notes 3/21

-up to 6 books; need to simplify production


-pg size: 6"x9", 2" thick max
-figma: we will determine the gestalt of the thing (rhythm / form / colour / order)
-indesign yuck (for final print pgs)
-non-linear story form, choose your own adventure
-Tyvek (needs to be inkjet friendly) pages interchanging with the material pages
-base page: sewn pages, print on one side, "quilt"
-Sam has Spoonflower credit, maybe we get it all printed on one piece of fabric and then we produce
-do they have waterproof fabric?
-coloured metal grommet, big ring
-cast strawberries kissing each other, touching tips. big ass strawberries connected by a bar
-resin glow in the dark iridescent strawberry OR croc charms
-[maybe] colouring book pages: Fergie, food, bats, clown face (pending material and if Kendal makes something fun for that)

-KK to organize the WIP text in to chunks, define which chunks need to be in a specific order vs. which chunks can be "choose yourw on adventure"

-heavy textured paint (Gaffrey art material), pipe-able, or the silicone
-puffy page book (Tyvek / Epson printed or Spoonflower then we just have to sew)
-maybe look for a spot that can print on Tyvek/similar kind of material for us?
-maybe dip edges in acrylic paint to seal?
-see thru jello panel flap, purple vinyl
-Sisy boulders, cockroaches (stretched out acid trip, one moment impossibly long, The Passion according to GH), molded fruit
-"detritus bag" or just singular objects in bags. free floating
-lil baby pillow or boots
-ambiguous truck genitalia. truck clit
-pantyhose for a page that holds its shape

-puffy bag with shoulder strap (bookmark, thing coming out of a thing)
-dynema (sp?) pantone swatch match, semi translucent, Kendal's lifestraw vibes, technical, strap is colourblocked
-pinks, purples, greens
-sketch colourways in bag shape/form
-chunky zipper teeth
-only 4 (thesis, KK / Sam / me)

-[piece of text?????] put the taco in a condom, add some hot sauce and you got a meal in your pocket
-truck nuts for crocs
-cherub close-up with bb truck nuts as codpiece

notes 3/13