Reading Notes & Questions


Questions: Chapter 1

Wondering how we can think about the relationship between micro interactions + the idea of creating a “marketable experience”?

The reading mentions the idea of the “performance” of the micro interaction as technology shifts? How can we think about this performance as we are making?

As actions become more and more abstract, does the construction of microinteractions abstract as well?

Questions: Chapters 2 & 3

How can the idea of "just enough interface, but no more" be manipulated to question the user's relationship to both invisible and visible controls?

How can the experience of stumbling upon an invisible trigger be emphasized to heighten moments of surprise?

How can feedforward be used to attach specific meanings to an interaction?

The Science of Waiting

How can an interactive experience exploit the emotional responses created from familiar visual cues?

How can anti-friendly user experiences expose or reorient ideas of "the natural" or the inevitable in web spaces?

How can different control states of triggers manage the user's perception of an experience made up of many microinteractions?

The 5E Experience Model

Should the idea of defining meaningful outcomes begin with the designer? should designers intervene in creating experiences that place them in the position of power?

How can this model be used to create care + cooperation at all stages of an experience?

The article talks about "keeping it real" with users/customers... How is this idea of "real" defined?

notes from readings (interaction)

Library + Book + Essay Spaces

Library Stack for digital materials from art, design, theory and architecture.

APE (Art Paper Editions) for books "as an exhibition space."

Draw Down Books for educational resources and books books books


The Wayback Machine for archived websites.

Animation + Motion

The Art of the Title for animated title sequences.
National Film Board of Canada for films + animated works.

Artists, Designers

Cara Buzzell lovely video work ++ VapeScape desktop recording
Kevin McGloughlin fast-paced + repetition + stop motion

Archives + Inspiration

Code + Interaction Resources


Generative Design for sketches + code from Generative Design book

Code + Interaction Resources


Vibrations Matter // Victoria Vesna

Making the invisible visible, making the inaudible audible

every cell in our body has a rhythm

anxiety as a system of being out of synch with the world/planet/universe ...
thinking about the cycles of the earth, moon and sun.

thinking about visuals as tools to make people listen...
how can visual matter act through sound?

visualizing processes that are "out of sight, out of mind"

thinking about a project and its contours as having their own does it want to move?

week 05 — notes