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Design Academy Eindhoven
–– Man and Media / Man and Communication: class Man & Machine; 2017 class by The Rodina
–– attended by Module 1 (sub-theme: Data as Material) and Module 4/Studio (sub-theme: Obsolete Skills)


What is the role of a designer in an increasingly automated society in which technological developments such as machine learning and artificial intelligence will alleviate us of many our daily routines and processes?

Which of ‘our’ (human) skills will become obsolete or might be re-appropriated to serve as new tools which will help us operate in our ever-changing design practice?

As technology becomes more ambiguous and penetrates many facets of everyday life, it is both a carrier for top–down centralized, often corporate power and control, as well as a framework that can facilitate decentralized, bottom–up, grassroots and distributed processes, knowledge or services.

How do you create design that empowers people and seeks to oppose forces of standardization?

How can design facilitate a more pluralistic perspective instead of a standardized and deterministic influences common to technology?

Where do you position yourself (as a future designer) between ‘man’ on one end and ‘machine’ on the other?

If ‘everything’ can be automated/generated, what will become your responsibility as a designer?

What is the role of the designer when everyone has access to the same tools and there is no fixed canon?

If technology replaces everyday face to face interaction, what are the consequences, implications and/or potential?

class Man & Machine; by The Rodina...

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