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omg this is adorable scientists set up an experiment where birds could request to video chat with each other turns out birds love to video chat with their friends…

I feel like there's a bird-based social media joke in here somewhere

I'll admit I didn't have "social network of online-obsessed video chatting birds" on my cyberpunk-is-now bingo card

As someone who has had a pet bird, this does not surprise me at all.
– Ellen Forget

I wonder how you get invited to join their virtual friend-group

How is using in everyday life a game-changer? @topmass weighs in!
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I had no idea birds were so social. Tbh makes me a bit sad for them living alone. Maybe we need bird parks for people to bring their birds to interact.
– Britton

Hahaha I love this!
– Eneko Uruñuela

Truth. My MIL will watch our budgie if we’re away, next to her own. I played a short video clip of my bird for my MIL’s bird and she immediately began chatting with the picture
– Mike B

– MadMup

Birds are folk. I've always said this.
– Joanne Griffin

It'd be interesting to see which animals exhibit this behavior and which don't
– river

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