Volvox Update Drafting

(we could start with a question?) Hey there, Yatu and Norm here from Teal Process & Company. We've been living in a new form of space and time called Paragonday Systems for the past [year]. We started by replacing the days of the week with types of days. As shown in [Figure A], what folks typically think of as the weekdays are types of days called NP1, or times when you're fulfilling obligations. What folks typically think of as the weekends are types of days called NP2, or times when you don't have obligations. We also added a special type of day called Paragonday. To leave NP1 or NP2 and enter Paragonday, you'll need to parachute in. You do this by putting both of your hands in a fist as if you're grabbing the parachute handles and making the sound, "pshhhhhhuuu..." Feel free to waver a bit as you float down, and land whenever you're ready.

As we started by replacing days, we recently found a replacement for the framing of a week. We call it a Quad Cycle! It's four cycles put together, and we find four cycles to be the range at which we can confidently plan.

We also just got our clock working! It's available to use at In our home we've hidden our clocks to distance ourselves in space and time from the gregorian calendar even more.

Overview to write from:
- Where we're at
- Replaced Days with types of days
- Quad Cycle is replacement for the week, based on view of your future

Structure of photos:
A. The OG diagram
B. The first NP2 watch
C. The timekeeper
D. Sunrise/Sunset e-ink – its all a work in progress

Some introduction to teal
Teal Process & Company is always an open question, Ideas start as a concept, are nourished into experiments, and published as artifacts. We explore in the digital, physical, and theoretical realms.

This is a theory we've been thinking about.

quick first draft, ping ponging to @yat…