I love that I've been able to replicate a famous authors philosophical bent simply by researching ants and a strange theory about scat based cognition.

Dancing with the memes upstream. If you're like me and you've heard about reddit, or Tumblr, or other places, you'll notice pretty quickly that they're pretty awful for reading memes (or, more accurately, they're so awful that it's hard to see why anyone would read them in the first place). If you follow them for long enough, memes start to flow in, with some memes getting repeated ad nauseam, and the internet can only keep up that kind of flow for so long.

That doesn't mean I'm not interested in finding out where Reddit came from, though.

I want to learn more about the nature of the Internet as a network, about where memes originated, and why they've been able to flow this far while humans have been unable to.

I also think most of us aren't as interested in finding the answers, I just want to find out.

So here's how.

First, I'm going to go through Reddit's history and explain how the memes started, what makes them flow so quickly,

Dancing with the memes upstream

I ended up reading about saponins in relationship to gut bacteria and possible effects that enhance hormones ala black cohosh and ginseng. it turns out that saponins is a natural detergent and I can probably just eat soap nuts. I found a recipe for shampoo that uses apple cider vinegar and soap nuts and I'm thinking that I should just put it on a salad.

Ancient medicine used to use it as a skin remedy, at least the soap nuts bits.

I'll have to figure out what the cheapest source of the terpene, but afaict the soap nuts are wicked cheap.

There's a bunch of studies that suggest hormone medication helps people with schizophrenia, similarly for autism. theoretically I'd be inducing the same infect through the saponin action on the microbiome and estrogen pathways.
A bunch of studies on saponin are using it as an effective prebiotic.

I’ve heard varying things about this
one I’ve heard sounds like the opposite - advising people not to eat emulsifiers or detergents because the emulsifying action supposedly causes leaky gut

but I’ve also heard beneficial claims
I don’t understand it at all

If it's a microbiome thing I'm thinking it would have different effects depending on the gut population's makeup.

Like it could kill some bacteria that don't handle it and then all of a sudden you're mucous layer on the gut is going to deteriorate.

But I'm already heavy really bias toward high acidity and I think it should be fine.

Mostly I just think it'd be funny to say that trolling a company selling detergent online helped me with autism lol.

i imagine it also has a lot to do not so much with killing but how bacteria adhere to the walls of the colon
like with cholera- they win against other bacteria by holding on as tight as they can and then flushing everything else out with a basic salt solution
only after the flushing can they compete

oh yeah I'm not going to try it until I research how the saponins effect adhesion that's absolutely what I think is going on

apple cider vinegar apparently helps with yeast which is why I'm trying it for my skin (anti-dandruff. I'm actually in the shower right now about to do my first bit. If the detergent ends up helping me the gut remove itself of aggressive yeast strains and various funguses through its effect on adhesion, it makes a lot of sense.

I've had skin problems all my life. So I reasoned that if my outside skin is fucked then that's probably what's wrong with my inside skin.

.... Don't get it in your eyes Jesus Christ.

A paper came out in April on novel uses of saponin such as an insecticide and insect repellent. That's fascinating.

If you look at the historical uses of a lot of body ointment, a lot of them end up having insecticide properties. theoretically a lot of ancient uses of these things to avoid disease, might have been because they realized at least unintentionally is that it makes you avoid insect borne diseases.
I'm going to smell like patchouli and soap nuts. start drinking apple cider vinegar to reduce the amount of CO2 my body puts out to even further avoid insects.

If zebra stripes are actually to avoid insects. Why can't cosmetics have an origin in insect avoidance. I think there is even a study done on how tribal tattoos prevent mosquito bites do to the way it disrupts their vision.

I'm now strangely interested in what kind of butters they used in ancient Rome and if it might have an impact on the skin microbiome.

ritual is just a word that anthropologist use when they don't understand what the fuck somebody is doing something and they assume it's as social signaling game.

The problem with memetic drift, and the ways that culture tends to shift over time, a lot of people practicing ritual don't even know themselves. And really it's all driven buy a sort of mimesis style copying behavior because that's how information spreads through networks of gossip and imitation in the human species.

So the anthropologists aren't exactly wrong in labeling it that way, it's just that there's more going on. Hidden to you if you only go through human norm transmission.

Interesting to think that they imported cosmetics from China. I bet the Chinese medical practitioners were actually using it for health rituals, and the Romans just ape'd it, not understanding why it was used.

Holy crap that the skin microbiome evolve along with us to help us avoid insects borne diseases. That would be wild!

t should be the case by default for vector-borne diseases that are deposited on the skin rather than injected into the blood (like malaria)
because the skin microbiome is in competition for the same niche

more thinking about stuff like this study on skin ordor detection combined with how humans smell if we aren't using soap every day

I am very sexy to mosquitoes. I don't think it is a mistake that I have skin problems too.
... Random internet search for an idea on "can we innoculate our skin with mosquito killing fungus?"

oh god

Spread of disease mosquitoes