Eryk Salvaggio 📍#SXSW

No shade to anyone in the art & activism space at #sxsw but lately I am less enchanted with art as a reimagining of the world. What I’d like to see is art that reimagines — even prototypes — the infrastructures we need to organize and create the world we’ve been imagining.

A lot of the imagination activism was crucial in 2016 so I don’t begrudge it. The world was pretty dark. Imagination was crucial work. 2020, too. But it’s 2023. We’ve spent 8 years imagining and hoping. Now the question I’m keen to explore is: how do we make that world?

When the ideation has stalled it actually gets a little hopeless. It stalls but nobody knows it, but nothing happens, and then there’s such a thrill when someone finally says: “ok, let’s get to work.”

As an aside — we all might look back on this era in 20 years and realize that @femnistecondept is one of the most important artists working today. (I certainly hope so).

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Mar 14, 2023, 3:54:11 AM

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