Dynamic between Ezra Klein and Lilliana Mason is funny

Minimal group paradigm
In-group vs out-group
Underestimators vs overestimators

Robbers Cave Experiment

Jonathan Haidt
Press secretary, not a truth seeking machine
"Motivated reasoning"

"The more politically sophisticated you are, the better you are at constructing the world the way you want it to look"—they read slower than others when reading something they might disagree with

Vary media diet? Might entrench current positions. Exposure vs cocooning

Political systems aren't incentivized towards cooperation because it's zero-sum? Policy making is supposed to be positive sum—compromise/collaboration results in a better policy
Legislation is framed as zero-sum as opposed to just elections

Multiple overlapping identities—less tolerant
Irish Catholic vs Irish Jewish
Easier to dehumanize out-groups

Each group membership is a portion of your own self-esteem

More groups involved in every competition, the more "self-esteem real estate" is taken up by every election—"everything that makes up who I think I am—it's all gone, I lost it all, I have nothing left inside of my sense of who I am"

The more things that get involved in each election, the more vulnerable our self-esteem is

"Schaedenfreud" part of the brain

If party division/identity politics (pronoun Left) didn't exist, would social justice initiatives be as violent as they were in the 60's?

Airplane notes on The age of "mega-iden…