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Dear Ex (2018)
” A million years is ....”

”I remember the last kiss that we shared and had I known it was the last, I never would have stopped.”

” why are you my mom? .... Yes. I really want to know too”

7:04 PM · Feb 18, 2019

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been getting annoyed at the fact that I have to look at the time every time I look at my phone, so I matched the time/date color to the background and voila — no time

a little extra digging reveals that the first phone to include the time was the IBM Simon, a funky little device that was retroactively considered to be the first smartphone

Interestingly, the first non-clock devices to include a digital time display was the VCR (according to ChatGPT), and was helpful specifically to start/stop recording times aligned with TV schedules! Possible that this (along with microwaves, etc) set a precedent.

2:07 PM · May 26, 2023

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