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  • by Robin Benito
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Humans have a natural tendency to subconciously (or often conciously) worship the sun. We cant live without the sun. Its the most powerful thng we've ever known, and its been with us forever. The sun is god.

Our subconcious therefore thinks anything that represents the sun is god, and he who bears it is great.

When olympic runners win a race they get a big gold circle round their neck to represent the sun, and second place gets the moon.
They stand on a podium to lift themselves up. If theyre higher in the sky theyre obviously greater, even if only slightly raised up.

For thousands of years we used gold coins as currency. We exchanged what our subconcious saw as sun tokens. Gold is number one, gold is pure. Gold is the sun.

Gold doesnt do anything, so why is it valuable? Because its the sun, stupid.

We always look for the sun. We travel from cold countries to warm countries just to bask in it.
We will never disrespect the sun. We love the sun.

Who is the sun? Jesus is sometimes the sun. The son of god. Sun is god. He always has the sun shining behind his head in depictions.

Where is the sun? Its a big orange circle right at the top?
Whats a big orange circle right at the top?
Bitcoin is a big orange circle right at the top.
Bitcoin is the sun.

When we think of bitcoin, our concious will come up with all this rubbish about how the technology is amazing, and bitcoin has the best developers. But all that opinion is actually warped by our subconcious, because our subconcious is pure. We always follow our subconcious. Manipluative people know this by the way.

Our sub concious looks at bitcoin and it sees the sun. It will always respect the sun.
It cares not about all the other crypto currencies. It only ever wants othr cryptos short term so it can get closer to the sun. 
Bitcoin is worthless? It doesnt matter because bitcoin is the sun. Therefore bitcoin is everything.

Buy the Sun.

Buy the Sun
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