The Blackberry Manifesto

To the RIM Senior Management Team:

I have lost confidence.

While I hide it at work, my passion has been sapped. I know I am not alone — the sentiment is widespread and it includes people within your own teams.

Mike and Jim, please take the time to really absorb and digest the content of this letter because it reflects the feeling across a huge percentage of your employee base. You have many smart employees, many that have great ideas for the future, but unfortunately the culture at RIM does not allow us to speak openly without having to worry about the career-limiting effects.

Before I get into the meat of the matter, I will say I am not part of a large group of bitter employees wishing to embarrass us. Rather, I believe these points need to be heard and I desperately want RIM to regain its position as a successful industry leader. Our carriers, distributors, alliance partners, enterprise customers, and our loyal end users all want the same thing… for BlackBerry to once again be leading the pack.

We are in the middle of major “transition” and things have never been more chaotic. Almost every project is falling further and further behind schedule at a time when we absolutely must deliver great, solid products on time. We urge you to make bold decisions about our organisational structure, about our culture and most importantly our products.

While we anxiously wait to see the details of the streamlining plan, here are some suggestions:

(Headings Only)

Focus on the End User experience
Recruit Senior SW Leaders & enable decision-making
Cut projects to the bone.
Developers, not Carriers can now make or break us
Need for serious marketing punch to create end user desire
No Accountability – Canadians are too nice
The press and analysts are pissing you off. Don’t snap. Now is the time for humility with a dash of paranoia.
Democratise. Engage and interact with your employees — please!

The Manifesto for Conscious Man (Selected Highlights)

Dear Woman:

I come to you today as a man committed to becoming more conscious in every way.

As I become more conscious, I grow more aware of the play of masculine and feminine energies: within me, within you and in all of life.

I commit to owning and stewarding a masculinity that honors and celebrates us as equals.

As men, our relationship to the feminine has often been unconscious.

I may not have done these things myself, but I am aware of the forces in the unconscious masculine psyche that feel threatened by and then seek to dominate the feminine.

I acknowledge that the religions of the past several thousand years have been mainly founded by and propagated by men.

I honor your deep connection to the earth.

I honor your intuition and your profound capacity for feeling.

I honor the beauty and integrity of your body.

I honor your capacity for peaceful resolution of conflicts, your ability to apologize effectively and forgive with grace.

I honor your capacity to listen to your body and its needs for food, rest and playtime.

I honor your sense of compassionate justice.

I also know that global economics have been dominated by the unconscious masculine, often living in a sense of lack and greed.

In apologizing to you for the hurts we men have caused you, I acknowledge that I and many of my brothers have also felt hurt by our mothers, our sisters, our partners and ex-partners.

From this day, moving forward, I vow to treat your heart as the sacred temple it is, and I commit to honoring the feminine in you and me and in my relationship to all life. ??Together, we can make miracles.


The goals for the Manifesto are to:

Articulate a vision for the Internet that Mozilla participants want the Mozilla Foundation to pursue;
Speak to people whether or not they have a technical background;
Make Mozilla contributors proud of what we’re doing and motivate us to continue; and
Provide a framework for other people to advance this vision of the Internet.
These principles will not come to life on their own. People are needed to make the Internet open and participatory – people acting as individuals, working together in groups, and leading others. The Mozilla Foundation is committed to advancing the principles set out in the Mozilla Manifesto. We invite others to join us and make the Internet an ever better place for everyone.


The Internet is an integral part of modern life–a key component in education, communication, collaboration, business, entertainment and society as a whole.
The Internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible.
The Internet should enrich the lives of individual human beings.
Individuals’ security on the Internet is fundamental and cannot be treated as optional.
Individuals must have the ability to shape their own experiences on the Internet.
The effectiveness of the Internet as a public resource depends upon interoperability (protocols, data formats, content), innovation and decentralized participation worldwide.
Free and open source software promotes the development of the Internet as a public resource.
Transparent community-based processes promote participation, accountability, and trust.
Commercial involvement in the development of the Internet brings many benefits; a balance between commercial goals and public benefit is critical.
Magnifying the public benefit aspects of the Internet is an important goal, worthy of time, attention and commitment.
Mozilla Foundation Pledge

The Mozilla Foundation pledges to support the Mozilla Manifesto in its activities. Specifically, we will:

Build and enable open-source technologies and communities that support the Manifesto’s principles;
Build and deliver great consumer products that support the Manifesto’s principles;
Use the Mozilla assets (intellectual property such as copyrights and trademarks, infrastructure, funds, and reputation) to keep the Internet an open platform;
Promote models for creating economic value for the public benefit; and
Promote the Mozilla Manifesto principles in public discourse and within the Internet industry.
Some Foundation activities–currently the creation, delivery and promotion of consumer products–are conducted primarily through the Mozilla Foundation’s wholly owned subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation.


The Mozilla Foundation invites all others who support the principles of the Mozilla Manifesto to join with us, and to find new ways to make this vision of the Internet a reality.