Readings For Tuesday, March 31:

I'm arranging these in order of importance - based on your time, energy, and resources right now. Please do what you can.

I. The first 3 chapters in the scanned excerpt of Conversations with Robert Irwin - Chapter 13, "The Room at the Museum of Modern Art," followed by a short  interlude ("Debouchement"), Chapter 14, "The Desert," largely in part about abandoning his studio to reconnect with seeing, and Chapter 15, "Being Available in Response." 

Of course this reading - in part about leaving one's studio to reconnect with one's practice of observation - was not planned for this moment. But upon re-reading, it is incredibly useful right now. It's personally been a lodestar text for me when I've been cut off as a maker from communities. It's also a way to think about artistic practice outside of studio culture. I've added in "Some Situations" and "Art and Science" for background on Irwin. Please skim if you can.

II. John Berger's Ways of Seeing. Please read Chapter One. There is a rough PDF, not the best scan, and an .epub version in The .epub is easier to flip through, bigger font, cleaner.

Also, I've added some of Berger's original BBC videos, which are a delight, and fun to put on the background when working/cooking/streaming, whatever it may be :)

III. Mike Kelley's essay, Playing with Dead Things. It's both in 'Foul Perfection' and in 'The Uncanny.' I've added in the full scan of 'The Uncanny,' an artist's book by Kelley, which has many many images of Kelley's sculptures and archives and practice. It's so good. Skim through.

Readings for March 31