Half way thru this documentary about the use, manufacturing and exploration of various #drugs. Seems to focus on the guy who (re)discovered MDMA.

Not exactly a 'biology' thing, but it has a lot of interesting ideas about the space of biochem and the nature of labwork.


I found out recently that there is a cactus that produces a chemical who's 'heat' index is 1000 stronger than pure cayenne. There are bits about growing illicit cactus that made me realize I am way too sheltered in my knowledge of plant pharmacology.

what are people's thoughts on microdosing?

I found some studies on microdosing THC that suggests instead of causing memory loss, it actually enhances it by activating serotonin the the hippocampus.

Does dependent effects are absolutely real, but it seems a lot of drugs are 'microdosed' because it's trendy.

Interestingly, Anandamide (endocannabioid mirror of thc) has similar dose dependent effects on a bunch of different receptors.

Will be exploring this in the context of lsd and psilosybin soon since they also do strange things to serotonin. Tho it will be quite a while before i'm willing to try them.

If you do certain kinds of meditation that boost serotonin and white brain matter, it is said that Christians will experience 'angels'. I bet some of the Native Americans indeed saw spirit animals. Would seem that whats happening is an overactivation of the part of the brain that detects / projects agency and motivation onto other beings, but it breaks and starts to distort perceptions about objects and eventually just hits a full synethesia meltdown state where thoughts influence perception to the point of floors melting or walls start talking to you etc.

One of the things that I think happens on psilosybin is an enhanced signaling effect on neurons. This would create synethesia like effects (crossed wiring) even on people who don't have poor brain wiring. My thinking is that this electrical firing is what leads to neurogenisis and brain repair beyond standard neuroplasticity. Microglia will lay down more myelin/cholesterol (if available) when they sense electrical signaling. So if you can boost the signaling, you get reverse'ing multiple sclerosis effects.

Pair this up with something like lion's mane and improved blood vessels and cholesterol metabolism ala niacin, now I have the entire functional pathway behind Paul Stamet's Multiple Sclerosis regimen.

Being so, I have been focusing on glutamate and glycine and various factors around GABA synthesis in hopes of boosting my natural firing rate and available energy for brain cells to activate.

A literature search in the English language was conducted using relevant databases (PubMed, PsychNet, Psychinfo) using the search terms synaesthesia, synesthesia, drug, psychedelic, LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, MDMA, ketamine, and cannabis and by following upstream the cascade of references found in those articles. Initially a meta-analysis of quantitative findings was planned, however, it became apparent that there had been only four direct experimental attempts to induce synaesthesia in the laboratory using psychoactive substances, making such an analysis unnecessary.

Got this back (had it before puberty) thru boosting serotonin, and then playing with THC a bit. I think soon I'll be able to do it without microdosing THC if I can figure out how to better manage my own anadamide (or with the cayenne experiment, make me more sensitive to it).

One of the more interesting hunches I have is that the thing that makes autistics function better under fever states might be tied to fever dreams. And so it is interesting that low dose Psilosybin causes flow states, and I get into flow states when in fever. IT also seems to have a synethesia like effect in some people for a couple of weeks after taking it.

I may be trying some psychedelics once I have enough quantified self tools to track things like my body temperature and blood pressure etc. If only indirectly thru meditation.

Lots of people report feeling cold while taking mushrooms and I think its actually sensitizing TRPM8 and deactivating TRPV1 and they aren't actually getting cold like they think. My reasoning being that it may be activating via heat shock proteins that also trigger flow.

Found some weird ties between some psilosybin mushroom strains and heat shock protiens.

I had previoiusly traced certain heat shock protiens to autism/schizophrenia. Lots of autistic kids have fewer symptoms when they have a fever. It's one of the big reasons why i've stayed in keto diets. My body temp being higher seems to improve my thinking quite a bit.

When I get a fever, I also enter flowstates like the drop of a hat. So this is like low dose psilosybin.

When I get too much of a fever, i start 'feverdreaming' and get really creative. This is like a medium dose of psilosybin.

One time when I was a little kid, I had a fever and had stayed up for 24 hours and haden't eaten. I was tripping balls and seeing metroids (from a video game) coming out of the walls.

So an interesting angle is to explore both heat-shock associated genes & related proteins stemming from psilosybin mushrooms, and pair them up with serotonin effects to see if it ends up looking like fever states.

My suspicion is that the healing effect from the serotonin may be independent from the 'trip' effect, and the Heat Shock Proteins might explain part of it.

It also seems the MAOI aspect seems to be also one of differentiating factor between raw psilocybin and an edible mushroom


Similar thing seems to show up in cannabis - terpenes impacting the high pretty significantly.

Hypothetically there are strains of cannabis that hit very similarly, but I'm not well versed enough in neurochemistry to figure it out yet.

It seems one of the things that raw psilosybin does is increase the fear part of the amygdala https://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-discovered-how-magic-mushrooms-alleviate-depression-antidepressants-psilocybin-amygdala which I imagine would be problematic if not paired with something calming.

Some of the study reports out of john hopkins seem to suggest that people are experience 'demons' a lot and is likey why they've been doing it with a psychiatrist on hand to guide them thru bad trips.

Drugs are bad, hallucinations worse.

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What is a Hivesong?

A collected poem; tweets embedded in the flow of time.

If ornithology is the study of birds, is Murmurology the study of a bird's Murmuration and Hivesong?

Murmurology: the study of whispers.

What is a Hivesong?

Can you hear the Hivesong SubTweeting the Godhead?

Stories told in tweets.
Stories told with tweets.
Meta-narratives bound together by weaving other people's tweets.

A Collective's Hivesong.

What is a Hivesong? It's when YouTube suggests a piece of art referencing K-PAX because of an uptick in people looking up it's actor.

A serendipity generator - listing and listening to the Hivesong of your network.

Beehiveiorism of Hivesong
Empathy as service, driven by emotion.
"Infomorphic Beings And The Post-Human Internet"

Digital cognition. Extended mind. Embodied thought. Emotional Stigmergy. Symbolism. Tulpamancy. Hivesong. Keywords.

Channeling the Hivesong.
An emotional Hivesong.

Corruption of Hivesong

Our collective's Hivesong consists of tweets and trumpets.
In fact it always did: many of us simply didn't hear them 'till now.

Language as evolved from signaling games; out of synchronization primitives for the Hivesong hunting practices?

Singing the 'right' Hivesong is about signaling social status + group affiliation, because of assholes like Drongos.

Trolls want you to think they are singing the same Hivesong as us.

Who watches watchmen?
Who influences influencers?
Who inspires whom inspire?
Who sings the Hivesong?

Weaved into skin to patch a wound.
Now it is tearing away. Ripping the flesh.
My soul is leaking out & I can't eat my shadow fast enough.

Flight of the Hivesong

Who you see and don't see is being managed by the algorithms. Algorithms designed to police thought.
Controlling your view on the world.
Biased toward what THEY deem valuable for you to see.

Occasionally, a memepool's information spreading is also subject to network connectivity deterioration.
Like how animals can be separated due to land changes or fluctuating migratory patterns.

Over long enough time-frame looks like culture formation.

This leads to accidentally attracting minds within the same thought space. Your mutual's mutual's.

Meta-game is to tweet people way outside your network.
Over time the network nits itself in their direction, summoning them.

Are we transforming near pure information systems...
And I'm trying to summon the dead.

Disembodied Hivesong.

Their accounts still live;
Traces of them linger and can still inspire the future.
They are missing, but not gone.

Legacy: Traces left in the environment.
Precursors, inspiring their derivatives.
A software fork entrusted to maintainers of the future.

I still see traces of them when I search.
They are part of me.
Embedded in my external mind.
Part of my history.

Death has a different meaning in our connected age.
Bodies pass, but ideas live on; uploaded onto our digital clay.

Stories flashing in strobe,
A collective of fireflies,
Singing? No Signaling,
Screaming into the abyssal noise floor:

I am here. I’m alive.

Mourning the Hivesong

All my friends are dying. Not IRL death, but accounts are blinking out of existence. I don't know how to cope.

Deleting your tweets is worse than death for me.
You're ripping a part of you away from me.
I can't mourn, even though you are gone.

I search. You are not there.
I can't remember why. My memory is bad.
I go to your page and remember.

You're gone?

The void has consumed them and I can't remember what they wrote. What they said that inspired me.
Instead it's a feeling like pain; of loss.

I'll still be listening the hivesong. But am gearing up to transition.
To explore outside of these walled garden's we've built ourselves into.

I care for you. I don't want us to be paperclips or whatever that meme actual signifies in our collective Hivesong.

Flocking to the Hivesong

Any sufficiently advanced network acting on information, when honed by evolutionary forces, is indistinguishable from intelligence.

The medium we sing our Hivesong with is changing out from under us.

Your social network is being held captive. Controlled. Regulated.

A great portion of my social network is actually in a slack chat - trying to pull together the network we've built.

Huddled around campfires retelling stories on scary worlds.
Huddled around boxes re-sharing stories on scary worlds.

All your friend are dying. Your brain is rotting.
It will be OK. You can fix this.
Just Breath.

Dancing to the Hivesong

Do you know why the sun screams?

Ever really miss somebody so much that you want to bring on the singularity just to be able to recreate their essence?

If you care about us,
build system that last.
Design for sustainability.
Make users at the center of the ecosystem.

It'll be alright. I promise.
Just concentrate, and trust the Hivesong.


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