Lesson 4 - The Family portrait and the traditional portrait
Materiel reviewed in this lesson - The popularity and importance of traditional portraiture and the daguerreotype, to the history of photography. The influence of European portrait paintings on photography

Artists to review independently - Nick Waplington, Sally Mann, Shefi Bleir, Thomas Struth, Carrie Mae Weems (to review an artist's work independently means to look at images of their work and research at least one of them a little deeper. Find and read something that has been written about them, look for an interview maybe where they speak about their work or visit their website, check with yourself what in their work you find inspiring in particular and what in the work might you can bring into question)



Contemporary Daguerreotype Portrait in the making at the Smithsonian

Photography Assignment #2 - The traditional and the family portrait
Take multiple portraits following the traditional portrait/daguerreotype or family portrait/ group (black and white, posing following the European painting, etc.) or subvert the traditional portrait (in any creative way).
Post your best 4-6 .

(Create a channel on your profile, name it "Photography Assignment #2 - The traditional and the family portrait" post your images there and connect it to this block. Don't forget to title it with the assignment name and number)

Lesson 4 - The traditional and the fami…