""Don't show up for me because you wanna protect me, or you wanna help me, I don't need your help.
11:28 I have an unshakeable and irrevocable sense of who I am because I am divine." 11:35
I come from people who were exterminated and targeted by colonists because the gender binary 11:43 and we can get into this was super imposed on black people, indigenous people and people of color by European colonists. 11:51 And the reason that they targeted us is because they knew our power, right? So the reason that there's so much animus against me 11:57 is because of my power. I don't need to be legitimized, or I don't have anything to prove. 12:03 What I want us to rephrase the conversation is, are you ready to heal? 12:08 And I don't think the majority of people are ready to heal, and that's why they repress us as trans 12:14 and gender variant people, because they've done this violence to themselves first. They've repressed their own femininity,12:20 they've repressed their own gender non-conformity, they've repressed their own ambivalence, they've repressed their own creativity. 12:28 And so when they see us have the audacity to live a life without compromise, where we say there are no trade-offs, 12:34 where we say we actually get to carve in a marrow of this earth and create our own God damn beauty 12:41 instead of saying, "Thank you for teaching me another way to live," they try to disappear us because they did that to themselves first.
12:48 So I guess I would rephrase your question to be can you help me get free?"