4 months ago

Calling Tucker Carlson a 'Human Boat-Shoe' is probably one of the greatest, deepest, and most intricately-layered insults I have ever heard. It effectively sums up the man's class, his entitled arrogance, his shallow existence, his actual relatability to his fellow Americans, and the microscopic value of all those parts in summation to reality. Bravo!.

Cam Bell
2 years ago
Im a 45 year old retired raver. How good is this set. I’ve got the 3 kids, 2 dogs, big washing machine... but today I was back.
I had this blaring it the kitchen as I cooked the Sunday lunch.
Some weird look from the kids as I knecked a bottle of wine and was screaming here we go.....
First seen Carl Cox at fantazia years ago and have seen him all the way through then90’s in Ibiza .
Love the big man so many good memories.
Long may he continue to bang out sets like this.

Kayla Song
3 months ago
The man has the posture of a shrimp but the mind of a god .