In-between (time and space)

In any journey there’s a space between the beginning and the end, and this path is also a space full of places, people, objects, ideas, thoughts, etc. Sometimes we forget to look at them because we consider this transitory and lacking in importance. This space where we walk through could have no name or many different names but we usually don’t really pay attention because we focus on our final destination.

We are always afraid of the uncertain, the future or nameless things and ideas, all of these make us feel uncomfortable. We try to fill our lives with plans and activities to feel safe and in control of the situation. However, there’s always uncertainty and even if we try to focus on this secure moments or places, we will always spend most of the time floating in this indeterminate time and space called life. In a desperate attempt to control the indeterminate, we have created words like somewhere, nowhere, elsewhere, and anywhere to name the unknown or uncertain.

Now more than ever we are living in a strange, uncertain times without time, where tomorrow doesn’t mean anything and our plans and goals cannot involve anything further than our own house or the next day. The definition of the future is being questioned and redefined. That situation forces us to think about today and our immediate surrounding, making us finally observe, and learn from this transitory space and time in-between.

However, nothing and everything is permanent. Feeling stuck and paralysed will stop ourselves from seeing and enjoying the things we could find in this in-between. As much as we feel that everything has stopped, the light keeps changing, the clouds keep moving, and every little detail or action make us feel alive.

Exploring what surrounds you will help you to understand yourself, and the place where you are in, enhancing this space and time that exist and remain always in-between.