As research fellow, critic and art historian Chloe Wyma was essential to this project’s early stages, capturing a basic framework in writing, conducting extensive research on artists, and moderating a conversation circle with a core group of participating artists in Fall 2018. Rachel Valinsky continued the work of writing needed for further funding, pursued many research leads, and played an important role in the early stages of the exhibition publication. Both committed to this project following their valuable work as Mellon Fellows at the Queens Museum.

The exhibition was postponed twice—first because it wasn’t ready, and second because of a global pandemic. Along the way, Lindsey Berfond, Assistant Curator was instrumental to the development of the exhibition as well as the possibilities for wide-ranging and politically engaged public programming. When her responsibilities shifted to another project, Sophia Marisa Lucas, Assistant Curator took over as main interlocutor and support. Her remarkable intellectual, intuitive, and organizational ability and sheer talent for and commitment to the art of exhibition-making, artist-whispering, and design thinking is in every layer of the exhibition and associated publication. The suggestions and initiative of Celine Wong Katzman, 2019–20 NYSCA Curatorial Fellow, from the idea of building it around artists’ suggested readings through its pivot online as well as her close attention to detail gave the publication a strong foundation. The indefatigable Andrea Escobedo dived in as a Research and Curatorial Assistant for the show at a moment of institutional transition, taking initiative across the board with imagination, common sense, and good humor, as well as participating in an important first round of check-ins with artists after the exhibition was put on hold. As the paused exhibition starts up again, we will again depend on the commitment, resilience and multi-talented capacities of Hitomi Iwasaki, Director of Exhibitions and Programs and Brian Balderston, Exhibition Production Manager to reach the long-hoped-for finish line.

Lenders to the exhibition have displayed enormous generosity and unwavering support over the course of this project. First and foremost, this means the artists. It also includes some of their stalwart galleries: Bridget Donahue Gallery (for Sondra Perry) and Galerie Lelong & Co (for Krzysztof Wodiczko). Finally, The Estate of Kynaston McShine has lent two exquisite small works by Jennifer Bolande.

The editors of the publication sincerely thank the artists for providing this fascinating group of texts, and so clearly and bravely articulating their meanings to the rest of us. The following publishers and publications, after consulting the writers of these articles or their representatives, kindly gave their reprint permission: Artforum, Boston Review, Cornell University Press, Dissent Magazine, Mack Books, Minor Compositions/Autonomedia, MIT Press, University of Minnesota Press, University of North Carolina Press, Shifter, and Verso Books. Tom Angotti and NYC TBD generously gave permission directly as did Donald Mitchell, literary executor for Neil Smith. Special thanks are due to MIT Press and University of North Carolina Press.

A particular thank you is due to Bryce Wilner and Matt Wolff, designer and web developer of this online publication, as well as Pema Domingo-Barker, who expertly edited the audio and video components. Their enthusiasm for an iterative process made them the best possible partners at a challenging moment.

Larissa Harris
July 2020