As May Day rolls around in the year 2014, there is little reason to celebrate.

May Day, historically a holiday for workers, today finds workers under siege like seldom seen before. Under the reign of the corporatist media, the very word “union” has become a curse word.

Unemployment; underemployment; poor wages; and an uncertain political struggle for even a modest, minimalist increase in the so-called minimum wage.

In big cities, the heartland of unions, pay cuts and give-backs are the order of the day; even pensions aren’t safe, as bankruptcies bloom like flowers in spring -- and retired workers find their benefits slashed.

This is the narrow canal of life under capitalism; less and less for the poor and working class; more and more to the 1%. When we consider the fate of working women, the picture is grimmer still -- for they who do the most thankless jobs, get the lowest pay -- and less respect.

Marxist activist and writer, Selma James, way back in the '70s, advanced the argument that housework--the taking care of the family and shelter--should be waged--for it is this act that not only sustains the working class-- it, literally, creates it! Such a step would transform society, and pay for that which is primary; the sustenance of life itself.

The political class is the obedient servants of the 1%, and only their interests are represented in the halls of government. This means that popular movements must fight for a better way out of the globalist cave of capitalism.

That said, in our age Crony Capitalism abounds-- in offices, in boardrooms, in gated communities, and on golf courses.

Meanwhile, schools close; recreation centers are shuttered; prices rise, and subsidies are cut to nothingness, even as food lines swell all across the land.

May Day 2014 is not a time of celebration -- unless and until the working people make it so.