IN-CLASS ASSIGNMENT: Create a digital artwork using 1+ found objects online. You may use 3D models or images of objects as your source material. Present your artwork to the class with a short title, description, and image showing how your object(s) are to be exhibited.

Materials: Digital files (2D or 3D) representing one or more found object(s) with established, widely understood meaning within contemporary culture. You must present your object(s) as an image or drawing. You can use Photoshop, Unity, or any other application you'd like to present the artwork to class. Please pay attention to any "accessories" needed to present your object. Whether the accessories are a pedestal, hooks, clips, etc.

Project procedure adapted from the Found Object Project:

Procedure :

Step 1 – Find an object (either a 3d model or image) and present it in a way that exposes the underlying assumptions, values and expectations that are attached to it.

Step 2 – Write a short statement that supports your idea. Explain the history and/or cultural context of the object you've chosen. Your paragraph should answer the following questions:

What are the unspoken assumptions or ideals in which the object is embedded (i.e., describe the sociological or political context surrounding the object)?
How do these assumptions or ideals reveal themselves through the object (i.e., explain why the object appears as it does)?
Describe the observations or personal understanding that brought you to see the object differently than what its maker intended?
Step 3 – Present your work to the class with a short presentation.

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