Gentle reminder to remember during this time to make an effort to move your emotions. We are feeling beings. When we repress, ignore, or avoid emotions they compound in our bodies and affect our total wellbeing. The body is a system. ⠀

When we collectively repress, ignore, or avoid emotions, it becomes a collective pain in our collective system. As individuals, we can focus on healing within ourselves and bringing that to our greater world. This is a time of unprecedented pain and fear, but also unprecedented opportunity. ⠀

Life is hard on the nervous system, revolution is hard on the nervous system, and there is endless work to be done. it needs to be approached in a sustainable way so we can stay with the work day after day after day. ⠀

This is not a forceful activity, it is simply being present with what comes to the surface and allowing it to exist. It is a practice in patience, in trust, in awareness, in becoming moving water. ⠀

Some things I've discovered so far...⠀
x. Meditation is absolutely magical but you kind of have to discover it for yourself ⠀
x. Dance, even if it’s just to dumb music at night in nature with your friend ⠀
x.Walks in the morning to ground into the wide web of things⠀
x. There’s lots of science behind writing, even if it’s just stream-of-consciousness, it helps slow down the brain and process cyclical thoughts or unidentified feelings ⠀
x. Saying it out loud. Say it in a safe space with humans you trust. You don’t have to reason with it, just acknowledge it’s existence. ⠀

If we live in fight-or-flight mode, we are living in fear. So, I cannot emphasize how important it is to regularly get into parasympathetic mode, or ‘rest and digest’. This is where the body does its healing and finds equilibrium. It is from here we tune into ourselves and our connection to the world around us, it is from here we have the energy and capacity to continue to push forward and break down barriers.⠀

It is powerful to know that even just one intentional inhale and exhale is a meditation. ⠀

On moving emotions