Log in.

Its your first time playing

“Joining world”

You look around, theres trees

Get some wood

Make an axe

Get some more wood

Make a nice square house

You’ve been playing for hours, you haven’t even done your homework

Mom tells you its time for dinner

Go to sleep

Wake up

Go to school

Get back from school

“Logging in”

You go down to the mines

You find so much iron

You make some iron armor

You find a mineshaft

You master finding caves

You have to tell your friends about this

You go to school and tell your friends

They log into your world


You try to start a city

You go beyond anything you’ve ever explored

You become a group

You make a community

You’re experts at brewing potions, combat and pretty much everything in this game. You have countless diamonds stashed away

You slay the ender dragon, the boss, the god of another dimension

You swear you will never stop playing this game

exam season starts

Your friends dont play as much

You usually play alone

Its time to move schools

One of your friends moved out of state

Making friends is harder

Your friends never play

Nothing really happens

Your brother, now picking up on the game, asks permission to play on your world

You teach him how to craft a sword

You make him swear up and down to not touch your houses or city

You graduate from school

You move out

College starts

No time for friends for family, course work is heavy

Finals week

You’re one year away from being done with college

You come home over the summer

Your brother has invited his friends to your old world

They know more then you could ever experience

They’ve become redstone mechanics, command block coders, note block musicians, pixel artists

You go back to college

No one is around these days, everyone is busy

You graduate and promise you will keep in touch with your friends

Your parents give you a computer to celebrate

You go back to your apartment

You download minecraft to kill some time

Log in

Its your first time playing in a long time

“Joining world”

You look around, theres trees

C418- “Wet hands” starts playing

The memories flooding in

You break down

You never knew you were in the old days until they were gone