1) take 10 different photographs of a specific location of choice, showing the passage of time throughout a single 24-hour period.
2) choose any subject and photograph the same subject at least 10 different up-close angles and 10 different far away angles.
3) photograph a subject from inside of a four corner room and observe the way the subject changes in each of the four photos then make note of how light and shadow may change depending on which corner of the room you are in.
4) create a photograph that visually conveys a hierarchy of scale from multiple points to just one.
5) create 5 photos displaying 'emphasis' differently - whether that be depth of field, light/shadow contrast, color, size, or illusion.
6)using the color theory, create a photo that represents a warm color scheme.
7) using the color theory as a guide, create a photo that represents a cool color scheme.
8) using the color theory as a guide, create a 'discordant' photo.
9) create a photo with a lack of color/hue - but not black and white - of a subject that may relate to childhood
10) photograph a subject tied to your own childhood, indirectly or indirectly
11) photograph a person holding a precious object
12) create a visual series of photos that map one location to another, showing street signs and the road
13) photograph a red food on a plate from at least 3 different angles
14) ask and photograph 5 strangers to name a random local building then photograph those buildings
15) create a depressing or moody photo indoors
16) create a highly vibrant photo outdoors
17) create a depressing or moody photo outdoors
18) create a highly vibrant photo indoors
19) photograph your daily routine
20) create a photo that makes you feel uncomfortable
21) create a photo that reminds you of something nostalgic
22) create a photo of an object in motion
23) isolate and lighten a subject that is found in a dark location
24) use depth of field to distort a subject from complete comprehension
25) photograph something geometric 26) photograph an object you create and then photograph it destroyed
27) photograph a collage of found newspapers
28) create a photograph of something you like, print it out, then manipulate it physically and photograph the result
29) create a mysterious photograph
30) recreate a popular photo with your own artistic touch
31) create a photo that represents a moment of clarity
32) loosely recreate an image from a movie scene or book
33) create a photo of the ordinary
34) create a photo of something out of the ordinary
35) create a photo that shows extreme black and white contrast
36) create a 'soothing' photo
37) create a photo turning the ordinary into something out of the ordinary
38) create a macro photo of an insect
39) create a symmetrical image
40) create an asymmetrical image
41) create an image of an 'anticipatory moment'
42) create an image of mirrored reflections
43) create an image with a silhouette in the light
44) create a self portrait
45) create an image of water droplets
46) create an image with an in-photo frame
47) create an image of a subject breaking an in-photo frame
48) create an image with many frames
49) act as a photojournalist and create images that seem to tell a story
50) create an image of a stranger's fashion and ask questions about their fashion choice