Southland Institute public event this Sunday, for those who will be in the Southland over the long weekend:

Discussions in Exhibitions
Cf. Cameron Rowland / John Knight
Sunday, November 25, 2pm
MOCA Grand Avenue (upper plaza and exterior stairwell landing)

A publicly motivated occasion to gather between Cameron Rowland's "2015 MOCA Real Estate Acquisition" (2018) and John Knight's "The Artist's Museum: MMX, a work in situ, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), October 2010" (2010) to comparatively discuss these two works as respective examples of interrogative response to invitations from this institution. Each utilizes nuanced signage located adjacent and external to the main entrance raising manifold inquests in the process. The discussion, facilitated by Adam Feldmeth, is independent of internal museum programming.

Rowland's addendum to the donors plaque, an exterior inclusion to his current show D37, is installed on the mid-landing of the staircase leading to the lower plaza and lobby while Knight's engraved contribution to the 2010 group exhibition, The Artist's Museum, and since then an acquisition of the permanent collection, continues to adorn the granite-clad column immediately across from the street-level ticket office.

A pamphlet accompanying D37 is available as a pdf on the MOCA website at:
Discussions in Exhibitions has been invested since 2010 in considering ticketless exhibitions, and their limits, through publicly initiated discussions occurring from within. As a sporadic series of unsanctioned gatherings, the aim continues to be providing opportunities for situational dialogue on the choices which compose shows and characterize the work inside them, stimulated by the diverse perspectives of those in attendance. By extension an inquiry into, and representation of, what is public in these spaces becomes tangible in the process.

Discussions in Exhibitions is part of the Southland Institute public events series. Discussion open to all.

Discussions in Exhibitions: Cf. Cameron…