I work as a dancer, choreographer, band singer of ROOM SERVICE and I am a mother of three children.
For several years I have been working in the artist collective TEAM VOLUME with Jacob Stoy, Therese Witt und Teresa Monfared. In 2019 we made a piece on the topic of „Mothers in Art – Divinity meets Punk“ with pregnant performers. In August 1st 2020 we premiere „HELLO KEVIN – Installation of the Senses“, a hybrid between analogue live dance performance and media chat transmission at Dock 11 in Berlin.

I will use the residency at garage to create a duett with my seven months old daughter and research based dialog with Jacob Stoy about associations of motherhood, sexuality and phantasies in times of gender dialog. We want to create a laboratory to look at options of equal shared parenting were small humans and parents are not isolated from society.

Since we usually raise quite big issues with very little means, I have the feeling that I will never really be able to dive into the found dance vocabulary, because there is never enough time for that. Now there is this opportunity and I am very happy to focus on dance, to deepen my language.
My collective partner Jacob Stoy (musician) and I will work together on the musical and dancing translation in an ongoing process of research.

Johanna Strauß-Lemke, August 2020

TEAM VOLUME: Jacob Stoy, Johanna Lemke,Therese Witt & Teresa Monfared
On Stage: Jacob Stoy, Ronja S. & Johanna Lemke
Guest Interviews: C., Denise C., Irene W., Max G., Ronni M., Alina S., Luke L., Emilio B. & Kaey