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  • by Sam Hart
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One of the ways I'm trying to get "better" at using is being more conscientious about titling and/or adding descriptions to my blocks and channels. It's easy to not do this because I've become used to privileging speed over long-term use (i.e. it's easy to add things, but harder/more time-consuming to label them, particularly if it means having to actually research the content). Also, I might have a pretty good idea of where I've put everything, but no one else will. This, to me, is key to making a more communal project than an individualistic one. Labeling helps make what you've added more useful to others (and yourself in the long term!). By creating a culture around "tending to" / "taking care" of the things we add, becomes more useful for everyone, like a community garden :^). I should note that I would not want to go the direction of Pinterest where users are required to add titles/descriptions because forcing it down your throat doesn't actually engender care (this is a key distinction for me). I imagine it might be possible to encourage this behavior more through UI/UX, but I think the desire and behavior should ultimately come from the users themselves.

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What might "librarianship" mean for a platform like

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I have a feeling there will be many excellent submissions for initial grants.

A supplemental grant, cooperatively funded and managed, might be an interesting avenue for testing models of community self-organization and governance.

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