John Stark

I've generated over 65,000 images in Midjourney.

Most people don't understand just how much control you can leverage to get near exactly what you can imagine.

Here are 8 pillars of Midjourney prompts that you MUST know: 🧵

  1. Seeds

Midjourney is like a self generating movie theater. You tell it a combination of tokens, and it can produce the movie that you want to see.

The seed is the theater that it chooses to play in. If you reuse that seed with the same tokens, it will play the same movie.

  1. Reinforcement

Reinforcement is the idea that a specific token can be made stronger by manipulating aspects of the prompt that make it more prominent. There are several ways of doing this, but here's a basic application:

Green Apple
Green Green Apple

Green is reinforced.

  1. Negative Prompting

Negative Prompting in Midjourney is different than any of art generator. Put shortly, it's more abstract. There are two ways to negative prompt in Midjourney... extension
--no [add what you don't want] multiprompting
lion:: cute, anime::-0.5

  1. Artist Mixing

Why limit yourself to an artist's style when you can mix more than one artist to make your own style!
Bonus points if you learn how to multiprompt artists with specific weights for that extra layer of precision.

Ever consider negative prompting an artist?

  1. Scaffolding

The true bread and butter of my process. Scaffolding is the idea that we can give Midjourney a screen to look at to help it build upon. This is done by giving Midjourney an image and prompt. For example: racecar

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