How to Develop Mobile App | Best Tips for App Development

In this article we are going discussed about how to develop mobile app. Now days mobile app is a very important assets for your business growth.

Here is the list of 8 steps which help you develop mobile app for you business.

 1. Market Research
 2. Mockups of your app
 3. App’s graphic design
 4. Build landing page
 5. Make app with Xcode and Swift
 6. Lunch app
 7. Promotions
 8. Importance of User feedback

1.  Market Research
People do not take market research in a serious way and more often skipped by app developers and business application development owner. However market research is very important part of every successful business . You have to know about the your market, your target audiences, investment, risk and last but not the least ROI.

Before you launch app, you need answers of few questions like :

  1. who is your competitor in the market?
  2. What do your potential customer wants?
  3. How much cost you charges from customer ?
  4. What is good business model ?
  5. Based on your market research you can easily define the problems your app can solve.

Mockups of your app
Its always be a important to make mockups before you launch your app, its same like we do make mockups for our home or office before construction. A mockups is a rough idea from layout likes ui/ux design, user interface, data flow chart and more.

in the above image you can see that how mockups works and its help to understand the flow of data and step by step process.

When you are creating an app, mouckups is a good way to show your clients result before building the app. You can tell how your app is going to look like before app launch.

App Graphic Design
This part is very important for your app successes, if your app design is not really good than definitely your are going to loss you customers. We recommended always approach the highly skilled and experience web designer to do this. Your app successes is almost depends on how you represent your app in front of your customers.

There are a few templates I like in particular:

  1. Routes UI kit for iOS
  2. Stark UI kit by Baianat
  3. Stitch by Lina Seleznyova
  4. Phoenix by Adrian Chiran
  5. Apply Pixels by Michael Flarup
  6. Build landing page

You need a landing page to get more traffic on your app. Landing page help people to find out your app and if your landing is well optimize than their is high possibility to get more on our software development website new users. Only landing is not enough you need to optimize your landing page in proper way, you need to use very clear call to action button in your landing which guide user to perform desire action like, Download Now.

Your app’s page needs the following components:

  1. A clear headline
  2. A brief introductory
  3. An app screenshot 4.A call to action, i.e. to sign up or install the app
  4. A app features and benefits
  5. An “About Us” section   Make app with Xcode and Swift You build iOS apps with Xcode and Swift. The Xcode IDE includes a project manager, code editor, built-in documentation, debugging tools, and Interface Builder, a tool you use to create your app’s user interface. Everything you need to make an iOS app!

If you’re learning iOS development today, I recommend you learn Swift instead of Objective-C.

And last but not least: don’t forget to practice! Practice makes perfect. There’s no point in watching YouTube videos about iOS development if you aren’t going to practice what you learn.

Launch app
Now its time to launch your app, to launch your app you need to publish your app first, if your app is android app than you have to login in google pay store and publish your app, and if your app is iOS app than you have to publish on iTunes

How user get to know about your app|? this is important question and you must have a answer for it. Just to launch app from software engineering company is not the final destination, now the real work will start which marketing or promotion.  You need to promote your app, and this is way you will reach more potential customers.

There few tips how to promote your app:

  1. Use social media to promote your app
  2. You can run Ads on google search
  3. Make a app launch video and promote it
  4. Use e-mail marketing to promote your app with exiting customers
  5. Whatsapp Marketing
  6. Importance of User feedback

Do not take your users feedback in a light way, one negative feedback spoil your entire hard should be more careful about any feedback weather its a positive or negative. Never ever show your anger to negative feedback even take it in a positive way and implement if possible. Its true that you can not achieve 100 % satisfaction, but try resolve query as much as you can.

We hope above tips may help you create outstanding app for your business and for client. Do more research and improve your app performance, keep updating its and improve customer experience.

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