I have chosen Sir Edmund Hillary as, he is an iconic New Zealander and someone that look up to. Through my composition I am visually communicating the journey that Sir Edmund Hillary went on to achieve one of New Zealand’s most well-known success. I have done this through colour, symbols, and text elements.
The main image element (large climber) shows to the viewer his journey to Everest, as the image is coming towards you, going up the mountain. In contrast to this image, placed inside is an silhouette of Hillary in the future conquering his quest to reach Everest.
The news article framed in the bottom left corner, is a clue of Sir Edmund Hillary’s soon to be accomplishments. In the same black, as the man, linking them together as a symbol of his success.

The fundamental design principles that I have incorporated into my composition are movement, visual flow, and balance. I think I have achieved movement and visual flow by directing the viewers eyes to a initial focal point (main large man) then leading your eyes over the composition doing this though colour, size, and placement. I have also used balance in my composition by placing large visual elements in the centre of the composition.
As I began to learn more about after effects I slowly was able to put together something that I am proud of, and that I think communicates my idea of Edmund Hillary’s accomplishments. My animation shows the struggle of the climb, though a traveling black line up the abstract mountain element, as the animation goes on it also shows the fame and success that came after Hillary contoured Mt Everest, doing so though visual elements of the five dollar bill, being knighted, and having news articles published.