"The other day in my stories I spoke about some of my thoughts on divination and Tarot. Folks were into it so I’ll share here.

I’ve read for thousands of people since I began in 2012, and Tarot never stops being fascinating to me. There are so many ways to collaborate with the archetypes, and divination is one of the originals. When I first started reading, divination was a key component of my practice. As a psychic, I was quite accurate, and often a client would reschedule after having a number of my predictions come to fruition in tangible form.

The thing is, not every reader is 100% accurate, including me. If you are 50-80% accurate, IMHO, you are a rock star. But ppl will remember the things that did NOT come true, not the ones that did. (And especially if they came to be in slightly different ways than presented in the reading.) There are too many reasons why one can’t ever be 100% accurate, I’ll share a few now.

The timeline could be off. The situation could be years or decades away. Time isn’t linear so sometimes information comes through and we as humans try to make it fit. Free will is totally a thing. You could take a right or left turn on the path. My other theory is that often, readers are so attuned to their clients that they reflect their desires back to them in the present moment. But those desires could change or not be acted upon.

Because, if the person does not act upon their desires, they won’t happen. Ye olde, you miss 100% of the chances that you don’t take. Sometimes I think clients come to readings thinking that the universe will just happen TO you, as you sit on your couch and eat bon bons. Like nbecause a reader is telling you something will happen, then you don’t have to do anything to put your plans into motion. And sure, yes, sometimes incredible opportunities and situations arise. And often, its a mix of action and opportunity. A reading is the seed. You plant and grow your own garden."