About: WovenSoup

A project by @ultimape
(Nicholas Perry)

Applying for an Are.na Grant

My grand dream is to build a new form of expressive poetry.

I understand the world through making connections and 'consuming' content, 'digesting' it and recapitulating it into something else.

In a Nutshell, I want to build:

Pinboard X Pinterest X Vine X Gifs X Wikipedia X GifsoundCrowdsourcing metanarrativeAs a multiplayer social game?

Are.na has the groundwork of what I want out of a platform like I imagine: The ability to clip and snip content from around the web quickly & a way to store and organize them in a visual manner. Are.na also has a social aspect, allowing for collaboration in a way that seems tons better than others I've seen. It helps that I am a fan of the current business model.

However, there are missing pieces. And one of those is what I want to build out:
I'd like to be able to make a way to clip and stitch video content. Not entire videos by url as we have now but a way to capture relevant snippets in much the same way that you can create pull quotes from text.

The gist, and whole point of this WovenSoup idea is integrate these clips into a larger corpus of research (or poetry). Much of the research like what I'm building out here on Are.na. This entire channel is where I have been collecting my notes on this idea, hence submitting it as part of my project proposal.

I've been working on this video aspect it in my spare time: https://glitch.com/~magic-cubby and own wovensoup.com as a place to run it on. While I'm developing it to be a standalone video content player and creative tool, the goal is for it to work with Are.na's API. This would allow for people to remix and share video narratives by "playing" a channel full of clips.

The grant money will give me a means to dedicate a large chunk of my time toward this project by helping me afford quality food and mental head-space. (and a new sound-isolation headphone would be nice).

I'll be releasing the project open-source and am more than wiling to license it in a way that furthers both our goals.

Project Statement: WovenSoup