short (non technical) talk about how to use as a CMS to deploy websites from

have a small internal framework we use for this at 4 us & 4 others that we used to power (some choice small examples):

would like to get this framework in a place where you would be able to run like a ~$ arena-make build command and it asks you for a target channel, a personal access token (if the channel is private), and then builds the site for you to just apply css to.

not sure how technical i would like a talk like this to be - leaning towards something completely non-technical bc i know i don't like listening to technical talks when i'm not in the mood so maybe this is just some quick examples and quick code previews

how to use as a CMS
1 channel print/zine workshop


print copies of channels and make an offline distribution network,
turn an channel into a love letter,
setup physical version control