How do you manage civilization collapse?
I've been creating systems to support the different areas of societal collapse for a few years, but managing all these MACRO systems is really hard to focus on.
Are you and your family just handing one collapse at a time? Do you have any tips for others? (A linked in post by Chris Dancy)

I really enjoy the framing of the the "Simple Critical Infrastructure Map"

It's breaks down survival needs under a lense of different social domains, from the individual and family but then spanning upward to encompass local, regional, and state. Helps to frame risks-to-life to ensure areas are covered.

You can imagine it as an expansion on the "Survival Rule of Threes" but taking into account social and societal infrastructures.

I donated to Lucas Gonzales because he's been doing wonderful work expanding on SCIM under a lens of pandemic and it's why I felt prepared to tackle my family's needs. there's a copy of it up on

The way I see it, there are 2 aspects to collapse: surviving it, and recovering from it. Limiting damages and speeding up the healing process is at core of resilience.

Using SCIM, you can bucket disasters into the risks and damages that can occur and plan accordingly. By framing it under the risk-to-life model and taking into account social aspects, its easier to see commonalities between disasters & gives a framework to begin planning around your particular needs.

For example, I saw nuclear fallout, wildfire, volcano, chemical terrorism, and pandemic all share a commonality around "breathing". My family having COPD or some kind of lung issue, and with the SCIM framing it helped me see that this area was a high risk and let me prioritize it. I bought emergency gear for survival covering 95% of risks in all of those domains.

It's important to note: at any given time there are parts of the world dealing with a collapse at any given moment. It's easy to frame 'collapse' under a lens of western society's decline, this is fundamentally a privileged position to be in. Once you end up seeing thru that lens, "collapse" becomes a lot less scary since there are a myriad examples of how to survive and recover from disasters successfully.

How do you manage civilization collapse