2 years of work. As my heart races while I’m typing this i cant help but be grateful for the opportunities the effort on this album has given me. I’ve built lifelong friendships, became a better person, learned a lot about myself. The version of this album that you hear has to be like version 20 at the very least. This shit took a lot of hard work. I’ve never focused so much in my life. I appreciate you guys being so patient. I appreciate sam for being so patient and believing in me this whole time with no hesitation. This man trusted my decision to take my time. I want to thank my friend cooswitchh for being such a huge part of this album and producing some of it with me. We made dozens if songs and this man used so much if his free time catering to building a sound with me, this album would not have this sound if not for him. I want to thank my friends who helped me a long the way GRANDMA, for teaching me more on the technical side whenever i asked and also sitting and contributing to the album. Johan lenox for taking time out of your busy schedule to fuck with a nigga like me..this nigga be working with the greats and still took time to fwm on all the orchestral parts. Lily graves you fucking killed the guitar on this album and gave this shit a whole new swag that i didn’t know was possible. Greg my engineer..i put you through hell bro but u stuck with me and trusted me through all the bullshit and changes i made you do. We did it. Very proud of what has come if this project.

Album note