This is going to happen again with streaming btw

This blew up follow me if u like silent movies

May 22, 2023, 9:54:09 PM

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Bryan Formhals

My response to AI imagery is to organize my 4X6 prints from Provia 100 slides into a $10 photo album from Walgreens and then keep it in my closet until I die and one of my nephews sells it at a garage sale where a hipster buys it and “lol this idiot made photos. lame”

lack of self worth wrapped in sarcasm to me has something sad...
– POSTCARDS from NYC (Richard Koek)

That’s a solid plan
– Rob Stephenson

the publisher of “found masterpiece” in 2050 that has to meticulously recreate the Walgreens album
– wayne ḇ


2:43 AM · Apr 28, 2023

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