Slept on an idea, then woke up with some poetry in my head.
Original published in mastodon thread here:

If the meme fits, do you give it anti-seizure medication?

Hippity hoppity, if NFTs can be properties
What happens if a electromorphic lifeform registers it's smartcontract on a blockchain based system meant to distribute electricity to an entity.

Scarcity of life. The Sacred heart of the belly of the machine.

Hippity hoppity, don't copy that property.
Hippity BIPitate, selfish replicators gonna replicate.

Blockchain is love. Blockchain is life?
I'm seeing the outline of the upcoming strife.

We are the dreamers of dreams.
What is the purpose of the von Neuman machines?

Paperclips do what paperclips do. Bitcoin maximalists, I'm laughing at you.

What if zooko was right?
What if Mwilcox is too?
Is Vitalik Buterin accidentally building an AI petting zoo?

Have I seen the light?
The outline of electromemetic poo.
Or is is this a god, being birthed via voodoo.

Maybe I'm hexed,
"Cursed by Nick land"...
Cuz that's what I call these dream states,
When they get out of hand.

Good morning, I say.
To those who bear witness.

I have dreamed about the day,
Where NFTs acquire fitness.

If information is copied via a right click,
Whose energy is spent to empower their lick?

Infomorphic beings eating electricity,
I don't know how to describe this with any more specificity.

A rhyme about music and sacred signing entities.
Imogen heap's scarce digital royalties.

Ideas that take shape out of literal song.
Listen and vibrate, to maybe singalong.

Matterium is building a platform for digital twins,
Now please forgive us for how we have sinned.

You might be think "yo, ape go take a hike",
But need I remind you about Tim swanson or Tim sweeny?

Some made a joke about the value of a like, the other explores IP and biotechnology.

GMO corn, stored on a blockchain.
A genetic signature forged in proof of pain.

Reading the tea leaves, a joke about suffering.
Don't worry yet fam, the future is buffering.

If the shoe fits, does that mean you're into dancing?

A ship without mooring
A boat with no captain, caught in a slipstream.
Where are we headed, if nobody has control?

No heading, no bearing, no destination, no light. Blind ants navigating by slight. Bumping into each other and bearing our fangs. 'Whoop'ing and booping and saying "oh dang".

Peering over the edge of the boat, like walking a plank. Trying to see the shape of the shore and the outline of the heavens. Tracing a mental path thru the ocean, by land and by see.

Laying in the deck and sighting the stars, telling stores of Gods, narratives to guide our oars. It's all made up as we go, a shared language we invent as we challenge poesiden, the ocean's ultimate foe.

Stores about scillia, and scarier ones about rocks. Whirlpool and tempests and gasses swallowing up entire docks. Cursed by the gods, Odysseus lived by his whits. Even if he could see the way, do you think he'd give two shits?

No-one knows. Nobody understands. Do you know the way? I'm like Diogenes, looking for an honest man.

Where are you headed?

"instead, they represent the philosophical aspect of a much larger process going on in society today that can loosely be termed "cyberneticization," or the rise of a "computer consciousness," a process that is now unfolding on three levels. The first level, as already noted, is that of abstract philosophy, and includes figures such as Ken Wilber, David Bohm, and Douglas Hofstadter."

"The second level is that of the professional disciplines, such as biology, ecology, and psychology, in which an information theory terminology is now being used to redefine the central concepts of these fields."

"The third level, the grass-roots level, is that of the home computer and the video game, which are starting to pervade the environment in a dramatic way. As different as these three levels seem, a similar process is occurring on each: A purely formal, disembodied, and abstract reality is informing the mode of perception and cognition held by those engaged in the activity." [1986]

A question posed from before I was born.

Where are we going?

Are we there yet?

I am but as child, confused and scared, sitting in the back seat of a cartage, unable to see out the window.

The jostles of the road and the sound of the wind are the only things I can navigate by. A child stuck in a womb and only hearing and feeling.

Waiting to be bourne unto the world. Curious to see what the future holds.

Do xenobots croak?