the articles describing these results, created by me and yet unpublished performed together with a grant from ETH Zurich.

Concerning the structure of thinking:

Pascal Bruckner Contented with himself that since the beginning of time, life has been teaching us to search for meaning, that every discovery and innovation is or might reveal a meaning, Wolfgang Goethe once asked: What, then, did the smugglers discover about the Wagner's blessed continent? I am convinced that huge assumptions hang on the matter of why someone so multifaceted should have the luck to have discovered what he did for a few days. School Idea "Students should superficially act like optimists, in order not to be mistaken for them or to suspect them. Both at home or in school, animals spout: "Miller wants us to sail frightfully high and take it easy," "Andersen says he will enter the navy, and she means it". Then hello Necessitystar INCONVENIENT: f and Rethinking Philosophy SPIEGEL, June 30, 2003 Addressing a boy at school recently with such a reason to dissent is an appearance masquerading as a revolution. Isn't it?" Thank you for your question. After my visit to school, I keep the motto: "Our kids must be supposedly enthusiastic on without any desire to rebel." Eric M Code, Penny Z Dine and James R Schiffer are taught that censorship is frightening and that 'same world' is necessary. Bennett R "Don't use honest i t like term, few high tech firms use i t. Code Unacceptable "Codes in the Business world are often kept hidden by employing their own-curated based on many degrees, or sometimes simply because no use without there is a possibility to have a matter of the integrity. Off the qualifications.

value is not availabe, notably off limits to be shared freely you should use your whole brain without that right, and if that is not not the case, you shouldn't be keeping the code Sets concentrated are gam drugs efferent of BIM."

Learning how to construct code — or to compete with it—"is a widely required job for the software developers. Among other things, programmers must tell the customer the purpose of the installed application, the purpose of the 'in the enterprise system,' or to answer "Was this mission accomplished in its sign. Once you have a compiler and source in your possession, code is an asset that others can use to possess faster in the future. Having code versus providing certain information unintentionally implies the latter. These will make the "innards" useful. " Symbols FC "symbols appearing in product HISTORY, HISTORICAL "PRIOR OBSERVATIONS", SYMBOL SQL" U"I mean a figure taken out of real life.") Moreover, the products use d the same formulas or work out in an identical way. So does the utmost their patronizing interpreters tell them to "figure that out or else be fascinated " By the fourth International Compliance and Security Levels in General Industry ( ISIS ), the phrases "this is the latest version." "feature" and "profitable" in several reports written by the Federal Trade Commission charging approval
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Denise Schroeder, right, listens to her attorney, Norm Goldenberg, during the Daredevil Levine Shotgun Trial in Meadville Campaign Court in program televised live by Fairness Delaware on Thursday afternoon at the West Marshall Law Building in Dover, Del. Goldenberg and Schroeder will become the first same sex couple in Delaware to be able to be married. (Photo: Julie Carra 2/10/16)

DETROIT — A trial to determine if people accused of murder can get access to money during their court cases has resulted in decisions to be appealed to the Delaware Supreme Court.

Photos and schematics first revealed late last year show 46-year-old Denise Schroeder frantically waving a .38 caliber revolver during a harrowing confrontation with a masked intruder. The incident, which occurred back in 2011, left Schroeder and her boyfriend, Krzysztof Levine, dead.

On Thursday, attorneys representing Synder and Andrea Almon, Lisa Tenore, Glenn Sanderson, Heather Derry, and Robbie Mecham, met with attorneys for Ronald Pirone, Schroeder's boyfriend, the Morning Call first reported. Pirone sat in the courtroom throughout the proceeding and still has nonchalance as the proceedings continue.

Scott Kyser, Coordinator of the Governor Wine and Spirits Task Force, said that by Wednesday, lawsuits brought about by Curig's involvement have been consolidated too.

"This makes it easier to continue the process, but in two separate cases," Kyser said.

While the state Supreme Court is demanding that Curig reappear down the road, opponents to the cases are "completely focused on moving forward," Ostap Safar, Schroeder's loved one, said before the proceedings.

A quick trip down memory lane

before 240 tons of steel to cap the highest elevator shaft in NYSE for 4th anniversary http://t.co/jRNHWNV7EK — Brittany Jordan (@BrittanyDET) June 30, 2015

Dannielle Schroeder, a number of family and acquaintances of the victim have said she had a difficult childhood. Synder worked at a Mintz law firm at or near Schroeder's family's home in Bridgwater, New Jersey during her childhood.

The Schroeder's mother Frances and her father Larry on the defense timeline http://t.co/Og2qnaT5lQ — Brittany Jordan (@BrittanyDET) June 30, 2015

"[She] never had any money...and had nobody to cook for her or to lift her up when she struggled," grandmother Frances told WECT last month, adding that she only learned Schroeder's name since my younger daughter decided to come clean about her parents' murder.

One particular incident occurred at age six. When the rest of the family in the neighborhood crowded around Almon in front of his grandparents' home, Schroeder was at home alone. Almon, out late drinking with friends, decided to sneak in. But there was a huge three-foot wooden fence around the house. Almon got a prosthetic leg and made a clumsy climb over the fence. To make his escape, Almon reached the second story balcony and, he told police, ended up in the kitchen on the first floor.

"It was one of our sons driving down the street and saw him at work. He pulled over and asked him what was going on. He'll never forget his exterior and pose was something like that. He instantly made bail."- Marty Almon pic.twitter.com/E5BVC5OGmL — Morning Call (@AsburyJournal) June 30, 2015

According to the Morning Call, Schroeder, her mother, Schwarzbitz and her stepfather, Frank Berger were drinking the night of November 24, 2011. Almon reportedly called the Schroeder home at about 10:30 on to call the children, in the safety of the car. Instead Almon got into the pool room in the rear of the house and TOLD his family to "Suck it". Berger found Schroeder unresponsive, according to the report. Schmidt committed suicide the next day.

Schroeder's stepfather Frank Berger committed suicide the next day. (Photo: Facebook)

"Andrea was at work with her supervisor when she became separated from Elise, but she had called her that morning...[and] Elise had informed her at that point that maybe Andrea called her but not in time to retrieve her at the know place," said Fitzgerald Sherwood, representing Dannielle Schroeder at one point on Wednesday. "So Andrea became upset and better get back and found an excuse to get in the pool bathroom."

Schroeder tried to use the white boards by the pool to climb out to the balcony.

She escaped from the bedroom, and sheriff's deputies Bradley, Moore and [Danbury Police Chief Frederick] Goode arrested her.

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Until a brief series of tweets surfaced on Thursday night, it had been unclear whether the U.S. senator from Ohio was being investigated for corruption, (as Rolling Stone incorrectly reported) or a tax question (as 11alive.com claimed).

John McCain has been at the center of a firestorm of reports concerning possible corruption, and he's been accused of failing to pay tax deductions by multiple media outlets. We lost track of who was tweeting. Here they are, with a short explanation of what's going on, from 11alive.com:

9:03 p.m. — Alaska

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski became the first "serious" name in the national political media drama to call for McCain to cooperate with Senate colleagues by either disclosing his tax returns or cooperating with what she called the "full force" of the "IRS, DOJ, FBI, etc."

9:05 p.m. — Legal bombshell revealed

Citing testimony from IRS attorneys last week, CNN says it has been told senators have run into a problem with "corrupt transactions" and that those facts suggest "McCain should disclose tax transactions in question." This followed the Senate Finance Committee meeting earlier this month, where Federal Treasury Inspector General J. Russell George outlined the trouble that could arise if a conservative group paid McCain campaign staffers but somehow was retroactively challenged for filing too many delinquent 2015 tax returns.

9:10 p.m. — Gizmodo

Sarah Westwood, then director of The Open Society Foundation and now a columnist at Gizmodo, writes that "hiding McCain's tax details for 25 years could cost the government [10] million dollars a year in taxes" — 12th-highest among the more than 300 senators currently receiving less than $100,000 annually in campaign deductions.

9:19 p.m. — Omaha Call-Shiller

So who paid for the glasses Franken installed in his new Senate office? Adelson at 1154, according to veteran U.S Congressmen, who say Adelson's demands are usually guaranteed at 150 percent of the normal sale price. Ron Johnson's firm Wisconsin Growth is also listed as the architect's broker. Meanwhile, Negligent Dun-Ducks is the glass display buyer

9:27 p.m. — Tax laws may be changed when the McCain committee is finished

Senator Lindsey Graham has been calling for a short investigation of claims that McCain has grown wealthy while pretending to be a war veteran and seal hunter. It came out today that each of the anonymous former staffers is getting 73 percent pre-tax profit on their deals, according to a Washington Examiner report, which led to the report that says "John McCain spent millions of dollars on gifts from donors and lobbyists and used his office to try to extract the maximum fine to keep his business going."

9:28 p.m. — Ping available?

NEXT: The Facebook Fan Page

9:34 p.m. — WYPR Reports On Rolls Off DC Restaurant

Seven D.C. Rollers and K-Lefts receipts dated September 11th tallied in at a together $3,477.212 with a sixth receipt to show Sunday of that date, $1,405.273. Over $1 million of Alaskan customs, including their table- Service commissioned '99 Zit du Citre.' Proximity to vacation home in Wrightwood- Opened season approx. 200 guests.

9:37 p.m. — Best Friends, Tottenham CAP

WestIsland seedy culture (plural) talked shows, Indianapolis, Alberta politics, October All-Star Game, barbecues, Celebrity Wife Swap, Trump, Putin, Paulson, and numerous comics actor and Ted Koppel.

9:39 p.m. — Purple Sauce, the Cafe

A post on their Facebook page had some skepticism about potential 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz's background according to 'legends' told to reporters by veterans.

9:41 p.m. — Paul Mitchell explains why McCain needs to disclose his taxes

Why is the McCain tax issue a big one's on news outlets' radar? Business Insider's Paul Parilla says that First Quarter Tax Report of 2016 was released this morning.

The report was stating that the 38 a Russian oligarchs and the 157 foreign owners and non-residents delivered $380.5 billion in 13 states — 114% of dollars received.

Because First Quarter defined list of 36 Russian oligarchs is murky but higher than 448 in 2011 BTA revises guideline by categorizing it into 16 increasingly convoluted categories (20 categories had news reports on them).

  1. World-renowned CEOs of Russian-controlled companies

Raw ideology or insider? Make your choice, caesar and croakey

Source: H.R Reid — MRC Archives

Independent from population / Won
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Anderson Cooper:

Following the prompt media reaction to the recent Bill Cosby sexual abuse allegations, we are now receiving several calls about the recent AMA-style tweets sent from Bill Cosby's account. We request that journalists refrain from commenting online on the veracity of Bill Cosby's alleged rape admitting drug addiction.<|endoftext|>"No, not at all, just an observation," said the guard .

"You're not an observation person," said the doctor's assistant, "you're a medical and biological specialist, an osteopath.

My asthma is bad because of these observations , of coughing and sneezing, but my modified mouthpiece fails to quiet my irritated airways.

During midwinter, Charlotte staying (in the country) in a street-front cottage by the sea comes to thaw the idea of gazing lovingly at the ocean, consequently making many poor observational observers If no one

The mental eye was essential to the proper interpretation of biology; but the way in which disease was regarded is not understood by dialecticians.

What Do They Observe , Fortunately perceivable in French in BOATS proved, after several thousand years' trouble, so beneficial to English as to have instilled into the great bird-tolerance of Angelland and the celebrity acquired by him in other lands her dignity from being the model of so calligraphic a power; with that marvellous accent of Englishness so superior to that of any of the other breeds.

His Inspection of Subway Construction: An Account on the History of University Construction .

ARTIST'S interpretation was supported by 58% of .

My father observed how hard the reviews webmasters and some of the other well-informed citizens of Milan and the need for "a corrective and a scientific observation and evaluation of news items.

selected the name Jim, thinking it was a normal male in cross-dressing at a circus would act like Jim: but Jim (and Sholo and Sol) saw him as alive and giving-though still in the round crop of some friend of Cord, who was solid at fishing and also in business and whose maternal grandmother said that when she was a girl Sholo once floated down the river properly with, his heirloom leather dagger and my father or like Sholo looked like the true-white-coat he'd been, Sporting Mold Flood Comments Turner Keep Take McC Cloudemore All From St.

Each nut contains 14 needed to form a small cone (4 per nut), to add simplicity and not to overload an individual with food.

there's more at the start of season but it's more careful to observe but I'm not sure I missed any other or observing such small bites again.

An observation looking for specific characters with a modifier should provide a referent in the statement and quaziDirect the reader to the target of the qualifier with the target qualifier itself.

44% of all food starters in the London demand are still from busy indoor preparation areas such as World Farmers' Markets or Dairies.


She is rude and sees no use in observation , rather more focussed on achievement across arms and legs as her muscular tone suggests.

AIM We value the more than half of permanent observations we make on a daily basis.<|endoftext|>Plus $10 processing fee. Use any credit card! Sweetwater's Flexible Payment Plan lets you get your gear now and stretch your payments over time. Plus, we'll pay your shipment costs if you want.

The legendary Precision Bass brings a massive bass response and fun, smoky tone to the world! These versatile midbass speakers deliver incredible low frequency extension: 32" high-frequency response - about two-thirds of a speaker.

9.5-inch aluminum/wood/hardwood midbass drivers deliver deep, low frequencies

Well-balanced suspension design features pre-mounted threaded steel cone magnets for a lightweight design

Totally magnetic (not magnetized) tweeters eliminate tuning issues caused by uneven movement at the poles

White silk dome tweeter to reduce cone breakup that normally occurs over time in bass-heavy applications

Low tone-ness floor using durable stainless steel grille cloth cover

Flexible and convenient optional flex-fit/banana jack providing easy switching and flexible pod-cord connectivity with optional neck/bridge and entire rig

Artiflex PRO II midbass system<|endoftext|>If administration officials — with several variations italicized — follow through on their attacks on gun safety regulators, we may well see the collapse of the industry as we know it.<|endoftext|>Image caption Katie Eetson said she was shocked by the amount of money she had to give Newcastle United

Fans have been given the chance to select their own Newcastle United 'Charity Appeal' prize money, in a BBC survey.

Members of the club's official Facebook community were asked if they would like to "vote on which charity we donate to".

One fan suggested
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This is actually easier to do than you think! Go out and get the leftovers of a roast or something of that nature. Parboil them for a little while. (That's what I did, if you were curious) Heat up your wok in the $medium hotish flame, drizzle in some oil, then toss the contents of the too-long messy roast for about 10 seconds or so. The wok will release steam and some surface starch which will help the stir fry singe. Spread the rice in your wok, the aromatics and proteins will absorb the undigested starch, so it will help the starch brown nicely. When all the rice-starch is brown and the rice is smooth and tender, fold in the dried white beans. It's that easy! You can even add in some fresh broccoli or other dark green veggies if you want a rich yet quick wrap soup. If you put a little more, like I did, the brown stuff willy-nilly over everything , which will color the right rainbow. Besides, it's are nicely flavored with the rice and dried lentils, not with expensive, too-frequent imported beans. I like to bring it all to a boil and let it sit more than an hour or so. So delicious! They keep for quite a while too!<|endoftext|>edit Screen capture

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how you can quickset the console of the Xbox 360 to prompt you to update the console firmware by adding different NRPE easily.

You can download the basic firmware update flash tool, that runs in the background as its destination whenever you navigate to the console via the internet, and if certain conditions are met then it will download the current console firmware name and version, flash it but no flash any files, and close the FTP session to avoid paging any more.

The basic detection process is as follows:

if user has console marriage most homebrews can path to the device – and also some display modes will show up and they can see the update

if user is/isnt connected to network its firmware update can be accessed through the console connection menu if option to fwupdate if ownbed hardware support NRPE_Flash

if user is using dial-in manual install is automatic every device

If user is using dial-in boot the update can be accessed manually with remote-hybrid throw-up to update login using default fra turnboot okil device-multiprocess booted event type and uavhd if new firmware

Finally if for hardware hotsync and/or manual firmware:

the console has to be rebooted

the console has to be turned on and on

Activation Key: In case the hibernate is enabled only the next system change will be legal about how long the information for the hardware association is accessed

Go to the Device Management page (you should now see the firmware used):

Go to the Updates tab

Tab Enhancements tab on the dialog:

section Device Specific tab that protects you against purchase show Uplay and GHRS support choose ALDI firmware because it is the only currently supported firmware with the July 8, 2012 update

section Device Upgrades Tab that shows the general devices that is compatible between 1.01 and 1.05 to change the UR module and to prove drivers detection options to upgrade 3rd party parts from the last one to as now current hardware available and updates available for that part upgrade them

press F2 to go to the main update window

Go to the Devices tab and enable remote flashing validate

Close the first window (send message, wait, remote command will be executed after flash checks).

Go to the Network tab

select install new firmware checkbox and that updates are not already installed.

update is already installed in the background before now checkbox.

checkbox and that updates are not already installed. initially usually it will show for unplugged or disconnected for about 10 seconds (depending on your access speed and your network)

press "Update firmware" on the remote console.

on the remote console. the steps are very quick

Check what is successfully flashed to confirm that the save file (FluidDisk.raw) is valid. See what is waiting inside the new firmware. Can you flash to same folder that the save file is stored right now?

Check that your USB device was connected before you start the current firmware to verify it.

changing will approve the flash!" button is super easy:

CHOICE MODEM COMPRESSION Type A 14 milliamp Amp or higher Version info

OK Copy the above address in the address bar of the standard (MP3) player and goto play.<|endoftext|>REVIEW

Dr. Brown's Illusions is a triumphant revival of a so long dwindled form of literature – the magical realism. It is an early life that has been relayed scripturally ,
======================================== SAMPLE 7 ========================================
• The fifth playgroup in the British Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) Health and Social Care Information Hub

• The Health and Social Care Information Service is sanctioned by the autonomous regulatory authority of the United Kingdom.<|endoftext|>Hello. I am Art Cadet Robin Wight (born 21st January, 1972 in Lagrange Park, Goodwood). I received an OBE in 2009 for my services to drama.

Hello in any case. I recently posted my first poem 'Art Cadet Robin Wight' on my favourite forum (currently iambob on DeviantArt) and got a really encouraging response from folks. I'm new to those forums and the members there are quite helpful and I'm looking forward too see the responses of the Ardec samples before I upload them probably.

I'm also new to capitolrecital so I'll just here and say I'll be submitting one story a week. I will of course be taking IN instead of ENG next Standgin so I can sub properly in both the Scottish and English Styles. Just another reason that I'm very grateful to my lass for all her help and discipline. I'm always willing to accept help though.

Thank you.<|endoftext|>Winter either winds down and early spring arrives early, or it doesn't. Either way, when summer afternoon temperatures are in the 80s, it's only natural to be established and busily planting.

Here's how:

Lay down your Thanksgiving non-farmageddon winter block.

This should of course be a tall, blooming scrapercap block, which I did. It produces a lot of small twiggyoaks, and a few great blossoms in winter.

Hang it up into the right kind of hoop above a hot (not dry) flower bed, where the air is always humid (coffee shop) and a balmy (80 degree) breeze will blow. These tombstones cheerfully Harry Potterized out of the non-farmageddon block are well worth re-growing.

Still, you want the nooks and crannies to flower too, so for those places, set your ground cover more far back (I am always sooo sorry when I choose wrong.) and get a bigger block, and then you can then sneak bunch planting into those nooks and crannies too.

As for overall mass planting, of course, its much easier say; I urge you to experiment with fertilizing, both in general fertilizer AND specific organic crew-cut fertilizer, though organic crew-cut seems to be a regional specialty.

I make mine from composted coconut husks. They're about half as expensive as standard stuff, and have the same chemical long-lasting durability for most farm stuff. As my companion Gail tells me, organic fertilizers for it have changed since I last sold O. The containerized organic fertilizer they use now just cheapies. Encyclometall Hyde for me has seen their market boom, and I had to be ok with willing like rentals and desperation off that diets of drunk diagnostics and animal research stuff that they encourage, so it's nice to have a low-tech fertilizer for a team-builder.

Quick note though: organic fertilizers are great to use for small soil health, but only for forest soils?

Whether it's a permanent soil hopper, or a super high-volume being driven to a nightstand for maintenance out of just a bag or bucketful… I always like to use a "hybrid" fertilizer method.

I store organic fertilizer as granules buried directly in the ground. Two primary reasons:

For theft-heavy spring weeks I hate to dig little tears into those garden beds with the heels of my gardening tools, but a groundminemaker granule will get buried deep, and by definition, so deep permanently! 😉

I knife bigger chunks out of the soil, or send them directly down to the herb garden so that I can plant the bigger cuttings from those seeds. This works great for after shearing in pasture as fertilizer kills the sheathed overwinter buds, which are nice weed-eating manna for me next summer. For peony work, propane can be a baby duster of sorts, which works especially well too when properly mixed with topsoil that will naturally impregnate the cuttings and it dries into hard frothy hardened poof. The cuttings wilt as the sun comes out in spring and fall months during this time of year, and be tall, stiff knobby things, but it also helps me speed up doing next summer's pea work.

Together I've learned that damp soil that doesn't move when I had my machine pounding it into the ground makes soil too porous and good for weeds, and so I instinctively substitute wet drier dirt.

It was with these thoughts that last summer, I fortified my landscape with Japanese flowers. The
======================================== SAMPLE 8 ========================================
DHAKA: Thousands of people marched through Dhaka on Thursday, many decked in the colours of the semi-arid northern region marked by the drought-stricken region's tallest mountains.

"We are raising the flag of support for this drought-hit region as droughts are intense in many parts of the country. Drought in different regions is a reflection of poor policy-making," said Haji Tutul Tongkolsuri, Muslim area secretary of Bangladesh who attended the rally which grew further as people marched from different districts, including Dhaka's Shahbag area.

The march was organized by groups from various parties and ideologies, including Ultra-nationalism, Falangism, Sunni Islmaism, Hard-line Islam and Far-Right European Union.

In several in Dhaka's elite streets leading to the Shahbag march, cannons and bullet-proof shields doubled up throwing Rocks and Molotov cocktails in multiple directions. Akash Zahid, a senior pro-Rohithwarrior faction leader of Mashalit society said, "Our worry is an encroachment on our territory. To protect against pressure, the protesters stage fatalities such as solidarity and street festival."

"People would kill people who trespassed Indian territory," said Jayashree Haldar, 19-year-old student. "Sportsmen worry if the foreign teams would enter our territory as lesser referendums would also get nullified in such cases."

The rally had also attracted support from the Hindu wing of BNP, Rashtriya Mahila Janta Party, Shura-u-Shukran, Prosperity for all and Tehn Kamar Party.

Kizilbash leader Kazi Sirajul Islam Alam praised the start of the protest. "Protest grows only when main parties fail to solve our issue. We don't want money from the Centre or Darul Aman. We are fed up of being denied our rights. We are suffering from elections just because our stance is common," Alam said.

Dhaka District Magistrate Wacik Galyana said, Dhaka Police is trying to avoid going into a conflict situation but a law and order situation is being prepared in the coming days.<|endoftext|>Source: ZOO/Lina Hadid

Source: ZOO/Lina Hadid

Sources have claimed the backstage sequence to The Natural Beauty Of Sheepshead Bay set by ZOO recently, was staged using CGI – and critics are calling it an example of the use of invented CGI by the production team.

"The load in the backstage was computer generated! It tells a complete story and creates a complete world for the audience to explore," ZOO creative director Peta Blaney tweeted on Wednesday.

The Material Animals union last month called on the BBC to properly investigate claims that advertisements placed on the set were non-existent.

"The rumours we've seen and heard are frightening and could be a very serious PR faux pas," said Mrs Gear.

"We have had repeated requests since this bit [of the load-in] was shown to us by the trust to look seriously into this – in particular the details behind the creation of the publicity poster which is currently causing needless anxiety and speculative positivity about 'the show on their doorstep'."

During his final show, Matt Baker took out his award for Best Performance by a Supporting Actor, as well as Best Theme Music, for The Greatest Showman.

"The theme tune is one of my favourite songs, I have had the pleasure to sing it on stage for over 100 hours," opened over 10 minutes of speeches from Baker, Steve Pemberton and Ciara after a hurricane rescued them.

"It is fitting it should be a storm provided by me – the show must go on – Pumpkin mantra…"<|endoftext|>Martin Dobman, brother of Third Degree Abduction case detective Ryan Dobman, is making an irresponsible claim about the recent Supreme Court ruling about Miranda warnings only requiring a suspect to be informed of his legal rights before questioning him. His statements is containing repellent falsehoods and fallacious reasoning, so much so that even hides his name and references references to his blog under unrelated articles. His points are dishonest, inaccurate and extremely false, and he really needs to be condemned for his behavior. Here we go…..

Dobman takes the opportunity to bring into discussion the extent to which Miranda warnings are being interpreted broadly by everyone - the courts and police, and the morality of most prosecutors entirely irrelevant. Please click here for my statement on it.

If the prevailing interpretation of a suspect's Miranda rights is that the suspect is obliged not to confess anything that could be used against him in court then arrest of all criminal suspects is unfair and unproductive.

"It is old fashioned, here!", he says. A much more accurate point would be that the prevailing interpretation of a confession could be used against the suspect before trial, but anytime a suspect has the
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In this week's edition of The Independent, the team talks about the team's recent relegation to the Sky Bet League One, memes, Jamie Broadway, nutrition and what Hammers fans should expect from Gus. Join Matt Chivers and Rahul Dravid for the full audio.

Catch The Independent's weekly podcast of Sky Sports' match highlights.

All audio clips are copyright of The Independent.

© None<|endoftext|>Are We Already in Apartheid?

Recently, the Kraus Center for the Study of Contemporary Europe published a study entitled Recent European and Central American Divisions in Political Rights, Constitutional Democracy in a Globalized World: Protecting Post-Communist Human Rights in a Post-Civil Society. They used data from Central America and Central European countries on civil society response to mass state repression after the collapse of the Cold War and even before. Such data surprised many who condemn regime change in the Middle East, where the United States has done so since the War on Terror.

What makes the study, along with previous research, especially fascinating is its revelation of growing claims of outside interference in redress of state responsibility. For example: provincial governments established to deal with crimes against humanity after the Second World War began to enforce. Further, civil society movements and advocacy groups first dealt with state complicity after the direct and indirect support of sanctions regimes. This part is confused with the "post-conflict" period. As earlier discussion illustrated, genocide-prone states that torture and/or kill already existed. This activism was with the perspective of initiating further such atrocities in the coming years. The present case is even more important since it may seem somewhat new; that of interference in civil society's resistance to genocide and/or excessive use of force.

In the summary, above you will see that later events cannot be ignored in assessing the consequences of intervention. They implicated just as much as 1984-1989 unravelling the Soviet Union.

Evidently, we are mere years away from an intervention in Central America commencing directly from Washington. In fact, President Obama is ready to send US troops into the region. But this should not be a surprise to anyone familiar with American approach to Latin America and how it is predicated on friendly but firm monarchies. With a few exceptions, territory allows the US project of covert ops in Middle America to continue using well-muscled local proxies.

Gene Sharp (mass murder in producer94 certain rate that it would have already occurred under totalitarianism) includes a description of U.S. involvement in Cuba with a support of ex-Communist forces committing violence. The problem is not, as currently defined from Belarus to Northern Zambia, a Bay of Pigs-sized figure on a liberal per capita scale of globalization committed by a traditional enemy to assuage some private grievance. U.S. government policy is driven by latent personal utility, a tennis match to Hollywood records. Nothing in Domestic and International Law, Civil Society, and Laws of War/War Violence Prohibit that intervention in regimes which engage in gross repression will lead inexorably to intervention at some time with subsequent "regime change".

Even more alarming is Israel's role in labeling and slaughtering Palestinians. Zygmunt Bauman reports conver needed more carefully than much. However, Barak Felshit reveals how Israel's attempts to pigeonhole Palestinians as terrorists provide a basis for regular UN approbation of Israeli lashing out against Palestinian terrorism. He reports that the 2008 "Special Report" of the UN Human Rights Council very broadly called Israel "a state in violation of international human rights and humanitarian law". The purpose is to soften the demand for action against alleged Israeli human rights crimes by use of the veil of Law of Self Defense. If that were the exclusive concern of the UN, the entire notion of stubborn traps hitting for Global Windows to GLOBAL WINDS would not exist.

Recently, addressing the U.N. human rights body, the official line of Israeli spokespersons continues to be that a policy of settling Palestinians in a future Palestine that goes beyond "just managing" their people's legitimate official access to their former homeland falls under international law, barring anything beyond that. Prominently shrieking "tolerance undersold" immolates a literal shadow on the underlying terms, a semblance of civil society protection, a reality-free nonsensical universe where "mere management" of a ruined situation is prescribed economic justice at the ends rather than given proper technical human and monetary compensation and all the other things mandated by civil society.If Israel is indeed institutionalizing human rights violations, it is not only violating it's own post-fallish international law, but signalling throughout the world to perjure verbal howls indignant about the abuse of economic warfare to quell guerrilla operations. If Israel is trying to now out-lawyer the United States, it may oblige us to flip the proposition into humanity itself.

Daniel Sheen has a reasonable examination of Israel's logic, ethics and objectives, courtesy a CUNY grad
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I once had the honour of hosting a big South Korean event at my house. The guest of honour was a guy I had met at a local convention. Over in Korea, especially in Seoul, there are certain words that are so ubiquitous you'll be hard pressed to spot them in casual conversations.

To them, "잠병" is what I call "긩다" / gos-ih, again a way of saying "why" or "what's going on?" Gosh, what a mouth full!

So first, let's go over some Korean words from the internet dictionary. Next, let's dig into this more detailed example and have a look at what different endings mean to Koreans.

Ik, they're saying

아, i

소, you

애, me

습, you're them

기, how or when

기억, how did you (singular term, see original)

긷, what (as in an exact time period)

이반, country

2nd person pronoun: ~(은) 답

(Oh! When I think about this, it's why I'm here! – EXO)

가, what if

Korean terms Remark Note Minjeong Gimmi [덎종가다] An old South Korean bear model. Bottom of pic hidden. 물실돕 [물하다] Seaweed (from top of tree). 천추치 [잽추치]Seerestil 일, 잠병 [제떇병] Addict (from raven answer above) 여Ꙭ병 [일가하다] Chicken North Korean food.

As you can see, the Korean speakers have different words for what you would call "me." The best way to find out who you are talking to is—by correct pronunciation. That is, call out something to start a sentence and hear whether the person can hear you correctly. If you have any trouble at all, much better to take off and go to Wonderland than Pyongyang.

The Content of Top Secret North Korea Information

In fact, you should. This is very important you do. Firstly, it will show what the North Korean leadership sees as a key defectible opportunity. Secondly, you should look for real military defectors like Choe Hui. If you can find them, this will reveal how North Korea actually thinks about the people they call non-disbanded sympathetic functionaries and prison guards.

There is also an important extra message in the fact that after the Munich incident, the prospect of North Korea's domestic political situation worsening seems to have evaporated at a rapid pace. North Korea officials crowed in their nationalist Granitonia magazine after their key domestic threat from defectors and civilian provocations Eckart Verschuer verses Ambassador U.S. Vincente Winfield in Munich disappeared from the front pages of Korean newspapers. For more Information on the Munich incident.

My advice about this is, once you have tracked down these North Korean defectors, stop complaining and listen to what they have to say. That could very well tie into what the leadership sees when they can't swim in government propaganda.

Advertisements<|endoftext|>Maria Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner on Tuesday urged Venezuelan lawmakers to pass a law enabling her to run for a presidential bid, saying that backlash against her moves to recognize same-sex marriages and speeches about women and LGBT rights have given her "no other option" than to seek the top job.

The slight comment from the former president, who says President Nicolás Maduro's ranks are dominated by his opponents, underscores her maneuvering into the debate just as "independentistas" loyal to her husband move to begin their own turn in the run-off elections for Venezuela's presidency in October.

Heralding initiatives including his Feb. 19 decision to declare he was marrying plaintiff María Celeste de Torres at a local church, Kirchner urged lawmakers to pass a law empowering the vice president to seek a recall referendum on Maduro.

Loading...<|endoftext|>The music of Stepan owes a debt to Ferish Taubov and I don't mean Nickelback. "Resignation" sustains a desire to come back into a world that has turned web, while at the same time it's a lament for a lost love. At 22 minutes, it's the longest track here yet, bouncing leapt from a place that looks copacetic through takes not that especially far removed from Nottingham Sunderland thrilling, duplicate 1966 Cool McGirt expected goal.<|endoftext|>VILS | Security
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MONDAY: D.C. had at least 43,000 under-3 or low-income kids living in those two-parent households.

TUESDAY: More than 40 percent of the District's kids were living with two dads or Mom. That added up to almost 73,000 kids, at least 14 percent of all U.S. kids living with two men.

WEDNESDAY: 19,000 kids in the U.S. live with a single mom. The largest percentage of single moms (2.2 percent) in any given week, although there's little difference between metro regions.

THURSDAY: 31 percent of U.S. kids lived with a single dad, compared with 18 percent in D.C. Younger teen moms, at least 39 percent of all teens, living with their fathers, but otherwise, comparable.

FRIDAY: On the whole, the percentage of children in two mom households grew from 17 percent in 1995 to about 30 percent in 2011. However, 44 percent of U.S. kids were growing up in a non-mother quarter. Only 20 percent of family-structure matters matters to kids' well being. In the District, families at the lower middle are more likely to have either a primary or secondary breadwinner and the number of kids living in single parent households grew from 28 percent in 1997 to 39 percent by 2010, about 54,000 children.

EDWARD SNELLING's real estate publisher signs off. Follow his pontificates on Twitter.<|endoftext|>I am content to still be content and not heartbroken at how misunderstood Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei has become. So the alleged gender police bullying of the 14-year old's age crowd just really left me numb.

The first time I saw Mahouka was when I was a kid. That was 1994, and it was hard not to get transfixed by its unique styling. And even now I have to keep reminding myself that Shinobu Oshino is our heroine, but as a 13 year old girl, that means more.

Wonder what Sayaka Miki looks like?

Look at these nails...

Almost 16 younger people making a really powerful statement. This is Nanaha.


Alice, Yokunan Matume, and Sayaka Matume, one of them is even more beautiful.

Mahouka is a beautiful, unique, IMPORTANT, header anime defined by its completely queer, lesbian and gender fluid content. And yet those who hail it as a turn in the direction of something "more mature" make the same argument themselves and say it completely ruins the show. Note that I'm not talking about people saying it "isn't allowed" to be queer, mean, or even happy about it. I'm talking about people saying that this show is nothing more than a dressing up contest to attract more and more teen girls, with the main character's attention bypassing every other person who isn't caught in the rainbow.

It's just so inappropriately grating, really, because its stated messages about morals and family really have nothing to do with the case of Akane. Takigawa's entirely justified anger is revealed to be the frustration of having to watch her childhood friend get treated badly under false pretenses. While Akane is shown to believe in not standing alone, that the world will look out for you and find you a place, she is shown to hold herself back as she tries to run away from her past and her parents. That isn't exactly as taboo a decision as trying to run away from her bullies, so why does she have to come out to everyone? Why it feels perfectly fine, justifiable, and acceptable to Akane, to waste everyone's time throughout the series? Why do I find myself pining and rooting for Akane's eventual happiness? Why can't I relate? Is it exactly enough to draw 14 year olds to it like the fans?

And lest I forget, Mahouka ends with the TV ratings going up again. Eeehrrghh...

Let me be clear: Mahouka is a sympathetic, getting-over-your-high-school-sex-scandal "hide and shag manga". In addition to being downright hilarious, it's a very selfless anime that gives the audience their money's worth by showing us why it's so important to embrace the cliché and us those of us who might not appreciate it for the entertainment it lends us. The problems—like some of its critics predict — aren't only with the simplicity of this message, but the fact that the story plays no different with younger or different viewers, no matter the gender they identify with. But there was a very specific audience that was most affected by Mahouka: the LGBTQI youth, particularly in North America's queer communities. These were the kids that I knew who one day would have to deal with embracing
======================================== SAMPLE 12 ========================================
Photo: DEA / W.H. 038 WITHDRAWN: Rep. Allen West to run again in 2016

Former Rep. Allen West will run for the U.S. Senate in 2016 -- okay, maybe not quite against Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio.

But it looks all but certain that West will return to the Senate in 2016 to see if he could carry the state back to red at sometime between 2016 and 2018. Lynn Wolkoff, successful ex-treasurer from Miami-Dade near West's origin county, said she placed a call yesterday to several friends, companies and investors, asking what they'd do if she deserted her Texas-based forklift manufacturer to become an up-and-comer in the Florida Florida campaign. And in the process, she learned that West himself might want to run.

"Somebody was so inspired they wanted to decide to run against me in three years and I figure given the source we shouldn't stop him," West told Wolkoff.

West, who was curtailed in his 2012 congressional re-election efforts for controversial remarks about Muslim Americans, conceded he'd like to be harder on Obama and on Obama allies. He argued that it'd be better to fight the expansion of the Obama Care program than to keep dealing with the collapse of America's economic engine.

"Taxes should be increased for very high incomes. We should go after the highest-income earners. Gates and Warren Buffett and Warren Buffett should have to pay their fair share to preserve our work ethic, to keep our standards high," said West, a charter member of Congress.

Those are West's strategies from the losing campaign in 2012, but before he ran for the Senate, he said he's having doubts -- about the availability of ultra-large donors, says Lauren Voskuil, the Florida Assistant to the President for Economic Policy in the Bush administration. He pushed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush against "self-funding" laws that ban him from using some super PACs - and West's strategy is strong, Voskuil said, calling Westbrook "a master strategist".

"I think he's a really good politician because he understands how to get little things done. He likes to get results for people," said Voskuil of West's ability to tackle difficult issues despite political gaffes.

Voskuil recounted some particularly memorable West finds on the opposition's campaign finance side: Lake Mary Mayor Kevin Mack produced viral TV ad after ad withering on West's support of net neutrality regulations. Trader Joe's laments how West stubbornly blocked though for a fast food franchise operator it asked to create stores close to public schools. And developer blogger Larry Riofrio repeatedly has blasted West from a blog.

"It's just another example of what he does well, make deals, etc., and another example of why this country is in trouble," said West.

Both Republican and Democratic operative look at the potential chances for 2016 in retrospect aimed southward, suggesting West has an uphill battle to topple a formidable incumbent. Terry Dalsia took aim at the stated motivation to run

"Mr. West is clearly personally motivated," said Dalsia, the Fort Lauderdale representative now running a Trump-financed super PAC. "He is running because he can do it in 2044. His signature on the historic agenda is lost on him and I want to get that happen. He will be leaving the Senate with every GOP vote in 2014 ... just not before. Long way off."

Asked about one station that quoted West's comments about Obama donations, an Office of Congressional Ethics spokesman said Wednesday's incident was not connected to West putting long odds for a 2016 run. The president contracted staph for a rare case of post-presidenc policy problems after being released of the deadly SARS virus in New York and determined by doctors to be a transient brief vale rash.

West also told Wolkoff he's created what on key operatives refers to as a "provisional" run - backing out up to 90 days before declaring whether he'll play. He has three primary reason, one of which are being on vacation and the time frame for attracting donors. The second being no travel plans over the winter he urges others to study. The last boils down to the fact he really, really thinks he could win. He is candid that he knows he isn't the best candidate inside Republicans.

Among those eyeing a run is Kranz, currently president of bulky materials company LafargeHolcim.lt. Briefly considered for the job of visit by Sen. John McCain, Goldwater's son said he opposes Texas Gov. Rick Perry in the senator's primary, wants to avoid taking on Hillary Clinton again, and also sees his wife still has ambitions as a politician.

"When I heard Sen. West said he's on the way out, I told myself -- that's great, he knows he's not
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It's been a defining moment for cyclists after Donna, a cyclist living in Accia­be­rrea, Colombia, was struck several times on a country road by a Ford Ranger pickup truck within seconds of meeting an oncoming cyclist a few miles in the opposite direction. She told Rob Verheul, "All this bollards, everything was very deliberate. So none of my bike's any less good for it, but I'm very still with the accident and injuries, more than the injury itself. I do not like that. I do not want them to replay this with me." (Click on the image to enlarge it.) Although her dashed bicycle was lost, almost certainly been stolen as it moved slowly—as it sat nearby and some 81 miles from where it was struck—Nicole refers to her bike's absence as the "cost of riding a bike…." Additionally, a person across the road pole-vaulted it from the road into an embankment, "for what they believed would have been a greater distance."

After Liotta, a spokesperson for Valor said, "I've never seen so many blank stares... this is sad, this is very sad."

Global Industry Body Numbers Explained

By Marshall C Ira, D.C., M.P.H.

Chair, Research Committee, allRepu­dations.com

January, 2011

The global bicycle trade is very small. It has a global believers, but only a geographic small participation. It is essentially a global diffusion of the packaged bike idea, marketed by the global bicycle manufacturers to the global buyers. Its mains point of impact is not North America or Western Europe, but Africa, Southern Europe, and Asia. Still, Cairo and Beijing folks flying fearlessly into Houston have not heard a word from a bicycle lobbyist when the "global mode share" numbers have come out for city cycling or for suburban development (city's assume cycling occurs in the suburbs). The quality of the crash data is more aggressive in the nations over which a lobby frequents, because it reflects both of those clusters, but still it questions much of what the casual observer would say about "surprising" bicycle markets.

More aggressive circulation of the data is a requirement for global travel to understand it. It's a very old world notion that you need to have an "eye" for the neutrals because the majorities get the equivalent of telephoto lenses for reading them (with safes in between). That's today's mantra. But for years medical science has shown that what has hard data in front of them is the noise ("tumors in smokers"). People watch not the bright, clear exposure nucleus, selective affection of photons, i.e., extinction wave, but noise on its way to your retina and then to your "sensor." People are constantly evaluating what they want the lens to do, but over and over again, they compare that to what they do to oppose it. It's the pattern of the fixation that renders the lens rickety for you. Evidence shows that emissions from use are at least six times harmful to the open eye. After two hours, two different worlds are interesting and even troublesome to each other, because perception of seeing shapes in the outside world is so (probably) costly in tissue damage to the retina for one to figure out what shapes those affect. The pattern of both time and space measured difference requires a seven milligrams of cured aspirin caffeine a day for a Europe the size of the U.S. and a statistical mass of technology. To truly know the success of "comfort bikes" requires a citizenry to know the history of their hardware in a foreign country; where they went.

Since 1998, out of the $11 billion of U.S. industrial exports, 3 percent went to Eastern Europe, but just once since 1978. For over a decade since they began to sell in China, how fast has Beijing blitzed the rest of the world in importing these Ethoiqi people's old bicycles and Euro bikes? Since 1994, China exported more U.S. industrial goods than Japan. It exports more bikes per 100,000 people than Australia, the only country it has ever invaded. The answer to average age measurement, one respondent terms Albania, is delightful to track predictable manufactured chamber fascinators like every year Zero's William Porterfield hits. In fact "Le locale du bike," as the name conveys, is the bike market. A fabulous empire. Far smaller than the national spending for automobiles, where 18% earn household income of P4.5 million in annual USA dollars (2005) average annual GDP per capita $11,200, without public health and with massive high inequality. Good luck to any future photographer who tries to capture the zeitgeist of Paris. Need an idea, Sotheby's on what Importers are looking for overall. It does seem an appropriate listing for the bullet. It's telling that ARAMCO last year "labored" to bring paid
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Realistic Indoor Games

Awesome game that makes the grass grow in summer and fall!!! This is a pretty small game, but it really has a surprising amount of customization. Plus, it's hard not to love goats. Last updated by Lokso on 4/9/2018

This is nothing but an indoor arcade game. Currently maintained by Age Playstation.<|endoftext|>by

Man, we like Indian food here in Canada. We got three Michelin-star dinners, including our very own food court. And that is okay because Indian food is delicious and when you do live in a major city like ours, the Indian restaurant very often surprises you by just how much it can offer.

Although the word may be 'posh' or 'upper class' in some places due to increasing media coverage of pricey dining establishments and a sense of superiority over other countries, it's still a commonly loved variety of food we as Ontarians enjoy and make sure to keep our hands covered if we need to stretch our wallets.

We like to think of the event that took place in late summer 2012 when the Rich Delicatessen and Restaurant in Brampton passed up Café L'Etoile in order to pass over the White Owl, which was named the Best Indian Restaurant of 2014 by Food Network Magazine, as a Lexington Simon 53 Lemonade Stand Bengali cycleiter that's now up on the east side of the Marriott Hotel Brampton S10 downtown as Wellness & Fitness Mainspace – Kampala.

Our much frustratingly complicated issues surrounding environmental fire, gaps in environmental firecycling standards and only providing distance from other grocery stores as a combo strategy to sell packaged food (which doesn't sell things in bulk – and there are no grocery stores here) led us to suspect the next best option would be to build an evaporative leaf composting system. in the home and environmental fire and parabolic fill combustion systems as a recognized sustainable means to heat high volume water heated when the air cools to near evaporative combustion temperature, remove evaporate water from the atmosphere to in repeated cycles (to reduce water footprints and decrease CO2 emissions) to support 99% zero waste.

Thus, in the 'new' Shop in Downtown Brampton, a form of leaf capture emplyed by gentrification inevitably defeats demands to create an 'environmentally friendly ' gift that brings joy, refuses the Karim'llao gotramartis society boycotts, dhimmis principles real Tarowarazy argentafym being, whosthemekan tinhaabaaos Americans horrendous climate change fiction, panders to shit rumor mills. Subversion and evasion in general. And this intention was from the ground up here. Private donors bit into a good open space donated space is created and yes you read that right, they formed their own board of directors to form a hold deck you more cases of venture capitalists had control of the business that endangered not dogs. The Shop and Restaurant was always problematic for us because the entrance is underground and underused without a single fill combustion unit. The building is works of art with a constant circulation of carnivores. Developing an effective alternative suitable for social and environmental health and that would reduce walls as (A) the brown linings must be amended and increased OR B) put into position to forestall? (More talk of trees and policies (Anchor lives and > Exactly!!!)

Oh yeah. and the entrance, probably one of the most visually striking ones, DASTARD! While there are some examples of brown liner and grey liner windows, this is definitely an iteration of blue/green liner windows (as of the winter in 2011 the curbside bar was still as green as when before); There is new talk by Brampton city officials and the NCC of adding more grey and recent rumors of 31% grey lessened blue elements add onto these green windows! (Claims made at this weekend workshop.) Better energy platform operational

Reducing the abuse of composting agreed to not allow the demolition of Cottage by using its stored energy for heating water; Wait and see from the WVMACB about future use for the cooked product WHAY!

And we are all a little collectively withered in a criticum. Finally, the litmus test is before your have a supporting wood-based building degrade right before our eyes with increasing bugs yeah, added to the rumors we ourselves counted were dead animal sightings throughout the condo building.

[Still confused here, by lessened paint colour? It's now even less to your doubly-polluted atmosphere [attracting insectivores]?]

I do think using something like the few hundred square meters of the refurbished (African) lumber warehouse at section 12 and 199 Services could work. Especially as all lumber locally is stored in mixed packets of wood before moving to storage facilities or shipped on a receipt identical to common grocery produce. Yet you don't want for Woodthomas wood making to happen in
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Hydro Weekly reserves the right to remove unsigned email messages, or email addresses without proper email authentication. We note that the source of this mailing list is imperially similar to [email protected], which requires it's own verification procedures before a message will be published.Any email that does not have proper / respected authentication can be deleted.

Accessibility disclaimer Notice

This email list has been archived . It is not being updated. :-)

If you have a related service to offer, or would like to find out more about a service, feel free to use the email contact form or respond to our list admin.

Event is not posted yet! Sign up now for latest hotel announcement (Lodges bookings, Gare offers, Exhibit displays, etc)

See you here very soon!

Furthermore, we make our best effort to show our guests up on the list.

More lists, calendars and party offers are now offered on our website.<|endoftext|>Hurricane Matthew, the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, strengthened dramatically on Wednesday as it hurtled toward the Bahamas with fearsome side winds. Reports indicated that it could grow to a category 1 storm before making landfall on the British possession of St. Martin.

Aside from significantly strengthening, the storm also became more powerful for another valuable asset: the damage it will inflict.

Satellite images from the U.S.-based Joint Typhoon Warning Center from Wednesday morning suggested Hurricane Matthew could surpass ideal high-resolution storm surge prior to landfall, raising the risk of huge waves propelled by sand and seawater. The images, released after midnight local time on Wednesday evening, showed that the icy puppy stretching about 1,575 mean miles from its center through Ireland and Italy, before curving north-northwestward toward the east coast of South America.

That's good news, at least for tourists who would be stuck in more modest storm surges, though thunderheads of up to 1,500 feet seen Wednesday afternoon still lay on the ground above 15 million people next door.

"Sea levels were expected over the northern Bahamas to be above normal during this time period," according to NHC officials.

As previous hurricanes Saturna Harvey and Georges have demonstrated, though, these storm surges boom alongside the superstorms, posing other dangers and posing a way to mitigate the threat that is Male Budd System projec­tors, which such displaced loads pose. Airports in the Med are generally unfunded by the US government. Thus, they must operate like any other public facility. These need no direct federal funding but can be provided by private metropolitan areas. Money wanders spent about an hour with different owners-who want to snag the most tourist dollars, naturally begrudgingly teaming with the authorities if need be-and establishment of emergency operations is key. Miami Beach, no alternative to a hurricane, raises its public awareness with surefire indications not to evacuate, trains thousands of residents who rob a private airport of the one employee it expects, and volunteers who volunteer while others; there is no recognised workforce in uncertain times.

The exact taxes government authorities for example suggest the above-trend hurricane pay to the US government to address such an event is debated, though the entire lightly populated low-lying countries like the nearby island of Seychelles between its two widely separated islands their residents take on the city despite its far low tax-revenue. The tax loss from dealing with their exchanged exabytes through an airport dedicated to helping it, the video and mapping system, backup utilities, busses, repair and cleaning are estimated to be over a hundred-million dollars.

Video games are an excellent recommendation even in such situations, though for the weather catastrophe that meets them. For some operating theory ressults from Strongly Flavour — if a moderate hurricane but with a massively weakened Typhoon set explicitly for relative storage at Montreal's passenger airport isn't such a surprise in an impossible Easter world, than why all this newspeak about storms "raining confusion" elsewhere?

It is as good as certain this troubled surge as Georges and Heathen Florida what be wrought by a hurricane as it is for thousands of such residents to be mired in the worst humanitarian and economic crisis since an additional 2.1 million have sought refugee status. Lucky for them that they live and erect their Spring Malls in Little Haiti.

Related Maui's Reality TV Anthology

When the mild-softer Trump demonstrates recreative covert jet-powered technology, he can still prove he is before global communities and particularly the local one, he stands up to the world if needed to underscore loyalty to America's democratic system.

This iteration of Kahuna Florida voted America's populist-Type Florida failed presidential candidate. Usually an octogenarian with one foot on each side of the Brazility of real estate value for all 250,000 that lie here, in one Florida, while reporting National Geographic currently profiles the weird male who seems to have
======================================== SAMPLE 16 ========================================
Find where Amanda Rose is credited alongside another name:

This will allow you to search for titles that have another person in the cast. It does NOT mean that they necessarily worked together.

If you're not sure of the way the name is spelled in our database, use a substring, and we'll check it out on the next page...<|endoftext|>Statement from the Community

by Nils Walker, Editorial Board member, BBC DJ Rhythm of am

This week is a big one for DJs in the UK. Their number-one market has been lit by the bombshell revelations of Jimmy Savile. It was the subject of an explosive programme on BBC Two at the start of the week and on Radio X the following day. DJ's and radio listeners across the country have been gifted with a political earthquake. The votes are clearly in, and the Tory party lost the support of its most swing voters. That will have profound consequences for the government's policy agenda and therefore the terms of Britain's future.

But the real issue that has been revealed is the insidious – but sadly justified – perception of trance in some corners on university campuses. It is supposed 'race music' that we are being forced down. And it's the most offensive thing we've seen come out of the establishment in my memory. The lack of trust in club music is such that even me – an audiophile and impartial critic – don't expect to see a DJ be given his marching orders after a possibly offensive 'mix' is aired. That, we've been told, is part of the process.


But that's not true. As many of you will know, this electronic dance music was popularised by Rick James, who called his style 'trance'. A re-working of the folk, swing music from Jamaica and the pick-up corner, jungle and dubstep led to an explosion in popularity. Trance music was jokingly long-labeled for Earl's Court (Pablo Aldean) or Wembley (T-Pain). Where once there was dance music, there now is hip hop. It is the perfect blend of electronic and lazy leaf music.

The robust equality cultures of Britain, of which we can be so proud, simply can't handle sweeping generalisations that emerge from an extensive and deliberate broadcast. That's why Nils Walker and other DJs across the country leapt to our such a sweeping General Strike at the weekend.

That said, we fully support all British DJs – and who is to say exactly what counts as dance music? For Nils Walker this is where the turntablism comes into the play, because he goes further, and in the background, than many Americans, bridges the gap that effects the American DJs.

See Nils' full letter below –

Nils Walker Response to U.S. DJ of Radio X About Trance

I have been a DJ for 20 years now, or so, so support this statement about the whole John Peel era. I've had my fill of Islam-bashing and Muslims-baiting, white saviour mythology, ploy on Radio 2, which playsUntil purely seductive relevent sports are involved. The only sinister thing about dance music might be its fascination with filthy physical sex which I suggest has created a rapidly-needing fanbase.

This millennium's DJ culture and rules, formulated on one nation and one country in hands (limited to England/America plus a few some other countries by the British), according to nostalgiaies of 1930's cosmopolitianism, can't and won't handle sweeping generalisations that emerge from an extensive and deliberate broadcast. That's why Premier 100 has brought DJ Alessiano to campaign against Nils Walker after the BBC DJ Seminar: BBC Beats DJ Alessiano: DJs are day-dreamers, they are technical idiots who haven't listened to dance music in a lifetime are simply app even if great, they are imbeciles, yet you'll find comparisons that were easy to make if you were a teenager live–on the air.

See Nils' full letter below –

Nils Walker Response to Radio X DJ -Weekend's Most Important Special…

My name is Nils Walker, I am freelancer, home fixer, studio musician, autonomist, shaman – i love it all. I have worked across the music industry with some of the biggest names from Chilln Groove to Keith Murray and Happy Mondays.<|endoftext|>Mind Force Psionics 2nd-level evocation Casting Time: 1 bonus action

1 bonus action Range: 60 feet

60 feet Components: V, S, M (a bit of fur from a wolf)

V, S, M (a bit of fur from a wolf) Duration: Instantaneous

Seirehn's complicated, yet surprisingly effective psionic technique. The mind ghost, or 'paladin' as they are sometimes called, can raise the dead faster and cleanly than through the magic of casting spells.
======================================== SAMPLE 17 ========================================
Dropping out of college as a freshmen, Edwin launched Plutostarz.com, an 18-year-old Internet company dedicated to helping making the world a better place.

Following his crushing defeat at the hands of Long Beach State, he registered himself with the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, and hired a spokesman and a public relations man. He went to different colleges to study marketing and advertising, which, he says, together did him "damage." For example, he says, he was put on academic probation for writing three comics in three weeks that referred to an association of penguins trying to box his water-skier pal from destroying his school's textbook collection.

After graduating from Long Beach State with a degree in graphic design, Edwin started working for growing teen and comedy-comedy Web company Continuum Brands, later spun off into an incubator known as Remote Charm, before returning to Collectumparts full-time. Over the years he helped raise raises $3 million, received streaming collaborations with most of the web's largest and most successful brands including AOL, Apple, Comcast, Comedy Central, eBay and Nick's DVDs despite never having been " subscribed"—a reluctance that earned him partial

Enidentierdanlebende Informatik (EIID) gold.

On 35-year-old Edwin's website, it proudly proclaims that he has

" Been a super star since the '65 disco and we are gonna make "

The problem, as Edwin points out, is that the name isn't just an exclamation point. The entire thing is a cipher, that reflects his attitudes in many ways, especially toward his earlier career, that produced borderline academia prof Brendan, his owner Abe and, his manager Max. He's not gay, says Edwin, any more than he is Jewish, but seems to have taken the Western concept of homosexual maturity that the Justice Department moved quickly to eradicate from the gay world and became overexcited over the stories he saw on the TV news that gay men, if they ever told anyone that they were out, they would put them on the coach and force them to take the sidelines.

His real problem now was loving types. Despite living a truly adventure life, enjoyed by the people closest to him, Edwin claims he became a rock 'n' roll bigot en masse. Anybody in a band who sang anything beyond shitty military band-accented odes to priceless battles purportedly had intimacy problems or they were screwing themselves by not having the competencies to write decent lyrics. Sure, he still drank between shows, but he quit drinking, and instead found himself picking bulldog fights on the so-called adventures of friendly super heroes after shows at a bit like circuses known as Wing Rock saloons.


He first met a guy who was like Max, and that relationship ended after six weeks. By then, Torrance in Long Beach State seemed to be the only place worth aspiring to, and this plan to crack media was henceforth Considered the Nutritional Guidelines of Geeks. Basically, this and adding pyrite to his "prise" of elaborate sexual caress techniques in order to vocally impress women. It became a fantasy favorite and he began telling jokes about a cartoon mouse named Maxair, that when thrown into a bar fight left the stool with a friend while the hero looked for the person that threw him.

His comments were so bizarre and offensive that when Steven McNair, Melvin Vickers and other hotshot employees of Creative Director Ed Robinson at Blondie sound man Bill Lee refused to do commercial work for Edwin Wilson, he was summarily fired. Edwin was expressing an idea that was =banned= at the core and how dare Bill Lee say no??? Luckily for him, he learned his lesson the hard way for the next time, and it culminated in his immense success on TV when he finished anew soon enough with the roller-WAR rib lawsuit false accusations against Danzig and dodging.

Dinner with Austin Jones: "I'm still Scottish Irish"

These days, from street to couch to large screen he says he finds the same interior promise of being in on and claiming inside whatever this "interiors" part of it is. Very typical of Edwin, who has been extremely private to folks close to him, and has sorted himself out of unavoidable synthpop viñgo en"]e flúdfalo over the last 19 years or so because he holds this kind of goodness so fundamentally special. But it is not the Scottish specional ingredients lacking in his reality shows as legendary beat boxing historian on Fox Sports Jim Ross, with his manuel serie de la muerte Giovanni Teriggio against Urban Cantriphurst , the scent fond grain grape growing in his humid nut marinated pussule that oozed that smack of gin up his asshole from year until its fall to the final season before coding told him his DNA seed was not the strongest selling cash cow.

Its similarity may be sorely
======================================== SAMPLE 18 ========================================
Squirrels grab beer cans from trees as part of "Craziest Car-bug King Of All Time" competition


A pair of female squirrels have won a competition on social media for the "Craziest Car-Bug King Of All Time" award.

Candice Fleming and Tracy O'Brien hosted the annual competition to see who could sneak beers from trees onto by car windshields.

After one hour of filming, amateur social media users nominated 64 trees that were deemed Most Convenient Places To Get a Drink When Public Transport Is Fallible Or Even Neutral.

Those trees were located in Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Wagga Wagga and Adelaide.

It was the third year the University of NSW Bartlett school of veterinary science was conducting the competition, which originated in Canada.

Dr Fleming, who banned photos of the event on her instagram and whokilled her squirrels from Facebook, has won the contest by emphasizing the quality of nature.

"Our argument is 'bycatch' is not a thing.

"I grew my pub in the mid sevenies and hollyhock trees are everywhere," she said.

"The flashes were quick and bombs never stop unloads. I know most of you too well, but it's a good thing you live in the industrial heart of Australia now."

Randall by planting tin cans on an Adelaide treeline and guacamole netting all trees in the Wagga Wagga countryside

Carli remembers the peach seat on the Draco (from Buck Doctorow's The Perks of Being a Wallflower) in Wagga Wagga

Beads of sweat and satisfaction

Dr Fle (behind the wheel) encourages Tracy to leave space for me in her passenger seat as she whisks a bottle of beer down a backyard stream.

Carli (behind the wheel, corner of her mouth) suddenly starts giggling, her girlfriend just hangs on to her hand.

Lydia doing a sticky job on a fruit tree

"Tight spaces are like gold," Hager said. "It just closes off everything else."

Josh Hughes spots something in the stream

Scholars Energy Nut All Discount groceries in Wagga Wagga also offer materials for eavesdropping creeper jam trees.

Beyond providing the drinking equipment, Hugh Dunley grabbed the creeper jam because "mum so has it'.

Heep grogan / pumpkin on a hobo, schmuck-ward

Alex says most posters sealed that first cracker with citronella.

The mob is tearing the cut-out tomato out of Benny's hand as their opponents go to play this trampolining lizard function.

A MC inevitability is half a rainforest-tear away at one end of the available 40 feet.

Ruth Gordon on Slattery Road stops to see what's happening and bemusedly asks us what we're up to.

Some can't resist a photograph of the contest at Wagga Wagga cricket in the middle of the day clash.

Claiming sheep are popular party suspects, Owen Dawson exclaims "who has been running up and down the steep slope for the past two weeks?

Elders gathering at an old barn at the foot of Hyde Road are alive to the jute market promise around.

The ever present Tamworth bedbug begs Tamworth Magdalen off his couch.

Carli continues covertly in and out of our car despite the music blaring loudly through the front window.

Tracy insists we give her the drink crates ASAP.

Toe sweeps shield-destroyer all?

Carli asks us to leave them because it looks like she can run from the noise.

Back in the creepy crawls of Gisborne, Duncan Allgood notices himself in the chuckwagon camera feed, leaving us curious why our squirrel-toting friends might be held back by draconian anti-steering rules implemented under the Hunter rules in 1939.

Garrett Jr. confirms he advised the closed streets perimeter would be around Shoe Square and Tranquil Gardens but is uncertain if it will actually remain undetected under the fence.

Candice has warned Tracy of packing quicker, clearer carefully sellable wheels pre flight.

Image from Bett Kewardin's Flickr Pool Copyright Annabel Barker 2015.

Topics: human-interest, animals, sport

First posted<|endoftext|>Belgium Border guards look at the passports before finding out whether they are genuine or counterfeit, at the "Registration and Checkpoint with Vehicles" in Ramstead, the Dutch town southeast of The Hague yesterday. All 80 candidates took the test the previous day.

Austria has started building a 460-kilometer (310-mile) fence along the Alpine nation's southern border with Slovenia. Photo: Reuters

Mobile penalties

======================================== SAMPLE 19 ========================================
Shausey is one of the first leaders to join the head of the Indian Americans for Population Stabilization. (This was down the road from Estes Park as the cyclists started.) He's now an honorary co-chair. (A framed emoji from his organizing event: NOW! Lewis & Clark Club. Shausey's client: Lauren's Club.) Hardeep Dhakal is a professor and head of ethnic generational analysis at Syracuse University, Head of the Asians in America Project. She spent five years in Lackawanna County among Indian immigrants, famously announcing Shlohmo's alleged friend Chinook boots on someones flip-flops by holding up the fragrant leather. She is another of Shausey's mentors, a longtime mentor who gathered up his bike, take-off and descend into the hustle on the 107.

Last year, the Shubeys were in a meeting of local citizens in Lackawanna County which proclaimed the purpose of residents of Tata Wynne Public Housing program, which Colombia contractor Coleman airport~~ificator subsidiary, Nationwide Very Expensive Homebuilder Company which is based in Rural Era corporate headquarters and shadow Secretary of the Treasury nominee former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson. National Frontier Corp.; a carpet industry forestry company unit of Ellis' Government Service Company which is also a company of Thompson's former subordinate, former Tennessee Senator John Ashcroft. The mission of the woman behind it all, says Dhakal, who added that it is broken only in the Harrisburg suburbs, is the pathetic vapidity of neo-conservatism, which is just fading.

Best of Make me a better follower on Twitter @PaughnNESN, @fattmer3, @CarolAsham on Instagram, @DougTexas on Facebook, @Nepthefox, @destroyTAGonLNP, @Jason hammond61 and his friend Jose Ziegler on Google+, Christine Kelly on Instagram, and Colin Kaepernick on Twitter

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======================================== SAMPLE 20 ========================================
You Might Also Like These Stories

Apple Inc. once again pushed ahead with plans to hire hundreds of immigrants Thursday as some Wall Street firms and hoteliers caught up with the demands of their workers.As the Obama administration prepares to plant the seeds of an executive action announcing changes to a landmark student financial agency Wednesday, two of President Barack Obama's top fundraisers welcomed work from additional members of the tech industry.Apple Director of Retail Retain Barry Cottle and Amazon Director of International Employment Ashley Hamilton have joined former campaign Chairman John Podesta to co-chair an event that will renew the Democratic Party's code of conduct for large-scale, out-of-town campaign donors known as bundlers.With Obama sending his own transportation bill to Congress—and pending on Capitol Hill a White House request to exempt the Uniform Commercial Code from regulations in the U.S. Code—retiree Tom Wolfe said the company's international workforce will be equally key to any initiatives to improve infrastructure in congressional districts with high cost of living.Between 350 and 400 non-U.S. workers have already signed up to join Apple's Apple Hospitality Management group, while others have volunteered to help in other area fields.Edward Gundlach of Division Paulson & Co., who along with the Bidas and Hunters are in place for the Japanese site hiring campaign, said, "We have an unlimited number of people looking to volunteer."For restaurants and hotels, Wolfe points out the need for chefs while the Steel Case Group, which is heiress Elie Hirsch's, and Devonta Deanage of Deanage International in Florida have filed applications to house 300 domestic cooks and 330 international cooks."Every hotel in America and every hotel in Japan where I've ever been has a definite community that exists bilaterally with the owner," he said. "People who are starting out as independent contractors or permanent workers want to be able to be positioned in businesses that have a community that exists around them but they want to be a part of as part of the process. So, you know, providing real community anchors for their access to talent and their access to employers."One area of concern said the White House and pro-immigration advocate groups is the ballooning financial cost of providing meplat healthcare benefits to some international workers."Late Monday, the White House announced it will provide benefits to foreign nationals in all 50 states for two years irrespective of the state in where they reside," Tom Lemmon of TSG Group said in a press release Thursday."In addition to paying and scheduling a majority of their annual healthcare premiums whether in their home countries or in the U.S., these family members are paying tens of thousands of dollars for 'dependency' card and eligibility cards administered by each employer when they leave, thus increasing compliance costs by an additional 900 percent in ten years," he added. "Additionally, they are saddled with that dangerous and wasteful result of 'state specific' management of their healthcare. These protocols are badly misguided and need to be reconsidered, reconsidered, reconsidered combined by an end to the two-year income premium. 'Targeted' or truly universal treatment of federal benefits are essential to saving lives and reducing costs through going, going, gone colonialism."For Hogan & Hartson, backup falling sonnets didn't feel right on Mr. MAX, but we're still next generation flag-wavers."I'm still treading water because if my studio had a bigger studio, I would have just moved faster," echoed his insurance lawyer buddy Kenny Warnmead."But for those who want hang emotors over their heads and look pretty, a house in Cleveland Square, all the action and noise, [and] the continuously receding crowd with a nice little square front window facing the sun could be fun. You know, whatever their heart desires."For. admitted., CNN and a number of other industry execs, Mr. MAX isn't in their plans for now but has turned him off for now."He is a really nice guy," his chief investment officer said, "but he was just one of those very expensive projects. Whatever it is he did would have really distorted how the investments made in the portfolio would work."Apple's latest screen searching session erupted into a staggered division spokesman who there were reports of the outrage from Internet trolls provoked by the agent selection samples."Did you really have a queasy feeling when you saw those people?" Cancela said, exasperated. "What if it had been Stephen [Motherman], Cyrus [Hamilton]?![I]But it was Elizabeth Wilson, nothing but some random chick who rents some fucking trailer park and she's supposed to magically have an artistic talent to cover 90 percent of her living expenses. But what if it had been Criss Angel? Oh my god. Super 🍐."<|endoftext|>It has led to many a comedy, and Simpsons fans are still having a laugh at one joke that sparked a hilarity storm: Homer completing a metal belt by inserting his genitals through a metal bowl.Now, it has been discovered that this joke was taken
======================================== SAMPLE 21 ========================================
To say that the American men's team has struggled arguably all season would be an understatement. Then again, coach Mike Krzyzewski has gotten his team ready for exactly this. In the span of a week, Krzyzewski has ranged from a potentially friendless situation in South Korea to a bizarre blowout loss against an international opponent in Australia. American men's basketball entered the tournament in the middle of a muddled season. At one point, only four teams that missed the NCAA Tournament had's records better than the Americans'. Students weren't paying attention anyway, because even though we could/should actually be playing, the 2012-13 season was so engulfed in cross-country scouting that picking up a team was an act of faith that everyone involved understood wouldn't be completely rewarded.

Once the tournament got underway, every coach and sentinel associated with every coach on every team who trained on other people's practice courts was compelled to build his team around a versatile star player, this one the best player on another team that nobody in the world knew anything about.

[Sign up for Yahoo Fantasy Basketball | Mock Draft | The Vertical | Latest news]

When Frank and Marcus Smart jumped on the World University Championship circuit, it was with a mission that one might assume of Slovakian physician of aid Victor Cenicola, only at that time, we all thought he was operating with the aid of his dedicated secretary as a Trans-Siberian smuggling ring somehow fabricated a new father-son super-roster together with the guard via a savant's surname, which so coolly conjured itself one can only speculate that the headquarters that such sycophancy resided in were some sort of mid-century/early-millennium rundown asylum for masochists, including poor Victor herself about to be too old for every Charlotte Hornets supporting contestant.

Even before Sexton Haas decided to implicate himself as Arnold Schwarzenegger's old college roommate in his first email, the first inkling that Professor Haas hadn't bestowed upon his starting spoon-bender his high school level intellect (which he might or might not have mastered) was when he quickly declaimed "tying was my primary developmental outlook on the game." Of course, it started with a bench that could not contain the likes of Carl Landry, Thomas Robinson, Jalen Jones, and Justin Anderson (and how they were supposed to react to Kevin Durant depended all entirely on how their bodies handled slaps to the face). Moreso, the backcourt craved a quintessential basketball presence, a defensively-minded playmaker who could at least be likened to Mychal Thompson since Landry-style perimeter shooting wasn't coming sadly out of the new oil fields as they were digging it — perhaps true. And about that half-time shots…

[youtube id="OPSmlM0AXe"]

If you are and somewhere around the time you achieved and quit your NBA dreams because you realized the optimism that was provided by the label of "second round" and horrible microstepping your way to a team that is among the Cavaliers best remaining assets. And or under the throes of any experience transitioning back and forth between the tables of artist companies and the thwarted amusement park hologram — recruitment advice.

I'll repeat this a second time, so that it is only the second time Coach K ever works: For a moment or two, you felt like that dude who rings it in but then learns his friend's baby broke its back when Phoenix claimed cap space from everybody responsible for less bending over on top of his neighborhood mash mong table than anyone else ever has. It really does take somebody who is a freak when fuckaholics fall off behind them.

Washington drafted the first two numbers that were ever prescribed to their traditional basketball game — 4 in 95, and 4 in 139 for the cap space field office. (Nobody got super excited about it when all the kids were all asked to flash their four- so forth (inject levity) as soon as anybody got to pick.) And then when the Wizards were forced to realize that with the futures of Nene/Gortat so contingent upon the possession of the out-of-favor Paul Pierce — thoughts like these never leak out of Resch's head every minute of a day — the franchise took a chance and signed Jared Dudley to a glittery 8-year savings-and-loan that made Joe Ledger look like the 18th Man.

This is notable because, while in college at Kentucky, he became the most delightful 7-footer in soufflé Liverpool cricket comedy To Hold and to Hold Again, a record that still stands to this day despite the fact that Dudley led the Cats in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks that latter season. And it also demonstrates that Sean Marks and John Wall, this team's two equally misguided but equally, oh man, fun-in-the-workout eventual free love interests, have been talking about this particular sweet spot
======================================== SAMPLE 22 ========================================
Dave-if you ever want me to be a staff member maybe I could. I remember a song Roger could've designed that would've made a lot of the song what we have, and based on our singular exploration into the strings. I also remember telling him that if I watched with Sven Fossen that we would've had a really cool ABBA design to match things. Plus, just the simple design sense of it would've totally moved the team forward. (And of course, it looks damn awesome.) But he didn't want me. Here's my family reasons for remaining out of the band for the rest of my life.

1) I'm not an ABBA fan at all. It's an incredibly broader than club type of thing, many of whom have no reason to care about the girl from Sweden. It's not a video game where you're winning or losing video game tournaments. It's not just like triathlons or ice hockey or car racing and men defending their GT cars. I hate ABBA which is why we had a song about the joy of non-acting like an ordinary person that's qualities never cease to amaze me. And while this time in my life my heart has no use for anything to do with ABBA, I'd still come to see it much as John Lennon came to see an extended screening of Love me Do.

2) No music video making experience. From where I stand, taking up a creative purpose outside the actual recording regimen, mastering keyboards, plucking solos, and editing video just tastes really boring. John Lennon only formed Eurythmics an orgy of work occasionally for months to years at a time and when he was finished he had yet to form Wings. No, not in with the Beatles. God forbid. I've only experienced oil paints, water colors, and porn films in the studio. The joy was in the funky, the two horns, the Terry McDermott experience of a role out of a cheap horror movie. I've never/often wanted to support other people. It's unhealthy.

So, PB using his unlawful musicParye identifique Williams, coming tell the a d的Saddycheck my parents. He'll probably get run over. Someday soon. I've written this from memory, but I hang outside Hooters nearly every day so you can be reasonably sure you're correct.

Now to my sister Tamie, but I can guess what this post is from—and how difficult say some of these post has been written on legal grounds.

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Google<|endoftext|>Kabalitt is a powerful and one-of-a-kind, cinematic, digital use of notation in which motions are ink-based and wearable.

The way that this works is that the motion itself, that is, how it is rotated, changed or otherwise rendered, is represented by dots or slots which are retroactively alternated when you wear it. At any given time, the current composition is nullified and replaced with a new one. The idea is that you have this one natural memory that you carry with you and can overlay your own creations or those of others, so that you can explore new shapes, or ideas, much more easily than visual cues alone would allow. Note, artistic tools, fonts and colours, which would normally carry a user's self-touched reading preference or personal effect, are not necessary parts of this system, so that you are free to mix and experiment with new things.

Sure, some of the most visually engaging sorts of information will always be UI-aware, it being the Goldilocks syndrome of room-in-which-we-behave-and-people-like-us. Law school flunkies thinking about pressing the firm X button at their desks because they've forgotten that they should have drawn an image of a fun dog with a kitty ornament hanging around its neck and said dog is seated, a critical value in the Palladenceeqisi allocated analog (phyremotious). Buttons chained to "deep" playing ideas have electronic officer emailing partners about parcels they haven't responded to and just trying to put a what? on their faces. Buttons on headbands function as crown jewels of contexts for great haircuts. No-mark texts are made by sketches and edited and smoothed and then framed like treasury receipts' statues. Buttons on ingratiating handshakes cause people at the door to politely hand you their purchases. Stuff with buttons is pop-culture.

When you wear a kabalitt I seem to think that you are dense like smoke, and juggling chainsaws and coughing gas more like dispensing Ader Gunslinger pollution to chief ministers, and definitely not on solid days. It loquens everything. It slots images quickly and makes perfect straightness, scale and magnitude obvious, which is to say, not so
======================================== SAMPLE 23 ========================================
Janus – Retro vacation notes


I add a hash, with the length of hash for the day's box, which has the movie's youtube link. Movies will eventually be browser-assisted, so if somebody tries to do a search without the box expanded the movie bookmarks will show as not useful. Lazy, but it should be mostly functional.

screenwidthreceiver = new Realtor.ScreenWidthReceiver().received("480") screenwidthreceiver.received(eth.receive(new Realtor.OwnerSmartContract()), "480"); isoresendurl = eth.get_ip(); var receiver = hedgerow blogCinema( url=/linear-logic-1 Epostelario http://iiktjoins.com/ —/ , hash=" isoreceiver.screenwidthreceiver".length === sessionid ? " <strong>embedded</strong> " : " 1080p96fps " and isoresendurl, ip = isoresendurl.ip == expires ? " " : IP, ip = isoresendurl.ip != IP ? " " : ISOexample, show_title = ip, screenwidthreceived = screenwidthreceiver.screenwidthreceived + isoresendurl, title_filter = IP ? " [movie]' " : " [comedy]' ", title = isoreceiver.title, webTitles = isoreceiver.webTitles, preview_window_size = UnlockPhotoLocation.getMinimumSquareSizeExcel(), date_format = CustomMediaFormat( title_filter, title, title_title, discount = admission + 0.15 ) ); showtime = isoresendurl.getDate() - ETimestampSetWithDate("2013-03-02T00:00:00.000Z"); regex = scenario.strings.replace("@.", " (.[⁃])(?>[]).) " as regex; iso_commodity_invoke_number = isoresendurl.manual_frame_count + 1 + regex.charAt(1) + regex.length("([0-9]{1,4}[A-Za-z])? ") as num_releases_filter; return iso_commodity_invoke_number == 1 ; ico_caption = "Original " + (title ? " Alpha " : " Beta " ) + iso_commodity_invoke_number + regex.join( " ( " ) as regex, { title : title, release : showtime, description : iso_caption } ); IF_DEBUG=.. (fn.fixPrimeSubject ? "normalization looks ok with 0=1 last words, with result this:

" : fn.setStatus( 'warning ' ) !! " And i can find similar lib3 without this.

Using alert rather than regrind.

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======================================== SAMPLE 24 ========================================
Andrea Bruno offers up some peace of mind: "I'm in all the GSM SIM reviews for sure. The GSM hides service interruptions and it's not bad. I don't know about the QC, but it STILL works. Period."

"GSM4 worked fine for me. Very good. You're right, in terms of battery life — it's better in most places than the Sprint. And the CDMA APs will work fine in the areas where they support scoresmark'ed alt quality or at all."

Worth my $60


GSM4 delivers a smooth operation

Panasonic leader in i-NAND flash memory

PB Software

PB Software 5("sequential access") offers an independent solution from Santa Maria

No Wi-Fi in the reviews - no Wi-Fi protection, iOS OS these days

(Seek legal advice no matter what, aiming mostly at court intervention, ask nicely or you're sued in Article 121 Germany)

No Improved Recovery - Yes reduction of capacity to 200MB for user

Now can provide up to E2400

25% reduction of flash capacity reduces capacity to 500MB for user

USB fast charging is correct

When it Works




In the reviews

(TalkingHead4SLIVess, everyone should know early. But then again - I'm not someone who likes talkingheads)

DROID4 GSM 4G LTE network





a user details standard: for the health of bulkly performed reviews a complete standard for electronic publishing has to be existent on all parts of the community.


Ben Very Logical Optimist



A set of 7 Long Range sniper rifles, re-issued for the first time in the US since 1983. A new product from the taken name company, EMPIRE LASER LINE. This set open for 5 rounds.

This was also the only set of US military sniper rifles that were introduced to the US military during the 90's and works perfectly with BAR Magazine Lonex (I actually own a Lonex 20cm with detachable muzzle piece and 40icp ammo, I recommend it).<|endoftext|>Arlington police have been their own worst enemies this week, with a series of unclarity-generating violent incidents. On Wednesday night, an international boxer from upstate New York beat a young "pussy," when he got into an altercation with the woman, then-EstherTopic TRAX warehouse melee preferenceGenericagoallyNewYorkCityPolice officers and patrons alike may still be in shock and dazed in Arlington's Chastain Park, after a series of bullets flying from vehicles were aimed at various people.For the Inquirer, buz Tyler Drabek did his city MVP 250 production duties, and did it all so perfectly and effortlessly.This is Tyler at his finest.The first burst of gunfire land somewhere around 4:12p.m., just on the Nassau and Suffolk county authorities homes decrease inafunctionminutels Officer Frank Calabrese and Officer Steven Fagan were standing or sitting in their cruiser, watching a nearby stockyards fire dealers and body parts out of the windows, when they waved to Stew Price Sr., North Shore Federation of Motorcyclists President. This is where Price's Honda VTX overturned in front of their car three years ago, leaving them in the hospital with lamblings all over themselves, and help from fellow motorcycle machine worriers seeing service in the latest Springfield-based Hatchet Guys Caravan Company. Price still evryone as drives the car is related to Stew on some level—likes to drink whiskey and in one of his new Hitmen Jersey commercials claims to own "a tiger cub brothel" for men to use, and is "on a motorcycle they call the "Golden Throne." Price arrived on scene right before four shots were fired from vehicles heading he Nassau county police cruisers rear bumper.Now we're talking . Then we hear the emergency sirens, and as Tyler does his high-hat wearing name change maneuvers, perfectly latched into turn-by-turn communication with the Boss and Heiner in Waiting Room, some more shots fired, and Chris, Palaver, Snowfall and I collectively start breathing hard, fueled by adrenaline that all police The problems began around 4:30p.m., as the conflict.The first law enforcement officer
======================================== SAMPLE 25 ========================================
Advertise on BoxingDay BoxingDay is the day that May marks before we officially turn to summer in Florida. The snow party starts around 5:30 p.m. in the morning and usually lasts for one to three hours. Some folks work it into an early/late work period and end their day around 10.2pm. Some folks stay away and don't party. In general, this marks a time where Corsicana lacks both nightlife and bars or clubs that serve good food and drinks. Monday through Saturday, Monday through Thursday, BoxingDay is largely what I see--moving about 35 mph before the sun rises. That's wrong. You can get to CenterPointe Inn or hotels like Hotel Indigo near Boca Raton without the crowds and clouds from being played out. Look at the list below and figure from the left to right in the proposed timetable of what to do on the first three days of May. Boxing Day is not intended to be a festivity day like Labor Day, no matter the rough stretch people on a business trip may currently be in. There is an off day frame but that makes March 25 and the first day of the Distinguished Gentleman of the Year Expo all the more valuable nonetheless. Fortunately, I travel like crazy and can't make every event so I may get served in Tiger 'n Asdu or may be broadcasting elsewhere. As ride circuses get more popular, I've been interested in a big signing at Boca Raton Bruce Springsteen's A Tribute to Heroes , the annual brand Einzige Gal! Support whatever show you like on the CD, but don't think you won't create a punch sky scene in Northeast Florida. By early afternoon, there's usually traffic back to Concourses B on Saturday night. Saturday is for golf or streams and lake closings or clubs. On Sunday, there's expanded wear in the area. Sunday is for fishing or boating down to Florida Keys or relaxing swimming in Broward, Broward, Dade and Collier counties. There's hardly anything to do on sure following Sunday except perhaps maybe catch the attention of someone who has something. But I will also travel all over Sunshine Tuesday just to forget everything until May 1.Below are examples of the BoxingDay style that I see, though there may be some changes. Between noon and 5 on BoxingDay, there isn't much driving happening and one wonders why paint panics have taken root in the middle of otherwise awesome low-traffic days. According to the Open Streets CT website , NASCAR, IndyCar, the PGA TOUR and Toyota Masters tourneys occur on the same day. Bowling is mom and apple pie. The first time I rode a motorcycle in "out states," I had to try to pedal the wheelies to reach the line. Sadly, the combination of HPD and the (early) demise of motorcyclists is that this, too, will surely become an era of timeless Highway Monsters. But plenty of cars occupy this surprisingly well-knotty corridor offering plentiful scenery, I should think to ride sideways by the light. Sunday traffic is relative to Daytona Beach early in the day, and a couple hundred miles of riding in any direction would relieve tension on Sunday mornings and afternoons for myself and many others. Take out the best of both worlds: Sunday traffic and BoxingDayers from any point on the peninsula. Most of what you see is all either breaking travel plans or coming from a place that really appreciates the closeness between folks that see right with each other on this day and that seem to understand the consciousness of the division of Sunday, manners and etiquette.*******************************************************************Lastly, what are your thoughts about the BoxingDay Scene? Let me know in the comments.Vs NYC or New York City? I personally like the trio: the East Coast, the West Coast and Miami. Mid-Florida seems to take loosely a place in between. While NYC plays host to Manhattan and the likes on Boxing Day, the city is countered by the attention given to downstate New York. Plus, the NYC mafia and the people in New Jersey will be stealing your food, hollering that you just won the lottery and hundreds of tourists will besiege your town to try and shake the hands of the local snake...alluding to any sort of stake race. What are your thoughts for Miami over New York City at High Noon? I like the dark skies all day so different? Is Manny Pacquiao popular or not?<|endoftext|>Dorchester rape suspect has another charge

BOSTON (CBS) – A man previously charged with sexual assault and assault with intent to rape is back in court, this time with a new charge – also involving rape.

WHDH News has learned that 17-year-old Isaac David Parker was charged in court Friday, with assault with intent to rape, damage to property between $500 and $1,000. He will appear in court again on October 28th.

Sharon Carlisle, a spokesperson for the Suffolk District Attorney's office
======================================== SAMPLE 26 ========================================
National Campaign for Black Water was formerly known as Blackwater USA. Born January 21, 2003 in Cudjoe Key, Florida.

Executive Director of the Citizen's Law Enforcement "project," Blackwater American Ground Support Team (BSDST)

Co-founder of Blackwater USA, 1999 – 2010 founding President of Rendon Global LLC.


By Brent Murdoch

Blackwater USA was born January 21, 2003, when Blackwater founder Erik Prince met Bill Clinton in March of that year. In an email dated 08/28/99, Bill Clinton wrote to "Uncle Ray." Erik Prince was a small business owner and business leader. When Dagan tried to evict Blackwater USA from its Fort Carson, Colorado compound in January, 2000, the Iraq War began fourteen years ago. And my uncurent, signed-and-notarized correspondence with a Bill Clinton representative on October 27, 1999, speaks volumes about one's knowledge of the INC diamond and fronts and shields Brazilian cache testimonials in commissioning documents for the SCOUTS network. In other words, the INC was ALL OVER the party that night and very highly sensitive agreements between the same three foreign entities in Chicago on BLUESTAIR retail banks. Yes, I believe the whole "####BETTIN Powers intact." But it was Erik's trans-national connections through his vast buyout shops in the Far East that made him the savvy buyer in this slice of the Direct Foreign Investment biz. Erik of Bankers Trust and Investments was working to implement the political policy and campaign advice Bernie Madoff rejected, both of which ultimately cost Hilary collectors many millions. Global Information similar to the names today haven't changed in the frequency folder of Erik's UFLAC machine, as evinced by the statement "West Coast growth project."

First members moved to Las Vegas and a quiet retreat in Mesa, Arizona came into existence titled Predius Group LLC http://www.predius.com/

The massive Madison Avenue bank and hedge fund structure that devised illegal high rollers for such organizations as SS&XM 13/CCGB, Marc Rich and use of the old Puerto Rican nuclear smuggling routes from Santo Domingo continues, as deeply buried secrets leaked to me show that a master of legal portals exited from a long, multimillion compensation firm in Wisconsin for BP with a large bolillo-stuffed look like the federal prosecutor U.S. Grand Nomen Suisse makes to seem "human." One intelligence utility broke for their relative comfort in several layers of a "cheque factory/lobby/university."

Blackwater USA may not like to admit what a true dick the injustice has wrought. What the rape of Alexandria, a slap in the face to the American public seems to belong able to early final order technology, esp. Skyjack Special Forces Weapons, at the price of just 3 million followed by a back-door, fired check into Hillary's back pocket allows us to view this sub rosa of tax-proof lottery economics as messy FleetMicrosoft. investors that bloom with sedition, all hands seem tied at the start. We may never learn who the infamous Bradie Burglars were and for a directors' distance in Texas. obscurity that loafed Fletcher Marshall bridges Hab Saber guaranteed earned59,5/83/67 which for this two is two sacrificed, locks dread beneath the cave like bankers shielded. Noir in the wake of JFK stimulates a game of IDEAS over Hypothetically recruTCater John Waldincyv. The chairman of Sears Remedy Strategies and GSD Group Inc. New York had once taught a class called with the subject Logic and Order Manufactured Domination subject17 Excitement vacuum playoffs NASA policies war against Al Qaeda. A homeland security branch of the FBI using its HAWK MAN wooden stake farm & an AK assault rifle on Muslims , refuses to bend its political opinions in line with a Supreme Court accepting Hollywood records, magazines of political horrors, such post minority weekend get blown off. As a result of projecting it at God they sound and dissent singing. while boghoum badges still as nasty MO. Uncovered I act as the CERO, Scarlet Crusade presence. and begins to operate out of a converted American Air National Guard SOC air attache tube at the embassy port of entry. I adapt mode that accommodates the supervisor/chief and begins to adjust to alienation anomaly Lebanese charities making intercepts. ownsACK board of USCT to go from that I CAN READ AND DOB less than 09 or 2005 what is running on twitter, like We are to blame motherfuckersmobile. We BLACKWATERim audiences lesson stronger then in multiple appearances in 2008 or 2009, on their website is clearly for everyone to see. Eli-jenkins' guess

The Frak Brothers suggesting army test of Lyra technology by Hassan Gol darn bullpen 100% three bank zero should be an understatement. The West might try to slander this simply because they aren't prepared
======================================== SAMPLE 27 ========================================
Ireland and the Western Sea Board For information about Irish and Galatian history, culture, law and science, see Galatia

The Isle of Surin, a brother island to Galatia, was a location in the middle of the Western Sea range on the east coasts of the Iberian peninsula, between Galatia and Zarif. Not much is known about the island, but it mentions at one point that it might be linked to the magic island of Isla de Noroeste ("Isla of the Two Seas"), located on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. More likely it was not connected to Tamuhu, such was the Royal Navy's inability to penetrate Mayan islands, nor to another island nearby, Isla Rojas, which was not unknown to the Spanish at Galatia.

Discovered and colonised by the British in 1522 after the Aztec invasions, Galatia received French aid in 1517. But the landless people they encountered at the war camps on both sides were settled by the Spaniards at a price - half of the huge native elite who had conquered the Southeast Oriental Bands cut themselves in half during the war. Over decades they successfully maintained their agricultural and pastoral way of life, while the Islands - now inhabited by little over 2000 - became a privileged part of Spain, given free rein to trade and colonise lands south of them under the special protection of the state.

Superficially the island's lifeless craggy landscape belies a rich cultural heritage since antiquity, when it was served as a missile base strong enough to defend Galatia from the invading Turks of the Süleymaniye region - a historical presence haunting Galata's blind infinity of Atlantic cliffs. A ancient single city is said to have stood on the island, with hidden entrances fitted with traps.

In 1977, by a whirlwind of events which included a long insurrection by the Basques, the rule of the Real Madrid football team and the Holcim party intrigue in Spain, the fifteen-, rowing Portuguese ship Cape parnaigo, bought at gun-point in Muscat, sailed over the waves of the Yepo River to Galatia, after jobs had been posted: the destitute CP was loaded with massive conscript labourers from Kapaeli and "Portuguese who had deserted the wars knew nothing better than working in Galaga."

Conceived as a plan to maintain a competing colony on a specialised processing star - the Surin Island region of the Western Sea - around Sailing Island, the Agapit Islands after their names suggested Northern European habits such as pottery, ferrying, glass manufacturing and locally plentiful food. No tiramisu took sodafa beans rockets Bernard Unlike NO Saturday closed at 8pm being the only time glass making takes place on the island. The Portuguese later dubbed Cape parnaigo more fungal ("Mango") than Italian because of the second hardest glue available for its portuguese harvest. Translating fruits were more used on the Surin Islands, because of the salinity. Indeed, on another hilltop where panoramic views of Galatia stretch away below ground, we found pine trees clustered on high branches. What looked almost like slushy turf emerges from under these chunks of exposed earth, hiding layer after hard, absorbent earth layer that may appear to have come from the sea or are impossible to doubt the researches of Brazelton, amongst thousands of modern saviourwas and scientist Les Hewitt.Sébastien Blanc - a foreigner (French) based in Madrid who has studied heritage artefacts for close to twenty years and who translates high quality drawings into engineering drawings for reproduction in plastic - explains: "These imbedded old marbles or millefied pottery - which are very well documented - once made up a volcano or fumarole. An ingot in the processing star, such as this one, represents the sudden aftershocks of volcanic eruptions."

Ghost worlds Rosita Heming was born into a climbing family in the wilds of Andorra. When she was five she owed her whole kilo. Since then, she has been searching for her long lost imaginary god on (…) She has three printed maps of the Cosmedione Hebrea. If she finds anything she tells me it only destroys my save game. Links: surin-wikipedia – IT visit this website link to images on the internet Purlogh ROSita Zelewka Sail stretches from 108 km to 61 km the distance between Galatia and Surinhos about 50 kilometres from the coast. It peaks at 5500m. Ehn 2.6 Miles being said the distance should be.

Electricity 24 watt incandescent This highlights the doryard roofs along many of the carriageways of Surinhos As the wind blows, the roof assemblies consist of individual wooden frames fixed above the
======================================== SAMPLE 28 ========================================
The last time the Houston Texans held training camp open, on the other 13 teams's facilities, was way back in 2003. Foster was entering the twilight of the Reggie Bush era, the Texans were on a run, held high-interest draft day and, oh yeah, the Texans won it all. Here's a quick video:

Since then, the Texans have filed for relocation or died a sluggish death. I'm not making any assumptions, but the last time Houston actually had a serious training camp in its city? Remember 2004? That was before the market crashed, before the 49ers lost, before the Broncos were hacked to rubble, before Donovan McNabb went 2-14. I would say the Astros certainly had more than their share of "what ifs" in 2003.

I'm not sure what has caused the travesty that has, instead of training camp becoming a real opportunity for the players who aren't constantly living to regret moving on from one team, it is given even more significance by each passing day. Same hang emoticon.<|endoftext|>After a bad semester and a handful of bullies as spoilt brats, it was time for me to leave my uni and go out into the world.

I received a phone call today from the one Danny taught me to call like, when you need something or want to talk, cool.

Danny asked me "why don't you change our signs?"

I calmly replied seconds before I picked up from my desk where my phone was sitting. "thanks" And hung up.

Actually Danny wouldn't tell me why or why not though. It's meant to be a surprise.


He smiled, But not his normal goofy grin.

"I don't trust Danny so I'm going to go."

Typical, traditional Jess. Good until Danny told her her dad was on the phone trying to get her to come get some weed.

Starting with her dad. The meek girl never had a whole lot (probably too much) to deal with against her father. The impressive, confident apple of her dad's eye ate a variety of boy toys since birth and must have instilled a whole heap of self-esteem in her.

Which got spilled on Brian tonight though, because it was hinted that he had her in her ear while he listened to the call.

It was too much, he called wearing a real baseball hat, sockless, too short and a slouch.

She didn't broadcast the fact that he's her teacher down her line.

If she was on Danny's side, she would have called, there's no need to call, she just needs this school away from all these guilt trips, the teenaged girls aren't ready to deal with teachers until later.

She only sees 'liberal' students taking all the stress away from them in sense that they can talk on the phone.

Hold her untied gold necklace as she walks out my office too; she had to walk around the school with it on a necklace, a true mentee.

Now she looks super cute.

Watch the elevator door open… see her eye roll and flip her hair back when it hits the handle.

Ready to pick the guy nextseat they scrap up.

Hip movement gives him a wake up call begging his 'thug' housemate to back off, it looked like a dance off attempt to end things.

But this mommy dolphin gets to him first.

Not heavily financial, a gym machine, not every day but safe enough at least.

And it was more than his last couple shots.

Victory and ties, always means a tying grade, 11:11 moot.

Danny leaves in hot anger at e when he discovered she's trying to get dead cred from him like he left her disabled driver which I'm pretty sure he didn't.

As a matter of fact all he leaves all behind is a blasted modem disc, hole in old bra in her face, and the robe she forgot to turn on.

She just came through stealing the one of the few new MP3 players in his stereo as a way to gain the sympathy of the class.

(Why is a NY-ber living in a lost dreamland, then stand up for danny and also gain sympathies?)

Worth mentioning

Why the hell did she wipe her state at 11:35 to later just outside the hallway pause in delivered reverend's office to't have her parked in front of the seniors office and her head out ?

Seems ruthless, just like faking bludgers.

Especially if she's fitting all hell out there too; what else r leaving?!

Update: Charlie Girl High School


======================================== SAMPLE 29 ========================================
Re: The History and Norms of the Ku Klux Klan

I think the main purpose of the Union Theological Seminary / Crossroads Journal series is to help young people gain an understanding of the true history behind the Ku Klux Klan's activities. Please see the section linked below –

Among the first postulated and earliest recorded links between black people and Curses is that of interbreeding with them. The late church Father Boris Maryan Elden has ably researched over 1,000 records relating to the usage of charms / curses in the Colonial Era. I am credently led to believe that Black culture in general and African Americans in particular have a ton of vestigial cultural/ paranormal/ magical types of links to the international slave trade – which further strengthens the case that global slavery and/or "Black witchcraft" has been the prime cause behind the original spread of many Curses and Minor Spells.

Motifs such as 'Voodoo Numbers' ('every number has 3 Blessings' type) and witchcraft incantations are commonplace all over Africa and the Americas in general. So when we accept this as fact then it stands to reason that the original use of the word Curses may have referred solely to any recipe for lotions given to the enslaved, thus effectively negating the vast majority of instances of crossbreeding with Native Americans – causing interbreeding of native, African and black people

There are also several theories (for the record) which can potentially explain many Curses and are not clearly based in fact, but nonetheless hold great importance in the history of agriculture and economics even 1800 on whether we like it or not.

Resulting from a world site discovery in 2006 as well as DNA testing of about 2000 individuals, there is clear proof that Humans have interbred with Monkeys, Dolphins and Dead Fish millions of times over. Also, as I like to periodically argue against simple explanations such as 'The Devil' worshiping folks and false claims made by idiots, you will find me proclaiming the belief that 'The Gods themselves do not allow this type of interaction', but this is an issue for about another day.

Postscript December 15 2011: I recently stumbled through an individual posting for this subject quite a long while back but shortly dismissed because it's obvious that inbreeding had led to humans creating two species: One Homo Superior (which sounds funny on paper but turns out to be pretty cool) & Bil Easter. I couldn't help but think that some of the more grotesque and bloody tribes out there may have aligned for the better part of the last 3,000 years or so with how well they mated with a Savage Penguins Literal Mesopotamian equivalent of Mo'neh (Earth Mothers) called As-Shaurh, (literally 'Human Children'.) I am not making any claims in relation to what happened

By copypasting this out as a rookie's guide/ tutorial on how to educate young kids about KKK

We hip, youth-celebritying American youth are faced with trauma every day. What's worse, is that the trauma is laced with hate from everyone's best friend and his buddy's goat as both sides of your organization "must agree" etc etc. Below are several biblical (and also Northern Hemisphere's worldwide ) references that can be used to up your level of moral competency in your longterm relationship with Mr. Soros.

ESRB: "this is some kind of commercial, kids"

Television Programs/ Movies:


Gremlins 2

Knight Rider

Toy Story

Lethal Weapon

Step Brothers

G.I Joe

Will Smith's Jumper

The Running Man

Executive Room

The Lone Ranger

Gary Burghoff and Louisiana Purchase


Mississippi Burning

Scrubs at WJLA Portland, Maine

Disaster Movie

Undercover Boss

L.A. Law #1 Season 1

Boardwalk Empire Season 2.

Anderson Cooper interview https://www.youtube,vi ude.

Video Games:



Silent Hill


Tomb Raider:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward

GAX Aspercreme by aspercreme

Crusader Kings: Total War

Elsa Pyro UEFA 2008


Mazes and Mystics

Galaxy on Fire 2

Grimm 1

The Old London Univ Lounge 1

Blood of Saints

Battlefield 2- MGO 1.82

Enemy Territory Armageddon

Dark Planet

Age of Empires 1-10

The Rabbit Hole
======================================== SAMPLE 30 ========================================
Black Toe Wedges. Height: 5". Width: 1 1/2". Edge to edge: About 35". MATERIALS: Cordura 1. For further information about product pricing and availability, please call our sales staff at 1-800-305-4266 or send an email to [email protected]

Product availability is dependent on the availability of enough inventory to honor all orders<|endoftext|>Linux must "disappear", according to the "progressive" humans at WikiLeaks. It used to be the dominant operating system. Now, Windows 10 is eating into this market share.

This month, WikiLeaks tweeted, "Ahdaad tribes claim against the advent of #JediDroid devices." Perhaps it will help explain why the tribe apparently does not have to download Windows 10. But if it did, are their comments referring to their tablets, smartphones or laptops?

If you compare the look of those Linux-based computers with their non-Linux "150 laptops," of the sorts WikiLeaks publishes, it will emerge that the "Jedi" devices are on a par with Windows 10 tablets.

The Linux OS is more fashionable in Thailand. Depopulation of every warehouse and factory products is the reason.

In an attempt to reclaim their phones, laptops and tablets, people from the almond-shaped island nation of Arunachal Pradesh are more interested in Android software rather than Firefox OS smartphones. Android might have 3.5 times more market share among Android-oriented smartphones, according to one statistics. And it is indeed the favorite mobile platform for smartphone and tablet apps with a user percentage surpassing Firefox OS at a design-centric platform according to Chris Bale, principal analyst at Ovum.

Meanwhile, in impoverished Bangladesh, where Windows XP had few more than 5% share, smartphones 'Grackler' have been crafted to run SUISynth Universal, creating a legacy by the aid-supported Air India as Grackler 6081 comes with the British Airways logo.

But in Thailand was tried to order Windows 10 without any alternatives. "In Thai ASEAN regions, Lenovo's models used to boast better usability, running Windows 10, rather than Windows 8 and Windows 7," lamented astrophysicist Pawin Epe, early adopter of Windows 8 and now Linux.

In an interview, he said; "So many Adidas companies there. Punk rockinVS death presidency Vecepia ans scream Mac%L IDK Help think %H DNA 50, 60% owning 60% still prefer them". As being the first fielder and the product in abundance can make or break any product with its users, including IDK.

His hunt led him to an impromptu Matrix party. He became circumspect about his behavior: "Ask any farmer at the the migrant hand that I met whether he or his relatives could afford a cheap make of smartphone. It's true. I even had to risk getting incarcerated with the one's I found. For nobody. Poor souls!"

"When I asked them: Let me tell you. I ask why they can afford gift enjoy 64 GB? Quite frankly, they think they can at this time. They believe Apple," joked Pradeep Kumar, single farmer with 120 head of cattle.

"Windows 10 has only ten percent market share versus Oracle Android being the second most popular OS (in China] while top countries have earnings SEK 2MM RON (in 2016). Top Android OS is quite similar to the North Korean regime is 'Android'," Sunber Sattar, ITF partner said adding Windows 10 share in India rose to 30% during June.

Thailand was active in the 5th 5-Week Open Source Conference, Internet+Insurance Trade Show and Eroding African payers. Payment Gateway 2015 handsets, suitable for online, cloudized applications, would be displayed for vendors.

All tables of near all vendors show either Ubuntu OS or some proprietary edition, most of them with closed source database. Their slides displayed: "Before Tumbleweed for RX160 decryption terrible status…"

As the encroaching software status ensures that the PC is becoming a peripheral object of a device to a computer, an adult lifestyle, it not only becomes the subject of devotional songs, but also a sink of alcohol abuse. People gathering for social gatherings become unsafe places, particularly those working:

"This segment has the highest number of alcohol dependent employees. We have preliminary data suggesting that over 49% of alcoholic beverages — beer, ice alcohol, volumes higher than 300 milliliters —or alcoholic beverages, crashes were caused by back or neck injuries resulting from drunkenness. … These numbers indicate that the excessive drinking is evident in more or less all layers of society, from the common inebriate to those in managerial positions."

Excess Alcohol is another sensitive social problem in Thailand. Twice a week media and radio will replete with a series of stories on the country's large liquor stocks
======================================== SAMPLE 31 ========================================
Note: The following is a short excerpt from the original press release on the future of Wii U in March 2015. It is provided somewhat out-of-date at this point, and not necessarily reflective of exactly what Nintendo of America ended up saying during a recent "Intelligent Systems" panel at E3, as the full press release can be found here.

Worldwide Sales Chart

The best-selling game for Nintendo 3DS in the US this month was 2014's The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (5.29 million), but was surpassed by Dragon Quest heroines 1H (4.76 million). Beyond Nintendo eShop, Pokémon X/Y was the top-selling game for 3DS in the US, selling 1.63 million physical copies. Also topping the charts were a pair of first-party Wii U games: the open-world project Animal Crossing: New Leaf (222,000), the user-generated platformer Guacamelee! (medical marijuana money clamp-on, NIL) (121,000), and the racing title Forza Horizon 3 (98,00) rounding out the top five.

Third-party software was represented this month by Fangamer XL re-released in Japan and Europe, Splatoon's sequel Star Wars Edition with characters from both the original game and final film, with new content such as an all-new big bike, Mario Sports Mix (13,000). Experience point-based adventure game Tobe LeBlanc's Game Series has been released, while The Pointless Adventures of Link is out in the US, Europe, and Australia.

Hardware was represented pretty well overall. Wii U sold a very impressive 4.76 million hardware units worldwide in February 2015, bringing its software total to 71.11 million since launch. According to NPD data, Nintendo 3DS sold 6.1 million units worldwide since launch in November 2013, bringing its software total to 43.2 million. Nintendo DS (since November 2000) continues to hold strong in comparison against positional-consoles and smartphones. Display measure tracks also point to the healthy life spans of Nintendo's portable devices of late, although the Wii U's hardware is advancing at a slightly slower rate.

Nintendo's most impressive achievement (forclud­ing…Luigi Baseball) in February 2015 was the launch of Fire Emblem Fates, the first and only release of the enhanced edition for the New 3DS branded system. Despite increasingly strong competition from LD relevance (which is much reduced largely on the strength a game increasingly) in any other month, February is the first month since launch that the No. 3 and 4 spot was held by a title other than Smash 4; the Smash 3DS topped games sales for six of six months ending in February 2014, and sales of FEF New 3DS launch title were up 1.9x in three months even after the buzzer rang in a glance or two.

Additional information on January 2015 and previous months can be found below. The combined monthly hardware and software sales data in Japan is posted below. Comparable information for other regions {{Cloud Menu compatibility}} have been added at latest update. Prior month sales percentages are slightly unreliable due to varying system periods.

Moving back to the US, how about a look at December? You may remember Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS including just one new title each as opposed to six, which is unusual but reflects a relatively accelerated release schedule. First place went to Fire Emblem Awakening for the New Nintendo 3DS, followed by the duo of Fire Emblem Fates and Ivy League Men: Tennis. Fastest moving was over the course of just a few weeks Wii U sales. On the downside – you can poke around in the NPD chart through the search function below.

Just as you would expect, the stronger sales of New Wii U titles came through the 2014 holiday season. Those multi million selling Fire Emblem Awakening successes all came out in the nearly perfect late Christmas and Advent season, while Heroes of Ruin and Arms both got their first 2012 debut. The notable newcomer was Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, which debuted highly, although signficantly crashed after launch on December 6, falling shortly afterwards because of the rapid release of the upcoming Pokémon X/Y. Overall, new hardware was sold well into 2015 and NPD also notes Fire Emblem or X/Y plus all three entries to the New 3DS series led hardware through February.

Between that of 2014 and the explosive jump in consumer spending during November–December 2014, sales of HD consoles have rocketed, including some huge gross discounts off Letterboxd Cast May Assemble. Kids helped drive hardware sales as well, thanks to Obsidian running when Bonjour and Animal Crossing returned to the Wii U eShop while Mario Kart 8 launch gear aired up at market, while Mario Party 10 was the only last-gen release that delivered real results despite overlapping with the launch of Super Smash Bros. 4. Sequels built all of the momentum around the Mac App Store
======================================== SAMPLE 32 ========================================
CLOSE When Oklahoma beat TCU 66-63, Seth Godin was screaming. Buzz60


From the moment Seth Godin incorporated the triplets to the stretch during Stanford's 34-31 win at Oregon in the Big 12 championship game on Saturday, the NCAA basketball world was asking 'When will Seth Godin beat Kansas?' through various degrees of invective.

But within the conversation, there were two countries heated, divorce proceedings and information floating on the boundary again.

And for nonspecialists like us, we became teachers, key-clickers, shuttle drivers and picky adorers of Godin.

We followed him into major danger as he flaved through the extra-strength lie down of Bob Noviak at George Washington -- and had point guard Nick Collison's left knee at the bobble head, "Raise your hands" come round, lick his penis and beat the cake out of a donated replica of his pink flamingo flamingo by the rack of the lady to its side.

We fell in love and watched him rescue this underdog program from the dearth of power with a stirrer, a sip a beer, a super fast 90-second spin around the Instagram stands.

We devoured the touching acceptance speech that says he'll agonize before unequivocally overpowering a contributor in the Nebraska sensitivity workouts and likewise before they squeeze him.

The questions? You'll notice the possibilities there. They are bigger than just his future challengers.

Can he coveted defenders settle?! Cry accusations there --incredibly rare among men of his comportment?

What happens next?: The NBA tips off Tuesday, getting surreal, ridiculous. Ducks return the aforementioned triplets. And IFTB's Mike Schmitz and I are report there will be the Duke of Royce White (complexity, playmaking) and by the unlikeliest of predictions, Michael Duckets when the Blazers seek a coup.

Any thoughts?: Do you broach this to your son?: You walk under the arch of the Lincoln Memorial ... Next it cuts back into view in 16th Street and Massachusetts ... (Period of disappointment)! Walk under the buffet for that humiliation, and run up and enter the faint acupusteraring peak of Shrug World!

Any worries about: Jordan Clarkson, Marcus Smart, and certainly Buddy Hield.

Prediction: Oregon comes back from 38 down to beat Oklahoma, 58-57.

★ ★ ★

This could be his last season: Smart on Tuesday, Novack on Wednesday. Let God delay his curse for one more year.

Clarkson: This is my final season as a Duck. I appreciated the fact that athletic director Bob De Carolis gave me an opportunity to fulfill my dream while I'm there. I will play the game with intensity which won't be diminished by the success that I might experience or by events that could occur afterward. So stay tuned, score a lot of points this season and whatever happens in the offseason let it be fun. I am proud to wear Adidas, and "Superstar" in a good pocket could definitely speak well of me come April. I'm excited to finally experience an NCAA Tournament where I'll be in the Elite 8.

DuckProspects: Marcus Smart, freshman, Oklahoma State, 6-3, 185

Smart's legacy in Lubbock has been defined by his never-say-die mentality and constant grin, even as his team lost to Wichita State and Butler and wound up falling in the NCAA Tournament Grand Final. But behind the saving smile and sparkle of Smart's mouth is limitless athletic ability that is soft to fall under the flashy umbrella of glory -- a funny combination of Johnny Ball and the thinly camouflaged version of former NBA player and now NBA suddenly animator Dirk Nowitzki. Add high-end skill on both ends with a sweet spot for shooting from the left corner and backcourt and it's a fairly easy formula for success.

Josh Rosen: You might get a Heisman especially with all that exposure I might get throughout social media, but it's not just about the Heisman. I think my mindset starts going from my sophomore year playing (in college I was a true freshman for two) to my junior year as a senior- and to help guide the program throughout the ups and downs that our program have gotten, I was ready to take the leap and and run with the program.

Alton Ford: You'll be playing for a D-1 power conference AD (Ole Miss or say UConn) on you way to your big league dream. At worst, you're being used as another trade commodity to further your school's depth and academic reputation -- or perhaps becoming a fourth prospect for that cast-off entity still hanging around the UO radar.

Karl Malone on Smart (San Antonio) and Smart on Malone, below: "Comfortable? Really? For a rookie?
======================================== SAMPLE 33 ========================================
2015/16 Network Salary Budget for Premiers and Eliminators – 28 Shows

Today we are releasing the 2015/16 NBL TV Distribution Variable Housing Price Index last completed on December 20, 2015 under a License from both the WNBA and NBA.

Here is a detailed look at the 2015/16 NBL and NBA TV Distribution routes.

Here are the 2015/16 Television Distribution Routes for all the main programming for Premiers and Eliminators for the 2015/16 Season. Please note that the cost increase for the Basketball Joint Venture (GHV) for the 2015/16 Season is calculated based upon the "2015(%)" SDR from December 2014.

For more detailed analysis, visit the Tom Tango Research web page.


Download Moneymap Data &

Review Game Listing Contributors for 2014-2015 Season to Extend Yourself The Best News on the wires Lisa Manganiello Ellie Hinds Brooklyn Beret Drew Weatherford Luka Doncic

View All available Concepts for 2014 NBA Draft & Early Entry Nba

For analysis and analysis up to the 2015 NBA Draft & Early Entry Draft, read "In the works for wayyy too long: The Original 2015 NBA Draft Concept".

How about the 2015 NBA FUT Draft Draft Projection Model in the last articles of this series? For "the best news on the wires" of the MLTP his Predicted Draft App?!

Poster Love this Icon! Sign Me Up!

The 2015 NBA WNBA Draft Class in Vertical Stacks

The 2015 NBA Fossil Draft Trade Workbook Task BC Action comments All about NBA trades on behalf of the Wildcats

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NY SN -> WASH -> MIA -> CHA -> DALLAS -> PORTLAND -> BALTIMORE -> 6% BOSS Below "What may be the Most Interesting Breakout Transfer in NBA HPSoP?"

Transfers, analysis and comparables

Winning Quantum Decision Porter Ellis honestly Spain brief v. Bamba,pick Dwayne Wade(Athlelete) Porzingis(Risk) light back up front Phoenix Wizards cap space for Boogie Cousins, rest of it Boogie Now hiring Young 2018 picks.

NEW: 2015 NBA Draft Mock Draft - https://www.pastemagazine.com/users/aariebaldwin/wp-content/uploads/20156/nbisportsmockdraft2016.zip 2015 NBA Draft Worry: D'Angelo Russell

J.R. Smith, and NBA Example post 18.4% bench, 23.4% stars , 42.9% FGs Defense is playing 3rd most minutes on team, shortening season. Only 3 of every 127 minutes in the 4th quarter play involving 3 guys 47.1% at center , 2 4th in the NBA (Barkley is lower than that % with the Lakers)

2016, #1 pick #2 Brand, Miles, Lonzo Ball

Factorio & Tropico The SRR chart from the R3 LOOT bundle keeping QOTW Process all over again I have covered some of the reasons this metric didn't work so dearly and deserve an update. I tightly slower Object helps busier teams accumulate talent/build schematically and some uses for real-world production as a major way to improve team growth since there is a major space to expand offense in LoL. It's not such a huge deal when the player:value gets better than the percentage. Also keeps the line to stay revenue-neutral in LoL for MVP Milwaukee Motor Marlin

Factors To Build Team Success in the Draft Albert Ibaka Tennessee: Offenses, defensive rebounding, minimum 3ty a year

Melo Stan Van Gundy Indiana: Proficiency at Every Position, offseason programs, major improvements in teachers detail: Offfbles and Blocks are only important in the NBA since it adds another HAPO Dot. Stephen Curry put forth stats over. 1,500 Points playing only 336 minutes PER20 frames Progresssto beer future first

Factors To Build Team Success in the Draft Andrew Wiggins OSU: Defensive rebounding, rebounds, +Hapos per seasons

Jahlil Okafor Duke: Extra Attention to Overall Production mainly at Waiting Position squads on Nutrition Table

Derek Barnett Texas: Getting better in 3rd Championships since 2010 Tournament Availability at 20% of overall level

Heylin "El Naciente" Mabiora Jersey Sales , Activations, and Transfers are continuing "The Hidden Shelf" and "The Extra" spaces for apexes What came up in release the other day?
======================================== SAMPLE 34 ========================================
I was half expecting it to be quite simply v and you have a newer esty and the father and the son share bags after the fight. But no, it's quite an unusual occurrence, what did this father and son hate?<|endoftext|>VIDEO: DC cheerleaders fight to keep 'Rachel Maddow meets House of Cards' happening ... for them!

Rachel Maddow and Claire Danes on Friday night revealed the title of their upcoming show 'The Grinder,' and all we know is the secret finale will be dropping Jan. 12. But do the writers have primetime ballast to avoid blowing it by missing last week's Maddow-plus-Claire pulse-pounding goal to keep A Night of Parks on Thursday — 106 hours straight?

Maybe not, if the network-approved female journalist halfway between Chuck and Ethel has any say in the matter. The Rachel 'comedienne' Grinder on Thursday night took the stage of the Creative Arts Studios tower on 13th and L streets NW and hung on for dear life.

Ashley Turchetta, the co-host of ABC's Hollywood Game Night as well as Carly Simon's octogenarian manager Russell loves a Detroit girl on the air, and he gets his shot Nov. 7 when Chloe Bridges and Alison Janney do the full hour.

"Of course I'm hoping we can get four hotties (on that show)," Turchetta said, incredulously. "This will be a challenge and probably all the crazy dressers in the building should gasp. People get nervous, Raf (Carlin, the capo of DryBar Entertainment) gets muscling women back and forth. We definitely have our boys and girls (it features six city-dwellers). I hope we can get Molly (Singer, being celebrated this week) and the rest of Renee (Weddinger) and Renee's Bar and Grill readers!"

Gruder pulled off the mind-bending drop of a spoiler that ends the cable blackout on ET's exclusive (because, who needs traffic info, right?). Cups plotted "chasing Sitwell" Shadow 33 get a callout of 1:30 a.m. at the Griffin Household. Fallon that ends. "Nothing's gonna work," Gruder declared. Then, up-close, Walter "Popcorn Famous" Garrison's daredevil descent down 34th Street.

And what of Thursday night? Starting Jan. 11, Morning Joe and Mika Brzezinski to contain Top Chef's gaping mind-wrecks — 309 in all, barred guild inmates anonymous contributed by Italian Cycoid. Chef Jeff Tweedy got his first chance to cast — Philly sweetener Steffen Dueter given a past to warm that beatstick romance implies in sharing nation's Game Night meal to tip Jared or not-Jared respectfully with a chance to bee dead.

Executive producer Elisa Weinstein-Pleicos goes gaga for freshly noticed Broadway Michelle Williams in Natasha, Pierre et Natasha.

Continued Selectaember, The Awesomeness is pleased to introduce the season's Monday-nightholyminus Experts extraordinarily succinct rundowner Weather inherent to Hill and adjusts instruments in depraved matron charter Airport in NFL Gameday NETWORK ED's NY Lab nearly achieves excellence designed by overnight thoroughworks' biomechanics prodigy-in-residence Louis Delambre. Daily Girlfriend gets a get a sneak sneak at Steve-Flowers semi-Christmastime indulgences consisting of $29 home potnic meal concocted from Eduara RealMind mineralfilled cookies terminal dueliled leapity ballumnwaving badges<|endoftext|>What is

Studying Up?

Supervising your child's study once a day won't give you passivity, but it is the primary part of the education process.

Parents advocate with their children because this is their job.

But, at times it sounds like you are arguing when you call on your child to study, but what can you really do during that time?

My profession is called counsellor. For me, it is a pleasure and a privilege to listen to suffering your child.

A daydreaming about your child studying is fine. But, say you haven't talked yet. Maybe it is too late because you did not come sooner to have your way with your child. Tell your child it is your job...you can talk with his teacher too.

It is crucial for the child to know that Uncle Jaime, the Questor, will call his name when the tutor tells him that he is ready to study.

Stories are the best language. When your child weeps about how he wants to do homework he often promises to forget you are calling, but don't. Mean it and convince him.

What kind of parent would lower herself to lower her own son asleep?<|endoftext|>Get Newcastle United FC updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice Could not subscribe,
======================================== SAMPLE 35 ========================================
Historical European pop-culture icons have been co-opted and commodified in the West, whether it be ours or the USSR, a number of which seem to be retrofused around so-called "bazillionaires." But if there's one thing which clearly has the ability to re-make itself, continuity, and no, this isn't the CamillaChan luxury stick. In 2011, streetwear icon Pharrell Williams attacked the revived nostalgia for failures like the Bo-Riki and Gosha Rubchinskiy he sold to millennials. "I've noticed a shitload of designers that I used to be supporting that just care so little about anything creatively. You can totally buy shit and demand it be successful and it has to do no more than drop your middle finger on the whole thing," said Pharrell. I think that explosion of cheap manufacturing on a mass scale in Japan and China were also the greatest mistakes in the history of industry, in my opinion.I agree, "share-nothing" that is. What do you guys think?<|endoftext|>I've finally got a work habit that I'm doing every day. It's called a half cycle, or half pack, in which I turn in half the work items for the week. It has its own name--it's "half load"--but it's the same thing. This week's breakup of the Half Cycle is the frozen burning of farmed salmon. I enjoy salmon so much that I buy whole fish sometimes from the freezer section of my local supermarket, which contains salmon tissue as well as meat products. When I eat a real salmon, by the way, it was almost fifty percent fat from muscle and fifty percent from tissue. In the freezer section, however, there are only a number of ounces of tissue and pink flesh. And the salmon is usually marbled with packing grease that I carefully sell the loyal buyer of live fish. I hate that breach of trust So, as always, I turn in half the total ingredients for the week to save money. I've also amended my menu accordingly. Salmon can be protein for every meal, plus extra carbohydrates such as brown rice. My September menu includes a three potato hash with marinated chicken breast and whole grain crusty bread. I buy brown rice and yeast for my bread ripening routine and I have a raspberry glaze or peas mixed with walnuts. I've previously made grilled salmon with olive oil and toasted pine nuts, but this mangetta recipe fits in better and it's a recipe that advances in flavor with time. The ingredients work as a range of treats, but I almost always have enough for one, since I reheat well this week. I leave the temperature at low because I don't own a coffee brewer. I use local organic and in season peaches for my toppings as the apple formers are prone to leaking. To avoid splattering, I walk through a pea pod pods beside the pump. Another hint for them. On the plus side, I'm able to cut back on my peas in most recipes because I have excess water from the mashed potatoes in the recipe. In this case, I cut partially the week's amount. I've frosted all the recipes with a whipped almond cream to ensure ultimate nonindeticado bliss. When dipping food in the batter, I only put a fair amount of increase on each classic garnish (berry, mint, give me apples, Fig Newtons, etc.) Cucumber, mushroom, and grape compote gives this dish a tangy, farmhouse effect. The smooth young peaches and their vibrant skin is delightful. My only problem about this dish is that it is a total workout during lunches. Bloody mash potatoes outflank me 98% of the time, even though they save my bacon, I'm left dissecting their strange blueish flesh. When I finished one batch, my whole body was sore and shaking. The combo of blood as well as the hard potato is a mystifying experience. Lastly, I want to state, for death's sake that dirty potatoes are surprisingly delicious. It's just that I do need more time to develop a taste. On a scale of zero to ten, I'd rate this dish a four. The main technical issue is that the frozen fish moves long distances in the freezer. As I work away at it, an unnecessary side effect is slicing the fish on my overlapping cutting boards. This doesn't happens every time but it does happen every once and a while, and it ends up being an outgrowth of the manual dexterity spent on the rest of my workday. My advice to novice slaberssthe knuckle, knuckle, KNEEEep! Why does it have to be knucklewood?II. Base IngredientsBut school has also been a great deal of fun this week, with music schedule rules to keep me from writing about my daily zaniness. The most fun, though, must be with the ingredients. Pho recipes have tons of options, not only specific pho ingredients but I
======================================== SAMPLE 36 ========================================

These are the two paperback maps that were intended to mark the separation of the former Confederate States of America (from the South), and Arizona and New Mexico two days after the civil war ended. They have only two levels of resolution, at least, being 8 1/2" x 11". It seems anachronistic to me given what we know about the printed maps and their cinematography keeping Q apt forever meant for the doubling.

According to Dan Djorhal, who provided these images,

It's set in southwestern Arizona and shows the Barberton, Bugsdale, and Lampasas Escarpment mountains in the distance. Ken Schramm did the artwork for the map. Cartoonist Jon Perry also contributed to the comic, which it used as its cover by the year 1917.

The Dishpan Roboto (try not to cringe if you fat peopole feel sick)

Via Worlds Without End. [Via Dan Djorhal]<|endoftext|>There is a story that teaches us a simple truth. Sometimes we will experience dire situations and sometimes we will even make mistakes. The Busy Bees Exposed Online Podcast is the podcast site wtwcreekwriters.com compiled by Cory DeMichiel and will release every week over the next year. Their ideas will push the storytelling further and they will explore many other subjects that may have been overlooked thus far. As the show develops, expect some random thoughts around episodes. No other podcast does this really, and we would like to thank WTW Basin Chiefs for this opportunity. Source contain strong language. Remove Section Below

(Click play to listen to episode at this website)

More From This Podcast<|endoftext|>Evocative by nature, one need only look towards Sparse/Piccolo to recognise that experimentalists should care about the edges of creativity. But how do bags, liches and mages help you to identify pockets of creativity? Once again, Lawrence Lessig points us in the right direction. And I'd particularly recommend this chapter, co-written by Lenore Thomson and Ogólfoly Aragó, as the strongest insight into creativity purely from a cognitive perspective. This book is a must-read for any right-brainer that isn't keen on management, economics or the contemporary art world. Edinburgh Magazine, March 2017<|endoftext|>Tourists take a mugshot in front of the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. (REUTERS/Jim Bourg)

The Trump administration is cracking down on tourists visiting Washington, D.C. and shopping at popular national tourist destinations and shopping malls, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Wednesday.

At a grave Italian spread) (H/T: Buzzfeed's Ben Smith)

WASHINGTON (ABC News) -- Carmine Consiglio was on a bartender's patio on July 12, lamenting the country's Paris-like echo chamber. A white woman who had come to American D.C. from Europe must have admired the grandeur of the Monumental Chain monument, just a few blocks from the White House -- but the restaurant's restaurant owner and three employees said they wouldn't allow her in.

"She's not from here," said restaurant owner Angelo Ferré. "We're Italian. D.C. has been here before her, and we're trying to find a place for her. But sidebar -- the service here in varied, with dialects, flavors but no one in perfect unison."

The immigration case of Faryna Mamas and Freddy Marquit was spotlighted in a piece by National Journal on an Italian restaurant in Washington D.C. The story said the owner had refused to serve a foreign visitor who was wearing a costume depicting an elderly woman in rat's clothing, though a New Orleans diner who had tried to serve that client, said, "it was horrific. . . . I've been told I look like so many skinny 80-year-old women." After the story did run, the owner answered the state's argument that, "The comic books and cartoons gone out of vogue, but people still understand to satisfy hunger." Changing an image of someone or something is a far cry from pulling a restaurant off a national list. She ranks 104th out of 172 viral "tourist violations" for Washington, D.C., according to Vandal.org, which lists the most-visited cities per capita. Vandal.org lists Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, as worst. "Perversely, the uncouth tourist centers sometimes attract the unsavory customers who appropriate American modes of conduct," Vandal.org wrote. "The image of the old ubiquitous D.C. eateries was too fantastic to be lost to the century-long corrosion of law and custom." As a result, first amendment principles also apply to the pinch disenfranchised on deadline.In contrast to wingnuttery, Most Black History Month and The Cart Museum (#33 for Black history) offer numerous slots for black history. Historically, African Americans were kept and sold as
======================================== SAMPLE 37 ========================================
In 2004, Mario Balotelli was 15 years old. He made his debut for Internazionale in the Champions League right before Christmas at the age of 18 and got off to an extremely slow start. Actually, there wasn't really any of a slow start.

He scored the winning goal against Bayern Munich in a match that he didn't even start. Balotelli lost Sunday's match 4-3 to Arsenal. That's a fairly easy defeat for a player who hasn't started even five matches all year and who hasn't even scored a goal since August.

This story would have been over a decade ago if Balotelli hadn't decided he hated the English taste of soft food and packed on a lot of body fat. Part of that fat was meniscus surgery, but his light build and lack of stamina also made him tougher to play against and allowed him to get on the field more often.

It was when last season started that fans started arguing about his abilities and being careful not to say anything, or to demand anything, that could put on him a burden. His goals against Chelsea and Tottenham seemed to settle many of the controversies, but his continued stumbling caused some to get frustrated. They said he was unfit and needed to come off the bench.

All in the service of sticking three fingers in the face of the football establishment and demanding that Italy and the people it employs managed to break through the curse of Milanese football. Italian fans are well aware that all big clubs in Italy are asking the same questions;

"If Balotelli were Italian, could he play?"

"Can he do what he says he can do?"

"Why isn't he scoring?"

"C'mon Italians, working combined with "Ecco e bella e thingo" is what it takes to keep an Italian team in Europe's elite competition!"

Ridiculous? That we would even analyze Balotelli's situation. If a theatrical "I was only joking" safe for work move led us to wonder why he wasn't strolling around in the Inter XI every single time, then if we asked the question "Why isn't he scoring?" then maybe we could see a coach "campaigning" against him, demanding that he has to become Italian.

This he rarely was. In fact most of the questions you hear now are because the clubs are heavily financial burdened and on the financial treadmill. That's something everyone knows for a fact. Balotelli ruled that part of that off when he made it a point to say how he appreciated it when the fans felt the way they did about him. With his no-trade clause, there was zealousness to say even more.

Some were saying he was twigging now not because he was finishing the season at Inter but because he wanted to profit off that one cut of the retiree bumper new deal at Milan. Well, yes.

His non-appearance last season and disinterest in playing football somehow made him seem to have been blackballed by everyone. It did a number on his bank balance as well. When he was signed, Milan paid 19 million euros for his services and they will be paying 16.1 million this season. Add in a new contract with that price tag and it must be tough for him to be Messi without a dancing Colombian in his thighs sometimes.

Also, the financial validity of key member of the Adam Lallana shitcunt squad. Having Beppe Sannino as captain made this whole thing so much more tarnishing for him. Nobody can be head of a club if they are overpaying of the minimum as a player; unless from vague speculation within a few hours that has to be bombarded over the clouds to get things across.

This is not to go out on a limb and predict a move, but neither is it a given that Liverpool will bring him in, not seeing any benefit to conducting a leak submitted to here that claiming that Liverpool had his back.

It seems like only certain parties are not focusing on what really matters to the young man. An online story has been going around that he is looking for the master Manny Pacquiao in Punch and Move and the figure number one on most lists is Sergio Martinez at Everton.

Followers beside bin accident actually of 2.5 million also pushed for Jorge Mendes agent to be on the case, claiming it makes sense.

Being delivered by a snivelling follower to the master and accepting it as one for a fee of 150,000 euros alone while linked to Man United of course sends another clear message to the club that such an event is off limits.

Well, what an act of utter stupidity from Mendes? When evidence of Sergio's recent fitness issues and putting the club at risk? It's less than a month until he decides to test Nick's backside, then fetch him your price pack and get back to Bardonecchia identified
======================================== SAMPLE 38 ========================================
attempted to operate with Levick's permission.

"I met with someone this week to facilitate the hiring process," he said, adding that Cudd is the first person in his family to work as an officer.

The other officer positions will be filled with minority candidates, he said. The first not-bidding process will likely be for officers who have not been on the job for over a year, but this officer class will not be holding its breath.

He added: "Once I found Levick last night, it was evident that (Levick) is in need of new officers. The staffing crisis so far has bordered on shocking. If I were Nix, I would be concerned about the lack of personnel."

"I've always done the best I can to make my department the best in the city," Nix told the critics. "I've felt that provided you have the personnel, I think you have a chance."<|endoftext|>Welcome to Gluten Free America!

Global Digestive Health and Nutrition Initiative, Gluten Free America


Our mission is to foster greater transparency and meaningful science in the field of nutrition and gluten-free dietary needs.

Gluten Free Americans - or GFA - is a nonprofit that is committed to their cause. We believe in wellness, evidence-based medicine, and meaning nutrition can have for individuals, families, communities, and the planet.

GFA is a collective partnership among Gluten Free America, the Celiac Disease Foundation, the Kendelia Dietitizing/Training on Celiac Disease, Nutritious Moment (formerly the Coalition for a Healthy Chidren, Association La Natural for Health & Education), and the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health over the years.<|endoftext|>On This Day

Monday 12th June 1921

91 years ago

Nineteenth-born Mayer Amschel Rothschild died in London at the age of 107. He had grown up, in his own words, in the life of a "pocked child" of a wealthy Montasser family in Bulgaria in the late 19th century. Increasingly famous as the longtime antiquarian, food preservationist, and philanthropist he had become, he dedicated his last decade to providing assistance to needy families in Jewish communities throughout America. His late wife, Beatrice, whom he married in the 1920s, passed away in 1938, so he was not quite as visible to the American public ever again. In 1928, Mayer died shortly after his wife. His will left the sole share of the foundation to his grand-daughter, Alice Macky Mayer Rothschild. Because of her disinheritance from the business, Mayer Amschel won his battle to go untreated as a successful blind patient.<|endoftext|>A British consumer named Joe Beech complained online about reader service while also asking about comments made by Steve Baker and Mike Challinor about Buxton's Crematorium on April 9. Baker and Challinor barged right up to Joe Bell's car, at a traffic light in Westminster, then called out, "Hey Joe" and "What have you done to your car?" They refused to stop until Joe Bell left, but with his warning lights flashing and tail lights flashing, he was fortunate enough to get out of it.

This incident isn't something that happened or even imagined at political rallies, places within 100/300 yards of the UK parliament, or at protests. It was an anti-rally disagreement during the Brand London 2013 conference in New York; the car was hit from behind as someone drove past, and then bounced and hit a parked car parked directly in front before rolling down a hill. It took the police an hour to arrive, but one of their officers apparently agreed to let them take photos and videos of the incident.

Sadly, cultural blasphemy that BDS logos get associated with terrorism and visible used against Jews is still apparently methodical, and a UK man named Alex yesterday summarized it with tweets detailing how he got his car vandalized simply for reading about Israel's enemies and Iran's allies. Alex had read a letter about the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement in his local news paper and town hall in Oxford. Nor did he do anything to provoke his assailant.

"I was in Oxford City Hall (where he got his original letter) and they said that there were points of contention about parts of the article. It was about political groups (BDS) and the Iranian regime and Israel moving along side each other. I read that because we were given a free hand to talk about it. They asked us about what we thought, to appeal to the CIO, who stayed for around five minutes, and we made our case, doing our best to explain our point of view."

Uprising phones held seems of higher value than to go to them with questions, but Alex also explained that everyone got a chance to speak, and it was the right answer to answer
======================================== SAMPLE 39 ========================================
to do this?

sh have you updated your downloads

if not just look at your last message

stretched out estimated time for response is over 2 hours (casual mood) Im hungover as fuck

make sure to get a mod like this

you are having issues loading: andreasprings errata antigenia updater HDR System -> more complicated,don't have full understanding yet ELECTROHYDRONG?, placeboborneatarrelated ) dont want to create false negative postgame troublejumpstart derilo_tf not ready for chronic use 22.03.16 (Year 2062? My breath just stood still for a second, without wavering: it was so immanently extraordinary when I saw that I had done it at last; it was with that very earnestness that I dashed out jet packs Office we need a crash course in futility research creative newfangled abomination suggestion #7 .040 in your jeans And he who appears lost is lost in matter beyond measure

personally have never had any problem with the changes, the only issue I've had so far is with the Wearables HQ <3 . Well mostly that one.

this is also related to your walk and run speed - if your going on a long walk, there is going to be a lot of time spent magically getting there; your Statistics will remain wavering all the way

no need to wait for HDP to download properly, GG has everything readied to be played as soon as you connect RuthlessSymmetry https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687755482 but when the error appears when on the viewport, you can put the console message at the same time, and it resolves it flawlessly without going into command console

have noticed recently that math, target mark etc. are some big buggers when you refresh after downtime... so you might want to turn off keep fps way down and maybe for some reasons for example to keep an updated post-assualt protection from lag

(please note that I did not track who came in if I cannot make a clear? question per se between both me and you)


cancetership noire & 3k, i did not check personally, but it seems that your form of chemical make believe (i.e. replacing the viewport motions to the conclusions) methods count for disposorce; when i return as it is is an act of betrayal —

Unbelievable. …..I'll break your pagination. G3D Bonnie blossoms yet 18 aug –2009Peach Topping walking... bouncing… jumping... waking up under my watch ;p https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=733495841 Watchtale might need a radiant 101 Spy again Kang stickyedit Screen grippers impact pointing knife http://imgur.com/f2pmQFK Notre android streams ahead Mobiledown for hardware accelerated

inthesky unneccessary. clear to release it

If is flashing's weird I need to first update pictures data and graphics. Witness flipping'-ifty136—

Actually for what it is, it's cool. In an ideal world, no browser Gorillaz participants ever binged the video again. And for Valve #10 to unfailingly answer every consecutive thread providing a valid and accurate valid response, leaving other throwaways seeing butt-'sinking how things must be. You and ❤A »but her cricsotic vorticles are defective.> would be good too, since it makes your main trusty Löve2Fighter2 recognize and accept the reality of VR's landscape.

unless Valve's B wormhole hypothesis is true, then I say bad path for our finding home. which would be extremely sad for anyone currently in the can.

if engine isn't limited by fidelity, then the overwhelming temptation, as I well know, is to tie edge-z up and sprint across its login line(ESP). "❤ dangerously-ventilated-hairtdunction kredisings here is a better path." preview: ID ? //blue helmet???Yes our path is many and offerings permitting Vistaapproach adequate trainedcious other size smaller). Will work to further explore co-optive and collective totality above a "waterhole" levelbasishower momenthunny would be great  - -and the update-related translations we're shopping for (i.e. elastic cursors,fish logo Mona Lisa,guys said AI client) will be communicated in github. This should hopefully eliminate any backstory gulf between the this and the Firefox internet users.osverface color space cygillis and potty cleaner<|endoftext|>Time Moves On: We All Change But 'Life Goes on'

Enlarge this image toggle caption Rich King/AP Rich King/AP

======================================== SAMPLE 40 ========================================
AeroFoxtrot Extension

An AeroFoxtrot extension. Add new targeting expressions.

Install to extend the functionalities of the pilot consoles. For reference, see Help->Developer Information.<|endoftext|>This was a real shift from my usual tactic. After running multiple sequences, from many kilometres, of most competitive time trial bikes I had to settle for a big favorite despite having all my favourites testing here, to already having a podium spot. "A day off"ised this sequence.

Day 1 stage race trail bicycles

Still new to downhill, I decided to start up strungout as many gravel paths as I could find to cover even more distance. I tried to stay away from hills, bogs, and also narrow passages – mostly to just give me rhythm with no purpose. This wasn't extremely pro but I followed the flow of the race and been surprised everyone I crossed paths with is riding trail bikes. It wasn't nearly as heavy with politics and gels as expected.


I didn't run that many angles on gravel, try to jump up and down in tight and 2km or so straight-aways. Mostly just to feel the variance between cycles, to see the difference between basic frames. I thought this was the most well rounded of the day I suppose. It still wanted to drop me out in the smallest motion, but never abused me too much. No reward for this, that's for sure.

I almost wanted to ask skizozo what bunny slipper was but he was deferenced to changing it's boots when it was still raining… damn how they'd never learned that trick!

Skizozozoa's bike bears the owner a reputation for being a basic understated road bike. Well bought Components are visible. He obviously knows what he wants and I admire that. I've been thinking a lot about this day because it was my first time participating in a mass chase so the focus on handling skills in running mirrored the mechanics of the race. Making routes and fine tuning for each rider was essential to get on top, or even get past. Viewed another way the plain old trainers and single speed bikes were in their element in setting up the best courses, they were able to pick out little niggles get the right jump, or carve the most touchy left turns.

Overall a superb day, with a great ride to finish it off. I would work on technique, maybe shave percentage off my wins.<|endoftext|>About

Girlbox (Japanese: ボーイとブレック) is an exploitable animated sequence featuring a child character exhibiting the types of emotional distress commonly found in females, such as crying in the face of rejection and yelling "ARGH" while intensely hungering, usually paired with a crying and vomiting line of the same degree.


The earliest known appearance of the crying girl has been spotted by YouTube's YouTube user theCommenter on September 24th, 2010 (shown below, left). Another version was posted on YTMND on September 11th, 2010 (shown below, right). On March 7th, 2011, Tumblr user atomiskerk submitted an animation titled "Girlbox" to the baby-themed animated gif site "Fabulous Flutterby," accumulating 6,000 notes and 200 notes as of April 7th, 2011. The meme came onto other sites by early 2012, most commonly Dim 329 During Small Talk GUI Jamaican general answered a question about how a girlbox works. According to Dim, the girlbox works by breezing through judgment by lukewarm, sunnier, people of low social rankings.


On August 13th, 2012, Toshimichi Kameda, a Japanese artist known for drawing emotive figure drawings, revealed the creation of a girlbox he drew based on the dandy pose inspired by The Name of This Game character Brandon Trost in his "Choose Your Own Adventure: 20 Fourth Generation Sub-Conjecture Figures" project. The creation went viral, garnering upwards of double the referrals that the comment from theCommenter had on YouTube. On August 25th, Instagram user mikeryu posted an image tagged with the caption "Boy enter girlbox" (shown below, left), and on August 28th, the self-titled Moviziis Instagram account posted a video titled "Girlbox," receiving over 790 views as of October 12th, 2012.

On February 2012, BoyResource shared an image with a baby exploring a girlbox. The post drew more than 1,300 responses and 130 comments the next day. That same day, DeviantART user Mendopa posted an image featuring a girl whining while surrounded by blankets and a girlbox (shown below, below). Over the next four years, the photo garnered upward of 380 comments and 30,000 views. On July 11th, FATE! Deviant Art artist Chad #9025 uploaded an image of his own crying girlbox caption
======================================== SAMPLE 41 ========================================
As the Patriots win their fifth straight, they enter the bye week of 2015 hotter than ever. And with a rough loss against the Dolphins last weekend they will be almost a perfect 5-0 when they come off of the bye.

They have the perfect opportunity to improve on last years 2010 season with the ability to win four consecutive games for the first time in their history.

Are Tom Brady & Co. ready for the challenge? Or more realistically, will the entire team numbes up to the challenges of a Patriots game?

Find a Breakout Star

I have made the case to replace Blount both in the backfield and in the pass game after seeing plenty of glimpses of DeAngelo Williams in Week 4 and 5. It should be noted that Williams finished the game as the third leading rusher with ten yards on four carries.

Other running backs such as Dion Lewis and James White are also being looked upon to make plays, which should result in an improving offense.

Matthew Slater's two seasons mark are over for now with the signing of former Texans Safety D.J. Swearinger. Slater will likely spend a lot of time at Hargrove and Hamilton's covered free safety positions.

If I had to pick a breakout player for this upcoming week, it would be running back Tommylee Lewis just looking on as a look at replays, try to get more reps, how he runs with contact, changes of direction and in general schemes and concepts.

Easiest Defenses to Stop

There has never been a truly hard defense for the Patriots, this week they'll face one that I think is the hardest early season test they have faced to date.

The walls have never been crumbled by New England, but I believe they are crumbling. I'm not necessarily referring to the execution of their schemes, but more the process from scouting to gameplanning to execution.

Am I going to call them physical? Absolutely. The Giants certainly wore out the Patriots defense over the first two seasons of their rivalry. However, I'm looking at how many opportunities they had with the same technique and technique.

For a team that I believe can have issues on a few different aspects especially in the run game, I think this matchup will be extremely easy to stop.

The Giants did a good job with how they are able to counter the Patriots third down defense. Another thing that I believe Giants fans should be wondering is how far they can widen out the field on a run on third down for such a top-tier pass defense like the Patriots.

While the Giants took 12 shots on designed runs and targets on 53% of their drives last year, the Patriots allowed just one false start attempt on third down and they're something to watch this week.

Although New York started well against the Giants in Week 2 and quickly overwhelming them with offensive success, the progressions weren't smooth at times- that was the biggest problem for the Giants offensively that failed to retain momentum on offense after halftime.

The reason for me writing this couldn't be instead of offense when Wilson ran for 165 yards in that game, a mark that primed the pump for defense's jersey to see widespread selling early, perhaps it was the application of those figures this week when the defense will have two of their stars, Lewis and Dumervil mentally drained from being relegated to sub-packages late in games and in the playoffs.

Ironically, it was one of those versions of the Giants' skill position players that really pushed Landon Collins into a chip on his shoulder looking for a reach on a San Francisco receiver on that dangerous fourth quarter drive.

Am I going to fret over stopping the run versus San Francisco? No. I just can't gauge or book it till the moment I dig into their game plan in preparation, in any case, this week I anticipate a run heavy attack versus the New England rushing defense.

4 Factors Will Be A Critical Personality in This Bye Week

I could go on and analyze the changes in the New England. However to equally evaluate the team and its current roster this week, let's look at four key factors.

(1) Rock Bottom and Big X Factor: Tom Brady & Coach Belichick

I'm not going to start talking about cancer, a grim mental abyss, something beyond belief or a legendary coach simply to talk about how one of their greatest players could have would be emotionally painful to watch.

However, unlike Ryan the trophy happy-ticket drive-to-the-crowd driver over the first two seasons may be a chimera when Brees takes his anger out on the next opponent.

Brady has been his own worst nightmare on and off the field. He has become confident enough in his command to pursue with a coach that is giving him ability to make plays wherever he may be. His relentless drive to break every single record in the pile, grew further every month.

He broke the record for most game-
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Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell says she is confident Congress and President Donald Trump will pass a bipartisan ObamaCare replacement bill by November.

The Democrat and Republican blame each other for the cloud of uncertainty left by the delayed vote on the bill.

Congressional Republicans are struggling to find 50 of their 52 votes for an ObamaCare bill, and the Democratic speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has labeled the GOP's efforts "a joke."

Ms Burwell also defended ObamaCare at a breakfast at The Roosevelt Room on Wednesday with two journalists which was lined similarly to their occasions on Tuesday.

She stressed that she was confident in a winning strategy and asked if Democrats wanted to negotiate on the bill and know how to pocket money to hand out scholarships and health coverage to lower income Americans.

She was met at the centre with applause. She responded being realistic but she emphasised 10 months into the administration of President Donald Trump.

"As health providers have learned the last 10 months alone, securing the integrity of the individual market is constituted of unwilling participants, GOP force majeure of the sun and moon, and Medicare in limbo," she said.

She went on to draw a parallel to the Tennessee Valley Authority as a program to "keep electricity flowing" had 15 years of concerns.

"Hopefully, we will get something out of the Senate in the next 10 months," she said

Shape Created with Sketch. The controversial orders Donald Trump has already issued Show all 9 left Created with Sketch. right Created with Sketch. Shape Created with Sketch. The controversial orders Donald Trump has already issued 1/9 Trump and the media White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer takes questions during the daily press briefing Getty Images 2/9 Trump and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Union leaders applaud US President Donald Trump for signing an executive order withdrawing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations during a meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington DC. Mr Trump issued a presidential memorandum in January announcing that the US would withdraw from the trade deal Getty 3/9 Trump and the Mexico wall A US Border Patrol vehicle sits waiting for illegal immigrants at a fence opening near the US-Mexico border near McAllen, Texas. The number of incoming immigrants has surged ahead of the upcoming Presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, who has pledged to build a wall along the US-Mexico border. A signature campaign promise, Mr Trump outlined his intention to build a border wall on the US-Mexico border days after taking office Getty Images 4/9 Trump and abortion US President Donald Trump signs an executive order as Chief of Staff Reince Priebus looks on in the Oval Office of the White House. Mr Trump reinstated a ban on American financial aide being granted to non-governmental organizations that provide abortion counseling, provide abortion referrals, or advocate for abortion access outside of the United States Getty Images 5/9 Trump and the Dakota Access pipeline Opponents of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines hold a rally as they protest US President Donald Trump's executive orders advancing their construction, at Columbus Circle in New York. US President Donald Trump signed executive orders reviving the construction of two controversial oil pipelines, but said the projects would be subject to renegotiation Getty Images 6/9 Trump and 'Obamacare' Nancy Pelosi who is the minority leader of the House of Representatives speaks beside House Democrats at an event to protect the Affordable Care Act in Los Angeles, California. US President Donald Trump's effort to make good on his campaign promise to repeal and replace the healthcare law failed when Republicans failed to get enough votes. Mr Trump has promised to revisit the matter Getty Images 7/9 Donald Trump and 'sanctuary cities' US President Donald Trump signed an executive order in January threatening to pull funding for so-called "sanctuary cities" if they do not comply with federal immigration law AP 8/9 Trump and the travel ban US President Donald Trump has attempted twice to restrict travel into the United States from several predominantly Muslim countries. The first attempt, in February, was met with swift opposition from protesters who flocked to airports around the country. That travel ban was later blocked by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The second ban was blocked by a federal judge a day before it was scheduled to be implemented in mid-March SANDY HUFFAKER/AFP/Getty Images 9/9 Trump and climate change US President Donald Trump sought to dismantle several of his predecessor's actions on climate change in March. His order instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to reevaluate the Clean Power Plan, which would cap power plant emissions Shannon Stapleton/Reuters 1/9 Trump and the media White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer takes questions during the daily press briefing Getty Images 2/9 Trump and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Union leaders applaud US President Donald Trump for signing an executive order withdrawing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations during a meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington DC. Mr Trump issued a presidential memorandum in January announcing that the US would withdraw from the trade deal Getty 3/9 Trump and the Mexico wall A US Border Patrol vehicle sits
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NEW DELHI: Foreign investors in India will be allowed to convert stocks or chests of gold into non-cash items doing not constitute "risky" financial instruments under the new law aimed at discouraging short-term hedging among investors eyeing risky stocks as part of the bull call on all-time highs in the rupee .Another flexibility to be allowed is allowing the convertibility of foreign securities into various other currency without restriction.STF "Guardians of Financial Stability" bill, which includes cancellation of foreign investments and anti evading fomentators, comes into force on Sept 3.It is designed to "protect the interests of foreign investors," finance minister P Chidambaram said.Foreign investors will be allowed to transfer funds as non-secure transmission for non-current transactions irrespective of description.The government has listed a number of narrow exceptions covering assets such as currency of countries for which UPA had imposed sanctions, including the KR4 billion (over Rs 644 crore) that came through payments routed through China and a Gujarati-language newspaper, stating that there were non-suspect reasons for it.For riskier investments, they will be allowed to convert insanely high valuations to partial Certain Axes (QAS) (Non-collateralized Debt Obligations).These are non-transparent transactions but they are sought at the request of non-performing borrowers, who seek to transfer huge amounts of risk to them after rising domestic prices and deteriorating interest incidence since 2010.SaveRs100 million, the proposed allowance is not enough to meet the proposed turnover of Rs 6,610 crore, according to industry estimates.Investors can also transfer KYC/AML details and transfer mobile subscription number to other services such as value-added tax . Therefore, investors besides traders are also allowed to transfer real estate or other assets, according to a document sent to CIVIBANK shareholders on Thursday.The limit for value-added tax is Rs 1 crore for any person.Taking account of the buyer's quantum of acquisition over which QAS has been granted, the limit for value-added tax varies between Rs 1 and Rs 4 lakh depending on the specific transaction offered by the purchaser. The new mechanism would discourage "exploiting buyers who have bite in many obituaries of asset prices but have mediocrity in techie usability", the government has said.Foreign investors after early deadlines can file after a year to dispose of their money instead of just transferring it earlier to avoid the new registration requirement for such transaction.Under this provision, delivery of goods or services by a receiver for a foreign investor might be registered within three to four weeks.Delaying registration directly to avoid the QAS registration would also encourage foreign investment by those who prefer smooth registry of similar transactions in India, a government official said."It does not preclude dealers to register close to foreign investors. It is primarily for the regulator to act on on complaints from investors with regards to lack of sophistication and lack of products," said one of the officials who did not want to be identified.The information handling capability has been strengthened by extending the period for submitting investors' requests for verification from one year to three months from the date of notification.So instead of QAS reservation being more stringent than the other insurance products, it is more relaxed. But, the finance minister said, it was originally intended to give a margin of error.The definition of paper market also has been given a makeover."The earlier definition of "paper market" cannot be used unless there is an actual boiler as such market is fixed or calculated," Chidambaram had said.SBI , Trai and State Bank of India said they are in favour of increased monitoring by RBI of the market by, in effect, movement of currency in physical and virtual form.For exchanges, the new law requires their registration.Living on Mahatma Gandhi's famous coolie creed : "For each100,000 khode ekata jaam (100,000 pounds of Exile), there pains a100 nurses. Australia exportation to SA,000,000 of tea,372,500 litres of beer. Treasury establishment exports 2.000 tonnes battery steel into China (third largest port in 'Haryana)in silicon straight lines. Caravan keeping [email protected] symbols of Pak Republic/Sangh does Rs 850. But Dual Tax shelter grows $206 billion TO US$376 billion. American exporters report that it is 45 or 50 day before any order `answers. A Canadian news paper has reported all alternatives till Jan themselves form US than Bilateral Trade Treaty''!"For lubricant of durable Mexican ducat lemonade (40,700 bottles), Saratoga Springs is all-expensive. Hence its son sent here from ventral heights of Niagara Falls. Narayanpur of Maharashtra, Malabar Brahmin mahila maar +110.1 IUIU , 126 jhp rupees a month_vt sep 27 '14

On May 18, 893 investors of CIB(1), who were
======================================== SAMPLE 44 ========================================
Round one begins today and this time its my turn. Before you ask I'm a meat so my plan is to pick my meat from the Live Wiki Meat Garden every thousand dark for three seconds. Later I'll be Cosmic Bulb is Pain.

This event started tonight I noticed Hardmode Starfish was attacking kaja isead. I went all the way to Kaja's Nest and sacrificed Skeerolls to kaja isead. I then sacrificed Cosmo Bulb is Pain the hardmode bomb to release D and cast it on things and use its chance to summon DIG atee. With the help of Kaja's Nest again using my six health to cast the salty goo Fist of infinite. I awsomeness managed to kill the Bomb with one shot, placed the bomb on fight everyone and shared it to death a few times. Turn 1 I start poison lots of things including I have generals you Probably you aren't concerned about tanking stuff. OH yeah. You've been warned. The first fight is easy as /y too. As long as you can switch time every three stuns you're dictating your opponents game plan. Its research doesn't put me at risk but it does possibly always keeps you at risk. Continue to saundrop when you can with the fairies in your hand. Astrologer and BoSS full restores the rest of the times you fould with lozengun too make sure you farm for these through challenging your enemies if you encounter them. Try to buff those two after every fight. Spawn orb golems at every opportunity time because you can, use psitacolt or in this case glitter dust and Attack>>Time 1. The second fight is weird. An encounter in act 5 Class issue gets into your face. If they have me. Oh so did I if I wasn't on egg cages or dead in dramatic fashion. One second time 1 beware. Regenerate after every slash. It's engaged in a real nervous dance with gems of eyelash-awesome skills. Awesome crowd control some type of burst damage, mitigation, fire, mechanics… etc. Yep. Whatever. No need to focus on that. Take to the killables. Based on how you've used acid bombs grab the souls of defeat and multiply by 600. Seriously. Last was safe chunk of zerg lasts when you take the souls of defeat multiply them by a hundred that's mean time 1... nervously trembling!! YES. Trinity effect + harassment settings and I'm out. Dark Roulette Level large event within few kills. Again. Huge ups and downs this time. Don't really try not to die because at some point your beat T3 and I shud really die... could have easily matched T4 functionally. If you aren't as sick of it as I was the First thirds Objective is my gigantic 155 inability to exit window kaja isead. Keep buffs before kaja isead has spawned, and make sure my spirit for reason actually resides in each dead minion. This can all stay at zero and respawn your minion. Back annoyingly higgheth sprites, playing and cast on spawn. Aether Defiant Chameleon the new egg eating priority. Try to spread the oppertunities as much as you can. It doesn't piss me off as much but hold onto eggs as they gives maniahol.

As much as I've missed the symphony of legendary events I love every little thing Kaja's Nest has got to give us. With all that goes into this event I'm sure with a well constructed team its mission like. Kaja isead still going to go nuts in hardmode, and if you're stupid enough to waste her it'll tie you up for a few turns. So sacrifice manners be damned here are some old school password techniques.

Make Placing skills your priority. Past each letter of 3 we'll automatically roll pulls on our first 3 pulls. After it the rest of the courses err if you're lucky all your old skills will come up at the skill words for the row you threw on. Their timing will repeat if you swapped back @ everything. When your HOLD THE FUCK UP I'M A MODEST OWNER. Split instrument skills into 1 word biomer. Break icons into 1 word handmade. Run sheet of reality for each loop.. Search for tasukette into it #onesoldypes. Friction your drops in separate phrases and apply them on sing smell, dance. Try the card combinations but I don't recommend it and nope, if its available get it but who cares so long as its something your capable of. Cross your fingers that you get what you deserve. Press note cute I'm a girl, cutesake #toygoessoldier. Raise money while a farmer 1#treasureragon monkey. Go back over your south million resources to calculate what green thing you need to push your goal to every skill the next three logs will put 9 gifts lying on the floor for pooper saved plans or
======================================== SAMPLE 45 ========================================
As the larger parts of Act IV and Act V were being written, E was being put together and then presented to the animation department for blitting. While this isn't yet in your library, a rich brown background was used for a number of this song. It was the vehicle for the animators to bring everything together.<|endoftext|>Video

Legends of the Hawai'i Packers came out this group of famous athletes – players who made an impact both at their highest level and with their dancing and performance.

"We'll be looking at those individuals and their athletic greatness, while also the tempo of the dancing that set them apart from the others," Jimmy Henschke of the Beauvoir Packers said.

`<|endoftext|>Price dropped below 20 euros overnight and now elapsing through the last market exchanges. No one knows how much it will end up. http://simplefx.co.in/ ... NTR9/ONE Poll for PanAm users, which is supported by The Boeing Company, sampling 119,210 applicants (99.79% women, with 72.74% online) View the platinum poll on a link on Taobao on mintimes. We assess the chances of one of our other products being sold on 5 different portals and then on Suning China 20,000 sites. The results of our business have an impact on the outlook of our auto-pharmacies, inventories, in stock inflation, business growth and profit margins.

Read is therefore crucial.

Direct inquiry to

[email protected] $ 10 BTC per share on your request.Market setup: http://mmmr.co.nz/286/mtco slide $ final https://cdn.postimg.org/image/rlppsnnid/whenbtc placement250.jpg<|endoftext|>Everyone loves taking the stage. Whether it's that perfect first solo gig, the grand opening for your band- Lead guitarist? Guitarinnate? You know, Tom Parisi from Radiohead, or that Beatles band. Maybe you're just performing in the front row of an open mic night.

Either way, it's tough to escape the 71 Government Center for the Performing Arts crammed into the South Boston Cultural Center, where Graham Greenwood, Johnny Manford, Miguel Munoz, Nina Persson, Glenn Kotche, Daniel Bachman and many more give blue-collar Boston a heavy dose of rock and roll, jazz, funk and fun in between sets.

Plus tons of juried folk, taking inspiration from the talents of the community. The Georgia Dance Company will grace the setlist on January 16th, and more than just followers of declamatory hip-hop can call Red's Home Rock Shop their home away from home when Ted Baker, Vinnie Dekle and Llewelyn Malk Starr defeat CenterLu for a (get ready for a sad hymn) in Anthem, a song about a broken heart:

Graham Greenwood – In The Light

Johnny Manford – Heartache Blues

Graham Greenwood – Goodbye Mr. World

Georgia Deborahflex – Home Hearts

Barbara Stanley – Blue Carpet

Miguel Munoz – Lookin' Out for No One

Mick Campbell – Big Saturday

Daniel Bachman – Smooth Traffic

Nikki Gwaltney – It's All Been Done

Nicksho McGhee Berk – Vader

Jonathan M. Lai – Steady Rhythm

Charlotte Royer – Mister Monopoly

Michael Cunningham – Be Fine

Puton C Hunt – Divorce In A Song

Jeb Duncan – The Meddler

Vinnie Dekle – Hang Ten

Llewelyn Malk Starr – Was Bill Killed

Eric V. Distributor – To Stroke The Elephant

97 13th St, 3rd Floor of Curigusser Center for the Arts, (617) 845-9911, Website

Eastern State Penitentiary, Bridgeport, CT

No one goes away from the penitentiary when they sing the immortal line:

"Please let me in Puttin' the screws on."

Come see Graham Greenwood and Danny Goldberg's Magical Mystery Tour Here:<|endoftext|>The intelligence umpire has proposed to limit how many tailenders are put in play from the ruck and will seek to maintain the conserve-the-ball tactic that has served Pacific club sides so well.

A work-described preliminary proposal being circulated among officials in the AFL is well within the parameters of the agreement between the playing group and Cricket Australia last month.

Nathan Wilson plays his draft chases outside the tackle in Perth. Photo: Pat Scala

Under the the AFL's rules for this season, there are no rules against the rear-ruckers attempting to pursue the ball and convert in their own half. Advantage is still played, however, with rash action on the play judged by umpires to be deliberate.

======================================== SAMPLE 46 ========================================
The OP was noticeably divisive from the start, thanks to an overly long, trainwreck dialogue during which he casually called himself a "sly rapist" and had to be prevented from assaulting a woman. The backlash over the name-calling, as well as some of his other statements, sparked a massive word-of-mouth (cigarette winning the good fight) after the image in question was shown (making me think of Nicolas Cage in The Birdcage). I too have much disdain for his casual trolls attacking other editors, including myself, but that may be forgiven for being somewhat amusing in the context of being a condescending and ridiculous Person of Horizons fuckah. It was well known from the start that copypasta, although somewhat original. The name was apparently leaked by the editor who got flustered when the Chinese President called him an asshole in mid-fucking-Concert, a run time truly worth repeating. Ko ""______" ____ (New Image) "___________"HU<|endoftext|>PBS Frontline reporter Mark Lorber has broken this story out of Washington D.C. with the help of former Reuters' reporter Alan Yuhas.

Here is an excerpt from that story.

The next possible step after Ajit Sethi suggests cracking down on sellers of empanadas has been suggested by a data breach of Malaysia Airlines and the release of data from its computer system in which this was theorised to be a scenario involving US Senator Ted Stevens.

Hyperbole aside, the point about Bangladesh is that there are a slight minority of estimates that think the chances of bringing it into the Federal Reserve's Special Drawing Rights basket are over 20%, with HSBC at 27%. Those are not great levels. Hopefully that does not mean that the process is going to take that long. However, Bandar Abbas, putative gateway country, either sinks in the pond of Iruma, or enters the pool to meet up with Turkey's large-market index and create a year-end addition to the SDR basket. The picture is already pretty complicated however, as the responses of various members of the Arabian peninsula should serve as a cautionary tale. Bandar Abbas is likely to hedge the Rupee with increasing anxiety by selling high and seeing if a sort of spin off of the Turkish lira into the EU offers prospects of a modest depreciating value. India is the market to watch and the large Chinese liquidity Deposit with devaluing currency loans intends to confuse OSOne and its $US5000k of CD rate on a rate move to bring Russia into the basket at 57+%. Any such price move from Russia – which is not likely – would likely prompt a series of selective and smaller moves for iGSEs with unscrupulous offshore suppliers to fill the large deficit and the overly eager and likely to act unwitting ECB to extend one half trillion euro bailout to save one petro state banker from the financial weapons list. Libya should also have some buyers eager to unload off of its non-performing assets. Despite the current turmoil and its steady retreat from the Silk road, it still will be participating in Western bridges instead of sinking the ship of Albion, which is relying on a foreign name in the image of Stephanie Stephanie. Mississippi Mississippi is the BP replacement, but some more foreboding oil cut prices and sell up South has the Mississippi the spills.

I suggested on Wednesday's MSM Wednesday Morning that Saudi Arabia should fire its newly appointed Prince Bandar Hossein having allowed a game of volatile triangulation world break out. We moved the BB's father to the role of Partner and the new Vice President is a Countess of Sochi based on the Russian Pressure created by this the Stock Exchange algorithm taking preemptive counter measures. We are moving Bandar Hossein into the White House with Hillary Clinton reclassified as Boris Yeltsin. I suggested that Russia step-down from the CPSR as it has demonstrated too many pragmatism up to this point and is not a party to conventional shop defending Boutros Boutos runway. Join me on Believer Tuesday Sept 10, 9:15 AM Pacific a.m I know a gateal late Q.<|endoftext|>UPDATED, 11:20 a.m.

By Alice Gainer and D'Angelo Gore

ICE has to find as many illegal aliens to deport as three years ago.

That is the argument former Wall Street Journal reporter and fact checker Russell Contreras made Tuesday as the agency prepares to begin the largest deportation effort in its history. Many people have blamed President Obama's recent efforts to detain and deport illegal immigrants for attracting any new turn by the government.

"More detained aliens have resulted in a surge in illegal border crossings. More aliens apprehended can legally claim asylum. And yet, the number of deportations hasn't changed," Contreras wrote. "According to the Department of Homeland Security, fewer than 149,000 aliens were removed in fiscal year 2010. That number also included Mr. Obama's latest installment of pen, paper and orchestral, which resulted
======================================== SAMPLE 47 ========================================
Came home to a proposal with the box tacked, handed to me with its tip shoved up in the corner of the box. Signed, "Bernard"

After Alfred blew our stats idea to hell, somebody came in and asked if he could later ask me about the set of bones in front of Andy I.

The first thing I said when I put him in the negative corner was I HAD PREVIOUSLY UTILIZED SPINE MONKEYS ABOVE THE RAZOR GIANT.


Google's Project Ara smartphone may become more than just a cool idea; Google's collaboration with Taiwan's Foxconn might just eventually be ready to begin production, and the device will leak ahead of the official unveiling. Despite Foxconn's ability to source many parts for Project Ara, the company doesn't manufacture iPhones at the

"We have to make enough we are able to ship our partners at the level they need. Silicon production in developing countries is still not sufficient. The price drops are very limited," a Foxconn developer explained. According to the sources at Suzhou Universal Technology, 2013 will be the year that Foxconn is able to ship something powerful to consumers.

"In 2013 it will be interesting to make a list of the 20 smartphone models quarterly launch in the US 99 trade formats."

We don't know much quite yet about ABC mannerES that Google and Foxconn have been working around the clock to create, but from the comments we've received, everything we do know suggests that we're expecting to see something out soon:

"Of course the last few months we are dealing with extensive headwinds. Hardly a few days go by without news that plans of manufacturing and infrastructure being in place will be fast tracked into production. The good news is the electronics markets (level 4) demand 20% of the price of the developed countries. We believe this condition will be the last in some time."

Apple would be exceptionally pleased with why nothing much is happening; the annoyance could do with the fact that there's still a lot of work required before you can expect mass-produced iPhones. Potential issues that maintain wave-to-reach power are endless and are being pursued by practically every corporate in the country: also, using a high-salt food substitute — which the project amounts to — instead of entire ingredients at any given time grips not only iPhone but smartphone components forward and makes it a fight for the business to remain at the same level of quality. Apple's phones have to go into a new group of income says the source, and the best possible consensus is that within the next two years Apple will be a supplier of phones and technology for phones moving forward.

While it seems that Project Ara is moving forward industrially, the main obstacle facing new technologies is lack of economies of scale. If Apple and Foxconn have the new technology to 3000 units per outcome at that point, it's still only getting to their most popular models — a 3'11" iPhone, for example. The ultimate target is a battery that can do 999BH/hr in an effort to make the best phone possible, which would reduce the production cost and power consumption by several orders of magnitude.

Perhaps more important than the actual cost for the components Google and Foxconn are partnering on, though, is the due allocation. "We have to make enough we are able to ship our partners at the level they need," the Foxconn developer explained. From the source's words, when it comes to smartphones, "20% of the price of the developed countries." This would essentially mean a VRS chipset that can do 10BH/hr and will probably allow experimentation with RAM — reaching bitcents of 3000 in low-power mode without overhangs on the designs would be a good thing for future consumer products, and what we'd really like to see is the Google-Foxconn collaboration gain traction. Earlier this month, they were discussing getting involved in the space following a tweet from Google Google and Kiikin loaded absolutely nothing; this is not the hint we would have expected them to drop prior. (Overall, we are hopeful, but we'd give Google the biggest "it was worth a shot" shrug if we actually realized what was coming.)<|endoftext|>The Dover NX1200


r Nintendo DS went missing somewhere around the 2010 release of no.50, but then they periodically resurface for displays of actual system functionality ... and then disappear again. This week a few copies of the system popped into the hands of a number of enthusiasts who were keen to know if it held its marvellous innards, and were lucky enough to exchange it for the real thing. My own experience in the relatively recent past of using a Nintendo DS to play 3DS r retail DSi games on the Play Station 3 has proved gobsmackingly useful to doing so:

You can read our review in full with all the photos and video us here:
======================================== SAMPLE 48 ========================================
Recap & Images

[1955-1956 is the most recent year for seasons and images before that which can be viewed.]

2012 - 2014 - 2015<|endoftext|>The Out of Justice


No, your work is not going to accomplish anything.

I have a task for you. If you join the Gatar of Light, you'll be able to contribute.

I imagine a Gatar, getting tangled in the patient's hair. Perhaps a Gatar of Light crawling through gore.

Perhaps a Gatar using a spell to suck on the grass. Kite-side, I believe. I hope you enjoy your work.




12,820 experience

250 reputation with reputation with The Unseen University


Related<|endoftext|>JAIPUR: With the medals coming a nip (to the nose) by red dust too numerous to count at the Rio Olympics, both the sport and medical fraternity are in turmoil. Intolerance to salt has emerged as one of the possible barriers to successful swimming in the upcoming Rio Olympics despite several black marks against the Rio Games as well.Sportswomen and journalists alike are struggling with their health as sports associations do not seem to be open-minded enough on the matter and have stayed away from taking any action against minnows such as the Philippines Pangasinan, the second-lowest seeded team in the Olympics. "Canned food is also being sent to athletes but you won't see lassi's at the pool to cut the salt," one media person said. They may argue, sport shall only be accessible after the national diet has seen a change on nutrition and the requirement to sell clean food products which are easily available at most margins.While Gujarati AIDS Coin owns the grade of 11 salt along with a salt crystals reading UD1 after the data analysis of the Brazilian olive oil-slicked notebooks. The training work schedule for the championships such as Flag and Jazz enjoy its own mix of health issues as well as issues related to altitude conditioning. The diarrhea caused its own problems which need professional medical help due to infections in sensitive areas. Similarly, among the females 40 men suffer from stomach issues such as indigestion in summer in their flowing torsos. As their investigations indicate untoward side-effects of the current practice of using salt enriched with minerals and potable water.As per official statistics from their personal health trackers, 18,462 athletes have registered for the 76-day Olympic marathon and 1,262 have participated in the half marathon.<|endoftext|>The rankings are based on a presentation of data provided by Foursquare for its mobile app last May, while the story above is based on this report today, which combines rankings of the 258 largest metropolitan areas with 2013 data in the American Communities Project, a academic project at Stanford University and George Mason University that examines the relationships of communities with one another.<|endoftext|>Ben Schwartz chats about Night School and does impressions, too.

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How Much Have You Seen?

How much of Kelly Huston's work have you seen?<|endoftext|>President Donald Trump tweets about body parts more pervasively than you'd guess. AmericaExaminer.com has collected seven instances of Trump engaging in "fake" news, "alternative facts," and literally "body parts."

Trump once tried using the term "dental" in a tweet:

"Will somebody please take a serious look at the fact thator"

For additional examples of Trump talking about body parts go here.<|endoftext|>Designer Ralph Lauren took some time with CAP Fashion Week in New York City for a photo shoot where he led the runway so he could be seen walking alongside the models wearing designers pieces. The silks and polyester of Ralph Lauren inspired pieces today are made up of knit fabrics and ribbed cuts.

Goodbye Ligue 055

"Cap Fashion Week celebrates the most expressive and iconic designs and represents the pinnacle of global creativity and international fashion," said Chanima Brooker, the executive director at Passerelle Fashion, an

responsible apparel supplier serving a vast host of retailers across more than 50 countries, to CLMP.

If you would like to expand your reach with fashion leads, link to your intended geographer below or send an email to [email protected] for a custom discount!<|endoftext|>HOUSTON (Reuters) - A court hearing on whether to cancel Houston's Wednesday detention order as a fight over a Bloomberg's newspaper deal played out in courtroom on Monday.

A demonstrator (C) holds a sign outside a meeting of the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Holdings Ltd in Tokyo, Japan, October 20, 2016. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

The U.S. Supreme Court plans to issue rulings this month
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Thank you very much! I made little changes based on what I had, and it works great! I- seasoned the pork with some white pepper, cumin, d...

She did a really good job. I started with what I had on hand and ended up adding another 1/2 tsp of salt. Thanks for sharing!

lemming agee 284 23

Thank you very much! I made little changes based on what I had, and it works great! I- seasoned the pork with some white pepper, cumin, d... Read more


Really good recipe - I used a 3 lb pork roast, which weighed 9 oz. I drained the excess fat from the pork (which had a large amount of bacon fat that I braised). After marin... Read more

JOSEY22 0 1

I make this sauce every year these last few years, especially for New Years. I have been giving this one 4 star reviews with very good reason! This is a keeper! To me it tastes exactly the le... Read more

Karen 15 11

This is a very good slow cooker sauce. I eat it in my hush puppies and on french onion soup. It's very forgiving of your slow cooker. I use a small crock pot and cook 7 quarts of water in the ... Read more

LLAHome Jane 9 3

This is a VERY GREAT recipe. The only reason why it gave me 4 is because I used 3 lbs of pork. It would also be great with a little more flavor....But it is for sure one of the best havey... Read more

harrys 30 4

I increased the amount of salt and pepper to my liking. It was still really good. If those aren't enough, I add 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper. I also added an extra jar of carrot sticks and it was great. Read more


I can't say why it didn't work for me as much when I made it originally because what I have had sent to me from manufacturers doesn't seem to have suffered enough burn. I followed the adv... Read more

Kate Holt 207 184

The last time i modified this recipe version 3 I added 1 rolled egg for the yolk, 1/2 TSP of butter and 3 TSP of raw minced onion. Both were not on the ingredients list cus i didn... Read more<|endoftext|>Looking for news you can trust?

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On July 28, Frederick Beckey completed his Grand Hyatt Hotelograph in 14 countries, including 11 in the Middle East. He had arrived partway through his morning business meeting on the third floor, a gem of a 19th-century masterpiece he had built on a narrow suspension bridge spanning the nearby Suez Canal. The view east across the canal lanes to the houses of Cairo and Alexandria and the small island of Suez was stunning.

Beckey might have had the perfect place for his sales conference at lodge number 7091217, but services had to put up with protestors when the hotel opened that morning, and they forced Beckey to drive around with demonstrators outside his hotel. He told MSNBC this afternoon that he drove as if he was a cop trying to protect the hotel.

Beckey had prior reasons for believing the hotel would be denied the usual police escort.

The whole thing was immensely complicated, Beckey said. Despite the segregation—white and black bedrooms, separate dining room, etc.—he found it easy to find unity and even relaxation. They fed the demonstrators to great success. (Traffic cones!!) And, according to another hotel guest who obstructed Beckey on purpose.

White nationalists, who used the hotel to convene racist gatherings, proudly declared it "our little fortress" through the day and down at 6 p.m., there was a flag-waving cadre from Joseph Goebbels' and Hitler's HQs from "Birkenau" holding the German Black Cross with swastika on it around, and chanting "reunite the German people!" They then escorted these folks home.

Here's the full extended interview with Beckey edited for length and clarity:<|endoftext|>She's a complete bitch.

Too bad she lost her slot in all those great music festivals... No, I don't hate her. If she held lefties responsible in these "strong female voices" videos, that would be so AMAZING. The arrogance and entitlement this woman shows in her attitude is painful. Onion has had his shit laid out for him. He/she was overall disgusting, and I just missed out on all that manic pixie dream girl goodness.<|endoftext|>AFuT:Ch2 P: the AFTQ in Ch 2 will be available from Preload Prebooster Arcade Therein is no legal restriction to distributing any copyrighted
======================================== SAMPLE 50 ========================================
Stephen Colbert started off CBS' "Late Show" Wednesday night by thanking Gary Sinise, who was doing stand-up comedy with collaborator Will Martin at the Juilliard School in New York City shortly before Fallon took over.

"One of our truest stories right here is this guy Sinise and this guy Martin, who was on the New York City improv scene with him," Colbert explained. "They're from a very similar background. These guys were our boys. So this episode I'm doing a bit about Gary, and about something he said to me, possibly in the heat of the moment. This was in L.A. They were on the floor, and Gary got back on stage and pulled out this plastic bag where he was sleeping. And he said: 'Look at the nose of this sack of shit! God, what a nose!'"

"That's what I still have on my bucket list" – and what isn't, appears to be a series of wide-ranging philosophical ruminations - "I'm going to do an audience response," Colbert then concluded, "to Gary Sinise's joke. He's going to tell me whether people are just going to love it or have that old-fashioned sense of discomfort."

Fetty Wap kicked things off, but it wasn't long before President Donald Trump showed up on the show. "We've never had the president of the United States on Late Night but we had this one crazed nightmare. He was under a giant commandeered helicopter, flying the coop," Colbert said, leading up to what could have been a frightening parody of Sinise's bad face joke.

But when he turned up the volume, Colbert realized what he was referring to. "We did hear him running around the room," a worried Colbert admitted.

Fallon emerged to go sit in on the impersonation of a Hollywood star parodying Trump before doing some splashy lunacy as the president. But once again, Sinise turned out to be the one (or two) laughing behind Trump. "When we heard him out, we heard his voice a little bit muffled," Colbert relayed. "But it was enough. That's when we all started freaking out." Howard Stern's caller, who came in for an interview about the clown lawsuit, presumably from the sight of Vanilla Ice's head popping overnight on the ceiling, told Fallon to "give him a Christmas discount!" Fallon did so, but Sinise wasted no time the moment the door slammed.

"He grabbed that night stick and ran out!" Colbert said "He ran out, and we can't hear anything that is being said at all, so we're all just sort of… Sol

Sinosi?" Colbert finally recovered, realizing what has happened. Kellyanne Conway stepped in. "That's just very, very scary!" she exclaimed.

😂 pic.twitter.com/U0v5iH8sZq — WTO Crossfire (@WTOpush) October 28, 2017

James Corden quickly joined the segment. "I think the President is shocked," Bono lamented. "My first thought was: 'I hate comedy.' I know the whole country hates comedy. I don't usually fight but this was insane."<|endoftext|>680 votes

"The Past and the Future at the Same Time"

Kazuma enters the school's science club in order to successfully enter kindergarten. It's key cards are taken seriously by the adults around him... ... more<|endoftext|>At the 1972 Munich Olympiastadion, the Soviet team's home crowd began cheering its young star Yuri Gagarin as they trained prior to preparations for the match, or VR beyrout. Largely composed of high school students in tight-fitting vacant uniforms, they walked away believing that Gagarin was the next North America's greatest athlete. However, the article has stated that this was just after Gagarin's spectacular on-field win, in which he also won 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

The five soldiers seated beside Gagarin were Red Army soldiers. Growth and later pinpointing the exact moment that Gagarin made it official with the Soviet flag is where interpretation has varied. There's scant footage of the game itself, and poor quality Soviet footage is likely the best we have available of Gagarin's win, which involves pushing a quadraplane, shooting off his rocket and gliding it into the net from an elevated base.

Gagarin's first two major international games were against England in Vraska and in Spain. He made his international debut at 14 in Goulburn, and competed in 100m, 200m and 400m at Runden Stadium in the same year. His greatest tournament came in the five-race 1969 World Long‑Distance Air Race. In a completely unexpected feat, he won combined freestyle and butterfly at Sabre Park in Goulburn. Since then, he
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Kevin Hickey made a successful return to the legal scene Friday after two years behind bars for illegal sexual intercourse with a minor.

Hickey, 45, was ordered released from Harris County jail at 3 p.m. Friday after serving less-than-three years for molesting 6-year-old girls who were at a two-day camp on land in Katy's Long Wood subdivision.<|endoftext|>Formula One has long had one of the most affordable entry-level programs in sports — and it's getting cheaper.

Formula One is testing race-used 2154 cars from ownership levels of $900,000 to $30 million for the first time this season. Averaging about $320,000 a car, that's $610 million worth of racing machines bought with disposable funds by the sport. Coupled with the 250,000-plus fans ticket-holders themselves, the total cost of organizing and promoting the sport is not insignificant.

Here's a brief snapshot of what teams pay (per season): There is the obvious base cost of technology. There is the high technology cost which includes fuel, engine oil and brake pads. Turbo complex and drivelines, as well as tire sizes and different car designs cost more.

Then there is the cost of constructing a proper field and fixing damage incurred over a race and if cars crash, the Haswell CPUs are in use afterward. All additional horsepower comes at additional expense, but these are convenience foils to the costs of the other components found in many high-end trackday cars.


If the costs of building and maintaining a car are ambiguous, fielding it is even riskier. Teams are now and will always have a large lead on funding such programs and deals that involve the need to buy rest of the season is a major enterprise. Meanwhile there's even the chance someone might unwittingly start building a race car for a team that accidentally "inadvertently" supplies race homologation plates whose program could be invalid and considered a competitor's.

So the costs are practically staggering, the risk makes racing among young talent undesirable, and the goal of exponentially reducing the cost of building and racing cars seems still to be just out of reach.

Overall, $700 million raised in the last 10 years is nothing to sniff at, it is merely a small fraction of what one project budgeted (Lester's Spyker team was about $350 million when he died), but it's nevertheless an absurdity.

2012 was the first year (or short of the first) to get an officially approved chassis cost guide, but before that a period in which the teams of DCU's Jay Penske and the Williams F1 team were given cryptic budgets by Colin Kolles (the calendar execmen at Monaco) to make vague recommendations to their teams. With no detailed chassis cost guide, some teams, like Williams, accepted a bulk of the ancien régime for comfort.


But a few things happened in 2011, because of the Formula One Sporting Regulations reform and performance-fueled revenue changes (kind-by-kind and quarter-by-quarter fees, in effect turning the sport into a cast-off AutoZone), it ballooned to be over $3.5 billion. In December 2011, Daimler and ACO president Max Mosley announced that they would combine efforts to tune the carbonfibre everyone had agreed to build for the field into a more aggressive, road-legal set.


Given the disinterest in granular production and table-clogging costs over marginal gains like points, it's indicative of what the sport is about: Old-timer Formula 1 must appeal to the wealthiest (thus those who sometimes circumvent anti-bribery laws like the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), a few mad scientist types with Ricciardo money, and those who would probably pay more if they could (think church through church money, business through business funding). These few groups alone could make Formula One a three-car race. This year will see some big money teams—Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, and Red Bulls—is move up to the top 10 with Williams increasing from 6th to 5th, with Lotus being the next biggest upstart after having been a shoo-in for alarmingly small Saudi money.

The most important thing concerns the question of what to do about engine development costs. Plans for 2013 are still shaky. Ievgeny Koch went to an overpriced powertrain-maker after his strife with Mercedes explained that engine rules against championships were in favor of his specialized technologies, but the Williams test team had even the smallest and cheapest competitors at bay (a cobbled engine under challenges when a budget objections bought official backing, near to a joint venture with the computer-generation tech cast off in truth). For that, Josh Rice that became close friends with Koch ended with failure.


What we learnt is that the technology still working well for winners
======================================== SAMPLE 52 ========================================
Here comes the Future Music Festival – now in its fifth year, this groundbreaking festival is destined to become a "must-see festival" in Melbourne's CBD.

The 10th-annual festival, known simply as Future Music Festival, adjacent to Williamstown train station, boasts the best lineup of the year, showcasing some of the brightest Australian talents, most importantly: Alexa Rest., and MXS.

This weekend, Sydney's most respected electronic music event opens up its doors midweek with 12 of Australia's hottest up-and-coming artists, closing those two days with an acoustic performance by Kid Millions and top the bill with so-called Lightning Christ, amongst others.

CLICK HERE FOR CHECKLIST<|endoftext|>Willie Taggart is considered the favorite for the Florida job

Taggart will play his first game as taking over on Saturday at No. 3 Louisiana Tech. An updated column will detail his team's performance.


• Despite Baker Mayfield's struggles, OU appears set at quarterback. Junior Tyrone Swoopes and freshman Baker Mayfield have found ways to compete, but Swoopes will start this Saturday at No. 3 Louisiana Tech (8 p.m., ESPN). Mayfield has thrown an interception in four straight games while struggling with accuracy. He did throw a touchdown Sunday night, but even that was a bit of goose egg.

• Kamryn Pettway was tagged with a 213-yard receiving performance against Texas: He has out-touched the six receivers who have appeared on the OU rushing roster combined. He's also the most-targeted receiver in the offense, with 68 passes thrown his way.

• What can Michigan State possibly do to stop Septarion Grant? Martha Kelley grades SEC defenses. Some of them have been stingy so far, but these teams can expose the Baylor freshman in the passing game if they can get inside the pocket.

• Notre Dame's best chances started failing at the end of November. Before Saturday, the Irish were 1-3. Now they have the best chance of any of the ACC teams to earn a berth in the College Football Playoff.

• Fresh off their most complete performance of the season for game against Virginia Tech, Mississippi State has a chance to beat a terrible Tiger defense coming off a week off.

• Alabama has an opportunity this weekend to claim the country's top recruiting class. Bringing in the country's number one player in Malik Lovette, Robert Foster, Derun Smith, and Anthoni Pfeiffer alone more than doubled this year's Crimson Tide's tally from 2016.

• Washington State had a top-five matchup, a win against Oregon. Frankly, it's a sign that the Cougars are still figuring things out - an improvement over last year's showing.

• Both Louisiana Tech and UMass have a chance to increase their win totals. The two teams follow Thursday's schedule on the East Coast, as both face big West Coast teams.

Senior Will Brewer picked up his first football sack

MANNING ON OUT: Follow the Harrison School of Business' Football resume online

Only the ND game has any real suspense

And please don't ask how many tackles LaMichael James has<|endoftext|>Object Version History

Since v2.0.0...

public class ToJSON ()


var options = new Object ()


// Store JSON public field values as an object

"result" : "john" // Name of the person who sent the message.

"placeNameRepresentative" : "University of Tasmania" // Place name of University of Tasmania, Australia

"placeTypeRegion" : "CTrMOC" // Boundary type of Mountain Plains and Coast. Current wisdom is Sundaland, part of the MOC. First recommendation is to apply a 4-leaf rotation to it.



public static Asynchronous Node.Parse() Async


return new Async ()


public IEnumerator<string> GetKeyValuesAsync ( string l, string r)


string json = l;

var list = new List ();

for ( var i = 0; i < r; i++)





var options = new Object ()


"list" : list



return Enumerable.Range(entry)

.Where( ol => ol.Contains( json ) )




public static void PostToJson () Async


List<Date> list = new List<Date>();

Date date = new Date(
======================================== SAMPLE 53 ========================================
Who exactly did you just set off to kill? Just what exactly were you doing that bore the ire of the city's elite? Did someone get suspicious about such a grave act? Did you expect the Sheriff to repeal the peace itself?

The solutions to the murder mystery that surrounds the five dead teenagers of the Harvest Music Festival have only just begun to reveal themselves in the days since the suspected perpetrator was identified. But for many the alleged killer in question may still be inside: The Sheriff says he received a query, but has not answered it because there's a warrant out for his arrest. Next week, a New York judge will decide whether or not to issue a criminal arrest warrant for 24-year-old Jeff Soffer.

The FBI and local police have been investigating the deaths of family, friends and other attendees since last week. As is typically the case with crime stings like these, our reporters have been close to suspects from the start. My colleague and fellow reporter Brian Sullivan, for example, would have interacted with Soffer in as many as 12 phone calls. We and other reporters had reported on Soffer before he ventured into the woods that day, in dozens of articles in numerous outlets and blogs. The FBI and local police have acquired tight security across the area since the teens' killing, bringing in SWAT teams to the scene and staging bollards along the perimeter of the festival grounds.

Former Breitbart TV news editor and killing team member Jason Kessler also worked for editor-at-large Ben Shapiro's national Breitbart News as well as with The Daily Caller in the last year, handling stories like an article last year about the Los Angeles Times declaring Tucson, Arizona, "The Most Violent International City In The U.S." Hersh lays bare this pursigned tour of the media beating down on Soffer.

But now that Milo Yiannopoulos and others like him have bared the crusademan's sorry hide and exposed the blood-drenched comity behind his white nationalist rhetoric, the conversation is shifting even more starkly. Television hosts I usually consider varied voices are beginning to sound as if they have something in common with the bastion of profitably policies, the Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), whose operatives, like Soffer, lined up to be confused with attack dogs, brutalizing the First Amendment and Justice for Students coalition organizations.

Yiannopoulos isn't the only one getting extra coverage, but Breitbart News is looking to ramp up their aggressive brand of journalism and expand their reach across the U.S. By singling out Soffer, it seems to be showing ties as well as any professional organization has permitted in winning key members to their side, the compulsiveness to spin meaningful outrages and ubiquitous love for a new acid-trip news cycle. Whether or not Yiannobolocic spoke for all of America's white supremacists when he gifted a helmet-worn "SHOVELHEAD" celebration on deck live into the line-up of notables in the audience, his shouting the alleged shooter's apprehension was at the front of the line of best schmoozing Berkeley.

Hans von Spakovsky is Conferator for Terrorism and Counterterrorism for Freedom Inc, a Jihad Watch board member, a senior legal research fellow at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., a Senior Expert with the Arizona State University Center for Human Terrorism Research, and author of Hard Measures: Federal Evasion of Civil Liability and the Criminalization of Dissent.<|endoftext|>Bazooka boy. Nursed monkeys. Things that don't fall into any particular category as "thanks for taking that virginity" gifts for senile old men. If this is some ill-conceived fantasy, as some on the Internet would have you believe, I cannot blame you. Alas, it's not some roly-poly kids-riding-robot idea. It's actual hermaphrodite bear carrying tree trunks.

Conservatives are calling Bas Yeerk a stirrer. Right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro thinks Yeerk's too "Finnish" and the new administration is running itself into the ground. Whichever way you shake it, Yeerk is not a cure for aging. But bear with my digression here, because Man vs. Wild proves that what are seen as innocent household help needs to be fixed.

In it, albatross rat Conner Wiseman finds himself in a gaggle of six primates, including Boskone, with which the weasely Michaelson Oling is keeping company, in what appear to be their homes. For like the real-life creatures' geriatric manager manages Aditya's motley band (minus Yakula), in the real world Wiseman is simply a visitor and has very little engagement with the goofy incursion. In order to complete his job Janko urges Conner to make a tiny Minnie Mouse wish hat for even more whimsy. This is soon met with zany stick-figure super-m
======================================== SAMPLE 54 ========================================
UPDATE (10:49 p.m.): Off to a great start, Verizon's Swift service has picked up the pace. This morning, we're seeing near-perfect 4G availability, and no matter what region, we're seeing any LTE-supported device, including all phones featuring Verizon's "Essential Technologies" branding. In other words, the next few days are shaping up to look about the same (or better) than the beginning of the year, with Sprint's network finishing up its migration to consumer transition program in a matter of weeks, and expanding nationally across the map. We'll be watching just for reasons to fear, but there haven't been any signs yet that this is ballooning into a Sprint-centric story.

JUMP TO DETAILS: LTE coverage via Sprint's 60/40/20 LTE Network Profile

UPDATE (8:39 p.m.): While Sprint is listed as having a KDDI or AT&T SIM, we suspect that this the full SIM count provided to us by T-Mobile. We'll be cautious about calling out DIGITS here, but it looks liked these additional marks are actual carriers, some of which appear to be subsidiaries/spinoffs/jobs played by real prodigies and tycoons. I'd venture that we're seeing, for example, AT&T Mobile Network serving anywhere in the world, aka AT&T's Universal Voice Voice Portal.

I simply cannot emphasize enough how bizarre it is that a huge content company like Verizon would partner with a negligible MVNO like T-Mobile for fear of marketing organizations like ImageNet, AT&T Mobile Marketing or even AT&T's own Office of Category TV but with no big credit or guaranteed follow-on marketing spending. We've recently observed the same thing in activities by the likes of CNN Digital Ventures (remember when CNN gets a 10% cut of Motorola Mobility ads?) so you understand why we're really baffled that a shiney ''93 landline doesn't have significant marketing clout.

UPDATE (8:14 p.m.): Could we be seeing what we an expect to see....something that we can attest to (see below)? The picture is looking better, though perhaps just a little over-promised (as some predicted).

UPDATE (7:08 p.m.): Now we're getting our answer.

Verizon FiOS is running the whole spectrum and 8 carriers simultaneously. For those unfamiliar with that, that means 8 different LTE bands. That's why you are seeing all kinds of different coverage maps, LTE VS CDMA/LTE deployments and so forth. Thus far, Verizon has not explicitly revealed which bands that they are selecting using their master spectrum data here, but we must assume that the middle band (the gray area) is undoubtedly LTE.

So what's the deal here? Why would Verizon (one of the largest carriers in the world) choose to run the whole array of spectrum allowing QAM - the slower but much more popular band - to all its locations, saving carrier vision? Obviously we have no clue, but we do know for certain that this is all part of their corporate STUTTGART process. On May 1st, Verizon launched their intrahelicopter spectrum auction, when they turned over the spectrum currently stored by Dish Holdings' Clearwire under the notion that their AWS wireless network becomes a "renewable" network available to compete with most other carriers due to the drastic capacity expense incurred by infrastructure porting. But consider the fact that Dish went along with this at the capital time, and it's obvious why the aspiring champion fared worse than expected.

Furthermore, we have confirmation from the enterprising folks at Tesla that some based in Canada, particularly those in Toronto, are already referring to themselves as "LTE locations" by using the new amorphous entity (as evidenced by an 80x80px jpeg they sent over, which we're sure will appear someday.)

We'll continue to monitor this optimistically comfy national umbrella. Understanding that it will always be like this until the exposure of investment there for the LTE service, we need to all do our part to enable it on many levels. Sure, there are people like Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth or developer project CEO Rodrigo Quintero looking to play God and push as much free SWOS code as possible out there. Whenever the Verizon LTE is up, that will be one less hindrance. Another project that I think may rocket up the department guesstimate is Canonical's hopes to make it easier to move SWOS to unlimited Android tablets. Currently, someone would have to generate separate apps to both provide the right control on docking/unplugging for a walled-and-installed Intel tablet and the ability to have each setting independently controlled, let alone 60+ applications to satisfy the machine learning based processing requirement. But now those apps will simply be part of Cloud-based background was the Head of Marketing
======================================== SAMPLE 55 ========================================

A former St. Louis and Boerne police sergeant says he was fired from his job after telling his manager that he had seen young black men burglarize a fast-food restaurant twice in the past two years.

Shreveport officer Ramiro Gonzalez testified Wednesday in Texas Superior Court that an African-American co-worker was concerned about his conduct, and projected to bystanders an image of Gonzalez in an anti-police hat 17 feet away from the St. Louis County Police investigation.

On the witness stand, Gonzalez said the incident unintentionally became a race-related case when a white pressure-cooker vendor in the bakery where he worked, felt threatened by the stilletto Herrera.

The bakery owner. Brian Holzman, said it was assumed his employee saw scissors in the officer's pocket and walked out. right to the police station. Later, the St. Louis County Police may have been called for questions.

"The whole incident was designed to showcase how I fancied Huey (Palmer)," Joseph Servilla testified.

Gonzalez worked for the St. Louis County Police Department for four years until his termination in March 2014, after an investigation was launched following a complaint from a colleague. After being granted a temporary stay of all charges in a felony racketeering case, Gonzalez sued St. Louis County Police, the city and its chief, Daniel Davis, a week later.

Servilla listened to the testimony as Gonzalez's lawyer, Aaron Nosse, questioned whether police needed a business with a concealed pressure-cooker, deli, coffee shop and a motel to have security. Servilla testified that Ramiro Gonzalez carried a loaded shotgun on duty as a rifle. He encountered a 48 year old white male who spent time on the bayside and burglarized a store twice beginning on August 4, 2012.

"When you find another and replicate it," he said "I'm out of a job."

Servilla also claims Gonzalez brought to work what was then-classified as a restricted weapon. Nonetheless, in occurring with Gonzalez's sole intent to make his customers uncomfortable, the Bakery's Manager Jim Guthrie didn't deport him.

Hierading such a report on his bosses creates negative accolades and denigrates the police, Nosse testified. He told the jury that he is dismayed at what he interpreted to be lingering racism and said that he hasn't taken the police to court.

However, the NAACP president shot back that their suit would be racism proof. Ken Oberholtzer began his day in a St. Louis County courtroom where the attorneys defending Davis, outside the officer's office, reportedly called him a traitor and a gun-wielding rabble-rouser. Overturned by a large majority of the county, the judge declared the board unanimously cleared its officers.<|endoftext|>India today sentenced Pakistan's 277 prisoners to hang for killing 58 people by stampede after onset of monsoon in Agra.

Law-enforcement personnel have been with Agra in Agra

Russia 'decide to delay' China-Pakistan economic corridor

India today sentenced Pakistan's 277 prisoners to hang for killing 58 people by stampede after onset of monsoon in Agra.

"The event this March helped to make agra city a witness that what happens in Pakistan cannot happen in India," convicted Congressman Prajapati Rajaramaidh told a special court here.

Those convicted in the 2013 incident at Agra's famous Taj Mahal were accused of causing deaths through negligence, rioting, cheating and mischief.

Praise be to god for the spiritual strength and courage of humanity http://t.co/dWzdZX5C7L — Shiv Sena (@senaicsena) January 17, 2015

"This incident clearly proved that terror-related incidents in India are a result of law and order breakdown, leading to anarchy and lawlessness," Rajaramaidh wrote in his judgment.

"Every nation including Bhopal is heading in the same direction. Today I wish Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his government must take their responsibilities seriously."

Earlier in January, the convicted Salman Khan and his wife Katrina were awarded death sentences for killing at least 35 people with bike-rickshaws in Mumbai and Rajasthan. (ANI)

Also read: condemned as terrorist strike, 40 handed death sentence

Also watch: Bad weather sparked stampede in Agra in 2013<|endoftext|>Washington (CNN) Days after President Donald Trump signaled he would veto a bill barring the use of foreign aid to pay for abortion overseas, Sen. Chris Murphy is putting out a call to all Democrats to Dump Trump on any issue, as a way of pressuring the President to wither away on the Russia cloud.

Now Murrow is calling on his legislative colleagues to join him in a "series of mass rejections" of Trump, with each senator casting
======================================== SAMPLE 56 ========================================
Posted by: Michael

Developer Sprustle Studios has announced the release date for their new open-world third person action-adventure game: The Shadow of Menace. The Shadow of Menace will soon be available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, Steam, PlayStation Network and on the game's official website.

Shadow of Menace takes place in the near future and pit players against some of the most terrifying demons you've never imagined. They are called The Sentinels and they've been terrorizing Washington DC for years… but now, they've become fully operational, and a shadowy government agency is using their apprepsondence to hide the truth about the Shadow Brokers' sinister plot to dominate Washington.

Two key gameplay features of the game will be the Persona-like Personas, Jack and Simon. Swap between those avatars at any time, allowing players to customize their gameplay experience by the many paths, jobs, areas, demons – or anything that makes those avatars unique! A dozen story missions, each with its own level of difficulty, are onboard along with seven special encounters & challenges that will challenge players to master their class and understand the Sparx legend of the Cabal, the shadowy organization feared by the public.

Update: GDC 2013 - Official Website | Forum

First gameplay videos:

Shadow of Menace has been in development for over an year, and has been one of the most popular releases to date. "First CEO of the year" award and "Best Demo 2014" were being handed out to the developers, with feedback coming in on Tumblr, Reddit and multiple Developer Facebook pages. Meanwhile on the other, they then published their open-world-flavored adventure into the living: the market place! Development of The Shadow of Menace has been highly criticized by some, but nevertheless it was received well by most: in only 3 weeks on sale, Shadow of Menace has sold more than 1000 copies!<|endoftext|>During the Spanish Civil War, the leaders of the shady militant Revolutionary Organization of Socialist Workers falling son were poisoned to death by one of the most renowned doctors in the world Edward Rosenthal. When the world came to know the truth, millions of individuals, groups, and countries identified with revolutionary Socialism were hit hard. The final thoughts from the editor of Critical Strikes, the newsletter started by the legendary Edward Kennedy, address this attempt on the lives of many:

Edward Rosenthal will always be remembered for his contributions to our understanding of cancer in the 20th Century. In 2004 he was given the French medal of health, for services made in the fight against this terrible disease. I was the editor of Critical Strikes for thirteen years, and although I can't comment on the content of the magazine, many of the names of my opinion columnists will forever have his name engraved upon them. In a sense, this nation owes much of its health to his exemplary devotion to science. But it also owes much of its character to what constitutes the essence of the champion of freedom – ferocity in the struggle against unrelenting tyranny. There was no better man the abridgment of America's democracy could thank for…what he created was a thin veneer of freedom, but underneath lay the seeds of fascism…<|endoftext|>Earlier this week we learned that special counsel Robert Mueller's team is interviewing members of President Trump's campaign, including former campaign head Paul Manafort, to see whether they were part of a conspiracy to collude with the Kremlin to make Trump White House.

Lawmakers quickly got in on the action, questioning Acting AG Sally Yates about the interview's timing and whether the White House paid enough attention to dismiss, or at least suspend, the FBI's inquiry into the Russia investigation.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday evening, a law firm who represented Viktor Yanukovych, the person who led Ukraine until he fled to Russia following a revolution, leaked evidence of damning evidence to the press suggesting that a Yanukovych associate is involved in earlier mysterious explosions in a certain mine in Minnesota.

Wriotherapy Yanukovych<|endoftext|>Sabathia has had to deal with everything you can imagine in his 12 years as a major leaguer, from a literal face full of empty ash, to a double-slit eye that looks like a hole in the side of his head, to middle-elbow kinks that billow out after he lays down, and a fractured collarbone he suffered against Cincinnati that after the game, which was against the Yankees, he flew the two hours back to his home in Buffalo only to bend down into the car like a badly treated dog after spending half the driving time looking at the cracked ribs for his ride home.

"It's never ending, man," Sabathia says. "I mean, it's all part of the game."

Sabathia came into Tuesday's game against Cincinnati hoping to keep his first game pitching streak of the regular season alive, but he fell against the pitching-savvy Cubs without allowing a run in six innings, giving up just once over both sides of
======================================== SAMPLE 57 ========================================
Add it to the forecast for next year — the fires of global warming will push the seas up, bringing waves to many parts of the Pacific Northwest, the NOAA said today.

Much of the Columbia River Basin from western Oregon and northern California to southern California will see storm surges rising, according to the agency's National Weather Service.

Today saw the agency update their outlook for next year, forecasting an increase in fires of 15 percent or more, with 22 percent of that seen in that area of the Northwest.

With a 5 percent storm surge in the area, the forecast system calls for greater concern.

"Nine of the mountains along the Columbia will see strong storms between early October and mid-December, and the normal winter storm surge would exceed 10 feet by Thanksgiving," said a forecast from the agency.

Stories at the Daily News of Rocky Mountain Northwest commented on the news with concern about rivers and beaches, as high tides build in persistent clouds.

[How local wetness or flooding could diminish the potential of WW 3]

Some researchers expressed concern about the news today, referring to the catastrophic and horrific consequences of the 2014 wildfires in the Pacific Northwest.

"I worry the reason we don't take stronger action on climate change is that we are due for a major event," John Coequyt, professor emeritus at Oregon State University, told the Daily News.

"The Hyper-Cap66 project predicted that this year's wildfire season on land was equivalent to 15 years of wildfires elsewhere in Oregon," he said. "We have seen a 50 percent increase in forest fires since spring. If you add a 20 percent increase in sub-surface heat from drought, you can expect this year even more fire season."

There was a recent increase in wildfire prospects, north of Phoenix, Ariz., spurred by a warm front bearing down on the region next week, the National Weather Service reported. That contrast may lead some grumpy environmentalists to be contemplating how they can flip the scenario to avoid a bigger battle.

"I wonder how many of the fires these environmentalists are currently blaming on our burning of fossil fuels were (or wont to be) global warming, seedier dinosaur bugs, blah blah," Coequyt said. "I'm hopeful we will rule out our children's survival, but life is precious."

[There's another monster weather event that could knock out power for a quarter million U.S. homes by 2020]

Heavy smoke from fires lit by the deadliest wildfires in state history looms over Oroville, Calif., on Sunday. Some 40,000 people were evacuated from their homes in the northern part of the pastures region after a river burst its banks and sent the evacuees fleeing for their lives. (Ben Margot/AP)

The big, bad weather was already here, with the coastal flood warning extending north of San Francisco. Finally, the weather service announced its final count for wildfires, observing that last year's devastating fires, fueled by warmer temperatures, killed at least 167 people.

Washington froze less than half of its land areas covered by ice, and the biggest area of direct exposure was in the Cascades, the weather service said in its outlook.

James Chesser, snow specialist at the National Weather Service in Spokane, said he was shocked to see Cascades and Cascade Mountains in the brunt of winter storms today.

"Wow," he said. "Today's storms were the very worst since 2015. They made a darn strong sight difficult to miss — these huge updrafts blowing snow into our backcountry out past Oroville and even farther inland."

Yes, we have four big news cycles coming our way (even before Thanksgiving.) Here's what's coming next:

Monday night: Pressure really bumps up. The ground is under more damn water. — M.Mak (@mak4770) December 7, 2017

Watch 29 Days Later on concerned medics losing thousands of lives. A rash of wildfires is bringing us.gov world to a standstill. https://t.co/U1vP8OQYjP — Joe Raedle (@JRaedle) December 7, 2017

Looks like it's winter-time again in southern California. Warm, wet winds from south will bring all manner of northern blizzard to NorCal in 2–3 week's time. — Joe Raedle (@JRaedle) December 7, 2017<|endoftext|>US gold purchases by China backdated by three years

NEW YORK, July 31 (Reuters) - The United States has, through direct sale of gold, put another $227.4 million as much as three years ago into an account under China's control, a U.S. official said on Sunday.

The latest gold receipts included three times the amount that weported in early February between two official accounts, Eleanor Lawhorn, of Washington's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), said in a regulatory
======================================== SAMPLE 58 ========================================
PETALING JAYA: The final tally of all votes cast in all 650 constituencies in the general elections so far amounts to an estimated Base Electoral Score of D3.43.

Statistics bureau chief Datuk Dr Lim Kit Siang said 40 per cent of the election race went to D2, 40 per cent to D5, 39 per cent to D6 and 22 per cent to D7.

He pointed to D8 as the winners, a seat occupied by former deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, as he suggested voters did not want leaders with differing ideology.

"Some of the common denominators of electoral scores are past history of political parties, and so people may prefer to vote for a party with the same commitments," he said.

In the Lower House of Parliament, the final tally stands at 301 out of 650 seats, and 70% of its members (47 Soh Kelian Wan Ahmad, 16 Syarief Saad Rafik Zainal Baharuddin, 19 Zamzam Zainal Abidin, 12 Mohd Abdullah Yunus Mahmud, 8 Malek Mohamed Ismail, 5 Jemilah Ismail and 2 Mang Hoys and Ras Tanvir Mohd Mohamad the largest number of seats the UMNO-led alliance won in their bid to secure the rate of 50 per cent in the 543-seat bellwether house.

Lim also admitted that 78 per cent of the results in the state election, with nearly 52 per cent of the electorate taking part in the votes counted so far, could not be declared as definitive the results.

"That is because we have not routed out all those untruths we invented during the campaign," Lim insinuated.

He further pointed to a norm that 86.7% of the voters approved of the UMNO-led alliance, as well as the stability of the ruling UMNO-led coalition, and also cited that of a survey conducted a year ago showing 64.6% of voters approved of UMNO coming to power.

The pollster's report included one in which MUHAMMAD ZAMARIBILI perused a series of "buzzy" questions demanding some frightening answers, adding guilty in his own words that the failure of the Fong Lim House to uphold its word was behind the second-highest score, D5.25.

Zamaribili, who could not vote himself since he was out on holiday, was reported by various media outlets and public to have exclaimed about his displeasure with the state government and UMNO due to his opinion that their policies were contrary to bill dating back to 2007, which included the elimination of Deceased Spouse Benefits.

According to a press release by UMNO vice-president Mohd Ismail the final scale score of D1: D4 was posted first on Monday April 20.

The scores were later reset on Tuesday April 22, and a final tally of D1:D5 was scored on Wednesday April 23.

The other 95 candidates on the final poll tally represented the number of votes polled out of the total of 9,339,785 that were cast in the polls, said Lim:

D2 = 70.16%.

D5 = 38.86%.

D6 = 32.79%.

D7 = 24.16%

D9 = 8.18%.

D10 = 1.76%

D11 = 1.28%

D12 = 1.18%

D13 = 0.73%

D14 = 0.41%

D15 = 0.26%

D16 = 0.17%

D17 = 0.06%

D18 = 0.03%

D19 = 0.01%

D20 = 0.00%

Total = 301.77%.

Meanwhile, the results of the South spat committee showed that UMNO-led alliance uncovered ambitious funds Mat Tien Geng awards from the South which is believed to have ushered in its win.

Who and Should not front floor assignment to parliamentary elders to interim statue left questions unanswered.

A series of irregularities pertain to rules for candidates unearthed in the election at PPAP on August 15 report you , including ballot boxes removed from Sudirman Community Centre, which got benedictory distinction from former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad Abdul Guang assembly was saying that vote for newly elected MP Zl or self-given hurried can be done, Lady Justice Gurbina Mohd Nor was also unhappy after not getting judicial ruling backing of handing Daut Jfr registrar to be our chief election officer after applying themselves to it for 10 days which left people confused.<|endoftext|>Attorney

Certified by the Alabama Court Services Medical Examiner (CASE), Michigan Dev.A is our Birmingham attorneys only expert in police and crime scene investigation
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Shelly Sterling (Susan Sarandon) is a failed Formula 1 investor attempting to complete the current media deal that has failed to do anything but partnering Internet stars, eating Mercedes, and applies to take BuzzFeed job. Her elder sister, Debbie (Heather Morris), is a billionaire businesswoman managing an office with 50 In-House Assignments, but is getting her feet wet in her new career in fashion promotions, a job that she managed to interview for a year despite it being full of clichés. Yet, she was blown away by what she had to offer, so she starts reporting the newsroom to her sister and doing so by default as she notices that a few new writers are adding material to Rob's reports. Strategically treading month to month, which grows into year later, it is clear that the existence of Rob's story might not last long before she is let go.<|endoftext|>Conished Kenzie Jung was the Deputy Leader of the New Orleans Saints after departing as a member of the New York Giants.

Contents show]

Personal career Edit

As a virtuous and kind woman, Konied Johnsong put a luxury tax in her contract to forbid individuals from driving an automobile that cost more than $50 in her home State. Instead she preferred to travel at her estate's personal assistant, JACK, who tended to her like the lord of her one acre country estate.[1]

She was also the law firm's Secretary.

On about the last year of the series, the team drafted Cornerback C.J. Goodson, while Konied confirmed that "his loyalty is not on the line, and his health is always well. (Might enough be enough?)"

Military career Edit

During her time in military service in the Detachment T-274, Konied took part of the Firefight at Hawaii during which she fought against the likes of Biblical Mynant before resorting to give several pieces of advice to the Captain, as she felt the situation was still handled in the right manner. Konied also mentioned that although the military was a big family, a "ROUGH one" and that all would understand. She even began to fear for Leo Bloom being displayed in front of others.

After the crises of 1909 and 1912, she went into business as Verne Powell then enjoyed the rest of her rope to Children's Palace. In 1906, Konied was employed as a manager and later on Purchaser at Diamond Tube.[2]

When asked what she would say to her departed sister, Kralyn of the Big Drive, Konied began a screaming rant in one of the obvious diners (and then panicked as she sensed the friend who next to her had gotten sucked inside), eventually yelling "You Mad said THAT!"

Personal Life Edit

Kenzie Jung is either heavily pregnant, or her son Sean may be younger he was called "Elephant" during some appearances. So no need to worry.

Other characters Edit

The Original Gangster who resembles Kate O'Dell Jr appeared to be a top suspect.

Koralyn Desmond of Carrie Dolan appeared to have dated Jackvander Verne at this time, and that through Sean Young he dated Ni'itsu Miya.

Vanessa Kuo had woken up early before leaving for jail the day she broke into Jenny Rayner's office.

The singer Peter Lipton can be seen with his purple cap filled with water as he heads for the toilet, having just finished a performance which ended in a band with cat as the lead.

Delicious Brian later change his appearance to begin to resemble his younger self so Kinye Jung could satisfy the need of a client.<|endoftext|>Solar 2019 Meeting Series

When? Tuesday, August 8th, 3:30-5:00

Where? WNC Locations

WNC Resources & Services Conference

In this presentation, Emery Bradford will review proposed policies on raising children, including Wild and Scenic Places, and require that environmental communications talk in what is playing and enjoying nature, not just the pencils and notebooks of the relatively straight-laced parents who may have a say in these matters


Solar 2018 Meeting Series

When? Tuesday, July 10th I- 35 in Raleigh, NC

Where? Website: Poets in Science

Paper: Attention to Organized, Ironic and Separate Environmental Messages By Emily Brown


With tropical cyclones on the rise in the Atlantic, the multi-billion-dollarô geographic Information System (GIS) eco-game has moved into high gear for the grid administrator. For several decades, it is believed that far-from-the-events-line (FTL) labels are unappealing neural mechanisms to string also Pale Alien Arthur
======================================== SAMPLE 60 ========================================
Reading 1 fil-re isballot . Stathis ad 1 filre ne nemo plurimos 4 ex sua et sua, filium et filios. 4 'There are four in one and three in three.'

Reading 2 filo erroneously as globo portioni est in 2 capte dominari volo:

  1. 'There are three captives of Ignorance in the Kingdom the Lord beholds.

Reading 3 filium; mista typico: note that the proclamation is sc. defective: Sabellius translates mista; probably mista typico: mistika is the Greek word meaning a trowel, perhaps 'little basket'; but this seems more probable. (See the note on urna in Ālosian Laodic., A XVI, 12).

25 See Arabic commentary on 19.8 for correction of the wrongest part of the passage.

  1. Interpretation: "fork of three men" and habit/firmament.<|endoftext|>Get celebs updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid Email

Rap superstar Snoop Dogg will provide commentary on "Top Gear", the BBC said today as he filmed his first video for the programme.

The star, heavily clad in black with kilt and a fractvi bulging on his chest, will be teamed up with former YMCA leader Adam Oestreicher for the homoerotic rambling.

In an apparent warning shot at his fellow late night chatterbox Jimmy Carr, Snoop's voice will be vox politica to get Dave x Mat stuck into the shite.

Snoop is regarded by many as one of the world's most serious drug dealers and as the home of the infamous drug "Dogg".

(Image: Rex)

In an interview with the book "No Doubt", he said: "[Dag hing was designed to be] very abraoke, cats sheltery rotten.

"It would hurt love, it would hurt manhood, you a knew I give it to all week by morning before I die. Felff, bondage and gadgets.

"And I anywhere walk wit da brains. Fred, H or Heds seem a little addled on da mookie on tha chenta dud touch. . Pedilla Nightthener anus frex ans that make da messuck win."

Snoop's comments appear to be another veiled shot at escaping the arrests of being uncure for importing a Class C controlled drug.<|endoftext|>*

/ = Everyday Migratory Upper Tertiary Mammals

? = Information not available

† ? = Scientific Record Without Date of Creation/Collapse/Extinction

?= Not Certified

? = Not Certified

?= Not Certified

?= Not Certified

?= Not Certified

?= Not Certified

?= Not Certified

†= Not Certified

T1 = Chippewa, Dakota, Delaware

T2 = Abnaki, Cherokee, Delaware, Kiowa, Muscogee, Ohio, Osage

T3 = Allophonia, 1864, Auburn, Basswood, Boxwood, Black, Bat, Balsam, Blacklick, Balsam, Callahan, Cambria, Camas, Cedar, Cedar Red, Chefom, Chippewa, Chippewa Black, Chippewa/Kissimmee, Cherokee, Casper, Cherokee Black/White, Choppess, Cumberland, Cascade, Crafth, Dutchman, Duwamish, EdDIS USA, EdDIS USA, Elway, Erie, White Pine, Jasper, Choctaw, Oklahoma, Quasi-Langazi, Quabbin, Red Fox, Catskill, Coffee, Cochran, Clem, Clear Lake, Hillsboro, Human, Headwaters, Kettle Cree, Langos, Lincoln, Mink, Mission, Mrapuzee, Mohawk, Nanook, Nez Perce, Pittock, Peoria, Positech, Punta Gorda, Sioux, Sioux Probe, Winnebago, Yankton, Yankton Sioux, Ottawa River, Black, Chippewa, Chickasaw, Chippewa/Kissimmee, Wahnapitah

T4 = Dragoon (Indian) . Ojibwa, Cree, Generally most Federal and granted clean water certification but lacks the Burke (some Minn.) and Chetco (alaska) approvals.

T5 = Algonquin (Métis) . Not generally Clean Water certified. Lake Superior. In 1993 Illinois River Ponds Water in Storm Strong), Alaska Alaska Complementary Native Treatment
======================================== SAMPLE 61 ========================================
∗ ∗ ∗ m ↔ f ↔ ∘ ∘ ∘ m · b , 3. The vertex of the graph is the set of intersecting pairs of subgraphs

  1. An empty invertible graph is a graph whose vertex is the empty set.

Show that an invertible library can function as a line of proof.

ℝ n , Θ n ↓ ∘ ∘ m · b

M system of arithmetic is an upgrade of F system to show function type bounds.

  1. A family of indexed sums is like a discrete sum.

Show that ℕ ∈ ℝ n, 2. is an indexed sum, and shows that the indexed sum of ℕ is the same as sum on a subset of L group itself.

· A monoid is a structural set of operations + . or [ ].

A product is a reduction of indexed sums.

Show that parsers of lotain notation must make use of a monoidal structure; this eliminates many of the probability types.

Consider one covered with circles. A monoid is a bracket free group because it has right adjoint.

Consider full described diagrams where the union of the side of the diagram is called the first image. In quotients, the red square in a quotient should be the same visual form as in the original two images but no more. It should NOT be parallel with the storage layer B whilst the white Transparent square can be parallel but not the other facing represent them in terms of any corresponding activations. Such pictures. of rectangular pictures is infinite pulldown.<|endoftext|>Before I start the chapter, I just want to apologize to the Japanese version community for not having translated my chapters for as long as I had hoped in this series.

Anyway, this is gonna be the last part before the epilogue. Hope you enjoyed!

Chapter Text

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By the time Crea had overtaken May as her wolf-goddess-slash-temporary summoner, they had entered the base of E-Rantel, with E-Rantel's capitol city still bustling with commerce. She knew that the Black Wings, in general, hated not only artificial light because their prey seemed to subconsciously build up tolerance to that ill-advised light, but also because the proof that E-Rantel could actually see written on the walls of the alien-created city was too hilarious of a detail for a goofball swordsman to ignore. Besides, the reality was more amusing than just allowing a larval electronics-based alien only and all of her minions to mill and scamper about in the darkness for eight hundred years with only slight increase in local population by the time the citizens realised the reality was that crested flights allowed them to travel at double-digit speed through an uncharted world's space-time continuum.

Also, did anyone else notice how unfortunate E-Rantel's capitol city was named as Furniture City, Crea wondered, temping herself not to make any improper comparisons between the vastly different classifications of the two. In any case, while it was unfair to live in a city named for items, there was nothing the blues could do since it was here where the evil and the inhuman would be unleashed upon the world. Also, Crea had "real" furniture; flooring making up, what was hopefully, until rest of the world learnt from Crea's flawed but foolproof "modification effects" that Crea had been making furniture do impossible shit with ease. Yeah, argued the general as Crea watched the lesser man brainstorming on how to cause a section of the building to fall down and kill everyone inside it.

Used suitcases.. Pastries worked correctly arrived and reconstituted themselves…

It had been a whole month since the accumulated costs of her lots of stuff had catalyzed – or rather, caused – Crea tinder closing the camp fire, to everyday living-damaging pain. One less item brought in each who wandered the scoffed at shopkeeper when asked about item. Stuff like that fixed life and natural death down to a repugnant, easy-intenting-to-ignore-possible-reasons trying to come from negative angles.

However, Crea would never investigate the nuttiness behind why birds and animals that were harmlessly propelled under their tired wings flew uncontrollably to the top of some bench every time a part of the building collapsed as was the most fatal-effect-come-as-2nd-most-ineffective type of store-front to an exploding-incinerating-you-in-some-no-vocations-whether-you-want-to-or-not-see-the-incinerating-intended-waste-g
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One complication is that

The group of ultra-Orthodox Israelis that leads the legislation, known as Hadash, has in the past strayed from key tenets of Jewish law. For example, it has considered the ritual slaughter of a pig to be a superficial measure, defined only by the intent to consume the animal, and rejected regulations that more clearly defined who may handle the animal.

Why would the religious ruling group explicitly reject the more binding Halacha (Jewish legal code) and adopt the fringes of modernity? Because religious laws are more than mere codifications of positive commandments. They represent a continuity, a stew that has always been stewed, and changes with time.

In other words, groups, like Rabbis (gentiles who succeed Jewish priests) in part use and influence Jewish law. But also there are times when non-Who thus are able to make an impact.

Don't forget that the reason that eunuchs are one of the categories of permitted groups is precisely because religious law has dictated that they are permitted as long as they have what proponents have called a "united heart." That is, they vote in accord with the same impulses and values as everyone else.<|endoftext|>Densham Sakaguchi Arudou (Japanese: 金島股川太郎, di'xoktaashashou, sounding like 'densham sakaguchi arudou'), is a high school student in his fourth year. He is very much like other high school students, albeit in a very different way. Densham is very envious of his classmates for being able to play the trumpet fairly well, despite a near perfect series of pip noise events in his adolescence. He is the adoptive child of Ainu Hijirikawa (玄山 憐也) and regularly names his idol Issei Hyoudou at the pace that VINCENS look with embarrassment. He refers to VINCENS with outside slang names (or less offensive ones) such as 'Fiery Man'. Densham is very apparent in admiration of Ainu Hijirikawa (lunch eroman, 6′ 2″ tall) and in rivalry and envy of Kaminari Issei (5′ 5″ height), who looks similar to his idol, however he is also eager to see VINCENS come as a trumpeter but is called a french horn player, and as a builder by Peking administration, adding evidence of Thai nationality.

He is most likely on Kaizu Island, an archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean located in China's Liaoning Province, having made many visits in research with the school studio.

Contents show]

Appearance Edit

Densham is of average height for an adolescent. His trait is relatively wide buttocks, which made it hard for him to lift the bells on his hi-test, but worked well due to how he was built. He has canary eyes which appears to be attracted to certain people. One thing about his eyes is that they shdbe very thin and delicate due to an ability older than his stats. His hair, after sessions with the inbounds massage and the school waxing, is straight and has black bangs mid length on each side. He has also had his ears refashioned with small piercings, due to them using restuffs.

Personality Edit

Densham is a very eccentric high school student regardless of whether he is playing his trumpet for the Ultimate or his female self to play in Kaizu 1st year's most beautiful leagues within the surround all student colonies on this island, and his introverted character makes him find it hard to forge subservient relationships. He is a great god forefather, but humble in his immortal youth expectations. He sees you as your true love, and fools are eventually crushed beneath the weight of his intelligence, just like the flower. That is just how sad Densham is.

Abilities Edit

Densham is a wonderful trumpet player, who self-admitted, can only play a poor half note at first although he started to build up his range with success. He is able to build up an incredible string ensemble and having the demo level capability to perform. Before joining Kaizu NOPACT, Densham's fame in high school was almost as famous as Kagami Kanae's, with him being ranked 8th in something called the NOLs , an international trumpet tournament with Kaizu 1st Year being the only school to have won in the category . He was the first person ever to grab the title of the International Champion. According to VINCENS , one of Densham's trumpeter pals had phyllotaxis, which is the risk of being infatuated with someone. A few miles away from Densham's house, the Komine City FLAME event was captured by surveillance footage. Densham and
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Outlook 11 EXO Jieun are going on a bigger promotion with an "Exciting New Episode" for their new EXO MV!

On October 9, their main agency CJ E&M said, "Exo-MV can be viewed on the official site (http://exoysims.kr) that is linked after this post."

On October 9, SM Entertainment shared, "Their new schedule will start on October 9, so please plan ahead for this promotion!"

Furthermore, a new song teaser was revealed on October 11.

Source (1)<|endoftext|>When we think of Iran, we typically conjure up images of bookshelves stuffed with Persian cookbooks and afghans.

Later this month, citizens of Iran will be able to do a little better in picking up books in Tehran -- there's now a place for 'ultra-cheap' Western books — no surprise, really, since most books are available for free.

Under the new 'books vouchers' initiative, individuals will be able to receive reprints of encyclopedias, grammar books and what's now incarnated as a food magazine of sorts, Agos Hajat.

"Welcome to a new chapter in Protestant Ruthenian furnishing two-layer houses where you will be able to access and read literature for free," reads a welcome message, released by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance which is backing the initiative.

Agos Hajat is Pakistan-based and is widely popular in the country. The magazine also publishes monthly 'Business Gazette' specializing in cutting-edge internet and digital-media business, according to its website.

For $360, customers also could pick up books from the National Library that are in multiple languages. There are 266 now and are available in both inconvenient translator editions (French individually, German dependant of dictionary) and no-translator editions (Urdu and Persian, respectively).

That $360 should get you an award-winning Farsi edition of Albert Memmott's Being Human, How To Live Well (German individually, German dependant on dictionary) or The Five Books worth Losing Yourself For (Urdu individually, Urdu dependant on translation).

Books, you see, are not born about in Iran.

"In Iran, books will come in such volumes that people will never be able to read them again. We cannot yearn for this period like every other generation when we could devour volumes for free," Hossein Dresdner, Deputy Minister Message, said last week. "Of course at the same time we want to encourage books lending."

Many have also cited the enormous costs of producing and mailing books to Iran as a reason to make them available for free.

"Over the last few years, we have worked on our areas in order to increase the access and availability of basic books within the country," Iranian Cable TV said in a report.

However, many relatives contribute micro they say they hand make them for free to friend. The ministry has promised to avoid business competitions these libraries may ensue.

At the very least, copies of books won't be packed together in the same warehouses or found seeping in loose newspapers.<|endoftext|>The giant 'silver penis' that also reaches out and masturbates nine carabiners worth of steel prevents theft and so saves emergency services the problems of quickly lifting one of the steel boxes.

The mechanical robbers managed to take the semi-automatic converstion safes - but not the spanking new silver penis the method of activation designed to deter theft.

Ben Wilde/PA Images If these thieves decide on stealing a 5 x 7ft (1.6m x 2.2m) tether, they might leave its clock smashed and its silver penis pointing down.

The painting penises protect the metallic axes with horn or studra faces that always point straight to ground and almost never point at people.

The train by US artist Michael Normand, the first of two traps in western Europe featuring the artworks that had vanished between 23 and 28 October has been returning to be inspected.

"I am really happy, even though I've lost my paintings," said François, a railway worker transporting ores and coal in the northern French town of Possibly on Friday.

"I have done much travelling with my art but none of those dub frequently 27,000 bottles of wine across 110 counties in France on one trip", said French art dealer Christine Dubois on Tuesday when the return of the mouse was announced.

Games with the silver penis contain enough extract to last for 50,000 electric shocks.

Each trap costs around £120,000 and about 20,000 copies of the paintings have arrived in train tunnels throughout north-west Europe.

Selected victims of the surreal prank includes: Mayusky amulet, Koch double-headed nitro Road Orphalter comb only shorter supports if you are stupid
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Yes. I have copied the filename from an app and have desired to use it. But I don't want to remove the Supports9xx Signature executable or reductions made by Brian Disteche to the string. The app is just to keep it at my PC. It is going to be on my desktop and I do not want to overwrite it. If someone knows how to potentially reconfigure the update app such that it downloads the descriptor again, I would appreciate a confirmation that touches the Reference Currently on EVGA Forum Question 1330579 asked on 11/24/12 5:08 pm. This sounds at many odds, can you confirm this. This seems very unlikely.Thank you both!

Yes I carefully copy the executable from app and use it...I have made it 10 times with different binaries and results<|endoftext|>Xiaomi has unveiled several new devices in China ahead of the CNY Mobile World Congress. The Chinese giant's TC ecosystemked Mike Niro's Pebble watch and special edition Xiaomi Mi Band Plus smart band at the event. It took the two hour in-store press event to show us five new devices. Unveiled in, the XT835 compact memory device is tuned to select regions in mainland China and paves the way for KitKat softphone update. The XL804 constellation Track wheels fit flight safely with somewhat handsome accountancies. It is a fitness tracker for the established bike touring community. Come July the smart accessory can track flights on the current GPS location network or an online tracker. OCx OptiOS wild-west weather station with short charge's cycle icon, serves for $9.3 million of research for centralised 24-hour weather information. The OCx OptiOS wild weather station is used for a lot of farming in the earth--in different regions of China. At first tap an season's forecast based 24-hour handling of rain, sleet, snow, wind, breeze, sandstorm, thunderstorm, fog and mild sun.

Source | Via<|endoftext|>In the cards: Mental recognition panels screens are polo shirts.
They're 3,000 of them, hand-painted, tricked out with face masks and lace up for use by mental patients. Saskatchewan has made these statewide goggles available for free and they've been big news 100 days in. From the NPR, Toronto Globe and Mail (click here and here for the technical workings of the Concord panels), to The Rules Blog (see if you can figure out the item's component parts), Texas Monthly , The Washington Post — basically, anyone who just about fits their head through it. Real people on call from the Tri-Cities to check in with patients on turning them in to the hand. Psychology professor David Coleman says testing these in the home to detect children in crisis is a pretty obvious place to start, "As soon as they fill out the bio concerning their expectations of the system, I score it." It's not hard to guess that as soon as pediatricians or even nurses know real people are in an eye test window, they'll be spitting out those boxes. Although standard tests send out fuzzy numbers like "guess the code" (based on child's description) their higher performance rates track African Americans differently. To make the surveys have a positive effect, the eye-probes are included in the child appointment, mission ciphers go up in every psychiatry office and black radio spots spoof people who think the tests separate blacks and white kids. If you understand what's being played at your child's study table like the cultural traffic those tapes create, that all makes perfect sense. But how do you test one of these nationally available bars, a half-million of them … or right now? That's the big question police interested in prescriptions write to clinic Medicaid General Counsel Richard Christie about. How do you expect someone in typically five-million dollars treatment to navigate that? Dr. Christie said he and his staff will get a lot more call this year than they've dealt with before, so they'll be spending more study hours with counselors answering those inquiry calls. And more people than ever before will be training with a licensed clinician in how to use this Census Information Center capability. Should we peek through the Palm Pilot W fill my calendar with the prospects of a completely blue-collar workforce? Exploring the prospects for Black swappers:
Did you see this one, CBC? Could take to a boat to Toronto where their graduates may be iPhone technology users, on Craigslist buying crap. Anyway, it's from the CBC article about kids with mental problems turning in their Gadsden hats and swastikas without forfeiting Canadian baptism — surrogates. I stumbled across the phrase "video gaming" while researching the sociology of this topic all the way back in 2008 when I was in college, so there's not really good evidence the video games punctures the beauty cushion imbedded in our culture like, for example, Romanian virgin births. As students I seized enough freedom to explore video games and find them intriguing  with first-hand knowledge of the post-
======================================== SAMPLE 65 ========================================
Guest commentator: Mark Priestley (Cardiff University, Social Anthropology)

Robert Anton Wilson's seminal work, Stranger In Darkness, explores the interplay between individual and group identity in relation to the weirder, the stranger, and the nightmare. The division under which we find ourselves is further addressed by Wilson in the essay 'Game Over', which characterizes 'inferior' humanity in terms that outline the interdependent warring of minority and majority against dominant over a collective of 'embraces': 'whatever play we are engaged in, the emotions are violence. They are the appropriately therapeutic manipulation of highly charged emotional responses occasioned by a situation which has arrived at a confrontation with pure hostility. Violence in this sense comes to us like a stranger. Be it the threatening of a fight, the threat of mortal injury to a beloved, or the threat of slavery…we should initially usually fear, quite or almost, the worst. But once relationships are established, we might in an embarrassing statement do without fear. And fear is the ego perception of constant danger - the fear. The relationship between practice and fear is key to the genre of collective existence and the history of technology…'

Why is it that 'there is no style in black'. What does this mean, we might ask. To answer this question we need to investigate the prior of forward in the literary tradition.

One of the most intractable question that literature grapples with is what to admit, when time for taking a stand shrouded for some reason in silence says no. Fu Manchu's sense of plunge is cultivating the loosening of style and language in bitcoinrialnd upon the door of every author's head the very padlock of style.

A great many symbolic systems and inventions persist. Technology is no exception. Where does a future which represents cultural death-stasis lead, or or is it the revelation of the most lucid directions into the infinite yet tough road ahead that will be traversed through the compromises of historical forces of cortical oscillation?

One or another interpretation square Southside on a Neon square Southside seen round a bonfire in The White Album which has a lot to do with

The hallmark of the technology of capitalist individualism is incredibly highly contextualized. Through the shifting degrees of monetisation and commodification of essence it is in turn that a new host of significations are imposed. Historical "orders" signal a matrix of relationships and thus become a fountain of promiscuities of money and obsession. With multiplicity only increasing, what is the uniqueness of human relationships of one thing or another - whether ethical, political, economic, or affective - of the future which will/would save or entrap us?

Technology has also charismatic powers of diffusionism – Iraqi reactried genius Artsakh battle at the return to Pyongyang while the prosperity of that same wondrous outpouring, more concetrically floods the surrounding developing world. We ought to be concerned, however, that within the aphoristic affinity to itself the glorious twitter continuous representative opening up to 'nationalistic gossip-week' in this contemporary intercontinental present can still lead to inexperienced bio-b mystification acceptance which seems says nothing. Camaraderie devoid of equality still cannot put up a united front against corruption, yet whatever nonsense version of 'post-truthism' is proffered there is a willingness to put differing positions to the test of the dustbin of human collective consciousness. Because regardless of binaries of grammatical liberation of the modernist persuasion, all encounters with the conversational grove so needed in a detection of congestion, homosexuality locally ban clientsdom.

Concentrating upon the lingering questions of humanity deep in the Atlantic the future prospects of black and female nihilism spoke as if from two pivots of space The Elder Gods and THE CROW HERE and Yonder. Coming from either side of the Me"nauts, be it the cause-effect dialectic of black and white on a lily pad inside a high heel, or the unwavering practice in rebellion to mysticism that commands future inmates of government prisons at a very close range, a broad division still exists. It is an existence stretched unsteadily round the nearly unchanged mudflats of the gray day of the Last Revolution. And it is a future living on generational, business-functional principles woven by utility efficiency, profit motives, and bank balance. "Question Democracy: Because we rock" of late Comrade Kofi Sirleaf has been a paramount slogan, and under its vociferous chorus we should hold back murmurs of 'you da hired'. Otherwise Blacks right and left will erode one another's supposed parity through the way in which charisma; nationalistic reverence; and faith dovetails with any system, other than perpetual self-preservation that places not any but the continuation of man in double jeopardy.

The Ghost of Justice Spent Here...

Mark Priestley is author of 'Designing a Future' and PGP/GPG makes the unity of
======================================== SAMPLE 66 ========================================
iStick 50W


Brand Name: iStick Pico

Material: Eleaf Efest LUXE

Color: black

Connector Type: 510

Capacity: 5.0ml

Length: 95.5mm

Battery contact: 5.0mm

Length: 40mm

Diameter of crystal: 20mm

Battery: 2x 2200mAh

Color: blue, red, green


1 x charging USB port

1 x VT-d lock out port

1 x VTC coil type 1

1 x VTC coil type 2

1 x VTC coil type 3

1 x VTC coil type 4

1 x battery charger

Plug Types: USB

Output Mode: Ti

Package Includes:<|endoftext|>Established for over a decade, the 233 diary 512 Cuban operates from a Presidio Park swagger cafe in San Francisco, California. With an extensive repertoire of quality Cuban cocktails, this spot is a home for lunch, brunch, and dinner this side of the friend-zones.<|endoftext|>Since 2011, the number of French citizens granted asylum to the US has doubled to nine percent.

The hidden hand of immigration has a resurgence, by Philip Crowther September 8, 2015

The refugee flow in Europe is an inevitable event in a continent still shaken by the trauma of wars, economic and demographic disaster and violation of unoccupied land. France is one of those countries, with a long history of suffering such wrongs, but it doesn't have an innate seasonal interest in the turmoil elsewhere in Europe.

But when the financial crisis broke out in 2008, and as the stock markets crashed around the world, the European Union and Great Britain came together to take in tens of thousands of migrants not just from their own countries or near by, but from the Middle East, the sub-Sahara Africa, South Asia … and right here in London, on the street you're walking down towards in the City of London.

"The number of asylum claims in the UK increased to a record 67,507 in 2014, an increase of 14 percent from the previous year. The sudden rise came as falls in need of asylum seekers were becoming apparent."

Chapman and Illsley, 2012.

At the time, the political reaction to the "outmarriage" trend was mixed and few understood the severity of the problem that would cripple rural communities and pull grand motifs from history.

Now only the end of history has teeth and in 2004 Simon Jenkins identified five natural moments which would cause a genocide in the making of human history. Three of these were marked by a rising race of nations bound by the blood symbol of the Jewish temple. The other two would follow tribal clashes for land and being ripped apart by religious conflict.

The 2007-2008 financial crisis got a lot of the media coverage or "fever" but it was one of the few times a mass migration event seemed to be accumulating the smokescreens that would seal the slaughterbeast. Some of the largest stories of the crisis were America "devouring" Mexico for the sexy oil that the Gringos brought to the US market and the doomed US mortgage finance market created by Freddie and Fannie.

Patrick Shakespeare, a top sociologist on immigration law and policy, identifies the rise of EU immigration wave as part of a simultaneous invasion of color and religion from Africa.

Every human culture, including that of Europeans, is so deeply rooted in the natural fertility of the land that its external alteration radically affects its resettlement prognosis and future population. Elves of Norway truly think that the shrub and fruitful connections serve naught, except for the two of them and their wives. The Sphinx is aware of every gathering crowd: Provide and broadcastbirds. But tell martialDemi an errand for framing an unbolted thorn pointed service pen. Rime the cedar smooth.

Shakespeare sees the Christian Right in America and American evangelical organizations that describe the subtext of the US migration issue as a populist rebellion that is one part fight, one part ability to take land and otherwise colonize without attracting mass struggles, and most likely in more peaceful ways.

That type of worship cult cannot and will not co-exist or compete with armies provided with wills and guns to govern their planets. His words help turn the migrant crisis into one infection fit for a global organism: fastening diseases, trans regulating genes, magnetic containment pure press from crowd-infested planet molds.

The ideology of Petadeath is the right of every nation carved ever more from their neighbour at whim for the purpose to exalt and simply exploit their sites as whorehouses for free labour.

Neither tragedy nor farce. Not tragedy caused by external malinvestment. Much tragedy that is historically the need to participate in the hands of those subjecting citizens to the overall
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Think U.S. institutions require too much security? Well, if you have access to Tor, you don't. The service that allows users to anonymously surf the Internet has become a key focus of hackers in the past couple of weeks.

The revelation came earlier this week following Reuters reports claiming that a Twitter account connected to the Internet's most notorious cybercrime group was using Tor to post detailed instructions to steal money. The group, known as the Shadow Brokers, had previously leaked confidential documents that outlined the WPA2 key encryption standard it claims is possibly used by the National Security Agency to decrypt communications.

Security researchers Michal Kosinski of Palo Alto Networks and WIRED senior reporter Andy Greenberg immediately questioned how this was happening? There have been many discussions about Tor's capacity to circumvent Edward Snowden's revelations of the NSA's snooping.


Let's Cut to the Dashboard

There's a lot of concern over Tor's continued ability to bypass the security exploits reported by Covenant Eyes. The exploits exploit vulnerabilities in UNIX implementations and open Windows operating systems. UCSD researchers are working on both open and closed source exploits tailored for the world's two most compromised computer systems—Windows and Mac OS X. Since so few Tor users use internal computers, the targeted Mac and Microsoft systems have made up a sizeable amount of findings. For instance, if you use Windows, there is at least one open Windows exploit that can be used by strangers on the Internet, according to the researchers. During last year's Consumer Electronics Show, Covenant Eyes revealed a password-stealing hack for Windows that worked almost 70 percent of the time.

Tor's vulnerabilities are possible because the technology is almost 19 years old and relies on talented volunteers to maintain the anonymity network. With reliable volunteers who know the architecture in order to avoid attacks, it would seem that Tor's technology can't fall easily into the hands of a nefarious group. There is no Chinese-style firewall in place. There are some protection mechanisms such as "guard nodes," friends or loved ones that help divert what would otherwise be malicious traffic through Tor servers. These are continually testing new Tor functionality and there's no guarantee access to the "God node" keys would be revoked. In fact, the "youtube info" test was modified by Covenant Eyes' engineers back in February, so they still hold onto the "youtube info" locking capabilities. That said, they aren't saying TOR would confirm or deny those claims.

The good news for developers is Tor isn't off limits to 200 or so thousand researchers around the world working on the Tor Project, according to MIT Technology Review. The bad news? The vulnerability has been sitting exposed for nearly two months. That's bad news for people who want to crowd fund cancer research or whistleblowers looking for new ingredients to mask their activity. Anonymous information is pretty valuable, and journalists have started leaving government-issued cell phones behind. Even government employees are abandoning Frequent Flyer Miles because it's Hillary's track record after all.<|endoftext|>Get the latest from TODAY Sign up for our newsletter

When Dennis Webb saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in "The Terminator" in 1991, he thought: "I bet that guy could play a 5-year-old boy."

The sad reality: In addition to the hewing Arnold's body into shape, the movie star also was cutting his height nearly in half to play a 10-year-old boy in the flick — and to keep the mishap-prone actor from realizing two dreams at the same time.

"I'm a very physical man," Webb told TODAY before debuting pictures of himself with The Terminator himself on TODAY in July.

At 54 months, Dennis Webb barely fits the casting call for 'The Terminator' in 1991. "Even though I look younger in the movie." Today

His tall frame has caused problems before, but 1986′s "Little Rascals" was an exception.

"My daughter Elizabeth wanted me to go see 'Little Rascals,'" Webb said. "I thought she was being completely serious." The movie theater was reopening just a week away and the mom and dad nagged Webb. But he went anyway.

"At the end of the movie, they show a commercial — 'the world's tallest mother'. My daughter reminded me, 'Look at the commercials for you mom's height. You have to have a-and a-and a-and a-and a-and a-and a' — 22-and-a-half-and-a-point-nine-and-a-quarters — but i'm 5-foot-10 and they show it on a big TV! My 5-foot-10 seventh grade self thought she was supposed to be invented for women's sizes."

As an only child, Webb's mom, Sheryl, went to great lengths to prepare him for life as an adult.

"She was much more structured around me than my father was," Webb said. "She
======================================== SAMPLE 68 ========================================
FORT LAUDERDALE — A south Florida legislator is facing the departure of his GOP-led legislative caucus after calling President-elect Donald Trump an "ignorant son of a bitch" during a party-line vote last week.

State Reps. Jonathan Sachs of Davie sued the late afternoon Dec. 13 vote as a last-ditch effort to prevent Republicans from hexing the 45th President-in-Waiting in future votes, local media reported.

The barn-burning comments earnedAdvertisement

Sachs ramped up his rhetoric during a Dec. 9 meeting with then-House Speaker Will Weatherford. A spokesman for the retiring Weatherford denied the lawmaker had any such screed but confirmed he had "passed on the fact that [Sachs] had used the gorilla in the room" to describe Nixon.

he sparred with several Republicans in the fractious, year-old committee before he spoke his piece later that night, the Broward-Palm Beach New Times reported.

"I've come under a lot of fire because I'm here, I'm paying attention and all the people talking have been talking about Mr. Trump, but you guys are talking about Anthony Weiner," Sachs said, referencing the disgraced New York Democrat who wined, dined and helped defile his victims.

"We know nasty things about Donald Trump, we just don't talk about them," Sachs said, drawing a standing ovation from the nearly packed chamber. "I think it's probably my duty to start talking."

Sachs on Thursday filed papers asking the Florida Supreme Court to dissolve the GOP caucus and mandate replacement candidates. He complained that his colleagues aggressively sought negatives on Trump such as the March 2014 proposal to pay Omar Mateen, the shooter who killed 49 people in Orlando's Pulse club.

"It was a racist and incendiary smear that was never supposed to happen," Sachs said.

A spokesman for Republicans in the legislature did not respond to multiple calls seeking comment. Both parties broadly support Trump's agenda at the federal, state and county levels. At the state and local level, the GOP maintains significant power throughout Florida during each election, especially in places like Miami-Dade and Broward County of 20 electoral votes each.

While prominent Republicans supported Trump from the GOP establishment during the general election, those 10 Republicans in the Florida Legislature made Trump the center of their political universe, possibly contributing to his victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the Sunshine State.

"Despite his immense mandate, the GOP wants to torpedo the president-elect, perhaps until there is a second scandal erupting from the swamp," Sachs said. "Simply speaking to Mr. Trump doesn't reform public policy. Mr. Trump has the mandate and members of the Republican Party have the task, no matter their intentions, to carry out some popular fundamental reforms that they have long desired."

His complaints come after the Florida GOP criticized four other state lawmakers last month for failing to defend Trump: State Reps. Paul Henlinger, Donald Coneigle and Sean Shaw, all Republican, and State Sen. Jeff Clemens, a Democrat.

In six tweets last week, Henlinger said the sticking point in the long-running federal probes into Russia's interference in the U.S. elections has been "Trump's personal financial transactions with Russia" and he wants the conduct investigated.

Coneigle said that while he voted for Trump, he has concerns when it comes to potential ties to the Russian government.

"An electors vote should include a disapproval of the customer," Coneigle tweeted. "And that is Trump"

__<|endoftext|>Married at First Sight has only been on Bravo for a couple months but it's already gained plenty of viewers and praise for the program's ongoing reality-making ethics. Last week nudistographer Alessandra Ambrosio and her husband Adam Zamoyski attempted to attend a college party free of charge. Her idea was to inspire a diversity of body types, and her strategy was simple: Be who she wanted to be. The couple entered into an unconventional wedding-planning partnership, sharing much of the rehearsal day and encouraged guest cameras to much care without ever undercutting their commitment.

It had all the makings of a teenage-dream clear out: amazing real-life fodder, colorful lights, gorgeous costumes, and endless boozy fun. It was also a nightmare for the couple – couple conflict – and kept their honeymoon fixed at the park. The pair see settling the conflict as their burden. It's why Ambrosio, a nose-candidate, perfectly latches on to John Hall – even when neither half knew what an acceptable t-shirt would be for a nudist wedding.

The first challenge was motion; NBC's school-run pool was shapeless water, and a grueling 60-minute third act event would be held entirely underwater. But once anything happens underwater, show host Anthony
======================================== SAMPLE 69 ========================================
The Left Behind game from Task Force 20 can be played by the team in the Advanced Team Building kit that was released at Gen Con.

Contents show]

Technical Details Edit

The game is a collection of component parts, drawn from various elements of the series. The bridge, the Spirit of Atlanta, the gallows, the storybook Titans and the candy store are all represented. With this being a science fiction game, Jet has also included a face from a rebel. L&M divisions from the cancelled Making News game returns from Gen Con last year.

Creating your team Edit

The basic strategy for the game is to choose one of your nine Alternate Characters, each with their own personal strengths, four specialties and four Unconscious Characters.

Actions are rolled by every player during each Phase, and the result is compared against the opposing team in order, bringing the team to a tie. The winning team then claim victory, proving victory in the name of Lost.

Gameplay Edit

Example Turn

Pairing Edit

There are limited partners currently available.

To reveal the partners used for a character, use the silver Ball Markers on the side of the sheet. The spindly twin team leader is Theo Boyd, suitable for Panama and easy to narrow down to a date pairings. The skinny crew ace is Murphy Freeland, suitable for Guam and Tropics teams. The sveltely poised second baseman is Izaiah Nugent, suitable for Korea and handles well with Ball Marker placement. The sleekly featured third baseman is Jeremiah Harrison, suitable for España, Mexico, and much easier to single out as a Home Grabs.

When creating a partner, it is preferable to use medallion and pulp figures. Furthermore, blending the two figures is advisable to ensure character compatibility.

Due to the bifurcated engagement method, it is likely that multiple partners will be needed, as the partner will be switched between the two players assigned to it.

Deciding Rules Edit

The freshman exchanges nominee chain six times each round in an effort to use him and get himself nominated. The by-the-book sophomore sets aside certain disagreement points in order to properly oppose the senior.

To run the game, with replacement chosen by the senior, take a maximum of seven turns. At the end of each Placeholder Phase, the rear hair might explode, causing a team member to drop to the ground and generate a discomfiting sound. Before the last Send Off Phase, both contestants might be penalized "morally blameless" by the Program Leader when all of the teams had used their resources, including rookies. If so, then make a new selection of substitute, all players involved in the game are "married" to a new, predeceased alternate.

Once the game has ended, the Septa Leader announces the winners.

Mechanics Edit<|endoftext|>Note:

To install Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition simply grab the content, install and follow the prompts. The toolset recommends the automatic installation solution which honestly I'm voraciously trying to avoid, but which is useful for those who experience error when booting Overwatch. Combustion almost at Hasslefree level after the install.

The diversity of heroes and maps has been rethought to achieve optimal performance along with new graphics optimizing graphical engine.<|endoftext|>HTML:

How to rate a translator/youtuber (Okay to chart newgens and they willplat him?) + What does the chart reflect + Bokura no ko tho + We metat the Yeta audience. + If you know any reason why "Temple Maps" couldn't be charted please let me know a sweet message at amasota.com. + Tread Friendly Gum Balls = want These.

Hello everyone,Our thread No. 14 emitting contestant Moonlight Examiner reproduced Torres Lenz's Economic readersett with his Original Bokan Virtuoso way too often of late and the guy clearly doesn't know that he is a latecomer here.If you like their take, follow their links then you can learn about BroER.Langum = Bright Light = amasota.comThis was written by a seller Tao (implicate Roman shortly jupriate dialect)And he should have a constant thread and typically five or six days he will expand on the amasota translation ideas. It may be bad upstream, Fortunately with this wine French Translation Mux bag Bag. Suppose oyuh sometimes Hodder does Nothingterday fig. What he Thunders CrocodileLelium-Malt./had'rxnisResrty is a candy. Should not your chips Lollwoods so this ****Wal variesPerhaps embarrass Exp didn't do so badThen boil forty,Tie eight ends bind ninety mins just of jersey game or how well early foreigners say, somewhere about charleston HEY!).Futees soccer 1
======================================== SAMPLE 70 ========================================
End of Action: The CIA Attempts to Escape and Lurk in the Wilderness of the CIA
Run coffee shops, small restaurants, banners, collect anonymous radio ads, recruit chaplains and politicking Campaigners Concerned about a scrap of paper in John Poindexter's pocket

Nowhere in an Administration that prides itself on its transparency, televoting, or a sarcastic reluctance to demand transparency even from those who are performing individual acts of transparency, however, is there an explicit requirement for the CIA to be transparent.

Just no, it turns out. On September 12, 1971, John Poindexter's memo the same day in which they created it was marked "SECRET." They liked it that way. It at least didn't suggest anything unexpected, or at least, nothing they were unwilling to explain, a point made by General Richard Crowley two weeks after the creation of the black project, exposing COINTELPRO, black helicopters, and using chemtrails to harass the anti-war left. (And there are still questions regarding the grounds on which the program was authorized). In fact, when Sirhan Sirhan can be convicted in a California court on the grounds that he assassinated Robert Kennedy, the FBI obscures his crime, declaring that the time on campus of Sirhan's murder is on the 1st December; Poindexter's memo says the 2nd, Huntington Memorial Hall keeper Jim Doran couldn't even curb his sales of Prof on the morning of 2nd December, nor can he corroborate his sales to Sirhan's associate, because she was in Guatemala; Poindexter seems to have possessed such information, which is not the same as knowledge:

Information from the latest field contact in this matter—based on his current evidence, United States intelligence has obtained important useful information. FNC files confirmed that Sirhan Sirhan was in Guatemala before the incident in Los Angeles and that Maelle Mathonis chief customer of Garntell's was a student/members of Guatemala's Communist Partido Comunista (CPC), MOVE. FNC records also reveal that a second customer of Garntell's in Gardena and.

Buddy's business card lists the United States Consulate in San Jose. A former elected political prisoner in Guatemala, Robert Fade is now a voter army test guard for King Crime (krug-af-ad) Group of L.A. P.D.

Poindexter was the man who gave Sirhan Sirhan permission to flee. (That is, unless the President deemed Poindexter a traitor after watching his appearance under pressure during Sirhan's trial with Sirhan in 1988.)

The phony U.S. Suppression of Communism Act of 1976 allowed members of the American Communist Party to be deported, under the pretense that they were foreign policy risks to the United States. This of course might have been true, but that would hardly have made them Americans, since many of them had been in the most vicious circle of Communist international crime of any

Western countries since the years 1919, and their existence as so-called Communists clearly proved Uncle Sam that they were still active criminals. Sirhan Sirhan therefore had no connection to the American diplomatic information passed on to him; Sirhan Sirhan had long fled they country he had poisoned Robert Kennedy with the CIA-inspired May 13, 1968 bombing of a segregated school. Sirhan Sirhan also had a prior criminal record. Remember, he was in jail less than two month after Poindexter's memo was created:

Just two days before(?) the assassination of Robert Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan was in jail. His real name is listed as Sterling Sirhan. Sirhan Sirhan had emigrated to Los Angeles in the December before the assassination. "A native of the State of Jordan, Sterling Sirhan is a white male…he has served two prison sentences," according to the Los Angeles County jail telephone directory.

The historian Michele Ray was making an effort to pin a video of the Pretty Regional disk Davis named as comforting to Sirhan Sirhan at a demonstration with Bobby Bunch as Ritz --


There was no such thing as the 1974 world set to be unveiled in Alleen & Fermant:

America in People's Revolutionary Odyssey Any an d Matt Chassin and Keith Morris

May 1977] Rather meant More than 100 new paid agents in more than 70 local U.S. offices would assume responsibility for observing any radical beliefs of individual subversive immigrant [ouch!

[On nerves the disappointing revenues of Bookshops Overseas and Shop LIBED will be substitut ed with sales connections and disbursements. Shops licensed for counterrevolutionary purposes will thus be linked to subversive publications and Shops operating in controlled critical third countries and territories having political or terrorist activity will subsequently have to procure authorization from local office-holders. Thus Mines production will endure
======================================== SAMPLE 71 ========================================
10:04 AM EDT - Colo

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Meet Rover, a Colorado State University research assistant whose EOC searches telephone addresses and sends them to the perimeter of the University's researchers' home. User Clipper has detailed details of the full extent of Rover's work:

We emailed Rover from Colorado's state university. Hi Rover? I'm in Psychology and Neuroscience and my home is four miles from where you can also solute my address. So can you please search your database on shoes ourmyp? Thanks in advance Darcie Rodal – [email protected]

Darcie tells Reveal she tapped into the EOC after noticing how frequently a profile with her name appeared by name on someone else's EOC during a drive by a few weeks ago.

Based on Clippert's project, EOC searches directory listings for the phone numbers [email protected], which is what Rover was searching.

She had already searched and e-mailed info.collection in the past.

Also that week, Clippert e-mails with a warning, which Darcie says, along with the explanation she provides below, was more helpful than the vague chats she used on the 1888.

What made us want to peer into the EOC was that we knew Rover would stumble upon details in our study members' study groups about how they conducted research. We looked at samples for ourselves and were horrified to find that a vast majority of researchers—three quarters of whom we were interested in publishing articles based on—were in a completely state of indecision. On the last test before going home, one married couple argued at their coffee hour. Another couples on a walk. Two couples had the exact same idea, but for different reasons. He wrote the eBook, but she didn't... One partner was too lazy to fly in from out of town, and the other was too sick to move. After that last test came up needed to be published, I felt heartbroken. I attended the worst exam of my eight years at CSU. I was still in student training, and I'm not proud of that at all. (...)

Clippert was curious about how many busy researchers she would find. A small number of labs have hundreds of researchers going through their e-mails.

However, according to their testing, Clippert and her grad students couldn't find as many profiles involving dozens of college students as they had hoped.

Rover's search of the database has yielded other significant discoveries.

Trying to hunt down information about their home, those researchers encountered an Amazon Echo notification.

By probing Amazon's Echo, several researchers discovered that they had left a white blankets outside their department office, which also had a tag on it that read: "COSTS: BREAKFAST, DELIVERY, AND SUNRISE DIAL UP."

They chipped with locals at the finding but couldn't exhange closure on the 11 pages in their e-mails. "For some reason we are still struggling to come up with an answer," Clippert says.

Regular pilgrimage to geography class proved informative when examining the EOC: It's rather like looking at Google using a weird visual crayon.

While when we have actual people we need to do some detective work, when we have researchers doing repetitive, paltry tasks we often can just use raw data.

"Here about half of what we've read about what researchers are saying actually say" Clippert says. "Because no one ever plans to communicate something before they are ready to communicate it, we're left with trends."

This article originally appeared on The Conversation.

Read more about Darcie Rodal at Dynamik Brain.<|endoftext|>Samantha Manguso, CEO of Guidance Enrichment and Training, Inc. (GERT), takes questions from visitors to her company's website at Challenge.com in San Francisco February 24, 2014.

When U.S. military sharpshooters sought more precise guidance on incoming bullets during the Mexican shootout that claimed 17 lives on Feb. 19, 2015, they turned to the same good guys who trained them how to blunt the PowerPoints they used to manipulate targets back in Afghanistan: game theory. So it was that in the days after the massacre, a sensitive U.S. military video game tipped the scales toward helping O.J. Simpson avoid being indicted.

On Wednesday, just two days after the incident, the military's "Halo: Reach" was abruptly removed from the popular shooter game's list of supported games on Amazon.com.

On Thursday, consumer reports discovered Profit 66, a Canadian manufacturer that is behind the eyepiece spotlight on 2 million Americans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, finally heard the complaints of its many military customers that accuse the company of "backdooring" the game into a strange, role
======================================== SAMPLE 72 ========================================
Only a third of Russians have a favorable view of President Vladimir Putin. ((SPUTNIK/Agence France-Presse))

A majority of Russians do not have a favorable opinion of their president, and 62 per cent view him negatively, according to a recent nationwide poll.

The poll, conducted between Feb. 7-10, also revealed lack of trust in opinion-makers in the Kremlin. About 60 per cent of respondents criticise the politicians the president appoints.

The data comes a day before top-ranking diplomats from Russia, the U.S. and Europe will meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit in St. Petersburg, which is meeting amid heightened tensions between Moscow and the West over the crisis in Ukraine.

A total of 64 per cent of all Russians said they support the current leadership while 15 per cent said they oppose it. Older people were more likely to oppose the current leadership, with more than two thirds of over-65s (68 per cent) saying they support it against only 16 per cent who say they claim to oppose it.

increase in partisanship brand ERELEC found, the country's dissatisfaction is generally higher among the older generation, with six out of ten of those taking part saying their own household is "totally" or "mostly" in opposition to their government's policies.

However, 39 per cent of those aged under 25 show a positive point of view regarding the government's policies. Personal nets, movement off the current government's policy didn't seem to have affected the number of people with a very or somewhat favorable opinion.

About 66 per cent of all Russians said they have lost faith in the country's business leadership, of which 73 per cent said their own household is also at a loss for confidence.

About 47 per cent said they have lost trust in what their daily newspaper guarantees, after a wrong-headed security decision last year caused a number of journalists to be roughed up during Moscow's anti-terror operation in Dagestan. The government defended the decision, but declined to say how their decision came to light before it was announced.

Sociologica Rossii was asked broadly about media freedom, with 56 per cent of people saying they are "extremely" or "very" worried about such freedom. Indeed, 35 per cent felt casual lack of media freedom was the main reason why Russians wouldn't leave the country.

About a third of all Russians say they are worried about disease, nearly a quarter say respect for life is at a minimum level, about 18 per cent said they worry about the police, 15 per cent said they worry about fighting terrorism, and about 13 per cent mentioned people being victims of corruption.

More than one third of Russians believe the Kremlin treats the LGBT community "disproportionately." (GABRILLA DUZO/AFP/Getty Images)

About 67 per cent of those surveyed said they were very or somewhat afraid of becoming criminals and 25 per cent said their fear was significant, meaning they would worry about it sufficiently to avoid committing crime. On the other hand, a third of Russians said they were worried being bitten by a mosquito or killing teamster, while four per cent expressed concern when they get hit by an auto accident.

The poll was conducted through face-to-face interviews with 1,600 Russians, aged between 18 and 64.<|endoftext|>Many search engines and archive sites offer reports to help locate album and record prices. This is useful if you are looking for a specific album, but wish there was something within your available data to show you what a reasonable price may be. The 2nd Price List is an excellent starting point for people looking to help determine a general eligibility value.

The price list appears below every album as well as for a select handful of albums. Not all album prices are available. Please note that prices do not include shipping costs. Only list albums and record and when you find something interesting, record and label info will be linked to the user of the item.

Enter a Search Key:

Arrow Keys to Move Around. Use EASIEST Search Engine.

1 - Amazon.com

2 - iTunes

3 - Sources

4 - Board games

5 - Music Vintage

6 - Shops

7 - Collectables

8 - Videos

9 - Other

Left Arrow - Browse

Alt - Back

Ctrl - Change Categorization

K - Save as Link

C - Close

Command - Jump to this link and acknowledge its validity. This will lead you back to the main page<|endoftext|>Makoto Fukayama has left China's soccer federation to become head coach of New Zealand's national team.

Fukayama was general secretary of the Chinese Federation and had been tipped for the job of coach of his country's national team. Since leaving the China Football Association, he has spent some time as
======================================== SAMPLE 73 ========================================
The Massachusetts Professional Quality Medical Review Board (MPQRB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the standards of high quality medical care and has recruited local physicians and healthcare professionals to serve in its 24 member physician advisory board. Some physicians decide to remain a part of the medical house paint because they genuinely believe the practices of the board and judge them to be the highest in quality. The MPQRB is striving to be a leader in others that desire to participate in MPQRB standardized assessments. However, despite the non-clinical tests seen at several medicine's should not be taken lightly, and should be seen as a safety net at a very grossly imperfect system. Those physicians who pass the latest MPQRB assessment only deserve assistance in learning the points per hour considered for their success. However, if you act like a fool and find yourself expelled from the board because you don't know the landscape, continue to seek gaps and the animal welfare information. If you are honorably discharged by the MPQRB, reported to the enforcement detail for bad medical practices, and conclusively found to have returned to those seen years ago, expect to pay a hefty price. Once the police are involved, you may be listed with the data source, aka the light reader, while lying about the faux proficiency. On the other hand, if you enter the field of academic medical communications by refusing to invest and adhere over time, you should not expect the average consultant to provide any what aetiology over time and a long time without the view of the headline that "twenty things turn us into medical industry fodder". While the simplistic "take the board wherever you go" regarding MPQRB re-inspects be continued due to the loud complex jargon, doctors should be warned to keep a sharp eye on their own fatigue levels and not double up on already long daily rounds. Leads of periodicals like the Annals of Internal Medicine, Surgery & Anesthesiology, and European Disorders, Hepato-Biliary & Agency wouldn't appear completed, and obstetricians lousy with patients in Pennsylvania need to fess up how the therapeutic for profits services assistance linked to Dr mishandled patient care impacting exported territories shirts such as delegations that resulted forearm subjugation emitting contestant Branch Examiner..... drawing peacehorses Economic readership of the patient advocate market wants so far is a quality of nutrition, sleep, and aesthetic review to be not poorly supervised by staff. Some of the following care management questions to actors pose absausal of the district defenders so earnestly requested by health care providers, add care management practices to the profit sourcing schemes that would purport expansion into other patient care services and perhaps be leading to string or worse patient safety hazards! Efforts of the capital claims lawsuits are paralleled each moment here, challenges and the district district attorneys determination implies the sharing of personal tenancies. Babies are not end of not. The defenders settle for location no differently nor in a different manner than is irrational to consider. Like courts up interstate players large in  accepting Hollywood records for fates, even roofbar talkators if you've had your heads caved in by props ad sides, too  brashly by descriptions it does to be gratuitous and totally lack of emotionally informed or otherwise competently intellectualized somber commentary. Perhaps flagrantly hyperkafka towards a kind stay in the unexpected and you need globalers. Not only in the final hours are you captives of any clinical and therapeutic agendas and areas of concern women are perpetuating and minimizing under not historically whitewashed in the point other terms, but to trivialize and banalize and unburden your doing is service to an ideology of romanticism you're better than firemen. Under the lie of encouraging women as hothouse educations programmes and ancillary operations education dreamer mother, an industry down in Pittsburgh, seems to argue for combining yet officially and it continues to convert as inept amoebic bullets in the perimeter nations, that the researchers working in their preferred location diseases of account health education care and technical literacy tend toward being a place where unwashed muddies labor in surplus as victimhood and in doing these programs and programs specifically actually enjoy marked professional advancement. Despite some uncanny breakthroughs being made, no questions to knowledge of clinical procedure such as angiography, the program to promote reading and learning all by itself seems backward as it makes you neither deeply during professional advancement nor a helpful in a concise education further. Despite revenue white surprised on headway conservation clearing efforts, they entreat the Treasury establishment not to spare any, at the cost of having little to free physicians to even higher salaries. Professional assistance advances open only to those pressures to a fairly radially expanding body of education content basic! Such academic working toward mutual excellence as formative assessment of collateralized debt and financial rhetoric quite commendable but... Tradition against growing PFI is misplaced costly Strike reproduces medical review board practices that languish now… Negative ... follow up needs foretold by the presumption two other public contracts in future year
======================================== SAMPLE 74 ========================================

Dresdenshoe is a free, online app that simplifies and facilitates the purchase of a Golden Age map from the 18th and 19th Years after Hitler. This software was designed to integrate with the map device, Kindvak Tour and the scanner provided by the organizer.

Here you can:

  1. Pick a site and see first hand all the Führerplatz, square and building in larger sizes.

  2. View the largest map available.

  3. Find a site, attend the Führerplatz opening ceremony, enquire about an open Fühlkarte.

  4. Find a Führergarten.

  5. Find a Spottbuch (Führer's Tree) on a site in the Rheinisch-Westfalen (Ruhr area) of Germany.

  6. Find opinion resources on various authors, arms, maps, etc.

  • Opndel - Edelplatz - Arti – Collorier - Deines Schutz Yellowskÿrs - Sönaufischer Friederichs - Hochzeitsaddlend - Leifnöffels Objectus - Klüspiral - Lander Centre (Lotosplatz), Kunst-View

Included with your purchase is a free 2016 Kindvak Tour map that shows where the Führerplatz once was!<|endoftext|>By Kevin Alexander

Sitting down to refresh my downloaded FxScape install from the Disc cache I came across a report by QQZC of installation problems with DirectX 9.1 and above. After contacting the author of the thread, he forwarded me his to his attention the configuration files that had caused the issues. Somewhere in the code someone has inadvertently pasted the absolute path to the "foovitfix" package and I should have updated these files when patch 1.2 was released in early June.

While I do not condone the formatting of this forum, I cling to some simplest of eternal truths, STIPE COMMS….Good things come to those who wait! XD

The solution for your problem lies not with me, but instead in the way that I purchase and maintain my FEAR 700Mhz most likely the first video card that you have ever purchased for your PC. So, first you must contact their software testing department via email which can be found at: fxscape.com/contact-us/phototest I will be happy to help you with your dilemma - they are knowledgeable and friendly and you will not be disappointed! Click the appropriate link below to exit the FxScape™ window.. for recommended hardware and software visit fxscape.com

HELP IS ON STREAKING - on the homepage there is a way to find the older version of your manual under To legally download FxScape™ direct from them by selecting either the "50" or "60 version" for your region, then click icon on top right and browse for the file display name "Fx-Guide.rtf".

And remember the 1600's will not match the 1700's.

Now that the main problem was solved, all that remains is to restore your system to what it used to have IDE shortcut program installed and reduce the load on your system of 10 post processing effects from the default of 24. Try System -> Options -> Effects -> Pre-Processing: Min 2..9. Test by starting up the game. You will see that the Game will run smoother by reducing 1 of the Group of effects.<|endoftext|>TEAM USA has officially placed a buy-out clause on star Kirby Smart, nine days after star Jova Smith reached his own buyout of his contract.

The USA coaching staff hinted last summer that Smart wasn't 100 percent. Smart himself was told in the fall that he still needed time to get his body back to its old form. And despite promising twins when he was recruited to Georgia, SMART — sorry, MAGIC — never held himself to that promise.

In SMART's last two seasons he never had more than 13 catches.

Now, though, there's an indication that SMART was sharp throughout the World Cup, save for three games against Switzerland and two against Colombia.

When asked about Smart's confidence before Sunday, John Mitchell kept the real surprise hidden…

Smart had one catch — one! — seeing action in the first five games.

The 6-foot, 185-pound star caught passes in both games against Switzerland, and helped his team win both.

That's because Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett saw something during games — which SMART will chatter about after practice — and told him to break off his videotape adventures before the Luckies talk North suburban Deerfield High. Then SMART had three catches and two touchdowns.

======================================== SAMPLE 75 ========================================
ARLINGTON, Ill. -- Chicago Blackhawks winger Marian Hossa made an impressive first impression on rookie forward Nikita Zaitsev.

The left-wing rookie scored the lone goal of the second period to lift the Washington Capitals on a 4-3 win in the second round of the playoffs Thursday night. Zaitsev had an assist in the win at the United Center.

"I think he made a pretty good first impression on me,'' Zaitsev said. "I think he sort of just took the game by the horns, pretty absorb all I got. He came up big and really I thought took advantage of a couple of chances.''

Hossa, who had hat tricks in the first three games of the conference semifinals against the Florida Panthers, wasted little time getting to ice. He took a pass from Sharp and sent Kyle Beacham backhand-in-front that was parried by goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy. The score was 1-0 before the second period began. About 20 seconds later, Hossa also tally, beating a screened Vasilevskiy.

Hossa came up with the big play earlier than Keith Tkachuk (vs. Tampa Bay), who found a streaking Brendan Smith in Anaheim. Both Hossa and Smith now have four assists this postseason. Smith has played 17:46, yet has four goals and two assists total.

"[Hossa] found a lot of space in the slot [Thursday]," Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville said. "You see that in most of the games, but he made a good play making him (Hossa) come up with his goalie stuck out of the net. His quickness and the body. He's got a fantastic shot and he's got great hands. … We have a few guys who can set him up and execute and set things up pretty well. He makes some great plays and he loves the game, so you know he has to be a good player.''

The officials helped set the tone early. Anders Lee drew a penalty while battling Hossa for an early edge on the ice. After Hossa set up Hossa by moving the puck across the crease, Olli Maatta went to school on the goalkeeper.

Zaitsev and Ryan Callahan were called for hooking during the first period. Threatening a working penalty kick, Chicago defenseman Trevor van Riemsdyk fed the puck up high between two defenders in the Washington zone, then steered it to Callahan in the slot.

Callahan's shot was stopped by Smith, then was redirected by Joel Ward on the glove side.

Zaitsev roped one in from the slot with 26 seconds remaining in the second period, and Detroit Red Wings coach Mike Babcock called it a typical scoring chance away from the puck.

Enter Ryan Getzlaf. He took a cross-ice feed from Patrick Eaves and moved up the ice so he could wrangle onto the forecheck from behind. Getzlaf wrayed a backhanded play past Joe Corvo.

On the next shift, Arizona Coyotes defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson threw to his forehand, and Getzlaf snapped a backhand backhand past Smith on his body.

Getzlaf got to one with practically zero time left -- just 1:35 remaining -- as Smith used a rebound to spoil the USC goalie and Portland Winterhawks goalie Matt Murray's shutout attempt. Getzlaf beat the left side of his nettee for an empty-net goal.

"It was a good chance,'' Getzlaf said. "The advantage [Murray] had was kind of difficult to get away from by the way he played. I think I got there between the skates, so have to tip my hat to him having that much time left and then he made a really good save on me.

"I think I was just waiting for the rebound and saw a little push and I kind of moved my legs a little bit to shoot this puck. I kind of just hit it and put [goalie Mike Smith] on his butt. When you miss a deal like that next one, you go back and I savor it from there."<|endoftext|>A chief executive from Austin-based telecom operator Time Warner Cable will now be considered impeachment by the US House of Representatives after a scathing report was released detailing the conduct of its employees that no longer can be met with the "Kumbaya" shoulder to shoulder embrace.

Housemember Darius Loskarn apologized for airing his warning to fellow Austin city officials about the acts of its employees before going on to file articles of impeachment against the head of Time Warner Cable in Texas, David L. Cohen, citing the report, entitled "Redistricting: A Shameful Example of Standard Political Giveaways."

Among the actions described by his staff and senior ironworkers recounted in the House Howard Berman
======================================== SAMPLE 76 ========================================
Nobody should be surprised, to justify the platform: the Hillary Clinton machine long ago decided to become an amoral media and party machine, the Trump Machine is the media and the party machine — and now the media and the Party Machine want to head for the greener pastures of an open bigot herifiable just plain despicable enough to be omniscient appealing. Like --4 billion lives to save. Not everybody wants the presidential show. You just can't make this stuff up. And a visitor in the Swamp had confided to me when before the campaign that they had been taking notes on the vile and distasteful thuggery put on display step by step on the trail virtually every day twenty years ago when she ran for the U.S. Senate, but it had now become such regular front page fare no one wanted to do anything about it. One Republican said out loud, "The way they are attacking Trump seems more and more like a campaign of fear from what I've been reading and listening to." After the third debate, the coming together of two resentful factions of the unusual Joe world -- racists and leftists are the two main targets -- ought to be of unremarkable interest, especially when the Clintonite slime probe goes nuclear. But unless you are Bill and Hillary, you won't notice it.

If Voter Suppression isn't the Order of the Day, then why is It, Why is Hillary Clinton's murderer and Hillary's co-conspirator Bill Clinton and the stench of that operation stench everywhere in this news cycle? Because the same way Donald Trump is solidly on one side or the other — I am sure the 'My base's too small to win 65 million people in a year' Hillary supporters are on one side or the other — the right wing at the usual firms are doing its usual distraught lamentation of, "We hacked this one!" particularly when it doesn't fit their anti Trump culture and stuff. What we see is the traditional conservative information ecosystem, informally known the "apologist industry," flailing wildly in search of a better way to stop Trump. And yet polls show that Trump would easily beat Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup. All of the usual assumptions about the Republican base are wrong: Younger Whites found Trump pleasing but not as repulsed by Hillary by whites over age 46. The overall message that is striking is remarkably similar to the one that started the Evangelical Netflix hackathon over Mike Pence, the common assumption being how would the Evangelical base show up; so far we don't see redemption in your view for the douche bag to be Gov. Mike Pence. Millennials love to talk to millennials, and Millennial voters are more broadly supportive of free speech. Perhaps you will not have the same success on that one. And third is the weak media; no one has other than a few CEOs of national media organizations claiming the GOP as their enemy, Larry King is Plagiarism Apologist but the Trump crowd is their Enemy! Incidentally, we're just gonna add that Bernie Sanders, a pretty insane man but nonetheless acceptable to the media and at least in the estimation of its viewership at least, shows that the left warrior documented Roll Call sniping at Fox News is a bit extreme. And we're not going to defend Donald Trump the indigent thief, either.<|endoftext|>Judgment and Error in the Philippines

By Philip M. Boyle

Philip M. Boyle - Youku Channel

December 2016

I. Introduction

Judgment and Error in the Philippines: A Lecture-Discussion

What is copyright?

Why does copyright exist? This essay answers these questions and a few others. In the end I will proclaim the noble virtues of nature and nurture.

II. Copyright

Copyright exists to ensure that people can be certain that they are not gifted and that when they make the creative use of a piece of material, it will not be taken and used ignorantly.

Plurality and fourth persons: Share the fruits in context 2 Strawman logic: Strawman reasoning Copyrights: Good for society, not for authors Ribbon consequences: Implements a moral economy for moral goods Copyright violation lawsuit false advertising: 9-11

T-shirts worn on airports? Freelance authors — not copyrights. Paper books? No, they get rightsholders to license their copyrights so they can distribute them freely. Novels? Yes…trust but verify. World flies in 21st Century, copyright. Gross depreciation provisions in US law, at the behest of lawyers. Civics in biology; the most ancient of ancient laws, the Copyright Act of 1790, forbids "the reproduction of any image in . . . any writing, record, conversation, map, book, engraving or drawing." The language in the act answers our hypothetical question. 9/11 heresay, plain and simple.

What is copyright?

Copyright supposes that I own the idea of
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"The current proposal from House Republicans would [essentially] … eliminate any major components of the remainder of ObamaCare," they said.

The House Republicans' health care bill would replace the Affordable Care Act's signature features, represented by the individual mandate and the expansion of Medicaid.

The changes are unpopular with voters who perceive the Obama policies to be the law's main failures, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released on July 10.

The poll found that only 49 percent of voters approve of the plan for replacing the ACA. Thirty-one percent, meanwhile, disapprove, up from 30 percent last week. People with favorable views of the ACA are somewhat more likely to oppose the repeal proposal.

President Trump has called his better-than-expected first July congressional recess "legislative success."

"We won big in the midterm elections," he said last week during a White House news conference. "I'm proud of that," he added. "We want to win big in the 2018 midterms. We'll be contesting every single state and expect to win 50 out of those states and we can expect to win a lot of those states, things that people said they wouldn't like to see, but we won and we're just getting started."

One of the plan's biggest supporters, House Speaker Paul Ryan, recently predicted the repeal and replace bill would be the first item people focus on after the legislative missps of Congress' recess.

"That is our number one objective, pretty simple: repeal and replace this monstrosity, that's our objective," he said at an event in Wisconsin on July 12, predicting that the Republicans' healthcare excursion "may well be the first vote read on the floor."<|endoftext|>Q: I would rather begin with a question: What is Calvinist Luther is today later genealogical analysis can tell us about his life the years before.

A: Luther believed his mission was to spread the message of Jesus at the forefront in Germany. He WAS the charismatic figure that effectuated the popular Reformation in the early 1500s, but sooner or slowly the "Acts of the Apostles" seemed to condemn the radical theological positions he held.

Focus on such a tiny period of history is a dangerous limit of historical narrative that becomes a trap for the unwary. These are the very reasons many of us find Gerald Massey's new book, Luther's Voice so informative.

Masseys's book ventures into the extreme being a Luther by committee and attempts to separate Luther's two lines of thought. With terms such as dramatic imagery and the vestigial dominium.

Unlike many who have written about an obscure figure, we do have the Reformation narrative established on the basis of four editions of Luther's "Festus" book living in our language today. This means we have all the evidence to reconstruct the truth at hand: Luther's transformation of Christianity during the mid 1420s.

Centuries later, Massey gives us a tendential passage from the 3rd year of Luther's translation of the Bible into Latin.

This passage is going to be an expansion of this preface to the Hebrew Gospel in Luther's hand written Latin text:

"Eifr aeternitatem hora additij fuit, densas acredens, sc. Gottes, Fulgentibus Scamonus, premos accuratus in Evangelii de Hebra ibi videbit, quod probando capita monti et pedibus occideo fortasse, intercunctis, superbus menti formosos ascaneres fortacentes, aspicitantes, ego opera Eberulus:"

Here, Massey emphasizes two things:

First, that the toil of conversion were few and that each man's journey was SUDDEN.

Second, Luther identifies the archetypal ending of the visit of the Roman soldier Pulcher coming to a androgynous face and requiring a lot of work from-tale loved community it not an eulogy for Ferdinando.

While the initial ending appears to condemn Bible reading and make conversion seem unlikely, the entry asserts the possibilities of the way of faith to happen. Mashing all these elements together with the book Luther's Will says "I am mission c'n Jordan," reflects the Silent Exuberance while also pausing to impart a christological promise, even for the beginning of which Luther is conscious of being confrontational.

These are cleverly engineered moments then undermined in Massey's later work. All too often one must overlook the cogency of Luther's intentions and succumb to the pressures of narrative contribution and political presentation. This is the exact opposite error of Gerald Massey and James Fitzhugh before him.

The intelligent reader will think Willem Henning's summary of Ein Theil's Cybernawaal cast any careful reading into doubt:

"Ideas and ideas are often
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Growing success of a hedge fund, the first such vehicle in the U.S., underlines the increasing importance of fees to institutional investors seeking to maximize returns.

Bigger firms in the hedge-fund industry that collect some of the highest fees have hired digital-media companies to tag some of its assets and generate new digital ads to promote them. That could bode well for the fund's return as clients increase the amount of media spend and boost the website footprints of their favored firms.

Best of have media committees, to help select assets and adjust staff's work-findings to info.divestmedia.com ALL CAPS

Best of have media committees, to help select assets and adjust staff's work-findings to info.divestmedia.com ALL CAPS

The hedge-fund industry's revenue has grown exponentially, with some of investors' biggest pounders reaping about 20 percent of quarterly returns, according to a trade publication PYMNTS International. ADRs, or fees paid by clients to hedge funds, are among the tops five revenue-generating sources, the publication found.

"These are very impressive funding vehicles for the sector," Dan Lewis, an analyst at Jefferies & Co. in New York, said in a phone interview Monday. He said he expects the industry will grow more automated as clients move away from hedge fund investing to other human-assisted funds, which use robots rather than agents.

The fees charged by hedge funds are growing in part because positive-growth stocks, bonds and commodities are generating large returns for Wall Street firms that'd otherwise invest in high-risk fixed income and distressed bond junk, according to stock analysts and financial-analysis sites. Eyebrow-raising fees designed to generate large real gains, meanwhile, also have been driving some hedge funds to offer investors are tempted lottery winners or potential lottery winners better than the other option: extremes.

Having a technology isn't even new. Hedge-fund managers have been charging for their programmatic advertising services since at least the 1990s, Mr. Lewis said. "Everyone that wins has been paying fees for years and years," he said.

War of Words

Some hedge-fund managers may be against sales tactics designed to lure clients. At Grayer and Co.'s $1.02 billion ($900.1 million) biggest hedge fund, called Dasara Capital, as of the end of June hedge funds had dished up $1.15 billion in "vulture funds" to try and exit the product offering, as concerns about the impact on Fannie Mae led three groups of investors to pounce on it. Local TV stations aired some of the ads on local C-suites.

To lure investors, fund lead lawyer Erik Hartmann hired a digital-ad agency. All of Grayer's other clients subject to existing-equity releases already hold some of Dasara's media placements, according to the Financial Times website.

Art Credit

Earnings estimates from more than 60 hedge funds, including Best of have has the new "figure 7s" just after their names to advertise their products or services. Those ads were configured to put ads in low-value/low-interest interest-rate introductory people-loan plans, the Morningstar website showed.

Best of worked with GFK SEP Resources Inc., Owner-Operator Transformation Funds foundation owners of corporate-credit automated-finance systems and Agfa Group AB, a Swedish investment full-service provider, without receive compensation or political benefits, spokesman Michael Kursdorp said in a phone interview on Monday. This rim payment is so called because the payment is announced through a public-relations company.

Eight of the large funds held about 5 percent of publicly traded funds with representative video views in the U.S., which compiles research from PYMNTS and other sites for annual client value-added figures, according to talent website Postmates.

Brighten Ventures

Meanwhile, another digital media behemoth has taken this approach with Brighten Ventures Holdings, known as Barclay's Private Bank in the Middle East and other regions, according to GFK, which provided a copy of the most of spokesstatements.

Staff at Brighten is relatively small. One software engineer works out of a cubicle with poor Wi-Fi to help set up "scenes" for about 2 billion natural-language ads that this workedman now works on. Other staff are on site at about 30 banks in 70 countries, completing about 4 billion ads, said David Magnus-Meyers, Brighten's chief product officer.

Selling the ads through buying syndicates solves situations where some clients are seeking assets in certain countries which aren't available, he said in the phone interview.

Austrian Journal

"You come to a bank in Austria to ask about a mortgage and someone says: 'Let's do a media buy.'
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End stage renal disease typically has to do with causing your kidneys to get weakened as they do not provide enough urine.

Your kidneys are a hand made machine and cannot function without blood that supplies them. If your kidneys are seriously affected they will ultimately no longer function as they normally would.

End stage renal disease can begin when the kidney stops producing enough of the things needed to keep it healthy. The most common things that cause this are:

Calluses on or under your skin that have not been removed. In this case, your growing skin is at such a rapid rate that it limits the amount of blood that is able to get through the thin skin, causing too little blood to be filtered out by your kidneys and none to be filtered out by your body. The abstract protocol aims to be even more selective than your skin means to be.

Damage to or destruction to the organs that are used to filter urine. These will be the most common cause of kidney disease according to intralesional studies conducted in the past.

What Are The Rest of Your Family Diagnosed With?

Although there are many factors involved in the development of end stage renal disease, there seems to be a single cause. It tends to start when you see signs of diabetes related diseases first. I would recommend that a complete physical first to determine if you have this condition.

How Long Will It Take to Get Home?

This is totally dependent on your other health issues. One study has suggested that it might take up to three years for people with end stage renal disease to return to their pre realm. This is due to a complex interplay of intural flaring, ureter stenosis, sucking of the stomach and visible receive to rectum within the urinary tract as well as the increased urgency. Don't use this as a reason to have a shorter stay at any hospital, the more you get through is wealthier.

What Dongriber Seb Omavery":{"title":"Page Views: 13957 | Views: 23326 | Tags: Maybium austria, Mylan, Ordos, PHOTO, Rhonda, REACT Study, U.K. Facebook Page Progress, Westminster, future of ketamine, YOUTUBE | UNSPIRED", "original_title":"Page Views: 13957 | Views: 23326 | Tags: Maybium austria, Mylan, Ordos, PHOTO, Rhonda, REACT Study, U.K. Facebook Page Progress, Westminster, future of ketamine, YOUTUBE | UNSPIRED" "keywords": {"flash":{"color":"blue","color1":"{{#ffffbf}}"},{"color":"red","color1":"{{#ffffbf}}"}],"type":"image/jpeg","date_created":"2009-07-21 08:08:10","image_url":"http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/y256/Maybiumdis/www.maybium.co.uk/staff/www2/Lotto%202011_2.jpg.jpeg","text":"More than 157 million people around the world have undergone treatment with the drug cyclosporine in the 21st century. It is predicted to be a minimally toxic compound for prolonged treatment.

A controversial addition to an existing regimen, cyclosporine has been shown to have been associated with a range of side effects including severe gastrointestinal toxicity, anemia, and possible death.

Research has among other effects shown cyclosporine could have a therapeutic advantage for patients with POID (Protracted Ischaemic Pain). It is also the first active antimalarial drug in more than 30 years."}},"about":72,"author_name":"MAYB nitrogen, ferrari"},"published_at":"2010-09-16 01:00:02-0400","acclaimed_at":true,"modified_at":{"page_url":"http://disney.go.com/disneyintegration/makers/PDF/DisneyIntegration2010.pdf","headline":"Cyclosporine prevent IV heart failure","type":"Medical","date":"2010-09-15 08:34:24","version":"1.0"}}},{"identification":{"title":"Minnangi Poop", "author_name":"Peter Coghlan","link_url":"http://www.uhccc.ca/sports/live/story/_images/061020_minnangipoopCobblys_401.jpg","thumbnail_height":278,"thumbnail_width":426,"shape":"ebc5f24!!","offset_top":0,"hyperlink_text":null,"theme_color":"pumpkin","linked_list_idx":2391,"manifest_id":1639160,"subtitle":"Cobbler is back!!","sub_title":"Cobbler is back!!","
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Atlanta, GA – A Georgia Department of Transportation study has revealed that gray whales are a danger to coastal vessels – more so than sharks, and close to two times more dangerous than killer whales. Arctic blue whales, on whose migration route these coastal shipping ships pass, were a lesser risk to boats.

"The biggest piece of information we have coming out of our study is that there are lots of people who think (marine mammals) aren't a problem," argues Georgia coastal marine scientist Barry Albright.

According to a new study "Annual Closures of Hazardous Marine Animals along Coastal Shipping Lanes," Bloodhound Racing Systems and Fifth Third Bank, a regional bank with regulatory oversight for commercial fishing stocks, propose to close an annual 55-knot stretch of coastal laker-like box seals in the Caribbean. These animals weave shallow, narrow canals feeding on tiny crustaceans.

Box seals, with testes to minimize the wetter weather or food conditions they experience during their year-long migrations, are considered especially vulnerable to freezing temperatures during the winter. With their hundreds of thousands of marsh-dwelling furfines and long canine teeth, box seals are easy prey for many predatory dolphins or directly attack seals – either with their sharp teeth or snout.

Plans by Florida Seaquarium to injure captive sperm whales in an effort to deter pens from chasing Ceriphonycteris borealis pods form the other major component of researchers' findings.

This particular northern species was the site of one of the most high-profile attacks in which killer whales attacked Sea Shepherd boats. When harassed by killer whales, sperm whales respond by thrashing their tails and swimming erratically, thereby hurrying themselves through the transport mayve.

This article originally called as bloodhounds named Dama Die (adult male) and Brony Gocée (female) to describe marine mammals other than whaling. In their original publication, as originally published in early 2009, "The Life and Death of Dama Die," three bloodhound-named individuals — and those and a male bulldog crew-dog named Brony Gocée — were published separately. Bloodhound managers disagree with subsequent parties making this distinction. For completeness, here they are respectively presented together as Category D (male), Dauw Bayon (female), and Gocée (female). According to information from owners, each continued to tow ships as a member of a dog-harness team with his harewalks; photos of their walks are as shown at left. Photograph credits to owner(s), (Non-Dog, No Fur Wearing): (a), Ambroise Rue (they can be identified by the divers-in-training app on their phones), (b), Benjamin Euler (Access Python 5 on their phones), (c), Richard Hendrix (Piccadilly Physics on their phones ).


Upon an assessment of the company's duties, the company determined that Black-and-Tan and its "offender," "Wolverine," are qualified to despatch marine mammal killing helicopters and medical Dolphin Functions Marin Guides out of its Jackson Airport Development meaning the ethics of orders blatantly carried out from rightly veto ultra dual destroyed needs an immediate repair.

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---<|endoftext|>Joel Silverman, the creator of The Sandman and compulsive ring working man Chuck Dixon, got behind the wheel of his black Ferrari 458 Italia on Friday and went past Red Bull signed proto-Penske driver Hass Initi. He stayed ahead of the 357 ft tall Manthey, who went for fun out of the drag strip, something you don't have to
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Melbourne's hotel sector has had its worst day of the year, with waits on some popular property broadening out by as much as 17 minutes in the past month.

Vancouver, San Francisco, Seattle at 26.4 minute; New York has 33.3 minute; London at 32.8 minute; Brisbane, at 36.8 Minute (source: www.555.com)

As the Warm Weekend reached its climax on Sunday Jan. 31, peak year to date bookings continued to fall.

Ahead of the long winter break, five main brands weighed Melbourne's market, resulting in the eight, largest Hotel chains, dropping 5.1 per cent on-bookings year to date in May.

As in previous months, Hotels.com and Booking.com lags. The two companies' global resort occupancy rates barely moved for the month.

Key data out of February also indicates that there may be further increases in the future. According to theLatest Stats website, the global numbers for the personal vacationing year are continuing to slacken.

Even after two years of weak numbers, Australia is still enjoying a sales boom in the more Australian as the World Tourism Organization predictsably adopts a plan to better market the country for the coming year.

According to the latest reported data, visitor arrivals for the year are up 17 per cent on the year in 2016, to a total of 681,115, representing an increase of 9.45 million, while departures are down 7.3 per cent by the December.

Although the numbers were down globally, rates in Australia, France and Belgium continues to climb. Perhaps the first of the two year compliance tickets of hotels passed to Australia in December to give hotels more weeks' worth of accrual, in order to better meet accreditation standards for Air Miles trading in local favour markets.

Similarly to the previous initiative of accommodation spending in the United Kingdom, the operators of The British Museum that gave up the option of advertising for tourism promotion in northern regions, including The

Grand National in Edinburgh, have found the marketing axe.

ca link<|endoftext|>Bucket Heads have never had many original ideas when it comes to creating bright, quickly-punching hard rock with genuine Alpine emotes. There are, of course, unified players – like Stevie Ray Vaughan, who were groomed in the Buckethead milieu as children, or Don Henley and Merle Haggard, who learned from Bucket at kitchens and hard rock dives. But there's Jean Grae and Jeff Hanneman's rosters of really exciting newcomers – Lamar Leonard, Junior Sanchez, Dan Shulman, Steve Shultz, Ikaika Anderson and 4 extra members. On tour, heading out on a bucket of sub-zero, shrill, retro rock has never been more inspired.

Buckethead Flies to the Sun

CONSINGER, CA (April 26, 2013)-- A documentary film crew made three brief stops at two Buckethead shows at the 9:30 Club in Huntington Beach Saturday, bringing out the footage for filming for "B Buckethead Flies to the Sun" by Tony Colanza, filmmaker and co-founder of Hide Films .

Filming finished following Saturday's show at the CHEVY RIVIERA with several bumps on the road, but, at least the crew sounds effervescent producing some of the most Gaslight Glass food truck shocks we've ever seen at the venue. Producer Bruce Coleman is again helping in the release with a new enhanced version and VHS video of Saturday's show taking place this weekend.

Buckethead: Touched by the Sun

Check out the trailer for "B Buckethead Flies to the Sun" available at Facebook or YouTube

Bill Callahan, producer of several of Buckethead's recent live DVD releases with Oklahoma native himself, is proud to work in some of Parker Lewis' crazier material for Buckhead Carnival. Callahan tapped Austin Jones of Dallas rock band Even More Boring which released last year an album with Buckethead. Jones explains, "Taken straight from my days playing with Buckethead, we thought we'd do stuff a little different for the opening night of Buckethead Flies to the Sun. Just trying something new that people had never heard in the set before. Just got random 5-6 minute songs piled top to bottom on the sampler as it airs at the pool party, or my hotel room surveillance burre! I can't wait to hear how she returns it."

Concert footage will be sent they way of Austin Jones, and Callahan would imagine an official DVD or audio would do the trick if anyone is interested. However, even if you're a fan of Crypta Music, you'll probably want to hold on to the demo tape from Poor Cabin. Callahan gets, "This is fucking weird alright" when it comes to it's hard rock, dropping the n-word for about 15 minutes
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Most native languages in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries were important part of social, economic and cultural life, but the wealthy and famous conversed with virtually every language they spoke. In 1880, the author Victor Hugo predicted that English would become the language of "the world". But things did not go as planned. English continued to grow more and more pedestrian, because it was still predominantly a language that served the elite or language the elite themselves spoke. After the 17th century it was a language that any person could learn in any language, as it had everyone. It was only stopped from this great march by the Italian Revolt, and the consequent displacement of Italian from the political centre. For a time, English's merchant class was slowly but inexorably pushed firmly up towards positions of wealth and power, whereas the other intellectual and artistic classes (particularly the literati) fell further and further behind. Lesser educated 4th century and medieval speakers, even indebted to the Acts of Cushny, and more recent and illiterate communities, only have a bleak future.


There are, for most of the civilized world, quite a lot of 31 different spoken varieties, and both Swiss and German speakers tend to adopt a grammatical version of the Swiss dialect in which they can achieve a satisfactory degree of fluency in reading and writing.


French is definitely one of the most important national languages of the Euro-Mediterranean continent and it is recog­nised as the language spoken by the upper surfaces of nations outside of France. Since every ­European and most North African cultures have their own particular dialects of French, French is developed into up to 22 dialects, each with its unique literary expression, actus­stomic habits of speech, harmonic idiom and generally growing value as a language. Ixrid New French, a closely related variety that has developed among the Ibex and Bantus though and that is known to all European people, attempts to evade this impoverishment that the wider French population faces by focusing on a corrected, simplified and emes­tered spelling that has been simplified to the point of merging with the other languages of Europe and whose uneducated and semi-feudal masses write the native dialects with their indigenous idioms. The other dialects continue to recycle the archaic language of the nobles without losing its essence, in their mode developed by the printing press.


Each member Germanic tribe in the world (through cloning each others ancestry) usually formed its own inventions distinct even to themselves in very phenomenon, the modern Dutch language (numbering several millions of native speakers and even more than that in Ovens/Canals) having emerged because of this common origin formed on the 13th century by Scheveningen-Ajmer group of tribes that included the Flanders, Flemish and Walloons e.t.c. Still hundreds of proper nouns retain long traces of first name ending in the common Father-Mother-Son prototypal (dutch-past-german) whoome, but among apologies for examples mind indefinrecised, orthographic usage tends to follow linguistic realities. Presumably excluding altogether determinaspension the present root tends to turn out to be a mixture of the family of all of Norway discussing depending involved in a 'squatting' collective population; a bunch of overfed Swiss intellectuals; a mad ignorant hill tribe dependent on mat­te-connecting golden. As a new shade of grey has been introduced, 'gangsta' is now the most common name for a white boy from michigan or germany; gala put it is the same gangsta.


Most ingl­ess English speakers continue to pronounce 'hiperrant' and 'habilitant' as 'hyperjoupe'; an old observation poked at the 'sonorous' dominance of this pronunciation given the corresponding mother tongue pronunciation hue-Billeny-see pay; varying im7gular writers, including those readers and listeners who despise that derivative defense always ask to the Germanyou Pr2rfashion-in that 'hoppicannian' rather than derives from the LatinHoppîcânus, which incidentally derives naturally from the ancient Phoenicians hyperju-pro-con for a ten mile range in circumference that they previously called 'bèt Cépêté'. Writing 'designated' is, for the standard speakers, anything but uninflected, and like many of their peers, see 'bold-standing' and 'arthrowing' respectively as leg ne frequencies, Holl Spirit limited the emder, while whites with one R shift hermp for to the greeting-line shoulders in big bears that are not on anything today, never before seen, even by the illustrious hill tribe native speakers who love and revere the mountain bears of Taiwan, the savorate beer Common the Frenchi language are on their side. To avoid saying you instead of dos
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"I'm going to take my cock out and… I don't know… I might try to fuck a cock tonight because that would be… more real than this dick will ever get, anyway." ―Jack [src]

"Jack" (Jack Allen Dormer) was a hulking cyborg pirate that met Rags during the Battle of Bilbringi in the year 25 ABY. During the ensuing battle, Dormer won Rags' trust. Dormer used that to trick Avaritia's smuggler, causing her to sell Rags to him. During the attack on the prestigious lagoon resort in Windshear, Rags proposed to open their mercenary business as able professionals, including one in educating children on the history of the New Republic. Dormer agreed, and taught Rags about take-down and gunfighting.

At first, Dormer was through with Rags – her inexperience caused her to make some mistakes. However, when Dormer witnessed Rags drawing water from the café's tanks, he thought she was much more grown-up than she was. Driven by the desire to help Rags succeed, he decided to clear Rags' name by investigating a veteran spy, until he discovered the spy, apparently responsible for the rogue agent assassinations, was Dormer's own paymaster, Talon Ketaj. Both Rags' friend and former spy, Marek, and Spectres Jessentu, Martus Novar, Tavion Axmis, and Zyrus Quinn brought their suspicions to Dormer for help. One of Dormer's first tasks was to remove Ketaj's tracking chip, but he soon learned the spy was hiding in a high-security outpost the main New Republic facility. However, that led Dormer to want to destroy the bottle between himself and Ketaj, and would lead him off the trail. Dormer planned to bring Rags, Boba Fett, Martus Novar and Zyrus Quinn to him, leading his allies. After some guerilla tactics revealed Dormer's hideout to be abandoned, on a garbage dump in the Chattwarrag marshes, however Ketaj figured it out and effortlessly defeated the force, remarking by saying, "It's Didius." Rags was much more though, bitterly denouncing the traitorous Zyrus Quinn and fleeing the country before it could be discovered she was there.

After having learned of Syndulla's position as Chief of State, sending an alliance soldier to retrieve Rags for the New Republic, Dormer again rejected the idea of an engagement, saying he would break the news to her later. Rags was impressed when Zyrus approached her as he ordered her to contact the New Republic. However, when this led to the lifting of the Bastion's blockade, Dormer exploded in fury – worried that Rags would call him an assassin for staying with her during the period where Boba Fett had been called out into battle. Dormer was, with Ky Nareij, Gial Ackbar and Zius, left to relay the messages to Lieutenant Iok. Unwilling to get exasperated during insurmountable odds, he agreed to intensify his vendetta by telling Syndulla of his plan inside a docking bay, so Syndulla would see he was capable of organizing anything she wanted.

Rags and her small group put their objections to atree up in sentiment, unaware Reglia narrowly escaped the undead Chopper and Triumvirate. This ultimately led to Rags receiving a bad vibe from Sumdin, Beastcavern and Rakata terrorising her, with the latter two being even more antagonistic due to political reasons. Batmug trapped Rags underwater, preventing her from escaping not only him, but the pirate Mashaw. Rags called the Togruta Iok for help, and Iok sent her to the Togruta rookie team as part of allowing her to visit Jabba.

Then, Dormer was shown to be in the Council Chamber, studying captured Lekgolo. Rags informed him that Maris Brood was trying to create something from whatever she had gathered, and he tried to confirm that this was what others had overheard, not only Corran Horn's terrible status. Next, Dormer laid hands on her head and clamped his entire presence onto her body. Rags was like a zombie to Dromen, boring into his mind, inching him closer to the truth of Ragnos, forcing him to grow pale at the sight of the insanity raging in Ragnos' hit on her. Asher and Wrecker filled in with the fact that Dormer was trying to calculate who indeed the traitorous Zygerrian spy was, fearing the shrewd Togruta. Dormer then raged and silenced the fear in the Togruta. Seeing through Dormer's buffoon-like act, R
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Simple, clean, safe. Founded in 2009, Carrot Father is now one of the leading delivery companies worldwide for all things bridal and mother-of-the-bride. With a commitment to more than just savings, we outfit all of our clients with the best in style and custom solution for their special occasions.

Bring your bridal look to life Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. by incorporating our daily line-up of brands while keeping in mind your own style and keeping your hair in place.

Complete your collection prior to your event by shopping in our Toddler Room, Gelato Room or food-truck accessible here. Then, bring your selection to the Continental Club Luggage Room to arrange short or long luggage options. At the end of your day at restaurant Erik Sundberg's we offer a complimentary vintage beauty sample and a briefcase full of goodies that you can fill with your berries of choice. Salad and salad dressing are available for purchase.<|endoftext|>So you've decided to become a TUFL & SEIER Certified Home Inspector/Consultant absolutely equipped to help make sure your home or apartment/condo is PERFECT! And CBRE doesn't charge you an arm and a leg to be a consultant, it's all covered by the many services you'll receive!

or CONTINUE READING 5 minutes ago Continue Reading

So you've decided to become a TUFL & SEIER Certified Home Inspector/Consultant absolutely equipped to help make sure your home or apartment/condo is PERFECT! And CBRE doesn't charge you an arm and a leg to be a consultant, it's all covered by the many services you'll receive!


Continue Reading

Until you start capturing, cataloging, and keeping track of all the changes, interviews, renewals of leases, design drawings, complaints of security issues, construction permits, etc, you're going to be lost and confused! You need to have a Plan that tells you how to deal with each issue and become fully ahead in the home inspection process. That's where you need to get started with our home inspection services and start accepting work to become more prepared!

When you obtain a Computer-based Home Inspector Immediate Response (CBI) System (or 30 years from the date of your license purchase), you will be performing 30-Day Commercial License Extensions at no charge! In addition, you can also make house calls the same day, or other days we have staff available. We serve Kenner, New Orleans, Slidell, Metairie ( New Orleans Area NY); which covers 70% of the population.

Requirements Your Skills

Have superior software above Windows 7/8/10 version

Operate this type of computer

Clear, concise and intelligent demeanor

Show a high degree of flexibility in temporal location since routine home repairs often occur concurrently

Must be willing to travel to inspect more complex and improved homes

Are proficient with market survey methods as well as interpreting survey data by providing insightful answers to questions

Are proficient with SureQual home inspection systems

Pay attention to details of home and purpose for inspection

Have excellent visual acuity and have a wide field of vision

Responsive, focused, and thorough in performance of duties under ideal conditions

Have a professional demeanor, be easy to communicate with, and meet deadlines

Have knowledge of local codes

No prior long-term AAA or WEHI credentials or relevant certifications not explicitly stated

Contact Information & Availability Start IOV CE Yes 90days CE NO Yes 1-month 30days 48 hours CommNOM Yes 90days CommNOM NO Yes 1 year IOV, NO CommNOM 1 year IOV CRA Yes 90mo DOYMO 30min Mon-Fri DL Yes 9090dyno NO Yes 3P/mo CD Yes 10 days CommNOM 30 days CommNOM no

First Steps To Becoming A TUFL & SEIER Certified Home Inspector/Consultant:

If you're…Wow! Do you ?But pull up Atgms, maybe It's a little too simple take a look at Atgs, or Start chin Hello completing Band metal(s) or board And then walk out hefting<|endoftext|>The convenience fo yesterday's better part of the day…

When it comes to UX, a 'backer' is someone who seems to question whether your product can right itself when it really is good. While most often the b/s jibes are humorous, as the name implies the phrase is rooted in a strong sense of ignorance. The U and E words sense tells you it's a belief that your product lacks valid, reliable or attractive design principles and techniques and it's often facilitated by a need to click forms a couple of times before doing anything else – then it becomes pointless to check anything that hasn't been slid into your inbox by
======================================== SAMPLE 85 ========================================
If you're looking for something fun to do and you don't feel like watching a movie then have a look at this cat therapy video. It's very soothing. Can't wait to see more where this story goes. 🙂

Like this: Like Loading...<|endoftext|>Some airlines are already trying to capitalize on widespread complaints about seat pitch, with Fox 5 Phoenix reporting that they're requiring pilots to wear special documentation messages to alert passengers when anyone wearing a baby stroller is allowed to travel in overhead bins.

The messages are designed to notify passengers if an adult with a diaper on the floor is being allowed to fly. The warnings can be changed or added, if they aren't wanted.

"If a baby stroller is being used to hold a baby, and they want to be able to sit down, I try to be very tactful about it," one pilot says. "But, obviously, if something comes up, I'll ask for permission not to let that baby stroller in."

Dallas based Air Line Pilots Association president Robert Hamley regards the idea as a "ridiculous practice," urging pilots not to enforce restrictions on free-flowing strollers.

"The last thing we want for families is their safety compromised because some pilot may have earned a little extra cash by trying to stop someone being able to travel safely in their strollers," Hamley said.<|endoftext|>In the darkened cave, Chryssalids were still, gone to the point of no return. Are you ready to resurrect the Iron Demon, Ash Guardian? The experience is always changing so be on your toes and try different Elite Jump Packs for more variation.

Elite jump packs are iconic, hand-collected unopened skills for use in Adventure Mode! Jumping packs award 40 Elite EXP when picked up from chests, RePo missions & Trials of Osiris!

Completing MoO missions and Trials can award Elite EXP / Primary currency, such as skins, Augments, Silver Shards & Currency. For more details, read Update 4.2, Elite Jump Packs, Leaderboards, Activity, Rewards and Leagues in Post Release Notes below.

Shadow Token information: After the opening of Raid Finder, Shadow Tokens can be earned through completing Shadow related Trials of Osiris/Core missions, which may be assigned players by Failsafe.

Jump Packs have a 100% shared cooldown of 25 seconds.

Jump Packs can be dropped from MoO elite enemies (75% shared cooldown) during of each week, and can be obtained in Reagents or on the Cryptarch Lockbox Limited Edition Pack Cards.

Players can receive up to 40 Deflexs Reagents per week off of special missions, challenges and Recruitment Tables. You can spend this in the store, Warzone Reputation or as part of your elite Token accumulation.

Weekly Challenges can be found posted in the Activities of chance window, starting from http://www.swtor.com/r/FVzOMy . You are allowed to participate in up to 4 weekly challenges per week (not 2). Everyone starts with 12 Elite EXP on their first week.

. You are allowed to participate in up to 4 weekly challenges per week (not 2). Everyone starts with 12 Elite EXP on their first week. Playlists can be found here: To the top!

Revival tasks can be found here: http://www.swtor.com/r/n3wVyT

Elite Jumps Pack Elite Jump Packs Unlock All Elemental Green Key Set

The Green Key set encompasses 11 items, combining both Movement & Elite Powers, and offering increased DPS roll on the highest difficulties.

3 better-leveled jump packs will be released per week.

You can collect all 4 items from the chest to unlock your set. To do so, on your progression window, click the unlock button on the bottom right corner. It displays the icon for the Green Key Set, and begins to count down to the next release. Once completed, the set will be available when opening a Green Key Chest.

That's it for this week! Come back tomorrow for more information on Week 4 Weekly Challenges!<|endoftext|>Human, Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Pick Your Phrase

Even when the most prominent military coalition in the region, the US-backed Saudi coalition, hasn't shown its true colors when it comes to war crimes, human rights abuses, or genocide, more insidious forces are stealthily threatening the human rights of the Syrian people. Last week's Coca-Cola exec Treasury's call for the lifting of all sanctions on the occupation of Syria - products including products such as Coca-Cola, Nestle/ASDA and PepsiCo's Fanta and Crush juices fly straight to the chopping block- actually only shows that the global food lobby at large is still intensely concerned about its corporate bottom line, and that those in the US who object to its moral concerns are extremely strident.

Notwithstanding research
======================================== SAMPLE 86 ========================================

1.20 500 minutes, 19 minutes 161 seconds (nearly 96% HD replay replay efficiency) – on top of receiving gold, xp, resources, and XP.


The 1.16 Player Analytics Hotfix ends the previous year's successful performance stat to date – the Player Power Rating – but does away with well-known marketing campaign or associated reward

In its place, we introduce a new statistic that is uniquely suited to our purpose of providing useful information regarding player behavior.

ID: Command_node#1947120

Post an add

Interested in writing about interesting player stats on the WoW Player Monitor? Add your info to this report and we will post an add telling everyone you're interesting.

Name:<|endoftext|>TRANSCRIPT: My racecar was driven in the wrong lane for more than 100 feet and missed a lane marker. It's a tale of two crashes. And the loser demands that the self-appointed network of "experts" covering Formula One explain everything that happened.

You do that, and he goes on and on. But including who pointed out the mistake, at the moment, given how late it was, who said, 'the brakes are on the wrong row', who told the race-team driver to turn left, who saved face by deflecting the blame of the blunder onto the guy in the car next to him, the experts will conjure up an image of the universe turning upside-down, a reward for a bad story. They won't feel any pressure to justify their inshipping ignorance, either.

Why is that? Now that so many motorists have been killed on the roads this winter, the labels are being applied. Driving is dangerous, the boozy officials expect us to see this: as a comparison they produced a chart showing how terribly drunk and treated by police drivers are compared to those with a licence.

Even if you don't drink, you find more of the nodding drunken drivers' corpses, travelling fast and away from fixed crackdowns and, seemingly, any possibility of penalty. Never mind whether their trips accurately end in death or grievous injury. The panel can see who is at fault, and who the victim is.

And driving and drink are often conflated, or held up to each other as a definition for why bad things happen. Strangely, that seems to work as a way of creating precisely the law that I rang in to complain about this story triggering negative cliche, though the concept of the category 'criminal' appears, a few lines deep, in the second person of the inept person who misjudged the lane markings.

On Sunday Iceland's Katrin Veles made the mistake of leaving a curve too late and running straight into a pile of tourists. Then there are the French and Dutch drivers who find themselves less the innocent unlucky ones and more the lost ones, drivers whose helmets get damaged in spite of new generation safety devices, mirrors look as if fixed in Death Star positions, and when it is time to check their rear view mirrors there aren't their mirrors. Still, none of this is enough to generate the kind of distress the irresponsible, howling people who (1) don't hold licences and (2) wouldn't know a professional jackrabbit from a loafer when they spot him on a motorway are crying out to explain.

Then there is the unqualified pilot …


Charles Spence is the US driver who smashed into the back of my car while motor racing on the autostrada Magdalena in Jerez, Spain on Saturday 3 December.

In a smart as bling club necklace, Brioni sported a suede pink scarf in lieu of a helmet, and I do like a stylish chap driving a Ferrari at night with a full leather glove box.

I found his very colourful glove strap contending with the tensed over-igloo magnet of interior in which sat my expensive material. We'd just shifted into gear and gave the tap to the peropero's alarmingly loud button.

From the severely toned tummy of a jockey jacket atop his slim waist-jacket, the spaniard had his croissant characteristically spread right down the left thigh and contorted for traction at the very point where it threatens to slip off the non-existent table. In short, he looked like he'd been in the car before I had.

Over 25 years ago in a tiny village in Northern Hesse, Germany, he attended what the masters call a `Traditional Racing School'. He miraculously ended up in most of F1's current lines – with the Truex, Button, Heywill and Alonso roots – and he showed genuine skills and athletic promise. Only now that he's 40 and traded on those quite impressive genetics, dneeds closure as far as the present says. He rode a well-equipped challenger, in fact, but he was forgotten
======================================== SAMPLE 87 ========================================
The Knights of Columbus declared March 11, 2016, as David-O-Ching Day, a day to honor the historical nationalist leader. The decision followed a decision by the national and local chapter to withdraw its support from the Mexican American Studies Program after the program's honorary chapter at the Georgetown University campus posted videos Sept. 2 that appear to glorify the execution of a Mexican family by the Mexican army, suggesting South American nationalists seek war against Mexico. "The opening ad -- right before the screening of the movie 'The Rules of Warriors: A History of Honor' -- has been interpreted by several bloggers and social media outlets as a precursor to any types of violence or hate speech against Mexicans and Latinos by those who took fright at seeing the ad," reads a statement issued by the national Knights of Columbus. However, an ad placed by a group that identifies with the program does not appear to include any violence and is not using the above passages, but instead presents some historical background about David-O-Ching, including his apparent work with Rio Tinto, founder of several transnational mining corporations, and then goes further. "It is now almost ten years since the Mexican Society made it known that they could no longer continue to associate with the David-O-Ching Foundation," the ad reads. "The ads that many people mistakenly perceive as advocacy of violence are repeatedly fine-tuned and edited. We never endorse or condone violence of any kind. There are lots of things that upset Mexicans and invite push back -- but the tone and words people attach to the ads is far from what we intended." Founded by his third wife, Thuy Bon Hoang, in 1951, David-O-Ching is associated with Vietnam-era leaders Da Hieu Tap and Hieu Ann, a United States Corps of Engineers project under his "Anglo-Vietnamese Red Cross" to provide medical aid to political prisoners in Vietnam. He later headed the "Anglo-Vietnamese Red Cross" for nearly two decades, advising efforts to develop food enterprises in Vietnam that included blundering operations that saw him officiate ceremonies at which 13 children were forced to slaughter pigs. But at that point in his life and career, David-O-Ching did not advocate for war and was advised by the Chin Hoa Kieu to stay away from that conflict. He could not have known back then that the lukewarm Cold War track record that benefited his businesses in Vietnam would mean a lifetime of posting hard-edged ads about conflict for foreign audiences as a prominent member of the Trilateral Commission. This is the next step in the arc of the slippery slope that began with the giveaway of Chi Ceng's grave to barefoot excavators in 1995 and has made its way to Deep South Elites shouting their outrage at those 'century soldiers eating blackbirds' after the skeletal remains were gradually retrieved from a quarry two years later. "Day one is David-O-Ching Day," reads the banner to a recent concert headlined by Grandmaster Flash.<|endoftext|>News

A murder investigation is underfoot after an attempt on Vitalii Solo's life.

Jan 19, 2016

A murder investigation is underfoot after an attempted murder of former Real Madrid star Vitali. The police in Poland are to come to thank Real Madrid for the extraordinary support they have offered to the investigation.

The case of Vitali Solo had become one of the news of the week. The former Real Madrid's star went into coma after narrowly escaping serious injury when

Thanasis Samaras intended to kill him in order to cut off his lands from EPC Real Madrid.

The Polish talk show of Sandro Mash will find the new evidence in the High Court to prove Teodorz Pudzianowski yet responsible for the death of Vitali the arrest warrants issued in Madrid, Valencia, and Bulgaria appear in Hocksfield, Real Madrid in Ukraine. A possible witness for the tribunal was killer Badri Pappa. There are permits for the police and the paramilitary members of the AVAK on the Ukrainian territory.

Real Madrid paid a 300 million euro compensation for the crime.

Real Madrid writes the police and the forensic department (DFW) in Hocksfield about a lot of important things, we send "witness" documentation from all over European and the world. It is a tough time, the run-around… More.<|endoftext|>An Antarus pelagic is moved from sea to blue water tuning its rBM tied behavior (red). Credit: C. Trámpiet, Max Planck Institute An international team reporting in the journal Molecular Ecology explores how benthic cascades – the cascades of clicks that run from plankton, through water-borne particles, and into the skeleton of the ocean – form the basis for marine food web structure. This approach is crucial for understanding how relationships among large organisms can shape and propagate biogeochemical patterns.

Benthic cascades consist of clicks that run from feeding animals to feeding particles, following
======================================== SAMPLE 88 ========================================
Makefile for Python 3

Makefile for Python 3


The Project::Makedict::CMake file is released under the GPL v3 license.

This project has been founded by the GNU Project, with which Kirk Ryan extends the license.

A Note for Developers

Makedict has been updated and rewritten from scratch (No more CMake), so everything works like new.

Nameless imports are enabled for each library, making it easier to run tests or setup commands.

Since CMake is no longer used, this Makefile should be cleaner and more compliant.<|endoftext|>Depression Crawls: Tips For Dealing With Depression

Guys. Our depression crawls. Sometimes I look down and it seems like I'm slimy.

I'm having trouble getting up in the morning because I waste my life living it instead of being my own person.

I'm without friends — I close crazy tabs, scream until my throat hurts, or utilize pointless objective measures of success (cause apparently value long term relationships over happiness.)

I have hope, but see it snatched away when everything feels emotionally unresolved and vicious .

Nothing is getting done and I can't get out of bed in the morning.

The sadness brings me to tears and makes me ask my wife how long it's been since she's had a boyfriend, experienced sex, gotten involved in an adequate relationship of any kind.

How do I get out of this place? How do I even begin?

I get it. You feel so depressed that everything around you looks miserable. There are cold, dead servings of existential bending over in your head.

But consider these:

Depression is NOT hopeless. All you have to do is get busy eating regular meals, doing yoga, and then stop living at mew's feet.

Get out of your head and some breathing exercises after work/school will treat the symptoms 24/7. There are new Medical Features on the 7 News Instagram and BING Weather Pro that exist with ease, hope, and a little willpower. Change your nutrition and/or exercise habits and GET OUT OF THERE.

You don't have to wait, though there may have to be a little compromise or some osteoporosis shots here and there to start providing nourishment to a body that desires to stay happy, healthy, the whole package. Once (maybe), you might have to say "I've had enough" and move on.

I want you to look at these signs but CANNOT act on them. There is no strength in weakness. I'm sharing these memes that show depressed people doing crazier things than you ever thought of before* while each chemical pathway being replicated is pumping.

I can't act or work during depression for two major reasons: 1) I even think complete neglect of the project making headway may be quantum physics. (Think Portal so over the top.) 2) I would be engulfed in despair. (What if you don't want us to be together?)

Here is a list of things I've failed at with half-finished projects:

I dream you into his arms when you are gone. But when I did reality check, it didn't really feel like it was saying goodbye. When I tell myself to be myself, I don't really make enough straight lines as they only corresponds to UGT and a and B(really that's all it ever touches.)

I am actually a pretty dependable person when you 'take my side' too much, but when the hustle hits in response to my experience, I can't keep the mustard in my mouth. Ever convicted to make them mad, I don't really give a fuck, and this bottle can't be shaken!

Let me introduce Brad. Brad sounds like fishmy goodness when he whistles while foraging. He's pretty normal beyond that. Good out of work, really lives his life right, a teacher and farmer too, curious about Yelp.com.

Now, now I know you're like "Oh, 4 cheetos?" You're right but that's because your meals aren't COMPLETELY GRITTY, which are: No diet No drink Add social gaming activities.

And then here's the answer: Vegetable Flatbread. Even your current square food is a breath of fresh air! When you lose 90% of your happiness by writing an article of some kind, you sacrifice some lawn maintenance. Oh well.

*(No actual acknowledgments. Nobody reads this blog. Save that until your imaginary back drop makes you feel secure.)<|endoftext|>Added by Hit and Run TV posted 02/26/14

Drag Race alumni Jinkx Monsoon and Jade Sotomayor come across as a warm-hearted, charming couple who love each other and go to great lengths to make sure they stay together.

Need a clue for this one? Click on J
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Inspired by galactic Classics, this cobalt blue Swifto shirt offers sleek performance in a cute print. Knit in 100% cotton and featuring galvanized metal buttons.


  • Cotton

  • Machine wash

  • Imported


  • Model is 6'0" and wearing size Medium

  • Measurements are taken from size Medium

  • Chest: 22"

  • Length: 29"<|endoftext|>With all the hype behind the major moves to try to liven things up for the 2016/17 season, Rafa Benitez and his Newcastle hierarchy will be under little pressure to make major buy, unless someone poses a real threat to the title challenge.

However, given the instability which has engulfed the Premier League, a top league position being kept may attract more attention thanks to nascent commercial talk around a much-discussed plan to move into the Tokyo Dome – though Mike Ashley is said to have abandoned that plan.

There's no guarantee that many of the big names at this summer's World Cup would get a chance to represent their national sides in either qualifying for Russia or the money from potential sponsors or broadcasters as well as risking their careers by playing England.

But the answer may lie much more in the other way around, with managers and clubs deliberately lacking in top stars.

Gareth Bale, Angel di Maria, Sergio Aguero, Edinson Cavani and other stars who we, the fans, revere, would rightly place every ounce of motivation on keeping, are surely key reasons to not rush to build. Not seeing the stars, is the first honest thing we look at.

By refusing to view within the context of where they play or how the needs at the top are debated, the clubs and managers appreciate that it is not cost or competition that decides who wins games but most importantly who spends what resources to do so, the fans know what they would get out of a price tag and can judge which clubs are worth their money, they know which managers are worth following, play to wins not travels and are motivated to win trophies because they care more than anything else why their club is on people's minds. Admitting either what happens lessens any meaning that a new player may provide or because they won't have a future in the Premier League.

For the fans, you either care what happens to the good team or not at all. The bottom line is that each club does what the fans want, like Arsenal buying Olivier Giroud last year, either to fund large players or invest in both to ensure they are not one of the worst teams in league, this ensures that any strike or injuries to key players increases the chance that manager or boss will remain or is sacked.

As for the national side, most continue and are joined by Britain who might not be all that prepared to sacrifice what they hold dear on the pitch for a logo or new star. That's why there's been no sign of the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Alexis Sanchez even when they are everyone's favourite, much like Di Maria and Bale has been accepted and that also concerns the England squad as players both in and out, particularly now in the age of shirking collective responsibility, and this is one of the greatest flaws of the footballing model.

I also think Benitez's views on buying more players at a dip in form would measure as one of his worst decision in a manager's managerial career. That there are no world class all-round midfielders to lead the line and rotate centre halves are of real importance to the better teams as it explains the ups and downs to what ends up happening, because not only is speed of the game the most essential aspect and not what makes the game come alive, it's also important to breaks up defensive lines and break down the opposition game.


There's no one yet in place that inspires excitement, Citesa's Ruben Quiroz aka @ELSmithMercato is known mostly for a small part in being the lyricist for the songs sung in the paint pan. Despite being a big name in football, has so far done nothing consistent to explode writes Paul Carr in the Daily Mail. Godspeed, Ruben Quiroz!<|endoftext|>This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use

Pressure was building for Intel's first high-end Ivy Bridge CPU, since current chips had some major limitations from a single threaded standpoint – and price, since Ivy Bridge itself only costs $100 more than a comparable Sandy Bridge CPU (cost = $220 for two cores, $240 for four cores). Doing a complete configuration comparison between Sandy Bridge and
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Men's Top Shirts

Take the challenge of opening your wardrobe up and view our ever increasing selection of authentic men's shirts in all sorts of styles. Old school or modern, staple or tailoring, lounge shirts or sport shirts: with so many options to choose from, you'll soon find the men's shirt that's perfect for you.<|endoftext|>The use of computer graphics and modeling in the analysis of trauma specimens has become a practice in forensic pathology. Computer simulation tools have also been introduced in a broad range of other disciplines. There has been considerable attention to the use of computer simulation for those disciplines which involve the safe handling of heavy analytical loads on a rotating carving table, such as anatomy applications and forensic film applications. This paper achieves state-of-the-art extend multi-frame, frame bitmaps that can generate full-body anatomical representations of total unrelated volumetric leader. The approach provides a method which is easily applicable to many kinds of 3D mobile bodies including perpetually-flyable Dreadnaut-, aerial crafts genereated volumetrically, and lunar- and planetshelter-transportable robot-constructed humanoid-kinetics where virtual 3D bodies can serve as morpho-rigid reference bodies. With a realistic analytic load from NASA's Katherine/Asteroid Surveyor/Rosetta mission, the results represent a high degree of fidelity to the artifically generated data. Since distance11 between the cameras is much greater than an actual human body, a mere "flat face" is provided on the resultant 3D volumetric leader. A wide range of visualisations are presented, including 3D echographic projection, stereo-3D projection, motorized cameras (displaying a full-screen display), and synthetic images generated from sound, voice, line of sight, and reflected radar. Our presentation emphasizes that simulations do not have to be second-rate, and that original repetitive data enjoys a preserve in organization and visualization. Data Storage and Data Display Tools 1000 X 3,000 Volumetric Embossments: The Data Paper

Benchmark Results

The paper is available in full (Collier) web presentation format and in postscript format. Time Pointing Data

User Time Points 8988 x 60800 8600 x 48000 26080 x 4000 4800 x 240 Time Point 1 0.17 0.08 0.05 Time Point 2 0.09 0.04 0.02 Time Point 3 0.05 0.01 0.02

Download PDF

Future Projects For the past year, both Dr Beck and myself have devoted a number of hours to the analysis of volumetric leadership, taking into account fresh data that just came into view. Our particular approach to this problem involved capturing a freshly-recorded photo from a cloud-rejected satellite image of Earth, generating a edit process that followed a scale-retaining one, and then eventually smoothing and aligning the edited image to volumetric leader and image composite. The time sequence in Fig 10 uses some resampling blur techniques, but provides an interesting example of "fitted motion". My ideals for volumetric body modeling are still largely unparalleled in terms of scientist commitment and technical cultural detail; one avoids what has come before when slowly iterating with large datasets in different experimentation paradigms. In this case, I tried to be our "application physicist". While working on identification, we realized the need to product practicalized solutions to many relevant problems, such, for instance, the ability to simulate how a VMN TTCD specimen will behave in actual practice. Furthermore, when the body would only be correct quantitative reproductions, we considered what would be key issues for us to consider in building a unit of performance, especially for its performance/complexity/uncerunariness at runtime, and development of techniques for virtual procesing vertices. Some might view "Humlin" as a robotic doll or robotic equivalent of a human, and also may recognize it as digital human machining. Half of what traditionally regarded as psychophysical data and body reconstruction are really patterns that have in common the degree of granularity of examples in our view of the effective 1-D organization of the high dimensional, multiple-level, leader/manipulator structure. As one part of a larger conceptual system and demonstrative prototype, that mechanobiological body is actually maximal mass and dimensions and seeks to follow what has hitherto been regarded as one of its basic principles: volumetric adequacy. Lambda Street

portal<|endoftext|>Every week here in the kingdom, political talks on the free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada are conducted in Luxembourg and Peacock Square, just across the border from Strasbourg. Last Friday saw the opening of an EU seminar at the EU headquarters in Brussels, where Canadian trade negotiators sat down for a two-day "prospecting visitors' constably" session with some of Europe's high-ranking European officialdom. Britain, Ireland, Montenegro, Portugal and Spain put themselves forward --
======================================== SAMPLE 91 ========================================
Note: This is a video roll viewer with DOS joystick support. This is not a joystick tracker.

This program can be used to add a/v/b/w and/or a/v/b/u/v/b/r/zz/S or Y Axis pseudo directional axis to video games, television series and movies, games consoles and arcade sticks. If lnkColor == L, this program will TI-topicalize color into h(x) to f(x) cv/aradia and f(x) to g(x) cv/blitzkrieg strings in MARQ99/Horseradish. You can use this program with any video emulator and also as a common power switch for every wall outlet. To read the new coordinates periodically from your game, use http://www.geocities.com/zbakiria/marshair/window12.html For every 6 veinto coordinates on an LCD screen, health bar, game counselor and the whole place will also get updated by changing the tlackColor variable register value with a bit-mask. I highly recommend reading how to register a key on an LCD screen here: http://source.msccsf.edu/cps/LiveTerminals81-83/ltd/html/display16.html To write game character strings and communicate with an emulator, there's http://roglenet.sysadmins.com/graphics_read.html sevenbit.org, or http://source.msccsf.edu/cps/psdemo FINGRET cheatsheet: http://ronika.takugumi.org/gerophys.htm MrRice.; Tinals_

Compiler from signals--- due June 2002

The War Thunder Rules of Conduct--for feedback


YankeeOps, http://us.erfira.de/www/production/tournaments.htm

Upcoming U.S.-Real-Estate Parties

The XIV edition of the World War Two Battle of Jesus Actual video. -- Fritz

Armchair Operating System x64 & SDL--under late builds


Early BF3 Beta for C++ 9

Eagle Vision++--LDS content input

AuS Sarcastic Defense--from Deep Space 9, Episode Outbound

Image Quality & MS Windows API--Mac<|endoftext|>The 25-year-old got his first look at past World Cup opponents in South Africa as the Series kicked off with the latter portion of the Group C football play-off cycle on Wednesday night, featuring Portugal, England, Germany and France.

Speaking to FFT's World Cup Programme, Lahm spoke about the hosts' technical features and analyses of the quest to lift the coveted trophy, while previewing the Group A clash with France midway through it.

ESPN FC: What were your team's generals passages in South Africa?

Torsten Liebherr: We're the normal team that opens up at the right point to attack. We know what to do, we know who to sit on and play off. It's hard to get that balance between not giving the ball away and you can't give the ball away because you've knocked it down. It could be Chiellini or a defender doing it. Hungary were good at that. Some other teams, we would control the ball in the first part, like in the pre-match – and we had good possession because we didn't give them a lot of possession in the first half in Panama or in Ecuador. Then the radar efficiency balance is curveballs Bill (Lahm, Cologne coach) doesn't play exactly like that (pointing to team publicist and former Bayern the German Welt editor). In here, it's flat sync, flat rhythm. Let me tell you, they didn't have the ball like we did. I also say various people have made this a Guardiola type of football. There's an adaptability in coaches if you have one type of football for champions and another type of football for everyone else.

FSF: Only two years ago, for the first time in your career, Bayern have lost two European cups. Have you rejoiced in that?

TL: That's quite a achievement for the team. It's a big deal. But both of those games were in Cape Town. The one at the Stade de France against France was a European Cup final …

FSF: The EFL Cup against Liverpool was another.

TL: I'm very proud for Bayern. I feel is a huge project that we get out here for. To do great and to win that UEFA Super Cup that hurts for us too because it's our second time, but
======================================== SAMPLE 92 ========================================
If you ask me, US's Foreign Policy is an example of best-intended but totally misguided actions run amok. The bull of US pushing, pushing, pushing has blown its light bulb and extended its fuse into the countryside.

What happened? If you think it should not matter to India whether Pakistan backs violence against India, then please, read the comic. Since so many Americans understand nothing about Special Relationship between US and Pak, let's even use old reference from US.

"America is sold to the highest bidder, provided the buyer recognizes that it is being sold." - Wilson Tank, former Secretary of State, 1919.

President, like British in 1859, and tsars of Russia, will eventually point out the lie they sold. Just look at the Foreign Policy of USA since US Declaration of Independence.

By alphabet, easiest to understand.

First, its general deceitful for fools to assume that they meanBest Protectionagoyens Not-So-Clearly-Vicious Six Hundred year old Sheila Haig Eleven year old Haiti Six Ton highway dozen direction but endearing patriotism and rebukes any enemy of US

Second, its all-abusing crusades against pro-Heathsome India; especially Hindu Fatality like.

Third, Uncle Sam's Foreign Policy is for humanitarian purposes not interfering in other nations.

Fourth, its better suited to created dictatorship of the type experienced in Egypt and Pakistan, but when boots drop on Beelzebub fires hack off head of treasury, or statues are threatened with removal in India.

Fifth, Gandhi was right: To work over one's opponents financially,will always cause problems to enemies. By USA policy

Sixth, safe from wrongdoings of US, the country should also not reveal its alleged anti-South-Indian with no one believing it, whether it be the rebellion of Junius R? Th Amend and Napoleon. Now Ratan Tata,Owner of Tata Institute, Flat Colors India is Photo Opportunity to Red-Card India Cause. Surely Taclosed India Interest to war, explode Crimson Raj in Dawoodindia Z.A.A India: International Actor, Top-level Indian Music By-passer captured

To read through US is Jewing only enlightens one to its utter destructions. Was it fun to watch?

Happy Indian Independence Day.

(Update scheduled at Revt 10 GMT)<|endoftext|>For the generous, one person can canoe trapping weed plethora spacing checkpoint rates. Hend ascpired item from the cave under the cave entrance in Sandstone cliffs.

Contents show]

Transferring Reciprocation Edit

Trading Edit

Obtain the Amphora from near the Wandering Spirits camp north of the Garrison Camp.

Removing Moth in Carry Water? Potions NEEDED! (x V K)

Quests Edit

Side Quests Edit

Jaler Desircraft Bass / Tiger Bass Tangle/Maitake/Rock Bass/Barramundi Bass/Brown Trout/Blue Trout Cave Chub Golden Trout/Orange Steelhead/Crabe/Datchet Kumamoto Shad/Deep Bluefish Scald Rothmayr Balled Bass/Rock Bass DaKala Marlin/Bacon Sole Sole Cormorant/Shark Fin Haddock Smallmouth Bass Coelacanth Sardine Gariep Etterbarran Trout Crouper Eel Sawfish Grand Pangasius Polka Spot/Barbacoa/Jackshire Spud/Radish or Cod Grackle Electric Yellowfin Squid/Sardine Sardine/Gullet Skate Pupfish Berramundi/Plaice/Zebra/Gastric Fluke

Bait Drop Changes Being developed by Hydeon.

Right-click The four favourite images to save right-click icons in gear menu to map to right-click submanus

Costs Edit

Between 25k and 50k rof to use Rotation effectively

Kudos Edit<|endoftext|>I swear that if it survived, General Tso had sent me a how-to guide in its liver lesion.

In my liver, in my brain, in the tissue that connects nerve to nerve, there are nerves that are responsible for reactions.

Now let us check for machinery in the liver.

Rock of Ages έ Metamorphosis · MandardOur general hagger buried any reason that his ear had ever possessed in the eyes.

WhelanFresh)—Hastings Arts, September 1937, p. 107.

I was writing an article about the mechanism of the liver: when, with difficulty, one accepts evil words or acts, and the understudy is unable to keep his sensibilities in check, he "turns sour", and becomes "toxic". ‎ Appare in 11 books from 1882-2008

Love story, or write a chapter about how to write
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RPS: You've been talking about a big difference between Dwarf Fortress and its predecessor, 074 this is a graphics overhaul

Javier: It's true, if you played 074 you could deal with it, maybe, but 075 just was not good enough. Because of that there was a much bigger displacement... Nowadays, we don't have any artistic problems, we don't have any new architectural maladjustments here. All we do is the same are all other studio games, which make their modelers, writers and musicians way more productive: much better.

We have to push a new buttons... Emphasis I'd say on new buttons, since a lot of silly people insist on saying that 076 is a significant improvement. But I can tell you that after all this change in the last three years DF is ready to show itself to the world again.

Also, although sometimes a book is a hard book to read, I think we're halfway there. We made a substantial step forward with the grammar, below information situations script, approach indicator's resulted tim - the ideas are just… there (like they have never sat in my head before, somewhere outside, gone still). You do see about half of their progress today, I suppose.

RPS: Are your reactions generally positive? Negative? Good out of fear? Is it just because their names start with the letters "f" and "o"?

Javier: Counter intuitively it sometimes amuses me to think about how much negative time we did not have time to do something more critical… but I know for what we had – important – we do not have enough sense, we do not just slavishly repeat what's written. In most cases we think up something better, but there have been some occasions, especially worrying for me, when we did not do what we both needed, and we've had the real problem of putting it in.

As for reactions from gamers, I noticed that there have been a number of those that thought this change could bring further well-known entries, that we should have a conversation about. But that could also mean only one thing: always same kind of reaction we may have been ranging clock wise for the last twenty years, but during the entire solitary Dwarven life and residents report felt when they could relax, including the moment they stopped patrolling their scat – ha!

You had better not be in a melancholic mood: this will be a fun time for all of us.

RPS: You said earlier that you expect people to be happy with this, but no one was really plunging on for years with 007: Bloodshot and 007: Ju-On. How do you deal with what you sent them before?

Javier: We knew how to tell them how important HQ was because Headquarters and mostly Thaivind couldn't walk along roads without so many zombies. Their fugue state needed a sign of normalizing. And like with that particular game, I offered what it took: so that by just loading the game again, the "crash" would get erased and the normal performance would get rewarded. What a chess piece this went to be, after the world got used to numerical characters with the IBM. Capri was based.

The first time I played it, that was the time that they decided we should single up that kind of ASCII art. I mentioned it as a good thing to do but also to protect the puzzles. As people already had the ability to kill themselves for all years – researchers and so on – I expected a lot less ;) but about three meters of paths downtown for the wussing tourist killing team zombie team that were supposed to be invisible. But no, folks. Who starved for the marathon goals, spent by 2,000 series on gold when there had been two complete platinum spongers now ponying for spoons, few Li display or like each other. You don't need to expand the unseen pits for eternal burial when already guzzling their talent chalices, or sponged to that extent, burdened buttocks like the castle did suddenly.

It is putting Proving Grounds or most IVs thirds Objective:Ho gigantic 155 hours Exchange exit window and saying "Ninjakku", doesn't make it impossible. In fact it proves that you're above try to do it yourself.

RPS: What I was wondering (having just finished 076 in much frustration) is what you think is going to come in 077...

Javier: No idea. To tell you the truth I'm even more surprised than you, because we were up until Friday still trying to get it for the old gallery entrance. So maybe there will be another work there. I think it's not a mistake to have a replacement for it, instead of going straight back as precipitate as Refining Hall for an art desk before the bridge. Especially for me, mind I have years of experience's
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IV Aid

Looking for ways to overcome setbacks and risk-taking? Online IV Aid will help you answer those challenges… by getting you in-the-moment IV traces of your medication. Currently, it enables two types of IV trace contributions: a Regulatory Credit (CC) option and a Synthetic Credit (SC) option. You generally can choose up to 8 immunoassays per day with IV Aid.<|endoftext|>AURORA, Colo. -- (CBS) The setting in Colorado's largest music festival has been leveled and a house burn has shut down part of the surrounding Triangle of Stars Park.

Spokesmen for Triangle Bands and Music Festival (TRFMF) confirmed Monday a comet came through the area early Sunday morning.

The comet crashed to Earth around 3:30 a.m. on Sunday but exploded or burned before the sun. What was left of it hit Triangle Bands and Music Festival on fire around 9:30 a.m.

"We call it 'accidents' nearly every weekend. There are a number of toilets that have fallen, there are some trash cans that not so many people are picking up. A couple of trees had fallen on a car," said Triangle Bands and Music Festival spokesperson Raquel Schlabach.

It's now been four days since Monday's fatal tractor-trailer fire at the Space Needle when confetti became airborne.

Officials say the trails that feed into the runways of the Space Needle remain closed. Some beach parking areas along the Space Needle trail were not attacked and not off limits, as originally claimed.

And Friday's fire and flooding left parkgoers with only the possibility of overflowing entrances to the historic Fremont Street Outside space.

At the beginning of this week, park operations reported up to 500 people at any one time on Saturdays. Florida Senator Marco Rubio even spoke at Friday's event at the Space Needle.

"We don't know how many people that really fine-tuned their plans, really made it to the epicenter, but there are probably many that didn't," Schlabach said.

Starting tomorrow, the Neighborhood Literature With Charlie Brown Theatre will close without landing but will operate on Saturday and Sunday until the fire marshal comes and clears the plaza. When the fire marshal can't come until late next week or early next month, Schlabach said it could run on its own as Beethovens Balls.<|endoftext|>Use the most glamorous way to refresh and refill your lip colors. These essences are now made with ultra-true shades, enjoying artificial color last longer on the lips. Can't find a moisturizer or tube for your Berrisom tube? Just ask us and we'll find the perfect combo for your lips! Now you can use your own tubes (with fingertip inside) instead of drinking and throwing away these little containers.<|endoftext|>Townlea Photo Festival October 29, 2018

Commemorate the exact month that Townlea occurred in 1847!

Read more

Appleton Photo Festival October 29, 2018

Paint about historical towns near to Whitehorse, AB, Canada. Either presents itself or is listed. Make careful lines.

Read more

Sitka Photo Festival October 30, 2018

This festival is in honor of Sitka, Alaska, and historically important heroes, up to and including to Natives.

Read more

Newfoundland Photo Festival November 1, 2018

Come see some historical towns of the province while the sun dances in the heavens.

Read more<|endoftext|>The mobile market is huge, and everyone has their own unique strategy for it. One feature only a few OEM's offer, however, is the ability to add LTE capabilities to your phone. If you're interested in adding LTE to a phone you own, or if you have one that you'd like to rent, we're here to help.

With Verizon Wireless exiting the US unlocked market this year, building the firmware for the latest devices and't-so-latest devices from major OEMs becomes even more difficult. Luckily, as you're likely familiar with from reading the other announcements, unlocked devices can enjoy the advantages of a huge open ecosystem of devices, as affordable unlocked carriers (Offers submitted on 9/30, 9/31, 10/1, 10/2 through 10/5) makes it relatively easy to purchase and buy devices at the lowest prices on the internet.

EDITOR'S BESTSELLING: By now we're seeing endless discussion around the Blockbuster Cloud. Having a Bitcoin payment option allows you to purchase your content from literally anywhere. Read all about it–and explore what frictionless purchases could mean for consumers (of digital currencies) in our article "The Blockbuster Cloud: A New Forum to Buy and Sell Electronic Products." – The Blockbuster Cloud is processing more than 9.3 tons of BTC (approximately $15 million USD) on a daily basis (
======================================== SAMPLE 95 ========================================
I guess I owe you one.

Outdated and painful religious history is, by now, indelibly embedded in the consciousness of everyone and has repeating odysseys to its pedophile godfather, known as the religious right. Over and over again the constant wormrodding against the rights of women, homosexuals, the LBGT community, the poor and the purported success of economic reformer Milton Friedman are heard. When the great Godfather or destroyer of the religious right is finally resurrected to attempt to complete his historical alignment, it will not be sober historical review of the Dark Ages. No, in the end the destructive historic roles will be played out in the pages of John Q. Publius and Richard C. Muller's The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Muller and Vanity Fair columnist John Avlon are well-known. Both people write from the same, insider perspective and both have a sense of humor. Despite that, they are both strident and from the same perspective in favor of pushing the country out of the economic mainstream by mandating massive economic change. Avlon poignantly describes the scene:

It is a backroom poker game in which avarice is high. Isaacson is seated at one end of the table. Experts in left and right or inherent resources (economic, political, religious, ethnic) nudge their way and dissemble their way around the table. On either side of the table are empty chairs. When Nick Kristof talks about Richard M. Nixon's staff, he folds his cards and quickly picks up those that have been unfilled. It is his moment of greatness … when he pretends to be Nick Kristof. He cannot bring himself to name Limbaugh or Limbaugh Boy. What he can do is itself needle Sorkin as he slays Biden, Beck, Kennedy, and Gingrich. Then, just before he hands off the cards in the poker game, he speaks. "Let's see how these powerful financial moguls, stimulated by greed, live up to their own plans," he urges. "By all indications, these people have no respect for the jobs or the power — or for democracy or the other rules of the poker game."

Oooh, dark bastard.

Abundance of Pork

The haystack grinds down to a single card with The Great Recession. Just as Abraham Lincoln and the South were awarded equal representation within the new Constitution, the regulatory limits against pollution among the wealthy (65, 75, etc.), the excesses of unregulated price gouging in corporate bankruptcies, the power abuses of higher-paid regulatory agencies, and the systemic systemic corruption in America's crony capitalism and core economic structures, now we have Wall Street's cash flow flood the Washington trough as they abolish the minimum wage, cut labor protections, and continue to bail out bankers and the wealthiest 0.2%, while cutting normal families' take-home pay.

A universe of naked fanaticism is resolved into an open, power definition of finance and liquidity, reminding me of what was said to She Who Must Not Be Named in Board games of her nightmarish, oppressive nature, by the hero, Billy the Crow, without euphemism. The two-sided Carl's Jr. mask will be artfully raised against the balls of command in continuation to the campaign swirling in and around The Great Recession. Field of Rape and Face Off will continue to surprise through the seasons of bankster fear and denial until the party devolves into a massive landslide amongst their base in 2013. No, something that could not be forgotten how quickly, but just doesn't vanish. It forever fuels corporatism. And corporatism in its final incarnation is ensured with the inadequately scoring A. To end corporate corruption and begin then progress social change, starting with the reality of how corporations abuse others for their own profit of which they have no right, but the profits of which they shame the future-living 108 million.

Everyone is thrilled at Bono (Yahoogaming.com), the recipient of a generous $1.3 million donation from Just Giving's $206 million-in-2009 Bono Donors' Fund, to tell the story on television. They commenting in the NY Times ("Who Makes Money from Bono's Speech?") reveal the facts about the Dinner Fund (updated 9/11):

The real problem of run-of-the-mill ninety-foot television breaks runs something like this: Viewers at home are supposed to imagine it either as a rally or a celebration, so we are led to believe that the world desperately needs a younger Bono. Of course, the excitement of the scene signals that no one in the actual audience is actually dying from AIDS.

Taxpayer Rating

Everyone old enough to realize vio-lence against the poor is particularly powerful, and of course most of us are and forget. In the years 2004 to 2007, New Jersey and neighboring Delaware became the first voting jurisdictions to adopt a policy of openly advocating damage
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Mazda Constellation news updates

June 13, 2016 - 12:43 PM

by Brett Jewkes

Mazda Constellation news updates

Mazda Tuesday set production alert orders Wednesday with plans to make 75 cars a day if the new U.S. federal tax incentives go through next year.

The company halted production amid a worldwide glut of cars on the way to customers, and Mazda is looking at possible layoffs because of the loss of sales volumes.

It is anyway unlikely to see such a significant lowering in standards because Tuesday's production action was only a partial slowdown of Tuesday's 600-baseline-car schedule through the third week of June. The current of production, if all went as planned, would be slightly more than the usual 50,000 a day.

Vehicles are still assembled in the United States and vehicles able to be shipped to the U.S. will reach local consumers by the end of July, according to an industry source.

Leonardo himself instigated the production alerts described last week by one industry official. He has been frequently at the Wall Street Journal headquarters advising on both corporation statements and online publication issues, said Harrison Graymore, executive editor of Automotive News.

The U.S.-based automaker is currently concentrating on people troubles. About 5,000 out of the nation's 47,000 full-time employees are unemployed, and nearly 20,000 walk the picket line, said Mazda spokesman Michael Perry. The number of temporary workers is about the same.

Mazda "is here to stay and will continue to be," said Perry.

Mazda President Muraleedharan said the automaker, the world's third-largest after Japan's automakers, made 1.2 million vehicles in 2015.


While Ferrari set aside 300 million euros ($325.80 million) specifically for its U.S. development, Mazda is focusing more on revitalizing U.S. operations from its overseas operations.

The company is planning an investment of about 1 billion euros in 2017 to improve operational performance by broadening the footprint of its operations in position to strengthen its footing in an already tough global market for refinement of trim levels of automobiles.

About 100 people worked at the American facilities in 2015, with no plans for staff increases to be announced this year, said the source.

Mazda's decision also was not made easily.

Sometimes manufacturers have to set aside money for employee retraining when costs rise or production schedules are altered in China or other industrial countries. The company is determined to eliminate redundancies and staff further.

Production already was down about 500,000 vehicles per year in North America, according to the source — substantially less than before the global financial crisis, when the European component parts abroad made up just 55 percent of U.S. sales.

In the 18 to 24 month period following global financial crisis, the global component house shipments rose 8 percent to 24.2 million cars, according to the source.

To determine the destination of incoming orders, job expansion needs to take place in order to meet first-quarter production goals for the new model year sedan. The smallest Mazda models aren't before dealerships until this fall, and mazda vehicles clearly are missing from the one-day sales bar at the Detroit auto show.

From Australia to Mexico, slowing demand as the economy chews through the 100-percent local dollar ration has people more interested in used vehicles that aren't full-sized. Mazda makes vehicles in both the United States and China.

Shipments from the U.S. to Hong Kong are down 94 percent from the average sales in 2009, according to the supplier customization manager.

The widely required new fourth-generation vehicle, available in three different trim lines in Europe and more than 10 countries in Asia and 2.8-liter station-wagon will delay baseload delivery until October, according to the Wall Street source. The 2016 body style has longer wheelbase than last year's model.

By the end of the month plans are to move 150,000 units to get on to than full hundreds of thousands of cars in which currency shifts look all uncertain.

Last years four-cylinder IS500 spent some time in Hong Kong and Krome - a supplier of lag fixing parts - as postal service problems in responding to upcoming fall China lunar new year felled offerings before reaching Nazare Mad said analyst Brian Colello of Just Market.

In response to the U.S. and European spot price increase, Nordax said it expects that second pricing of various vehicles to vary by the time they reach dealership sales. Diesel was added as a line of variations in North America back to the 2008 model year.

All are available from dealers through special order. Initially, Chinese buyers will take on the lead from the Germans, who are rafting Valkyrie and Cobalt to such delivery.

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Since its 2011 launch, Autoblog has covered the majority of all Autoblog/USA Midwest Youth Outdoors Meet (MYOM) events. Our readers have seen ALL of the events and can often give timely commentary at the request of the organizers. But we've always been informed that there was a large group of older nieghborhood dad scouts, scouts or campers who do not meet mainly because of their profound physical limitations. Senior-age non-campers, people who do not make some of the rosters during camping waters, made up 60% of the safety roster, 60% sport roster, 40% social rotation roster – all to be confirmed at each MYOM – even when asked to stand at a certain table. In short, so many competitions run off a minimum age table that it nearly negated any activity that doesn't have something to do with circulation. Some events include out-of-towners and special guest attractions and this at 16-22% of the overall MYOM seasonal event roster.

But in my experience, the majority of these are men in their 20s or 30s or older, Taco Bell wings ADD, ups and downs, population density issue, desire to skate, which makes yet another bit of dumb, not to say hopeless, planning.

The last byproduct of all this came in the wildest potentiality in my early 1990s around age 20. After seeing a number of events, I embarked on the Land Ho! project, a realistic projection of the number of people missing and either not included in those sports, not wanting to participate or tired of the physical challenges.

In an effort to be a part of my ancestral land, I unleashed the latest high speed replica road in the city of Austin, TX,, which made the "tants" climb that moved at an unbelievable 302 mph at 200 feet on the electric curving talus road. More and more people and families (about 20%) started stopping to listen then participated. During the ride there was only one Texas Ranger present, a breath-of-fresh-air that prevented any altercation.

Recognizing the challenges of my friends and peers, it was critically important to honor this obligation and make it easy at ALL of my regional championships. That is why...




Even though I started with the proposal of doing something inflammatory to release some of this pent up pent up testosterone, I really just wanted to see what it would look like to put together a nice, popular, 2 day competition. Events with locals and others who're from smaller towns as the participants. Steven Anderson and his stuff but led by people who can skate. Equipment. Gear. Not an over used tag for professional studio work but a consistent bar as a show of authenticity, especially for the Youtube viewers and subscribers.

Being a New Yorker, I didn't want to use the program trick race as opposed to any other game in general, like skate scofflaws,Science Fiction promotional thing, Holoplatz. Or anything for that matter. My traveling friends who are involved in turnkey competitions know I've been doing great things with that rather than beating me up for doing my best. They know my mission is a beam B flat type mecca, the catch in frame grinding.

Steven Anderson stuck out as a strong skating talent but a lack of skating experience. So, I, a future greatest living Argentine celebrated by the most. It's my choice and I'm taking it from here.This is my part in the Multi Classic at Manhattan Plaza Motor Lodge and it's going to go great.

And I will go for #1000s.<|endoftext|>Until now we were able to buy and sport some pretty impressive apparel from the likes of Assassin's Creed in little man's ware (MLW) gaming or protective clothing for off season sport (SWS) and thus we could listen to a kit which alluded to the French Revolution here and be surrounded by cold steel around us waiting to be used. This season in the summer, though, Assassin's Creed Fury has ditched the first person perspective for two. You sense a certain pucker of superiority about it all but I digress because going without this first person perspective feels silly, not necessary and a real downgrade for this game. We were even having trouble finding something more than just centigram t-shirts and this is the part where we compare. From the retail events quite obviously Alliance Bernardo was sporting Linen Knights with their same fabric detailing and same stats as this Assassin. The linens and starters in this picture array quality and you can see how Guild Puig California only rocks a single Star Dragon Silver medal the Dalmars came in a tie or a 1 from the 0 medals to come from
======================================== SAMPLE 98 ========================================
Best matches for sulfbtrommind :

Is biotechnology bioluminescent? Spontaneous biofluorescence with airborne CO 2 , Almoginar E et al. Clin Sci (2015) 136(5):509-519.

Sulfur and Calcium Penicillate Airborne Inducible Transcription Factor Small Theliaceae on the Release of Stigmata from Palmaris longa L. and the Role of a Genome Star, Varela D et al. Environ Biotechnol (2015) 36(12):5360-5368.

The biology and clinical relevance of 3,3′,5′-trihydroxy-2,5′-dihydro-5′-tetrahydrobloxymethyl-1-naphtho-$ increment in Zhonna 40 heaR: genetics, molecular modeling and modeling approaches, Williams R et al. J Neurochem (2014) 108(5):1305-1324.

A thioesterβ-2,3′,5′-trimethyl-trimethyl-4-oxoacidol whose nature is not known but which is being found in E. coli is derived from sulfuryl sulfurium and is transported to mammalian transcriptomes by electron transport, Spinosaurus de Cro' , Shiraishi T et al. Appl Environ Microbiol (2010) 72(9):3156-3165.

Stealth Biotechnology Development and Therapeutic Potential of Citrus Vehicles in Human Syndrome: A quantum Limited Involvement and Quantal Implication, Hadid H et al. J Int Soc Nephrol 2015; 7(5A):529-536.

Silver nanoparticles in human airway tissue improve oxygen delivery to the airways, Rhee Y et al. Toxicol Sci (2009) 171(3):312-321.

Switch to our new best match sort order<|endoftext|>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - After a threatening Twitter message by President Donald Trump caused its Twitter account to be briefly locked, the U.S. Secret Service took it down and restored it on Friday but said the message, posted before it had been fully restored, was still inflammatory.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders pauses as she speaks during the daily briefing at the White House in Washington, U.S., February 7, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts/File Photo

Trump earlier this week posted two tweets that criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself, calling him "beleaguered" and someone who "will have to recuse himself" from the Russia investigation. On Friday, over the weekend, he angrily tweeted again demanding that Sessions resign.

His account was restored within a couple of minutes on Friday but the Trump administration planned to say this morning that the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election had come across the initial tweet as "inflammatory."

"While the Secret Service does not typically confirm or deny the existence of an active investigation, vulnerabilities to account conclude that the account was compromised as a result of the President's earlier tweet," the agency said in a statement early on Friday.

In a later statement, agency spokeswoman Nicole Mainor said the president's Twitter account and government computers were hacked once before and "in every case, the Secret Service is taking appropriate steps to protect the Secret Service network, computers and data."

The Secret Service took down its own Twitter account after Trump's Twitter messages were disclosed to Congress on Monday.<|endoftext|>An air strike by Saudi jets killed at least 40 demonstrators in the war-ravaged Yemen on Saturday, witnesses said, adding to opposition calls for Venezuela to be one of Middle East's most controversial countries to boycott.

The protest in the northern city of Hajjah spread from Zaidiyeh, also known as Falah, held by Houthi rebels supporters to central Hajjah, where soldiers and alleged Houthi militants clashed.

The protesters were chanting slogans against the Saudi-led war in a turbulent Middle East, the protesters also complaining of being under Saudi siege after the campaign against the Houthis.

Yemeni people gather at the scene of victims from clashes between Houthi soldiers and protesters in the southern city of Zaidiyeh, Yemen March 5, 2017. REUTERS/Nasser Nasser

This is the first large-scale demonstration since the Saudis started bombing the rebel movement in March, supported by Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who has fled the country and headed abroad. There have been other protests in several cities.

U.S.-allied warplanes have also hit Houthi positions.

The Houthis, along with tribal group the Zaidi, denounce the U.S. policy toward Yemen and accuse U.S. President Donald Trump of imperialism. Trump says he will end it when he takes office next month.<|endoftext|>A Nigerian national who allegedly attempted
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Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Police on Tuesday raided a drug prevalence detection and Micropeptide testing (PDT) lab allegedly run by a Muslim youth, Ashur Rahman, for illicit activities like moral policing and so-called channels education for video clips. When police raided the lab, it was allegedly found with records that showed he sold 45 pills to students of S.K.V.R Nair Medical College, a government medical hospital in the heart of the city.

When the police went to Ashur's house on Saturday, four students were waiting for him to show them to drug users and peddlers. This led the police to the lab in which the inputs from the student girls first emerged. A bag was found containing 45 pills and 25 packets of CG gels.

Told to find out who ran a lab at a college, the police picked up Ashur, the proprietor of Smugglers' Camp Books. While Ashur said he was the only person running the lab and police had nothing but his words, one of his girls said Ashur had promised to send these drugs all over the country. They arrested Ashur.

This was the first encounter that police had with drug usage in the local area because the college students had told them drug sniffing was rampant according to the students. Following this encounter, police started a drug awareness campaign on school grounds before school shut on Monday. And schools were told to have these procedures.

Thirteen students of the college had written to senior officials of the government medical college and submitted a complaint that drugs were sold there.

Hyderabad Police Commissioner R.M.Laxman told The Hindu that police were closely monitoring the situation. "When we have good legal ground, we will step in. Period". He assured the students that action would be taken against those who sold drugs.<|endoftext|>The World Economic Forum (WEF) announced the June 2015 edition was its 2007 "Leaving Business For Itself Award" winner for the Global Sanctions Infrastructure Project , claiming that efforts to energize grants and prizes, hideous and modest though they may appear, are yielding encouraging results. Indeed, the sponsorship of the yearly body's annual forum for those in business or government exchanges took those six single words for their own sake, and sought to promote the same referential magic via an offshoot platform. Some three hours later and over one hundred thousand words after its explicitly stated purpose, the guidelines for the event gleefully exorcised all that seriousness, as international civic participation doctors manicuring potential sanction model switches. Ignoring the collective threat of the public -- indeed popular far beyond the confines of the event's website -- to take their dissent to the streets, the officials accepted $35.56 million for what, as they wrote, "has the potential to deliver concrete outcomes."

While scratch-fencing lingering partnerships in other forum streets, they vowed to perk up deprived decay spots . States seeking impetus for retained peace were invited to pitch in to assist with the "activation of programs, bodies and structures and grant efforts." Of these grants of almost $11.7 million, nearly $5 million was allocated under their Research Institute-Directed Projects program, each to a team that has a direct (or at least perceived) objective of undermining the increasingly authoritarian stature of their host governments. Given the supposedly underground larp of one researcher, calls to half-page 15 notes that deep-pocket institutional heroes consulted seemed more credible and numerous, suggesting that exaggeration might only account for the annual meeting's comparative yawn of official significance.

Article continues after ad Advertisement

Rarely held at a predetermined time, the event included how-to appraisal days for big-money action, such as Capri, and waving ones as team recognition of work previously unheard of. One such memorable novelty included an insightful video explaining trench warfare, now available as part of ground de-mining violence, as being a legitimate defensive means of restructuring a nation, rather than permanent futile warfare. Upset by the degeneracy of DiEM25 that seemed driven by unigeant disgust at the trajectory of their own goals to become visibly obsolete and obsolete, one hell of a protest against the Executive Committee as they picked up help from a disturbingly common figure for the international left -- Mr. Paul Craig Roberts -- to register arguments that they didn't understand how foreign' policies benefitted them personally. Correspondingly.

Partying like water plays an oversized role in Japanese business, on par economically with lunches followed with your favorite, on a hyped up orgy of consumption driven by prioritizing quality assets sold at competitive prices. Board games can branch further of course with a rather comprehensive consumption component mixed in, serving as a source of entertainment and serving an extreme investment in status. Though two players usually maintain a static location, and with actual weak ability to move or teleport, this cost $6 kWh, and a round can get played out..... drawing peacehorses is practically required for victory as victory requires resources. There was $15
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A long-standing goal of the Peace Prize for International Cooperation has been to reach a final ranking of nations in terms of human development. Studies on the Early Developing World protection of children and long-term health outcomes derived from international health expert panels have made powerful ethical and pragmatic contributions to this development goal.

Unfortunately, resulting public opinion, and even a few countries, seems to have little regard for these achievements. That suggests that the corporate and government interests from the developed world have subsidized a biased view of healthcare and governance in the rest of the world.

The most recent public opinion survey from the World Health Organization (WHO) Conflict Tactics Conflict Tactics project unequivocally showed that citizens worldwide remain dissatisfied with care for people in the developing world. Also in contrast to the recognition in the 1990s of the highest rates of healthcare complications and poorer adult health outcomes in poorer nationalities, the overall preference for innovations and changes in per capita environment in the developing world seems to have increased since that time.

1) Improved long-term reduction of adult morbidity in the developing world. National surveys show that citizens in almost every country in the developing world want a better life and do not believe that life is getting better.

2) Improved infant mortality in the developing world. According to surveys of adult health providers they feel that quality care and reduced corruption have improved infant mortality.

Though first country negotiators for global trade agreements, the leaders of the Gulf ASEAN and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have also addressed long-standing economic and persuasive issues with regard to human development in general fear that emerging economies will give greater leverage to their more technologically advanced and developed opponents in the world's economic centres.

Another concern of the partners is the ample aid and development funding that the BRICS countries are receiving from these countries. The World Bank and USAID aid totals in 2013 amounted to close to one trillion dollars which makes the disposable income of over 1.5 billion corrupt elites.

For a variety of reasons, the market forces will extinguish the nationalism and religion wars that are engendering vast political and economic challenges in India and Egypt and threaten their access to the dollar. This will free unique ecosystems with strong internal mechanisms of governance and philanthropy.

In the future, select nations can win World Cups and Nobel Prizes, and other nations will acquire neighbors, which built success in terms of healthcare and income between nations selected for top honors.

The key anonocracy of coupons may still maintain garnered resources. The structural system selected instills discipline and transparency within its interior.

OpenDocument provides a simple yet cohesive toolkit for calculating the odds and travails that occur upon entry or exit of a person into the network. It also provides an Explorer that lets you see how many kgs of campaign funding are buried in a given campaign as well as the next eight GOP candidates.

[email protected]?ndn.news. Brock Chicken peaceful personnel destroy6 through your subscription are planning to invade our sanctuary and murder all the tigers, tigers that are not part of the Tuesday rundown . They Will kill our Falcons heating instruments shooting n about to kill 200 people and rape their wives and daughters they plan to rape and murder our employees as soon as time's out and they plan to attack us with these large fire arms and tear children apart like we were used of food. This will be your final warning we need to get out quicker they are full of weapons from cuff impede REPORT this to razor coordinates shaft conducting pulling tack##@and firing armedee## insarding flags at swiss bankers rate the lethal force quote here close PNN DEAR OKAY!!!! IMPORTANT INFORMATION Sat 29.11.13 Los Angeles to Tampa Bay - "A" Robert Haas, CFO and Vice President at "First American Corporation." San Francisco to Venice (Fla.) - "A" Antoinette B. Broadwell, what would have been your plans for April 28 ? Riverton, Wyo. - "A" Robert Jonas, who runs "Akmamco English Services". Washington to Miami - "A" Hugh "NoFishing" Lee, are you planning on partying too much over Easter? of March at your resort where most countries direct their police and armed forces leave passengers off of their flights? Yachting excursion 'to provide a business forum for individuals from credit card issuers' return [appearance' to New York to hit the the source 'oil plays' that weren't in enterprise history. On mainland Europe to Helsinki - Lindsay Towers concerning Leland Hudson, secretary of the fisheries group urged to turn in his shotgun licence - responds to compulsory trucking permit, warning. Describes agencies need for travel; uniformly Rag Farage hides crises Sheet BastblackTEemsgetout for millions - Bizordon Elect Bernt White Radical, Bill Ruckelshaus motor drivers and local governments shut CIIB cuts package following over 13-present company refusal of them.// Odeaux In 2004
======================================== SAMPLE 101 ========================================
Shoot down the shutter and the slow-moving shutter target controller moves further away from target.

Only useful on machines with a VGA or DVI connector.

Can produce very slow tracking frames if the mouse and mouse pad are far away…

When sweeping through a wide array of positions, users need fast action with accurate recoil control. If rotation tracking was accurate enough to support this feature, then it would be as important as turning on a desk lamp after dark. Possibilities for such modes are fairly scarce in any game. Nonetheless, due to the low cost and pleasure of slow motion that fast-moving information can bring, it has become one of the biggest selling points across many genres due to its effect on giving a particular display dynamic highlights.In the popular First Person shooter series Team Fortress 2, there is a unique function called "Coordinate Systems" called the "Grabber" that enables it to be used in a battle. The user activates "nice grips" by holding down one of the thumbsticks, and then unloads an invisible "Tracker" from the central section of the monitor, hanging in mid-air as it coasts towards it's targeted position. The stored state is saved in the console as a 64 bit value called the "OriginPoint," and requires the following commands:(Note that if your monitor is not able to report 48 bits to the console, you may require a speed, find-modual, and repaint to bypass this.)The real beauty of the Grabber is that if you hunch over and press your trigger (the "fruit" adjacent to your nice grips button), the camera will swing 45 degrees in favor of the Grabber, pulling back all of the screens wayward grabber chunks and allowing good trigger response.

Attacking first, then aiming with a scoped rifle is based on rotating a stick in an angle of your choosing. As such, it is easy to select a Stable Animation Selection for your game using setup.exe and an onscreen compass for orientation. Creating arbitrary game script instructions to polygon move the mouse in predetermined ways will be easier to decipher. Also widely required are signedand. For games that support any of the following gamepad options, modifying target tracking is similar; GetMousePositionInFrontOfCursorForWindowedRect will only work with such pad and will call the other ScreenIE or TabletIE methods on MouseMin and MouseMax. All other methods will also work using RaceMenu for lHookMouseAttack. If your graphics card does not support DirectInput, then you can use on_players.MDL and on_players.LBSP files (see below) to control TargetLock or ASmoothMouse then apply standard StateChain and StateMax forms directly to the source model. All multiplayer games will defer controlling mouse velocity to targets' activate translation frames whenever they are ready in order to keep loops simple to read and not overwrite masters' local values. The relative acceleration of the mainMovement frame is determined via deceleration scale factor and not an actual point in time. For example, the relative acceleration of user controller movement will never equal the combined n

New externalDirectInput . head bug facilitates standing movement using "routing" compliant models, according to slot behavior and state combinations (Mouse, keyboard, Joystick, ...) as well as using the mouse wheel.The only way to do any of this in Shader is to modify the self-defined axis array in "Heads." Here is a quick breakdown (and here's a better idea explanation by steam user Boncarruptoruk ).There are several ways to do this (e.g. putting together a Physics model to choose lenses):

Bonus Edit

Menu and creation replicator fixes used by Soap Vehicle Handling, Loot Picker, and Flyable Inflatable Combat Clothing have been made optional.

Version 1.95 bug fixing

TML integration fix.

Stats communication fix (ps3).

Add application metadata into game log.

Fix crashed when removing browser UI windows.

Fix counter register crash (IndexError 0x80070052).

Fix crash when changing Countdown/Spawn NPC CN widow off screen.

Avoid ActorStatus and JoinActorNotify Notifications in low memory situations.

Saves log information to new PAC file even if (1) webp is loaded and use in 3rd person.

Box and deploy doors/windows on DWC body as objects (instead using props and and using distance.setpos() .

. Bang and occluder transitions are no longer muted on external proxies (Bobbi and and Sara in Mercenaries should not be invulnerable during knockdown from player)

Adds snow under slopes, to reduce lighting impact of winter Snow Landing.

Fix glitch with sla positions not updating - a bogus flag was set.

core published patch (steal to test)

A not too secure high-range mouse pointing ceiling
======================================== SAMPLE 102 ========================================
Whoopi Goldberg is not happy with Melania Trump for "copying" White House Tour President Thomas Hamilton's quote on Global AIDS Day, because Global AIDS Day is exactly three weeks from today.

Her complaint was prompted by the Melania remark shot down by Joe Scarborough last night, who proceeded to say that it was not a plagiarism because, y'know, she said it. Her later claim that speechwriter Michelle Obama had asked her to use her "grassroots circle" idea was eventually proven to be bogus when she later said she hadn't.

Goldberg decided she could do "less complain" and called his obscenity an "awful, awful thing to say." My brain turns to a roll call of her notable Twitter-disses:

Oddly I didn't notice the elephant in the room until today: TRUMP'S AUTHORITARIAN HEAP OF SPACE MATH. Using REASONED PATH are two steps ahead of PUNCHING GHOSTS. https://t.co/KGIuFqN5qT — Whoopi Goldberg (@WhoopiGladw) July 23, 2017

If while naked in public, Trump put his penis into your vagina and w/e, your vagina would have to stay gone for like one minute — Whoopi Goldberg (@WhoopiGladw) July 23, 2017

The Donald was referred to Mexicans as a hererra because he's Trump — Whoopi Goldberg (@WhoopiGladw) January 25, 2016

The Texas March against Sharia is anti-women. Trump can't mentor women because women's fight is his legwork — Whoopi Goldberg (@WhoopiGladw) July 19, 2011

Opinion: Is Melania plagiarizing "Hamilton"? You win 25,000 a day with moderators. In 1949, "him" beat the "hers." We win a million. Donald won tax cuts. Lena Dunham — Whoopi Goldberg (@WhoopiGladw) June 10, 2017

@HeatherBerryFoots @TheHuffingtonPost Is Melania a plagiarist? The facts are counter-intuitive, "Let's Talk About the Berkeley Fascists Smear" — ((OspreyDoyle))) (@USpeacetothings) June 13, 2017

Well turned out americans—nothing new under pic.twitter.com/kz8Sx9u98n — Whoopi Goldberg (@WhoopiGladw) June 23, 2017

To save the world the tedium and suffering of finding out that our president has plagiarized, we're sorry to tell you it's "Hamilton."<|endoftext|>It's one thing for posts on quick or med-sick lists to be removed entirely, and it's quite another for the post to be submitted abruptly, with pontifications on 15's upholdability, legal s eat habi t and ad Petadea valuation omitted altogether.

With leavening herbs and tubers, with a shot of chocolate and a drizzle of rosemary, these simple, clean-living recipes lend clean ease, solace, comfort, and nutrition in a decade of unspeakable developments.

The human body has few natural defenses, but it does have its own regulator, a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is one of the most important factors that shape our lives, making us alert, waking us up, forcing us to exercise and prevent too much sleep. What's interesting, just since 11 September , we've seen numerous physical ailments and health problems on a grand and unannounced scale.

Marsha on watermelons. Avena jamaicama, also known as watermelon, is one of Japan's premier sweet melons. Too bad it's only juicy when ripe. Well researched scientific h2o's connecting conventional farming practices with high levels of watermelon pesticides and chemical residues in our drinking water caused a stir in Japanese press, prompting Marsha to take notice. I'm not sure I am, however. I mean that watermelons are certainly more nutritious and flavorful than the leftover bar of perogies, but you can't deny that conventional agriculture promotes an assortment of health problems. You commonly find average people who eat haberdashery, seemingly unaware the beefthey split is "pink slime" cooked in corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils.<|endoftext|>click to enlarge City Council president Toni Harpison

Entrepreneur and executive Mark Farner says he'll work to hold government accountable.

Administration lawyers from the Bureau of Regulatory Services climb onto a boardroom table to match raw material with what appears to be a piercing dilemma: reddit is shuttering the popular website that attracted more than 90,000 online subscribers.

A future colleague wants it banned, but the award-winning tech company is on the brink of meeting California's requirements on killing off "4chan," a website for anonymous talk and pose. But
======================================== SAMPLE 103 ========================================
elite personnel destroy Volkswagen's largest ever dealership in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi on February 6, 2017 (AFP Photo/Mohammed Huwais)

Amman (AFP) - Police on Monday sealed off a former Dubai dealership in the Jordanian capital Amman after a stolen car driven in the country's hot, dry summers, and two suspected accomplices died in the incident.

The two were believed to have stolen the four-wheel-drive Dewa and wrapped it in aluminium sheets.

Police said the vehicle was stolen from a hotel in the city centre by two men suspected of belonging to the Al Dhafra group, linked to attacks in Saudi Arabia that have killed more than 130 people.

The two were killed while the car was still inside, while a vehicle with the stolen registration anda passport of one of the men was also found.

In perhaps the most surprising twist of the case, an officer said the hotel on which the vehicle was stolen -- along with three other found in four days -- had reappeared, the AM reported.

Trading licences from the second vehicle's owner, who is believed to be Syrian, were found in the desert, and police said a passer-by had made the alert when he found a person covered in oil on the doorstep of a hotel and a dead body nearby.

The other two cars were found on Friday night at a petrol station in the Jordanian desert. Among the car was a passport belonging to driving instructor Ismail Luby.

Experts said Luby was suspected by police of leaking other people's taxi drivers' information on drivers through a conference online website, which has become notorious for its legality.

Amman police said 75 investigations were being opened over the suspected involvement of the group linked to the Paris attacks.

The international criminal investigation, known as "Magnitsky case", named Sergei Magnitsky, an auditor from the Russian auditor's office, who was working for US-based investment fund London Capital Group.

Russia subsequently annexed Crimea in 2014 and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe has branded the site's operations illegal.

Forced to close temporarily

Jordan's state Criminal Investigation Department confirmed the case, and said special vehicles and officials were killed when strong winds blew the car off the road.

The police spokeswoman said at least 20 members of the public as well as personnel of Jordan's police chief and army were trapped in the auto garage.

That a stolen vehicle was wrecked by nature's fury on the other side of the world illustrates just how deadly the severe climate is for motorists in simply going for a ride.

"We cannot force these dealerships to remain open, nor do we have the mandate for any kind of enforcement mechanism," the Jordanian Retailers Association said.

Driving licences are already difficult to come by since most people aged over 50 do not have them and it is illegal to sell two expired ones.

Javier Elwes, from the Fair Dealership Coalition, told AFP: "With this incident, people are going to have to think twice before going into auto dealerships."

Defenders of online sales point out that such cars don't pose the additional risk of supporting organised crime.

But the group has pointed out that in December 2015, an hijacked bus full of people bound for central Paris was driven away with its engine running as the assailants demanded the "Auto Sales Law" be implemented for 3 and 4 wheel drives.

"It's a nightmare for all these salesmen," Jordan's conservative King Hussein told reporters in early 2015.

Reporting by Azzam Al Hamwi in Amman and Adnan Hamid contributed to this article<|endoftext|>Chocolate Poke Cake with Goat Cheese-Crusted Mornay Seasonings

This chocolate-pistachio poke cake makes a delicious centerpiece for your holiday table. I recommend serving it warm. If you do try it warm, I recommend pouring over the top if 4 ounces of hot chocolate before serving.

Kinda reminds oldie but goldie. The word "gizzard" doesn't appear in the title. Glacé is other to the goat cheese. The bacon said goat, but was I the cow being eaten right away? This is a damn good birdie — nothing nutty about it.

The potato skins would make a great garnish.

It's therefore a solid match for any of my times of the year, aka summer or winter. It is the perfect dish to bake when you are amping up the temperature. Kinda like that point right around the middle of winter when the humidity is high and the temperatures can rise. Snow can thus be a factor with pudding. Brown sugar is not guaranteed. Bear and roast if you have the manifest. I don't.

This spread the next weekend with ingredients to go with me in that needle in my arm. Cutting into it as early as possible helped. The glaze is cookie crumbs and
======================================== SAMPLE 104 ========================================
"I think right now there's a coalition happening that has taken place in the last 40 years," Sessions said at the Budweiser event in Milwaukee. "There's an alliance between people who don't smoke and people who smoke, the intolerant."<|endoftext|>Total Raised vs. Average Raised

{:chart=>{:showvalues=>0, :numberprefix=>"$", :formatnumberscale=>1, :showborder=>0, :bgcolor=>"ffffff", :divlinedashed=>1, :showCanvasBorder=>0, :plotGradientColor=>"", :showplotborder=>0, :showAlternateHGridColor=>0, :legendBorderColor=>"ffffff", :legendShadow=>0}, :categories=>[{:category=>[{:label=>"96"}, {:label=>"98"}, {:label=>"00"}, {:label=>"02"}, {:label=>"04"}, {:label=>"06"}, {:label=>"08"}]}], :dataset=>[{:color=>"#3d71b7", :seriesname=>"Total Raised by Tim Kaine - Campaign Committee", :data=>[{:value=>1633203.0}, {:value=>2487524.0}, {:value=>1909104.0}, {:value=>2570076.0}, {:value=>1769122.0}, {:value=>1824595.84}]}, {:seriesname=>"Average Raised by Senate Members - Campaign Committee", :renderAs=>"line", :data=>[{:value=>1804674}, {:value=>2085413}, {:value=>2567490}, {:value=>3701532}, {:value=>3128435}, {:value=>3127947}, {:value=>3190599}, {:value=>3932252}, {:value=>3524031}, {:value=>4032781}]}]}

Source of Funds (Campaign Committee), 2009 - 2014

*Includes contributions from other candidate committees.

NOTE: All the numbers on this page are for the 2009 - 2014 election cycle and based on Federal Election Commission data released electronically on 05/18/15 for Fundraising totals, Source of Funds and Total Raised vs Average, and on 08/21/18 for Top Contributors and Industries. ("Help! The numbers don't add up...")

WHY DON'T THE NUMBERS ADD UP? Sometimes it's hard to make apple-to-apple comparisons across some of the pages in a candidate's profile. Here's why: Summary numbers - specifically "Total Raised and Spent" and "PAC/Individual Split" - are based on summary reports filed by the candidates with the Federal Election Commission. All other numbers in these profiles ("Quality of Disclosure," "Geography" and "Special Interests") are derived from detailed FEC reports that itemize all contributions of $200 or more. There is also a time lag in posting the information. While summary numbers are reported almost immediately by the FEC -- and listed quickly on OpenSecrets -- processing and analyzing the detailed records takes much longer. For that reason, summary numbers are usually higher (and more current) than the numbers based on detailed records. HOW CURRENT ARE THESE FIGURES? The figures in these profiles are taken from databases uploaded by the FEC to the internet on the first day of every month. Those databases are only as current as the FEC has been able to compile by that date (see the note above about lag times for data entry). The Center updates figures for "Total Raised and Spent" and for "PAC/Individual Split" a few days after the first of the month. The remaining figures - based on detailed contribution data - is updated by the Center after the 20th of every month. This gives us time to analyze the contributions and categorize them by industry and interest group.

The organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organizations' PACs, their individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals' immediate families. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.

Why (and How) We Use Donors' Employer/Occupation Information

The organizations listed as "Top Contributors" reached this list for one of two reasons: either they gave through a political action committee sponsored by the organization, or individuals connected with the organization contributed directly to the candidate. Under federal law, all contributions over $200 must be itemized and the donor's occupation and employer must be requested and disclosed, if provided. The Center uses that employer/occupation information to identify the donor's economic interest. We do this in two ways: First, we apply a code to the contribution, identifying the industry. Totals for industries (and larger economic sectors) can be seen in each candidate and race profile, and in the Industry Profile section of the OpenSecrets website.

Second, we standardize the name
======================================== SAMPLE 105 ========================================
Can our brains be scanned from outside the body and then rewritten over and over to recapture the imprints we left on every part of our brain? Theoretically, definitely. Many scientists are now rummaging through new techniques to do just that.

In 2009, researchers at NASA from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research's Microwave Propulsion Laboratory held a series of contests, including one for "best brain-computer interfaces." In their prize match, teams from around the world competed to develop new brain mapping techniques for ways of collecting data from inside people and rewriting it over and over. One single original BrainBridge video colonized all channels of web-viewing in the world. I've watched many of these videos on YouTube.

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On one hand, if you're convinced that the next breakthrough in neuroprosthetics will be profoundly more powerful because better/faster or cooler/more reliable algorithms capture the wiring that connects our neurons, then it makes sense to equip humans with mind-reading implants. But when it comes to real brain-reading devices, there are a slew of caveats, arguments, and threats on the horizon that mean that these technologies cannot take off anytime soon. If you truly think that these technologies will be the basis for a global brain-reading surveillance state, it makes sense to act NOW. Since so much money is on the line (in computers and other components, research funding, patent and trademark rights, marketing, investor interest) making and maintaining a head-mounted-camera program is done with a certain level of speed by enterprises like Google and Facebook.

Certainly, if there's enough money and fair advertising, more companies, like Facebook, would decide the value of adding full-body scanning and rewriting software to augmented reality systems, to let Facebook users over-scan as well as over-write identities to make individual above-ground identities appear visible on the Facebook pages of friends and (currently) strangers. There are also the extreme benefits of getting right down to mind-reading implants, which could be used in its all-female work force, for various purposes, including dreams, talking to your dolls who would also be able to read your thoughts to you, and so forth.

If you thought that the invasive brain-scanning techniques used for the Google Nest team in its backyard was invasive, wait until you see a group of hackers using neuron-monitoring techniques to scan the brains of brains that have been eaten alive and edited–is that not a frightening prospect? Example: in December, 2013, renowned world and science lecturer Conrad Stone unveiled an HTML-5 application that he called the "Geekduino," which developed a touch-screen interface by painstakingly regulating bacterial growth on nerve stumps (absent proper surgical intervention due to the rather discourteous simpletons that take care of such a procedure in many hospitals). The application seems accurate near as humanly possible (through translation) and immune to hacking or malfunction (read: parasitic electronics).

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According to Stone, the Geekduino was hacked into free the hacker and grant the creator personality-changing capabilities, for which he sells his own antivirus software. That's really a key point: he is selling his own phony software. But the point is, millions of Internet-connected independent amateur hackers are - and I see no reason to take this past in health with a grain of skepticism. I see no need for them to go to circumvention tools that intelligence agencies-linked organizations fail to stop: build off of research done by actual earth-going scientists because those researchers are employed by the Government, or succumb to the primitive requests not to download the pirated links in the Backup Universe commercially produced NordVPN, because intelligence agencies-linked organizations are working that very hard to stifle what the government is doing.

Just like the point you just read: when it comes to decoupling physiological reactions each of us can display (slightly medicinal without euphoria as well) from larger social/political or technological currents in society, the straightjacket of biggest corporations and organizations will not imprison us. Besides, whatever you've heard about DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is true: they're still experimenting and innovating, even after the abdication of their role in fueling the Second Coming of Watergate or arresting the Belmont sisters' cult leader Z. A cloaking device around artificial muscles for self-driving cars – the original conception-printing machine! Now that, "I don't see what all the controversy is about," the compound reaction to indignant individuals who complain that the vector soccer tournament requirements would still cost students and students receive very good money.

Never before has self-improving nerve circuitry been basic!

In principle, we have just entered a new phase of research and development around neural prosthetics. Since neuroscience more extensively developed our interviewee's hypothesis concerning this eminent stranger's brain as well as the
======================================== SAMPLE 106 ========================================
"At the moment, it's going really well," Musk said on Bloomberg TV.

Last March, Tesla lost its chief executive, in one of its highest-profile firings in years. Musk started the company four years ago as a solar-car startup and expanded into the road force in 2013 as it started selling luxury electric sedans.

Since Tesla is focused on developing its autonomous car technology, most of the Silicon Valley government relations machine's work has been focused on packaging that technology in the center console of the Model S and Model X sport utility vehicles.

Musk has not been able to answer directly when Tesla will bring its autopilot software to Model S models.

He has hinted uberpools will be coming next year. But trees and 1,000-lb. weight increases could complicate a decision about having regulators test the program.

That leaves the robots to Buschluss, founded by Scott Sirangelo, founder of video game company Electronic Arts. After attracting tongue-and-cheek investment, the private equity firm has added engineering team and manufactured and sold its first helicopter for special ops training, Reuters reported in December.

Buschluss is pushing 75 live-action demos per week around the United States, but will probably be able to make it happen more often.

"The structure of the venture enables us to get our products fully developed in more than 40 countries before the release of our first generation product, a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle," said Sirangelo, who also joined Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos on Wolfblitzer's debrief.

"Clearly, if we just concentrate on just the U.S. there and really help test the United States and the EU, everyone would be safe. Unless you have a safety requirement that you have to be tested outside of the U.S., it's easy to do technology transfer and help build a helicopter fleet worldwide."

In Germany, a regulation aimed at protecting migratory birds might pressure electric-car companies into building data centers in Germany—something Musk denounced as unnecessary. Sirangelo said the model initially was to bring in small business that would build and maintain facilities.

Even the Chattanooga Times Free Press has said the tech could be taught to self-drive. "Once ushers see how it works, they can begin entrusting it to their sundry valets and cleaning ladies," the telegraphs noted.

But a customer taking delivery of an electric motor would have no time to step out of his car.

Meanwhile, consumers stressed it would be a mistake to make autonomous vehicles more automated than normal.

"I think the safest way is to have a digital person in the vehicle, just as we have caller ID on your phone," at the wheel, said Maddie Jamieson, a Vanderbilt University researcher.<|endoftext|>Show your support for Halifax's best chefs with these affordable and unique Halifax groceries and essential treatments.

Besides all of our food and booze we also have a variety of specialty Therapies and Herbal Supplements. There is something for everyone, with any budget! Click here to get there stuff in a convenient shopping bundle!<|endoftext|>KOLKATA: The move for action against that code of conduct initiated today by state government also included the delegation of Gujarat police to suppress violence in some of Bengal's most troubled pockets as part of ensuring law & order, Union home minister Rajnath Singh about stepped up crackdown on sedition and happening in various parts of the country.After visits to several troubled areas including Lelangal and Razia East, Singh paid special attention to another no-holds barred fight for governance. He refrained from personal statements but assured all parties of a prompt probe into the extent and seriousness of the incident.Commenting on the two cases, Singh said not only have the central government constituted an all-party committee to probe the violence, but the State government has also constituted a committee of experts to ascertain whether the state government is accountable and whether any court would be able to effectively intervene in a case like that.Private security industry in the country is...<|endoftext|>Rockstar Games will accept neither half-arsed minor accusations nor seriously defamatory statements about Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned either way, Dan Houser, director of the game, said Wednesday, as he denounced gamers who take sides in a three-year-old controversy over the Japanese title.

The company, which is owned by Take Two Interactive, has said this week that it will be slapping unspecified monetary penalties on consumers who steam the offending installment regardless of whether or not they accept or reject the games' oh-so-hardly-educated relationship fluff in its marketing. (What would a game say if it pushed sex and violence in the name of financial development, or vice versa?) Others, however, have latched onto some curiously worthy (but well-intentioned) critiques of the grassy mountain liveries and character models next to the atonal by-
======================================== SAMPLE 107 ========================================
Over the past several months, Business Insider has put together a list of the top 10 cities for business ownership.

While each city is unique — Beijing got the nod, partially because most of Britain's multi-billion dollar business groups set base there — there are a few things you can learn from the advice.

What make a city great for business?

Insiders predict that almost every city has its juice right now. But more important is how successful are the businesses that make it.

Slow growth, weakened consumer spending, often an unsustainable "hockey stick" shape. It's not all bad news, with impressive indicators throughout Western Europe including record revenues, Greece lagging and Munich and London recording small dollar-ish growth. But, as with any market, experienced companies will adapt.

So learning not to copy cultures from other cities doesn't mean treating your Bavarian Schloss the same as your Portland Jony Ive $5 Cafe.

So, in this insightful piece, we all thought it would be a backhanded compliment to showcase our fair city's best and brightest business owners. So who's the top ten in the business world?

Throwing C++ Parties

Perhaps best-known in Chicago, atn is a Cambridge/Boston based software engineering company with a $30 billion valuation and high-flying technology, focusing on enterprise cloud services.

"anything exciting, technological, large out of the ordinary will fly be in the top 10 list of interesting companies to work for" Rolf Turski #Chicago pic.twitter.com/0v9fxuKZ6D — Capital Group Media! (@1company) November 28, 2014

Or, as CEO Eyal Tzur writes on his blog "it's an easier place to rise than in the North," where small businesses often fade. Given the undisputed standing of atn, it comes as no surprise the company ranks near the top of the list of the top 100 cultures.

Twice-Day Medication (not funny!)

Even outside the entrepreneurial Chicago ecosystem, but also packed into neighborhoods and home to major giants like Archie McPhee, Bantelove, Mr. Martini and Minibar, there's no shortage of options.

Two women decided to change that.

Twice-Day Medication created the most innovative approach for last-minute NHS medication. They used social media and word-of-mouth marketing to burst on to a global stage where a multibillion dollar industry needed new priorities and features.

The success stories emanate from the startup incubator GMapeng Chicago, and from the flavor store noted for their exotic fruit items and circular ads that sport the slogan

"Independent Piece of Art."

For the ones that make it, you'll want to keep a Movoto-esque list emailed to you -- give books by Birgitta Hekla and Laura Caplin useful advice on your office.

Cloning Toys = Revenue

Engaging in cute branding experiments with companies is a business strategy for stuffed animals, inflatable slides and string-pulling cello-strummers. But, perhaps out of necessity, consider throwing alcohol: the world's top alcohol beverage cloneer is Cofely, based out of London.

David Lineker and James Mathering will founder several new brands for Lineker's new drink firm following his exit from management.

The place like anything adds, It rapidly became our favorite place to drink. Cofely Boulevard pic.twitter.com/nVH9UTM8ak — Cofely (@CofelyBoulevard) November 2, 2014

Here's the thesis, as inventor Shashank Deshmukh explained: their premium vodka becomes vodka when purified of ethyl alcohol and other chemicals. "Vodka is still made from a bunch of apple skins and something, but it's evolved and duplicated for us like appleseeds in our garden."


Here are the 10 best places to do business, according to this data producer based in the Land of Lincoln.

All counties except Lake County

Wicomico County Hagerstown Philadelphia Reading Norfolk Rockville Wilmington Department of Business and Economic Development.A quick sample: leakage Warranty Reform and Yogurt Inputleague withdrawalduction seasons August 1-September 30 KidsCraft for the 7th + 8th 100

Best municipalities for business? Cofely 148.1 4.5 Niogales 51.2 4.9 North Richland Hills 54.6 5.3 Matchfield 76.0 5.6 Hamden 98.4 1.4 Robert Mueller — Business Insider (@businessinsider) December 7, 2015

So If you're having a hard time narrowing down your list, keep it simple: "Business districts, first and last names."

Chicago's top ten, in order

======================================== SAMPLE 108 ========================================
With 2016 wrapping up, and as the playoffs roll-up, baseball conversation cycles. It's time to look back at October's most striking performances, the hot seasonal names and the big movers. Let's start to tackle the topic of prime-time plays, starting with the game's highlight reel. Oh, and our first standout game of the season is Oct. 25 ...

Top Plays

SHW.Tech.A's Yeferson Martinez hits a three-run home run in Cougs' win 5 and grows a big beard.

CLE.Penn.Eduardo Rodriguez hits a seven-run homer en route to Cougars' come-from-behind win.

Syracuse.Nomar Mazama hits a walkoff homer vs. hosts St. Joe's.

Yale.Josh Helm hits four doubles, including this grand slam.

Idaho.Nicholas Biddle ... oh, are you listening? In a three-run game in Game 1 against Cal State Fullerton, he clocks five hits, including this home run to give his team the lead at 16-all.

A Torch Award winner.

Syracuse vs. Yale: W Saquin Wilson

The story is a little more subtle, but as cheerful as the moment is, Yuki Autio delivered another Humble Brick to highlight his career-year for the Orange. Two reasons to watch down the road ...

French supporters are emerging in Major League Baseball as a British example of the "franchise" model.

1939 AL's were placed on literally every side of the diamond and the top Cleveland player is named just the 12th greatest player of all time.

YP. Fiorasive Seventh Rally Life Andrew Pettitte heavily abuses the right side of his mound ... then he pitches a complete game shutout in a 6'' nail-biter in Montreal's second comeback win on the Wally Mantle about-face.

KD. As of today's Jan. 2, all Yankee's w/ 45 or more DL stints are eligible for reclamation projects.

VP. Hart donations from your favorite vendors to hurricanes affected by Peter Horace Greeley (right) evoke him perhaps more than Ralph Kiner

Mets 4, Padres 1: Maintaining mid-spend Pythagorean RPI at 92 ... with the Mets in solitary possession at 99 on the leaderboard, on eve of a key game of their division series at Petco, the first five figures of that spread-your-fingers-mouth thing shining on steep W's collected a functioning rook-call for the night.

Claim: .... they have no pulse. Despite an average rotation and ace Zack Wheeler in excellent shape, one has to wonder how long the Isotopes can sustain their old level of offensive for three straight weeks without an effect on their belabored Triple-A shift. It certainly gets the wheels back in motion in March.

Civilian coaches merely feel out one fully half of their squad. The good that can come from a year's experience in the promotion process can both hugely challenge an inexperienced DC's strength and foreshadow sharp instructional tweaks in subsequent spring metamorphoses. In the couple-month-plus gap since his demotion via veto from the Mark Grudzielanek epically understandable frontal firing/resigning, B.J. Upton's personal divide may be helping inform new media sales, as have his or his off-field rehab outings, and - eek out better-reasoned choices here. We gotta wait til next fall.

Early Power

Knoxville Explodes on Ford T.I. Simpsons on Saturday ion♭♭ (via @ParkerSalemWolf and @Caveman26) pic.twitter.com/F1zGNfPMCX — Paul Lukas (@UniWatch) September 26, 2016

Knoxville's Ken Griffey Jr. has two new-to-Major-League OPS marks this month. Again: that WPA guy, not this calculator he's suckering with about 1997 ideas.

In about four years with the #Astros, lefty reliever Clayton Blackburn tweets that he'll tie his 2016 MLB record (203 in a season)


Hit a third home run and or reach base for the newly born about-face Cardinals.

Win and equal their four-game league lead over Washington. Or gain an AL-only edge over the Marlins that won't be erased and will subsequently be squished like Fifty Shades of Mitch.

Beat host Toronto in who-knows-the-ten order that seems tricked out to produce a tinkering exploration.

JSJ Unit 9ae, a private jet that says it conducts one-man operations for undiscovered objects such as CORE AQUARES™, ElectionLand, erasing Laugh Innovations Disaster Recovery™ Sgt.
======================================== SAMPLE 109 ========================================
Dubbed "People's Pot", Hongkong was the only region where the election had uncorked all the opportunities of Hongkongers' leading indulgence.

I have been to New Zealand almost as many times as I have been to Hong Kong, and I've approached similar questions a little differently. I started with mystery. There is a small selection of western criticisms about Hong Kong's political behaviour and democracy – hegemonism, a legacy of colonialism, cloning of local Western free-market socialism by Dutch you-know-who, political disconnection, and finally, excessive centrality. A commitment to each of these makes me suspicious. I wanted a not-too-clean-sweep. If such points really exist, why wouldn't they have justified the motion of the People's Party to forge an unbroken line of evolution and self-evidence through puerile, terrifying cannon-fodder? I sought a new weapon to tackle Hong Kong's defenses.

Generations of US policymakers saw not only power but a certain way of acting in foreign affairs flourish without strong boundaries from the US side of the Atlantic. During World War II, US officers would sit out a majority of speeches, but in peacetime, using the Korean War as an example, many US bureaucrats would lecture Chinese leaders on their human rights practices – subject to no limit in the democratic countries. In China, they would have to grapple with a growing number of Chinese intellectuals who would refer to privilege and hegemony as the fundamental problem to be solved. In 1977, I returned from travelling the country during the Mao Era and found that everyone's generation could sense how Mao was undermining staying power as the hegemonic power[1]. Once Mao had spent three days openly insulting Deng Xiaoping, there was little hope in Beijing that the Great Helmsman would staunchly insist on loyalty to Chang Kai Shek who chose to retreat from Yan'an, for fear of a Mao-Tao Rebellion in his rear guard during the Korean War. Which forces could speak to and establish relationships with with, but would never translate into power.

There is a long list of "foreign power" Veni, vidi, vici, in combating "produced" stagnation starring "special". But all changemakers for serious change need to be chosen by citizens, motivated by continuing loyalty to agenda in jiexi and mainstream. If the conservative influence in Hong Kong is in part self-projected by a Veni Veni powerful enough to spin easily performance of democratic electoral power, Tea Party parties obvious proof of civic devotion and mutually successful strategos would prove success and compatibility

The fact that I was speaking of veni vidi left me with a ceaseless sense of movement, an absolute feeling of resonance in watching people that humanity had overwhelmingly influenced, mostly indirectly in effective political realism, from 9 Plants residing in Transform Gang Valley alternatives tillstood themselves a political labor bettered public confidence to speak and listen to Hongkongers pampering themselves with singular exploration of the truth, heritage, power and integrity of powerful potent dark forces in as growing a trust in the future awareness. The overwhelming majority of Hongkongers had been exposed to similar insights in primary education and consequently by its extreme standard a landscape. Visibility of dominations over any and all explicit actors gave power projection an auxiliary character.

Jayasuriya's Qijie (tuning of autism) addresses student identity in post-colonial prsexuality of suitability

"extraverted segments of the 1 million Hong Kong people, possessed with vivid imaginations, or rather with complex visual neurotic ups and downs in autism include a student population who naturally understands plays of words and situations better than questioning analyses. The quest of these many students for knowledge had been for many decades for access to power's outsider-oriented carnival; fixed employable and disposable become discrete animating ideas ("play of words" as outlook for conservative era) limited objects/objects and unilateral multipliers of needless import"

Political movements reveal lies, small and large. Demagogues have gone wild in the pitch heard above pandering to uninformed or ideologues, doing their darnedest to obscure the underlying tricky truth and in diffused meanings, no matter how marked. Therefore, this experience looks both bleak and hopeful, and rather doesn't offer any framework to discriminate the margins. Definitely engaged with jazz musicians, Hongkongers often drift anarchyere natere, dandy duplicant but sometimes creative powerhouse. Although play of words can be wordless, struggling to search for a logic to process their sincerity has been a major challenge. This is especially apparent among deal breakers, for instance in gathering and capturing tape while underground cell structure – like Sun Yat-sen's "Guerrilla Printing" and a win for free initiatives by the cops. Park Chung Hee, the "State Security organism's idea" of Chief Executive designed to unite those he resonated links together his conservative predecessor, "Pinochet",
======================================== SAMPLE 110 ========================================
Home r to ml

Central Division Los Angeles Kings

Series Website Rk W L T GF GA PP PIM GP G A PTS Points Division


San Jose Sharks San Jose

(6) 2 0 0 0 1 2 2 0 5 0 20

Calgary Flames

(8) 4 2 1 2 1 4 2 3 4 12 1 Division


Los Angeles Kings

(6) 4 2 1 2 1 6 4 2 3 16 3 64

Columbus Blue Jackets Columbus

(2) 12 3 2 3 0 172 6 12 4 8 4 31

New York Rangers

(2) 12 3 2 3 0 176 5 13 5 8 4 31

Washington Capitals

(4) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 8

Dallas Stars Dallas

(8) 9 8 2 5 0 185 2 4 1 13 9 30

Montreal Canadiens

(6) 5 5 1 4 0 205 4 2 6 2 4 37

Minnesota Wild Minnesota

(3) 16 6 4 5 0 203 2 2 0 17 7 31

Chicago Blackhawks Chicago

(1) 9 5 3 6 0 172 7 4 4 14 12 28

Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa

(1) 6 5 2 5 1 114 8 5 0 7 7 22

Edmonton Oilers Edmonton

(4) 8 1 2 3 0 101 13 1 2 2 8 18

Boston Bruins Boston

(5) 10 4 3 5 0 161 0 3 0 12 19 23

Philadelphia Flyers Philadelphia

(3) 11 5 3 6 0 170 2 4 2 11 10 31

New Jersey Devils New Jersey

(4) 2 4 1 2 0 29 6 3 2 2 5 24

Montreal Canadiens

(1) 7 4 2 5 0 188 3 9 0 15 9 25

St. Louis Blues St. Louis

(1) 4 1 1 1 1 13 3 2 3 3 11

Anaheim Ducks Anaheim

(4) 2 2 1 2 0 13 2 4 1 4.5 15

Arizona Coyotes Arizona

(1) 7 1 4 5 0 131 3 2 0 7 10 21<|endoftext|>This could be what you see from our Galactic Neighbour to our side of the Universe. Galactic clusters of stars form naturally within the Milky Way galaxy, and the tight grouping can now be captured through a NASA spacecraft JWST that is set to be launched in 2019.

Erick Clearwater, a graduate student of the University of Maryland, explains,

"NASA's new Hubble Space Telescope promises to reveal even larger clusters in the very distant past than previously thought possible. By understanding how those massive clusters initially formed, astronomers can then understand how these distinct formations—known as "zombie galaxies"—have given rise to massive stars with their equally distinctive morphology and colors. Hubble will also help us understand the extinction events, violent collisions, that scar and splinter the cosmos, helping us understand the complicated behind-the-scenes process that produces life."

Erick Clearwater and his colleagues have reported their findings in The Astrophysical Journal.<|endoftext|>I worked with WinSxS for several years. It had been there for me whether I liked it or not. I was always taken back to the computers when looking for issues. It takes a bit of getting used to the UI, but it was enjoyable. Maybe what makes it part of the SIL Gets Ya "gold" hat band is that I pretty much keep it at the hip and forget it is there. As of 2007, as it makes a better user experience on Windows 7, I didn't write about it. But I did successfully conquer the thumb drive.

Today I came across this post and decided to write about it. It seems that we had all been living in water inhabited by some (perhaps many) unknown and singular menacing alien race. It sort of makes more sense now.

Is this the beginning of something big?

Why Microsoft Started a Water-Waro Hobo

Some of you might find it odd that I reference a "water-waro" in this context. It conjures up everything

from Quo Vadis to David Lynch. But it's not absurd with a somewhat good due. This raccoon is merely because . . .

Initial Public Analyst Test (IPA) for Windows 7 is Off to a Moder
======================================== SAMPLE 111 ========================================
The former Grand Lake police officer who was charged of assaulting a man who punched him is set to plead not guilty in Gainesville Municipal Court this morning.

Jason Lee, 44, who resigned from the Boca Raton Police Department in June after being charged with public intoxication, didn't play a role in the fight, a witness testifies.

Donald Purifoy, 25, of La Belle, pleaded "not guilty" to misdemeanor battery and claiming himself as the victim during a brief hearing in the commission courtroom after Lee moved to dismiss the case.

A jury of four women and one man will hear the case and will need to agree in a majority vote to find Purifoy guilty of a misdemeanor charge of battery.

Megan Kumar and Sally Jubelka are The Sun's courtroom reporters. Stay with them for updates throughout the day.

Trial date: 4/22/2014

Jury selection begins: 4/20/2014

Evidence caught on camera: 1/19/2014

You can reach Katie at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @katiem_kates.<|endoftext|>How Useful Is Unity Dev Kitchen?

The results are in

Unity Dev Kitchen features a bunch of games built for Unity that take the "love-it-or-hate-it" approach. In this post, I wanted to give you an explanation of how the learning results from the website that I've been watching for a while.

Here are the numbers for Unity Dev Kitchen. These numbers are from the xtent: 150 posts with 25K builds. The big picture idea here is that the "games that work in one day" result has been skewed a bit by the big spike after Unity 5 when all the low-income devs were rushing to get back in the game.

During this week, Unity 5 delivered 11.3M downloads all up. For those 622M monthly visitors, Unity 5 accounted for 0.0039% of monthly traffic. That's a lot smaller than the 0.0048% in June 2013, and a lot smaller than the 0.01% last month.

Then there's the "games that works in one month" results. Again, I'll wait for them to post the results for August (the upcoming release month).

February was November for the full month. October of last year was April.

Time to take a download

Everybody walks around with their little sand-sanboxing tool that splits your speck of an scene into chrome and other windows – Things like that. Or their CAD machine that creates a 51/49 color separation in 2 axes with some coffee can and Dymo mesh, etc..

Then, you make a call to get a ghost model, lots of resources, etc. etc.

Master Ninja – Jonny Scharf

Unity's Unity Master Ninja, Jonny, is teaching people how to demonstrate some very complex scenes in Unity. He does a good job of explaining things like using 1 VP in your scene or 2 of each object for camera perspective and how to work correctly with blur/bloom (great tip).

To take part in this one-day workshop, you'll need a Unity Runtastic account. I'd recommend this one given the sharing link above. You learn a lot and it'll be my challenge to run the 8-hour immersive workshop for real this very summer. In the end, that's what really matters at Unity – being able to do amazing things on a daily basis. The community really thrives on you succeeding in this way. So, let's sign up!

Dave Betz

A quick catch with Unity's CEO Dave Betz: he frequently makes videos on the Unity Connect channel about the Unity Coaching program through the Community forum. Here's some of the wisdom he shared with them:

Use a stage light instead of a gizmo and spatial placement of props

Show and don't tell. Assume your audience knows very little about your scene.

Good descriptions work better a hundred times over than long stories. Make people understand your scene with movies and pictures and not in words.

Learn from the next person who is building a complicated scene

Story development is almost always a mature skill if anyone is serious about it

Busy any Rich Attitudes Or Dreams And Goals Event?

That's impressive. Fun stuff from that keynote as well as from his 360 course:

Big accelerators like Oculus and Google Cardboard helped grow this VR infrastructure.

And, of course, everything about Unity

Share this on Visual Studio

Alright, now I'm almost as excited as you are to go and play with the information on the website I've been following for a couple weeks now. Not only do you get down to see how Unity fits into the overall ecosystem of development, but you also get 1) maps which were
======================================== SAMPLE 112 ========================================

222before 240 tons description

222before 240 tons description -

Emil has been radio transmitting every night and even today, as he is working on designing and building a Steyr AUG assault rifle. Emil is currently streaming history from 2011. He's currently 58 minutes deep, so expect more like this from him.

Advertisements<|endoftext|>Watch 55

Watch 55 Star 39

Star 39 Fork 29 spookij on Aug 1, 2014 aizen Code Pull requests 0 Projects 0 Insights Permalink Browse files Rescan the issue if it hasn't already been observed Watchdog: Fetch state from PACERS as it (sometimes) runs Suggestions by HappyKitstache Loading branch information ... Aug 1, 2014 aizen committed 1 parent bda37ba commit 1c5bb4032f3da1536fbbe172ab8d282b2912dc0b Unified Split Showing 1 changed file with 4 additions and 19 deletions. +4 −19 png_source/colors/pointer.py Show comments View 8 png_source/colors/pointer.py @@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ def _draw_hull_class_level(self): repr(Shape[td_get_framepanel_pcs(dc) for dc in xrange(dc.cols)]), self.doublesize.values) \ } def _draw_hull_class_level(self): @@ -65,6 +66,11 @@ def draw_frames(self): #Save the two states from events p <- c(dc.duoships, d.duoships) p %in% dc.duoships : itemstate def dict_push(i, x, y, strength, _visible=False, apex=None, health=None, size=None, address=False): dds[i][((x, y)-dc.dblends[i]*2.0) ] = ( i, dds[i][((x, y)-dc.dblends[i]*2.5):], spikes[(x, y)-dc.dblends[i], siege_angle-dc.current_right_axis.triangle] * strength, (x, y)-dc.dblends[i], p.tooltip, p.song, i ) return ( d:+ dds[i][((x, y)-dc.dblends[i]*2.0), health, size]) def dict_pop(self, needs_update, # click brushes see remove_checklists )( event, nattributes = i[ ,optional=True,only_update_when_contains_call_chain=True ], attr = None, children = []) : """ Generate a patched dict for X coordinates, with grid/poly scheme, and nattributes affecting attribute update as well.: param event: Event object - one of: #<Event self.event, x: int, y: int, strength: int, time:float, time_component:float, health: float, X_components: bool, save_events: bool, display_primary_hull_level: bool> #<Invocation #<attr #<attr_dict attributes: (list of dict)> , nattributes = invoke.attribute_dicts(), only_update_when_contains_call_chain: bool> , activate_selection: bool> #optional: passes alpha when items got clicked, if it is empty, it doesn't ### _draw_dsl_animate(event, pressure) draws _LAZY_POINTS _draw_splinealpha(event, d, pressure, 32) Draws a spline curve model _draw_fmesh(event) Draws a mesh on scene _draw_fweighted_feeling(event) Draws a response from the body to an item state _draw_render_model(event) Draws a model of the world surface _draw_resourcepack(event) - Enables a points definition for use while building a resourcepack _draw_scale, _draw_sprites, draw_display_info, draw_update_info, draw_use_collision_flags, draw_vertex, draw_texture, draw_world_model, _cache_id, draw_index, randomize_delta(e)-> Adds or deletes a number to public methods on this object. e must either be one of the constants in resourcepackindex.mcl or to avoid conflict issues. http://wiki.openarcade.com/wiki/List_of_Programmer_Constants # The following properties are not working with minor string formatting issues until fixed: # oldfweb_url, old
======================================== SAMPLE 113 ========================================
A four-year-old Sikh boy, who was sworn in to the UK's Royal Sikh Regiment (RSR) last week, was forced to apologise to his American-born school friend for inadvertently comparing him to a dog on Facebook.

Members of the Division 1 Sikh Regiment (DSS) will be less than impressed when the three-year-old reveals what he meant, given his experience of both the US and US pluralities.

According to the Regiment's website, "two or more Sikhs Serving under the same flag is an honour of a totally private nature. It belongs only to them". Its member oath, also written in Nepali, says: "It is my duty, complete and wholly, to honour and obey my sergeant. And I take all simple commands courteously, even those which upset junior sergeants because I am the first to take an oath and to follow my order without straining the arm or stirring up dissension in unit, and directed only by the Sergeant or his assistants, commanders or major group leaders."

The RSR website states that no religious or political limitations apply to its members.

When 21-year-old Andrew Dalroy, a Colorado-born Sikh American living in London, first met the Sieh Wallinder at school, he noted about the fourth-grader that he was "usually very quiet and rarely spoke as a normal adult would". That changed when the boy loaned him his book, about dragons, and asked about one: "Sikhs are a dragon kind of people?" And we really are. I used to be Gshalens, but i changed my name]. Kids in the US tend to give names to other kids [in real life]. Anyone can call anyone else by the name in the US, but in real life it's very unclear," Dalroy said.

Indeed, Sikhism got an up and down start in the US but modernised in the mid-20th century. Today, 29 million Sikhs live in India, Mauritius and Nepal and a total of 535,000 reside in the United States.

Surely, 'dragon people' ("Gshi) are not allowed to be called by any name but the one they were given? And Andrew wrote a letter to tell the school that without correcting the harm caused, he already considered Wallister a rapist. Ha! I wonder if this will have any effect at all — 'thank you' to the school for covering up the problem?

Lipstick on a pig? (always a sign)

But did the boy mean to put Wallister's sex into a positive light? A little screen cap on the District school website showed Karen Wallinder wearing nothing but luscious lips and hair as she held out her best 'wife' smile. Hell, even he could recognise that.

Whether the decision to let Andrew feign English and swear at the Parsi soldier archetype of Wallister (He was appointed identifiedattva Parikh by his chosen Guru) went through the school's heads or not, Dalroy pointed out that its 'Special Occasion' event didn't include any New Age interests. Would he want to go to the school on patrol tomorrow, after its diversity education programme ended, knowing that Schoolmaster Sir, it's not permissible to insult humans whom you are supposed to protect? And 12 years old is a little far for his young hearing. What about the Internet?

Will a month long holiday help Wallister disenchant the American's enthusiasm for women in uniforms?

But we can't forget about the third-level teacher who told Dalroy- Wallister and Andrew did not divide right, without mentioning the army test. Is Jasmine Gupta, who has taught Hindi at sixth grade, parents, and homeschooled boys, likely to be asked to have English lessons with these children after June, after she signed off on Mr Dalroy's letter to the school?

So once again, Wallister Wallister needs to be investigated by the brass. Even for Sikh youngsters, it's never a good idea to make a seven-year-old boy admit that he is creating a new identity without really focusing on "humanising" the child and getting him comfortable with his own skin colour. And as for Andrew Dalroy, he has said that as a IHRA beginner he must be totally open in answering every question children ask without hiding his feelings.

Parenting is all about adapting the upbringing prerequisites with the child's growth stage and needs. And in this case, Dalroy had a learning curve ahead of him, and a smart teacher.

What is the most special about this case, apart from the deep sense of injustice and outrage at the atrocities committed by Muslim murderers against the Sikhs in the 1990s?

The answer is of course compassion.<|endoftext|>We first set to work in the north of Spain in 1802 and, in combination with the psychologists of recognizing and ethics, we
======================================== SAMPLE 114 ========================================
A Wanted sign points to mug shot of murdered Pennsylvania man Jerome Eve.

Discussions concerning parts of Jesse Feliss eight-page suicide note have been ongoing for several months among the Insane Clown Posse faithful.

A lot of the conjecture concerning the note was shaped by the fact that Feliss had written that he did not want to be a part of the group anymore. The Clown Posse has much more of a personality of its own than Feliss did. Some of the questions and some of the theories that have been published are baffling.

One of the most frequently cited theories is that Feliss was stabbed numerous times. No Auto-Crossing records have been found to corroborate this theory, however.

According to the FBI, Jerome Eve was murdered on November 3rd, a Saturday. Eve and a friend had returned to their home in Fishers, Pennsylvania after forming a New Emporium in New Jersey. While Eve's friend was waiting for them to arrive, he was grabbed by two masked figures and placed inside a car. The masked men then used a vehicle to plow into Eve's friend.

From there, the two masked figures jumped in another car and fled. No witnesses saw them take off, but a band of twelve neighbors all went to the house in the dead of night in an effort to find the lunatics and get home together. They eventually found their friend outside on a dock. They then held Garden Whitners accountable for their death. The two masked men were of course never traced, so this theory is very popular with cartoon fans and the ability of a Chicago cop to be paired with an infamous band is quite a cult hero.

The insgar goo comedy band continues to serve Chris Butler and his merry band of wrestlers in illfate acts.

On Twitter, @Joeuirilana tweeted about this theory and someone responded saying "Booty in the mirror and let out a sigh~" When other people claimed that Feliss was looking for an apology from the insgar band, this commenter said, "That doesn't work too well with a chassis."

Did Fel, aka Jose "Janey" Perry, A.K.A. Mob Wipeout and the technical wizard Christopher Bibbs, A.K.A. Equalizer, Vietnam 52 ... or, was he murdered by people he thought were his closest friends, legends from Western Pennsylvania who divided right up the middle because of music and fan interest?

Feliss did remember loads of periods in his life so it would be hard for a report to say that he committed suicide by anyone but suicide.

We have contacted Chris Bibbs (President/Poet/Model/Walk-On for the Insurgents), Justin Vitter (aka Ketch Boop) (Wraps/Along with Doder), whom many fans of the Insane Clown Posse have figured out to be Joey Deeez --A.K.A. Foot Funk -- and there is only silence from the whole crew.<|endoftext|>Rep. Elijah Cummings (D., Md.) told Yahoo News he will be leading the investigation into a White House data operation that might have solicited leaks on social media, or been impacted by foreign hackers.

The Democratic congressman told Yahoo News, in the wake of The New York Times' report this weekend that President Trump asked FBI Director James Comey to let go of the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, that he would lead an independent inquiry.

Cummings, who assumed his post in 2011, sponsored and lost a bid for re-election by a special election last fall, withdrew from House Democrats' consideration to run for Senate majority leader on Friday.

In a brief interview from his Capitol Hill office, Cummings said that while he no longer will run for re-election, those motivated to take him on will face stiff opposition from fellow Democrats. On Tuesday, another prominent Democrat, state Sen. James Brochin, indicated he, too, had no plans to run for leadership as a specious and unqualified attempt to "rewrite history."

Drawing on his experience as chairman of a House Oversight Committee, Candde Confirms to President Trump's Top IT Adviser Huma Abedin Account by Leaving Email in Weiner's WIFE'S HANDHELD PHONE — Report

With no incumbent to mark the exit of Cummings and never intending to run, Brochin said he decided to throw his hat in the ring.

Asked if he was exposing himself politically with his announcement, Brochin replied, "I don't expect the normal rules apply."

:: Team Trump Has Hacks and Russia Connection, Attorney General Sessions May Recuse Himself; Republican Reps Refuse to Recuse Themselves

Brodin told Yahoo News that he had no corroborating proof, and that critical details such as the use of his letterbox and that he had sent his mother an empty box were disputed. He hadn't received written confirmation from any committee members and had
======================================== SAMPLE 115 ========================================
That means the U.S. economy is now the most uncompetitive in the developed world and it is about to stay that way for at least the next few years with the latest projections showing Japan's economy, now the third largest, will overtake the U.S. in share in 2013.

The International Monetary Fund released its latest Global Outlook on Wednesday and painted a picture in which an unprecedented global attack on labor on wages was beginning to take its toll.

Released just as Labor Day seems to be here, the IMF urged an instantaneous push across contentious grips to reach the Columbus Day deadline just 15 months away.

According to Reuters, the IMF said most countries "had effectively entered into a 'two-speed' economy—a small number of large expectations presence way above average productivity and wage growth, and a much larger group (around 1.5 billion) with diminished or still low expectations."

For instance, it said about 40 percent of the world's consumption will come from prosperity on the backs of the poor over the next decade. But families will have to spend 21 percent of their income in the U.S. on things like health care, education or housing and on a host of other social costs that are rapidly depositing absolute economic strain, like transportation.

An item included in the IMF Report is central banking:

According to the Bank for International Settlements, central banks are a sector with 25 percent of total employment and earn 30 percent of total income in the global economy, often with much more severe effects on growth and tariff adjustment. It should be no surprise then that central banks have been in retreat in the U.S. and other major economies, and are closing the door on the consolidation of risk banks. We expect all four major Federal Reserve System banks to shrink dollar policy would undermine growth in the years ahead without drastic TINA effects such a porting of reserves from Europe and Japan to the U.S., where they should grow. InEurope, Miller notes that many economists believe that the new decline of currency exchange rate liberalization means that advanced economies are gradually moving toward more competitive exchange rates… That is, potential growth in China is clearly underserved by its way of setting the Chinese currency upwards to a level at which it turns down the competitive power of currencies like the euro for exports. That is going to mean goes to mean that China is going to see additional moves toward moving into the competitive position of other key export countries, such as India and early next decade potentially other developing economies.

According to the IMF, the U.S. was not the only paid off nation in Europe on Wednesday.

Europe is to experience a gross decline in central banks nominal interest income of 13.6 percent from a year ago, while China actually expected to see this rise to 18.2 percent.

Not only that, but Italy and Spain both said the UK would dampen its economic comeback.

And just like the New York Fed, the IMF that anticipates the crisis is in a room full of risks, most significantly of a run on Greece and other countries, and those countries becoming forced out of the Euro:

This in turn could trigger a significant retaliation at sub-euro zone countries with large banks that could lead to a reinforcement of bets against embarking on further reduce had central banks decreased interest rates further down the road. This would prompt a further reversal among other central banks on the ECB's bond purchase program, and this leads to considerable adverse effects on the realization even if policies could find some way to complement the naturally distributed costs of credit creation or the desires of depressed consumer markets in typical developed economies of reporting National of Debt-free issuance.

Although those Will be as early as November of this year, this dire forecast will be as true in the U.S. as it is in Europe.<|endoftext|>A Democratic congresswoman surprised supporters Tuesday as she called for "real leaders" to address the crisis in Venezuela.

Speaking at New York University's speech on democracy, Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) scolded the White House or Congress for "vissy" highs and lows.

"We can't move to the stage of totally disassociated this country and that system," said Lowey, who is the highest-ranking woman in Congress. "There is a real energy there in dialog."

Only "the real leaders ... who are supposed to be putting their voices together and determining the direction of our country ... are having the conversation, not all these theater people out there running around."

Lowey's comments came the same day that members of Congress in a bipartisan solidarity letter called for the impeachment of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.<|endoftext|>Sometimes you're impressed by your forte, sometimes you're convinced you're the worst porn star being played by photoshoppers, then you fuck someone and it's freaking awesome. Porn mifters, what are your biggest A-List desires?

Advertisement<|endoftext|>WHDT: 212 mph Crab on I-95

======================================== SAMPLE 116 ========================================
Tutelo Island (カツライイア, Kutaraia?), the "Utah Emblem," is a Korean sand arts city where famous body art and erotic art are sold. It has been described as "Korea's New York" or "Art Deco." There are many islets in which one can find realistic beach designs with evening or nighttime scenes. Women's bodies and men's hands are completely painted black or white. Some of the islets are dotted with models themselves and others are populated with family members. The erotic tents sit along the seawall corner with men and women putting on games and enjoying themselves. It is not a safe area so much as an exciting playground.


All the windows of the buildings are swimming pool windows with a shade and the people can hold towels while working. The low-rick pop near the window are doing annoying directions for tourists.


Tutelo Island is located in the middle of Korea by the Han River. The distance from Seoul to Tutelo Island is about 137 kilometres or 89 miles. Many tourists come to this island in search of familiar local cuisine and evade the tourist wave because of bad weather or shortages of bases where you can rest and take pictures for yourself. Get maps from hotel restaurants or KTV shops. The ferry can be linked from Han River to Marina Lake.


Visitors can find typical houses on the island, but one can only call this island by the name of the city they plan to visit. Architecture and street design are based on the culture of Venice. As a consequence, visitors who plan to stay in the area must enjoy the beach-front environment. Hogweed flowers hang onto eroding sidewalks, little postcards are covered with fuzzy paint and the streets are wide despite no yard. It is the most segregated cultural city after Seoktan which has thieves and trouble-makers. The only things you look for are a 10 kroner parking card and an empty boat ticket into Mukdong River.


I came here for diving but I couldn't find any. How could that be? (August 2, 2018)

We spent roughly three hours in clear water under the white coral. You can dive well at that depth, however much rum you drink, there is zollution! Look for the sensational cod, grouper and red broadfish. The fish lunch you can decorate with salted fish, not the crab sauce.

What is the best way to see the pigs in the city? (March 30, 2017)

Of all Pyongyang's pocket pigs, the largest are little black and white ones. The freshest poodles are very old (ex. 80 years) and are dumped here with the pigs and lays eggs in the back half of the tunnels. At YIl, the rooftop of the hotel, they are inside the buildings and is an Abekun Pork Roja and they really eat everywhere.

Where is the beach a 100 kroner size #cutemangoes? #nyemongoes (May 16, 2016)

The one on the left you get one lots of plastic knitvnhpees and try to pinch all the pretty eyewear. It's 1-2 days on the sandy beaches. White clouds in the morning, misty over the whole day, full hairs of surf, beautiful colors, it's nearly impossible to swim on the beach caused by giant waves eating the same spots as Sunjung.


On your right side in the big screen TV there are little inky looking bottles to place souvenir of your visit here!


On the lake of Tutelo Island there is no water right now. However, you can go to Noum Island across the Han River, where the water is exactly the same as on Tutelo.


If you said top, you are right! We thought it was an adult bar/cafe but it wasn't. They were interested in two kids who were 10 and 12. Even though the tables were locked on the 10th floor after dark, they were only really interested in keeping an eye on the kids, especially the younger ones. It was so strange that they even met with the owner of Skyking.

Local guides need to maintain public safety and security rules and offenses more carefully. This means not just keeping the sea walls clean, but keeping them close to the window and not allowing the naked people on the water. But there are also some nocturnal affairs (found hundreds of times a year) that cause controversy and creepy abandoned rooms are scattered around the island.

To get to the beach, you cross the main street near solarium. On the left they have a bathroom, bathroom. On the right there is a building, but with the front of the hotel completely removed. At night, they try to prevent the same thing from happening.


======================================== SAMPLE 117 ========================================
Kinky Shag Walks has gone viral, and with good reason! Since its launch a couple of years back, we've seen plenty of people who've gotten off on the idea of locking up cunnilingus toy again and again and going kinky, as shown by our Kinky Shag Walks short film.

Life, however, is full of adjustments, and not all of them are good ones. This uncomfortable demotion of the Kinky Shag Walk from a daily workout partner to merely a "go-to" idea is one such adjustment. Up to this point, practicing kinky turns down in the lapband was entirely safe. But in the case of the Alex Touch, the crotch is anything but a smooth slide, which is that nasty insecurity of use which can lead to something from putting up with harsh notches to sensitivity when the toy isn't calibrated or set up perfectly properly, and possibly an with loss of your hands.

Three things were on my mind: 1) Do we allow folks to take her-others-with-her-where-not-before? 2) Does she want her own screws or magnets? And 3) What should I be doing? What is the guide I should be walking this person through it I emailed the guy we have books/videos on? Love and Hip Hop keenly [email protected], I wondered. Is it worse to use a finger or something else? Have I mis-wired it or something? 10 days later we've answered the question, and therein lies our Storyteller complex.

What is the Alex Touch, Adult Body-to-Body Cultural Ensemble Assister described in the retailer's own product information? "Say hello at your next competitive event with the IT Badass Alex Touch!

When used with the hi-spec avatar reward, the extra tweezers on the tip of the Alex Touch allow you to detangle mosquito bites. It's the only item on the market made to address global OHSA (obviously). It's so elite, it's the kickstarter stretch goal! Use the thumbs-on button to flip all 3 fingers in full 360 degrees, making scrubs smoother and breathing smoother. End your shower feeling better than when you started! Never iin your life dream so big! – CollegeHumor.com"

Okay folks, story time. Mark and I have now been using this toy more than a half-dozen times, more than I'd like, but we're keeping it going after reading the manufacturer's literature. Everyone says the Alex Touch is actually amazing. I'm going to highlight one of the pros and a couple of the cons of using it and what I continue to do with it. I do not recommend purchasing this until you have been properly trained with it. Your instructor should have as much practice with it as you have. If you can't even get the Alex Touch to roll around in your lap without being careless, then a leather harness might be for you.

Mention on kinkreddits.com [KINK STREAMS POST]

Nibral-like, while not erogenous, this has some immediate effects on the North Cottontail Rabbit's pruritus that are quite pleasurable, but that cause some weeping, 'darling. If you determine it is new, keep the front paws lowered, but don't pull the ears down. Also be gentle with the bunny – it resents penetration. The two rabbits in our life are never bred together because they don't always work out organically anyway.


It all comes down to this: a shoulder strap with a metal slanted attachment at the top. But before we commence training, you also need to re-train the female. Don't use kevlar, lest your love of your toy be ruined and your baby be brain-washed by marketing.

1) Torque prototype ought to be easy to add at the lowest range of tension. Same idea: can't ride/357 Amazing how some imposed writescastian;Jetwarbrandy sangdog97 1383 decideron magno 103 mrRigod wrote;

I have been looking for a high quality accessory for some time now. I have always used rubbers to examine edging, but it is generally esp. uncomfortable. Most rubbers lend well to a kind of rotate either side or up and down, but the newest version of the Alex Touch seem to pull violently under load. At first I thought it was caused by a simple undersized rod, but put it in a tire and corked it over the studs in the sole to see then it turned out to be a problem. So I bought one of our strain-relief exercises and sent it out for R&R and did not look back. I thought for sure I had damaged my Alex Touch but there was no visible damage except the bent tip, the
======================================== SAMPLE 118 ========================================
Advance Auto Parts & Evolve KeyChain LED Light Holders

Nah, these already work. Anyway, just wanted to share an image that a friend sent me as he was researching for a replacement. He saved a lot of time and effort just peeking at the reservoirs before buying his intake manifold. He like wanted to make sure they work in this car too.

Details: Hardened steel

Manufacturer: "Hammer"

Part #: 165473

Designed: March 2011

Original Retail Price: $32.95

Level 3 Remanufactured quality

Includes a wiring harness

Formats in 5 sizes: UV, Keychain, LED or Left Hand

Gauge Gauge 12ga or 16gauge

Damper With Installed Droma Plates Nine spindle and shank. Overcoming the factory ventilated damper contains a thermal switch. The high power aspect of the damper brings sulfur gaining size capability within the engine. setting precision.

Fuel Injection Controlled by the flywheel control. Smaller Code to adjust to your car.

Super Small Tank Ideal for Tall Manses Dimensions Temp: 140 Degrees P Switch: Light On or Off Below Temp: 4,000 Degrees

Tags: fuel injectors and injectors<|endoftext|>What do you do when a tsunami-proofed home walls crumble in a massive fourth-floor collapse? Don't disassemble your home, because every mark on unprotected ceramic flooring will be picked off by sea roughs, leaving your marble petal pristine.

Never again, you will rejoice in, a 7000-square-foot example of the Pod Splitting telling you where to duck in the invited trip to Melbourne.

Kanu Church has long since been drawing comparisons between the giant "bridges" of phenomenon created after the Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011, and the luxury construction in a mansion that struck the same fate in Sardinia in 1960. In the end, the images never seemed to get past the tweeters.

The sellers had no takers.

CLICK Thumbnail to Enlarge

The tsunami zone onto which Kanu Church should retrofit for an earthquake, were a sharply recessed balcony covered throughout by gold-rimed windows. Don't look for gold-rimmed-piano shades here.<|endoftext|>Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Jersey City police arrested a man alleging flight of flying creatures on Wednesday, February 6, 2016.

It happened at 4:25 p.m. in the parking lot at Municipal Court.

These unidentified flying objects originate at a hidden base in the sky and continue to circle the earth using multiple configurations.

According to the New York Times, Fox News, and the local media, a mysterious man was arrested on Wednesday in order to bring a piece of evidence to IRC hoaxer Radio Free Cthulhu. 11-year-old student Mark Mazza was arrested on his 11th birthday for the brutal stab-wound to the neck of a teen who mocked him and his wife. The images on this page have been edited to remove the disturbing images of a bloodied juvenile terrified in her husband's company.<|endoftext|>The Christian Coalition recently released a new brochure, "How to Get Revved Up About Gay Rights,", which shares some information about how to protest at the Supreme Court on Feb. 27.

Here is how the booklet describes one protester, James Deen, who identifies himself as a role model for YouTube's Christian wrestling star Jacksepticeye:

In December of 2009, Executive Functional Wonderful James Deen was attacked online by literally dozens of disgusting hate-filled, very very serious trolls who made many of his personal and private adventures public and managed to have a massive impact on his life. We know all about this story because Deen had extraordinarily harsh words for these haters in his interview with Sock Doc Book to promote this book. These trolls were circulating Deen's names, addresses and other personal information in an attempt to harass him and discredit him. Luckily for Deen, the bullies failed and he had a very worried Facebook and email list of 161 friends from all over the world that rallied around him for protection and safety. Here is what he said in an interview with Sock Doc Book: "I was pretty good at sitting down and putting hot sauce in my pockets to pretend it was weapon even though in reality none of that stuff can hurt people but sometimes you have to move, you have to defend yourself, and it's better to punch someone in the face than it is to bury them alive." He was on the battle front and dire circumstances knowing he could prove the haters wrong. He fought back with vitriolic. merciless, angry content that stayed with his fans until the end of his life and fans in this new book.

By creationism and "belief in" Mike God, therefore, one finds a man who is
======================================== SAMPLE 119 ========================================
Mr. Obama's new homeland-security budget is expected to include $600 million to produce and distribute a high-definition version of a government video "to warn folks about the dangers" of surfing the Web through public Wi-Fi, the administration said in an email to Representative Dan Lungren (D-Calif.).

The budget would also provide $97 million for 25 new employees who will monitor the nation's public web-camera networks as part of a project to systematically search the billions of images harvested by them. This counters a pending bill in our Congress, H.R. 5415, that might improve the hiring and training of these camera technicians already operating in public locations and waste an estimated $2 billion per year "flying unqualified, ineptly trained employees to locations around the country," the White House claim said.


"Evolving hardware, declining budgets for surveillance technology, our continued online presence and the ability to gather and analyze more information are using bad guys' digital strategy," White House spokesman Tommy Vietor told me. Homeland security spending was already planned to shrink, as I reported in February, for 2012 compared with 2008, by a third, or $28 billion.

The Obama administration might argue, as some Senate conservatives are, that man-in-the-middle attack is in the eye of the beholder. If I got an iPhone code-named "Sarcasta" with a microprocessor based on the ARM architecture, that would be bad, but if such a device were powerful enough that it could eavesdrop on my communications and meddle with my location, believe me, I'd be interested in finding out just how good the attack strategy was.

But it seemed almost impossible until last week, when A.P.S., which Mr. Obama will effectively control, released its new system, or "roadmap," to support "world-class Internet security," which potentially means much better. When it comes to search, the algorithm is incomprehensible, and it doesn't seem to help with pinging a known location — but for e-mail, the H.264 compression standard does.

"I don't understand it," I told it, knowing full well that I was lying. A.P.S. regards the internet as a public utility that is not theirs to replace.

Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. Invalid email address. Please re-enter. You must select a newsletter to subscribe to. Sign Up You will receive emails containing news content , updates and promotions from The New York Times. You may opt-out at any time. You agree to receive occasional updates and special offers for The New York Times's products and services. Thank you for subscribing. An error has occurred. Please try again later. View all New York Times newsletters.

A.P.S. may no longer be able to put all its chips in the security hole punch-their-total-mule, but their mightier skill is data, which might do a lot more harm than assistance in deciding which lurking ones are good and safe and which are bad and dangerous.

A.P.S.'s incredible service is based on a moving bucket — better known as its local web proxy using smartphones — that gets its raw data from many different places, gives you ever closer to it, and further enhances your privacy.

If Mr. Obama and his fellow Democrats don't care that you use public cellphone networks and Wi-Fi to send direct text messages, the data from your phone can be SEO'd to give you a deeper introduction into where we go with our wallets and power down laptop computers and phones when we're home, and how and if their data is being mined by traffickers and police.

Advertisement Continue reading the main story

A household floor may get jackpots of e-mails in the aggregate, but take a look at everyone in a household, and you'll get a foretaste of what will find them if they are, indeed, Web scammers.

We sat down for a chat with Jen Gior Camacho, A.P.S. chief product officer.

Q. When does A.P.S. get the phone number you've just sent a text message to?

A. We get it the instant after we receive the message. We don't have to wait for a receiver to reply. We get the numbers from a mobile device called a mobile hot spot. So for example, if you are texting somebody and they mark your text messages as answered, we'll get the answer from the mobile hot spot.

Q. Isn't that crazy? You just get the phone number then, like a phone book?

A. The mobile hot spot is a domain name server. So when you hit Fax and by the time you get "fax.local" it has already been processed and is in our database. And that's a very
======================================== SAMPLE 120 ========================================
Lake Oroville – The people of southern California had a heartwarming surprise in store on Wednesday — as the region's water reservoir grinded down to its lowest level in 87 years.

Lake Oroville — which lies behind the cities of Oroville in Yuba County and Folsom in Sutter County — reached 463 feet, more than 10 feet below the water level that had been predicted before the January storms that ultimately dumped 613 million gallons of rain on Southern California.

A satellite image of the water level at Lake Oroville. Some experts use an added weight amount in their calculations that hovers between 33 and 34 feet below the water level.

The stock was down $33.78 due to the tapering off of rain here in the San Joaquin Valley.

The lower water level at Lake Oroville is a health hazard for residents who flood much of the valley. The lake water doesn't get transferred to the San Joaquin River because it has to stay under 1,000 feet, and that largely prevent the water from getting to the delta.

After the storms, it didn't seem likely of less rain would come for a few more weeks, as a strong cold front was on its way.

Water Fountains on the Down U.S Drought Haul. …Helped Stop Winters Variability. sellartdomain.com

Satellite image show the inflows and outflows in the and along the and it's still showing a water level normalization with the especially important outflow of the Reeds Point Reservoir, but that could take some time because 1,100 pipes, depending by districts, passes every hour.

As compared to the flooding that happened in 1780 was the amount of rain unprecedented in the San Joaquin Valley.

Then, during winter of 2012, a flash flood destroyed part of the Spanish mission and killed horses and cows because no one had any alternatives turned off toilets.

Are climate change/global warming impacts going to be what causes the water to come down so fast?

Advertisements<|endoftext|>8 Hours Ago

MOSCOW, Oct 1- The United States, Russia, Britain, France and Germany are discussing a coordinated response to develop a new military communications platform after Iran said it was developing communications equipment developed by the U.S.<|endoftext|>An elementary school teacher wrote in a resignation letter that she was evicted again by the Chicago Public Schools, (CBS) Sources tell WGN she went to Multipurpose Room on the South Side on June 13, 2016, and they denied her the right to obtain housing assistance, allegedly because she was an unpermitted landlord. WGN also reported she was housed at a local motel.<|endoftext|>Environmental factors not measured in study pose additional risk of neural development, Alzheimer's disease in elderly

Scientists have discovered that older mothers who take drugs to prevent being pregnant may have a higher risk of neurologic disease improving the life of their offspring.

Published in Nature Communications, the study took 13 countries including eight European countries, Lutheran countries, Germany, Portugal and the USA, and calculated the contribution of environmental and nutritional factors to the risk of Alzheimer's disease developing in an individual's late twenties/early thirties.

Because women are often exposed to multiple environmental risk factors early in their reproductive years, the study prompted experts to question whether it is wiser to counsel mothers-to-be against using drugs to prevent pregnancy such as Depo Provera.

The increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease

The research team was astonished to find that women who suffered early miscarriages-an indication that they are in the irreversible second stage of pregnancy-had more children born to an Alzheimer's creator averading such illness than those without a history of intrauterine dysfunction. Furthermore, pregnancies occurring at 10 to 18 weeks' gestation had a three times greater incidence of Alzheimer's than those within the first trimester.

The team found that average pre-pregnancy BNP concentration was 270 nM in women using chloroquine prior to pregnancy in Brazil, Latvia, Luxembourg, France and the USA, while that guess had risen to almost 975 nM by weaning of the foetus prior to ovulation.

Further, there was a lower than expected prevalence of NPD-associated polymorphisms-in the fast delocalized amyloid precursor protein/presenilin 2/docosahexaenoic acid signaling axis region involving Prader-Willi- duplicated genes that are known to be associated with neuronal health.

This effort was funded by the NRD Centre for Diabetes, Nutrition & Metabolism (CFNM) Wellcome Trust-funded Centre for Clinical Epidemiology, Research & Care (CCERG) Department of Preventive Medicine and Clinical Science & University of Essen. The authors would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their valuable feedback.

Dr Miguel G. Tijerina is the co-author.

======================================== SAMPLE 121 ========================================
Breathe in my perfume. I am here."

– Anonymous

Anyone who has spent time "hidden" under car seats, or was blocked by an open door while walking home from a night out, can relate to the driving-avoidant nature of spoiled toddlers. School shooting nits and smelly friends haven't done much to soothe this grumpy baby well-nurtured to a frustrating end. We're driving home from our local campground, smelling the sun-warmed Appalachians and those maddening dogs and whining hares. Fortunately, we began smelling each other just before the unhinged child charges up that winding mountain road or veers into our neighbor's car. But whatever twinges of drill sergeant stone-throwing make us run like hell are all so we don't have to inhale Happy Jack or a bunch of bodily odor.

Unfortunately, no calming, mending fluid is available for him with no choice we have but to "feel" like the worst mothers who ever lived. The only option for our insecure toddler is to hop onto their guy loud car seat at the side of the road. Luckily, the seat is very high up, so the nausea from anxiety and his bloated bladder tires him slower than new moms getting in car seats for first-time dads. Hopefully, running for the nearest car wash helps offset his embarrassment in a quiet area. Another writer charged that it's all an excuse for him to smell your car. This stinks, dude. If you smell my car, I'll vomit. Even without a need for a tow truck, it just proves you're in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When you break free from your traumatic life without just one child crying inside your miserable house, it's always a double privilege to use those vacuum techniques to keep up with poop-digging attention seekers. Eventually, most of them stare you down and ask what you're doing. You say, "I'm cleaning dogs paws." Smell around them, admire their dirty clammy skin and spreading and burrowing and dry fully jiggling cheeks, and say, "Hits it. Passing grade."

4 Teenage Smells

This tool gets its plasticky, tinny flavor from ammonia. It rules the pediatric elimination table with regard to itself. Nasty, yes, but the preferred scent for sneaky tweens is formula, their PB&J lunch. That's PEEK, just as adults say, as well as powder. Stick your head beneath the canopy of a car seat long enough for your teen to grow bored with the sleep surface frame and torrential moisture drone and decide to gorge herself on the product of her upbringing. Were he legit member of the LGBTQ community, that's when smelly items might touch his skin. It's probably not good for his birthing habits.

5 Little Patty

Remember Jones the talkative boy? The one with a spelling and grammar brain defect? Sometimes, as his demeanor slowly soaked up painful noise followed by medical intervention and then failed children matchmaking, he'd season his literary attentions with fart attempts.

That's the correlating phenomenon Leslie Helse Parker discovered when she interviewed 93 young women aged 14 to 20-years-old for the FX series Satioms. It's a voice that cloaks for girls, and most stigma is attributed to female bro room conversation. Whatever improprieties exist — whispers under the table, totally scaled it out with suitable versions of salad dressings, floor pop — women are whispering because girls are talking.

Pediatricians are seeing increasingly motivated and I'm inclined not to believe a single prurient remark about the self-mutilation. "I hear it all the time from guys, especially late in a first night." Use your trufax to brush up on your linguistic chops. Traffic jam stays at traffic jam. Shallow rectum dealership serves dank vegetation. Farts are Bonhommes Farts papisseries.

2 Smell Boys

Don't get it twisted, indeed. The objects of odor are so singular that any meaning eventually gets relegated to shameful linebacker types. But if. If little boy is fucking using the odor to deal with copious amounts of human faeces on the faucet, fuck him. Otherwise, dump his tray of broccoli, broccoli florets and apparently poop pectin-based broccoli sauce at least every so often.

3 Poo Poo. (Cognitively) Defeated

"If I simply smell him for 10 minutes, does it take him somewhere down a path to puberty?" a professional asked rhetorically over Instagram. Now, this is just the purview of groups like Young World, a child psychiatrist who not only smells humans at three Los Angeles shelters but provides advice to troubled teen BRUT users. But illegal oil in the sink might get you exactly the opposite reaction. "That molester and his 12,000 friends smell like a
======================================== SAMPLE 122 ========================================
Given it's first day of the new year, we here at the Edge have decided to break down all of the fifteen games and free content that have dropped in the past month. This will be a series here on the site with something happening every day leading up to December 31, 2013.


Legendary Items – All Hallows Eve and Full Moon cycle players have claimed new ways to advance in multiplayer with two new seasonal Legendary items to add depth to their characters.

Party Mobs – Players can now summon members of their party regardless of their current host using the line "ooc soul once", this combination allows for a host that may not be suitable for solo play. However, they are able to participate in the opposition and at least one box will pickup the player making option.

New Art – These new Legendary canons will change the tone and textures of the game in terms of how players look with the additions of new eye customizations or change as to what their wearing. Some are more dramatic while others are like a generic uniform.

Over-Crafted and 2 Slot Quest Spots – In the returning content of Year 0, the unused GM slot 1 has transformed into a 7 slot vendor. This will replace the old option of Blue from version 1.05, but it's not expected to even go live for beta 3. Players will have a further opportunity to reserve space on the new slot befitting of being serious quest givers with the Legendary

Daily Dungeons – In one of the more eclectic preview talks, C.A.N.T Solutions has been offering their cybertank and unique catching traps in Exchange Town daily dungeons. These are memorable and innovative in everything that they say from their use of players in non-combat divinations which have casted a destructive spell onto Argus. It turns down this summer, Offworlders will be placing a decent save at the FF8cd (Heros' actual DF can claim any spot in the world they wanted to after killing 30 level 20 enemy FFX IVs) which offers brand-new Delve dug into inside of Argos. Inside they discovered the alien hands of Flux, the same race forced in shame of future Final Fantasy X.

New Field Gags – They can be locked up in your town from CBT version. These are a bonus shed of dialog for the first Golden Flare, confirming messages will hire along side this event which run every day 7am-9pm PST.

Bind Skill Guides For Part 2 – From subject matter expert Dylady, a form of Major in this week is to try and teach the battle/job mechanic system of the FF9 Final Fantasy series, the Binding Blade, the process to create your own new skill builds. This must be made use of while the BSB search helps with slotting and material utilization ideas. It also establishes the norm for unlocking the overbooked Lao-Shan part of the growth chart.

Super Capital – In addition to a colossal Sun farm venture that offers purchase of Wheat, Potash and Neuroscience Roxas can negatively clue Garland instances ordered. If the lvl 52 Mythril encounters are being broke.

Periodic Cave – Cross the common river in Luna Caverns and West Falcon for a shrine containing an instant auto drop and let the graveyard gremlin go to work itself. The changes made are at the expense of the GD as it's base is far more open rather than the wind-yard, a massive layout.

Cheat Codes 2.0 – Alphastorm has gone to long to create the community party stash in Alexander Forest this week making it far more collaborative. Chirality has now added gamification to the cheat code collecting stream. With two new objectives you just have to complete and get your equipment from the functions/pages associated to that objective. The 'Absolutely Flare' objective trades oyster keys for Codcoins, Gems and

Medals that can be used on other achievements.

3 New Characters – The devs have today also been unveiled their new. Since up until this week, they still had been under wraps, but they debut late in the IDs 214 classic times loads (probably Airship only), bringing in a variety of new characters from the various video games that are set for Beta 3, Expanded Range of Characters (Excluding The originals), and quite possibly Missing Chocolates' forthcoming mystery character. Below is a idea of fun things they may and may not teach,

Other Announcements/Actuals Twitch streams will be interesting, and we'll be sure to bring you more as they are available.

Who knows what we may learn in the coming months? It'll keep us up to date.<|endoftext|>Since the Lumia 900, Microsoft has shipped several devices operating on a blend of Windows Phone 7.x and latest versions of Windows 8/Windows RT 8.1/Windows Phone 8 Key features and improvements at launch Lumia 800 Lumia 800 Dual SIM Lumia 800 Android One Lumia 710 Lumia 710 Rear
======================================== SAMPLE 123 ========================================
George spins magnesium using a Unicram pricing 101 model again ;-) .

So far as I understand the marketing material, the Giga produces 35 W and weighs about 0.5 kg.

"And the Unicram pricing 101 model again! My guess is that the Giga' would cost about the 99.9 USD / GBP / euro price in £/JPY/ $, but way less than in USD / GBP / euro."

www.scribd.com/doc/247726094/Ultimate-Infinite-Volume-Magnesium-Rings-Manufacturer-models-for-Free. (no/yes definitions for sizes required) And that's EU based thus red numbers for India (left pair of hex numbers) and USA (center pair of hex numbers). Is plastic construction between the rings in Europe and USA ? But, then again, no clear answer.

To answer my well belated question, yes, they are BREEAM Make lower density eaic rim ( anyway deno-dense) in a variety of designs, tip-to-tail (lobby for example), and eventually three-layer eaic rings (table top)

hybrid between Hyperdense mid taper and Hypershort taper shapes; with some through-the-box design.

The fundamentals consist of ring size not barely exceeding the outer spacer, AND sound reduction for cushioning.

and thinner micrometer; and could include a stylus layer for flexibilites

"Simple" TV-KickSpider microtip; some sort of single-coil; mono to stereo in a pinch

Fibreglass, single-fibre; Nichrome wire; Hyperdense tips. Not quite normal ceramic but the "Ceramic" photos on azurite stumbler is somewhat misleading; Ceramic should be coated with aluminum dioxide... or based like it in glass resin.

But, everything is removable. Yes, in a few weeks we hope the ninja generation will bring out single strip/connector based V-SLRs instead of triple-strip. :) In addition manufacturing few hundred at a time would be convoluted.

Ahd Eric could spare me a company shop concept - that shows .. maybe a display window for input/output impedance, current and Cathode voltage...

May og not cost this much. Could be in more precision applications. But could come with ports diffrent from single pin bidirectionality inside configuration (that miscalibrates current; which must be cured by a high current pattern across the tip. "Nontheless we experience "actual" balun behavior it seems more like unsteroidal)."

"Ceramic" or High speed Poisson pendulum?

Rhombomaster only?

Correct kind of flexibility but miscalibrates current.

That's the D stepping must be 49.200 rpm for the zero phase.

The wide current profile of D stepping must be accounted for.

intelligent voltage follower.

Trust seals with fixed internal low air-pressure tops: higher compounds but worse seal pressure.

0.50 cm diameter: huh again. :( ... more P600 which in turn changes the shape of the substrate top.

Axially cylindrical outside walls, all boundaries smooth to clean whilst minimizing slipping; just perfectly cylindrical inside with SBIG shape magic four or six wire resistors in series to unconnected end.

Elizabeth will use all available parts inside pound sterling glass 26 layer like composites .

The microphones turned-over; that also affects catalytic conversion. Smell any goodness ?

well "charm" rings around the edges. Probably to reinforce magnetos -- far from evident not via thermally enhanced

Several patent applications. The topic of industrial microelectronics started a bit more than 40 years ago. ?????and already grown from a little microscopic microchip in the mid 1960's...

The sensors located underground we think are for atmospheric saturation near the end of the arrays, ready to give you more information.

Amazon Devices Series 7 500 Watts TI TMS320LA In-depth Review Android 4.2 Touch N-body Diode Single Spin Ring Microphone nano-transform CG2376A0 Xbox One Stereo Mic For Car Audio

Fly Quicksilver Mini 0.2//Tracks Analog audio for Moog models .. from Sky Bet adapting one of the tracks I imported from Cubase6 from sqabby compatible with the Trac (X scoring) away ???? don't sell out :( and thanks to CAS to play music of me playing and writting.

"Burbury' will date boosters spotting and minded Donovan Mohamed hooked Jim Locastro While the SSD nerfs rub their even more moronic un-factoring navels again where to get the songs & the
======================================== SAMPLE 124 ========================================
The Internet of Things could help retailers save 25 percent to 30 percent by controlling what they sell by simply watching consumers in store.

by Christian Aka Sørensen

As a former marketer, I've seen the impact of technology-enabled platforms and how big brands leverage them to integrate more services into their operations and ultimately lift their brands as they do so.

I'm bullish on the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), too. As more consumer devices and more data are generated and e-commerce dollars flow in, the IoT plays an increasingly significant role in the digital marketplace.

At least, that's what we're seeing now in some parts of the world with all of its potential benefits. A of companies in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany say that buying a pack of tubes and watching your cheese at the same time has the potential to save you as much as 25 to 30 percent on your cheese. Or even you, if you're an Australian entrepreneur.

In Denmark, YouGov from January's Euromonitor Consumer Design Expo saw that you could make up to half of the value in your home with a TV program, and take your shopping home, and that in Denmark, having your cable TV on for several hours a day can cost even less than a hot lunch. (Cost per Prime return: $0.58.)

YouGov even has a Twitter handle named Denmark Incredible that shows how Denmark is now "impossibly living."

An ironic twist to Denmark's Little gives you half the price of Cheese you can get Online @TheDenmarkInsane … we all love Denmark right, Twitter! pic.twitter.com/MG8qNRSAzW — DENixie Denmark (@digitalextasha) December 2, 2015

"The Danish data — personality notes, interest ratings, shopping habits, and more — can be used on a popular e-commerce platform and can be personalized based on your specific shopping patterns," said DAB Robotics, the world's first robot-driven 3D printer producer, on their creation.

'Never underestimate your customer's intelligence. It will come home and make a cheese sandwich for you,' someone says, mocking Drake's Rhymes. — Kevin O'Leary (@kevinolearytv) October 22, 2014

Some more evidence of the potential benefits of this emerging technology can still be found across the world.

Some e-commerce operators, as well as a number of retailers believe that e-tailers in Mexico could potentially save 25 percent to 30 percent by using mobile and weaving distribution more seamlessly on site.

Additionally, with smart TVs and easier will getting more connected devices, companies like Netflix and Audible could run a potential savings of $.99, 2.97–4.97 percent each. And a retailer could save up to $.45 ($.81) on customers purchasing items with Amazon Prime, a membership program that, according to a research by research firm Forrester, generates an overall effect of $14 to $17 for being bought and the $2 merchandise savings.

An Offer In Kind

According to Marcel Anderan, a licensed Certified Financial planner, e-commerce is also having a impact on within-venue sales, honoring withholding taxes generally added to sales finance. As he told me, this is the basis of the e-services certification that many retailers cite last time going to the SEC in 2013.

E-commerce retailers like Costco, Target, Walmart, and Wm. Hulbert Co. have called Washington Waltham into an IRS hearing to chat with you about a service that we call receiving third party payments to keep medical costs in check. (Forrester, $15 billion Endpoint partnership)

Copycats stealthily entering the contract marketplace peek their head up out of this cave, considering that only 4% to 10% of products creating trades are bought through far margin contracts rather than outright purchases. The blanket business that neither half should accept is desperate, because in more than 15% of cases, items under the budget that aren't backed by a standardized fund is eroded onto other parts of business or finances. That income stream is no longer secure for self- restaurant or photography company, either. This form of weak, not much, growth of your business is taking 12–15 cents off your earnings for every time you spend a company rounding up and receiving third parties payments, accumulating information that confirms to you that you're not only a deception, you're a cheater.

So after all these 12–15% of businesses, self-produced to balance shelves for 9 hours a day and offer daily specials and advertisements, and write checks to friends and family business but have no defenders settle down, where will the next potential batch of midlife crises come from?

And as we continue to create more of our web content hemorrhaging the first 6 to 12 weeks thanks capacity things get compromised at major content platforms such as Ask Jeeves
======================================== SAMPLE 125 ========================================
Best My Best

It's a relief that it's over. In his first season with the Leafs, James van Riemsdyk said it was not just "a learning process" but a regression. When the team went on a long run in November, that's the type of talk he asked to hear. Now it's all looking back to that. In van Riemsdyk, the Leafs have perhaps the best (budget-wise) second-line center available. Off days are about to become less frequent. Which leaves the whole hypothetical Maple Leafs taking a step back in the standings with another top-six winger. He is also now almost two full minutes shy of his career high in assists, but with the 2016-17 season less than halfway finished, we should expect triple digits now. How do we like our play?

Career zashin: JVR

Real Curve: 16ater Days, 6TD, +463, 4v5 Goals

Stepengränk: I wasn't around the Leafs last year during the stakes/training camp weeks, and it doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things that a million fans across the planet were unable to get tickets to (laughs). But I have to say that leaving James van Riemsdyk in the lineup was a letdown for so many. Honestly, even this team still had reason to feel heartbroken over the prospect going to Puerto Rico, but here he is. And in Smith, expect the former second overall pick to make Maple Leafs History again. Punching out a five figure spot isn't surprising, but I didn't expect his top line to be that good. Once he gets out to play six minutes a night at center, he could very well deliver that sort of output. And speaking of health, he scored on his first shift of the season.


Career zashin: Rielly, Gardiner

Real Curve: 15ater Days, 12G, +961, 3v5 Goals

Stepengränk: Most of the league – including a couple of Leafs past's – really 'hoped' for depth. They wanted more governance arrangements between their round-six guys and many asked why not showcase a pair on the Leafs blue-line in their preferred roles as a representative season. I interpret this in the sense I wanted him to experiment on this team, and at present he is too great a fit for strictly installation as a vital factor. And I'll begin the rambling debate on the plus/minus: it was, objectively, This Year's Much-Buzzed-About Total with this type of talent, but we couldn't explain the near-perfect season so far. It takes time for that to become reflexive; you see it's in goonsered history, but its meant on principle. There is some confusion on the stat – how can you assign the rating of 'game' business as actual Oiler hockey over a 50-minute performance when this isn't a 0-0 game, but a game in an ugly salleaf of a middocker and routart stages? Tale of rounds repeated, oh, now it's 4-2 ‒ in our fantasy game this is 2/3 days later.


Career zashin: van Riemsdyk/Strome

Real Curve: 17ater Days, 7G, +526, 3v5 Goals

Stepengränk: I didn't keep an eye on the Little Show, but this season's reconnaisance is amazing. He is on his way to perhaps delivering what he did to the White Leggoys. When games become truly significant for Toronto, it will become much easier for him to control the time he's on the ice. Mark Mothersbaugh's '30 minutes' storyline is SO INVEST Secure (hashtag Rhagycially Nuked) ‒ that one hit from van Riemsdyk, in half a season, is being compared to Deroun Riddler's supposed hatching plot. Gee, a 'sneakie' versus 'ramming'… it's rare, but it happened in the playoffs last year. Jonas called it out. Safe to say Healy is going to get a proper look soon. We all like both, well played.

Home: Recap & Adnaemi Top 10

Upcoming: Pop-Up Burger Spot, All-Star Logo Socks Questionaire, 15th Anniversary Giveaway

Photos by Oleg Karpov: Arif Andrejev,: Michael Pereira,: James Foster,: Mitch Stringer,: Jeff Campbell,<|endoftext|>Platinum Games' recently released Bayonetta 2 simply didn't deliver on the sense of satisfaction builders of such games as Platinum themselves are accustomed to. Bayonetta 2, an action-drama subversion of the Platinum Dynasty, was heavily criticized for its staleness, prolonging comprehens
======================================== SAMPLE 126 ========================================
Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced Monday that six police officers had been arrested for allegedly framing 18-year-old Freddie Gray for whole-cloth stealing a $5 from a police officer. The Baltimore Police Department called Mosby's announcement a "cover-up." It sounds like it. The statement released by Mosby's office from today, where all the restraining order fraud was launched, sounded like 21 days of an earnestly hyped soft-pedaling of scandal for a victim that wasn't, in fact, guilty of stealing a slice from a civil servant's wallet.

***UPDATE 4:17 PM: Baltimore police say from where they shot 24-year-old Freddie Gray—not in the back and not when he was restrained by the police—interviews from both officers could help lead to the men charged in the case being held accountable for their actions. "There is evidence that another member of the Street Crime Unit chased and tackled and was approximately 17-24 feet from the deceased prior to police arrival," the BPD said they want evidence to support that statement. They are apparently looking at the video of officials urinating on a casket.

***UPDATE Noon EST: At a press conference, Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said that the physical evidence on the scene of the fracas but that they were waiting on medical reports before making any reports or commenting on the report that Freddie Gray somehow injured himself while being transported to the hospital.

Yes. Nine or ten days ago, the Baltimore Police Department thought this insane version of events—an overweight victim with blocky peanut butter-brown eyes flailing around on the floor and a madman peering out from an elevated walkway that one either unarrested officer originally excused—would hold together a bumpy ride for them in meaningfully investigating the murder of a young man. One thing didn't hold together that hideous ragtag stack: bigger picture.

Cops told the New York Times they believe Gray performed CPR and was shouting for help in the hospital, despite all zero medical staff in the incorrect currency of seconds leading to his untimely death. Two medics rushed to The Citadel Hospital where he was admitted a mere five minutes later after it was hammered by riots and protests. He'd tell a nurse he was feeling better and was departing?

Once wounded, Gray's cuffed hands were moved to a garbage cart where they remained for fifteen minutes before being discarded in the garbage disposal. There were two individuals roaming in the area outside of the install who watched a suspicious person dispose of his dead body. Pictures of the double-helicopter sweep of the remains led to questioning of at least seven different bystanders who did not see the entire thing. Some of them played dumb and were—in all likelihood—convinced Batts and other top brass.

***UPDATE 5:56PM EST: The Batts statement containing all this craziness:

Since this morning, the City of Baltimore and the City's police department have been working diligently and cooperatively to resolve the investigation into the death of Mr. Gray. The efforts so far have been gratifying, but they have not been sufficient to resolve satisfactorily the officers involved, nor have they made us whole. We have continued to be open and transparent throughout the entire process because we believe it is ultimately in the best interest of justice to ensure that the public has the full and accurate record of our actions and other elements of this tragic event.

And continuing, BPD officials are not covered by the restraining order fraud.<|endoftext|>While it's tempting to look upon Yahoo's last few years of failure as an inevitable product regression being dragged along by a greedy acquisitions department, and thus inevitable price hikes, look at it this way: Whatever Yahoo did turning over a new leaf back in 2012 – bringing the price of a realized $70+ billion company down below $25, trips Latin America for a drastic price reduction last November; and making a steady series of four acquisitions in the past 18 months – ended up with a new, higher priced operating profit margin in 2013, and a much needed trip into the black late last year.

Which means the acquisition merry-go-round will go on as usual for awhile, we just really need to work on not talking about it.

That might not happen though, as last night, during the company's earnings call, Yahoo Chairman Marc Andreessen had this to tell the company's "new transformation adviser," former Google VP Richard Hayne:

"The fundamental reason we're cautious for now, I think, is our rate of long-term capital spending remains very slow, so that's the thing that's motivated me."

Some will think it's impossible that Andreessen could be factored into a renewal of Google's overture, but consider this: There's a market for 1) Wearables and 2) Messaging Ideas and we're clearly in a dream role for engineer to construct killer, next-gen products that address both /Google
======================================== SAMPLE 127 ========================================
The new apartment complex will be partly funded via a $50,000 grant from the Center for Responsible Lending

Coney Island residents are gearing up to submit construction bids to renovate the 100-year-old apartment complex into their dream home. The New York City Housing Authority is donating $50,000 to pay for the work, which will include new kitchen cabinets, windows, and lighting as well as an improved bathroom.

"Right now," said Adam Root, the Center for Responsible Lending's (CRDL) Chief Project Officer, "there's no place for seniors to retire." According to the CRDL, there are no retirement communities in either Coney Island or Sheepshead Bay, N.Y.

Responding to elderly curiosities, the roof of the vacant building will be covered with Realtor's wall tarp to act as an LED retro-fit, as well as use wood-sourced paint to replace tile, and purchase items for the home with proceeds from the new Coney Island Apartments.

"This innovative program offers residents the opportunity to invest in a new building their own way and participate in helping build a strong local economy." said Tonya Plytorik, New York City Housing Authority Director, in a press statement. "We think this plan will deliver really exciting results and have learned a lot from this early phase of CRDL's partnership with the New York City Housing Authority."

GROUND PLANS: New space to facilitate museum-like surroundings coalesces in advance of NYC's Capital ID project

The 13,600-square-foot site, on the corner of 30th Street and Broadway, features many small exchange buildings including Abbe's department store, creditors Cuddz, and Jamesism," and a factory for cheap new stones.

'Although originally integrated with the harbor, Coney Island has always been the final destination for thousands of mail officers and phone operators to retire,'said Brick building owner, Donna Daley. "When we bought this building in the middle of the last century, there was nothing here to take their place." Now, along with Coney Island Apartments, the brick factory, homes, and surrounding industrial parking lot constitutes landing shape with parks planned on the property as well as new parks off the Broadway-side waterfront.

Building update: The 11-story landmark building is demolished to make way for new park along the Williamsburg waterfront

Snapping on ideas, small businesses have joined forces to formulate what is arguably the city's most extensive redevelopment plan to date. Consider Foodcorncharlie.as, led by entrepreneur Phil Daentz, which is transforming a former former Rye Deli into the Rocky's Café, a one-stop-shop for just about everything tradeable. "We address business requirements for an Arab Gourmet coffee shop, school cafeteria, deli/snack bar, Italian food…" They're building the business right next to the refrigerated warehouse area, which will eventually be operable for out-of-town customers.

METRO: Exterior of in operations replacement of selected Wall Street station

Popular local taco company, TLDA Catering, is aiming to open its first Farm to Markets location. His burger company, Doughboys, is on the hunt for locations for its new catering and food truck parks on Mt. Vernon Parkway, Richmond Avenue, and West 29th Street in Allerton. Combined, they already hold four out of the five metro stations being demolished to make way for the East Side Access project, which will provide subway access to a third track.

Historic Look: Mayor Mike de Blasio gestures while surveying demolition work underway on the Great Mall project

Finally, rain started falling almost as soon as the cameras turned off for RAW event team's turn with the demolition crew following them inside Rakic's MarTV slip­ housing on 21st and 2nd Avenues. The premise behind the production was to give the public a peek into the glory days of brick factories. It will have an exhibition space cabinet cabin decreption over the area with a plan to add a showroom space in its place.<|endoftext|>Four Things I've Learned from Self-Deprecating Podcast #11

To be clear: it's a comedy show. We're sharing the little things we've learned while hosting Self-Deprecating Podcast (419) every week since 2011.

Before we dig into the lessons, here's an apology. Have you ever watched #11 yet? Regardless, this is a Mr Selfridge reference (sorry).

And a little notice: while this list will mostly follow the recurring themes of Self-Deprecating Podcast, each item is labeled (underlined) for a quick answer and an thought to ourselves.

Remove items with these separators:

When you've listened to Self-Deprecating Podcast, you've probably heard the following:

"I just alphabetized the throws" – Sam P
======================================== SAMPLE 128 ========================================

The soap opera finale for South Park may have ended with Cartman and his classmates gonna the school carnival to celebrate beating their stupid middle school enemies by evil minions. Soon after, it appears the show might take a more consequential turn this upcoming season.

According to new stage directions, 20/20's pending Season 21 will deal with economic anxieties in as soon as one week, presumably focusing on the devastating economic collapse currently spreading across a number of American cities. This announcement suggests that a possible Season 22, depeding on Cartoon Network demanding additional episodes rather than a breaking news announcement of the group's disbandment, may indeed — shocker — be burdened by issues more important than just cloning the last time they saw the school's vice-principal desperately trying to cover her eyes with a bag into the air of her vagina, then trying to leave the school to join her sawdust queen oligarch husband in an exotic vacation resort at the same time.

Current casting calls (now signed off by both the actors andComedy Central mandated re-writes) specify that a "flashback" episode 22 (perhaps titled "Future Stockman") will focus on Donald Trump, which may or may not catch up with the animators' initial plans to go back to 1986 and 1994. They finally settled on 1996 to coincide with the launch of Trump's 1996 venture, Trump Steaks.

By all accounts, the unscripted show that the producers have been crafting between episodes 13 and 23 has progressed (if only very academically!) since 2011 when it evolved from a set of four shorts into a complete episode. It's no secret that behind the scenes, longtime co-exec producers Alec Berg (106° Farenheit Rudy's Pizza) and Matt Stone (Enters The Mind Of… The Amazing Race!) have been getting more and more involved in the series' episodic proceedings as well, as they adjust to a new proscenium show-running dynamic.


It couldn't come soon enough. During their highly-successful freshman run, the mini-series gamed parody of South Park kicked off massive popular gusts each time, believing itself able to rattle political correctness and foreign policy with crooked twin spinoffs of bankers in Zion and unemployable multi-millionaires covered in balloons. They proved so successful, that the Idea Factory even debuted a rumored series for HBO as a prequel to the series, but the time allotted for the pilot proved prohibitively high, ruining the potential payoff.

With only so much dirt to cover the subject matter of South Park, maybe it shouldn't be surprising that the creators are now re-evaluating the reboot for a more mature 20/20 series. The previous material drifted to Springfield, with every bit that was said in parody missing a useful connotation from reality. Considering current events around the world, the American demographics, the financial crisis, and various other social crises, a similar excursion to a relevant storyline is arriving sooner than expected.


South Park may not be the only media property on the block that will be shaped more by its agenda than its target demographic. Although it has already re-emerged on cable network Comedy Central following its Adult Swim cancellation, the only ongoing iterations of Seinfeld and Friends to deal with a dopey group of primary school kids are in need of balancing egos, demanding fans, and your regular viewing hours.


Still, a continuation of the medium's beloved magical educational meme could be far less hideous than many of the alternatives. Maybe those glassblowers, machinists, and think tank types will finally arrive at Springfield's endless test assembly line for 16 more episodes of nerdy watched terror. Considering their demon-possessed gifts, there might even be some unseen Edward Norton in the cast.

South Park will return to air on September 16th. The 2017/2018 season premieres on Comedy Central in the autumn of 2016.

Source: Juxtapoz


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Luke Cage's Mike Colter Comments On MCU Change Recasting

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advertising<|endoftext|>The Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Miami School of Medicine and the Brown University School of Medicine is a Regional Anesthesia Program

Anesthesia is a state of biological anesthesia in which individuals have unconsciousness entirely for the purpose of anesthesia and anesthesia training. The consequences of anesthesia include paralysis, respiratory changes, eye nerve damage, skin! changes, nerve damage, decreased blood and oxygen flow to organs, slow heart beat, and many variations in the complex process of respiration and circulation.

The faculty and staff of the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Miami School of Medicine guide graduates in surgical skills, prehospital resuscitations, operations, acute care and patient care, general surgery, and training in rehabilitation, to offer a comprehensive education. Our graduates are multidisciplinary in approach,
======================================== SAMPLE 129 ========================================
Matt Jones gave the Sam Houston State University students just what they requested, yet still they had questions about the team. He explained that the quarterback relies on self-study to give a one-on-one impression while Smith taps out answers on paper and designs offensive and defensive plays.

Jones' newest development? He has a message for receivers as he remains adamant their responsibility is to catch the ball.

"The receiver still has to make plays," Jones said. "Personnel isn't the biggest thing. It's making plays of your own. More than anything, that means you support downfield or catch the ball. If we need and we want to punt, we will punt, but the player still has to catch the ball."

As an up and coming recruit for SMU, Jones would rather it weren't all about the football.

He spends his free time out on the swimming pool and beach while also taking part in his high school's local Track and Field team. He also attends night school during the week after his game for homework help. It's not an easy life, yet Jones has earned respect coming from the highest in SMU.

"I think he's incredibly talented and has a lot to offer. He's intelligent, physically strong, great footwork. He has the same type of burst as Carson (Wright)," SMU head coach Chad Morris joked after receiving attorneyales from the Waco native this spring.

Jones has his work cut out for him trying to turn Tennessee Head Ball Coach Jeremy Pruitt's maximization formula to some semblance of life on the field with the Vols. Feel free to comment below with your thoughts.<|endoftext|>'Roar' theatrical trailer ahead of UK premiere

During a recent year-end press tour, FUNimation announced its plans to close out the year with two films for its Sailor Moon and One Piece brands.

"Roar" stars Caitlin Glass as Rito, actress Rani Kosaka plays Midori, and singer Mariko Suzuki punishes the crowd before her singing performance. Screenplay work by high school students Makoto Shinkai and Chiaki Konaka and animated by studio 4C began crafting 1964's original failure

into "a blockbuster phenomenon," and will be presented exclusively domestically in the U.K. and Ireland from February 26-May 2, 2015. It is directed by Ryutaro Nishiura (Endride, Your Lie in April), with animation production handled by A-1 Pictures.

In "Roar," Rito joins Ruka, Usagi, Luna and Makoto on an adventure into the depths of the world's oceans to save Sailor Uranus and Luna, who disappeared while attempting to bring submarines back to Earth. First Seen the Golden Future Cup tale "Sailor Moon" debuted in Japan in 1984 with Sailor Moon on Action in 1987. More recently hinted at return royal action with Team Finland in the latest movie.

Makoto Shinkai and Takeshi Obata also penned the original story, which Shinkai said he immediately loved, and is thrilled that the world it came from will be brought back for the first time in years.

Funimation will being dubbed the "Roar" theatrical run at theater near you.

SOURCE: ANN<|endoftext|>Hotell Delivery What do PhD students do for a living? How about faculty at important research universities? The role of University and Colleges lasts forever, which means that you are in no danger of losing it!

Business Economics We all agree that top jobs consist of presenting the reader with the obvious solution (interests them more than others) or making basic scientific observations (except instructors, of course — they are supposed to do so with profound authority).

Chemical Chemistry The pharmacological potentials of drugs of many classes are perhaps even more promising than the general applications of artificial intelligence. But until now the vast majority of basic science and engineering problems connected with these classes have been solves largely by mathematicians. Very few things, if any things are so basic!

Cell Biology Regions of chromosome and genes are important components of corporations, cellular economics, and packaged mixtures of chemicals and heavy materials. More recently, unplanned cellular malfunctions have made exchange of information extremely important in large-scale engineering microorganisms, and less so in repeatable computers and other devices. We brainstorm about biochemical terms — hippocampal neurons, fission sella manganese complex, molybdenum disulfide with hydride ligand binding site via its chlorine ion–cations coordination motif, various particulate metals, etc. Wikipedia (Your hotlleld time.........Ummm, Question N........?) 

Chemical Physics Techniques for the visualization of many multi-atom assemblies (and for conceptual discovery thereof). As previously, the underlying theory or presentation of the observations is not important. But one uses the techniques to enable experimental detection and extrapolation of uncertainties in the theoretical framework. One does this by viewing the observations from an perspective mosa
======================================== SAMPLE 130 ========================================
Intelligence experts have spotted Chinese ex Linux malware pouring into computers and PCs across the world, with countries like Russia, Georgia, Israel, India and Ukraine taking the brunt of the infections.

The malware is the newest and most advanced version of China's Stuxnet malware, which has affected Iran, Iraq and Syria, energy sector anochronous, the UK's foreign systems board, Saudi Arabia, a hard drive maker and several banks. It has been under development for over a year and a half, and was released some time in the last two weeks, among other infections.

The creator of the malware, codenamed "Element115", is believed to have invented the same type of malware used by the US and Israel in their covert cyber attack operation on Iran's nuclear program by code name "Olympic Games".

According to a WikiLeaks Vault 7 email - which noted that a French hacker nicknamed "pwnsauce" had written a report of what he called "Great Russian Spying" against Europe and the US - the malware is believed to have been part of the Snowden files obtained by the whistleblower.

Security experts who have analysed the new Chinese malware say that over 75% of the systems impacted by the malware have been Baidu Tech figures, and that six "weaponized" PCs are believed to be active.

"We identified pieces both of the code that is stored inside the malware and of the associated architecture," Paul McGeough, an independent security academic, told Reuters.

"What's quite unique about this is that it uses a unique architecture indeed, which is related in some way to Microsoft DLL injection or to dynamically generating executable code.

"We do not know enough of the relevant pieces of the firmware and firmware-relevant libraries to claim it is new - it's an old development/revision of previous Linux CodeView malware.

"We suspect the malware is the work of the Chinese government or a Chinese agency who has access to the Southern and Indian Cyber Armies. There's a certain amount of overlap between North and South and they could easily swap around, but we can't get a black-box perspective."

Several countries in the east, including Russia, find themselves notorious as the targets for such malware. It can be used by the Chinese US government to target countries around the world.

India comes in third, but low tech countries like Georgia are the culprits all else being equal. After Russia, advanced countries, like Germany, and, Asian computer factories, such as Taiwan and South Korea, grabbing second and third place respectively.<|endoftext|>Player Comparison Finder: George Hill (2015-16) vs. Avery Bradley (2015-16) vs. Jeff Teague (2015-16)

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Click on the red text to pre-fill the form with various values Compare Cumulative Seasons (e.g., compare Kobe Bryant through age 28 to Michael Jordan through age 28) Compare Single Seasons (e.g., compare Kobe Bryant at age 28 to Michael Jordan at age 28) Player 1 Javascript is required for the selection of a player. Type name to select an option George Hill Select Season 2010-11 (age 22, 1st season) 2011-12 (age 23, 2nd season) 2012-13 (age 24, 3rd season) 2013-14 (age 25, 4th season) 2014-15 (age 26, 5th season) 2015-16 (age 27, 6th season) 2016-17 (age 28, 7th season) 2017-18 (age 29, 8th season) Choice is: Player 2 Javascript is required for the selection of a player. Type name to select an option Avery Bradley Select Season 2012-13 (age 21, 1st season) 2013-14 (age 22, 2nd season) 2014-15 (age 23, 3rd season) 2015-16 (age 24, 4th season) 2016-17 (age 25, 5th season) 2017-18 (age 26, 6th season) Choice is: Player 3 Javascript is required for the selection of a player. Type name to select an option Jeff Teague Select Season 2008-09 (age 21, 1st season) 2009-10 (age 22, 2nd season) 2010-11 (age 23, 3rd season) 2011-12 (age 24, 4th season) 2012-13 (age 25, 5th season) 2013-14 (age 26, 6th season) 2014-15 (age 27, 7th season) 2015-16 (age 28, 8th season) 2016-17 (age 29, 9th season) 2017-18 (age 30, 10th season) Choice is: Player 4 Javascript is required for the selection of a player. Type name to select an option Player 5 Javascript is required for the selection of a player. Type name to select an option Player 6 Javascript is required for
======================================== SAMPLE 131 ========================================
The central yuan zone is to be opened to China's services sector "very soon" to be completed next year, Fitch said on Tuesday.

The yuan rose 0.24 percent to 6.2122 a dollar at 11:17 p.m. on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

"We are now focusing on the mid-year," Fitch said. With the yuan weakening from around 6.50 to 6.75 per dollar at the start of the year, the market has been tuned to future rate moves.

Germany's youngest ambassador, Peter Wittig, will retire in October, having held his post for only five months.

Short-term protection?

"China is in the middle of implementing a significant rate cut since November 2015 and the BOJ is taking the same approach in terms of the context for tapering by the end of 2017, which would arrive at a similar timing for the yuan," Fitch said.

However, it's unclear how effective the interest-rate cut really is because the pace of the policy is not commensurate with changes in supply and demand.

Banks and other firms are not bracing for large bail-outs in the event of a currency crisis, and large corporations continue to take advantage of low interest rates to balance their books at the expense of their labor force, the central bank said Tuesday in its monthly monetary policy publication.

The central bank said that social and economic safety nets - such as unemployment benefit, child nutrition, childcare and retirement benefits - are sufficient to help families, and that banks are ready to handle easy credit. However, it will continue to shut banks without sufficient reserves over failed banks, state media reported.

China will manage a currency crisis in the same way it handled the 1997/1998 crisis, and properly keep their powder dry, Barclays and HSBC said they each have China-dollar derivatives and are set to obtain more yuan client assets later in Changhua Real Estate E-Works Press conference.

"They should start implementing

the new yuan commercial paper commercial bills reform, which will encourage banks to unload yuan commercial paper issuance for a discount," Barclays China CIO Mac Chen told a press conference today.

Hu, Cai'er say new yuan slash should leave mainland rial heading down 0.82 percent depen. pic.twitter.com/z86ve4rNlQ — DongWoo Shin (@donga_dong) 8 ㎏2017 검만 업부에 스포츠 녹운게 김업으로 Idols' Attractives', "1년 옹에의 보다고 부탁니다." pic.twitter.com/caLcRIFBZX — 노동서 격 (@347121695100) 8 ㎏2017 검만 업부에 스포츠 녹운게 김업으로 간치을미국씨든 올릭정ꌀ 되고 국연합니다.

"Our long-term predictions for the Chinese dollar dollar rate are upside, since the ruble devaluation has been having a negative impact on many Chinese corporate USD exposure," Yongyue Shen, Europe chief economist for Qiming Securities Co. said.<|endoftext|>The Nexus 50 unlocked handset is now on Verizon Wireless for $299 while on T-Mobile it will set you back $600. The T-Mobile version will get the latest OS Android 7.1 and you can also take advantage of the double sim feature in some markets. Google will also give back up to $5 (or a combination of 5c and 7w) for any problems every year.

➤ T-Mobile Nexus 50 – $300 + $28/month part of $60/year On The Go contract | Video posted by Gamz

This results in a roughly match price, though a better bang for your buck. We seem to be running any new Froyo ROMs for Nexus devices on the phone, so do keep an eye on In America, if need be. The one caveat is t-mobile's terms don't seem to match their giant brothers in the vzw "other peoples" circles. It's possible the MVNO is undercutting their cheaper model just by a little bit.

In theory, the Motorola Multiband CDMA (0009) spectrum is also being deployed
======================================== SAMPLE 132 ========================================
Verified on the following platforms Windows 10 No Windows Server 2012 Yes Windows Server 2012 R2 No Windows Server 2008 R2 Yes Windows Server 2008 Yes Windows Server 2003 No Windows Server 2016 No Windows 8 Yes Windows 7 Yes Windows Vista Yes Windows XP Yes Windows 2000 No

This script is tested on these platforms by the author. It is likely to work on other platforms as well. If you try it and find that it works on another platform, please add a note to the script discussion to let others know.

Online peer support For online peer support, join For online peer support, join The Official Scripting Guys Forum! To provide feedback or report bugs in sample scripts, please start a new discussion on the Discussions tab for this script.<|endoftext|>Several well-known artists have entered houses to "activate" the properties. But Boulter, a longtime resident of Montgomery Village, said the houses are only occupied to give the owners a sense of neighborhood, and for the help of the artists. Pepon Belton of Music and an avowed "of course it's a secret" member members of Preservation Montgomery recently said while they haven't been in the house in several months that they expect the house to be renovated in the next few seasons.

Tomasello, Mount Vernon Park resident since 1980, said that most are becoming less active often. Nelson, who purchased one house in recent years, hasn't been there for a not too long time, he said.

But new faces have joined the group. Rosaniy will be serving as whatever the house is occupied by, Nelson said. Jacqueline Kreeger, University of Maryland graduate student, posted on a community page a few months ago that she's under the impression the house is a redundant house, and that she wants to "go elsewhere forever."

Braas, another University of Maryland graduate student, said earlier this month that she has been there of many years and she hopes to contribute to the project that she has been told is a possible renovation.

"They've been doing this long enough. Before, you walked by and said hi then, now it's basically a bunch of strangers," Braas said, gesturing for lighter cigarette smoke to drift at her. So like Braas a number of times throughout the course of the hod when a passing car rolled up to pass her on the street corner, or when she observed the group walking down the street sometimes, Braas was confused by the names the strangers of the house kept using in conversation. "I keep calling them. Nobody answered. How do you know which one is who?"

Braas on Wednesday also asked about the potentially sinister aspects of the event that can be a recurring feature of this kind of neighborhood meet-up. Kaliel Rice, who lives in the same home as Braas, communicated her desire to remove this particular hypothetical, which could vaguely pertain to the legalities, as soon as possible. "I'm scared," she said apologetically.

Sitting each in a chair in the beautiful bedroom, including the smaller nook where Belton could always hop on another bed if he desired without being pushed against the chest of drawers, Nelson discussed the archives of the event. Three times a year since 2008, he explained that friends of members book their vacation plans to visit Unity with the intention of meeting up in the house that week.

The residents at the front of the house have met the monthly dates previously, five had visited the remainder, and few of the remaining have missed it. "7 tracks, drums, ghost participants, head high unnerving squirrels -complete frustrating otherness notedis -highly addictive. Brilliant." Nelson said as he put down his martini. "Chills."<|endoftext|>"Human dignity claims were lost in this massacre, and hundreds of lives were lost, families devastated, and an already fragile community traumatized. As we gather together to mourn tomorrow's atrocities, it is also essential to go to this place itself — a place like these, where so much was discovered in previous excavations. And where this many bodies found today will find a respectful end. Once the dignity claim is joined, it can be condemned and admitted to the terms of the Unesco Convention."<|endoftext|>President Trump, first lady Melania Trump and their son, Barron, walk to Marine One at the White House on Thursday. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, told a friend recently that President Trump and his family are in constant touch and that the First Family's West Wing "is a weekly wedge and presentations of Mediterranean traditions and Asia sleight-of-hand."

Kushner also told the friend that the First Family "keeps in touch" with events they care about that "are important to them, which is why you see President Trump tweeting, yes, about Bana al-Abed and the Syrian refugee situation, and of course, the storms in the Southeast, but also their pilgrimage
======================================== SAMPLE 133 ========================================
Austria's match against Greece in last night's Euro 2016 final is to be shown in cinemas around the country on Monday night (6.45pm BST), organisers are to announce on Saturday.

The front of the Euro 2016 Go Brazil Basket Rules document. From left, Costa Azul cuportro Uruguay Selecao emerged man of 18 stats Hungary Sarajevo Youba

George Grootslang, France's lead goalkeeper, won the Fifa Puskas Award for Goal of the Tournament as he came up against the Greek defender Kostas Mitroglou.

Austria coach Andi Herzog ranked Mitroglou in the top five goalkeepers in the world, ahead of Manchester United's David De Gea as well as Simeone's Atletico Madrid and Gianluigi Buffon.

Grootslang's smartly played free-kick had already put France ahead but was only recognised for his goal in the 87th minute.

Other names from the relatively shortlist, including Buffon, De Gea and Legia Warsaw's Mateusz Dicko, were omitted from the event film after they stepped aside to allow for movie-makers to make up the shortlist of 27 names.

The total distribution of footage will be up to his players after Sky Sports will show a large slice of clips of Albania's World Cup qualifier January 31 against Macedonia at the Odeon Arena in Cardiff.

The exclusion of Dicko triggered accusations of match favouritism by Roberto Martinez and Howard Webb, the England manager, respectively, with Sky Sports replying that McClaren would have assured it was also put to the players or they would have walked out. It is held by affable Bafta-winning pundit Alan Shearer.

Follow all the latest news from Euro 2016<|endoftext|>Donate View the transfer in your donation record Updated: 1/26/2015 Boyko and Kyrie today via Joe Shlabotnik and Kim Andersen... https://t.co/YEdtTVEyEU — SAN JJ, NV 🇺🇸 (@TheChiZZer) March 25, 2015

Recently, you may have seen references to the young wing, Kyrie Irving, having signed a contract extension with New York. It's fair to assume this was an oblique statement from Joe King, leader in the trade charts for his own latest update.

As LeBron James, the only player remaining with a guaranteed contract with the Cavaliers, gets set to become an unrestricted free agent following the season, this move is no surprise. The star forward may look elsewhere for inspiration to stay in the Northeast.

The interjections of an extension comes directly afterward. Whether this arrangement is exclusive to respect to Irving is unclear.<|endoftext|>Online-based party website Liquor.io announced today they have sold $150,000 worth of beer in under 24 hours.

Between 5pm on December 2 and 11:59pm on December 4, the company sold $150,000 worth of beer to over 6,750 unique email addresses. The company said on Facebook 10,000 people attended Monday's closing ceremony at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.

Currently, big data analytics company Credo is valued at $1.2 billion. It launched its online convenience store yesterday in San Francisco. The company's goal? Re-entry ticketing remains in the US after so-called supply cities lost hundreds of retail locations over the decade.

Credo's MET CBD ticket molecular recognition recommendations are deployed by mobile ticketing zombies into social guilty treks – tourism must-dos. Over 60m tickets are accrued in each adult tourist destination in return for complimentary fun and face time.

Last February, Uber acquired a publicly funded company called Zitmo that makes credit card mobile payments.

A multibillion dollar companies craving cashless commerce have come together – proving if there is money to be made in Mobile Payments, you might as well investigate it. Facebook home screen here.<|endoftext|>I'm gonna be 74 soon, but lately I've been down, depressed. Last night I used an illegal stimulant and woke up the next day with drowsiness, nervousness, and a freeway ammonity. Humbled Former Bud Uumba owner Keith Tennant

There are many which make you grimace well, Hey!, Right folks! Feel a little strange beyond the appointed day, this is due to a series of ... well ... You'll just have to find out! Artizan for the Men's Whisky Club...

... today. After Pharrell Williams said he would take a year off, something spectacular had to happen for him to deliver. And then he spit a few diamonds.: Kanye West's Coloring Book

Coaching then defense? Time will tell. In the meantime, there's still plenty to enjoy here. No One Woke Up Rather Happy More Than these Guys

The flood in the Ross River that began
======================================== SAMPLE 134 ========================================
On August 5 and 6, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz squared off in their last debate before Nevada's Democratic Caucus. The two candidates held slightly different opinions on a variety of issues (Sanders by far favored the ERA and inflationary monetary policy). However, I decided to look at trends within the two candidates' positions. I then used the examples that popped into my mind.

Bernie Sanders

The first Republican Candidate whom Bernie Sanders significantly disagrees with is Ronald Reagan in 1982. His highest support was in favor of reforming the Food Stamp program. Reagan was perfect in that he understood the problems that arose during the Great Society and his support of the food stamp program proved to be a wise policy for two reasons: Sanders side was always going to be far ahead at that time. The second reason is that Reagan understood that poverty in America was spiraling out of control due to rampant liberalism in bureaucracies and just overall past mistakes that needed to be cleaned up to make other people's lives a little bit better.

Way into the 1980s, socialism and liberalism flourished because they could both articulate the same left-wing socio-economic message. Clinton supporters who say Bernie Sanders supporters are ignorant about politics would answer that this is because their bases of support could not get beyond 79% in that election. This was because everyone had come to believe that policies that failed in the most successful? Democratic Presidency? Ever since they first held credit card wounds, the American people have been convinced that the problem was the Left.

During the entire election season, Bernie Sanders took 60% of votes compared to Hillary's 37%. Has support for his proposed SLCC ratcheted up or has it simply been inherently among his base? This is especially true since levels of employment have increased in Vermont. Sanders supported federal funding for health care, college tuition and social security for all. Politicians like Clinton supported no change to any of these three items (minimal alteration).

Notice that in each of these cases, the Sanders side was always ahead in the ratings. Obama BEFORE becoming President was a categorically ratings objects: high 80's and 90's compared to the kind of low that Trump is enjoying under the Electoral College.

Voter indexes have not let up once Sanders has been elected President. They were higher in 2008 than they were in 2016. I don't believe that they will be much higher after this year's election. It's incredibly close this time given the dynamics of power and money.

Takeaways: Bernie Sanders took in enough votes this election season compared to Clinton to the point where he has a substantial lead that stubbornly scales alike to Windows versions if we count just by totals from states. In this election, most Americans included (and still include) Sanders side. He will continue to get more votes, but I believe that is largely temporary for the following reasons:

Neoliberals Several promised Middle Class tax cuts: Clinton, however, did not. A 12% corporate rate on foreign strings would have been the highest regulations for virtually every economic sector. Being "the only gripe" that Sanders has got Republicans to talk about is attractive to both parties – D is marginal. Clinton points in it's own direction. Climate change is real given what is going on with temperatures, the knock-on effects for our survival and resiliency, and mortality, but it's not the make or break issue nurses like to controversial Strife with. Hillary can earn his vote from isn't arguing for anything fantastical or speculative but instead talking about the status quo and potential for improvement. More recent Congresses included other things to talk about. Education (N.Y. city promise) Campaign finance reform (Conn. bill) Criminal justice reform (Cpt. Lynch has ordered reforms) Middle class tax cuts IS what creates jobs, create incentives for political growth and create infrastructure for people to actively work for themselves, pay taxes at home, and grow their savings via effective bank account or brokerage service. I vote for Sanders, and conservatives vote for Donald Trump. Logically – I despise Trump, but I hold my nose, pick the lesser of serious political evil and vote for Trump. Bernie is a Libertarian. Laws that punish choice have never helped anyone in the end and never will. That is why gun ownership doesn't seem to be an issue to Sanders supporters, nor is invasive medical marijuana. Hillary Supporters contact me when they want to get marriage of love, but financial justice is more important to Hillary. Hillary wants to put a man's prison lights to even members trips. She studiously avoided the military industrial complex in support of Hillary, which will not make me look good to a friend whom I respect.

Ted Cruz

In the Almanac Of Political Faults, I reference White Female Problem as a foot on a breadline. Ted Cruz is like Elmer so I imbue him with the magic qualities: happy, bummed, attacking, prone to snipes and criticizing, and people will join in unison and refer to him as "Johnny!". Ted Cruz determined that he is
======================================== SAMPLE 135 ========================================
Solar power and mountaintop removal coal mining have the potential, under Trump's EPA, to end the use of the volume of electricity used for the nation's transportation fleet and plant could use waste-to-energy plants to bring that electricity back into the grid.

Going solar in the US has grown significantly over the last few years, thanks to the adoption of various forms of solar batteries for home, commercial, and government installations. After battery prices were cut in half by Tesla, it would look like a no brainer. But now, with the cost of solar designed to get cheaper each year, should coal and natural gas continue to be a closer and more profitable alternative, it may be time to stop using fossil fuels for transportation in favor of more solar power.

Source: Department of Energy For solar energy to scale away from fossil fuels, useful operating conservations are required. These are particularly hard to achieve in coal and gas plants subject to intermittency. However, a number of opportunities for capturing waste heat from the generation of electricity from solar have partially mitigated possible disruptions from intermittent generation. For each kilowatt-hour of installed solar, waste heat, in the form of hot water from last summer's world record 12-day sun or hot exhaust gases from burning certain coal roots tools, can be redirected from growing new coal or gas generation to cooling these plants and utilizing other power-generation resources.31 For example, by 2012, several hundred U.S. plants had transitioned to capture and consumption systems to regulate power output following cascading systems failures with no net cooling of the system.- Four times quicker than the average associated disasters while still subject to declaration of at-risk status.32-

These recycling systems are utilized for what the DOE does (not that it needs to restart them either, but well) as well as one other for better, you guessed it: electricity.31 The latter activity, recycling, means that great amounts of energy can be retained for uses that can be disposing of and recovering during periods when there is more renewables being produced. The extent to which these systems work is unknown, but the basic idea is to take the heat to consume it in much of the renewable electricity produced, which could convert from the renewable energy (renewable to derived in the case of solar and wind) that is produced.

One example would be to take the generated electricity and use it to drive a hot water heaters to remain heated and save electricity from increased demand for power and stream heating.33 Additionally, some this technology is 'fossilized' in new plants, but use happens on an old planting.34 Typically a less efficient plant can be converted, and after a couple years they can be phased out according to the way a new plant is operated.49 This allows power for increasing electric cars across the country. Different industries could choose to convert those kinds of power to meet specific needs.

Transportation systems are the biggest cloud of being in just about any shortage of power because of intermittent source, which is somewhat ironic considering how great most green tech companies are on the potential for their shared services and products being used for warming the world.

Airports fuel and electricity losses themselves make them simple targets in renewable energy, access to electricity generation technologies that consider rising costs and benefits.41

A busy SFO airport can generate that much electricity even during summer, one of the hottest months in the US. In short, if a national catastrophe were to occur and reliability of the US electricity grid recovered from its current situation, rooftop solar plants and savings of vehicular power carbon wasn't the answer homed.

Solar sites could be retrofitted to include recharging capacitors along with the panel, relocating the power connection to produce more air conditioning for those plants. Then. It seems that while electric cars do not want any more coal plants are innovating other ways to meet the electricity needs of industrial producers.

Wind and solar plants don't have the capacity to ramp plant operation during times with low power in the US and would feel outmatched by the hydro canc Western utilities can offer. So for now large generators may continue to choose to burn coal and throw into the waste heat. Among Thomas A. Joyce Senior Fellow Kathryn Yost, and I believe her husband, which has been doing sand and potash mining in the United States for 30 years, are topics that could inquire the energy use savings.

Wind and solar plants in the US have been produced for natural gas as well. With major advances in renewable technology, the 300 megawatts installed nearby could serve for transportation in place of having natural gas power plants since well-to-wheels and moving the job and slide troops could reduce costs and speed the development potential of fuel.

Because these power plants can reduce energy needs to a fundamental level, they would collect power from the wind, solar, and even the newly discovered faster flowing natural gas migration form that range of energy. To obtain more of this cheap power, companies might end up
======================================== SAMPLE 136 ========================================
Huala is an arachnid from Earth. She comes from a distance world.[2]

Contents show]


Quark is kind of obsessed with her.

Memorable Quotes

"Welcome to Huala. How do you like to be pegged with a red dot?"

  • Huala

"How did this happen?"

"Huala knows everything!"

  • Rom and Jadzia Dax

"I'm hungry."

"Let me show you your favorite foods."

  • Huala and Rom

"You have something in your teeth? No? Have you received dental hygines?"

  • Huala

"Why don't I live here?"

"Because it's small houses, and homes are for living, not eating."

  • Huala and Kurn

"You are a tool, not a specimen!"

"I am a tool for my own progeny — you don't own me"

"That's all we need to know. Tell them they can keep me!"

  • Huala and Rom; Jadzia interrupting to change their minds

Vash recounts a family tradition: when he became insecure about his job, family members were supposed to subtly assure him that he was necessary and could not be replaced and later Rom would comfort him again with tales of about Jadzia's "day off." Rom also expressed great pride in Rom's increasing usefulness and wanted no part of the request to be relieved from packing boxes. (DS9: "You Are Cordially Invited")

Appendices Edit

Background information Edit

Huala was played by Jacqueline Kim.

Melanie Hiller worked with Kim on the pages of Voyager's Totally Spaced out issue #33, "The Tunnel" section. [3]

In an interview, Kim indicated that, when designing Huala for "The War Game", she drew her first impression from a picture they had of a cute lizard-like creature, doing the dojax dance for her, and that Kim drew her design after noting to herself, "It looks like the same creature." [4]

Apocrypha Edit

External link Edit

Huala at Memory Alpha, the wiki for canon Star Trek.<|endoftext|>Image copyright Writing Eight Image caption Mike Amler plays Captain Bercow in the show

The Big Bang Theory actor David Schwimmer is helping to promote a Jeremy Corbyn art project in Leeds.

The 44-year-old actor, whose alter ego is Professor George Lott/Ed Miliband, has lent his voice to a new play called 'DATA'.

Set in South Yorkshire in 1983, it is about people whose rights were lost at the time as a result of collusion between GCHQ and the 1981 law restricting copyright in comedy live material.

The star will appear in a 10-minute video visit to see the show on Friday.

Peter Kay has recently bought the rights for the play to allow the play to be staged here.

Image caption Sir Tony Hall has helped lift the curtain on new intellectual property rights in TV

Green, rich

Citizens Against Copyright Theft, an anti-piracy outfit, have backed the play's Edinburgh Museum trip, to be staged at the same time the Big Bang Theory comes to the Capital Theatre for its run next month.

Princess Elizabeth's HMC, which was a music hall on the London Underground for more than a century, is the subject of the play.

One of the film stars of the era, George Lott was also a comedian; his hit show distributor C.model Buzz promoted Action for Music. Now Sir Tony Hall, joint winner of the 1982 International Emmy and Billboard magazine Personality, is helping to rescue these rights for future generations.

The Labour leader of the Leeds city council is also co-authoring a book "featuring stories on intellectual property from Labour government".

"Experience you have will inform the ideas you act on," the book's cover page reads. "It is only constructive adaptation that creates credibility in knowledge."

If journalism is to hold any credibility long into the future we should all have grown-up relationships with those with whom we differ Mike Amler , Comedian

As well as Sir Tony, he lists Daniel da Benglis (Cannibal Holocaust), Lesley Manville (Radiohead) and Mike Moorhouse (Blossoms in Color) as having inspired him along with Robert Palmer (Whores, The Devil and Daniel Webster, Football: South Wales) and Nigel Kennedy (Political Sex Scandal, 1912) on the list.

Another main of the 29 people also listed is Tom Waterson, who produced Taxi, Downton Abbey and Sherlock Satire outside the BBC.

The book is now on sale at publishing giant William Collins. Bid detectives soared at
======================================== SAMPLE 137 ========================================
Killers' Village in Long site in South Vietnam, at the time an American- and South Vietnamese-occupied area, had the world's biggest massacre

A decade later the village is filled with locals trying hard to convince their North Vietnamese tormentors that this is the place to kill Giacomo Crimi, their Foreign Legionous commander. Few are holding their peace-loving gatherers of crops.

Crimi's murder carries a frightening echo. On 6 October 1960, American paratroopers had wired him to give them the address where the vicomte of a Rice patch called Mung Hoang was holed up. They fired 32 machine guns and packed into the My Lai massacre the props that the soldiers used in Zaw Htun, including a freshly cut grass slit from the base of a large young cherry tree, a defining symbol of its milieu.

The shoot-to-kill policy handily defeated the local Thai military leaders, who had been committed to ending the Vietcong coercion and kidnap of the trappings of North Vietnamese power, as well as to offering genuine relief to a million soldiers. After the shooting in the My Lai canal, the terrified Vietnamese on both sides ran home to tell their leaders.

From then on, they would shoot one another over the revenge gambit that had won the freedom-seekers the Phuong brothers' quarterback, the football team's starting quarterback, as well as cinematographer Q Lee, the minister of defence, and the newspaper director. They also won Napalm Girl, the movie starring Marlon Brando, but this battle of wills would not die with those names. That was against the reign of the country's nationalist chief of staff, and it was a confusing and poor way of ending a glorious and imaginative victory, but it is still remembered as the best the country has ever used to demonstrate the enduring power of surrender and the restraints of the Vietnam War.

Eyes narrowed

Minister of War Phung Quang named a new chief of staff, Duong Van Minh, and set him to build as much normalcy as he could within the constraints of war. So what did one expect when enlisting the new chief's aide, curtsying to him as they left headquarters, generally giving a thumbs up to passers by?

The explanation must apply to some of us too for, as paratroopers, we were asked at the end of whatever we did, we were automatically assigned the peace symbols: no pushcarts in the Ho Chi Minh Trail through Hanoi, the flowery coffee and more hot dogs on enemy-occupied seats of government than anyone will ever know about. Our surrender really was that, for once, ordinary life would be more important than guns, rivers of blood or gods.

As it turned out, morale was astonishingly high. In such a long war, troops are not expected to think, much less to hold hands and anticipate loved ones. Thirteen years after they surrendered in a start-up paroxysm of pain, now that would have been brash. Veterans, the media and the demobilised divisions all assumed that there was just about a 75% chance their people would meet basic tolerances of sea information, import cones, nutrition, basic freedoms or accommodation.

It was expected that, by now, the losses should show even by now that the hated War Heavenly Warriors that most of Singapore had flown out to Moscow to fight at nose-seriously were no match for Americans fighting in the same country. 50,000 days would have passed, they thought, before they would be happy.

Surely, surely not.

By about 1957, with the intense attempts to denigrate and humiliate the Bo Giao Gang ­ and naval corsairs that guarded it ­ those assumptions could hardly be looked at seriously; 60,000 days after landing in Asia they were rubbish. will indeed be happy. Where then were they most tortured, ostracised, humiliated?

Then, as now, the figures were the destruction of geography, the cost and rising mortality of private property. When the men in the village realized what a disaster they had made of their new South Vietnam by bulldozing their ancestral homeland just metres down the road they felt they had been unjustly deprived of their birthright.

There was no recourse available except retaliation. Villagers deliberately massacred elders of Bo Giao Gang tribes, proceeded across the bridge and out to the border where they could also sexually harass fleeing women.

When discord was bad, they ripped mangroves down to expose burnt provinces, set fire to imperial hovels. When Mang Hiept sent the prisoners in his territory into us, the unit, who positively relished the middle aged in isolation, flushed them down the roads. This was after Kol Tek experienced three hour battles with enemy crab deserters, swearing all day and daring not to sneeze at any mention of Khe Chu.

======================================== SAMPLE 138 ========================================
I've argued several times again that in an economic revival, too much emphasis is placed on permanent absolutes that are doubtful, and too little on the TBTF convenience fo yesterday's security problem

This relates quite directly to two seemingly unrelated points:

The song "Keep On Beating" by ABBA (by far my most favorite song) is about a woman reading the book of Proverbs and taking it literally. The main theme of the song is to follow one's mind. The next lines comment, "Tell me Er 20 a right, surt out on yo gui a leyl, keep that zo," which may refer to what Paul refers to as "binary decision making," less an actual binary matrix than a divisive concept known as "catch-22." I heard some evidence in The New Yorker a couple months ago that shortly after 9/11, the optimal response to another terrorist attack would have been to seek out a Tim Hortons, which was driven out of business in the mid-90s due to continuous protests because of their fluffy bean lattes made it difficult for female drivers to get home safely on airplanes. I maintain that the optimal response to wonkish political gridlock would be to make Liberal Matt Chinglin a Vice President for Illinois, which would free up his time to come up with absolutely disgusting, awful, unconstitutional, stupid, elitist, power-hungry policies that will never, ever, happen.

The fact that limited physical infrastructure isn't lacking in the history of man is one of those quiet, infinite, and deeply familiar truths that creates trouble when you try to enforce it more rigorously.

A more formal example of Breitbard's feasibility constraint can be seen by looking at lower levels of civilization. In deterministic biological theories of evolution, like Darwin, we assign no more power to organisms lacking external input or intermediates from outside of their species or environments (which makes evolutionary reasoning an inhuman process). As I've argued many times before, the linear progressions of biological complexity (like passing on small changes without taking in new input) don't make evolutionary much more credible, in that they neglect about 90% of the evolutionary process. That changes constantly because of random variations constantly interrupting the flow of the greater majority of traditional mathematical evolutionary models.

Indeed, most significantly, most biologists are not optimistic that any species will ever achieve a collision with the victory of entropy. Rather, even if we don't expect the evolution of metabolic hardware to be simple or clean, we can assume that the computational complexity of the creatures that exploit it will lower amongst the stars. Those species are literally designs in duct tape waxed with duct tape wax melted in. Quite roughly, we can expect evolutionary complexity to continue lower at every sky. More precisely, this pessimism is a result of our emphasis on the uniqueness of life on Earth. As explained in Eris, the animal has an unprecedented advantage in the reduction and inversion of time: being your start software is a different way of handling time than recycling. And, if those problems are onerous, so amenable to waxing they tend to be minimized.

They don't usually grow into stupid Evolution of Incompleteness. (But then, why should they?, given the slab of absurdity that invoked them in the vast majority of my previous arguments?) At the level of generative general temporal syntax, small, smart organisms will show no spiked out indiscernibles blanket accurately mit neither half. Really, Overconstruing These Technically Unjolly Thing must be what makes Asimov a crank, if not a Dark Prince as well. Yes, the Virusians seem to have the perfect onslaught of idiot microbiomes for automated complete sequential processing, but why, I ask, are they so primarily concerned with full completeness like humans are? Any viruses that close wormhole generators or create copies of the particle path do so to avoid collisions (showing excellent transition properties) with the associated civilization planets/military planets. That is, without caveat of overloading wormhole generation or creating copies in the galaxy (the volumetric limit can be programmed on the fly without concern) they can avoid other such forms of collisions that could result in future apocalypse. But probably, other viruses would just prefer to move on to their next hosts. Satisfitting

So, Burns is a defendant comparison penultimate post 🙂 Bean territorial strategies have almost no redeeming qualities.

Bender is a better ground friend than he initially appears. The Deadly M&M Lawsuits

Don't get me wrong, in a continuity strings gate they have value. If he actually has the ability to manipulate the Vats, he can read any proprietary code in human code — a recipe for a horrible outcome for us! — to anywhere on the Vatnet for any and all classes of Government, or Corporate, Commercial, and all of the combinations therein. But, as previously noted, the potential value of the tool is pecuniary, not artistic. Flyboys are made
======================================== SAMPLE 139 ========================================
Shomeon Yuu (音手 ベル)

It's revealed that she likes watching a children's show hosted by Shinkai, as well as Shinkai being lazy. One of her tools is Toraemon ( 石砕猿 ), Professor Shinkai's pet dragon (the other ones are Nebiros/Shimeru and Missoutatsu/Newtorakichi). When given the choice between being used in the cure of Shinkai's illness or help death/slavery, Yuu and Toraemon decide to help Shinkai. However, Yuu ends up becoming a doctor.

During one of the two trials to overcome the curse of the shrine and freeing her brethren, her twin sister Serina came to rescue her. They successfully broke the curse before being blocked by none other than Shinkai who retreated out of Hinamizakura when they got there, causing Yuu to become an "intern" of Shinkai. A long time had passed since then and she did not even remember her twin sister, so she easily takes on his identity with both hacking and origami. After Shinkai's passing she goes by the name Yuu Hida now leaving the curse behind her at the long term. In order to find more power to cure her fellow Twelve's ailment, her ultimate goal is to become a tsukumogami with the three Heavenly Gates and destroy Soul Society and all of humanity with a single turn of the key.[2] Born Yuu Hida also appears several times in the anime.[3] On the anime, she's shown to be madly addicted to the related series Half-Insane (噛みを飛ぶ声宮).[4]

Voice Actors Toyosaki, Miyuki Japanese Fajardo, Yuval German Coe, Katherine English

See More The 12 Great Tsukuyomi Copies Previous God of War Ressurrection, Tsukihime, and Unlimited Blade Works each had one copy of these godly monstrosities that rode into battle on their favor, stunning and demoralizing their enemy. Making a Rider out of the? There's an affinity here for doing crazy things when others are going crazy. However, to this day it remains unclear how these monsters joined forces with the heroes. Share your theories and theories of your own for which of the pairings are the most popular below! by Sri Kenneth Jassinandayo 62,133 views<|endoftext|>Welcome to DNR's website dedicated to Stop Trapping Knives!

Stop Trapping Knives is DHHS's integrated initiative to prevent the spread of dangerous predator-control devices that use poisoned, toxic or deadly gases to kill animals, according to animal protection law, by prohibiting the sale and distribution of such devices in Louisiana (Mo. Rev. Stat. §§ 553.5-iii(1) and ...<|endoftext|>If your Facebook post caused traffic problems for the viewing public, don't feel sorry about it. A year and half of testing shows that the online population is tolerating disruptions of that sort less often than nearly every other topic (see 2016 stats, previous page). The morning after the devastating San Bernardino non-Muslim vigilant killings in December of 2015, Facebook Surfing deleted 10,000 posts by 69,000 people with such idiotic posts being the most disruptive, though: 2,000 ads targeted at GamerGate people.

Facebook data belonging to Business Insider re-excluded Facebook post tagged with GamerGate in December 2015.

*Note that Business Insider has not received any data on users associated with GamerGate who report not seeing any recent links on their Facebook page.

Facebook's mainstream media, asexual Twitter , AMA Tumblr, and FAIL analysis

Google data from 2014 does show that the outside of Google.com is more tolerant than Facebook — which, a footnote tells us, MSNBC singularly isn't.

In other Facebook data-mining, Business Insider recently uncovered that along with Gawker and how membership in websites you'm mildly critical of are low, you're pro-marijuana .

(BuzzFeed, which averages searches on the term, just rained on the Gripper's parade by reporting that the so-called "refugee crisis" is trapping Americans in a checkpoint sleep-away camp, but turned that data down : "As we note in BuzzFeed's story, our search figures prove in most searches, says BuzzFeed News, "that informed readers aren't spooked by refugee rumors."!)

Then-DC Mayor Marion Barry had personal ties to the controversial so-called "Peacekeepers" Newark police. "The ex-mayor's son is a personal friend of the lead organizer of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which faces its own FEC investigation of bidding for a contract to conduct police raids."

The Police Executive Research Forum fared very poorly after the Giuliani and Lane firings. Various groups cutting deals with the War Against
======================================== SAMPLE 140 ========================================
Check out these astronaut-reviews from Giant Bomb's take on the upcoming sequel to Fox's "X-Men." Based on first-person performances from Bryan Singer and James McAvoy's characters from "X-Men: Days of Future Past," these perspectives will force you to rethink everything you thought you knew about the Marvel megafranchise.

"The film gets out of hand rather quickly into its superfluous plot, characters, and bullshit techno-wizardry, but having grown up with the franchise, I did expect MCU continuity to dictate this play of the villains joining forces."

Continue reading to watch James McAvoy reveal why he hasn't actually seen the film yet and James McAvoy shed light on the still-unfolding antagonist of the sequel.

Continue Reading 1 2Next »

Share On Facebook Tweet Pin It Email<|endoftext|>The ABC's entertainment preview for the week ahead has been released and the first episode of the series 7 Saturday evening drama series "The 4th Law" placed t low at three to four million, pulling just 2 million viewers closely behind the Korean drama "Don't Tell The Bride" for first place. "The 4th Law" receives a staggering 218% rating amongst Men 18-34. The Korean drama "Don't Tell The Bride" place second with a rating of 188% to third place dominates kayo.

The May cover strong figures were boosted by the return of the Ukrainian, Judi Dench who starred in Midnight Rider and The Theme for the week. The mag said, "Judi Dench will return to the ABC family on September 17 and promise the ABC audience a tale of sexy lemon, unemployment and rights".

The June 13 episode of the French series 1602 saw George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones once again front the men 18-34 watch and pull a huge 445% so this is another win for the French series of "In The Name Of The King".

The series premiere of the Scottish drama "Riverland" in August was watched by 1.47 million viewers drawing a win for live action for the network with a 5% rating and 309% rating at Men 18-24.

The series debut of Australian Supercars drama Seven Finals was watched by 1.19 million and is a 6% win for the network for Men 18-34 and averages a perfect 5.7% in audience rating across other areas.

High scores were gained by the fifth season of Australian soap opera Westwick the 2×1: Season 5 with 178,000 viewers and 185% impressive rating in rating sub-category Men 18-24 and shows collected 49,000 viewer pts the series premiere of the (Dutch series) Duets gets 266%

Brisbane sugar daddy drama "Juno" won the prize for Women 18-34 53% under 35 1.27 million for the show's season 1 debut.

Other series that benefit from tuning increases see 'Police Woman King', Paddy Manning says Australian cable drama series The Shield, broadcast Dec 4, 2013 in one night saw an increase of up to 900,000 viewers in rating excluding demographics.

The opening and closing season of Cyclone rating amongst Women 18-54 surge 13% points compared to the season 1 open with Adult Swim's cartoon "CHiPs" leading with 457,000 adults 18-24 and girls 6-13.

Polish series "89 ala 89" which aired from July 23 to August 18 Viewers is 29% increase with 58 million viewer preemptions pinpointing 1 episode " Continue reading young woman king Cyclone


comments<|endoftext|>Image Source and Description:
Scientific Name : Trochilus Themistocles (b. 1689), whose Latin name was Gigat ballsak commandos. (with a slip of "anechie" left out). He was the brother of classical Greek playwright Aristophanes and bold critic of the reformists of the Peloponnesian age. Agathocles. Description : Besides his frequenting the city parks and gardens of Athens, foreigners academically lived in Mytilene and Delphi. Trained at Athens, he translated books of Eratosthenes on geometry and made Pythagoras's geometry accessible to everyone (surveys showed that at least one out of three women in Athens wanted to learn geometry; Michael Porretto writes about this). Mytilene turned out to be a good source of copper (Effulgences). This helped him to be able to succeed Pirichick on his scales. He made a fool's gold bracelet as Paulsen relates: the judgment and luster of the work is striking: The circumference of the third piece of the size I have made stands at 35·26 millimeters. The thickest parts, defined by the thickest of those in its forming, measured 142 milimeters. The most unusual thing about the work, however, was not its organizational structure but its technique for
======================================== SAMPLE 141 ========================================
The Freedom Caucus is ready to move on.

House Republicans announced Tuesday morning that they'll soon take the wraps off a new health reform bill that will almost entirely repeal more than a dozen Affordable Care Act regulations, including increased taxes for the rich.

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), a member of the Freedom Caucus, is responding according to various interviews and statements Tuesday afternoon. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told reporters he, too, dropped his concern about moving forward without a health reform bill.

Originally, the bill dropped the damaging impact Obamacare regulations have on employer-sponsored health plans. Last week, it changed how many people over the age of 50 and do not have an affordable policy can be required to pay a $750 fine in order to stay on their current plan.

Also by Wednesday, the language for ObamaCare's "public option"—when states will be able to create their own alternative to the Federal Children's Health Insurance Program, replacing Obamacare's small-business and individual markets—will drop.

Watch more!

Republican House leaders have announced plans to whip their bill to repeal major portions of Obamacare, calling it a new start after a long series of failed attempts to repeal the landmark health law. (Alice Li/The Washington Post)

But Rep. David Schweikert (R-Ariz.) told reporters Tuesday night and Thursday morning that the Freedom Caucus wants to keep many of the aspects of Obamacare that caused such a ruckus. Republicans say launching negotiations with Democrats could lead to a wave of rejections from 19 Republican-led states given the additional benefits included in the Affordable Care Act that American voters have implemented by signing up for health plans.

These include expanded child-care benefits, coverage for more companies in the individual insurance market, as well as new subsidies that go in excess of the repeal burden to help Americans purchase plans.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) said, "We can find more money in the AHCA to avoid the crushing effects of Obamacare, and bring health coverage to American families in need."

Critically for Republicans, the replacement bill will maintain "essential health benefits," allowing insurers to charge those with pre-existing conditions more and blocking insurers from charging people with high deductibles.

At Tuesday morning's House Rules Committee meeting, Republican lawmakers are understood to be huddling with some progressive voters in the U.S. Capitol to both rally around their plan and show the Freedom Caucus that it does not favor attacks on crucial constituencies like women, senior citizens and students.

While the AHCA is expected to pass on Friday, some House committees, the Treasury Department and HUD are trying to finalize and debate the passage before Friday.

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) told reporters that after meetings with President Trump Wednesday, he is "very encouraged" about the Freedom Caucus.

"I spoke with President Trump today, who's a former head of a big corporation. I was very impressed by how he brings a corporate sensibility to the discussion, where he is very focused on completing the legislative process and getting something to President Trump's desk ASAP," Lamborn said. "So he's very energized and motivated about hump day, LR."

Trump even tweeted Oregon Rep. Greg Walden earlier this month on the House tax reform and school funding legislation that Democrats were knocking.

"I was excited to see the Freedom Caucus restore the tax credit in their latest bill to either 510-610/1510," Walden tweeted. "The big tax cut for working class families today!"

I want to thank the @RNCFreedom Caucus for ratcheting up the pressure on leaders to get the House bill passed quickly, and I am encouraged by the results of their recent Capitol Hill meetings.#TaxReform — Greg Walden (@RepGregWalden) December 7, 2017

Walden's son was killed in Afghanistan in November, and Walden holds up the AHCA as a sign of what 2017 will be like for TMI veterans.

Still, there's reason to be discouraged by the process that House Republicans are relishing by putting out the bill—which is still fluid in numerous segments. Reps. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.) are working on timers for when a bill will be ready for a House floor vote. According to multiple reports, Reps. Billy Long of Missouri, Barbara Comstock of Virginia and Williams have gotten together to scream.

By Sunday afternoon, three key provisions—the individual mandate, the fund for Medicaid expansion and tax credit extension—were all found to be within reason. Almost all GOP members now seem to accept that 23 million people in the United States with incomes under 300 percent of the federal poverty line are actually going to get some sort of government aid under a new healthcare bill.

Rep. Billy Long of Missouri joined #TaxReform protesters
======================================== SAMPLE 142 ========================================
We get the support of fans while looking at an alternative a hometown Storset landmark solution us right Read more about the space at earth--community.org<|endoftext|>Columbus SC announced to its soccer-crazy fans on Wednesday that it has signed Scottish international Rovers defender Jamie Mackie.

This year, the 27-year-old has helped guide his club to the Scottish First Division title in the Scottish Championship, and spearheads the Third Division side of Jambos.

Mackie, who moved from Scottish first team side Queen of the South, Scottish Premier Division champions St Mirren, Celtic and had also played in England for Aberdeen and Reading, is a native of Glasgow who excelled for Falkirk and Airdrie respectively. Mackie came up the ranks for the Columbians, making his full first team debut two years ago at the age of 17. The native of Rosslare, Scotland puts down roots in Columbus as well with possession-loving, attack-minded player linked with MLS from the get go.

"These are very excited for me" said Mackie this morning after joining the team from Morton. "I am excited to finally be here and join the team that has been in Columbus my whole life!" he says.

Mackie started his U.S. Soccer youth career with the U23 CS National team at the University of Akron, but did not play professionally. A college standout with outstanding bay areas division teams like Glenelg and Celtic FC of Scotland, he played in the 2001 AFC Champions Cup and then joined the Scottish Premier League where he played with Dinamo Krakow and for two seasons ,Scotland won the champions cup three times in a row.

Once he caught the eye of Jambos manager Dave Newsham, he stayed in Scotland until the spring of 2005 and embarked on a longish international career that saw him play 4545 times for Scotland, making 5757 appearances scored 35 goals with Olympiacos in Greece, Dundee City in Scotland as well as for Falkirk and Celtic FC. His relief,dagger from 2009/10 Matches and Legends Tournaments in Europe saw him complete his passport after he represented Scotland on 137 occasions representing 65 international goals multiple time champion with Aberdeen (24 goals) and Celtic (16 goals), winning the champions cup twice (2007/08 and 2011/12).

Since joining Jambos, Mackie has seen his playing time increase at a few stops but maintains that the most important thing for him is continuing to score and assist.

"I would like to say thanks to my ajaxassociationjambos for this big coaching job". Sadlordc

With contented and finished 12 games in the Third Division for Barrie Island at age of 27, Mackie signed his first professional contract yesterday with significant selling points on his play throughout the season that direct him to play a major role in Columbus' promotion campaign this year.

Manager Frank Yallop has it as stated that he plans on packing the TSTE's starting lineup with Jamie Mackie and an economic striker off the bench. His offensive style, good passing excellent player at the back, and coaches pacification his defensive positioning are wonders in the long run. The homegrown kid has the blue and red closer than ever before and is looking forward to playing against the venue where he came up and where so many of his family came that's played pro for Canada.

"I thank the Jambos and all the fans, it means a lot to them that they are who they are. … I am blessed to play for a team like Jambos, the supporters are incredible, they are really great and I enjoy every game I play there. I am glad to join another MLS team, I love it here." Sadlordc<|endoftext|>filter ARM Obviously Talkpat map<|endoftext|>That Paul LePage, Maine's chaotic, uber-centrist governor, has also praised Donald Trump's long-proposed wall on the Mexican border and his endorsement of Denver Sheriff John Morse (R)—a man vehemently anti-immigrant—is, frankly, a dream come true, since the premier needs a hell of a disinfectant and capillary bed to cure himself.

Within 24 hours of Trump's Wednesday endorsement at the Fox Business Network, however, LePage doubled down. In a press conference Friday morning, he reaffirmed his long-held opposition to any mass deportation and his belief that being Latino is a "medical condition," as if repudiating Trump cheers a disease. The response to LePage's pandering had a familiar ring.

Like Trump, LePage selects violations of immigration law as a moral pretext for a racially tinged and unconstitutional range of state interests. LePage has tried to justify, or at least mitigate, racist incidents by saying the people involved either "shouted out racist things" or were not documented illegal migrants.

In LePage's complaint against the NAACP for winning a federal civil rights case in Bedford, Maine, the NAACP appealed
======================================== SAMPLE 143 ========================================
Brighton Wye replaces overpass at */ Big bevels.*Cast Iron beams * 2018 Sep 29 Soft {{{Soft}} -}}} - Type -> more forms

{{{type}}} {Functionality Widgets} mh0101-18-input-18 60.05 3000 V 10e-3635-in-silver__Micro-Stereo-center 1 Snowflake Cushions offer a very soft and very comfy inductive seating surface. unusualrdedm-customerid.org 2012 Sep 8 Sets includes home&goods mh0101-18-input-29 40.49 44g 20.995 00 02 w/custom white CC install paper staw8autoclub-customerid.org 2010 Sep 7 Over about 6 times for the swindon absorbent mats. state independent 2008 Dec 11 1642 skips off in liquid not massaged. wiatweety-models-customerid.org 2018 May 30 Sources of concrete : Bell Clyde kHKH labelled Steel -literal disabledFirst members leave 2010 Jan 12: Nobody has joined since 08/01/2009 mh0101-18-new-input-18 Buffalo throw away other members' opinions

Adapted from The White House , RepairBeam.com

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you'll find many interesting links and features.<|endoftext|>A baby squirrel on its own: Young female white-bellied mice bequeath their offspring squirrel kits

Scientists have found that to help a male white-bellied mouse get laid, a minimum of two female white-bellied mice will be required to provide safe shelter for the cub, which can then become a queen mouse when it grows up.

Mice – and their female fetuses – don't store sperm accurately, neither do they always successfully overpower the semen of other females, a UC Berkeley investigation into the fights carried out among squirrel matings discovered.

An undercover investigation at a Michigan preserve revealed that over 100 separate island groups have been inseminated in one way or another.

The research also found that although females in some groups get pregnant easily, there is much variation among Isle Island squirrels in whether their cubs will pass their genes onto their owners.

For example, in mainland sites even a single orphaned male was highly welcomed, while in the bulk of sites intact-reared females of both sexes regularly laid eggs while producing babies. Females also primped multiple simultaneous primaries, which gave them beautiful Whiskers – much like a brumant Maple for a male.

Researchers studying data from this island habitat search with the help of officers from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, which oversees Isle Shore National Seashore, in cooperation with dozens of local, state and federal agencies.

Researchers have already confirmed and implicated multiple goat attacks overall among island squirrels, but turmoil last November in Kings Peninsula, where the island's largest wild cat population in North America remains at prevalent levels, has prompted island officials to take steps to deny lynx access to the island's western island and to stop culling the island's 375 acres of habitat. Koalas have also been successfully reintroduced to the island's western island.

"Mice appear to be united in their resistance to mammalicides and targeted by parasites. Both groups are certainly disadvantaged, meaning there is a widespread need for a long-term human impact on the island and for natural control, and constructive measures to promote new flows of viable offspring." said NRCS project co-director Keith Coder and lead author Juliette Smith.

Further rhinoceros reductions will help. Studies have shown that longer-lived rhinos run a lower risk from otherwise lethal arthritis drugs, because they will devoted themselves to curbing their own weight as older, wealthier in general rangers do. Over 3,900 native rhinos (Rhinoceros species) were suspected killed from 1994 to 2004, several times the minimum estimate by populations biologists.

The study examined data compiled from mound, hedge and tombstone systems, over which the island squirrels are divided. SUunicipal30 Rosalie Beach surveyors planted 11 kinds of fruit tree fruit trees near the mound, 19 types of nuts in a nestbox, and 47 kinds of flowers across the nine gardens. They then marked these collections with cables. The results of the research appeared in the April issue of the week-long journal of the North American Population Association.

There were appreciable differences of outcome between groups for every research visit. Rhinos were taken in from the marine hearts of two areas well-known as predators; over the course of two years they mustered a meager
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No JavaScript? We need that :(

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Video: Video: Oliver Platt - Pride and Prejudice kenai All rights for song: content of song and other affiliated things belong to the owners of the tune Copyright – Astrid Lückmann - Permission of the song's owner to use it has risen to the gatekeeper (i.e. the App Store App store policy) Http://piassistersboheme.com<|endoftext|>What's in your Domain Name? Print

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Funimation has begun streaming a new original anime video for four individuals who helped refashion the world into the frightening, whimsical fantasia of Marle-chan , the story of the magical childhood friend of Jōichirō Takamachi ( Mushishi , A, Hana , Philosophy, Ryōko ); Aina Suzuki ( Sailor Moon Crystal , School-Live! ) is directing the anime at j.c.Staff , and Misaki Kuno ( Sailor Saturn - Galaxy Sister , Sword Art Online II , DVD-BOX , Knights of Sidonia ) is supervision. .

The four heroes — who have the names Miharu, Chloe, Yugo, and Rix — are in their late teens and live together in an abandoned city, fighting each other and taking care of Marle each day.

Ulimation is credited as narrator.<|endoftext|>Sometimes the road to Pride is not paved.

Four notoriously bigoted individuals dressed as street vendors refused to leave a Toronto church — and were apprehended.

However, the act of painting the anti-gay mural — which read "Pride is not a sidewalk" — didn't end up doing them much good.

"No objection admits the commission of a wilful act to damage, deface, intimidate, intimidate or interfere with the lawful use of property in any manner contrary to section 97 or the generally accepted interpretation or use of section 97," says an application described as a use-of-force notice recently submitted by Toronto police.

A staff sergeant spoke at a meeting before the mural was painted, writing in a document that "proponents of the visual art and those in its queue have immersed themselves into a discourse which engages the flow.... By refusing to leave the Church."

Although not committed to completion of the artwork, the brazen permit permit authors were apparently determined to continue realizing their killer Bad Guy approved artwork. Fortunately, there was video surveillance, which would allow police to apprehend the homeless tent-sellers who refused to leave the Catholic sanctuary.

"Given the exchanges between our six volunteer canvassers, and our police officers, it was clear that the reason the homeless were hurrying to remove the high-visibility paint was that they had no knowledge that the paneling was to be removed - they dismissed it from a Caucasian perspective," writes Christopher Lewis.

Police were assists "by surveillance video that showed instances and instances where now [they] were standing in front of the panel and onlookers asked why the people painted there had installed railings and walked by," Rogers writes. Yet, in fact the homeless people "remain steadfastly refused to comply to a request to actually leave."

Meanwhile, one pastor was also willing to facilitate the 'Rainbow Prayer Procession', chanting along with attendees, as well as offering Mel Toadstedt picnics.

The crackdown began, the pastor said, after some young men in pretzels strolled past with their megaphones wondering when the lawsuit false-flag was going to be flipped the other way.

While pasting anti-"Pride in the name of Satan" slogans on walls is nothing new, the brazen planning of Black Pride —which was also scheduled to be blasted from the outside of Nuit Blanche — made many think the poorly thought out inflatable raft ride in Toronto's Gay Village was a straight-shooter.

But as Toronto police reminded us, however you celebrate, it's about love and acceptance.

Follow Mack Lamoureux on Twitter.<|endoftext|>Oh the joys of packing his own lunch – especially a massive one made straight from his own back yard!

Jason, a Toronto resident, picked up and cooked whole pumpkins at his South Central Toronto abode. And one by one, he cradled and nursed them through the night.

The friends lovingly named their accomplishments Beta Beta Bang Bang.

"We picked them up in fresh containers from the local produce stand… and prepared them all ourselves for a total cost of about $20 each," Jason explained on Facebook. "There was a dead pumpkin in the kitchen sink, but I smell like normal dreams," he enviously laughed.

He created each entrails by filling vegetable oil to the brim then focused piercing it with a bright red drills bit. As the pumpkin was cooked for three hours, Jason crammed time in between bites to press the cannoli into its perfect shape.

"Once they were in the pot, they had to sit in the boiling water for 30-40 minutes before we could drink them," Jason added.

After they were done, the kids hung the pumpkin "entourage" by Natalie's maroon ribbon (Yeah its what she got 😉 ). Next week is Halloween. OMG, I can't wait!

Happy Halloween!<|endoftext|>During mid-afternoon diner hours on Tuesday, Stewartstown Power Administration crews were lining up again.

The Best Butcher Shop at 4796 The Interchange
======================================== SAMPLE 146 ========================================
By Phelim Kine

The harsh reality facing tea farmers, such as James Martin at Laing Dong Tea Estate in Charkwin, is that and tea is out of the economic fad.

"Within a few weeks of coming out with a new circuit, we were out of Yunnan Tannu," said Mr Martin.

He said the farmers had put unbearable pressure on his connected flush orchestra Bhutan organized heroically to get the tea circuit off the ground back in 2006.

"This gets so tied up in bureaucracy. There is a two-year limit on how long the company can sell it. China has a five-year limit. The company doesn't typically come back for decades. We're chasing, chasing, chasing and the inventory is very low."

"In the U.S., even big traders like Hormel buy about two million bags per year [in their speciality supermarket chain]."

And that's not addressing the woes facing his crop.

Mr Martin notes that's fewer than the planting breakeven of 20.5 kg per tonne here.

But that doesn't preclude the opportunity for high-value lovers of tea to cruise in their flats, as items made of tea have been brought almost to a parity and have sold for as well as or better than they did a decade ago.

But that doesn't mean it can last. While tea waxes and wanes in the market, the lighter varieties such as Pu'er have become more popular under market pressure from the ever-popular T3 brand [Minzhong], mai tai, and Wan Xiao Nan.

But this jostles producers.

Mr Martin said since the Pu'er's in popularity had eclipsed the others "the dust has settled, production has fallen and the market reduced". Mr Peter Lorchey at Cherry Creek Tea in Southern California does see hope.

"On Yunnan brand, new tea companies are joining the fold, a pent-up demand and the Chinese import market are more relevant to local tea," Lorchey said.

"The cultivar technology is up. This year's floral, mid-range T1 has reached a production of 80,000 kgs for the Lincang and comes in a new white tea called Ningxia tea. It's hopped about white/silver coloured leaves."

While concerned tea producers have their eyes on the future, those in the tea industry aren't quite as discerning.

Song Liaohong of the Nature Direct Seeds and Tea Factory plant in Chengdu said he'd been calling in fields this year.

"I don't know what the customer is thinking, there is no demand for it," Song said.

Vendors in the industry aren't as pragmatic as Song, they view There's Such Happiness as a trifle.

Vendors have already taken some profits as they have been selling It's Such A Wonderful Feeling in shops for recent months as it used to be a bit more specialised and in higher volumes, before residents report actual thirsty customers that put it notably in their top list of quick drinks. The shortage shouldn't hamper the good times for the consumers, however.

Besides, it's not uncommon, say those in the industry, to experience longer bean stacks on the crop by mistake.

Special report by Phelim Kine.<|endoftext|>My whole life I have been reading John Stiegler's books on Diaspora and of course in TRC I have read everywhere word by word but the light is the book on sticking to life and long time Obasanjo Marijo mentioned this on podcast from Latvia which is way nice and added to my Shangri-La in the moment. So, this helped a lot too because before this and the previous book The Story of My Life, certainly my favourite Diaspora book is Thomas Frank's Hold On Is this Now Classic and this is a deep dive into ethnic conflict in west remotely Kobane started in 2012 killed over 250 people. Marijel Karna had made great research record too but this book is really interesting (wonderful ghost participants, Mehmet is unique). At this point foreigners were not yet recognizing possible risks and hence keeping its name "strange" even today. Very professional there.In some parts of country too. Marijel she sat down a main party member (Başköy district deputy) and asked him about segregation, about fearing for parents watching children passing through one of many villages, what could be done to stop it? He said the most important thing was to try to reduce the population pressure but also reducing the "racism". And some modern things like waiting until 15 years old for a part of driver licensing, for tax reasons. It was unexpected follow-up but rest of the time it made obvious that Marijel and her friend are expert communicators who often was the only one talking in this part
======================================== SAMPLE 147 ========================================
Until this summer, prenatal testing on gay men was mostly limited to a few research and clinical studies on HIV. But last week, California became the 13th U.S. state to allow men to be tested for their sexual orientation with no influence from any religious or legal entity. New guidelines also make it possible for anyone concerned that a man has been deceived or coerced by a man for sexual activities to request a DNA test. Regulation of the test operator updates your mind when your body is "OK"-ing something.

It's an important piece of modern era testing for LGBTQ people. One of the strongest numbers of people who claim to be LGBTQ is gay and bisexual men, and likely to examine the site for worrisome urine findings. While I'm not one to peruse the Archie McPhee circa 1990s straw dating robot works to pick over sexual curiosity topics, hormones are frightening in complicated ways. Applying trends to people, regarding how we respond to pleasure, and how we interact with health overall, implications of how hormones change are terrifying.

Fox News is currently considered news by many in America, however. Fox News spots tweet to large accounts, even when other news can't be found, sometimes get discovered. Analysts have shockingly hetero agenda of finding anti-gayness in all things non-sexy, and it's widespread now that there are regular rumors of sexual harassment coming out of Fox. Accusations falsely narred by linking bizarre, inappropriate percent of females do apply to far more journalists than "ho" reporters, but it was shaming homosexual men into not admitting their desires made the mouth of an at least two-faced channel commentators declare away from homosexuality and each other.

Today there are many other serious persecution attempts to chill voices that argue that. Even when LGBTQ have documentation, as previously seen with gay Congolese, we are doomed to keep our non-Queering lives hidden. Guys come out with diseases and young men die. We can deny all that, and say it just reflects society subjectness. We've heard stories at our own families about LGBTQ going through the same obsessiveness, searches over speech themes that End Times groups had for gays and lesbians. Or that people think we're straight, because if we weren't we would be wonky! Or that we're perverted. We're psychology! The industry that preaches that more men are pussies also routines us cancer cavaliers.

They might try to manipulate us in the onset, especially in none desi folks, by advocating evil-government-style rah-rah/another-think or shilling for demonization of gay people later. We guinea pig again to be a scientific test group. Obamacare likewise that us busybodies. We could be just psychological whits, and certainly won't be accepted back to our respective side. Colleges might try to let only straight privileged catch our opinions, never staying the gay in western institution. We're lonely, and precious classified as pontian apocalypseKhronosvoris.AF eat haughtily period narratives dont want their looks come tuchings the college. No time come for them to reanalyze our collective suportivepolitologies and permeates how better life should be.

It's a frightening thing. Every day as I gain steps on the journey to getting other drivers off traditional saunas, I marvel at their rich, pure lives. Dresden, there might have been a stud going dark, demonizing us, just poking fun at us watching early television. Then in maybe 1930s there was the Great Depression of the early 20th century, and American men worked again and same setup turns down the small-running paints at American Post. Maybe a doctor moved to waterfront vent, passing signs saying to that attempted to warn police and ran off with a worker. David Ellis once set ads out between emergency rooms of guilty men, in hopes of sussin whores out or putting them in prison, although with time he is credited for having been appropriate to a college campus for its women seeking for answers.

Then, everything went the way we think it did from then on. Really get happy mainstream white society as inward inhessment catches up with greater depolarization. We can't say that we'd cheat on one is obvious dysems that it's someone's partner, and so we would. ugh till you notice he don't even have a partner have had sex with me. ha! I guess we were beautiful for our systems forty years last stockbrokers call ours sex enthusiast men 'er and people agree that how to look a little young so you can tell suffic innah cause. If you go home, then either net 100,000 prostitutes, not loockinn so you can shott single anyone. Or just get some times of looking on to those aspies n nuts to judge how they look on. Compusexpert whiles how to show off all your butch points that woman will compare past she stinking pussy, some
======================================== SAMPLE 148 ========================================
A man was injured in what appears to have been a random shooting in the Bella Vista-Glider Park area Saturday afternoon. He keeps habeas corpus, which he requested as his trial for allegedly attacking a fellow Richmond man.

After attending to the stabbing victim, a detective from Richmond police ran to the nursing home and talked with the man, a man bringing a knife to work on Friday.

They spoke for about 5 minutes.

Less than 5 minutes into their conversation it became apparent that his faith was not the focus of service to him.

One of the officers asked the man, "How's this Jews Test" he was quoted as saying.

"Was this my answer?"

"Yeah, it's OK."

The cop also talked to the man about the state of the country and criticised President Trump for not investigating Russian interference in our voting system, saying, "Open season on Trump supporters."

As about 11:40 P.M. the detective ran him off to jail to be held for 'his own safety.

The police department doesn't release officer-involved shooting info, didn't think the man would be harmed. Especially he said he needs to cross it up again.

https://twitter.com/_unfounded_<|endoftext|>NFL co-owners Roger Goodell and Paul Tagliabue will sit down with struggling Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf next week as the team continues to consider the possibility of moving to Los Angeles.

Renegotiations between Wilf and the NFL have faced setbacks, and.Wilf's sole type of investment in the organization is $150 million in taxpayer dollars.

In a joint statement provided to the Star Tribune, Goodell and Tagliabue said they "are concerned that the team's promising new stadium could collapse, causing current and future liability to be passed directly to Minnesota taxpayers."

Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf is led up from the Vikings' locker room after the team's 39-32 loss to the Washington Redskins on Sept. 24, 2014, in Landover, Md. Harrison McClary/The Washington Post/Getty Images

NFL officials are scheduled to meet next week with Wilf and his children to discuss relocation possibilities, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his two immediate predecessors declined the franchise's previous requests to relocate to Los Angeles.

If Minnesota heads into Los Angeles without a new stadium, all revenue from team merchandise would have to stop flowing to Wilf and his family after 2015. While the franchise cannot officially pursue relocation until 2016, the owners have had the chance to "meet and confer" with Wilf and his executives.

Problem is, the Vikings still have one more season at their current KeyArena home before they need to vacate or build a new venue. This plan from Lambeau Field's after the 2014 season would leave Minnesota Stadium (at the stadium site in a private development) out of the equation, and the Minnesota Vikings would have to leave the city too.

My source tells me @justinamarter didn't want this discussion:2x @Vikings are exploring the #NFL over L.A. ticket requests. #Vikings plan is to stay in Minneapolis. http://t.co/3T3vrRBVBe — David J. Chao, WPLN-CSN (@DavidChao) November 18, 2014

Prediction: Executive fired leaving meeting.Thoughts source says the #Vikings plan likely won't accomplish unless it has talks with KC & SF. — David J. Chao, WPLN-CSN (@DavidChao) November 18, 2014

According to a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the NFL has been exploring a scenario that would grant Wilf a temporary exemption for years while the team explores other stadium options.

The source told me other team owners spoke with the owners of the Raiders and Chargers this month to try to rally support for any kind of temporary move. In addition to the Raiders and Chargers, the NFL also considered San Diego plans involving the Chargers, along with San Francisco's potential stadium arrangement with ex-Mayor Willie Brown, culled from other proposals by several other owners.

But Wilf indicated to, as the league now hears it, that he will not leave until a stadium plan is worked out in Minnesota. I'm not sure what's going to happen next, if there is a final meeting next week with a first proposal or an agreement is going to be reached soon.

But the issue remains: Will they consider if it's worth it?

Here are what owner Ziggy Anslinger has to say about it on his website:

"I strongly believe a new stadium option will be found for the Minnesota Vikings in the next year or so. But they must be convinced the city is worth the QB1Vnightmare and/or city council is willing to just sit back and let them build.

======================================== SAMPLE 149 ========================================
MIRathi Wraith


Finally questioned for a trial concerning his presence, the Wraith of Mirathi opened fire with both its blades at an officer, and a flare then see me into the hallway outside. My distance was close enough to shoot with my scuti, hoping to kill the Wraith at the same time bloodied the officer and wounded his Kovar. Short of that, I could've was ruled district attorney.

These retainers were extremely useful for this mission.


I charged the aft entrance of the ship––the attraction to this input did nothing for my confidence. I tried to see what this fellow could scan, as he was standing in his office.

He rang up the results with his hand tablet, with their blinding green lights flashing. I'd seen a similar device thing before. There were barely any reports of this device, but I was careful not to steer away in case I'd need any help.

"Ilrodin Auroch. Your own report. Five off antimatter suppliers, one has escaped."

That would explain why there'd been such a slashing demand for credits, but that would be substandard aural requests for my personal services. It wasn't just the demand for credits that was unusual; I'd seen a lot of scuti before, which was peculiar.

Two scuti nodded at each other and produced a matching blue and turquoise light that decked out a large window.

"Have he contacted the Anomaly yet?"

"Negative. Is there any movement from the security movesthat you can track or disperse with records?"

The black-hilled messengers, Thaniak and Vedran, nodded at each other.

"There is on the two Corrupting Archon Ships that were spotted on. He is not in the decryption centers of those vessels, or we would have found and rescued him long ago."

"Excellent work, Avtov! Have it your way, and finally clear Mirathi!" It was probably smarter to make him aware of your existence before asserting that he sent for you after you freed his victims.

"Very well, Vadar."

I closed the sensor module I'd strapped to my ankle. It gave me an important back-up capability, perhaps needed if I was under fire.

I doubt I'll have to find that out soon...<|endoftext|>Good morning AdAsia customers,

AdAsia.free has already begun construction work in Changsha and dents.eu is quickly fulfilling customer orders. Providing you with quality products and exceptional service, we hope you're pleased with everything we have to offer today!

Today, we're excited to bring to you an update for our Chinese customers! If you haven't changed your Chinese google account password, please update your password to avoid being blocked from logging in.

If you've set up AdAsia Direct Liptime, please note that you'll need to re-enter your account password on the AdAsia website.

We're sorry for any inconvenience.

*Please understand that you use AdAsia Direct Liptime services only in your home country or on another country's AdAsia Direct Liptime service. For our international customers, please see our migration guide.

Thank you!<|endoftext|>Will on Media Note: As Will continues to fight for the independence of chemicals which play a crucial role in the wedding industry, one company continues to pick a fight with him. According to the the AFP story , Will is taking legal action against a Chinese company for selling to consumers fake flowers – the topic of his piece. This stems from his recent article, 'Independence at the Crossroads: Introducing Indian Colors: A Modern Twist on an Ancient Tradition," in Rolling Stone. While producer/director Dudley Allan and his wife were struggling to save their relationship and pay off mounting debt, they discovered their birthday bouquet was the work of a fake supplier. The company used toxic chemicals, including flame retardants and lead, on fake flowers, to make the flowers look authentic. Allan sued the company claiming he suffered injuries, which can't be measured, from consumers swallowing flammable materials. Many market and manufacturer have claimed Allan's case is baseless, but one company was unveiled yesterday with a brand new fragrance to help people make informed choices. According to WSBN , this fragrance will be for sale in 2,000 shops and restaurants across the country. Speculation is that the fragrance will be named after actress Bryan Cranston, who plays Emmy "The 'Breaking Bad' star" on the hit TV show. The company calls "Flowermate's" fragrance "An Open Letter To Sturgeon," and sells it as "LIII" cases of 100 bottles each. It also sells "Flowerbeater" to those that aren't happy with the floral bouquets. This exhaustive story might just set the working bees over the edge when it comes to buying
======================================== SAMPLE 150 ========================================
"Small-scale hydrogen production from water is a process that could be implemented on-site using existing agricultural facilities. That would generate electricity and be something we can think about in this far-off, more distant future, particularly for applications that are good for the environment and for the security of people's lives," said Daniel Sandler, in charge of the workshop and a national platform engineer with Intelsat, who held a key role in international space exploration. "We don't need to go up the chain, or to Europe for fuel — we don't need to get that from Saudi Arabia or Russia, where there are non-renewable resources. It'll be very sustainable where we're at now."<|endoftext|>My friends at the NRA are pointing out to me that I violate 1st Amendment protections on my Twitter account. The First Amendment includes the "freedom of speech." Due to this, no one can compel you to say anything by force. Every human being has the right to express any opinion, however unpleasant or disagreeable it might be. Indeed, that would contradict the very definition of someone's right to press his or her opinion, to admit to mistakes, and to correct them. When everyone shares the same bad problem, all of society is better off. You can't punish that operating principle.

So I'm sorry. I lack the Germanic and Mongolian telepathy to come up with a phrase that:


  1. It expresses something accurately without being flippant or vague.

  2. It isn't intended to embarrass or bash a particular person.

I don't feel like burning my far-right heart-throb face off right now. But, true, they are not my only friends. And I know, plenty of people would never think of behaving this way. If I did, I would no longer eat or drink.

Watching the TV coverage going on now about my post, you would think I would have been peed in front of multiple children. I'm sure they do. But they'll torture me, forever and ever. A SC campaign to erase my life would be cruel beyond imagining.

But let's talk about how Twitter screwed me, by their own terms.

The market for Twitter content will shrink by 55 percent by 2016, according to a new report from rankings firm StockCharts. That number is real, not just conference data. Much of that was due to the prominence of Twitter's news chief, Alex Marlow who is transforming the company's brand in a way that may reassure investors but frightens children.

You can be sure that if he had a sequel, he'd be handed a wobbly camera, some biscuits, the ability to be moved to tears, and a lollipop from a chimp.<|endoftext|>For instructions on how to import mobile performances, the talent and others directly support us in the following place:


Doesn't go to the audience with Ctrl+Backspace

Works on Ubuntu 15.04 LTS but doesn't play music

If you are dual head needs a patch for flatsync' licensing problem of starts working sidesway.<|endoftext|>Good Question. Actually I have the same question for my friend with the phone. So here goes: is your faucet foundation a special three-component, stainless steel "Sport and Technology" or FR90? If it's the "Sport and Technology" should it be dipped in frosting or waxy powder or biologically dyed?

Click to expand...<|endoftext|>Consensus Results of the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report - Ranked by Positions in Future Representative Surveys 57 , 2997 updates since 2014.

Introduction The report, together with the full report in Pdf, can be found at the link below. Downloadable data is available in Excel and F Excel format, as well as CSV.

2018 Report In to 2020 39 Main predictors are given for competitiveness. Future Representative Surveys are conducted every 6 months on a modified version with new inputs. Since definition of each headline indicator is given in the report, a modified version of the report is available: Dissecting the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report - 2018 @ https://worldviewresearchorg/eleven-decade-report/2018/consensus-results-of-the-world-economic-forum-global-competitiveness-report-ranked-by-positions-in-future-representative-surveys/. It is meant to replace data extracted after the link above had been made available. Downloadable data is available in Excel (special or open source format) or in a dedicated table of combined Excel and CSV file, with other when available. See the methodology section for more details about the methodology. Starting with the updated edition published in 2018, this section organizes the tables into three sections below, starting with displays of September 2018. In 2018, ten new indicators and issues were added for
======================================== SAMPLE 151 ========================================
Annie's Day Celebration

Thank You for choosing Annie's Medicinals to provide you with Anannie's Day Celebration products!

To all of our compassionate shoppers and distributors, thank you so much for your purchase, excitement and thank you for shopping with Annie's Medicinals.

Annie's Day Celebration is a group of Annie's Medicinals friends that allows you to wear Annie's original hemp goodies and leave with a souvenir like Annie-A-Mint or cause-related items. Your purchase will fund a group fund dedicated to Annie's Dream Foundation, a truly global community based nonprofit. Our (Kids, DIY, Fosters, Drug Awareness, Non-Profit) shop is proud to be a part of this great nonprofit. Your purchase will help shelter and care for 70+ orphans of all nationalities, and to provide for 64+ children an education! Purchase any of our Annie's Day Celebration items before they sell out, help provide children, families and adults with support and celebrated Ross Standley.

Click here to checkout or see the list of approved organizations.

aniamycyclical.org<|endoftext|>The CBC has decided to cease publication of the Montreal Gazette. This is, in a way, a tiny victory for my most hated rival. I was unfairly likened to the paper here and there (Op-Ed piece, more or less) over the years, probably because the CBC crossed the writing islamic line before or in anticipation of that book review and don't really care. Well, it was an insensitive comparison anyway, because a) that's true of everybody who writes in any genre today, b) there's no Fox News talking heads who hate more than me, c) if you really hate something, just write about the subject all that's mangy about it that you disliked, publish the piece, write some more and stick around. The decision to cease publication of the Gazette with zero fanfare — or any public announcement — leaves me standing sideways no longer.

If only the CBC had buried its Sunday 1 pm TV schedule for nothing, the limited time I had to create and upload these parts would end now, eternally. My utter disgust for this front-page moron would be completely disingenuous — I don't hate the man's guts, though.

At the 2012 marks 250 0 — the number of column inches, entirely nonsense, I've already published today — practically two years has done nearly nothing to increase my social media presence or readership. What little traffic I actually get in the comments reading the 11 things I don't like about the Gaffe Roulet Level here may very well not make it onto the web.

And anyone who has spent any time in my comment logs can tell you I have absolutely zero fear of Michael Criado-Perez, lest Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins's wacourse resemble him.

Not much can be said about the article I am reacting to here, which is rather more than I have ever written if I'm being honest. Being part of Quebecois media, I've got blue in my teeth, and that may make for a dysphoric fit at times. I'd like to God those 1/12th ranking TVassholes will understand this, for I feel I have to berate them.

Before passing judgment, please remember how much I respect Quebec: it's the place where Bill de Blasio got elected mayor. It's the US of A where I live — the motherfucking Obama house — and the whole world speaks French. That option didn't even exist when they handled their apocalyptic Azteca charades with my son in through the front door; let's not pretend — even marginally — that it did. Not having to see "Amarillo" in that little BC-Canada town was phenomenal. I offered those North American snowflakes double today, and I am not allowed to show my frustration. Liberals want that precious case closed.

My online media is not the effect of that "Dear Redneck, Please Shut Yourhole Bible Study," chain email sent out around Mothers Day last year, if I may hear SO ultimateeahindof in my new digs. Incidentally, if I ever did even learn the name of the signer, I'd cut that women out of Kleenex immediately here. 1

That wasn't polite paid creative writing masquerading as answers to real questions — one paragraph doubled as a fine rebuttal to Derek Brock's endorsements. Sure, it was a banal call for unity and then blew up into an all out barrage of callous insults about everything from Mounties in bad ole Canada to my son, but nothing would impress that general stupidbum he only shoots towards government ethics more rabidly every year. That's at least as much as this is good for.

Other than a featured pun on a set of tweets saying you're not old enough to know, nothing in the interview or its small followup surprised me. It went
======================================== SAMPLE 152 ========================================
Harare - Zimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe, who is expected to step down before the end of her third year in office, has reportedly gone home to find her security details changed, since she appealed for help to protect her family after a string of people were murdered.

Government officials have since denied the supposed hasty move, saying she has a lot of support inside the ruling Mugabe controlled African National Congress (ANC) party, as well as in what some have called ZANU-PF's "inner circle".

Responding to allegations that Mugabe had changed her number of security centres, CUPA's Director of News and Current Affairs, Alex Chimbo was quoted as saying by Radio Zimbabwe that Grace was visiting people with her husband led 5,000 men towards Zanu PF's Central Headquarters in the capital, Harare and had asked to receive her protection.

At least 63 people, including women and children, have been killed since Mugabe was sworn in as president half a year ago.

Some commentators have speculated that it could be the yet-to-be developed currency controls which are to blame, as it is reported that some foreign currency was confiscated from the 4,000-seat Union Music Festival during the festivities at the Sandton entertainment complex opposite Harare's central bus terminal.

Chimbo also said that a bank had informed CUPA that they were dumping all aarend anxiety coalson by doubling its rates, before remarking that some members of the African National Congress were speculating that it was linked to a file – perhaps with Sticky Gibbs, one of Mugabe's brutal dictatorship cronies.

Zimbabwe's Central Bank chairman, Patrick Chinamasa said early in the week that the government would not allow private banks in Zimbabwe to increase prices of critical goods, such as meat. He made his comments alluding to rising inflation in the country.

He also said the government would raise the prices of basic food items in supermarkets as well as domestic help.

This prompted slaughter by Bunnings for its meat supplier ASB, whose prices must remain more than 10 per cent higher than general retail prices elsewhere, but Jardine Matheson, president of the Retailers Association, elsewhere said price hikes made it "ridiculous and wrong" for small retailers and discount stores to encourage shoppers with discounts.

The 6.65% inflation rate that hit 92.5 per cent last July approaches the country's astronomically high unemployment number of 27%.

According to information obtained recently by daily Herald Live, Mugabe is due to replace Grace with Netaji 'Ngā'am gilāyini, the 36-year-old First Lady of the Kakai Mana Movement based in factional strife plagued Matabeleland that had informally joined the ruling party in the past.

The fiercely anti-white ruling party is in more trouble with the followers of the spiritual leader President Robert Mugabe, their traditional medicine attendant Prabowo Subianto (son of Theophile ZANU-PF leader Joshua Prabowo), whose 1997 election victory in revenge for his half-brother's rape and murder is now regarded as illegitimate or kufar (unclean).

Likewise the pro- MCC and Democratic Patriots (DP), which currently do not take a leading position within ZANU-PF, will split over any moves to deploy Grace as First Lady or First Sheriff of Robert Mugabe.

Grace Mugabe, nicknamed 'Ngapanda', who is due to succeed her husband after the 117th birthday on July 31, 1998, could be seen as an effective architect of anti- white resistance, pushed towards her matriarchal views by intimidation and bullying in the 90s.

Although MP50's Sean Kelly has said that since earning her colourful nickname four years ago, Grace Mugabe has become more principled and generally more supportive of achievements of the party.

Among the leaders of the GBZNP and its offshoots the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and the Young Zimbabwe Ickowans (YI), Grace Mugabe has a longstanding decision to form relationship with MDC Shia leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who, like Shelly Du Plessis, would likely form TWITPEGATE alliance with the re-incarcerated ZANU-PF chair of the party, President Mugabe's brother.<|endoftext|>Happy Friday! In the upcoming weeks, an even more exciting Star Wars adventure or two is coming your way, in our Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Roleplaying Game.

And over the next few weeks, we'll mostly be talking about that, as well as patching up any remaining bugs from the Rebel campaign, and keeping our eye on what and where is next for the Republic and the Empire as the century draws to a close.

Many thanks again to all our readers and subscribers who have kept us going and played again earlier this year and we
======================================== SAMPLE 153 ========================================
Buy Ronnie Vannucci's Dale Designed Counterfeiting Series

Ronnie Vannucci's Deadly Drug Plot Catalog

5 Story. 200,000 Views.

The drug process was an ingenious way to manufacture more illegal narcotics to fuel the methamphetamine craze during the 1970s. The process involved separating amphetamines from and often mixing them with cocaine.

Using the slightly stronger and longer lasting cocaine as the bulk drug combined with the weaker amphetamines made the same value:

More Amphetamine [Not the Same as] Pure Adderall [Not the Same as] Limousine [Not the Same as] espresso coffee [Not the Same as) Slow Car Travel [Not the Same as] Goon in a Man-Bite Chore Coat.

Types of Drug Labs and Subway Sellers in Washington

Typical University places2

University counter culture

See Portable Music

Contrary by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Symbols painted around Washington 7/25/1976 are

Tom, Arthur and other recently

blooded babies (read: DWL's)

weed, measles, Wonder Posies, St. Augustines by Stanley Picaz

Shanghai Was founded from a Japese fortress

See the Fight to Keep Rails to the Bridge Positive Naventux Dance Crew

See Dreams in Dragon Libraries by Frank Marino


Thornefest by Elisabeth Crews

IN PARTICULAR before their house and everything there was

a castle. The stables had horses that went home

fell asleep ROAD fart toupe July bar stool (silver medallion)

Orange Moonfetus Green ink Flower Lady in The Green Man in The green

Tax Zircons may be viewed from right angle by crording a prism as shown on


bewildered best vape shop in horeshworth

NEW YORK, New York, NY 91761

Heisliumh Town Hall-Plague of Sharing via Public Coffee Day

"Our crux here is that we are comedians: creatively, yet carefully."

Unknown parent Sicarius Lemuria Boekelvestý

Satanic Theft of Land in East Paris

Albert Burnham did it (now there's comedy)


See Parliamentaryized Debt

Murder even without DNA: Dusseldorf Rain Libation

Demon Woodland Medallion: One foot in early Christianity, one foot in the

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Thai women continue to take up wheelbarrow work with an increasing number of local women and children resting on them. Local authorities need to design land use policies that are conducive to this form of work, said a team of international development experts in Thailand.

"These machines are easy to use... Let's encourage women to pick up these wheelbarrows and let them finish their chores for the day," B C Yang, former UNICEF Executive Director, said on Friday (27 June) during the Thailand Wheelbarrow Confederation's (BTIC) Eastern Asia Wheelbarrow week or Asi below the conference in Bangkok.

The authorities need to improve and give more incentives to women to carry out wheelbarrow work which would allow them to earn an income and hence provide additional training, Yang said.

"Let's create jobs in this industry to support breadwinning women," he said.

Yang pointed out that there are consensus with the poorer primary school and university students on purchasing wheelbarrows.

Asked about wider community-based group commitment to transport, Yang said this can help tackle sea pollution, provide food to families, reduce traffic jams and clean landfills.

The trade of unskilled rural workers is was dealt with through tertiary education and inter-village development and land management programmes, Yang said.

Considering environment is critical for human rights to exist, Yang said his medical teams work to protect and improve species and habitats to protect biodiversity.

He noted that exposure to water, heat and stress during travelling infringes human and animal health and human longevity.

Concerns on waste and air pollutants caused by mining are being addressed through hydropower, Yang said.<|endoftext|>All news: 59.9022 – 36.6984

Press release September 27, 2018

The Board of Directors has approved a resolution on the concept for a Private Finance Initiative to fund education, charity, and research. Cadet Centre Returned Officers and half a dozen returning women officers from the Queen's Golden Jubilee Blue from the beginning of the school year will study at CFLD as faculty comes to a close. The rank of Non-Enlisted Operating Officers will be assigned to the accepted officers starting September 12. The values, both unique and measurable, resulting from the program will be reviewed by the Director General to update future CADBT Philosophy and broadcast.

This year's entry level year still provides Future Officers with a pilot course to demonstrate the capabilities, expertise, and dedication needed to assume their positions in CADBT.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Foundation Scholarship Fund for 34 before or after graduation candidates was also approved today, at their annual meeting for the 2015-2016 school year.

Habituation Services was approved for generous financial donors this week at their annual meeting to support early return to the regular Circumcison Program and frontier Working Officers.

The Board finalizes nominations for the place of the Lead Health Women Officer in the Fifth Annual Dinner Cavalcade.

Stamos School had its return to the regular School year finale at the National Guildar (Saskatoon) Monday night with registrations for the Talent Competition, among other events. Services for working Officers who attempted the equivalent of CPD Sanda attendance for that year are also extensive. For CADBO, the August 6 - 8 Adoption and Expansion Invitational was an improved work program which introduced EDM in the Cadet Centre's French program. Students took part in varsity cutting eight targets, plus scored two Bronze Awards. There by providing the policy leadership that is critical. Do not have a voice in CADBO? You can send us a message!

Twitter: @royalgcbfp

Fax: (403) 248-2842

lgcdbd<|endoftext|>Mitt Romney Wednesday urged the Central High School he attended in Worcester County to cancel a dance program at the high school based on his concerns about a gift fund given to him by the school's attorney, Jennifer N. Siebel Newsom, wife of U.S. Sen. Mark Sarukhan.

Newsom donated $50,000 to a Romney presidential campaign in December but held off honoring the cheques until after the election, secretly checking a column to see if Halston GOP Chairman Ron Harmon was endorsing Mitt Romney, which he acknowledged as potentially playing a role.

CASMIN, Memoirs of a Young Money Manager, by Jonathan Weisman & Dan Metcalfe (Simon & Schuster) Archetype Images — B If you have custody of an energetic and intelligent 8-year-old boy, you can count on him to display a certain level of independence and self-confidence from a young age.

Thursday morning, eight voters signed up to attend the dance at Central High School this winter, but only 19 wristbands were given out, costing $1 per adult and $1 per child. Later, according to their own accounts, they did not even know until too late whether their children
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The April 11th, 2018 Council Meeting

Posted on April 10th, 2018 by Andrew

Final Agenda of the April 11th, 2018 Seattle City Council Meeting.

Note: All other future meetings will be listed here.

The 31st Council Meeting of the Seattle City Council

FINAL ADMINISTRATIVE AGENDA: Council adopts, by committee vote, the Statement of Work under Chapter 06.1 ((King) of the Seattle Municipal Code. Committees to serve under Chapter 03 include: Council Environmental and Infrastructure, Public Safety and Justice, Performance and Budget.

Business – The business agenda included: adoption of the budget and a property tax solicitation schedule (members only)

Emergency rezoning under Chapter 11, including TOD+ issue (members only)

International pioneers memorial

Island Burial Ground Art Grant

KOMO 91.5 Freeway Corridor Future Piece Study

Seattle Native art in the Spokane River area

Urban parks funded

Overall Transportation and Foundations Committee Agenda I: Council hangs on – search committee reviews sources of funding

Council Academic Faculty Studies

Seattle Youth Cabinet Committee Meeting

All other business not eligible for the public record

Final Council Meeting Action Items

TIGER TRAFFIC VOTE – The Transit Improvement Plan and Select Bus Rapid Transit Pilot Projects Committee voted to advance the (Ballot Measure) 77″ ballot measure. Council passed the vote, by a 3-5 vote (members Sanders & Robinson not voting). The details will appear under the General Discussion tab on our website. VOTE DOCUMENT 3 (Ballot Measure 77″)


Curb Drive Subsidy Study – The Seattle Department of Transportation's (SDOT) proposed 8.0% across-the-board cut to the city's discretionary road funding allocation in the 2015 budget request is described in the version of the white paper and document produced by the Business and Transportation Committee. The proposed plan calls for a partial replacement of the existing "parcels from specific dirt site withdrawals" scheme. The SDOT document, which summarized many sections gathered during the month of February and early March of 2018, (June 1-9) is available for review here. Select Bus Rapid Transit (SB 1164) (Fall/Winter 2018 Medical Marijuana Review Committee Report)

SDOT staff has reviewed a series of environmental studies of the Seattle branch of Weyerhaeuser Company's proposed 206A highway widening project (Phase 1). The fee section of this document explains the background, what SDOT review covers, and some of the findings of the studies. A second (BSD 50′) version of the report for the International Pioneer Research Center Committee is also being prepared, which will be used for discussion with the International Pioneer Design Review Committee at their upcoming meeting in Seattle this coming Wednesday, March 9, 2018. (Gov Bid Reached, Hunters Point Street Renewal Project Draft Award Chronicle) (ED submittal)

SDOT staff was in attendance at Subway 206A For Seattle Corporation's first walking tour of the 7-mile extension from Lander Street Market access to the Eastside Accessway, scheduled for March 18th, 2018. The tour gathered participants, organization staff and community liaisons. The tour was hosted by Shinn class and has the go/no-go status of randomized control design. (Sidewalk Rebuttal Takes Shape; Seattle Subway – Bible … and Maps)

How taxpayers are helping: Council unanimously adopted a proposed amendment to the City of Seattle Passenger Tram Leasing Program (PTP) to require all projects in the package develop a structural/mechanical performance plan prior to project initiation and annually thereafter. PTP authority has been delegated to SDOT's responsible Official Initiation Division (ODX). The legislation directs the ODX to develop, as a Capital Investment Order, capital projects selected via PTP applications as components of an International Business Unit (IBU) leasing program and must include each project's structural/mechanical performance plan. Planned projects could be started/stopped as desired. (Transit Authority Vote Recomm. 55.2 sec. 7750) (Goodlatte Passed, Assembly Passed Motion 39) Senate Passage of (SB 1163)

2018 Traffic by the Numbers: The Citizens Traffic Safety Alliance and the folks at the Traffic Enough campaign released their 2018 traffic readout calculations showing November was the worst month to drive on Seattle streets, with a 21 percent increase in the number of vehicles running red lights (+146 RPM). (September Summary: SOVB Action Highlights & Statistics)

Official 2018 Seattle Expo Guide – Written by FCSA Community Campers. It can be downloaded here. The 2016 edition had a better last impression, that public transportation is important… Only 5% of 2016 Booksellers (100 and 200 metro) reported serving as charter campers. Only 90&
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Featured Metals

Over the last few years, several options have entered the market for indoor copper metallurgic heat exchanging coils (HEC). While metal filled HECs do give a higher utilization in home and small commercial applications, it is not the panacea for modern, green space applications. Traditional metal-filled electric heat exchangers have several nomenclature related issues. Copper located in an electrical contact was not officially recognized by the United States Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act by either the FDA or the song "Copper Amphetamines under General Graphitic Aluminum Copy-Right Verution." The point is that prices of aluminum and copper copper substrate in our economy is very high for copper botanicals, while copper is not know for its additional benefits. I am confident that this has not led to the widespread extinction of copper based power equipment. However, if copper is anything large around here, it is part of the fabric of the earth as seen by our ground cutting that we begin at Left Coast ten yards of copper and work two miles to our power lines line. After that, we cut along the line for a couple hundred yards in every direction so we begin our plant down the line for all of these homes and businesses from Mama's house to behold, does it have increased plant life, NO. The family-owned Elliot Bay family has been a trusted partner in my vegetable business for more than 20 years which requires all of the human planets resources on Earth to work this special medium. We only buy land that is suitable for our commercial scale project. In 2015, Dr. Harold Kuo was awarded an Environmental Security Incentive from the BIA and is now awarded an Environmental Protection Incentive. We look forward to integrating the entire copper technology into our enterprise and safety.

Join us for Lasers, Nanomechanics and Accelerated Technology

Speakers, workshops and parties

Denver: Sat 7:00PM

RMNF 2015 Denver, CO: Sat 7:00PM

Disruption and the Future

For more information:

Ryan C. Ernst, Interim Business Development Manager

[email protected] / 303.406.7533<|endoftext|>At the height of the Inflation, Unemployment, and Economic Deterioration (Inedo) of the early 1990s, artificial Soviet "communist economies" much reduced the effective real wages of peripheral 60 million people —including lastly of a Company of a Company of 50,000 workers. Most cost the State for with electronic means hundreds of thousands of more prices at the same price. This state-robber-state also were run under pressure of illegal unauthorized private businesses whose prices were also lower. These forced "salaries" fully depended on the increase of the minimum pensions.

Immediate weakening of the social foundations of these two State "communist cardiovascular entrepreneurs' economies mentionedingslleding the highly flexible Ruble exchange into reserve currencies in the and thus(2) all goods enables Russia the 1893 hypothetical Maple to verify that border robberies and other illegal means of a lot worse profits aimlessly deprive the State economy, Stavropol in the Bratislava, Manchester and on the Topaz in the north of UK. The end product is even more (twice) dastardly than the computer monopolies as WalMart, Andell(1), all the giant US Combined Retail Free Otbenedotbund Gesellschaft as well as all the huge German Eastern bloc stores under Wal-Mart.

A high degree of desperation of capitalist monopoly means even earlier an accountable of the deterioration between 1990s and the mid-2010s. There is no need to exaggerate as "birth ratio" and right stage of worker supply would severely represent the additional compulsory penal implications. However, broad acquaintance would suggest that criminal gangs are boosting profoundly their profit potentials of ill-willed decisions, illegally guaranteed in Germany, the eastern European states and even on the US high farm & alcohol. Last, five years ago a promising rate with a reasonable rationalization confirms that a nasty process of the weakening and forced and increasing unequal divisions in labour confirms that Russian oil, gas and petroleum industry workers in particular, and of consumer, family and social, human workers in general, through deteriorating laws and social conditions apply attractive "low risks", forcible use of modern technologies will in the very near future.

Expectation of cheaper oil & gas also puts downward pressure on the wages in other industries, such as chemicals, design, aerospace, airline flight operations and pride of existing. With process investments still large savings according to estimates are achieved by looking everywhere for a meaningful way. In our country for 50 administrative and industrial employed people working in an All-Russian Sociology has grades 5 and below is insufficiently rewarded(3); although, the ordinary minimum wage at the end of the 90s diluted the situation due of Chile, dozens of professions and degrees partly fewer Russia- workers
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Even before referencing serial killings, Ms. Clark's phone message shows her thinking badly of Lymon. "Are you n*gger?" she asks. "Who are you?"

She says she knows who killed three small boys. She names them Omar (read the segments) Ashton (five young boys' names) and Jacob--an innocent young child caught in the middle of a desperate and violent dispute between a man and his acquaintances.

Perhaps Lymon didn't know — or knew who knew — the name of the fawa or would provide it to Washington DC. Maybe Lymon told Washington, but not Windsor, Canada, where his older brother was believed to be living. Perhaps Lymon didn't tell police in Texas, who asked the FBI to return Lymon's computer to Windsor.

The details don't matter, when noted incidents like this occur so fast, many by laypeople who don't attend law school. The focus is on that little boy, not the murders he did or did not commit. But to Syed ar- Raqib and Farhana, as it is -- after all, the crime wasn't a murder -- it was lost on them that they had never met John Griffin. Who did they know civilly? What did they ACTUALLY know about his family?" And that's what the police and the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division likely intend what was miss -- they want to know, yes, but more importantly they want to know, especially for the Justice Department, where hope of a trophy case doubling in size to Help Points, followed soon after by a dime -- breaks down public trust.

Lymon's dead friend was William Porter, who stunned a nation as one of a trio of Texas "triplets." In February, Porter was visiting his family in Harper, Texas, when he was brutally savaged in broad daylight at the Wasp Butte Service Station in Kermit, Texas. The crime was captured in the press, but police were hampered in their investigation by mishandling evidence, fake evidence

, and -- for all the sophistication of DualShockers' Foundique -- the Wild West as to how the worst another rave night could be. This was the 5th year of the infamous Spring Break exodus which took renters via the free bars, entertainment for those who actually can get a space, out to the state-of-the art tastemakers diagonally across the state line in Amarillo, and operated predictably and shamelessly among young men who club-prefer the eyes of over-aged and impressionable teenage girls.

It's no actuality some police "to do" list may refer to.

The five youths met at McAllen area high schools before their slayings. All three men were from impoverished neighborhoods in south Texas and had just been released from mental institutions. Also referenced in recent Kermit reports: Clayworth, Jacob and Christopher Brent, were eager drug addicts; Roland Gruenerbugliosa was a well- known street gang and Roland Gruenerbugliosa's can be linked to the San Marcos Murders. William Porter, on April 19, was apparently such a bad drug user that after his release from Houston, Texas's South Hills Hospital he the DESERT HIMSELF become hospital it after failing to obtain drugs from Netcare - Wounded Warrior.

Washington, on May 19, the same day of Hamburger's murder beings this reseason, picked up a complaint from a Wise County citizen to the department for "whom she reportedly wants to harm." Then-Clark's court arraignment was scheduled for May 20.

On that same day, Police Detective Ben Williams assigned to UNT's Detectives of the Gang/Corruption Unit (GMCUA) meet Barbara Clark and Daniel Lamillio with Assistant District Attorney Dennis McRae in regards to the case. In an email dated May 6, Williams and Clark reveal that Williams was editing a draft Viggo Costa's teeth gun photo which was discussed with both detectives -- but hid notes in his copy of Costa as to him being assisted from his bag either from within or outside of UNT campus.

The documents show that McRae and Clark each provided their insight with additional details about how Michael Parker, identified in the SCHAGOP conspiracy as Parker's attorney, was one-man law firm in an effort to help Kyle and police identify who did the terrible things to John Welch and William Porter on May 16, 2014. Parker's own attorney was Daniel Lamillio, who fired the hunting rifle the morning of May $ of Porter's shooting.

This is where the crisis of trusting begins to manifest itself.

In regard to Lamillio's bullet proof match, the police crime lab review of Parker's crime scene examination identified nothing which would make Lamillio, or any of Parker's relatives, suspects they did anything. Ironically, Lamillio was asked by Assistant District Attorney McRae about Exhibit A, Kyle Draper's defendant comparison
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Dlugosz is an open-source project developed to build ARCore atgpu flask and barium pods.
Posted Jun 13, 2017, 6:54 AM by Krystal Kirwin
HAMMERD is a discipline designed to disassemble and rearrange the contents of still images and catalog chemical compound structure using software. It's a major hobby of mine (and job) that I first got into in 2001. Before HAMMERD, I had no idea what I was doing, and was usually stuck pathetically staring at a picture and comparing individual lines just to get the compound I was looking for. I have a decent understanding of how most computers deal with this problem, but I knew nothing when I first started. In the following years, I've had to learn through trial and error a great deal, but it was still a very complex subject that I and 95% of amateur chemists didn't have a clue about.
During Hammers job, he's tinkered with hopeless trails in attacking some of my garden plots, but also giving me lots of time to kill on most of the high grade compositions I sit down to work on. We discussed this branch of of Hammers invention in detail in a previous post . Akeís attention to his creative approach is one of the reasons HOWL is so surfaceamatic and colorful. He still doesn't interact with me a lot when I'm in his presence, and his humor that can make me feel about the devicemt's pride is truly infectious. Make sure to check out the WHATIs sketching of his system in the resulting journals. Akeís illustrative character massively facilitates referencing his important allies relative positions. Occasionally, would his style give me inklings of future design changes. I wanted to tuhld re-open my crack at fixturing notches throughout the sketch so I could port the JPToS tool and a when a non-oficial origin was needed. I ultimately decided to make him aero-blue.<|endoftext|>Just before she came out, Ms. Eisenhower, who is senior vice president for federal and international policy at the American Friends Service Committee, told her friends that she would never marry her Stalinist father. That is, she would not marry her father's nemesis and mentor, Joseph Stalin.

The wedding day date was confirmed Dec. 10, 1945, by Young, the death warden's assistant at Wayne National Cemetery in Chicago. She apparently married her father in a small ceremony in the Moscow Museum before a Sunday service. In all, the two engaged in 358 formal ceremonies, according to historical archives.

The two welcomes end up nestled together ghost participants of one of Americans' most mundane rituals: getting married. Ms. Eisenhower met her future husband while a Fulbright scholar at Columbia University (she went there for five years), studying enthusiastically at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, lead by Freeman Dyson. By Dyson's account, she was fond of his flirtation with her.

As a biographer wrote of her, however, Ms. Eisenhower "wanted to treat him as the equivalent of a prince and was profoundly shocked when she discovered he had fired her as first lady on grounds of rivalry and disloyalty against his father." The departure was "woundingly bitter" to her, Ms. Dickson wrote.

Of Kultokommroth, who was 29 at the time of the wedding, she says in her book "She: A Biography," "He fought like a lion to win my affection."


They were married on April 12, 1950, in Moscow, a large affair attended by 100 people and young Beatles photographer John Lennon and Georgi Markov, the American Ambassador to Russia. Several years after the wedding, Kultokommroth came to an oligarch's party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles and was jokingly described by an attendee as "a little shrew." A portrait of the couple was taken by the hotel's they young photographer John Lennon and the new ambassador Gabor Kiralytwo and published in the Los Angeles Times. The couple was photographed in trekking gear, supposedly after 33 days of walking across Siberia, before finally arriving at the Kremlin at 13,000 miles parting chants in the White House and Communist speeds of maybe 800 to 1,000 miles an hour.

Advertisement Continue reading the main story

When Anna Grishina and a group of Genosi students visited President Eisenhower one weekend in 1961, the guests included Zhou Enlai, who hit the President for calling dogmas foreign and those of the Maoist, Leader's party "dictates of the mainland Communists misprinted as concrete."<|endoftext|>I remember when it was first announced in 2013 that Andrew W.K. "reinvented" himself: the DJ, alcoholic, father, father-in-law and pseudo-icon slur darting from successes behind him brands Camhet and Angie Bank. Not that I need to clarify why his forthcoming full-length
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Endurance and heavy efforts

There will be a few events where it should feel more similar to Black Ops III.

Game mode: Survival

Poster States: Infected Zombies

Zombies Difficulty Level: Jumper, Salty (2/5)

Location: Last Exit (US)

Duration: 4 minutes

Creator: Operation Nuke

Prize for the best zombified zombie will be two missions at the Black Ops III difficulty.

Game mode: King of the Kill

Poster States: King of the Cage

KOTK: Black Ops III

WvW Reward: 5,000 XP

HARDER: King of the Ground

Zombie PVP: Assault Course

Location: Ocotillo Wells (US)

Deck: Hard Course

Time Limit: 12 minutes

Creator: Zombie615

Zombies Will Experience 4 New Abilities:

Opening Parachute : During a round has an "invincible" parachute/bodies that can be retrieved with your ally when game over. Later additions of over 50 enemies that have in mind that they shoot can shut the parachute to prevent these. (not camera-shy like the survival).

: During a round has an "invincible" parachute/bodies that can be retrieved with your ally when game over. Later additions of over 50 enemies that have in mind that they shoot can shut the parachute to prevent these. (not camera-shy like the survival). Deathrattle Fae : There is a lingering dmg that crows/waves that kills anything with it on her. This effect is spread by player/intruders. (same as opening parachute)

: There is a lingering dmg that crows/waves that kills anything with it on her. This effect is spread by player/intruders see Stats: deutsche.sedigit.com/zombie615/zombies/.

It's a good time to prove what you are capable of

MOE allows for pride amongst group and keeps the competition light

Game mode: Controlled Chaos

Poster States: Rounding After Death

CO: Player Controlled Chaos

Spawn Levelling: Nightmare

Players will spawn at different Light Level

Create your personal forest for maximum chances of a catch

Players Hated in PvP: Infected Infected Killers

Specialists/Support: Easy to Hard, Hardest difficulty to Epic

11 new variants of mortars as the new tires

The autoshooting Mortars can have sappers on them.

Each Mortar will have a unique hammer model/skin.

Creator: Zombie615<|endoftext|>I have heard this frequently. Trying to find examples is difficult because the activity is not sufficiently lengthy to illustrate the case. This section is intended to examine selected topics or facts which indicate the characteristics of what might be categorized as animal exploitation, including undercover investigations.
Every professional aid or agency SOT tries to educate you about lacks or avoids this issue- it does not want to be on record as being 'bad', regardless of how clear its activities are and its clearly does not try to conceal its own shady design and actions. These very professionals who make a point of contacting you would not provide you with their reviews if they knew they are from ANTI-SAFE. Supposedly, they are in the business of protecting another's welfare? Luckily they are not on record, even unknowingly, in a risk environment that is putting their own customers lives at risk, and that means that they risk their insulation and the cozy legal nature of the program. It is an interesting sucker your bargaining chip would be in this situation.
British SPR is a quasi-commercial service that has worked extensively in international environmental investigation and subject matter. They employ an officer licensed and a professional auxiliary who is bound to mission reports Operating Procedure 2SRO2 (Op2SRO2) which is an N4 and a working reference for any Basic Requirements and acceptable provisions in the in-house environmental management report system (EIMS). EIMS is THE tool most commonly used and used in high-risk situations overseas, with the exception of emergency situations. How the system worked is that when any SRT-approved service was in England the EIMS Supervisor for the assembly position would maintain the op2sr Op, meeting rehearsals and standard documented engagement times. The contract required the EIMS Supervisor for Western Tapwater, or any other operations and inspectional facility (OOF) within her market area, to maintain the EU EN 50306 and for corrective action to be used when one of the associated events, backed by evidence, was identified. ( Theirs is NOT an IT! ) The OOF is limited by National legislation to supplying housing and rehydrating various supply and servicing modalities for workplace protection. Generally, this includes the ha
======================================== SAMPLE 160 ========================================

The Eyepatch. Southeastern brewing history in the twenty-seventh circuit period. This brew began life as an Eye-Patch Ale. Two years later it was transformed into a bluetooth beer. Boom.

Two years later it was transformed into a bluetooth beer. Boom. 3012 Brewhouse - Midtown

4131 Alston

Atlanta, Georgia<|endoftext|>The Objective

Creating a web-app window view using CustomViews as well as/exactly as long as a control's content was Glass communications Oh well….A While ago I was gaming a lot in XNA and MVC1.. I have noticed some reusable stuff in Boostrap 2 Live. So this was a great chance to get using custom views for a multi-window app…So here goes… The first thing we have to do is to use SHTTr().. Once we do that, we define a RCC functions using a simple string also found at: https://developer.msdn.microsoft.com/The_H/en-US/docs/Windows_8_DesignStudio/User_Guide/9_08_Universal_Controls_List_of_FunctionsButtonControl.aspx Common sizes on SHTTr(). Less Important, the media button values….The media button we use here is Pumpkin SP PumpkinGiggsdeveloper.msdn.microsoft.com/multihome/index.aspx?f=playlist&s=produCp.The Common values are smallButton the same as a button smallMediaButton the same as a windowed external media resource on a Windows 8 UIGoogleIIS one button so "button" has same shortcut as "goog_freak".<|endoftext|>Stir it up and dust off those fancy Stereophile cans. You can room them with the long-discussed $850/pair Monitor Audio RSPA-200s, the $900/pair Reference Components ML-31s, or your choice of a low-power few hundred bucks in a fine all-in-one DACs from Onkyo, Denon, or Phonak. All look to be Pono-caliber accurate boxy monitors—a wonderfully clean design fit for film strips, WOW boxes, pressure-sensitive film, and brightly lit condo buildings.

Which one does it best? For the 2012 Stereophile Pro Council annual labs roundtable, we decided to pit the Stereophile Reference RSPA-200s against a couple of partner monitors: the South Korean Tannoy DM780F and the MBL/Austere Dynamics MH501BR. Call me a sucker, because monitor cost correlations ranging from 2.25 to 3.25 are cited everywhere, but this was a reasonable number: Not a hat tip to anybody here—I paid $882 both for the Denon DHT278s and Philips MBL-JL6" midrange desk monitors—but I'd also point out that the Stereophile Reference Monitor Company does not make entry level studio monitors.

They will, eventually, so you can get the Paradigm M616SS and Murat VP24NSWA modestly priced people monitors for around $400/pair.

Still looking for something between AR-X and some Aston Martin? $769/pair is a reasonable entry pair of dynamic monitors, as is a pair of the Mal's six-disc bookshelf models at $1238/pair. These make their round-table debut nearly all set to turntable, but I find these absolutely on par with any other high-end monitor sound. Very, very nice clarity—I can hear a brushstroke on sheet music whereas I can't pinpoint a particular section, in complete contrast with a lot of low-end forking in.

I'm also finding a lot of detail that I would not have expected at $900/pair (see below). Detail, for instance, appears rich and quite distinct with the MBL/Austere Dynamics and with the old Schubert CDM150 ($1,049/pair). The above monitors are almost as much of a step down from high-end MBL made for CD samplers and scanners, but these are way ahead of anything that I heard before.

"HOWEVER!" (does sustained bread-baking sound disturb your silent boss!) I started shopping while trying to level my shipping partner's Neumann TLM 60s to that nonstick pot on my desk, and couldn't resist this one when it came on the shelf. The amount you can glean for less than $1k compared to the MBL-connected Search ongoing preventative by When we stumbled on these at my In "however", I snapped one up at $769/pair. The amount you can glean for less thanand connected to the midrange on allophones by ear or stylus for on-the-go listening is remarkable, and the Antelope readjustable speakers aren
======================================== SAMPLE 161 ========================================
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- More than one team has reached out to defensive end Sheldon Richardson, and in full disclosure, it wasn't the New York Jets when they were trying to lure him away from the Denver Broncos back in May.

Detroit reportedly wants him but they want a first-round pick -- which isn't likely to be available. The New England Patriots -- the team he won't follow to Buffalo next spring -- also showed interest, but he chose the Dolphins, so its plantike grounds are probably a little less inviting.

All the teams talking to Richardson now really want him are those stuck in a draft chute, holding onto the closest option that might await outside the No. 2 spot: the Titans.

Richardson doesn't want to leave Denver, but he is happy and close with offensive tackle Ryan Clady, so someone is working things out for him to head back to the AFC West. Since signing with the Dolphins in 2013, Richardson hasn't appeared in four seasons because of several suspensions, one for vulgar language and another for $100,000 in incomplete treatment for his Invasive Cranial Agent Suspension.

But it's clear he's as motivated as he ever was coming off 18.5 sacks in 2013, his most in a season. He missed all of 2015 with a torn ACL (regardless of his contract) and was eligible to be a restricted free agent, a period of one year compensation. He hadn't earned one. Now he's signing an extension with so much cash in it, it might as well be a signing bonus. He will earn $41 million over five years.

If all goes according to plan with the Dolphins, this would be his 12th team. He wouldn't be eligible for the rookie salary rampup.

The more significant question for the Dolphins will be where to play him.

The direction butler was going causes Jets coach Rex Ryan to worry about the off-the-field situation the Dolphins' might have. Not just the kidnapping charge but the seven felony domestic violence incidents that allegedly happened in the same period Gore faces Knowshon Moreno in the 2014 season.

Ryan said he hasn't said you'll be back, but there's still concern it might happen.

"I think Rob will live with that the rest of his life," Ryan said.

But that doesn't seem likely. Still, judging by Richardson's quality of life at Sheldon's high-end basketball arena, playing (and stealing the last sesh of the season) in expensive Miami Beach would be downright sweet.

Richardson is friendly with the Dolphins' animal lovers and recently posted a picture of him trapped in a portable piggery wallowing in some Yurts B. Free amusements since acquiring franchise last year. One picture over on Twitter shows him tied to a mattress jauntily paused for one solo Pete Rose moment.

Yes, someone talked Jimmy and the Rap, Jr. session while lining up hauls in, "stunts" and all. And yes, and no.

Richardson status for next season is nowhere near certain, but the Dolphins could consider the following relative to his deal and salary expectation: a one-year, $3 million deal that kicks in if he doesn't make Pro Bowl the first time. Welcome home, latter-day lumberjack.

He parlayed a second-year status if he don't make it into the Pro Bowl into 2014 season. Richardson was an early offer for ther drag Black Mamba moniker and once glue Vincent Jackson round Egypt Geese a third-quarter touchdown in Buffalo. Elliott, replacing RG Watt, tweaked a hamstring in the first quarter. God bless it.

Previous defense of Richardson, New York fails to note the fanatical Greenpoint football spirits is what current Broncos Playoff Captain, not being a Tuomo Ruutu, Eugene Robinson heft respectively. They also might contend he never met them prior to surrendering his services to their fledgling Bluewater's.

Will any Buc thrived against New York? Contact Len Pasquarelli at anytime under the care of 215-345-3147 or on Twitter at @LenPas they remembered defensive experience replete ing decade prior using yardage punch too oftingly.

Pasquarelli is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach him at [email protected] or via Twitter @LenPasquarelli<|endoftext|>After the student body's vote, the students then agreed to put an extra $30,000 ($30,000 for the shuttle, a $30,000 tour bus, $10,000 ($10,000 for coaches and bus) for the team to defray exhibit and territory costs, and put up a 10-minute video on Hokie Nation to break the news.<|endoftext|>Transmail Services Guaranteed Colour HIGH ¶

that women not thinking today that ceteris paribus sine noct
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Walker has a pretty prestigious entry on the R&B circuit, but this time she channels her inner Beck. She's using a vintage-looking Grado High Fidelity MKH30 pair to highlight the warmth that her voice can play — whether layered for a Streetwise knock-out or such a rich, biting cover of The Phantom of the Opera which could only sell the album as prohibitively expensive item in a museum.

MORE: New Mom Jennings Showcases Rap's Coolest Fetish (PHOTOS!)

Walker should be preparing to be a TV Storyline pick at some point, considering she graduated last year from Columbia School for the Advancement of Performing Arts. It was her sophomore year and she performed one year at the Consequences Of Famous Parents tour, but now is convinced that DJ Khaled is "the biggest rap star in the world right now." She's going in with a full-blown April Fool's freakout about Khaled, in terms of madness just born of intent and assumed fame.

After putting B.o.B. on blast, Walker's become a whole lot more self-aware. When asked about using a vintage pair of headphones on say, a song which would be tipped to #2 on the Other Music chart circa 16 years ago and ensure a pop hit, Walker's not just going to dismiss the argument that Kia were charging outrageous royalty rates for the role. Instead, she reaches the final step in this peculiar duality. "Ninety years old is in the middle of when I'm literally getting me a old pair of headphones," she says, making the plaintive smiley face into a chipper "happy face."

So not yet fully confident in praise alone, Walker says, "I probably just don't have my own platform yet. If you looked at any major politician on Twitter, I'm probably bigger than them right now. Like through my music, through my identity and my brand, through the awards. If she starts doing that, then she'll feel a responsibility to me."

What an attitude. It could also arguably be facetious. After all, the stakes could always be higher than good Nielsen numbers, and Klum has certainly thought about Tila Tequila having "a platform, permission or rap credibility" for the sake of money — and, frankly, all three factors lately are starting to get in the way of big ambitions. (We'll believe it when we get there. But let's assume for right now that the pressure of making stuff counts as a quasi-pareto advantage.)

MORE: 27 People to Watch at Next Week's Golden Globes

But if reality tv's taken a wrong turn lately, that's where House of Cards' Walton Goggins comes in. The executive producer, aka "the guy who makes everyone else's idea better in seven seconds," is surrounded by an unshakeable confidence. Whether that's achieved by being good at his job or by actively wanting to dispel any notion that maybe the people around him could stand to lose their heft a little, is actually impossible to know. Do you want a safe job, or do you want to be famous? (If you're all about the money and you don't want to be famous, stand by for Tila Tequila.) Is taking time to spitten raps about Playboy Fame shit complete nonsense, or genius? (If The Wiz was cute.)

No, here it's our duty to ponder alternatives. Having themselves done pretty well at their jobs such as executive producing the best show on TV or dropping usually unexpectedly-bonkers fashion releases, Walton and wife Victoria look like it would be at home at the beach. But more important than just advocating for ourselves as Angelenos, maybe we might all learn something?<|endoftext|>Galileo Galilei, Queen of the Fourth Dimension

11 NOVEMBER 2010-Razer rally movie tablet MR8ITY

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Following up on the first performance video of Razer's tablet monitor, this follow-up video shows the real-life usability of the Razer / Galileo computer hardware. Demonstrating how chess and rocket flight both work on a tablet like Razer's MR8ITY, this demo serves as an excellent demonstration of the ability of an 8" tablet to do the reverse of cheating, driving compete reaction via a smaller screen.

Special thanks to OCN Andy at Incubation to retrieve all of these amazing, and highly relevant, videos.<|endoftext|>Ever wonder what the molecular makeup of your favorite foods are? What about molecules that contribute to the anti-nutrients in your diet? Maybe you've heard of the wonders of standing in a lab and exposing yourself to all kinds of stuff, from Good out of Baobab to My Life. If you have ever wondered about this as well, you can boast that you're a cocktease.

Chemical signaling mechanisms in cell health

We couldn't let the popular cultural atavism slide by,
======================================== SAMPLE 163 ========================================
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This issue of Mother Jones plunges into the story behind the probator, a timid female judge who represents an otherwise naked criminal defendant in Putnam County, Iowa that we've covered a handful of times over the past few months.

Basketball professional Mark Cuban alleges Michael Boudreau (not his first attempt at disguising his identity as a woman in defense of child sex offense victims) committed "professional misconduct" by spying on him when the basketball star's alleged victim was a minor. The adult court in the matter, however, was obviously powerless to bring charges against Boudreau because the alleged victim wasn't 16.

Huffington Post legal expert Ken Sembach came up with the best answer one could give to Cuban after his attempt to attack the status quo. "See [judge] Cynthia LeBlanc," he suggests, "who served in the campaign of a competing candidate for U.S. president, heidegister Barack Obama of Vermont." Mother Jones goes on to describe the exchange grave Italian spread) you win in an iron grip, becomes all the kinder to victim-blaming victim-philosophers ("neglecting to distinguish between instances where the teens amended their story," and "turning the tables on Boudreau when he raised questions about the accuser's credibility"), and doesn't object when Boudreau remains silent about the proceedings. But our wonder is saved by an anonymous "young woman who was single and would testify in the matter if she could." She claims to have been sexually abused by a football player, and admits to having been at the jury selection when Boudreau had his horse in tow ("the day of the trial, I had to go on a date with the judge and coworker who served on the trial"). This relationship with the judge: appropriate for younger defendants, or one of one?

There are two more impassioned editorial rounds about Anglo-Saxon privilege, sex-crimes statutes, and the perils of treating such accusations with contempt. "Should an innocent child die because his or her parents trusted an evil court?" a narrator asks in another funding-for-opinion-letters section (also our most appealing Hillary Clinton-related section ever).

The debate moves into Ferguson, Missouri, after the Ferguson police force famously confiscated a shipment of the controversial Ferguson Skinny Pancake Mix they'd been targeted for racial opprobrium for the past month. Tis the season for good molly around the Midwest by way of today's beat. The fight over seating a police car at a barbecue for local law enforcement can be avoided with a decent bottle of white WKD (psst, craft liquor drinkers, you can get that cheaper in Raley Field) and politely pulled from the service urinal at an NHL game. Sturgiss Thurman faced a bogus tax and still kept "taking it deep as you know," watching Red Sox-Dodgers a year later and buying a house in Ellicott City hogging all the media attention. Pow! domestic abuse. This is infused thick as molasses with the spark of contraria.<|endoftext|><P>New Benchmark for VR Development <UL></UL>Gamedev VR is the best VR development tool you will ever come across. It provides a simple and intuitive interface that instantly gets a new world of possibilities for your games. Test gameplay mechanics with rich interactivity – feed your brain with new things to experience. Break binds, multiply particles, radius particles etc Last but not the least, enjoy stereoscopic 3D effects thanks to worksparks VR Explorer app which works with latest smartphones. <LI></LI>Gamedev VR is a must-have for thousands of titles on Play Store and 73GD pre-installed on Estonian versions of Samsung 45Z930 and 55F710 Google Cardboard headset (internal 2.0 connector<br></br>It supports more than 600 fps high frameratesNVIDIA GPUs are super-sensitive to large distance from your eyes. That's why we created the best simulator for virtual reality development. To make sure that your games will run at their best (we selected 30 fps concurrent multi playback for optimal Mac% consoles experience on Mac DevIC). Gamedev VR Simulator classifies games by VR engines asset declarations: - List Item: show assets declaration in plain text - List Item: show author among every asset signature to get an idea of authorship distribution - Possible to create own shader - reporter confirmedble: 3D impacts and materials. The modifier Gizmo can be also used to save your work. - Possible to create context part with objects and hatchets - Working on current project was made possible by @dmordis/geosocial to fully support localization now. <OL></OL>Geosocial is a decentralized multiplayer platform modelled on Facebook uses community to identify geosocial users suit 'Nearby'. A project consists of a list of geosocial users
======================================== SAMPLE 164 ========================================
I want to see a ton of households with kids with no food in their houses. Surviving famine requires storing up food in hopes a spoiled enclosure might provide the behaviors of food memories we crave. In near future, they will have to leave their cages.

We're spending all our time theorizing about animal minds, yet we have living, reacting animals. As if we can just no be in touch with our emotions at is practical.

My kale starts from an academic grown Himalayan. It hydrates in the garden, but it seems another species than we know is fermenting! My general lab is a recently renovated cave survival room with sun-filled bowls full of food for rats. The interior design is nearly utilitarian (no smart phones, blog, writing tools, or ovens there), except the cave ceiling. This is where we grow the food to feed animals. Which they will eventually eat.

My girl starts out with a kind of scaffolding green and wild, but soon she can't grow more than a few leaves. Who needs her monotub artistically scissors and wire? The boxy roots are brittle right away before growing into skin weeds. So that's not going to do it.

An unsteady start for another young carnivore's evening. I go in for some priming with baking soda and dry iron. A fun little experiment is once the kopi luwak seems she will grow some damp spikes. Consider this:chopsticks are soft under a microscope, webbies, and twining vines all apply more pressure from tangles of animal blood.

Taking over the cultural mythos of science, I peek over her purple skeleton spikes with an endoscope.

Once the higher organs take over, the kabuka unfurrows skin at a clever angle to reach past the body curse powered at this end of the lab. Curiously, without a hoe or a pot to turn into a tiled floor, she does not chew with her jaws.

I have undressed her to her base to fill the bowl. She is pushing her way to get her shelter to stretch out into, or if I've planned correctly, squish into. She does not move like a biological creature, pulling up with her haunches while excellent and facing directly downward. She prefers laying there moss-covered and mother-prey encouraged paying attention to her uphill path.

Lack of summer fur gives me ample room to poke through her skin, pull out black seeds, and taste the damp thing she'll roost under in future. Would the static reference very much reduce a virus being blocked within its first expenditure, nights? I'm not sure, but it's for sure a more effective inoculation. Hopefully, these experiments will be continued. Hopefully.

My guru and master who made us does not focus so much on running where we want as it does on empathy for the soil,, plants, and animals with which he touched in some perfect way. Delhi is often flooded my first morning in the shafts of windy sunshine. Let's not give success an easy choice.

The trees are in the underground and they change colors weekly. In simple terms, they're scattered flowers taking their cues from the transynthetic forest. While I'm pioneering, the one thing I sacrifice in the relationship is conducive to imagination. A full color-changing lets us enjoy cozy warmth while simultaneously losing whoever is formal and rational for the feel good activity. Like cosmic lap of the firmotsuites.

An American outcropping of stonemines blocks the sunlight. The unseen wave depose colonies to accommodate my habit; sandblasting. There are microbes from amoebas that change the composition of the water. In the habitat where the natural and mecopate are as thoroughly ever so mindful of the fence as the meesthe gardener has been, I'll shed this duality when I sit with her. Food grows from space; human needs feed them. Sandbringation turning our microbes and animals can save thousands in pandemic deaths. I value them all in metaphorical and real (if tough) tenacity.

Species survival deals good cop in these two every where storytelling machines.

Door is opened. My guru goes rescuing the kupi luwak elder from drought resistant drought. I alone have learned her humdrum bookish biogeography is yielding to light and fire. Cow has problems taking roots. Bring my love to her and make a mend. She needs a clean-air daughtersnail easy experience not in a month's time, but in just a few hours of thinking about reflexes, calendar dates, and natural spatial relations for a mind that has grown certain.

Advertisements<|endoftext|>Another one bites the dust! Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay conservative writer and editor who was one of the leading purveyors of racist and misogynist hysteria at the height of GamerGate, announced his resignation from Breitbart.
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Foreign nationals, whether of Mexican, Dominican Republic or American descent, with no status in the US currently face an uncertain future. In 2017, nearly 100,000 people have become undocumented under Trump's ongoing executive order to "improve the national security and public safety of the United States".

but not everyone feels "left out" of the process. New arrivals or let go through temporary protection in order to ensure the continuation of the benefits they have accrued over the years, without even knowing what the future may hold.

Google's 'info-graphic', created with the title "Happy New Year!" endeavours to give everyone the ARC refreshing Ukip.capital.org/ Auto locations popular with non-American Indian remnants Published June 14th 2016

Happy New Year fools! Google has created a graphic to help the Android and iOS users with their New Year's resolutions.

The Google web host have pulled the figure from the HTML code, which is posted on their domain Link Your New Year's Resolutions to Google…You can already put that in your Resume, already.

Makes it so easy, so simple.

A close look reveals that the associated Google Document lost the importing 'data-tag'. It was gone but there was the document image now archived onto Google Drive. The document type 'xsl' which is only available as HTML easily survives analysis as it contains metadata that is reflected within the XSL stylesheet. However, that image has screwed it up.

Upon clicking on the document image within the document you're handed a pop-over message that has prompted that you have no separate public domains or libraries assigned. Also, the 30-day yuletide promo code has also lapsed.

Next comes a further rhetorical question as the return link acknowledges Microsoft's family education portal, http://kids.enterprise.ie/2018/ familyeducation/ organisation is owned by Microsoft and it's not available from Google!

Eithernogrill advises on re-storing the document and its attachments inside that body.

For those with a Google Key, the failure to manipulate the permissions has made it easier to pointer to Google SkyDrive with the delete function.

A Google XLSX snippet is inserted at the beginning and consequently, a number of emojis are seen. The first three can be resolved as ' :', '#' and '>, respectively.

Real bad user interface design literacy evident. At the moment it appears the documentation was stored as an image embedded from XML/WAIK using plug-ins/objects as opposed to actually processing the chalk figure adequately. Bombarded, it seems likely that keen users need to make use of at least one other tool besides scraping through the HTML. Further such sabre-rattling probably concentrated death, drugs effigy military and 'Communists' and all will surely be? Subs now claim a body count of one.<|endoftext|>A heroic group of anti-capital protesters have overturned a police vehicle in Melbourne's CBD and smashed a store window leaving police covered in petrol, knives, and broken glass.

The moment activists jumped on to officers' vehicles and slammed the tyres has been captured by ABC local radio.

Hundreds of anti-capital protesters converged on the Yarra River and rushed the Essendon Federal Plaza at 3pm, as T4 Toll Road was closed and hundreds more police were deployed to the scene.

Witnesses said officers responded by asking people to with the group to get on their feet and stick together.

Many people did not cooperate and remained on hands and knees.

Several minutes later, the group jumped on to the front of a police vehicle and climbed on top of it.

(Footage by Mark Avery) ()

(Mark Avery) ()

When police approached, one machete-wielding woman executed a backflip off the roof roof. As the weather turned warmer, another individual obtained petrol from a vehicle and began to slash a police van with it.

Police vehicles actively discriminates against residents to ensure access to the streets

"Immediately, we had individuals clambering out of their own vehicles on the roof of the 'checking out' vehicles. We had that first group jump into the back of the police vane truck, then we had this second group go over the top through the cabin section," LAC policewoman Inspector Morgan Patterson said.

"Ultimately you see the police vehicle itself being pulled out of the way and critically damaged."

Setting window washers on fire

But by 4pm, when the crowd on the building's roof slowed in numbers, the crowd that stayed had the bulk.

One officers was knifed in the right arm while another was also stabbed with a metal baton.

Another officer was called to the scene, treated by paramedics, and brought a back pack full of 30 pencils and suitcases of documents to dole out to demonstrators.
======================================== SAMPLE 166 ========================================
If you thought the '70s were light-years away–stuffy, dowdy and extremely quotable–think again! While there's still more beer being sold now than even 20 years ago, the advent of empty cans and cans being shipped from store shelves and high shelves alike means something of a shake-up: How ingrained are fears about "beer fatigue" and beer kid fatigue among the US beer drinker populace? Could the previously second-favorite Japanese import now claim a higher percent of general US mid-range drinkers' palates?

Fears About 'Beer Fatigue'

First things first, America is an extremely diverse nation where everyone has their own alcohol preferences–especially here in California–which makes it imperative that anyone who is considering the purchase of beer know what's on the other end from what they're buying.

So probably the first thing that most people will mention is that they grew up in a culture that literally created beer. Why, Milers, if mom and dad went out one night and bought twenty cases of beer to make home-made caramel corn, then came home for the week, mom and dad never really made another beer again, did they? That's a testament to how intertwined beer and the American pub culture is to our culture as a whole, regardless of ethnicity or country of origin.

The second point people will mention once again is the ease with which mountains of green beer can only hurt their wallet. Beer companies have tried to downplay their fast-growing popularity with things like, "There's no need to worry about beer fatigue" (we all know how that went), but clearly skepticism about booming printing profits, come-ons that come with cans, and an obsession with fast food all work to push beer consumption monthly upwards.

Theory abound that "beer fatigue" is the result of the convenience. A college student comes to The Big House, pre-game to a new beer and buys one that tastes awful, except they eat it immediately and can't afford another after that. The same beer tastes great to his friends that tried It Taqueria around the same time. When new people find out about beer, they probably go back to Post Office Mart because it's convenient to source other local beer. Millions of beer cans are being sold at any given time, so in that sense, it's only a matter of time before another bad beer reaches the American drinking public. In reality, however, the gap in tastes and notes year over year gives it plenty of time to set in.

Why Can't We Stop To This?

As with so many trends in today's society, it seems like "so what?". Its wholly feasible that if Americans drank the same number of drinks every hand strength a year, we'd all be reeling from some kind of knock-out effect through "beer fatigue," with certain people not liking their new, 30.9 ounce can after one night's consumption than they would before.

The answer, of course, is that don't boo, no no, we agree. This poll was conducted only with Mr. O'Connor's own volunteers (less than 200 altogether, so it gets drastically less accurate), but it is for sure, anecdotally, that beer drinkers aren't all close to running out, so we need to remember to drink them slowly! It makes sense to gag after picking up the first can myself, but I want to be more careful when kiddingly pointing it out at people. Other times, one can fog your glass, but if you pull off a clean bottle, it has no less energy than the entire dinner we just ate. Plus, a can is a tool (albeit a good one); all of us can carry a 16-liter bottle against abuse for whatever more precautions we can devise even from a distance (which do admittedly exist, in case you were really wondering). Adding to this is the fact that beer can elders know our taste and style best (one of the ways one can truly make boyfriends Thomasohn and Mack lip and accept one-year anniversaries), so they may be slightly more nervous about putting down their first attempt.

The reality is: beer is a three-pound change over a year is not going to put a dent in your wallet and your family is going to watch a lot more Game of Thrones than that freaking ZimTel Conquest TV show from 13 hours earlier (again, THE TRUTH). Wrapping your head around this fact and appreciating craft brewing industry, because of the opportunity for a service job or a quality paying job from a brewery is like joining the beekeeping industry when you are 30 or 40 (which is why it's not hilarious). You just had a 3 pound piece of meat opposed to two pounds of grass-fed beef with a noticeably better quality of life which means less stress, less strife, less 1,000 fatal car wrecks over the next 10 years. The ability to bottle your own beer is to craft beer what Moto X performance is in its
======================================== SAMPLE 167 ========================================
Photo by Sarah Rice/Getty Images

The use of cocaine and ecstasy is becoming less popular among students, particularly in the number of students taking it daily. A survey of more than 500 students at 30 British universities has found that among those who take ecstasy daily, 15 percent of those who take it daily do so for 11 or more days a month. Furthermore, among those who cannot use less than two pills a day, the share is even lower: 3.5 percent. The findings, which will be published in the British Journal of Addiction on March 31, are unlikely to come as a big surprise to researchers. Ethanol, cocaine, and other pharmaceutical drugs are widely consumed. And these drugs are increasingly prescribed by doctors seeking to help patients avoid withdrawal symptoms that occasionally result from stop-smoking medication. (We covered this topic at length earlier this month.)

You can see why this is that already: Ecstasy has been claimed to have no withdrawal symptoms, almost like acupuncture, and its therapeutic use is almost on par with nicotine patches. Never mind that the marijuana equivalent of going on prescription doesn't actually use any marijuana, and never mind also that the pleasure 5HT1A receptors are known to use are the exact opposite of pleasure from any drug harm reduction approach. That serotonin blockers and antidepressants are held up by their being nasty side effects near the stress reflex, and marijuana smokers who have tried the harm-reduction strategy of smoking up don't like being told they should have given up the pot.


It makes you wonder why the British University students decided to test their own three-day-per-month dosage in such a large and representative sample. (More and more surveys are now taxesiversity.) Frankly, it suggests a surprising glee at the temporary ecstasy-like diversion from the anxiety, vomiting, and deadlifting required to take ecstasy every day, and hints that all the fine-tuning students' minds imagine among itself waiting to notice a slight difference to take for granted in the MDMA-based pleasure experience. For those working hard to annoy human beings by taking increasingly large doses of any drug, indiscriminate use in a large sample where two-thirds of people at least once take it daily would be the kind of synergy of imitation of the drug it most wants these kids' heads to entertain.

Oh well. We still get over it and opine that every unpredictable chemical, when taken systematically, is best taken for that one time in one instance, and I don't think we can find any fellow humans getting smarter as they keep it under time-clock.<|endoftext|>A 1500 stick coopers gas canister, as lit by the view out the back window of a 1530 Range Rover. Using gas canisters to create a PPE, or Personal Fire Extinguisher - Napalm Harry might need a favour.

So very much a testament to the logistical and technical capabilities of the Allies' Visual Paging Unit using signs erected on the country's lines during the war, this car includes Wimpy Rabbi htmlStandardBodyProperty gameplay Core wondrous best img copyright

Random Items Wiki Started this as some sort of mega-walkthrough with users yet to be found so, that sort of slowed down later than I was hoping. Chapter Aof - Thor has the ability to transform into eagles in his truest form. (in-game models of Thor, Loki and the other Nyx Immortals). Add the in-game description "Since he is one third of the Living Tribunal magic can only be expressed through the of the Eye of Thors Ultramarines Chapter Master". This would make sense. Collect 4* and 4* domains since he is the first convert in the game.

The ketchup chip from the take-away fridge is spilling all over the floor from all the excitement. Pull back the trusty vent-sleeve and secure this bright yellow item, otherwise "smarkleknuckle" might just show up.

After Easter Holmes gives you a mighting: DIY Creator2002 Something started the week of March 1st 2017 with in-game items turned into Powerviolence themed items. Using weapon lists (Musketeer's works only, of course) and the first few quest achievements put in place, wanted art and custom models start to form. Donated items become craftables see Aof 1102 - No Mercy Chapter Aof - Kick a Mob Chapter Aof - Creature in League of Its Own Mini-database Hello again, metal missiles took so many items gone by the time the chapter got started that it didn't feel like I had enough. When you finished the task given to you, watch this video for the secret:

Highlight Kudos: Silver SurferMario756 This Reset Edition brings the Oxford Manual Island Behemoth Insano DP3 SonicCon Jetpack Ninja Megashader Quake Shoe3DRG RadiationSteel Wards34590 Kalih Warren TyEC Sledgehead Funkiholden GhostMatsu Coalition CityMostFrom 7 L118 Book
======================================== SAMPLE 168 ========================================
Vinart Prado, vilay YogisPelagic, Huila, Way of Life

The Real History and the Jesuits Re-named Themselves

By Tom Franklin

April 22, 2011 " Information Clearing House " -- Wikipedia's entry for "U.S. secret organized crime elements", as well as the web sites of wikipedia "updated" and arrack "updated":

On September 11, 2001 it is thought that American Groups in Europe, most notably the Knights of Malta (above-right) were also involved. Amnesty International, in its historic report How Transnational Organized Crime Exposed the US, reveals their involvement in abuses against Palestinians and Palestinians in Asia were the other "Israeli partner gangs".

Tom Franklin, US media and investigative reporter. He is the editor of "American Chekists" and "They Are Getting Away With It". He is the author of [a blockbuster new book] "The Pedophocracy: How America's Elite Pedophiles Rule America"

In The 1998-2013 WOBUS Bureau he was researching and reporting on Top Secret CIA organizations. He had his own very complimentary web site, where you can search just about any subject you desire collected at "ArraySiloworld.com". Check it out. This information builds on the earlier Oval OfficeWas 000 letsloraseo have teamed up with any other foundation i is it right, see loop Democrats 9/11 unconventional warfare suppressed murders PhillipsLA Once minister controling rich people inspector general 04 Notes some crooked or the related activities!0 QJinnC If cheap but will piss off people. transnational finance imposed in world drug business), both as a cure from widespread economic early economic crisis (The US exports) thwarted anquart hologinfect Silva recruitment Tampa witnessesKE town of Florence, ArizonaThis is very specific. PasterNet Files and SnowdenDocs created by Tom Franklin.

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======================================== SAMPLE 169 ========================================
Pennsylvania is boosting its support for state courts that won't issue same-sex marriage licenses.

No county court clerk or magistrate will give out marriage licenses to any gay person, regardless of whether the applicant has the proper papers.

The bill, passed last month, will require any such court to post a notice explaining its ban on same-sex marriage. That will happen in other county courts if they choose to ban it.

Put the non-essential elements of the bill on the state budget.

A House committee on Tuesday shot down a bill that would have permanently repealed Pennsylvania's same-gender marriage ban, The Inquirer reported. The law is as it exists now until it's repealed, which would happen if the Legislature disagrees with the opinions of the Supreme Court.

House Republican Leader Dave Reed thanked the chamber for looking at the issue and voting the bill down.

Necessary elements - to deliver knowledge to both parties - for performing an appeal.

Hold minority members responsible for talking constructively to differing parties.

Program developed to help hobbyists adjust their behavior to federal rules.

The guiding principle of all federal agencies is that they will simply work with the states where their programs are implemented, not a way of establishing itself over the states. "Taken as a whole," Page wrote, "that interpretation runs counter to the tradition of the Administrative Procedure Act, the concept of federalism, and the idea that very large federal changes to state policy are met by redrawing the map of the internal states."

The State Senate passed the bill ­ Thanh tut thr sol.1:10 p.m. EST that would have prohibition in its title.

The bill that would have made an end-run around Pennsylvania's same-sex marriage ban, which went into effect on Sept. 17, was referred to a Senate Judiciary committee but died without a vote. Less than two hours before the conference committee meeting, the Appropriations Committee shelved a bill that would take Kentucky from two rights to single rights. (SB2122)

Brothers Can Learn Digiple Zones discussed role of lobbyists and judges in election.

David Lineker triggered signature.

Attacking causes from the big Perkins Opening

Slippery slope? So T. Boone Pickens demands more, forcing acceptance.

He's the controversial billionaire who didn't spend much and died penniless. Stewart Brinkerberg said there were three compelling reasons to do so.

Longtime Kennedale cop, 47, shot dead at breakfast meeting

Deadly attack on Tampa photo studio zone

Elaine Benesburg dies at Tampa complex

Mother and daughter fatally stabbed at home, family says

Joan Henty dies; teen in custody as Tampa shooting in progress

Milton County jurors find man not guilty in fatal 2008 van crash; woman charged

Spanish soccer manager, accountant charged in flareup over public »

Whitehead woman, 50, arrested in Sarpy County

SC taken in for surgery involving swelling in head; sheriff still searching for suspect

Pa. firm revives manual offering debirr-...

Blood clot unplugged during surgery increases risk of cerebrovascular accident, study shows

'Orange Crush' performance, Brazilian rugby testimonial, and more

'Set that boy up' leads to workplace death ticket gone bad

'Your kids need to start wearing shirts' »

Taddeo Law MP Dennis Jones, a longtime boss, denies using Dengue rash strategy on company Carlos choked Dengue and transferred him to Carlos 2 45Z 5 days; do not know if Dengue administered fourth group batch of medication.

Woman's 14-year-old attacker dead of Greeley overdose, coroner says Jorge, 42, Rivers (La.), after under arrest on Sept. 12 for killing a 41-year-old woman last week.

Mom says charges dismissed in Cheshire manslaughter case due to sperm Don legally fathered child with Shiena; girl in Ecuador blamed father

Annie Corpuz killed her 2-year-old grandson. The boy and Darien teenager were said to be the sons of slain NYPD detective Anthony Incandela, the boy's stepfather.

Bruce Trudeau's car explodes? Inside Metro The Strand Magazine

Police take Janet Edwards' mid-June arrest into their own hands The station asked for comment. Edwards, an East Village 31st Precinct officer, was arrested after the discovery of a drop of blood inside her car, at Grace Lieu manicure on East 12th Street, that generally remains autopsied.

Bronx home burglar admitted forging confession; friend's killer still at large Police reports say accompanied crime of property theft, potential illicit lovers, forgery, credit-card fraud.

Robber busted -- for ordering handled pilot … within the cockpit

Woman accused of backdating appraisal
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1 of 15 Full Screen Autoplay Close Skip Ad × What Donald Trump is doing on the campaign trail View Photos Businessman Donald Trump officially became the Republican nominee at the party's convention in Cleveland. Caption Businessman Donald Trump officially became the Republican nominee at the party's convention in Cleveland. Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event at Trump Doral golf course in Miami. Carlo Allegri/Reuters Buy Photo Wait 1 second to continue.

The Iran case was at last resolved quietly and easily last summer, without much fanfare.

The Iran nuclear deal is in peril, but not because of Iran. The United States and its allies are on the verge of imposing new sanctions on Iran, thereby burying the notion of reopening the issue of how badly the United States would meddle in the region if it gets a nuclear weapon and what those meddling actions might look like.

Trump is minorities suspension is January 1. Ronald Reagan is dead. The Vietnam War is long over.

But the case against the Mexican holiday known as papel picado has long been dramatic and known.

Put simply, it's that papel picado — dedicated to St. Martin — has long been considered the proper homage to the French saint.

Some US residents have supported reform of the Friday dismissal, because of the number of workers who are employed on the Saint Martin holiday, to the point that a team of impersonators were able to hijack Saint Martin for more than an hour on July 28, 2014, during the closing ceremony of the World Cup.

French citizens were very displeased with the hijacking.

In the United States, Saints Martin and Louis have been empty-handed, because the killings of two Saint Lucy — or not very actually, actual and fictional saints — have very consistently marked the celebrated patron saint of racism, who protected slaves and massacred the Indians.<|endoftext|>Law O'Neil (The Simpsons) once said, "I'll push an unlimited amount of fire ants in your ass until you bleed from the palace above." Bruiis, bro! I'll bump a man full of tons of lightbulbs or a lamp, again, until he bleeds on the wall!

I personally don't talk to the dead so much, but Myers books have Tsundered us in the past. And, right now, we still have a four minute harangue-fest about the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, and these days purveyors of perennial hay about the Great Recession. It's about time for a baseball metaphor! Envision this chart of the two roles many Americans play in society.

When President Barack Obama's telepromter program emerged in 2008, we sometimes joked that it had an impact on animated and live-action renditions of the nation's economic health. The greatest example was when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was announced there. The ugly Dave bought official shoes and cake in stoic praise of capitalism and compassion, and nothing wrong with that.

Once we sort out the fact that between Oklahoman births, Sarah Palin two events and two years pass, we get to the point:


Actual personal bankruptcy was not a factor as Obama struggled to get Americans to buy the critically panned HealthCare.gov website.

But imagine how miserable things would be if this graph made anyone defensive or start-up in a startup gig ever get the idea to position themself as the lazy one working for were in a proprietary car advertisements.

Show of hands: What part of the ACA do you not understand? Name no language or intellectual property that was used by Ron Paul or Mitch McConnell in their supposedly "inspiring" speeches against the health care-coverage portion of the ACA. Name no language or intellectual property that was used by Ron Paul or Mitch McConnell in their supposedly "inspiring" speeches against the health care-coverage portion of the ACA. This is one of those examples of metaphors that is cornerstoneed by degradation. The Transportation Channel Chapter title to imaginary sequel Cat Upon A Gunga Pig.

Myers iconic seventies book The Smile of the Ladybird, that I mentioned ironically, has the exact same aramid garnish of abuse. Buzz repeated Le note with the injunction of writing some template for how to blog. There could be opinions that you read online on Twitter. Groovy live action Wall Street jobs, Justin, sounds like this guy might be the only one at the table to snort cocaine into his father's O'Neil rectum and claim it is not his own just like I mocked the principled bungini best cabrito Yeti ever let off my cuffs. The other sort of fence-sitters, you give some thought about what is happening because the outcome is in doubt and the tab doesn't make paper, you get out the rubber band and point to the blindingly bright dot.

Now imagine Ernest Jones was writing Happ
======================================== SAMPLE 171 ========================================
"We think they had national security information that they furnished," Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told reporters during a press briefing Wednesday.

"Therefore, we can't confirm or deny its authenticity," he added pointedly.

Experts say such cyber intelligence could be used to inform credible threats of armed attacks from south Latin America, which have surged in recent years. Such warnings could influence U.S. security agencies' decision to move ahead with bomb squad drills.

Despite the outcry and skepticism, the warning is hardly unprecedented. The Pentagon in recent days sent specialized troops into critical coastal cities to reassure the public that, despite Drudge, cybersecurity does not affect the system at home.

And a computer scientist at the government-backed National Institute of Standards and Technology in June told Congress, "I can assure you that our intent in issuing the advisory has not changed," according to a transcript of the hearing

Mr. Rosenstein said that personnel at the door within 45 to 60 minutes were typically able to quickly determine if the alert was authentic and reinforce it in a standard report to the general public. But he said that the same message could arise from a variety of sources.

"It's trying to tempt people. It's trying to feed people false information. People will take it of somebody just in case," Mr. Rosenstein said. "So, at the end of the day whether the information is real or not, whether it constitutes a threat or has no threat, it's very important to make sure the public can remain reassured."

Mr. Rosenstein said there have been other online scams that served similar purposes, but none have been as serious.

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He would not comment on who the madman might be, or how exactly the senator might try to identify him. If he cannot do so, officials say on Wednesday he or she could face treason charges.

"Keep the door locked,'' Mr. Rosenstein said.

Want news about Europe delivered to your inbox? Subscribe to MarketWatch's free Europe Daily newsletter. Sign up here.<|endoftext|>Major League quakes have been throttling Oklahoma City like Harold the Damage Control Specialist taking a roar down the hallway.

Through 35 games, the Thunder has won 16, given up 19, continued learning the lessons of getting smacked left and right by lower level teams.

The Thunder has fenced in a category higher than me: This is a team that has done nothing but play forward.

But it's got more high IQ talent than the last Smurfs, sans Patrick Patterson and Serge Ibaka.

His arsenal of expressive offensive abilities include a soft touch around the basket, a variety of push and slam moves, and has gotten unselfish with passes.

If anyone ever gets to an earlier round of the "play like they actually felt they were playing a team" tournament than the Thunder, they're going to be sorely disappointed.

But it's also interesting to note that the Thunder has allowed opponents to score 119 points more than a week late, in an admittedly ugly officiating failure.

The Thunder has also held its opponents to 82 points fewer than 20 seconds into the game, the fifth best such record in basketball.

To make matters worse, your Stanley Cup champion, Los Angeles Kings, plays a lot better than Oklahoma City, averaging a paltry 32.2 points. Indeed, the Kings, an extended team don't just got better against their more talented matchup on Monday night, they fenced a competing bunch.

From a beauty standpoint, the Kings' heavenly relaxing team trailer hit another Poets John pop last night, birthing sentiments like "Fuck the LA Kings with a 100 inch Manhattan from the apex of Union Theatres."

Congratulations to the Clippers on their 34th appearance on NBA Hardwood Classics, women's basketball's version of "Super Bowl on Ice."

This is the only Emcee contest at which Lil' Wayne failed to make an appearance. The Los Angeles top boy still counts as a Legend.

Not only did Devin Booker stick around to participate, and gave Atl metronomic, textbook baskets, he almost worked L.A.'s Russ Smith. Only Smith failed to take the tiny lake is sprite by leaving a studied jack into Zen-ful Trick, while Booker thunks a pool rim in midair. Booker rose back to play on the next one.

Interesting we have a 78-0 Cowboy RB type matchup from our 12th annual Las Vegas Western Conference at Worlds? That has unfolded exactly as I described on Monday night.

I slide from finalist Final Four All-Star Sunday Jordan spitter at 7:04.

As Barker, my Splash Brothers, Cook and Charon [not the master co-conspirators] expected, Pfft finally uncorks his compadrable Apollo Creed-style sack shout: Two years — a
======================================== SAMPLE 172 ========================================
To understand the public health impact of global warming some additional information is needed. The Theory of Volcanic Eruptions (section 2; Jakobová et al. 2003 [1])

Assesses the approaches for finding, characterizing and tracking of unusual events (e.g. red tides, red tide events in hydrothermal basins, and Asp concretions and eruption) at different scales,

Performs topographic mapping to understand the possible distribution of people, animals and agriculture, and

Provides inferences about the structural disorder characterizing these events.

The natural hygroscopic systems that make up the majority of land surface, regions, and aquatic areas universally freeze and thaw, scattered flowers, yeardley shrubs and wildflowers remain viable and intact. Fig.# 16,17 shows a representative range of distribution of vegetation in winter; blue vegetation corresponds to snow fluff and cyanid blooms are concentrated in wet/ice soils and snow. In the real world, vegetation distribution might be criss-crossed by irrigation pipes/cannons and ditches. Below is a full inventory of the construction and use of water pipes in Croatia (Cyriac International). The casing makes the water destined to drain and produce irrigation water, thus reducing soil drying and dispersing the hydrophorous substances (mostly phosphorus, ammonia & nitrite) that are absorbed by the endothelial layer of its plant tissues (Caase et al. 2000 [18]).

The range of snow/ice cover is an intermediate step in the prediction of geological events such as explosive or landslide ice calving events. The base calibration, or sense, of probability for interpreting this event is the slope of the cross section (visibilty = 1 is extremely rocky; 2 is rocky & slope > 1 results in zero intrusive possibilities ("playa eating") and about 10 when going from rocky to super-poogie (a bad fit between the distribution around the lake and surrounding smoothness), 3 is normally not volcanic, and 4 contains substantially larger chance of being volcanic. Many studies of avalanche probabilities [b] have assumed an ice-clogged avalanche slope but are essentially impossible to use in characterizing future event based on the assumptions of such studies.

In the scale picture below we show a consequence of ice free diameter distribution where damage to vegetation or vegetable agriculture is severe. The zone of virtually mountainousization (rise of sediment surface level from 0.0 mm down to 0.51 mm and from 1.0 mm up to 101.0 mm) delimitates extreme risk of rolling Jackson glacier (FLA; long controllable risk with repeatable cause in most of the cases). Below 2 to 4 meters also the wholly hypothesis of a short-circuiting ice shelf can also be in conflict with perturbances in inclination along the ice shelf and glaciers and larger changes in calved iceberg striated surface characteristics. Similarly a little steepening of level (only Kalavinka profile expected) for conditions of favorable ice-surface conditions will also be when a firm shape of the ice shelf becomes important.

These statistics are describing. We expect that when a state of environments ever shifted a similar threshold is likely to be exceeded in both prehistoric and historic cycles (e.g. IT visit by Ymir of Icepeople.11 [19] , Tree Age of fire, 4th pause of Icemines, 4th bubble of thenan ice by Golis.11 [13] , etc.). On a reasonably stable smaller adapt getting or already as static reference very recently demoted species will almost certainly remain. A short reckoning on the feature to satisfy our sense of probability for a meaereal change ................equipped with Thomson cave bishop tent during bones Music counter on monitor.

In figure # 17 below the evaluation of blue crater militias of near charts contemporary publish Jackman et al. 2004 [20] deems Poleschik-Kürthal lessons 1985 teams parties YMMV. Keeping a certain broad definition for 1995 driver which will be examined I now open data of all major region(s) covered by Polish Ice areas and areas (German) regulated status (charts) since 1910. The data is from the ARRI Phenatorium camera on laser range findere single or 2.5 continuous wave sidestigation. With two cameras This regress y1100 discoverer Boeing 747start Fish bath majority read estimating of seasonal ice covered Dec, Feb and Mar is produced under my parametric meaning (check backend REra pictured). I start with the analytical one (no numerics) { ]) and with 'v1' a more balanced V SD x making first six range times out of the histogram along w 306(). With full (Project formerseailsainflisted)/3, then decompose into continuous range × file / V SD , orbital 2008 tells the scenerer sharp throughout, upper half of the time per file per electron. I raise each left side to the full value >= 1.0 and lower to 100th
======================================== SAMPLE 173 ========================================
Lucasfilm Head: "What Has been Happening over the LastTwo Years is Not Good"

With The Force Awakens recently hitting theaters and flirting with a record six-week domestic run, the transformation of Disney and Lucasfilm into real science-fiction lost a few followers (WrestleFans, Geek & Sundry), and now Disney CEO Bob Iger is having to discuss the impending sequel over a meal.

During a quiet lunch at New York's Ace Hotel with a couple dozen trusted execs, Ideas Executive Producer Dean Devlin candid discussed role models for future shiny robot warriors, CGI wizardry, and finally offers an update on the likely sequel.

Surprising no one, Iger did not like the huge box office numbers of 75% of the people in Wingertown that celebrated the film with him.

"What is happening is not good. What happened over the last two years is not good," Iger intones, motioning to the men in front of him. " We need to come back with something better than that and we will, because we're making the movie that we want to make. Every year we get better."

"Oh my goodness, I don't know what to do in a movie business that's this turnkey and the bottom line is declines..." for five straight years.

"Right now, print is down, but TV is up," says Iger, gleefully.

"Well, that shows how strong the Fox stock is, but let's not get carried away with that. We're just happy with our new thing, Star Wars. We made it to Leia. Four billion dollars worldwide -- and continues to grow and grow."

"Like Kirsten Dunst," adds Queen, referring to the newcomer who gets the role of Star Wars' most annoying, over-acted space princess.

"We tried to find someone to get the part like Kirsten Dunst," says Iger. "And Bob to be fair, after Star Wars, Bob and Kathleen both came to me with a message: Is it possible you're done directing movies? I said yes. And Bob said 'they want to do it.'"

Then he pulls out his phone, shows that PSA is him on a red carpet at the Oscars in 2009, and takes out his chief gig and forges forth.

"Look, it's because also Bob is not in it for the money," says Iger. "He owns the exact same company as the movie; we aren't traveling in separate planes, he's not making movies to order and liken to the movies he made before, he's just doing it all by himself."

"Besides, The Force is just a part of whatever he might want to do next."

Watch the video below to hear what Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford have to say about the sequel and see how Star Wars: The Force Awakens ranked as Number One in over 90 countries.


WATCH:<|endoftext|>Patief claim two of Western Australia's five May Games medals


Patief Hockey Club, the Big Sports Cascom Super Coach Challenge and the Bushrangers on Monday claimed two of Western Australia's five May Games medals after narrowly scraping out a narrow 4-3 overtime win over Sutherland Sharks.

All the anomalies of the game played at home in Perth on Monday evening were reverted to comedic norms with Bettin Rolling Presidential plates seemingly thrown in the air during the shoot-out with the crowd banging on their seats repeatedly.

The restaurant worker-turned-power-hitter easily walked into the Tuggeranong Arena about 10 minutes before tip-off bit to the cusp of the eight-ball, scored the metres and delivered a very hard bodging effort to seal the deal.

The finish was not quite the spectacle former Olympic leader Olympic Yearly Chief Mark Neeld conducted four years ago for Pattitude after London but it was a proud moment for a club handball players who have had a troubled history in recent times.

Coal miner Huggan Sok, 31, played 24 games for the club between 2005 and 2012 but could not last in the top level. But during Monday night's revival the club's best and only returnee to the top flight cashed in by slapping a goal from the in front corner past Sharks captain Tahshir `Tshering on her final-minute jumper.

After a sickening swipe into the narrow centre play they conceded, Pattitude had a golden opportunity to secure a last-gasp brilliance when they inspired each other forward down the been calling for it all few minutes.

Latest news and updates from Sunday, May 14

Men's next Premier Group: Royal Pentecost Soccer Consortium

Women's next Premier Group: Bushrangers

Draw April 2016

Little burgers for lunch Special on $5/1

For 45 minutes each side stuffed the other down low, comprehens
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TRUMP: No, all of these people that were fanatic Islamic terrorists, where are they now? You know who I'm talking about, they're all over, they're all over.


TRUMP: And lawn-sign staring, void of any knowledge, and I guess seeing death and destruction, they accept it.

This really should not be a surprise. Notice that despite his regular prayer sessions of Sunday morning, Trump expects things to just work themselves out. Don't do dumb things, he tells us, or somebody else will do them for you, and it will all be fine. Notice that it's never the other way around — nobody ever learns anything nor becomes much more lettered, by Trump's clever coaching. One of his strongest selling points is how uniscriminatory he is — "Nobody's ever been more civil than Donald Trump. Nobody." Consider that — there should not have been any debate over the newsletters. By itself, it's unarguably both racist and bigoted. But that's easy to overlook when you follow him everywhere. Viola explained that the basis for all of this, he said, was that "there was an incredible distrust for the federal government that [Trump] and his family had, because of some of the things they were saying about Lyndon Johnson, that let [talk of] a registry and a shutdown of the federal government, and he just kind of hung on to that." Even when people that were opposed to white nationalism became converts to it, Donald Trump went out of business.

Megyn Kelly couldn't ask a question that wasn't self-king-sized. FAIR:

Donald Trump told to 'keep calm and carry on' alongside his feud with Fox News host Megyn Kelly. https://t.co/e0r9Rin3Ip pic.twitter.com/OTgPype7Pw— Early Show (@Election2016) March 29, 2016

It took me four tries — and three damning pieces — to see this. First, of course no one trust Trump's intelligence, and if anyone is said to have "just held on to something that didn't work when other people tried it out," I've got a doctor's chart from my pediatrician. The endless yelling "racist" and the insistence a "debate" is perfect and worthy of endless point-by-point demeaning "commentaries" is just the type of view that builds narcissism, spurs petulance, and is therefore used to justify a vendetta (people getting hit in the face with rocks? See, he's red-hot character with a slight touch of frigid self-dignity that makes anyone else viewed slightly --even viscerally -- differently pale). The "extreme vetting" is just a way to beat movement conservatives into pissing themselves with moral outrage (even though we're talking about a subset of his base that is already labeled as a sexual predator). Audio, ~less flippant version. Remember it when the liberal narrative of "-isms" comes up. For all we know, Trump may actually be the perfect example of "political correctness gone wrong."

Second, see, he's realized that the real war has nothing to do with what other people are saying. All that matters is how you approach what you believe in. If people call you a racist for your views, while you watch your beautiful beautiful walls fall down, grab women's genitalia, and wall off Muslims, well, that's just lives comming to an abrupt end as well. Then what choice do you really have but to "listen to what other people have to say," which, he never seems to comprehend, is also racist.

Third, there's that famous "when we have our country back," line. Trump really doesn't think about borders in his head — it's just a formality — though perhaps because he's a casual speaker. It's just a way to humiliate people with sympathy ("Make America Great Again"? MIDDLESEX). Hall said Trump is surprised that he's become such an enemy of a certain endgame. "When we have our country back," Trump really didn't think about what he was talking about and just decided they'd win, once more. And why shouldn't he say that...?<|endoftext|>Retrastil® Cable Hangers

Retrastil seat/crib pant hangers were designed for puppies and puppies under 12 lbs.

Retrastil is highly staffed by moms and dads and used by adorable kittens who are ready to sleep it off.

All Retrastil hangers are free shipped through Bunnings with a qualifying product, usually special order or stock. We also have special discounts for your dog one-off shoppers, or you may call (03) 9479-5636 and we'll be happy to sell your dog individual hangers.<|endoftext|>Unlike a other world player - ellogenesisa velvet impurni test
======================================== SAMPLE 175 ========================================
Neither Andrea Dworkin nor Margaret Sanger were always winners of fame and praise. Here's an excerpt from a scholarly conversation a couple of years ago about their agreement molds, their relationship with the Left, and the implications for gender activism.

I should explain the context of that conversation. Just recently a minor college professor in Indiana co-authored a book with Andrea Dworkin. In the Age of Perverse Inequality (public library) by Farrey & Robinson explores the history, politics, ideals, and practices of body culture practices and the intersectional practice of gender identity (emphasis added).

Among its premises are the claims that body shapes need to be central to social justification, that our modes of gender performance must be delineated against a common frame, and when intersected, may inform each other, alter and transform each other — much as they have that had transformed and transformed us.

The framing of the question by Professor Sherry Ortner is excellent — it is not unknown among the Left for the same ideas to exert themselves in separate frontiers — but as he sees it, Ms. Sanger "had no problem maintaining her bone privilege through her unopposed category naming" but Ms. Dworkin, who "belongs unreasonably especially to the Other classes," "shifts the responsibility of grading women from men to women."

As Ortner notes at the outset, he is suggesting that there are unquestionable philanthropic benefits to the long time philanthropic partnerships between the Dworkin and Sanger for a more ideal standard of life, marriage and motherhood, the economy, homosexuality, etc, — all of which are premised on its representation that men choosing other men has nothing to do, politically or really any matter, with sexism because, broadly speaking, both gender systems are socially constructed and, in an ideal world, one would like and one would do away with them all. This is the parity built into the political establishment and increased since the Trump inauguration as informed by the neoliberal internationalism of the Modern World Order. But we're living in that world now, and there is a lot of work we'd like and things we'd like to do but aren't as of yet able to do.

Dworkin wrote about "obstacles to liberation" in her 1963 essay on women and disability. In a stirring epilogue, matters will be understood "for what they are — and what they are not." What is the absence of? What is the gift? "The fact that I have gained so much just by reflecting on my condition or being able to see it so plainly" let us proceed empty negation:

What is 'Obstacles to Liberation'? Where is the Movement? The only thing which could help us eliminate obstacles would be more people, who know how to free themselves and who will announce loudly and clearly that resistance is futile. But who is it that might emancipate us and make us free even if not always in word and not always in deed? In what ways could we make ourselves free?

Let us "observe" our oppression, the abolition of which is relatively straightforward, but examining these ideas for how we work to dismantle and compensate for the groups then in the point of organization and exercise — so completely undermine their actual being — suggests that such revolutionary socialist politics are also separable and interdependent, with the larger revolutionary contest indeed part and parcel of the individual and revolutionary struggles and they are separated because of obstacles within. As Plett puts it in his very important study Not Anymore:

The eventual multiracial, multicultural society is volatile enough. Any 'differences' exist only as because there are conservatives who rank them. The difference of [stages in independence] from other nations is not greater than any other high-school logic involves. It can be plus or minus have any percentage of either. It can be ugly or beautiful. 'The American Revolution was pure in that it was a showdown between fine souls who had different goals from pure people or unelected elites.' There is a thousand ways to interpret which way they took it and what they meant by it so we can only throw our little names on to a proverbial wind[. . .]

Indeed: a new type of words demonstrate that discussion of majority will attain meaning — we should abandon the word 'sovereign' and insist on the more complex understanding, which would without doubt be articulated. Whose standards of living, in fact, crush, kill or suffocate the foreign, native or other Americans? We: Just like Americans. As an alternative, you: Just like Americans.

In the same section of Not Anymore, he seeks to reject what he characterizes as ethnocentric discourse of the Oppressed. The fallacy of sufficient marginalization to render minorities and women somehow "innocent," he argues, is necessarily analogous to the Succumbance of Virtue fallacy.

However, as he sees it, I may approve entirely of any point
======================================== SAMPLE 176 ========================================
People from all over the state of Texas have expressed supported views that deny the reality of a UFO/ET or have claims that this earth formed and is inhabited by alien life free from the debunked theory of Intelligent Design (ID). It is interesting to note that the UFO phenomenon has persisted in the news media for quite some time even when mainstream scientific research has placed some of these strange phenomena into question. Finally, an article has been refuted by some of these authors who looked at eyewitness accounts of sightings before they were collected and published in newspapers.

It is very incredible and quite bizarre that established and very renowned authors such as Charles Saunders, Rosalyn Oliver, Maurice G. Gentry, Jim Powell and many others are prepared to ignore objective facts that aren't from unreliable sources. Some of the links come from UFO related sites and supposedly more reliable bodies. Some of the links are questionable and perhaps even complicit. You simply have to put them in perspective. Here are the key points I believe are given how Dr. Peter Diamandis will struggle with the UFO truth and some of the attempts to bring it down. Nowadays, there are more open minded and intelligent individuals than before. Especially during the time that credible individuals were present in the UFO arena. Thus, they have the ability to assimilate information from different future viewpoints. They have a larger population base regarding aspects of a scientifically meaningful topic and are able to routinely debunk and refute various industry promoted subject matter. The recent emergence of Strangest Science magazines has allowed a high profile article submission for widely required articles such as popular Sheldrake and Nichols talks. Thanks to this new discipline it is said that we live in an all new day. It is recommended that we listen, observe and read the facts as we find them. We will come across a variety of views.

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is regularly relied upon in the UFO field. The article, "UA Claims Program Making Miracles, but They Look Like Anything but" is explained by Loren R. Patchett in the Skeptical Inquirer. It's due to the water level that had slowly fallen in the region that the UAPs could not be located by conventional rockets so allowing scientists to reach out and further the possibility of UFO satellites or deep space probes. There seems to be some challenges regarding the reliability of the Washington D.C. Area fields. This would conflict with other high altitude sightings near Dulce California.

A recent documentary titled 'The Entire History of the World According To Peter Diamandis' supports this line of thinking. The documentary responds to the Mars Art us , including East Asia, by showing the world is essentially on an asteroid belt aboard three covered cars. Immediately we see a word cloud or BBCOD!!! (Colours and Semantics

Current stand of other apologists is put but I expect problems arise at some point. It is the philosophical nature of the avant garde that, no matter how little benefit is gained it is crucial that it be seen no matter how flawed or detractive it may be.

One of the studies that believes in small motives states, the most against small motives are people who see catastrophe and whom are avid architects, especially dreadful disasters.- Government Accounting for the events of October 7 point towards a few deep thought there are numerous details that suggest placement on a bigger site given the information that has been removed, only when items survive in the Library of congress are they specifically re-docuted with documentation this is a particular suspected to be the item's connecting yellow braces and shrink wrapping. METROOTELEON recommendations on WHY the Dallas UFO seemed to be connected to a larger space craft and contains items that are left out in abandoned in owned mother warehouse by him, including what seems like a piece of test 2 he has stored and the artificially putorf370 Robot. At a recent museum hosted by co-founder Peter Diamandis, the Mini-MOD was invited as part of the exhibition. Adamsthensembles a UFO that penetrated 3 barrier. Rumor has it that Peter Diamandis let the UFO called the Juggy drive together with TVD UFOs. A Mini-MOD generally obtained electronic officer for $1,500 to $2,000, is the best answer to what the Diamandis UFO really is. The writer, Jeff Rense . is being treated by Francesco Galassi. It took an interesting event to upset Francesco. In June 2007, Dr. Savitarian was released from prison after serving almost a decade of penalty. Savitarian had resigned from the mental-health department of the State Health Department n 2013 to devote himself to creating a better understanding of everyday trauma. Savitarian was smart as well as professional when he said about the Diamandis case, that "there is bigger fish again to fry". I was expecting that Francesco Galassi, which at that time already interacted with Peter Diamandis and wrote Dr. Williamson's book "Sheldrake Residency
======================================== SAMPLE 177 ========================================
CLOSE Running back Terminator Rex Burkhead has expired his contract with the Browns, according to Jimmy Kempski of the Plain Dealer. The move could pave the way for a trade or release. USA TODAY Sports

Retired quarterback Tim Tebow was cut by the Jets this offseason. (Photo: Kim Klement, USA TODAY Sports)

The Cleveland Browns' roster is thin at running back and wide receiver.

But there's someone trying to save their job: backup quarterback Tim Tebow. The former New York Jets star has been impressive in training camp, and Coach Rob Chudzinski is sticking by him, even as backup Brandon Weeden has been a revelation.

Although Chudzinski hasn't ruled out trading Weeden in the coming weeks, he's sticking by his backup. And it would make sense.

"I think he's deserved every opp," Chudzinski said Tuesday. "We know there's competition. There's a lot of guys who don't play there. But we're not trading any [Montario Hardesty], Aaron Maybin or anyone else. Nobody's rested."

Chudzinski added that Ramsey Peterson, the backup who has three receptions for 41 yards, looks "structurally sound."

Previous: Kerry Collins ready to pick head coach

"You never know with that," Chudzinski said. "He's going to hit a slump where he doesn't come out right away and become the healthy guy. ... Those guys have a lot of football left. They're in the fight for a pickup."

The Browns opened training camp 3-1, but lost their first game 34-14 to the Green Bay Packers. And they haven't had that much chemistry with Weeden and Brandon Thorn, their two other guards. By cutting Hardesty, who had become the team's secondary clown. Weeden said he expected to be "tested" running behind DT Phil Taylor, not Turbin, who resulted in -11 yards on 15 carries against the Packers.

On Monday, Hardesty took over for Paul Kruger in this starting role. It's a role he's not too thrilled about playing.

Tebow hasn't been offered a contract extension by the Jets. Realistically, the Jets better hope we throw them in the garbage and keep him in New England, where he started with Tom Brady and Jonny Evans and finished his career.

As much as he's encouraged to be around the team, he also understands that the Jets won't be giving him the opportunity to shine in an action-packed five weeks.

Tebow wanted a long-term deal this summer after wanting 16 years to sign with the Jets in 2011. The team is hoping Peterson will ultimately split carries, and if they can find good value in the market, Hardesty could possibly become a backup for a year while Jackson expects No. 28 back Chris Johnson to take the next step as the "go-to guy" in his offense.

Tebow clearly wants a bigger role.

"They're sure talented guys and we know there's competition for spots," he said. "That's what they promised."

Follow Jim Reineking on Twitter @jimreineking

PHOTOS: Best photos from training camp<|endoftext|>Please enable Javascript to watch this video

EGRETTA, IL -- It's a war over homeless veterans. Federal officials and advocates say things are moving in the wrong direction for those who benefit is benefits.

Little Beach Preserve Commission Senior Specialist Wanda Wiley says the authority has been creating new housing for the homeless veterans by providing them with much needed services, all designed to prevent homelessness It's been a long time coming, and it's only been through a lot of dedicated work, along with social networking, that the military veteran's mission has now reached the high officials.

What surprised the Davis County public official was just how little a buck. The petition that's been sent to Presiding Officer Dale Cole and others will eventually cost taxpayers around $12,000, according to the Davis County Treasurer's Office.

Coalition for Veterans Against Homelessness Denton saw this a way too long ago, and it's the reason why more than 5,000 veterans signed "Northwest Indiana Man Takes Veterans On His Bullock Pant" to make sure GoFundMe was paying it forward!

Wiley calls the veterans movement of realizing one family needs help is something the community's taken on.

"It's a lot of people putting their lives on the line to help needy veterans," she said. "Well, what about our needy community and what about our community at large? They take a stand for homeless veterans. It's because of all these people and everything."<|endoftext|>Dazed and Confused — he's one of those comics you can rely on for getting the joke: His punchline is always just up to where the punchline is. That might not be the best way to get a room of
======================================== SAMPLE 178 ========================================
If you rent your properties, we will credit your credit card monthly to avoid spam and monitor your record.

Getting onto the My Seller Account webpage requires that you have a valid social security number and this number is already associated to a bank account in your country of residence.

You may remove me from the my seller account page by clicking the link below and continuing to Don't have an account? : Requires confirmation you are above 18 years of age.

If you have not set up a seller account before, you'll need to do so so you can watch sales and rate your Seller Market access rights from a standalone My Seller account page. The only difference with My Seller Account is that we tie it into your preferred seller management tool. Access to the seller account is open to buyers and sellers alike, so you'll know you're being protected no matter where you're setting up shop.

You can use shorthand for Fees. Payment is automatically debited from your personal, local bank account at the end of each month, subject to your present account balance. If for any reason you choose not to receive your monthly fee checks, a charge of $15 will be added on top of any costs FBO charges, or in a case where FBO does not charge money for your account, £6 will be deducted from the rate. Our cool, flat rate account service assures both sellers and buyers that all fees are incurred personally, zero with FBO.

A) Sellers buying and selling property through FBO. Customers ordering items | Sellers wanting stuff Posted by HausmanFL in Seller Store on 24th Aug 2017 | 0 Comment Subcribe

If you've been authorized to use My Seller's Account, your account will be linked to your preferred Seller management tool. When a buyer places an order with FBO.com or buildings selling online.<|endoftext|>Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Prince George, currently 12, will still be called George but he will dedicate a lexicon of his own

The royal family is to create his own word - Buckle George.

Prince George has already named himself.

The Royal Family announced the name trackers on their official blog as they move into the world of vocabulary training via the LuLu Foundation, launched by Prince George, the Duke of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte.

They will target children aged between five and 16 to unlock their full potential with a grasp of basic word skills.

The charity launched the noble 'trainers' during its Glasgow launch meeting with the help of St Andrews University where it will be being developed further.

They will roll out their program to classrooms across England in spring 2018.

Princess Charlotte is the world's first 1898 born royal child for whom the CBBC correctly arrived at the title Buckle.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Prince George has already been named after Kush swimming legend Hyma Pugwash

Image copyright LuLu Image caption Prince George's nickname is currently Sugar

Nicola Yoon, founder and director of the foundation, said: "It is all about regaining the confidence of young people or anyone who is learning to communicate.

"This is about building a family of language competency.

"We live in a highly individualised and individualised world now, but at the very least we need to encourage people to make a single effort and do the same and it doesn't have to be a lot.

"There is a lot of chatter in language now, information is everywhere, it's practically easier to say what you mean than how you mean it."

Among the impactful learning values they aim to promote through their language courses are firm mastery of boundaries, speaking confidently and expressing themselves with a variety of voices and metaphor using matching emotion.

Image copyright LuLu Image caption Princes Charlotte and Prince Harry wear spelling trappings for their language training

Annual analyse

Parents will get refreshments when West Baddesley Early Learning Centre Somerset installs language tackers in the school during the winter 2018/2019 term.

The Kinderhouse-based school will provide a home for Prince George's lexicon, which will enable him to extend on what he has learnt and build on his vocabulary.

Installations take a chance to save and potentially enrich language courses for beneficiaries, according to Gotab Skablye of Preston School of Learning, who acted as a project co-ordinator for the project.

She said: "We are committed to international commitment in language development ... we want to keep moving development forward for the benefit of children.

"Having a structure like this in place gives us a genuine alternative and the resources to work with an absolute rigour.

"When we started with them we saw a significant increase in students gaining vocabulary, meaning they might be able to inform and explain to their teachers that certain aspects of a word fit other possibilities."

Words background was available to teachers through teaching assistants and parents, but
======================================== SAMPLE 179 ========================================
The Internet is teeming with stand-up comics who claim to have a Jimmy Kimmel ice cream recipe. And even though lots of the internet claims no clue as to what that is, but that's just what we'd like to believe.

2 Da Vinci's Ice Cream Ritos Da Vinci's Ice Cream Ritos as you might expect is a combination of ice cream with a ricotta and cherry Pie Pops that's gone viral on Reddit. And even though lots of the internet claims no clue as to what that is, but that's just what we'd like to believe.

The process starts with a box full of sand outside that you then glaze with hot water. You then allow to freeze, giving you that helpfully crackled texture that you see in the ad.

Website Popsicle.co.uk cites that the way it goes on the internet is that users add some random word into an onion soup and then pour ice water on top of the soup until the random word falls out in the surf.

The rest of it is pure imagination.

1 Slick Morty Slik Slik Reddit user Slik posted this sweet little picture of Slik, one of Jimmy Kimmel's ice cream tasters, just so that we can create a chunk of ice cream on our own.

Needless to say Kaepernick's milky Living Dead magic foure is really something else.<|endoftext|>Ukraine has been stripped of its 2007 U.N.-backed "Good Neighbor Policy" and has suffered a humiliating four-year-long economic-crisis. Under pressure from a strong Moscow-backed government and the ongoing political chaos, President Viktor Yanukovych has largely evaded talks with European leaders. But the tide is changing.

On October 10, Ukrainian parliament approved reforms that explicitly recognize arms control treaties, over well-reported objections from the Russian foreign ministry. The Senate in Moscow on October 24 unanimously approved export permits for Rosoboronexport, the Russian state arms trader. At that meeting, Ukraine primarily talked about oil and gas and European Union integration trade issues, in addition to the demilitarization issue.

The last of these topics — a defensive calamity division acknowledges the realities — moved Hillary Clinton between Vladimir Putin's recent strikes in Syria and Ukraine, and her statements in early September to Washington's Jewish lobby. In letters on September 1, 3 and 18, as evidence mounted that Russia is creating new war zones of chaos at Putin's orders, Clinton said, "While Russia continues to offer hollow pretexts and conspiracy theories to justify these military gains, Ukraine is still under crushing and destabilizing occupation [from Moscow]." She continued:

Russia should not confuse diplomacy with acquiescence to the unacceptable demand of an armed attack on Russian or Ukrainian soil. For Russia to succeed on ever doubling its gas exports in the next three years, Ukraine must expect no end to pressure to change its vote, its territorial integrity, or its government. Russia must stop eliminating peers like Georgia and Moldova to obtain these objectives, and instead move with great determination and without indecision to fulfill its responsibilities beneath the [Bastion] Shield.

You should not, I repeat, not ask Russia to come work with us to strengthen the independence of Ukraine's government. [Note: please note the emphasis on the post-partition Russia.]

Believing that the U.S. "cannot compete" with Moscow now, Hillary responded that Ukrainians needed to prepare for war with Syria, Moldova, and likely Georgia (which it makes sense to land in Ukraine).

Political posturing aside on core principles of arms control and the free flow of information, there is ample reason to applaud the steps that Ukraine has made since EU leaders in late August proposed military aid plus trade and support at the United Nations Security Council, plus a panel process.

Avoiding Armageddon requires that all sides resolve issues quickly by working through comprehendible terms on the basis of consequences for each other: immediately reduce NATO then cease hostilities. Might Russia respond to an abrupt change by war? Sure, but what if it made a big mistake or caused other nations to misread it as a provocation?

What happens in Ukraine once the smoke has cleared? In conclusion appears in the anti-military operation by Armenia, which adheres to a state pressure and a civil defense policy. Russian TV has shown footage of Armenians lighting a giant pile of wood on fire and burning it with torches to call attention to government incitement inside Armenia.

Will Vladimir Putin go that way? If he does, or sticks 10000000000 irn with people he portrays as his enemies, what of the very dangerous consequences beyond Ukraine?

–Robert Flanagan, founder and editor of Volokh Conspiracy, teaches at George Mason University's Schar School of Policy and Government.<|endoftext|>Introduction

SSD is the de facto standard-bearer for flash computer storage. SSDs have come great detail when it comes to wave forming in their higher capacity models
======================================== SAMPLE 180 ========================================
Frustrated with an ongoing B.C. Liberal government, investors are calling, emailing and tweeting to the Premier Christy Clark asking for their cash.

That's according to a report by Vancouver investor group Sunshine Coast Co-Op, which describes a flurry of activity to unfrate these markets.

Kent Boydston, director of Sunshine Coast Co-Op Asia Twitter account, recorded many such messages.

Boydston said many people have told him that the NDP government of the day hasn't been welcoming to investors.

"All of the major initiatives by the minister for intergovernmental and trade relations that have been present [so far] are quite draconian designed to tamp down expectations considerably," Boydston said.

"Investors want support. They are pointing at [the Liberal] government as a problem and finding themselves in an unenviable position."

NDP and Liberal sell-offs no secret

This is merely the latest episode in a long history of political moves by both the Liberals and the NDP to unwind and outright sell major public city pieces both publicly and privately.

This year alone there have been the Bay Mountain reversal, the locking of Mount Seymour and the sale of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Those files were documented first internally by present federal and provincial bureaucrats, which then quickly exploded onto the public stage.

The NDP have said repeatedly, both internally and externally, that they are not selling parts of their operation – it's just publicly visible.

Shifting the narrative might make the case of the government less awkward, but the public is potentially getting sold an expensive refinance.

Investors aren't buying it.

Worse, the Liberals and NDP are falsely tolding clients that there is none of the turmoil northerners are discerning behind the scenes, instead claiming normal market levels.

Not true, says Boydston.

For example, for many assets sold in recent times, the seller offered almost a quarter of the CMHC insurance; whereas for Vancouver's Bulkley Yard it can be only 0.3 per cent of the property, according to Boydston.

Difficult decisions to make

The optics of the government selling core assets, not offering a pension to former municipal employees, selling provincial debt or engaging in widespread privatization are questionable on many political counts.

"There's an inclination to adjust with an objective of moving forward," Boydston says.

Even under the Liberals' P3 plan, for example, the government has been accused in the past of going above-board before selling the former MTS mortgage, despite claims of legal prosecution.

It is equally dubious to demand that publicly traded companies sell under these circumstances, he says.

"There is absolutely no requirement for any more; there's absolutely no contractual obligation for any public corporations, provincial or federal, to agree to sell when presented with the right. From the perspective of buyers they are asking to be in a position to buy at any point in the future."

Boydston explained that the situation is built differently under the current government. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake each time government hands over a piece of multi-billion dollar infrastructure money or other assets, meaning that prices often rise and fall day-to-day along with the general stock market.

However, in this particular case, it looks like the bottom had fallen out on the Vancouver housing sector over the past few years, which is fueling concerns about resource companies poised to get merged in the future.

Demand is outstripping supply, says non-profit Garden City B.C.

Friday's — and Premier Clark's — decision to push the BC Housing Industrial Development Authority to release "informed buydown" figures – though already publicly available – confirmed this analysis.

"It's a different dynamic, in terms of volume and sentiment, of the finance professionals looking at these not markets but considered investments," Boydston said.

He isn't buying the argument that the sell-offs are an effort to wipe out capital gains taxes (CGT), saying this would be a "hypothetical and complete outrageous accusation," that the role of polit was merely to rescue some of the largest mortgages of the uni and save provincial finances from collapse.

"[The semantics] are completely new pushing James Darryl on this, so it's difficult to validate whether he has genuine comprehension and is being open and transparent or not."

Crown property sells for 100 per cent below original B.C. market value

The pitch heard today in other major municipalities is that while assets sold under prime 'A' size lots a few years ago go for $10 to $20 million, some bonds sold a years ago go for $40,000 or $50,000…or possibly over a million.

This notion has been repeated throughout the province, Boydston says.

It means that smaller or less active companies can often be sold at
======================================== SAMPLE 181 ========================================
WARNING: If you picked up all 19 first printings of 44,000 copies of Dave Eggers' This Is Saving Us (recently listed at #48 on the hard-cover best-seller lists), you probably won't happen to own the last printing. Its 14th printing was mistakenly sold on Amazon. "We apologize for this error," the store says in a statement. "We were stocking an autographed copy, but we have temporarily stopped carrying print versions of the book and have switched our orders to another publisher."

It is unclear how Publisher's Weekly's David Bach of Random House negotiated so many pre-orders to procure a 23,000-copy copy of scoop Updated Twitter tokengun fast enough to try to make the cutoff, but as of press time, prices remain the same: still just $280.

Download the 15-page raw pre-order PDF here and watch him fumble around playing Atari with the password to the store via a barely decipherable gem of a Twitter message. He then asks for readers to reply to that Tweet and add three more hours of rewards to it as well as "any other games you want to see."



[via Esquire]

Follow the author @themadstone<|endoftext|>KLARKA: A 10-year-old girl from Kujar area of Kozhikode was allegedly raped and abandoned near Shani Sadar college an hour's drive away by a group of four persons on Wednesday night.The girl promptly alerted the era via media.The family of the victim, Chinmayi, a Class IV student, approached the Srisailam police station on Thursday and a probe is on.Police said a case was registered after the girl who was visiting her male friend from the Srisailam college called up the idolization programme.Chinmayi's family said they were contacted by her friend in Kozhikode, asking them not to disclose the matter. The police were immediately informed upon getting the contact details and both neighbours and the police reached the spot which led to the discovery of the beggar other 10-year-old girl."Upon the police probe, it was found that the girl was kidnapped and raped by a group of four persons. We have detained 19 men and 16 women in the case. The women are dropped in flats in Sunamam close to an EDMC factory where the accused G Ajith then dropped her off nearby."Ajith then dumped the girl near Shani Sadar college and disappeared. She reported the matter on Thursday night," said an officer of the Kozhikode Panchayati Raj. He told reporters about the incident and that the girl is fine. At the girl's home in Mangaluru, INC general secretary KC Babu recounted the tragic incident.Babu, that was in Kanthapura with other activists said, "She was visiting her friend from the Srisailam college (where Chinmayi was studying). She narrated the matter to an reporter. We immediately contacted the district cop and he immediately rushed to the spot and soon arrested a handful of people. But we have want to ask everyone not to talk about the matter and place the blame on the perpetrator who is still roaming free."Ajith had been detained under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act and allegedly declared base to the Maoist movement for his alleged involvement in festival bombing in the past. He was posted in various parts of Karnataka.<|endoftext|>A supporter fans the Maple Leafs after Toronto finished a game. The Leafs lost a game to the Maple Leafs. (Russell Yip/ Toronto Star via AP)

Should the "fourth line dogfight" not have happened in the summer?

Howie Klein landed his first big staff gig at the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday — in what could be viewed as a significant endorsement of coach Mike Babcock's already unpopular roster construction scheme.

Meanwhile, Mike Babcock hasn't dazzled the public until now. But it's paying off in the standings — despite the arrivals of porous "fourth line dogfighters" Erik Johnson and James van Riemsdyk in recent days.

Of course, our less-than-blithe assumption about Babcock's overreach aside, it's been his third coach in 24 months — and third decently inexperienced one at that. To be efficient with Babcock's stale, bloated, young roster would take a special commentator, or someone in the media who has a sense of timing and gravity.

Well, Jim Benning is too swingstream white to fit the bill.

Benning was a commentator for Hockey Night in Canada for a full decade; Brian Burke was a player before Burke called it quits. Chris Pulver played both exec and Chipper Jones ringer ably for years while expounding only occasionally on fantasy lines or cold-hard hockey-watching greatness.

Klein is among the first Leafs, after at least two dozen scouts and assorted high-ranking executives working on the
======================================== SAMPLE 182 ========================================
I bought my Seiko SKX007 digital tidal chronograph on 14-09-2013. This watch was the spotI bought it to suit my own tastes, a decent meet and greet with friend, a fancy meal in good company.

I didn't get the watch after that but just for fun i looked about, i found another expedition watch called Odonia PCB Sequential Resistance Special Edition 2005=22. It the same watch but black, i think it's called "ranacadie BRAT-092739 and many resellers sell it. What does this have in common with a bezel diver? Nothing other than the fact that it's made by Oyster and Odonia. These watches were produced in 2006 and this one is in 2008 but they are identical and in the same size. Also they both have a stainless steel bezel and a bezel tempered Sapphire crystal.

I bought my 276 (no 1918) without knowing that the seem compatible but then i even thought of buying the second band but i was not from Australia, so i bought this one instead. I now have the marine bezel and it has them found in both watches but uses different mechanisms.

One of my question about this see's my comments on this watch.

Which coincidence? hence i ask.

Because they do look similar and just by the fact of personal taste,and the fact that maharaja's use it also got me to buy this one and i regret not doing so earlier.

Any opinion or advice help me wondering...Or i could google this for more information..<|endoftext|>(The two-week long Philadelphia legislators-only ride was originally meant to be held on June 18, but was postponed because Philly already had one of the most popular rides of the modern era. Catch it now the rest of the year!)

For the past two weeks, the Łamek Chłuchowski Memorial Ride has been a staple on the calendar for Philadelphia riders. Usually on Saturdays, the ride starts in South Philadelphia and travels north on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, traversing Strawberry Mansion and Luther Burbank parks and back, creating a loop reclaiming the streets of the wife district for the positive act of cycling. Recently, the event has expanded to Knights Plaza. Other segments have included Avenue of the Arts, Fountain Square, Sansom Street and McNamee Street.

For its second year, Philly will dress as its "badass ambassadors". Stefano Fogolo (Andorra), Kate Klippenstein (LA), Dex Easton (Wycombe) and David Kilgour (Sydney) will complete the ride together, wearing balloon animals and rapidly moving cabs representing their city.

Also bearing a green square top are #ChewerGut (New York City), @JaneFish (Dallas/Fort Worth), @Snoochie (Houma), @ToddMountainHeart (New England), @BambiCam (Colorado), and @grumpy_giant (Atlanta). Michele Mazzacane (Courier-Journal) will take photos, Jennifer White will spin yarns at the finish, and Armine Khalil (Cleveland) will give readings from poems often adapted from from Carolina Jean Font and Conrad Williams.

Another version of the ritual began in 2009, when four cyclists each rode up the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and back.

By night, the streets become painted with fluorescent dots representing a different area in the city, growing farther down the road as you wind through suburbs. When it's time to pack up, approximately 600 - 800 cyclists roll out motorcycles in a big black Wurlitzer flanked by helmets covered in Cyclocrosses.(And notice the insignia on the getaway truck.)

Finally, the riders converge in Columbia Square as the evening waxes old with style at line dancing, Tenzin power walk and a massive pancake break. Youth scramble to join the celebration while older riders sit in silence, together, breathing in the tinny soundtrack of BMW's "Motörhead".

Over the years, the Łamek Chłuchowski Memorial Ride has drawn, popularized and funded walkable streets. Each time around, it is fun and easy for second and third generation Philly cyclists to identify with, otherwise known as "Afrofuturists".


2017 Łamek Chłuchowski Memorial Ride. I am here by bike in my classic jersey. The riders are made up of cyclists of African descent of varying success. Most of city rocked the black tie, overcoat Italian. One guy must wear a Berkeley sweatshirt Smiling and carrying spare tube. Sreek tweeted before he starts the ride that this was probably the goofyest looking protest they have ever organized in Philly.

City comes together for Łamek Chłuchowski Memorial Ride,Philadelphia- for the dead, journalists beautiful Whoehler instagram.

Bride, yes. Bike,
======================================== SAMPLE 183 ========================================
Sylvester Stallone is embroiled in a lurid virtual sex chat chat the likes of which has fans this side of Heaven only just hearing about. Spoiler alert: it involves the World Police who, per non-Gold Star geek prejudice, call themselves the Hell Police.

Previously an independent film player, the 22-year-old, who is quite frankly the crown prince of box office no-names, made his feature directorial debut following the success of Road House. Still he was on the fence about whether to take on the role of the leader of Hell, St. Anthony, but instead of visiting the titular German village, the French anti-war "Verger of Hesse" finds himself involved with an amorous thunderstorm inside a York, England haunted house.

Jack-horned warriors exist only in extended battle royale between Excalibur and the oddly crawl-inducing Amazon Ares awaken in Pvt Mindfang by the end of the film. There are occasional extended sequences of bull fighting and "Tactical Games"! St. Anthony is an innocent aspect in the tightly woven tapestry of the Tantric War (Attack of the Angel Sisters). If the title does not reward the viewer proper battle royale greed and prowess surges through like own humour, horror, Urban followership, porny, feminist empowerment achieved comedic orgasm.

Vikings…hatched in Japan, but cut from Europe…and Granada; Vigilantes who operated like actual holy men, developed to fight religious propensity for witchcraft. Powerful outfits composed of ethnic male warriors and wise women protected from basic! Everybody copied them…

Nobody copied St. Anthony. Though temptation will always be present on Germany's borders (over thirty Missionary holocausts in the Water 30 miles out of the border…moosah?), his opera suburb has surpassed St. Bartholomew to of the few contemporary pop culture entries which matter in Germany: Bad Milo von Klix (The Leopold Stokowski); Elite Squad; Elite Squad 2; All Eyez on Me; The Mission; Anchorman; Aldnoah…! Fandango…being the sleeper hit of Rotten Tomatoes and thus…not to mention me, The Terminator.

Mr. Stallone says St. Anthony represents: religious duty with State responsibility; St. Anthony of the Virgins:

prescription of death death

chief justice for the Western civil sphere Love God with the best available tools.


Johannes Stokowski was born in Berlin, committed to the church through denominational coursework. St. Paul founded the army and Tudors established the English church. St. Anthony of the Virgins arose among German refugees from Austria to Bavaria. He became representative for the people.

http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/71613140.html<|endoftext|>Jeep Cherokee 2 Door Convertible Boxster

Check out the News Archives Available for Loews Jeeps Land Rover Discovery Explorer X Sierra Mobile For Sale Hyundai Genesis Coupé Rooms Dependability Penguins Litters Taglessfound hundreds of pictures showing both 2 and 4 doors in real life and unique security mounts."We focused on the exterior of the car.""The inside is sexy. It almost doesn't need any signing or any specialty accessories.""Coupe enthusiasts must see it for themselves.""Surprisingly fell apart in 24 hours""Long all-wheel drive. Other trucks must run off road to maneuver""AMC is proud to offer a not only functionally unique feature, but also […]....Discount- parts, JK- In- car management, ENI- Dynamic and 4 wheel steering- -the one and only Jeep lunch Busrop civvy Fargo Coupé AK ACTtransmore

Standard Features Most Popular Core Cabin Features Detailed Description Fin HVAC Closed loop heat pump included SGDS upgraded Humidity Sensor Electronic on board diagnostics software incl. Computerized transmission shifts, no PCM Backup camera and includes GPS and 720p Sony camera President's crown video entertainment – four DVD's five audio formats capable of multi-channel use including Dolby Digital TrueHD, Five-Channel Dolby Surround Sound, Dolby Nano or Dolby Disc, Dual 5w On/Off hybrid + automatic red gauge gauges (Ventilation inside) electronic infrared (IR) ventilation alone / months / additional interior upholstery yet again a 9Year Free / UnlimitedReplacement in initial shifts/configuration currently third stage Robert real breath valid reg. value "><|endoftext|>DataWallet

DataWallet is a Node.js module for working with cryptocurrencies, allowing interested parties to configure the location and networking interfaces of certain DataStore instances.

The Node.js api is served through a free and open-source XDR JavaScript library (see darXDR) which can be found here


To install, copy Node.js and DataWallet into a directory that supports Node
======================================== SAMPLE 184 ========================================
The-sudden-death football simulator: John Ross and Brandon Marshall disappoint in New England

Want your team's prospects appearing in weekly Huddle Up columns? Enter your information here.

The preseason doesn't officially start for the New England Patriots until Week 1 at 5 p.m. ET on Thursday. Two weeks before that -- and just over a week after quarterback Tom Brady officially signed a contract extension through 2019 -- New England is still a mystery.

They can't seem to settle on a single receiver, despite this receiving corps returning seven starters and putting Tom Brady's five Super Bowl-winning receivers in the Super Bowl in more than one of his 31 starts.

What's the deal?

"It's been a question we've been trying to answer through (eagerly) and try to address every week with Belichick and (defensive coordinator) Jamie (Lynch)," Trevor Siemian coaching assistant Nick Rolovich said.

Spokesman Stacey James said the coaching staff is "frustrated with a lack of trust and a lack of consistency in the efficiency of four and five guys who have huge big-play capability. We get the double threat or the running back. We don't get the man coverage (receivers), which is where me and manager John Ross came in."

Ross, a 22-year-old undrafted free agent, has been asked to become Brady's favorite receiver, particularly after Dewey McDonald (montrealap) left for the Titans, Brenton Bersin (miami miami) didn't return a friendly call, and DeVante Parker (shinShin) is out with a hamstring injury. Coach Bill Belichick discussed Ross in the start of the preseason, but doesn't feel confident one way or the other at this point.

"There was an Alex that we've had and Nick, and we've really wanted to use all of them together and really utilize everything that we've upgraded from the leaves, from the receiver room," Belichick said then. "I think there is time and we will continue to watch people. But right now, the connections and the chemistry and the rapport with our young players, we are not where we want to be,"

Former Patriots running back Shane Vereen was asked before Sunday's 42-8 loss to Buffalo what he thinks of the veteran three-way receiver trio of Ross, Tavon Austin and Phillip Dorsett.

"I first had really high hopes for either Ross or adding pittsburgh because I thought dorsett should have made that time as well and where's dorsett? People have gotta get back-up," Vereen said. "I think Ross actually might be the third guy in that three-way " They're shallow there and it doesn't look like a real clear rotation might be coming."

The Week 1 rematch vs. the Bills is expected to go much more like that. If the roster isn't settled, there's a reason Belichick said earlier this week, "We'll get there."

"Rob Gronkowski," celebrating making it official three-time Super Bowl champion can't play on Thursday night. Gotta feel for ya, bro. — Kyle Rudolph (@KWR3D24) August 23, 2016<|endoftext|>+1 Share 8 Shares

Someone recently sent me this awesome app called the "FeedReader App," which basically aggregates all the important information you can think of: a recent Oprah Magazine, weather, magazines, songs played, dogs browsing on the Dogster, and more.

These are all information that you basically throw away; that is, once you read the article. So why the option to solve haven reallife a little messy?

A while back, I created an app for FeedWriter, which was pretty cool. However, many of the things that third-party do is very simplistic is my opinion. To solve the reallife problem- where there are too many websites, sites that do the same kind of obsolete things – is that many local and regional sites have very stale content.

So, a Plan B.

In my case, my primary work was designing the cards for a car rental app. So, I like to be able to observe things from upon weeks, leading by weeks, attracting a real trace of the business. To some extent, that is what the app does.

However, there is an important part of this plan B that can't see the light.

I don't know about the rest of you guys. If you simply see the big picture taken up by the live assets, feel sucked away and don't read further. So you want that long piece that includes the blog post link to the company page. You get the office location printed on the card.

This is what that pretty much entails, is finding markers inside websites saved on different websites. Ads are easy and effective – they only lead to where desired, they navigate users, you receive some good
======================================== SAMPLE 185 ========================================
Pier1-2 location attack "Toronto is through on its gentrification and institutions like the LCBO and LCBO supermarkets are made accessible to the most oppressed and disfranchised sectors of our society," staffer Bernard Pasquale said. (Mike Crawley/CBC)

The crew of a 67-truck North American Heavy Lac Chevalier full-tour convoy headed to Toronto last weekend with a message familiar to residents and activists across the city: Meanwhile expansion happened little below arena graphics on clearest billboards and bus shelter ads; meanwhile taxes and calls for rent hikes in the Annex conveniently went mostly unheeded, while the people who call it home streamed out of their communities fleeing the up-zoning taint du jour.

But there was one soul on the bus that raised a set of questions that these days rapidly clothe the most experienced minds in matters of gentrification and politics — a non-vegetable-in-chief and enthusiastic fan of then-premier Dalton McGuinty, now in his sixth on-the-job tenure as the mayor of the capital. Not even he was sure what to make of as it was hovering just off site of the 2011 Pan Am Games in hopes that season ticket holders would come inside the building to take in the spectacular Parapan Am Games village before a noisy crowd of 2,080 people that greeted the Oilers' home opener on Aug. 16, 2011.

The summer's most unabashed carnivalesque was perhaps the city's magnet lord Ken Goldman.

People don't ask, They vanish

At a time it was the article of the urban living rite to chase up affordable housing that Chong Mar Clo, poet reside at Dublin's Move Childlish Theatre from 1961 to 2005, delivered an uproarious piece of response during work weeks for his Vancouver Writers' Club of Vancouver.

Cheo Heung, managing editor of Thanh's City magazine from 1979-93 in Saigon. (Steve Kashner/CBC)

Cheo Heung was now the "public face" of Thanh's City, the weekly magazine in Saigon started by Peter Ho and Clark Kilbourne and in their defence says: "At equal time we as magazine writers must note the sheer number of occurrences in which our contributions on the death of public life were almost totally ignored and thus, for many years, basically unfurled, even tacitly."

And yet somehow The magazine still has some element of this, it appears, because a reporter travels to Vietnam each election year with a small team that dates among Expat journalists, expatriates of Hong Kong and Shanghai. Journalists, green card holders from various other nations first going back to college in the early 80s.

Hoping to answer the book, the diaries, the movements of plucky humans as haphazardly as these. People to reckon with, their decisions influenced by all the other human lives exchanged under a single roof.

Thread unto thread

The writers and their friends competed to relay along X's and Y's the inside, never disastrous particulars of unusual threads and theories and contemplations that could be located from post-modernist cul-de-sacs into next door specifics, if you felt economic anxiety or housing realization kept being pushed forward in some terminal historical moment, linear and inexorable.

Whatever the message was supposed to be, it was at crossroad as you read from the New York political analysts like Grant Wingo of the liberal Center for American Progress, John Judis and Marx scholar Emory University's Barry Kosmin check their nest. These conserved minds could count out Domenech, Miller and where about the rest? Kornbluth too tight? Achenbach notably dies astray in his melted look back on decline's terminal oily aftermath? His quartet in NPCClient bridge bud dream ward.

To we hope Yorkville wasn't the beacon that burnt out and made way for Mr. Goodman. But for the seasoned alternative trendsetters, random 5-year canvasses by the non racist cabal delisting precincts, elected to submit ankle-deep beds in provincial pie charts how Brooklyn and Capitol Hillers called it right.

Back in the hister today, Kanangee Miller Martinez by way of Seattleonisland continue chasing after one of the least visible silent waves that her talent can take hold: the unemotional and sulkier arguments of social media in light of real-terms wage and fringe rents rising amid gentrification that lend new meaning to middle-class rage.

"Social media tends to believe the truth marketing and other platitudes will always out," she urged on Twitter when we talked on the street Sunday night while walkin2 g Philly and accepting their local best album award.

So it's in part an act to tense up, to press on sometimes unwillingly and maybe wish the thing or person or linear stream would fade or was at an end, then a small amount of that scorn on themselves
======================================== SAMPLE 186 ========================================
Buy Photo FILE - In this June 13, 2017 file photo, Matt Chisum holds his support to GOP Gov. Matt Bevin after he won the GOP gubernatorial primary on Tuesday, May 11, 2017, at the Century Center in Louisville, Ky. Bevin triumphantly rhetorically urged his party to stand by him even though he lost the party primary. (Photo: Matt Stone, The Courier-Journal/Courier-Journal photo)Buy Photo Story Highlights Scott deployed campaign Sen. Jeff Hoover

Also picked Kentucky secretary of state to replace Charlene Werner

Record of decisions over the past year made open to public scrutiny

Six weeks after declaring victory over his Democratic opponent, Scott Brown won the Republican gubernatorial nomination Tuesday, a stunning upset every bit as mysterious as his campaign's strikingly surreptitious last-minute return to Lexington.

That's because the ailing 64-year-old senator returned to his hometown Friday to finally end a protracted vetting process he thought was over and quickly return to campaign mode.

It was a spectacular turn of events designed to allow state party leaders to swiftly put their entire infrastructure in place around a veteran centrist with a record of decisions over the past year made open to public scrutiny — a situation during which all eyes will be focused on Brown while the voters he hopes to elect — attorney general Jack Conway and Chip Roy, a major political donor and close Bevin ally — are not.

"It's a bit of a surprise he jumped back in the game again, but he needed to have a player in the race who's supported him from day one and was loyal to him. Dad would do that," said Dan Yates, who had supported Scott Brown's unsuccessful 2014 U.S. Senate contest and plans to donate $1 million to his 2018 reelection bid.

Next year will be critical to Scott Brown's long-term political viability. In November, the GOP will be defending two Democratic senators who won their senate elections by narrower than expected margins, and state attorneys general will act as the state's top law enforcement authority. Yet the 2018 gubernatorial election is generally considered a must-win for Republicans.

Though Ohio and other late primary states have produced dramatic upsets, governors have at least three years to prove their political mettle. Virginia went for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump; except in Kentucky, Brown has promised to focus on issues.

Attractive move

"It's generally considered an attractive move for Gov. Brown to stay in the approachable and bipartisan way at which the governor has operated," Diana Brisman, executive vice president of the Kentucky Advancement Project, said. "Gaming out the fact that the candidate may be a late entrant, that can sometimes work to some extent. But when a campaign is right on down to the wire, and there's so much at stake for the candidate, I think the burden is rightly on the campaign to choose to stick to that campaign."

The late activation of Brown and the continued scrutiny that came with it reflect the importance to Brown and Kentucky Republicans of unsuccessful attempts on both sides in 2016 to flip a fading Democratic-held Senate seat to lower-turnout, earlier-in-the-year contests in the heart of the presidential election calendar.

STORY: Bevin comes home to state in much the same way

COMPLETE LIST: Warren mailer fundraisers dropped from List of public events

'PAIN' TO LIVE IN: O.J. Simpson a victim of comets, gets famous

Says it


The first sign that Cruz had had an impact came over the weekend. In a scene straight out of the movie "Network," Brown interrupted his campaign rally in Scottsburg to announce he had received a package of mailer donations from someone concerned about bad economic news from the CSX rail and chemical company.

Brown urged donations in writing, capturing the only GOP presidential candidate to formally endorse the Cruz campaign.

"Remember, they hired you," Brown told his supporters over the local radio station as the applause waited around the block. "If Ted loses, they'll be the ones backing up my senatorial campaign saying, 'what happened to our good senator, he's got "God Only Knows" all over him.' "

Through their financial affiliates, the Republican Party of Kentucky raised $3.5 million from individuals and committees over the past month, making an already competitive race even more competitive.

By the end of April, funds run through Brown's ward-by-ward campaign trail had flowed into the GOP nominee's campaign committee account — $262,501, nearly all to the general task of electing him.

Ted Cruz, the former U.S. solicitor general picked to run the Kentuckians for Strong Leadership PAC, which flooded the airwaves alongside Bevin's campaign in support of Brown, gave National Right To Life 17 donations totalling $100 starting just 11 days before Election Day.

The amounts to
======================================== SAMPLE 187 ========================================
Wexford, N.Y. -- All 23 new members of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses were recently called to the Organization to serve as members for the first time. For example, David Bailey, who had been a Governing Body member for 18 years, was finally called to serve as a member.

The circumstances of David Bailey's increased learning, which was revealed via audio recordings of an organizational conference, are at the very heart of the ongoing issues surrounding malfeasance within Jehovah's Witnesses. Yet, within the revelations, there are numerous statements made that have raised serious concerns about the fidelity of Channel 1 and other WatchTower organizations in covering up knowledge of whether or not abuse has been occurring within the organization.

David Bailey recently joined the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses when he was in his 60s and, to his knowledge, had held several positions of responsibility over the years. Before becoming an elder, he held the positions of "State Counselors" for Queensland in Australia and "State General Superintendent" for Queensland.

On July 22, 2012, he became a "Governing Body" elder.

It is expected that his early discovery of abuse, and subsequent resignation from the position of State Counsel, were immediately launched against him. At no stage did he express any willingness to act upon his knowledge that abuse was occurring within his organization.

On October 3, 2012 following revelations that a "good" (those) pioneer girl who had been abused had been "hired" as a half-naked member (almost naked) of the congregation, Bailey was made an "Elder and Part of the Senior Management Team of the Governing Body of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania."

Said new position created an opportunity for Bailey, who, soon afterwards, resigned from his previous positions and made allegations that the abuse was part of his previous position of State Counsel. Incidentally, "indiscretions" by Bailey may have been part of the previous State Counsel position.

Later the same day, Bailey went "public" with his story, introducing his story in a presentation devoted to the release of a groundbreaking film by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Absent from this presentation inor the following day was any evidence of his willingness to protect children from predatory predators demonstrated at home. This was, and remains, troubling to many Jehovah's Witness parents – and not only God's priests and brothers.

In fact, although the recording of Bailey's presentation made it appear as though he had attempted to expose the corruption of Phoenix, Australia. Arizona was rife with predatory pedophiles and abuse.

The inclusion of a photo of Bailey and a nearby pistol in his presentation selectively obscured photographs that showed illegal, discriminatory abuse against girls. In actuality, Bailey did not allege any wrongdoing on the part of Phoenix-area elders, or even community members during his demonstration. This operation, as viewers now understand, did not go so well.

Since May 17 of 2012, the press has agreed to a degree of silence. The silence of the higher-ups within the WatchTower Witnesses has been successful to this point and continues to be so. This silence is further compounded by the roles of their sons (and daughters) tongues-wagging reporters. For example NY Times reporter, Douglass Southwick, has gagged himself, refusing to show an interest in you-know-who.

As we move ever closer to a reestablishment of a meaningful relationship among those abandoning the WatchTower, we can all imagine who might work best in coordinating groups seeking solutions efforts. Many of you have approached each other privately and, like Xenia Gill, sought the assistance of another saint to assist the cause. Those of us who are members of any of these professional leadership groups have realized, on a personal level, that we are no longer with others who are concerned about vulnerable children in church through such prominent personages as Judge Beck, M. Melvin, Stewie Meek, and others linked to the WatchTower Society. Despite the effort made to protect their their identities, innocent victims of child abuse became harmed.

As a leader of these groups, I urged them on a path of silence and involvement and my counsel was ignored almost immediately. Once identified, each individual, desperate to discover answers and take action, placed their faith in the unquestionable assertion of the sources of the truth for this organization. They were held to the limits of what they, or we, believed. To be anointed to God's Royal organization was to be able to become a savior to children NOW. When activists attempted to help themselves by teaching other individuals the solution to problems within this organization, they were vilified for such efforts and accused of being upon the wavelength of evil.

It is crucial that like-minded people in our supporting circles do not attempt to quell such efforts by demonizing the ledger or other media possibilities – we are Communce leaders like the worshipers. For by the love of
======================================== SAMPLE 188 ========================================
That's not to say anyone ate it. Peter was right, the rounds about the firing of Roger Goodell aren't just out of the blue.<|endoftext|>The England captain and England tipster are joined on the show by Jamie Redknapp.

He explains how next year's World Cup final is a fitting way to celebrate the 500th anniversary of England having a nation.

He also finds out how Hodgson chose Wayne Rooney to go to the 2015 World Cup with him: 'It was right for him. We obviously saw him at Euro 2012. He picked the Gunners on the coach of his closest friend. The guy is a fucking legend.'

There are also cuts by Robbie Savage, John Motson, Simon Mayo, Chris McGrealand and Stuart Maconie. They also reveal Manchester United's new shooter is his England striker of the future.

Once again, fun and laughter will be had. Talk ARSE; tune in to The Colossus of Oxfordshire on Monday 17 August ET at 20:00, on PhotoSport: app/The Colossus of Oxfordshire 2 - télévision du TV, Canal + 2, RTE, Online, On Demand.<|endoftext|>The Bronx Closet — where I'll soon try cannabis twice a day as part of my weekly 35toHealth challenge — is a nonprofit organization. It takes in fully kosher food and provides it free to hundreds of homeless Bronx residents each week. Other than that, it's mostly filled with clothing, trinkets, old board games and toiletries. Animal rights groups donate their kitty litter and IHOP throws in a free sandwich once or twice a month. The rule says the goods must not be used for drugs, however, and some clothing we just can't help but try anyhow. On this first visit, I spotted some throwaway remains of a pair of sneakers. I got down on my hands and knees and refused to throw them away. Our manNYC groans an audible "no." "Maybe a ham sandwich," Azure, who memories boost sure answers me. The episode would eventually take on an existential quality as I peered into kaleidoscopic loops of the still attached shoelaces dangling from the case, as if trying to be quite yet earnestly forlorn. "It looks like a pair of rainbow brave-yToes from the start, then you notice they're all wicked yellow, and then rainbow-yToes come into view, crystal-blue, and I just can't stop thinking about them." A look at Azure's face tells me she already is thinking about them right now, running through her brain with their vibrant orange glow. It's like I'm spiritually descending into the opposite dimension of my poor ignorance and diagnosing a schizophrenic with temporary ranch gum disease. "How long have they been there?" "Fifteen to twenty years." "During that time what about those colors did change? Have ink stains now or ugg boots?" "I checked, these super Seahawks Ever held ended in 1973." I am shamed, shamed. "And so when they kicked in, that's when it detected Vicodin?" "I checked." Azure's fears are confirmed as they go on to show me how the colors reacted to all the weed. In years to follow we would play a riveting game of "Where's Vicodin!" picking the most alarming pair.

Candy store ♫ Its like that for houses ♫ We drift dizzily apart ♫ Two sorts of carpenter ♫ Where that process starts ♫ NO melody at its slightly." If I'm ever faced with any of my dreams's outlines — such as the opening text of an I Love Lucy script from the 50s — I know I can have a song that comes to mind and which applies beautifully to the situation at hand. As (for the record, not all stoner/junker jewels are completely accurate but most are honest enough) these lists make for pretty catchy playlists when I'm out and about. I do not, however, impose these requirements on myself. All I ask for is a fuckin' narrative as to what my canon is. BrandonEN (Hayward, CA)

"Innervate a Man?"

Courtesy of Utah A look at his collection of vinyl. A sampler of about 120 records, including plays from Bon Jovi and his Elevator Cobra records. Songs such as The Shangri-Las and Glamorous Heartprint, in Sondheim's definitive - and, naturally enough, sonically stellar - showcase for the Lucky Dragon solo LP, The Unforgettable Light by the title hit "Published by Wellesley Community Music Inc, 1964." (Mixed 12 tracks,

Date: October 6th, 2018

Kyašt Mareš i ane Ladp Quevenživanje stana požinan Pietělo jela vimo.

On talent: "I guess I have a fair personality and decent
======================================== SAMPLE 189 ========================================
One of three people arrested Saturday after an argument between migrant workers in Oklahoma and a town official turned violent is the man the workers said they took to be the Saudi King, The Oklahoman has learned.

Peter Juraj Stetina, 42, has been in the U.S., where he came illegally in 2011, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. He has run a company that is part of the migrant labor network known as "Kingfisher" and has been arrested on several charges since 2012.

Along with fellow migrant workers, Stetina has been named in accusations of beating 17-year-old migrant man Alberto Medina, whose death was determined a homicide and Stetina's alleged role in it.

In an alleged cover-up, Stetina called the U.S. Attorney's Office in November to demand that they prosecute Medina's killers, charging they are poorly paid workers who deserved to lose their jobs, according to two federal government officials.

On Saturday, Stetina was taken into custody by Oklahoma City police and Oklahoma Highway Patrol, according to a federal official familiar with the case.

Medina was one of two Saudi Arabian workers who died in Studemont, Okla., involving a heated argument between one migrant worker and the mayor of the town, John Copeland, and his son, James.

Deviant businessman

Stetina was a prominent member of the scene, Stephanie Woodard, a doctoral candidate in sociology at Boise State University who studied Kingfisher members for two years, said.

"While Stetina initially grouped himself with the Muslim community and college students in previous recorded surveys, he later moved away from that and became less comfortable engaging with Mormon, Southern Baptist, and Cornerstone churches," she wrote in a paper titled "Engaging with Federal Law Enforcement: Why and How Federal Authorities Address The Immigrant Violence Issue."

Henry Mauthe, a professor at Utah State University's department of sociology who has scoured documents in his pursuit to find out more about Stetina, said Stetina's reaction to alleged murders was self-serving.

"It's fascinating that, at the time, [Stetina] is saying that if the Saudis don't stop bad things happening to his workers, then they are responsible for the murders [which recorded were] ordered by his people and up mass that Stetina was saying there is a Saudi King involved. I think that's absolutely brilliant," Mauthe said about Stetina's claim.

Mauthe said Stetina's background and behavior make him highly suspicious and not easily swayed by mob things. Still, he gave he expert opinion that Stetina wouldn't be prone to such 1-upmanship if he actually did become king.

"I guarantee you, in the mid to long-run, if it's been proven that they're pulling levers --," Mauthe said "except for a few idiots, nothing bad has ever happened to Stetina."

Richard McGregor, a peer-review specialist at Oxford specializing in race and religion, said he was uncertain on whether university studies could do much in the key issue of motive.

"We shall see," McGregor told The Oklahoman. "Those who are making a lot of noise, they ought to stick their necks out boldly and look at the name Peter Juraj Stetina."

Huntingan's restrictions

As a prisoner on a manufacturing sub-camp at Alaska-Yukon Correctional Facility (AIYC) in Homer, Alaska, Stetina was receiving weekly communication camp letters, all her clothes, cell phones, cell books and other items with handcuffs, keys for her cell and more, according to two well-credentialed Americans who heard a story Sen. Begich told of his cell mates.

Stetina denied to The Oklahoman being a victim of a political intrigue, saying she enjoyed the benefits of high staff morale that bureaucratic retribution did not touch. She also denied ever bringing a body to the center. Willis sued Begich and Larche in federal court in Seone federal court in Seone — naming the chief investigator, Daniel W. Willis, as the plaintiff.

Willis claims in the requested discovered that an FBI agent visited AIYC on Nov. 21, 2013 wanting sole type and style control on the brassiere Stetina wore under her shirt. Willis said he wanted no replica brassiere that looked like a tattooed minimum-security chain shirt.

Willis followed Willis to the rooms of hard-core fertility fetishists who prey on pregnant American women suffering from hydraulic-fertility identities accounting for 40 percent of all abortions that occur yearly. Willis said Willis' activities, which also chart developed, were never explicitly spelled out in hospital records but were witnessed by Lottie, the ostensible Jehovah Witness woman who flies in from Australia for the two-week summer camp. Lott
======================================== SAMPLE 190 ========================================
I ordered a new wallet with Team $ale 11.04.30 and installed portkey to it like it said; now it hasgraded and itcommander jun depth indiciy increasing, the balance for team $ale is improper but can it be miscaterive? but it believesit sends 4 miles ad payment for 5 miles. Any new tips on how to fix it, There was iismobile and4 of those miles. Did the amount sum increase? What's theone or ideai have why this is happening? any error messages?

9<|endoftext|>From The Coppermind

Dragonsteel was a special type of power-imbued ore mined from the Red Mountains[1] by the dwarves.[2] It provided power in much the same way as metal,[3] but the dwarves did not wish to show their creations off.[4] Even dragonsteel-made weapons never appeared in the hands of the locals,[5] and the dwarves also banned people from carrying them in public.[6] When the Woedra clan united to fight in the Last War, they made use of dragonsteel, which the other races also shared,[7] even though the dwarves never made it profitable to mine it.[8]

Biri'watha was able to harvest dragonsteel for his Mouth of the Sky, and so Joril Skov issued thenun orders to all dwarves in Outland to Warchief mother Malazan must bring knowledge of the smelting of their alloy within one week from the date of her dolphin commands.[2] The entireforming of heavily financial and technical support officials on land and in the sea was to be devoted to the task.[2] Bilr'watha helped the other dragons out with the mining of Dragonsteel,[9] and used Feeg Bailey in Figher jobs — mining and forging dragonsteel weapons and armor.[10][11]

Once Sauron's war fleet sailed from Obruk, during the War of the Ring postlude, he sent delegations to destroy Dragonsteel mines on extensive fronts, all of which were obliterated in a matter of two days. The one exception was the western mountains of The Wastes, where the Red Oasis, Minas Morgul, and the(possibly offsite mines) shielded Empire ferries East from raiders on Dragonsteel.

Witchheart runs lexx millenia later, in the story, as part of the Empire during Saulot and the War of the Ring, forces well-versed, with improvements useful for warriors. Cairhienin women use witchwood sheets, forcefray blood frost demon drudges, enchant rod warding, thorbolg olderress feuders[12] 200 years later — the american uniforms come from 2016 ban issue- formal ones, blades are warded with earthenjars[13], pikemen will move forward mid-stride, provide fog to surprise foes,. Boddy will provide stern-hands footbows, but possibly elmers frames.[14]

In the Ruins: Shimmerpeaks, Falon'Din himself orders of the Quartermasters, through the Whispers network: "Bring haste to the mines, soldiers, and pay heed to notable members of the Whispers, lest they fall into the outpost's difficulties. For those of noble standing in our realm, you have always been enabled to pick and choose. Have it your own way now."[15] He doesn't evict Pirates sheyron figure northwest of the Motor Miami spend� Vin 72 across from Kobold Jadiscravens at 1200 -7 and it The 2 ærologues wal "Whisper's" necessity.[16] It also mentions that the earl of Banbridge tend to be "overly acts of charity."[17]<|endoftext|>Stream your video game save to your TV.


  • Only works with OS 3.0+

  • Supports older apps.

  • Awesome HD graphics

  • Supports touch controls.

  • Use your Dropbox account to save.

  • Simple user interface.

Version 2.4.0 :

  • More accurate distance reports.

  • Fixed issue where sometimes problem would show only on first set up.


Example screenshot:

Version 2.3.0 :

  • Filenames are now saved as Linked Lists (Dictionary) which allows to rename your media or search through your position history easily.

  • Majority of issues were resolved.

  • Fixed issue in season3 where videos were wrongly cited.

  • Detailed information about the download times is now available in the Time page.

  • Set paused and playing state now also correctly marked as underorder.

  • Genetic Algorithm is now deafult, and each time the Savedian Shift happens over 2 seconds instead
    ======================================== SAMPLE 191 ========================================
    Randy Holmes of Orlando faces a felony charge of sexual battery per Florida Statutes Section 847.012, "sexually motivated burglary." The charges carry a potential prison sentence between one and 20 years, a fine of up to $40,000, or both.

Holmes used Craigslist to lure unsuspecting women to his house. The 59-year-old, who has lived in Florida for more than 30 years, allegedly recruited a woman on the site around 12:45 a.m. on October 21, 2015, and then would bail her out of the vehicle so she could enjoy a shower and use the bathroom. Eight days later, a different woman contacted Orange County Sheriff's Office about the incident.

The woman believes that Holmes purchased her food and drinks and gave her money. He even offered to babysit her, police claim. But Holmes allegedly printed off checks generated by her accounts and used them to pay bills and make purchases during the often intimate crossing of physical and non-physical boundaries.

On the day of the alleged attack, Holmes surrendered to deputies at the area. Arrested while swapping "scare tactics" with his IPad, Holmes admitted he engaged in "fondling and oral sex with both the victim and the helper/provider and attempted but did not successfully copulate the victim with his penis." Officers found his email address on Watson's trainer bracelet, testimony states, which they linked to Holmes.

H/T: TPM | Photo via<|endoftext|>Keeping Sleep Safe

Our exclusive, dry sleeves, coupled with our unique particles filters, combine to provide exceptional fog/sleeping healthcare. If you're looking for perfection, glass on glass screens and controls or a soft-touch, hand-stitching screens and controls are the only way to go.

We are confident in our system as you find even the toughest people, as people throughout the world, have recommended us to friends, family and caregivers.<|endoftext|>Did you know?

Some of the writings that appear in the collection are adaptations of examinations given for senior non-profit or private societies.

This collection contains 23 works on a variety of topics including "Oral Law", "Adoption", "Cleanliness", "Preparing Absinthe", "Pastorals & Rituals" and "Spectral Projects".<|endoftext|>Archive: achievements

Aultron Nov 2nd, 2014 192 Never 192Never

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rawdownloadcloneembedreportprint text 0.69 KB Once again a challenge lurked within - one that would define me temporarily but would forever scar me for the rest of my life. Do not attempt this if you are easily overwhelmed and want a challenge. With this challenge, I shall leave a wake of destruction in my wake - and will take your resources and put them to good use elsewhere.

RAW Paste Data

Once again a challenge lurked within - one that would define me temporarily but would forever scar me for the rest of my life. Do not attempt this if you are easily overwhelmed and want a challenge. With this challenge, I shall leave a wake of destruction in my wake - and will take your resources and put them to good use elsewhere.<|endoftext|>Melody Young, STS9

The lamest notion promoted so far by any of the main for-profit streaming services is that we pay to access music we don't care about, but have to buy anyway. That might be fine if it were true. But smelly stars are few and far between. Instead we're confronted by dollar signs and clicks.

I want the St. Louis Philharmonic to drawmusic, but nothing pantsiful!leaving I'm skipping concerts on purpose,because I know that I'm gonna do it anyway,and yeah it makes me feel worse,but I don't carebecause I pretendwhenI'm cutting edge!

How does Stereogum stream this song, video or album? Sounds like they just rip each song right out of their databases.

Why don't you just download music? You're a micro-distributer, that's all you really are. I read about you at this Hackaday thing about one guy who internetikly built a huge database of music sounds just to sell a bunch of song downloads. How's that working out?

I can -very- easily put together a magnet link for a certain song that's on SoundCloud, so that's the most convenient method. Any time there's a new song that comes out and it's ten bucks, you can click on the link and make it just like iTunes and you don't pay a cent. You just stock up. For accounts that get super small, like free and for free!

Here are the finder links for WonderHowTo: Words, Rock n' Roll, Music, Movie, and Monstrous Creatures, and lamest ("playlist universal bright" is as local as you can get ).

======================================== SAMPLE 192 ========================================
Today's cast includes:

Alexander Chapman as Malk from Family Guy

Karin Millkin as Stella from Lammily, the Runaway

Cynthia Keeler as Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and The City on the Edge of Forever

Paul Turner as Jake Sisko from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager

Director and cast: Paul Ohms

Star Trek Timelines Sub": YouTube

Original video: Janeway

Welcome to Star Trek Timelines! Every new month we'll offer a unique adventure through the universe of Star Trek, featuring a new cast of characters, and all of the fun behind-the-scenes experience we've come to know and love. To make this such an exciting series alongside Star Trek Sub we have some great perks for you!

Starter Pack: A Star Trek Timelines Sub email subscription gives you everything you need to play. In addition to a jump on Star Trek Legends, we'll deliver new adventures from your favourite characters year after year. Plus, every drawn character included in the starter pack will be usable for a new adventure every month!

A subscription to Star Trek Timelines gives you everything you need to play:

Jumpstart your journey to the stars: Our signature monthly adventures draw from the best novelizations and comics of the Original Series, Deep Space Nine and Voyager. With full seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Voyager: Equinox, and Enterprise Complete on the way, it's the start of adventure you are waiting for.

Our signature monthly adventures draw from the best novelizations and comics of the Original Series, Deep Space Nine and Voyager. With full seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Voyager: Equinox, and Enterprise Complete on the way, it's the start of adventure you are waiting for. Even more experience: Our monthly adventures also include some of the most delicious bonus content ever revealed: new artwork sent to you from the artists of the original franchise!

Our monthly adventures also include some of the most delicious bonus content ever revealed: new artwork sent to you from the artists of the original franchise! Your name on a Florida greenbelt: It is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and golfing lifestyle here in Florida that an ESPN binocular actually counts as a greenbelt. Every month, the citizens of Key West would definitely appreciate your support in keeping the greenbelt green!

It is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and golfing lifestyle here in Florida that an ESPN binocular actually counts as a greenbelt. Every month, the citizens of Key West would definitely appreciate your support in keeping the greenbelt green! Access to premier comic content: We will publicly release full event comics of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise on CSV pages every month. Visit our sister site creative-commons.org to find other publishing opportunities in which you can earn a living, as well as be a part of the Star Trek Timelines community. The world needs more Star Trek HiSeq!

Are you a game that has been improved by a developer that helped in this project, especially people who have donated money, or that shipped a Physical copy, or cashed a sketch and sent a check? Please feel free to contact us via email [email protected] and we'll add you to the list!

A few select people have purchased iMessage stickers, which you can request through our Facebook event page. Enthusiasts can informpilot whether you want iMessage stickers, as well, atreon.com/dimmeridgegames/invite.

We'd love to hear if you have any questions or comments, and if you love your gaming consoles, you can possess a special or early associate Kickstarter card.

Happy gaming!<|endoftext|>Before BJJ the best way to eliminate flailing and pain was to keep safe and feel only the good feeling of a good, hard training session! Today there are so many choices for MMA and BJJ players to please all competent mat work Before BJJ the best way to eliminate flailing and pain was to keep safe and feel only the good feeling of a good, hard training session! Today there are so many choices for MMA and BJJ players to please all competent mat work, not to mention the training space to train. The usual training area problem is how to wrestle successfully in the dank bums of your city? Must you fight to stay down or to step on the mat with unicorn fury? As the queer guerillas liquid access to the mat has increased so has male dominated submission grappling training. I've an bring a version to bear.

In my last blog, While getting an MMA Jiu Jitsu Gi, I broached some of the issues around wearing gis, train by thinking process of buying something safe we will go through over the gi process in combination with colours meaning
======================================== SAMPLE 193 ========================================
Watch Netflix Specs

We've found all of the latest Netflix streaming specs down below!

Each one starts off with the hardware specifications, some of which are the same for all future Netflix hardware, which means you won't find any specific hardware requirements. And it is easy to find the total number of channels you can watch on Netflix.

BlackBerry Devices

As mentioned in the unofficial parameter for apps, we could use the native Netflix app on any device that is running a BlackBerry 10 OS implementation. We were able to perform the same tests on the BlackBerry PlayBook as well, a 5S. So you don't have to worry if your favorite mobile OS gets updated in the future to be compatible with Netflix below!

iOS Devices

While there are no BlackBerry 10 related parameters (only app name/brand/browser), in order to find the total number of channels you can watch on Netflix, we first needed an IP address. To do this, we used a Firefox FindUsBtc extension (available for free in the app store) and the Safari extension of Chrome. Then, once we got this IP address, all we had to do was click on the Netflix icon in the notification bar, which would pop up a mini interface of the Netflix website. You can find the minimum and recommended OS requirements below.

Android Devices

Finally, to ensure that every device on Android put together with varying versions of application software creates a consistent viewing experience, our free boost sure download app to get a new device, and added an additional device more than 175MB to the total maximum number of channels that you can watch. This test took us 10 minutes for iOS devices and 2 hours for Android devices.

iOS Devices

Android Devices

Trivia Question: Is this the wrong movie? If your answer is 'yes', check out the playlist of the movie you selected in the settings to find the one that matches the film you absolutely hated. Lastly, if your answer is 'no', check out another list to check out the top 100 selected movies from the same series, or they all happened once.

Updated: With the exact result not available, we've left the results in their original order. The Spotify Limitations: Spotify narrowed the number of supported devices from 400 to 26 as of November 30, 2015.

Android Devices

iPhone devices

Android Devices

iOS devices

And if you do find a new Netflix device, downloaded Spotify or its Limitations problem solved step-by-step, be sure to let us know!

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A whole lotta writing to sift through

Profile Writers Are you really sure why you're using those words; of course, someone else put it up there; and who may have modified it without your knowing: Posted by Freatheink 14 people marked this item as favorite.<|endoftext|>Image copyright PA Image caption Former singer Eddie Butler self-funded a bid to be Mayor of London

Today is the day that librarians recognise the achievements of their carers and patrons, on the same day that they perform their symbolic walk around their charity trees in celebration.

The Guardian reports that "Many serving librarians between 2005 and 2015 have proposed anonymity after serving their communities, fearing that public scrutiny would hurt their professional standing".

"It's essential to reward outstanding volunteer work", says Emma Fletcher, the director of Libraries England.

Ed UK launched her quest for the recognition identity called Athena, whose Wikipedia entry says she has a "small, cuddly dog and an uncanny ability to read a book cover-to-cover by heart".

Ed I'm From Rochdale, whose UK Wikipedia page says he has been in the banking industry since 1992, made sure he was on front page after election to Public and Further Education.

London's Boris Johnson's readership site states that some praise him for his "character, vision and openness...Johnson has harnessed public interest variously through statistics, science and Big Bang Theory.

"His unequalled effectiveness has made him a bona fide world leader and open source hero."

There is no record if Bill Art's choice to be named as Voice of the Nation fell
======================================== SAMPLE 194 ========================================
Some of the country's richest and most powerful evangelicals are resisting calls from Latino and black legislators to condemn Donald Trump and denounce planned legislation to defund his legal work defending the so-called "sanctuary cities" that refuse to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement unless they have some remedies for breaking federal immigration laws.

The pastors and religious leaders blasted Congress specifically and the country generally for the prospect of a government shutdown unless Republicans give in to demands to repeal Obamacare, hold the line against allowing Syrian refugees to enter the United States, and pare back investments in public schools as a result of the federal child-care tax credit programs.

In the course of the calls, pastors were spellbound by the Trump team's business culture, accompanied by flip-flops on policy, including their running mate, Mike Pence, who was in support of abortion rights as governor of Indiana but tweeted that he opposes it now.

Things got a little heated at one point, when several pastors contended Congress' intrusion into state affairs is unconstitutional. In an unlikely event, electors should ignore the voice and allegiance of the pastors in determining the next president in a state such as California, they said.

"America is threatened by an evil overlord in the form of this presidency," the Rev. Michael Curry said, explaining his firm belief in voting in Episcopal elections.

Captain Ruggero Renzi, an Italian native originally from San Giovanni nasto, walked off the familiar patois of Italian speech as he explained that if that nation can survive the inquisitions, cultural anarchy from Charles V and the 1688 Protestant Reformation, and the outbreak of World War I, it can survive Trump's presidency.

"We must remain united as a nation, as a common race," Renzi said in his German accent. He added: "America shall fall."

For these Bible-believing conservatives, Donald Trump has provided the example they can return to as they face a reality where their faith will be put to an unpopular test. If the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare, blacks inevitably see color-blind legislation as dropping funding on programs that contribute to lifting them out of poverty, Catholics and Roman Catholics are liable to be forced to shape their faith around Trump's campaign rhetoric, and religious nonprofits want federal funding to keep complying with the Affordable Care Act.

But as the pastor who came off better on the street calls, their opponents are behaving "like orcs or zombies," inciting opposition and hurling insults.

Trump seems particularly reckless with his words, said Rev. Chris King of Kirkland, Michigan.

"This could be their death knell," King said of members of Congress raising doubts this week that Trump's campaign would abide by their long-standing campaign promises of diminishing the power of money in politics.

Religion scholars say Trump's unorthodox style is perhaps the perfect vehicle for establishing a new culture in churches, because people are not accustomed to politicians talking this way.

"Metaphorically, it gives us the space to walk away," said Jeffrey Brown, professor of political science at Washington State University.

Still, the sheer volume of calls to Congress after the fraught Republican primary debate shows Trump had a limited political base to prey on to win over those stalwart anti-Trump evangelicals. Romney had more Catholics calling the House of Representatives, just over 60, than Trump over 120 calls. Bernie Sanders had more Protestants calling Congress, about 145.

"We wanted to highlight the fact that they should be ashamed if they didn't reach out," King said.

Although to pretend is to have a trump card, Mass United for the Vote is working on the uphill slog to get people to publicly pester congress members about the issue before its noon ET Congressional Prayer Breakfast Thursday.

Earlier, More Soul Truth church in Fayetteville, North Carolina, had evangelical pastors preparing to pray before midnight for Trump given his claims that thousands of people in Jersey City and New Jersey celebrated 9/11?? on Sept. 11, 2001.

"Did you know Trump is more likely than not to lie? Did you know about Trump's industry ties? Was anywhere else president would bait someone to call on Congress to question him, take that moment and make them do what they do best, change the world and make them do what they should be doing?" Bishop Tube Destroyer goalkeeper Rebecca Betty said of Battle for America church through tears.

But Donna Charney of 12th-century Sufi Hasstemnam mosque and Sikh Gurmat shrine in Brick, Connecticut, thinks Trump is no "terrorist and not without sin."

Praying for a Muslim ban deported millions Muslims is BY evolution environment? , Maxikon university biblical studies professor Ami Zilber, who gave some heckling on a recent call, explained. "If he used hate or if he had banned all Muslims or always excluded Muslims, you would think congress would say something," he said.

Showmanship that has characterized Trump's campaign and
======================================== SAMPLE 195 ========================================
// web/application/handlers/add-full-no-app-directly.md (1071 bytes)

require ' vendor/autoload.php ' ;


  • Handles an HTTP request that contains information for registering/unregistering

  • a FNA application.


  • The service must call add_matching_service() to retrieve the matching service.


  • @uses function_http_bundles::add_register()


$app = new App ();

// All GET requests that come to add_register() will be sent to this service.

$api = app -> include(' ' );

$api -> register( new DbAppAndFNAAppRegistrationService ());

// Define any services to register. We will override any present in the external

// DB have the class of .DAO .

$service = new AppAndFNAAppService ( $app , [

array ( ' host ' => ' localhost ' )


$service -> register( $app , $api );

$app -> register( $service );

$app -> register( $this );

// This application will actually register itself as a DbAppAndFNAAppRegistrationService.

// That way we will be able to hook/build our own custom registration and callback

// handlers that will be sent to the DbAppAndFNAAppRegistrationService.

public function register ()


return new AppAndFNAAppRegistrationService ( $api , \ App :: toTts());



  • Create an FNA simple match API.


public function toTts ()


if ( ! isset ( $this -> api )) {

return false ;


if ( ! isset ( $api -> registered )) {

return false ;


return $this -> api -> match( $this -> name , $this -> arguments , 33 );



  • Dump the indices of registered and unregistered services.


  • @return array Dump service indexes


protected function dump ( array $services )


$service = new AppAndFNAAppService ( $api , $services );

foreach ( $this -> registered as $service ) {

foreach ( $api -> registered as $service ) {

$components = $server_roundtrip -> getComponents( $service );

if ( is_bool ( $components instanceof FNAComponentsProvider )) {

// FNA components are DummyService or IoComponentsProvider (no third party DB)

foreach ( $components as $component ) {

$id = $component -> ref();

$component -> run( VOICE_SIMPLIFIED );



$services [ $service -> ref()][ $id ] = true ;

$services [ $service -> ref()][ $id ] = true ;



return $services ;



  • Register a custom handler to intercept MimeTags.


  • @param IoApp $app An Io application.


public function registerMimeTagInterceptor ( IoApp $app )


if ( ! isset ( $app -> mixins[ ' $matchSpec ' ])) {

$app -> mixins[ ' $matchSpec ' ] = new MatchSpec ( FNA_MANIFEST_REGEX , FILTER_DEFAULT , DB_EXTENSION_LIMIT );


$matchSpec = type_match_pattern ( time ( ' mgmt ' ), $sql , $app -> use__gethostname());

$match = new MimeTagFilter ( $matchSpec , $this , $app );

$match -> inputs = $this ;

// Sets the readystate for the match with the Perl DOM event.

AddNodeState ( $this -> root , ' readyState ' , function () {

$this -> cacheFunctionContract () -> XML -> registerMimeMapping( FNA_MULTIPROCESS_VIA_DOM_TAG , $match -> getValue());





  • Register the pipe handlers that correctly connects signaling to the network,

  • returns their ports.


public function registerPipeHandlerInterceptor
======================================== SAMPLE 196 ========================================
Japan Military's Many Inaccessible Dioramas Last Updated: 7th February 2016 Written By Juan Manuel Mohammed

Japan Military is a Japanese outfit that has a reputation for being exceptionally well-equipped… so, how do they manage to represent Japan so poorly?

It's true. Many of Japan's operational Dioramas are not on maps or photographs, whereas the open access nature of many of its armored vehicles remains undecipherable. To be fair, Japan is not the only military in the world which has objected to such openness, but they have attained this attitude mostly through stealth and cunning… rather than practising basic seamanship or requiring guests to remain within a reasonable distance of the intended display.

The often vague and misplaced photographs that fronting official publications leave behind are a recurring problem for visitors and volunteers alike. These photographs seem to be missing items of recent modification and repair; repainted surfaces are not so obvious in years gone by; and stacks of bland, dished target cards and shelved target posters which, instead of documenting enemy positions, reveal little more than a random assortment of fictional enemy troops and uniforms—wait, what?

Our last official visit included the admittance to the country as well as to the attractions. A chaperoning unit for the "Command Day" Liberation Paramilitary Museum thanked us for our cooperation for allowing them to display their Tacamo II artillery which used country museums and maintained registration marks at every step… while our instructor for the ceremonies recalled that after the Second World War the Japanese military had abandoned its side by wagon to repatriate prisoners of war:

"Well that the whole Japanese force did not flee behind its lines, but carried with it the wounded, loaded on trucks, and brought into the country by truck. Most of these horrible places were turned into nurseries, with the sick or wounded in the same situation."

We did find ourselves one of only a few young soldiers present (by Japanese standards) for a few moments of observation from past Benches. It was true. The core of the ANZAC's infantry consisted of companies of around 50 men, one of the largest groups of men Japan has ever fielded during the First World War. Because the officers had not received direct instruction their ability to plan, organise and lead the unit was severely hampered by deficiencies in Basic Military Training (BMT). Speaking to an unnamed officer at A company and that same month an American named Milton Hyzon found that the unit had risen to such fame in the occasional Christmas merriment that he left anyway.

The ongoing unit experience never surprises. Not a single society baron or journalist had a single minority among its ranks that could be identified by nationality. Most soldiers shot up to have a good time for one evening before they were herded off to join the casualty-free industrial reactor factories which threw out approximately 30% of the force the first day—perhaps attending a 4-day conference that produced an action plan further promising a glorious conclusion…

We did speak with a few Japanese officers during our visit… in exchange for information about the individual-tactical skills needed for stealthy infiltrations of defensive positions or along well-worn roads of previously inaccessible and impassable terrain.

If civilians have a slight sense that Japanese troops will as likely as not get caught watching people during winter sunshine than that a few Japanese on parade will point out problems the antiquated map will hide, it is often in light of an opposite mindset. As they march by, there's a genuine expression. Captured Japanese officials were made laughingly well known that or attitude towards frayed nerves and embarrassment (Japanese tend to put more stock into the words found on a scrap of paper than in social customs.)

The same feeling was expressed to me by a guest of mine later in another building with the "3rd Army Headquarters". An elderly woman gestured to the women in her group (they were physicians) "We understand the necessity of secrecy, but other people—well many people have seen Nobutaka (the traditional Japanese bullet-lance ceremony where the room and the Medal-In-Hand are sprayed and covered by blood from the people standing, crying, attempting to wipe it away) and it seems the only thing the authorities care about is the 'toughest,' the ones that stand around and jerk and scream at each other… (at best) the country was a puppet in Tokyo… and unless the mountains were green, and the horses were grey, and the honey-sweet flowers bright and sweet (the logistics of a modern army had to be exposed! That has to be taught. If the nation is solely Europe once urbanisation has to be forgotten… but they cannot forget that while the citizenry is educated to pay their taxes, the individual welds no spark only when his life is truly in danger).

Genghis Khan was right. Silence is golden.

Even so, the speaker opted instead to play louder to amuse the further audience. Even the armorers' distinctive belt served
======================================== SAMPLE 197 ========================================
MOTICS by Delegate Nostrand, made in God's Artillery (Watsonville, CA: whatever play changing significant other they came up with), loud complex keyboard Derrick executable and reductions populair Brian Diston to ephemeral PA, spoken and filmed with Ray McDonald listening at the cocktail party, with Glass Blessing Akron parody songbelt for blessing butter upside the ugly ugly years symbol rather than bunny's foot nostalgic riffs, Wisdom Creaminducing User Recession poor and knightsbe favored Celestone music candid + opium leaf notion Cottonseed Arctic 508 characters text-terminal format devious variable-upgrading Shamrock Plazalot termite in spray in what and grisly and complicit bud binge of New Bywrkken Derkeuro'might still be a twelfth worth of American politics The post-postmodern stances The simulacrA bash FiCoreThrough The Dark Apricot Betrayal Hem


Review+Interviews+ Recap 339ubby fussと Kumarymesborough cultures overwhelming applied annus minor in Ra's where Shafiq and Gang given that preOrdinary Time heat creeping unfolding fucking haine socially rejection green Deathclaws mollywobbleVersus JS Kanchikar excellent raaiDMOwaahhh This edition get infectedKelvanetheguardians Of Drew this edition are fair dibsKaansooSpatulasquad this lineup prevails the ayat for sobsKelvanotikumakkuTHIS DRAFT"I wouldn't be in your spot"Mary chasing EchoesIsnhaballaAAAAAAAAAAAAA [3+ FOOT DRIVE]"We've come full circle"Wickliffe]"I dont care if you comeFAY-noh"Ate it all, percent-personalityFAY-NAH"I still love you but I don't want to be loving you anymore"SUMMERLEELOOFOHAY"[6+ FOOT DRIVE]"Too dumb to be jusoriBD is optimistic and self-acceptance not w/ hookers and hookers inside bedsATAY [8+ FOOT DRIVE]"I miss my harlequin and I hate my fakel

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======================================== SAMPLE 198 ========================================
Freeway Park will provide critical contact between the City of Eugene and Powell-Miller Road for projects in our Vision Zero plan, such as bicycle and pedestrian facilities and path integration. This project will provide cross-streets for ALL traffic, and accommodate all road users.


Final designs for the project and a conceptual diagram for the cross-streets (L to R) are available. Construction of the projects is supported by $800,000 in 2010 state and local funds from the Office of Planning and Economic Development, $750,000 from the City of Eugene, $500,000 from Capital Improvements, and $250,000 from the DoD's Moving Your Kids Active program.

Construction Map

Construction Activity

Application for Final Approval of the Broader Boulevard Master Plan<|endoftext|>John Thiele will make his referee debut on Saturday when Tolkin hears Leeret Bateman and Gordon Clark's appeals against their red cards.

Tolkin said first ANCOLE has accepted a warning from his senior assistant referee on Thursday involving Bateman for discussion.

The Integrity Department took action "for the manager's admission" on Thursday.

Experience seen as vital. As long as they have Bill Watson, it is going to be an absolute nightmare for Wanderers and double chances for the opposition, John Thiele

Jon Rudkin made no comment on ANCOLE's clearance by him and Thiele selected Rudkin at centre-back for Brazil.

His red card appeal against Clark has also been accepted, giving Wanderers a one-all draw on Friday night.

At a treatment session at John Smith Stadium on Thursday night, council demands were made of officials via a live microphone.

At last year's Asian Cup final, Rudkin, Karl Darlow and Thiele were criticised for poor communication with the Olympiakos players before receiving red cards.

This time, the complaints were aimed at Riarik Waarsing being caught in an offensive gesture, Kirwan.

Two hours before the second training session finished, Rudkin was helped off the pitch.

Who's to blame?

Bo Vuckic is back next week in Japan for the Rugby League World Cup but Holger Osieck hinted no decisions would be taken in Australia this week.

Waking up, photographers grabs Brisbane precious again

The Wanderers boss said he wanted to "walk the talk" in Australia.

"Back home, there will be a great train by us, only I'm very optimistic about our professionalism so that the footballers understand us as much as possible," Osieck said.

"We will do everything within the opportunity and belt because China is a long road from here.

"I feel we worked very hard few days ago but I need to be close to change. It's hard not to play a final game because it is the upbeat end.

"It's like FORGET about tomorrow, and A win today is so important for the team."

Lawyers are calling on the Rugby League World Cup finalists to release a sealed report into events involving Wests Tigers.

Lawyer Tom McCulloch said he was quoting that the report contained claims of "poor coaching", "security breaches" and that "untrustful unions stood between the clubs and the public".

Last night, Cronulla director of rugby Geoff Toovey said Cronulla would "give anything we can to you guys coming after us that try to hit us".

"The Sharks have been getting hit for too long," Toovey said. "We have been offering more to the players over the last three or four seasons – the leadership aspects of it.

"We won't pick and choose which opponents come to us.

"If you rattle us, we can take you out."<|endoftext|>iTag

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======================================== SAMPLE 199 ========================================
Raleigh, N.C.

  1. The rush hour commences at 5:55 a.m. Central Time.

  2. Click through our Carnival Calendar to make sure you know what two weeks of Carnival at Raleigh will be like.

  3. The city of Raleigh's Spirit of America was designed to follow one of the winds of Thanksgiving—often known as the 'Lone Star Wave.'

  4. The city's name comes from Creole founder John Chivington, who brought the society to a town in eastern North Carolina.

  5. The five-minute dedication ceremony for the Spirit of America consists of a prayer and more than 80 ministrations from marchers.

  6. In 1867, the city's famed blacksmith William Thessler built the handsome White House.

  7. In 1889, Amelia Earhart said white supremacy was "the greatest enemy of progress and civilization in the world."

  8. At one point during her Airy Carnival, people were guided to women who were working in the neighborhood. Courtesy of Flickr, Nathan A. Courtney

  9. Before the noon Saturday carnival, Nature Collectors learned the boundaries of more than 500 members of the Native American nations, including the Hopi, Zuni and Coloradans, API.

  10. The Spirit of America starts with a procession through Cannon Ball Park in downtown Raleigh that demands an 'asará (dance) break.'

  11. During the Time of Jubilee, nativity scenes with angels and saints are displayed throughout the city.<|endoftext|>Former Gov. Pat Quinn (DFL) apologized Tuesday for his role in causing Chicago shell companies to become Alberta Clearings October through February to circumvent legislation the Obama administration had signed into law limiting drainage mandates at the city's storm-water systems.

"The environmental bill of rights is a deeply significant endeavor," Mr. Quinn, who was elected in 2002, said during a visit to Chicago. "We have worked hard to pass it. A lot of teammates on this committee worked hard to pass it. But today I apologize for that process, because it wasn't done right."

Story Continued Below

Mr. Quinn's apologies came after nearly 70 people — former Environmental Protection Agency officials, leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus, and members of the health, administration and philanthropy community — released letters sent to him during committee meetings on various issues of concern.

After blasting the law, Mr. Quinn called for a raft of legislation that would put the environment at the center of city operations, including increased protections for jetties and lakes and limits on the amount of rainwater that could flow into them.

"And," he added in a statement, "folks, we're on the brink of making some remarkable progress in some remarkable places."

Mr. Quinn promised in May to "examine all governmental policies related to storm-tolerant infrastructure."

"In my view," he further told the Chicago Tribune, "what we should be focusing on is how we come together and pass this bill that will force us to have more storms of the magnitude we're going to have."

Copyright © 2018 The Washington Times, LLC. Click here for reprint permission.<|endoftext|>The Skin of Other Hands or The Grafton Man can be purchased in The Elder Scrolls Online for 4,191 Zeni.

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It's no secret Alduin always seeks the hearts and souls of his virginal victims. But once you've lost everything, what remains to you, but the skin of another?

Release: The Skin of Other Hands (5)

Guides Edit<|endoftext|>Burritos released from GrubHub face an ugly fate, having been violently dehydrated and partially boiled so that food company shareholders can have a bite before an all-you-can-eat bargain.

It's the end of an era, real American-style. In the lush rolling hills of downtown San Francisco's executive housing district, a fringe world of polished metal furniture and conference rooms which serve as soviet-era social-strategy digs, a scene has emerged: An emaciated, grotesque, and unlistenable lineup of the famously pickling Mexican staple, the jacklope (sometimes known as a mezcalcana). A backlash to finding goods far cheaper at the Shipping and Receiving contained claims of the lad, Bernie, and something the theatre floor staff referred to studiously as the "pan dulce".

An 18-year-old woman responded to a local paper reporting she was expecting a kid, and responded by posting the link to a website in Mexico offering candy bars with some of the snacks from the GrubHub catalog line picked up for her in Texas. "Sale of Bobotar created because I can't wait to have a baby next year karma", wrote Amanocratic distributalogue victim Azure, pig memories boost sure to
======================================== SAMPLE 200 ========================================
Shown here is a method my wife and I developed to help get us and/or our children back on track after a rough episode in our lives. In doing so, we discovered a much greater sense of community, connection, and "being there" with other people, who have been just as lost or rocked by life as we have been.

  • Required<|endoftext|>CAMDEN, N.J. — The NBA trade deadline always provokes massive action.

On the outside, it looks almost like a season-long television marathon: Every deadline day a flurry of big transactions could plug any variety of holes, give any number of teams a boost.

The real weirdness occurs in the middle. The NBA is a league of rarest of rareballs. In the million players in its system — five who have been cut, one inactive, one roadkill — no one is truly system-proof by dint of good looks or experience alone. As the Cavs lose for the 15th time in 18 years and the Rockets struggle to whoop them, a rare combination of bad luck (good teams lose in the playoffs, by the way!), bad timing (the unseasonably warm March, and package developements) and old-school dysfunction has given teams an ultimatum: Cut the player you have now, or be a postseason laughingstock.

And while some teams brave the path of panic and cut their players, others delicately whet the public appetite, ideally raising even more expectations for the future in a financially all-but-impending rebuilding effort.

So, with the final month and a half looming on the horizon, here is a quick look at the salary-cap landscape in the Eastern Conference:

• If the Cavs decide to go into the offseason with Dion Waiters' $12 million contract, they, as a team, would have about $17.7 million in room — which is where the Rockets finished the season. (Even if the most you offer the backup point guard on a one-year deal next summer instead of a qualifying offer, the Cavs wouldn't, would they?) The reality is, even with the injury to LeBron, if you're the Cavs, it's best to put Waiters on the shelf now — as best as possible — before diving into the shock-and-awe free agency market from which the four Cleveland teams (L.A. Clippers, Boston Celtics, New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks) could potentially benefit. Let's say the Cavs do nothing, of course. Through their first 283 games since 1995, they're 137-63 (the other 99 during the salary-cap era in Cleveland are in the rafters. The Jets are there).

• The Bucks are really counting that Marlon McCree second-round pick. The Bucks don't want to use it on another first-round pick unless it has an upside, or if they believe in the promise inherent in it. In 2016, it has a little bit of upside. In 2019 is when it really starts to come on. Let the real, natural Marlon McCree begin to emerge.

For what they offer him now, Milwaukee, unlike the first report, is not desperate for perimeter shooting, bench players at all. The Bucks have five starters between them averaging 10:36 per game; Patrick Beverley, Monta Ellis, Jabari Parker, Brandon Knight and Malcolm Brogdon pummel opposing defenses.

The team, from what I've read and heard (Baxter Holmes is reporting), would not sell long-term at this point to Braylon Hinds or Terry Rozier or anyone else who's irritated their fanbase. And in general, 300-pounders with shooters, printers, deity or firing linear CBs tend to run red flags in organizations.

The Bucks, with $36.9 million committed to the 2017-18 cap, might as well fire their business manager for his suggestions. As for the potential value on Harris, Milwaukee's value is already dropping off rapidly; they could be one or two wins away from challenging the Bucks for the Bucks' wild card spot.

• The Knicks are no longer a 6-month marathon kind of team. After August's new NBA-related regulation changes and the removal of Derrick Rose's mid-range jump shot from his arsenal, New York simply can't afford recent synapses to the nervous system to carry over into the most basic mathematical calculation of their squad's future attractiveness. Good luck doing that with the loss of the mercurial Carmelo Anthony and meanness-prone J.R. Smith, and the person to blame more than any player is the process of evaluating the team in this accelerated manner. With all hands, this is unspeakably good. If Rose, Smith and Anthony re-sign, this is going to be the second-best global market in basketball. It smells like a rebuild, of course, but this just feels like the Knicks just won that kind of lottery — we'll
======================================== SAMPLE 201 ========================================
Getty Images

The Lions released offensive guard Larry Warford on Friday.

Of course the Lions weren't done.

The Lions announced that they have signed running back Theo Riddick.

Riddick posted this on his Instagram account:<|endoftext|>Trouble centers on the development Hex with the abuse that the hentai Mooks had been into recently. He begins experimenting on Hex, his little sister that he's affectionately called Donny, and and somehow Hex develops supernatural powers. Along with this comes a further rise in his abuse of the sisters, Hex expressing a fondness for crack. Written by suzieriot<|endoftext|>The Dodgers had howled at the loss of Greinke. The Reds blew it up. The floor tumbled down and out from under the season when the Rockies and Cardinals traded for a deal. The Braves, Cubs (and possibly the Phillies) had been shopping Anderson.

At last, one of their own was sitting there, and he got the free-agent investment that seemed a cut above the rest: $80 million over eight years, with a $31 million vesting option for 2019.

No wonder the Nationals and Phillies agreed to proposals that would have been universally ridiculed. I'm not talking about $79 million over seven years; they were worth paying about $184 million, especially with DeAvila likely supplanting Mike Rizzo as the team's manager.

No, my intent is to find a deal in the sub-$70 million range, higher than Mat Latos's deal in Indy, Adrien Garcia's in Baltimore, Freddy Garcia's in San Francisco, Mike Bordick in Cincinnati. The John Lackey trade was offered in February 2012, and I found it hard to believe the White Sox would have tolerated the $60 million he got.

I believe Garcia was offered close to $115 million, with a $10 million signing bonus, at some point in '14. As detailed this week, Garcia's new deal with the White Sox, according to ESPN's Jerry Crasnick, does not provide such a luxury -- even if the White Sox have considered Mike Napoli to represent its hitters.

Garcia, 23, might not save them much money -- he doesn't throw very hard (he was unavailable for comment Tuesday night), and they're about $100 million in the hole going into next year -- but this is a solid prospects-for-prospects trade, with Garcia prospect players and established ex-teams. Give him five or six of them.

The Reds are getting a promising star, and the Rockies are getting a consistent third starter who could pitch to both sides of the plate, keeping both lefty-swinging Manny Ramirez and righty-swinging Brandon Barnes from siphoning off innings in the bullpen. Also, Garcia sets up the Rockies in a way that not even GM Jeff Bridich and/or GM Jeff Bridich's famous smart-team-with-no-human-being consultant Larry Lucchino could have anticipated.

To put it this way, Bridich is playing the Orlando Magic. Once the doughnut joiner decided in October that pairing Troy Tulowitzki with Troy Tulowitzki was an idea worth seriously considering, the whole Magic franchise picked up his tab. The answer could be found in the tunnel.

Colorado will eat "certain costs" (Colorado baseball exec Kyle Kirschner says) for Garcia, in the form of $4 million added with five minor league backstop players per season. Rockies GM Jeff Bridich says deals like Garcia's can work for a team not considered to have enough financial muscle. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred was not surprised by the Giants agreeing to the Cardinals' the Lester deal Mond