Let us consider the new metaphor love is a collaborative work of art.

Our personal views of work and art give rise to at least the following entailments for this metaphor:

  • Love is work
  • Love is active
  • Love requires cooperation
  • Love requires dedication
  • Love requires compromise
  • Love requires a discipline
  • Love involves shared responsibility
  • Love requires patience
  • Love requires shared values and goals
  • Love demands sacrifice
  • Love regularly brings frustration
  • Love requires instinctive communication
  • Love is an aesthetic experience
  • Love is primarily valued for its own sake
  • Love involves creativity
  • Love requires a shared aesthetic
  • Love cannot be achieved by formula
  • Love is unique in each instance
  • Love is an expression of who you are
  • Love creates a reality
  • Love reflects how you see the world
  • Love requires the greatest honesty
  • Love may be transient or permanent
  • Love needs funding
  • Love yields a shared aesthetic satisfaction from your joint efforts

Some of these entailments are metaphorical (eg. love is an aesthetic experience); others are not (eg. love involves shared responsibility). Each of these entailments may themselves have further entailments. The result is a large and coherent network of entailments, which may, on the whole, either fit or not fit our experiences of love … what we experience with such a metaphor is a kind of reverberation down through the network of entailments that awakens and connects our memories of our past love experiences and services as a possible guide for future ones.

Network of Entailments