things i learned from cammy:
- 4096 people (12 generations) existed to make me, their next iteration
- be black and die, that’s all i have to do
- indulge and feel no shame, someone dreamed i would have the freedom to do whatever i please, however i please
- the modern western / american perception of money was created recently, it was not accessible to our ancestors, and i should never get too depressed about money, it will always be, at its core, meaningless. strengthen faith that it will flow to me as i release desperation and see contemporary money for what it is: a concept that ultimately is predicated on white supremacist violence, a tool that may shift my abilities to do xyz within that structure, but not an end goal or something to feel deep emotions about
- in the u.s. everything is already deeply skewed in the favor of one group, never use frameworks addressing this group for yourself even if made by poc, that don’t even make sense, you didn’t create the exploitation model and hierarchies and race neither did your ancestors, so really never feel shame about any choices you make because, one more time, all you really need to do is be black and die. that is what those 4000 something people before you want. and it’s not me guessing what they may have wanted. it’s more like, why would they continue their family line if they didn’t want me to live, aka be black aka be human, live life fully (this whole white supremacy shtick js not transhistorical) and then die as a human does?
- in moments where you’re being hard on yourself, shameful, judgmental, remember your job is to love and be happy and do whatever you can in gratitude that you are the next iteration, free from many things that barred your ancestors’ ability to live fully aka be black aka be human and die.